Clues for: Bridges

Question Answer Value Airdate
The world's longest suspension bridge got a couple of feet longer during construction as this 1995 event in Japan shifted its towers an earthquake 200 December 7, 2020
The Chaban-Delmas vertical-lift bridge in the port of Bordeaux signals in blue when this is high the tide 400 December 7, 2020
The NYC Dept. of Transportation tries not to do major work at the same time on the Brooklyn & this next bridge up the East River the Manhattan Bridge 600 December 7, 2020
The Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge in this South American capital is named for the 20th century leader behind the building of the city Brasília 1000 December 7, 2020
Not everything in this city is 500 years old--the Constitution Bridge over the Grand Canal opened in 2008 Venice December 7, 2020
In 2015 45 tons of love locks were removed from the Pont des Arts, one of the bridges on this river the Seine 200 April 12, 2016
The Tacoma Narrows Bridge was the first suspension bridge across the narrows of this sound Puget Sound 400 April 12, 2016
Opened in 1883, it spans the East River into lower Manhattan the Brooklyn Bridge 600 April 12, 2016
If you want to match the International Orange paint color of this bridge, Sherwin Williams' Fireweed is close the Golden Gate Bridge 1000 April 12, 2016
In Italian it's known as the Ponte dei Sospiri the Bridge of Sighs April 12, 2016
A statue of engineer Joseph Strauss graces the visitor area on the San Francisco side of this bridge the Golden Gate Bridge 200 November 4, 2014
One pylon of this country's Millau Viaduct, the world's tallest road bridge, is higher than the Chrysler Building France 400 November 4, 2014
The Vasco da Gama bridge in this European Capital was built to provide easier access to the 1998 World's Fair Lisbon 600 November 4, 2014
This country's Firth of Forth Bridge was the world's longest span in the late 1800s Scotland 800 November 4, 2014
In the 19th century this man designed both the Niagara & Brooklyn Bridges in New York John Roebling 1000 November 4, 2014
In the 1930s this West Coast city hosted a World's Fair & got big new bridges crossing its bay San Francisco 200 March 7, 2012
The Alexandre III Bridge was built only 20 feet above this river so it wouldn't obstruct the view from the Champs-Elysees the Seine 400 March 7, 2012
A sandstone landmark 275' long, or what some bereaved pet owners believe they'll cross with the departed Fifi the Rainbow Bridge 600 March 7, 2012
The Hell Gate Bridge from Wards Island to Queens spans a treacherous part of this river the East River 800 March 7, 2012
The Suramadu Bridge linking Surabaya with Madura Island is this country's longest bridge Indonesia 1000 March 7, 2012
In medieval castles a windlass was the mechanical winch used to raise & lower this a drawbridge 200 October 30, 2009
On Oct. 27, 1989, after the Loma Prieta earthquake, a record 162,414 vehicles crossed this bridge the Golden Gate Bridge 400 October 30, 2009
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows an architectural rendering on the monitor.) During construction, you can see the free arm bridge decks, from which this type of bridge gets its name, are anchored at one end, supported by piers & meet in the middle a cantilever bridge 600 October 30, 2009
Almost 24 miles long, a bridge over this body of water near New Orleans is the world's longest bridge over water Lake Pontchartrain 800 October 30, 2009
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows an architectural rendering on the monitor.) Built so that cars can drive over them or through them, the bridge structures here are named for these support triangles that provide rigidity trusses 1000 October 30, 2009
On August 1, 2007 Minneapolis' I-35W bridge collapsed into this river the Mississippi River 200 July 7, 2008
Seen here on a stamp, the USA's longest covered bridge takes you from Vermont to this New England neighbor New Hampshire 400 July 7, 2008
The Harbour Bridge rises 440 feet above this Down Under city's harbour Sydney 600 July 7, 2008
Completed in 2004, the Centennial Bridge, seen here, spans this man-made body of water the Panama Canal 800 July 7, 2008
Britain's Humber Bridge, once the longest single-span bridge of this type, bends 10 feet in the middle in high winds a suspension bridge July 7, 2008
No longer "falling down", this bridge from England is now found in Lake Havasu City, Arizona London Bridge 200 February 8, 2008
On June 25, 1998 the Mackinac Bridge in this state celebrated its 100-millionth crossing Michigan 400 February 8, 2008
One year older than the Golden Gate Bridge is the one connecting San Francisco & this city Oakland 600 February 8, 2008
The name of this bridge in Venice is said to have come from the lamentations of prisoners the Bridge of Sighs 800 February 8, 2008
Carrying traffic from Fort Lee to New York City since 1931, its lower level opened in 1962 the George Washington Bridge 1000 February 8, 2008
The Middle East's first suspension bridge, the Mubarak Peace Bridge, opened in 2001 & crosses this canal Suez Canal 200 April 24, 2003
In December 2001 this country opened its first bridge over the Mekong Cambodia (Kampuchea) 400 April 24, 2003
The Oresund Bridge links Sweden to this country to which it had been unconnected by land for 7,000 yrs. Denmark 600 April 24, 2003
In 1998 the U.K. lost out to this Asian country for the longest suspension bridge in the world record Japan 1000 April 24, 2003
The Chain & Elizabeth Bridges cross this river to connect Buda & Pest Danube April 24, 2003
It's the "presidential" bridge that connects Manhattan & New Jersey the G.W. (George Washington) 200 March 14, 2002
Bridges over the Bosporus in this city connect Asia & Europe Istanbul 400 March 14, 2002
Found in Cologne, Germany, the Zoo Bridge spans this river the Rhine 600 March 14, 2002
19th C. artist William Morris called this U.K. country's Forth Bridge "supremest specimen of all ugliness" Scotland 800 March 14, 2002
This famous bridge in Venice was first planned in 1524 & finally opened in 1591 the Rialto 1000 March 14, 2002
This French engineer best known for his tower designed a 525-foot bridge over the Douro River Eiffel 100 February 23, 1996
As of July 1995 more than 1,000 people had jumped from this San Francisco span Golden Gate Bridge 200 February 23, 1996
Before a permanent bridge was built across this river in the 1840s, ice sometimes cut off Buda from Pest Danube 300 February 23, 1996
O.H. Ammann designed this bridge that connects Manhattan with Fort Lee, N.J. the George Washington Bridge 400 February 23, 1996
Bruges in this country derives its name from a bridge built there by the Romans Belgium 500 February 23, 1996
This bridge spanning NYC's East River was designated a national historic landmark in 1964 Brooklyn Bridge 100 November 13, 1991
This bridge in Venice connects the doge's palace with the old state prison Bridge of Sighs 200 November 13, 1991
The 1st Roman bridge of which there is any record is the Pons Sublicius, built in 621 B.C. over this river Tiber 300 November 13, 1991
The Francis Scott Key Bridge crosses the Patapsco River in this city Baltimore 400 November 13, 1991
This Colorado canyon has the world's highest suspension bridge – 1,053' above the Arkansas River Royal Gorge 500 November 13, 1991
At 746 feet, the 2 steel towers of this San Francisco bridge are the world's tallest the Golden Gate Bridge 100 October 30, 1989
Yes indeed, Hannibal, Mo. does have a memorial bridge named for this 19th century citizen Mark Twain 200 October 30, 1989
Located in Metaire, La. & named for the "Kingfish", it's the world's longest railroad bridge the Huey Long Bridge 300 October 30, 1989
The Mackinac Bridge links the 2 land masses of this state Michigan 400 October 30, 1989
Virginia's 17.6 mile long bridge-tunnel complex takes U.S. Highway 13 across this body of salt water the Chesapeake Bay 500 October 30, 1989
In the Middle Ages these retractable types were all the rage at castles with moats drawbridges 100 May 2, 1989
Term for the distance between adjacent support of a bridge a span 200 May 2, 1989
This river is crossed by the Bendorf Bridge near Coblenz & by the Zoo Bridge at Cologne the Rhine 300 May 2, 1989
Opened in 1879, the Chicago & Alton RR Bridge over the Missouri was the 1st bridge made entirely of this steel 400 May 2, 1989
This South American country has a waterfall system 3,212 ft. high & a bridge 2,336 ft. long Venezuela 500 May 2, 1989
In the nursery rhyme, it's the bridge that "is falling down" London Bridge 100 May 19, 1987
While this San Francisco bridge isn't world's longest, it has the tallest towers Golden Gate Bridge 200 May 19, 1987
With 220, Pennsylvania has more of this historic type of bridge than any other state covered 300 May 19, 1987
Currently, bridge with longest suspension in the world crosses River Humber at Hull, in this country England 400 May 19, 1987
Virginia's 17 1/2 mile long bridge-tunnel complex takes U.S. Highway 13 across this body of salt water Chesapeake Bay 500 May 19, 1987
You can't sell Lake Havasu the Brooklyn Bridge; it already bought this one London Bridge 100 October 2, 1984
Marin County's chief commuter route to S.F. the Golden Gate Bridge 200 October 2, 1984
Colloquial name of the Queensboro Bridge & real name of the song "Feeling Groovy" 59th Street Bridge 300 October 2, 1984