Clues for: Potent Potables

Question Answer Value Airdate
On a cold wintry night, warm up with a traditional hot buttered this drink rum 200 January 19, 2022
Ilchester is a cheese created in 1962 by adding this potent potable to Cheddar beer 400 January 19, 2022
Gusano Rojo is a popular brand of this tequila relative known for sometimes having a worm in the bottle mescal 600 January 19, 2022
This type of booze is also a letter in the NATO phonetic alphabet whiskey 800 January 19, 2022
This yellow-green liqueur is made by Carthusian monks Chartreuse 1000 January 19, 2022
Puerto Rico & Cuba are known for light-bodied forms of this liquor; Jamaica goes heavier rum 200 March 17, 2021
This blue ribbon beer company also provides hard coffee & stronger seltzer Pabst 400 March 17, 2021
Mexicans drink the most per capita of this spirit named for a Jalisco town; Americans, the most overall tequila 600 March 17, 2021
Pat O'Brien's in New Orleans is famous for this stormy cocktail that has its own tall glass a Hurricane 800 March 17, 2021
It's the main alcoholic ingredient in a pina colada rum 200 May 21, 2019
To make a Long Island iced tea, combine vodka, tequila & other booze with sour mix & this soft drink Coke 400 May 21, 2019
A classic martini gets an olive, but a Gibson martini has a pearl one of these instead an onion 600 May 21, 2019
This Greek liqueur is flavored with anise, a Mediterranean plant ouzo 800 May 21, 2019
"Look out for the bull" was Schlitz' longtime slogan for this beer with a high alcohol content malt liquor 1000 May 21, 2019
To make a sea breeze, mix 2 parts vodka, 3 parts grapefruit juice & 1 part this juice--for the red color cranberry juice 200 February 9, 2017
The name of this Scandinavian spirit derived from grain or potatoes is a shortening of the Latin for "water of life" aquavit 400 February 9, 2017
You might croon like Elvis, or maybe not, after having a Blue Hawaii made with this blue liqueur Curaçao 600 February 9, 2017
(Sarah of the Clue Crew demonstrates.) a snifter of this clear anise liqueur may be served con la mosca, meaning "with the fly"; each fly is really one of the three espresso beans sambuca 800 February 9, 2017
Tuborg Pilsner has been brewed in this country since 1880 Denmark 1000 February 9, 2017
The Big Bukowski is an offering at the L.A. literary pub called "Catcher in" this, a kind of whiskey rye 200 July 23, 2015
In 1960 this stout brewery introduced Harp Lager Guinness 400 July 23, 2015
Yes, Alexander, the French spirit eau-de-vie is a type of this brandy 600 July 23, 2015
More similar to beer than wine in production, it begins with steamed rice & mold sake 800 July 23, 2015
130 different herbs go into the green type of this liqueur made by French monks Chartreuse 1000 July 23, 2015
What's now this "club" that many join happily was first distilled in Ontario in 1858 a Canadian Club 200 March 12, 2015
During prohibition this family of rum makers invited Americans to Cuba for weekend-long parties Bacardi 400 March 12, 2015
The letters "V.O.P." on the label of a bottle of cognac stand for this very old pale 600 March 12, 2015
The name of this honey-whiskey liqueur is from a Scottish Gaelic phrase that means "the drink that satisfies" drambuie 800 March 12, 2015
This Italian liqueur is made from tonda gentile hazelnuts grown in the Piedmont region frangelico 1000 March 12, 2015
The 2 main styles of this liquor are Dutch & London dry gin 200 June 30, 2014
Varicella you don't want; valpolicella, one of this country's top red wines, you do Italy 400 June 30, 2014
The brand called Mike's Hard makes cider & punch, but its logo shows this is its flagship drink lemonade 600 June 30, 2014
A chelada is a mix of this alcoholic beverage & clamato--we know, but just try it beer 800 June 30, 2014
Excuse the spelling, but peppar & kurant are products from this Swedish vodka brand Absolut 1000 June 30, 2014
Guyana's Demerara Distillers is known for its El Dorado brand of this potent potable rum 200 March 10, 2014
A gin & tonic cocktail, for example, or the tall, straight-sided glass in which it's served a highball 400 March 10, 2014
To prepare a brave bull, pour tequila in a glass & top with this coffee-flavored liqueur from Veracruz, Mexico Kahlúa 600 March 10, 2014
Creme D'ananas is a liqueur flavored mainly with this fruit, not bananas pineapple 800 March 10, 2014
Black Bush is a special blend of this Irish whiskey--makes sense Bushmills 1000 March 10, 2014
(Kathie Lee and Hoda give the clue.) As Nick Charles says in "The Thin Man", it's all about the rhythm in the shaking--you shake a Manhattan to fox trot time but you use waltz time to shake a dry one of these gin drinks a martini 200 September 17, 2013
(Kathie Lee and Hoda give the clue.) After you swirl the wine, look for the rivulets that slide down the inside of the glass; they're called tears or these, which usually mean the wine is full-bodied legs 400 September 17, 2013
(Kathie Lee and Hoda give the clue.) We tried a month of on-air sobriety, but as it turns out, antioxidants in red wine may help prevent heart disease by raising the HDL or the good type of this & lowering the bad type cholesterol 600 September 17, 2013
(Kathie Lee and Hoda give the clue.) A magnum of wine equals 2 standard bottles of wine; yes but you can really have a party with the size named for this Babylonian king--by the way, it's the equivalent of 20 standard bottles Nebuchadnezzar 800 September 17, 2013
(Kathie Lee and Hoda give the clue.) French scientists say the best method of pouring champagne is down the side of the glass, which preserves up to twice as much of this gas, keeping the fizz in your bubbly carbon dioxide 1000 September 17, 2013
Vodka, triple sec & lime juice go into this drink named for a suicide pilot a kamikaze 200 November 25, 2011
In a play on a book title, it's the liquor that precedes mockingbird in the name of a cocktail tequila 400 November 25, 2011
To make a brantini, stir together brandy, gin & a dash of the dry type of this vermouth 600 November 25, 2011
For a greyhound, combine 1 1/2 ounces of gin with 5 ounces of this grapefruit juice 800 November 25, 2011
A 7 & 7 cocktail gets its name from these 2 ingredients Seagram\'s 7 & 7 Up 1000 November 25, 2011
Tom & John are well-known types of this cool drink in the punch family; there's also a glass of the same name a Collins 200 January 19, 2009
A Salty Dog is made with gin or vodka & this tart juice (the salt frosts the rim of the glass) grapefruit 400 January 19, 2009
A Gibson is traditionally garnished with the pearl type of this an onion 600 January 19, 2009
In its basic form, this cocktail is just rum, lime juice & sugar shaken over ice a daiquiri 800 January 19, 2009
The name of this drink made with bourbon & mint comes from the Persian for "rose-water" a mint julep January 19, 2009
It's the liquor in a casino cocktail, & often in a martini gin 200 January 9, 2009
Of Schumann, Chopin or Verdi, the luxury vodka brand Chopin 400 January 9, 2009
With brands like Old Overholt, whiskey made from this grain, not corn, was once a favorite of the American sot rye 800 January 9, 2009
In a SoCo & cola, SoCo is short for this Southern Comfort 1000 January 9, 2009
Southern sippers often make the alliterative request for this corn mash whiskey "and branch" (water) bourbon January 9, 2009
Varieties of this brand of scotch include Red, Black, Gold & Blue Label Johnny Walker 200 December 22, 2006
This brand has been made at the Lynchburg, Tennessee distillery since 1866 Jack Daniels 400 December 22, 2006
I like them apples just fine when they're made into calvados, an expensive type of this spirit brandy 600 December 22, 2006
This rum maker's website urges you to "Drink responsibly--captain's orders!" Captain Morgan 800 December 22, 2006
This "avian" vodka brand is "created in the... Cognac region of western France under the... eye of the maitre de chai" Grey Goose 1000 December 22, 2006
A knickerbocker cocktail contains gin, as well as the sweet & dry types of this vermouth 200 April 25, 2005
The bestselling imported liqueur in the U.S. is this coffee-flavored one from Mexico Kahlúa 400 April 25, 2005
After imbibing this cocktail of gin or vodka & grapefruit juice, you'd better leave the driving to us greyhound 600 April 25, 2005
Peppermint & root beer are popular flavors of this strong potable, from the German for "mouthful" schnapps 800 April 25, 2005
The "original melon liqueur" from Suntory; it'll turn you green with envy Midori 1000 April 25, 2005
This potent potable's name comes from the Latin for juniper, which is used to flavor it gin 200 May 13, 2004
It's the potent potable in a traditional mint julep bourbon 200 May 9, 2003
Mumm is the word & it's also a brand of this that's been around since 1827 champagne 400 May 9, 2003
"It's another" one of these orange juice cocktails that's mentioned in the title of an Eagles hit Tequila Sunrise 600 May 9, 2003
At Trafalgar Horatio Nelson's body was preserved in a cask of this, probably not the Napoleon kind brandy 800 May 9, 2003
This premium hazelnut liqueur from Italy is made from a 300-year-old recipe Frangelico 1000 May 9, 2003
A Chiquita cocktail combines cointreau, cream & this flavor liqueur banana 200 April 2, 2003
This type of spirit was once known as Barbados waters rum 400 April 2, 2003
An alliterative potable is made with "rock" (candy) & this type of whiskey rye 600 April 2, 2003
Boodles is a popular brand of the London dry type of this gin 800 April 2, 2003
In the 1930s Mouton-this was created as the label for vintages unworthy of being Mouton-Rothschild Cadet 1000 April 2, 2003
The Harvard is made with sweet vermouth; dry vermouth is in this cocktail with the name of a Harvard rival Yale 100 June 25, 1999
A peppermint stick is made with creme de cacao, light cream & the peppermint type of this liquor schnapps 200 June 25, 1999
(Hi, I'm Thomas Gibson.) A Gibson cocktail is identical to a martini, except that the olive is replaced by this onion 300 June 25, 1999
The Kentucky Colonel cocktail blends Benedictine & this type of alcohol bourbon 400 June 25, 1999
In the name of a brand of scotch, it's what J&B stands for Justerini & Brooks 500 June 25, 1999
To make a "creamy screwdriver", add egg yolk & sugar to vodka & this juice Orange juice 100 September 28, 1998
A brave bull is made from Kahlua & this Mexican liquor -- & that's no bull Tequila 200 September 28, 1998
Okolehao is an 80-proof liquor made from the mash of the ti plant in this U.S. state Hawaii 300 September 28, 1998
This type of whisky made in the U.K. may be blended or single-malt Scotch 400 September 28, 1998
O Dem Golden Slipper cocktails contain the yellow type of this herbal liqueur created by monks Chartreuse 500 September 28, 1998
Okhotnichya, a type of this clear liquor, is flavored with honey vodka 100 June 19, 1998
The finest types of this liquor are certified 100% blue agave tequila 200 June 19, 1998
Bordeaux comes in a straight-sided bottle; these wines, which include beaujolais, in a sloping one burgundies 300 June 19, 1998
A 7&7 mixes 7Up & this Seagram\'s 7 400 June 19, 1998
Sir John Falstaff called sherry by this name, also what he'd hit after indulging in it sack 500 June 19, 1998
The fermented drink called perry is the pear-based counterpart of this "hard" apple drink Cider 100 May 28, 1998
A brand of gin distilled in London shares its name with these Tower of London guards Beefeater(s) 200 May 28, 1998
It's coffee mixed with whiskey, such as Jameson's, & topped with whipped cream Irish coffee 300 May 28, 1998
Trader Vic claims credit for inventing this rum drink & says it was named by a Tahitian friend Mai tai 400 May 28, 1998
This wine-based French aperitif usually served on the rocks is flavored with, mmm, quinine Dubonnet 500 May 28, 1998
In 1975 this company introduced the first nationally successful "lite" beer Miller 100 October 6, 1997
It turns a shamrock & a grasshopper green crème de menthe 200 October 6, 1997
This "chilly" beverage is often made of sparkling burgundy & champagne Cold Duck 300 October 6, 1997
1 of 2 fruit juices featured in a Vodka Seabreeze Cranberry or grapefruit juice 400 October 6, 1997
Tempted by a Tempter? -- it's made with apricot brandy & this sweet dessert wine Port 500 October 6, 1997
It's the traditional spirit added to eggnog, though whiskey or brandy may also be used rum 100 July 3, 1997
A Bloody Mary & a bloody bull both contain this spirit vodka 200 July 3, 1997
Harvey's Bristol Cream is a famous brand of this sherry 300 July 3, 1997
It's the Spanish name for a popular party drink made with red wine & fruit juices sangria 400 July 3, 1997
The name of this brandy is German for "cherry water" Kirschwasser 500 July 3, 1997
Sherry has been made in this country's province of Cadiz for centuries Spain 200 July 17, 1996
The Napa Valley in this western U.S. state is famous for its wineries California 300 July 17, 1996
Tequila is named for a town near Guadalajara in this country Mexico 400 July 17, 1996
It's traditional to float 2 or 3 of these beans on top of Sambuca liqueur coffee beans 500 July 17, 1996
Once made from potatoes, this liquor associated with Russia is now produced primarily from cereal grains vodka 100 January 9, 1996
Green creme de menthe & white creme de cacao are featured in this cocktail named for an insect A Grasshopper 200 January 9, 1996
As you might imagine, a Bacardi cocktail contains this liquor rum 300 January 9, 1996
For a Fuzzy Navel, combine equal amounts of orange juice & this flavor schnapps peach 400 January 9, 1996
Served over ice, the 2 ingredients in a Rusty Nail are Scotch & this Scotch & honey liqueur Drambuie 500 January 9, 1996
Grades of this bubbly beverage run from brut to doux champagne 100 January 3, 1996
It denotes a rich or sweet liqueur; one may be de cacao, de bananes or de menthe creme 200 January 3, 1996
When this potable is "buttered", it contains sugar & spices as well as butter rum 300 January 3, 1996
Norse king Fjolne is said to have been drowned in this honey-based drink mead 400 January 3, 1996
It was home-produced during Prohibition by adding essence of juniper to alcohol gin 500 January 3, 1996
Abricotine is a liqueur made from this fruit apricots 100 December 27, 1995
3 drinks are made from the juice of Mexican agave plants: mescal, pulque & this tequila 200 December 27, 1995
It's the spirit traditionally featured in a Tom Collins gin 300 December 27, 1995
Pour kahlua & vodka over ice & you'll have this "colorful" cocktail a Black Russian 400 December 27, 1995
Verdelho is a medium-sweet type of this wine named for a Portuguese island Madeira 500 December 27, 1995
The lager form of this is stored in casks or vats until free of sediment beer 100 November 23, 1995
This is the most popular Collins drink a Tom Collins 200 November 23, 1995
It's the liquor in a Moscow mule, a cocktail developed by Smirnoff in 1946 vodka 300 November 23, 1995
For this cocktail, the rim of the glass is usually dipped in lime juice and salt a margarita 400 November 23, 1995
Jerez de la Frontera is the center of trade in this Spanish wine Sherry 500 November 23, 1995
One school of thought says the mint for this Kentucky Derby quaff should be crushed Mint Julep 100 November 24, 1994
Sweetened wine is added to bottles of this French wine to ferment & produce carbonation Champagne 200 November 24, 1994
This Mexican spirit is obtained by distilling pulque Tequila 300 November 24, 1994
French Chablis is made of this grape that produces some of the finest California white wine Chardonnay 400 November 24, 1994
This potent liqueur, now banned in many countries, has been called "The Green Muse" Absinthe 500 November 24, 1994
The name of this aromatic wine found in martinis comes from the German word for wormwood vermouth 100 November 7, 1994
The sour mash type of this Kentucky whiskey is made by adding part of the old mash to new batches bourbon 200 November 7, 1994
It's the spirit found in a daiquiri cocktail rum 300 November 7, 1994
This country produces a resinated wine called kokkineli in addition to the more famous retsina Greece 400 November 7, 1994
Zubrowka is a Polish form of this spirit with a bit of buffalo grass steeped in it vodka 500 November 7, 1994
Usquebaugh is the original Celtic name for this potent potable whiskey 100 July 15, 1994
While a martini is often served with an olive, a Gibson is usually served with this an onion 200 July 15, 1994
This juice is the mixer in a Scarlett O'Hara or a Cape Codder cocktail cranberry juice 300 July 15, 1994
With the possible exception of Armagnac, this French brandy is considered the world's finest Cognac 400 July 15, 1994
A Peppermint Pattie can be made with creme de menthe or the peppermint type of this liquor schnapps 500 July 15, 1994
Bourbon was named for a county in this "Bluegrass State" Kentucky 100 November 11, 1993
Though it's colorless, odorless & not aged, it still packs a wallop in a bloody Mary Vodka 200 November 11, 1993
The whiskey in a seven and seven comes from this country Canada 300 November 11, 1993
At his first sip of this, Dom Perignon cried, "I am tasting stars!" champagne 400 November 11, 1993
A Brandy Alexander contains brandy, cream & this flavor of liqueur chocolate 500 November 11, 1993
This margarita ingredient is sometimes called "cactus whiskey" tequila 100 July 15, 1993
In a gin and it cocktail, the "it" is the sweet Italian variety of this vermouth 200 July 15, 1993
Cointreau & triple sec both have this fruit flavor orange 300 July 15, 1993
Many consider the dry fino type of this fortified wine the world's finest sherry 400 July 15, 1993
It's the "rock" in rock & rye rock candy 500 July 15, 1993
This flavor of schnapps puts the "fuzz" in a fuzzy navel peach 100 July 5, 1993
Cocktails with "Jamaica" in their names usually contain this liquor rum 200 July 5, 1993
Tom & John are the most famous members of this tall, cool cocktail "family" Collins 300 July 5, 1993
To make a negroni, combine campari with these 2 martini ingredients gin & vermouth 400 July 5, 1993
Like anisette, pernod is often described as tasting like this candy licorice 500 July 5, 1993
This is the mixture in a 7 & 7 cocktail 7 Up 100 April 21, 1992
Many believe the martini was named for this company famous for its vermouth Martini & Rossi 200 April 21, 1992
The name of this cocktail is Spanish for "strained pineapple" piña colada 300 April 21, 1992
Like a Grasshopper, a Green Dragon gets its color from this liqueur creme de menthe 400 April 21, 1992
A Bijou cocktail calls for the green variety of this liqueur, a Yellow Parrot, for the yellow chartreuse 500 April 21, 1992
A Hokkaido cocktail calls for gin, triple sec & this fermented rice beverage sake 100 January 17, 1992
Versions of this cocktail flavored with lemon include "Papaya" & "Singapore" a sling 200 January 17, 1992
Add this ingredient to a Black Russian & you'll have a White Russian milk (or cream) 300 January 17, 1992
To make a Bobby Burns cocktail, mix sweet vermouth, Benedictine & this liquor scotch 400 January 17, 1992
Root beer & peppermint are popular flavors of this liquor whose name is from the German for "mouthful" schnapps 500 January 17, 1992
Whiskey & soda over ice, or a tall glass in which to serve it highball 100 October 23, 1991
Sabra is a chocolate- & orange-flavored liqueur made in this country Israel 200 October 23, 1991
A Danish Mary is the same as a bloody Mary except instead of vodka, it contains this Scandinavian liquor aquavit 300 October 23, 1991
To make a jellybean, mix blackberry brandy with this licorice-flavored liqueur anisette 400 October 23, 1991
Completes what v.s.o.p. stands for on a cognac bottle: "very superior old..." pale 500 October 23, 1991
As you might expect, you need 1 1/2 ounces of this liquor to make a shillelagh Irish whiskey 100 July 11, 1991
A fallen angel cocktail calls for lemon juice or this juice lime juice 200 July 11, 1991
Of single sec, double sec or triple sec, the one you're likely to find in a margarita triple sec 300 July 11, 1991
In the name of a gin cocktail, this ordinal number precedes "heaven" 7th 400 July 11, 1991
The apricot flavor of this liquor is one of the main ingredients in a fairy belle cocktail brandy 500 July 11, 1991
From the Latin for "to open" it's a drink taken before a meal to sharpen the appetite an apéritif 100 March 12, 1991
Of sec, brut or doux, the driest champagne brut 200 March 12, 1991
The traditional squat brandy glass, its rim turns in to hold the bouquet a snifter 300 March 12, 1991
A whiskey & ginger ale cocktail named for part of the equine anatomy a horse\'s neck 400 March 12, 1991
Tequila is a version of this stronger liquor which shares its name with a hallucinogenic plant mezcal 500 March 12, 1991
As you might expect, a bee's knees is sweetened with this honey 100 January 15, 1991
To make a sloeberry cocktail, add a dash or 2 of bitters to this liqueur sloe gin 200 January 15, 1991
Of creme fraiche, creme brulee or creme d'ananas, the one that fits the category creme d\'ananas 300 January 15, 1991
Type of liquor you must have to make a zombie rum 400 January 15, 1991
An orange blossom is made with gin & orange juice while a gimlet is made with gin & this juice lime 500 January 15, 1991
This word that follows golden, silver & gin in cocktail names refers to the addition of soda water fizz 100 November 16, 1990
The flowers of this plant give beer its bitter taste hops 200 November 16, 1990
This brandy made from hard cider was called Jersey lightning in Colonial times applejack 300 November 16, 1990
This juice makes a cape codder cocktail red cranberry juice 400 November 16, 1990
The name of this California co. means a wooden seat built into a wall near an open fireplace Inglenook 500 November 16, 1990
It puts the fizz in a gin fizz Soda Water/Club Soda 100 January 22, 1990
A favorite drink in colonial New England was "Blackstrap", a mixture of molasses & this potent potable Rum 200 January 22, 1990
From the Latin for "openers", they include Campari & Dubonnet Aperitifs 300 January 22, 1990
Korbel, Cook's & Piper-Heidsieck Champagne Brands 400 January 22, 1990
Federal regulations say it must be distilled from a mash of not less than 51% corn Bourbon 500 January 22, 1990
The potent potable you need to make coq au vin bourguignonne burgundy 100 November 30, 1989
The part of an egg that goes into a Ramos fizz the white 200 November 30, 1989
There's a sleeping hombre wearing a sombrero on the label of this Mexican coffee-flavored liqueur Kahlúa 300 November 30, 1989
Glemlivet, Glennfidich & Ballatine's are all brands of this Scotch 400 November 30, 1989
The type of liquor you need to make a Tom Collins gin 500 November 30, 1989
Caramel is added to make the darker varieties of this liquor made from molasses rum 100 November 8, 1989
Type of white wine that comes in Alsatian & Johannisberg varieties Riesling 200 November 8, 1989
Named for a Portuguese island, this fortified wine traveled well & was popular in colonial America Madeira 300 November 8, 1989
Trader Vic's Bartender's Guide says don't use bottled lime juice unless you're making this drink gimlet 400 November 8, 1989
In 1915 the French outlawed this wormwood-flavored liqueur 1st made commercially by Pernod in 1797 absinthe 500 November 8, 1989
= = 100 July 19, 1989
= = 200 July 19, 1989
TanquerayBeefeater,Gilbey's gin 300 July 19, 1989
Tia Maria,Nocello, Chambord liqueurs 400 July 19, 1989
Mumm,Martell,Remy Martin cognacs (brandys) 500 July 19, 1989
If she were alive to see her picture on the Bombay gin label, she might not be amused Queen Victoria 300 May 5, 1989
Stolichnaya's Pertsovka vodka gets its spicy flavor from these, pictured on the label red peppers 500 May 5, 1989
Of a barrel, firkin or hogshead, the one that can hold the most liquor hogshead 100 April 27, 1989
The original was supposedly a horse laxative; now it's a knockout punch thrown into a cocktail Mickey Finn 300 April 27, 1989
The main grain of both beer & scotch barley 400 April 27, 1989
A B. & B. cocktail consists of 1/2 brandy & 1/2 this herb-flavored liqueur Benedictine 500 April 27, 1989
Type of liquor that's the subject of the following 1983 hit by Shelly West:"Jose Cuervo /You are a friend of mine /I like to drink you with..." tequila April 27, 1989
To make mulled wine, you spice it, sweeten it & do this heat it 100 March 1, 1989
If you want to turn a black Russian into a white Russian, add this milk/cream 200 March 1, 1989
In a pousse-cafe, these float in different colored layers in a tall glass liqueurs 300 March 1, 1989
The brand of vodka that "Leaves You Breathless" Smirnoff 400 March 1, 1989
It puts the pink in a pink lady grenadine 500 March 1, 1989
A fifth equals about 1/5 of this a U.S. gallon 100 November 9, 1988
Claiming U.S. creation of this "Gaelic" drink, San Francisco's Buena Vista Cafe sells some 2,200 cups daily Irish coffee 200 November 9, 1988
This strong, dark type of beer takes its name from Einbeck, Germany, where it was first made bock beer 300 November 9, 1988
It's usually made with bourbon, sugar, mint, and crushed ice a mint julep 400 November 9, 1988
Whiskey sours and daiquiris are similar except that daiquiris contain this instead of whiskey rum 500 November 9, 1988
Invented in ancient Greece, the wine press was more productive than this time-honored method stomping by the feet 100 October 28, 1988
The name for this liquor is a corruption of French for "juniper", whose berries flavor it gin 200 October 28, 1988
Alexis Lichine says it's "like liquid fire in the throat" when tossed down after licking salt tequila 300 October 28, 1988
Term for a jigger of liquor, even in the dark shot 400 October 28, 1988
Tia Maria is a West Indian liqueur made with this liquor rum 500 October 28, 1988
A dog's nose is a jigger of gin mixed with a cold glass of this brew beer 100 June 22, 1988
A drink made of brandy, sugar, hot water & spices is traditionally called this hot toddy 200 June 22, 1988
This brand of vodka shares its name with a Russian peninsula that borders the Bering Sea Kamchatka 300 June 22, 1988
Calling itself "Prince Charles Edward's Liqueur", it's made of Scotch malt whiskys & heather honey Drambuie 400 June 22, 1988
Cordial made from currants, it's 1 of the ingredients in a Kir or Kir Royale Crème de cassis 500 June 22, 1988
It's the French region synonymous with sparkling wine Champagne 100 April 7, 1988
Kirin is a beer from this country Japan 200 April 7, 1988
Taxes on this liquor are reported to provide 17% of the U.S. Virgin Islands gov't budget rum 300 April 7, 1988
In the song, "American Pie", it's what "them good ole boys were drinkin'" whiskey & rye 400 April 7, 1988
A district in Tuscany lent its name to this wine which comes in a straw-covered flask chianti 500 April 7, 1988
Meister Brau,Lowenbrau,Michelob beers 100 February 1, 1988
Carlo Rossi,Paul Masson,Robert Mondavi wines/winemakers 200 February 1, 1988
Wine chills quickest, many times faster than in a refrigerator, when immersed in this ice cold water 100 June 26, 1987
A "twist" refers to this part of a citrus fruit the rind (peel) 200 June 26, 1987
Drambuie is made from Scotch whiskey & this natural sweetener honey 300 June 26, 1987
Even in Russia, vodka is more commonly made from this than potatoes grain 400 June 26, 1987
From Latin for "heart", it's the heart-warming synonym for "liqueurs" cordials 500 June 26, 1987
A "Grasshopper" gets its green color from this mint liqueur crème de menthe 100 June 3, 1987
U.S. city where Iron City beer is brewed Pittsburgh 200 June 3, 1987
Sweet wines whose labels say they're from Boone's Farm are really from these 2 brothers' "Farm" Ernest & Julio Gallo 300 June 3, 1987
To make a lot of bullshot, you combine a lot of vodka with a lot of this beef boullion 400 June 3, 1987
Larry Gatlin asked "Do they have" this brand of wine "in heaven? If they don't, who the hell wants to go?" Mogen David 500 June 3, 1987
It puts the kick in Welsh Rabbit beer 100 January 13, 1987
Lying north of Burgundy & east of Paris, this region turns its black pinot noir grapes into sparkling wines Champagne 200 January 13, 1987
Early Times,Ancient Age &Old Crow bourbon 100 January 8, 1987
Red Bull,King Cobra &Colt 45 malt liquors 200 January 8, 1987
Schapiro's,Carmel &Mogen David kosher wine 300 January 8, 1987
Suntory,Gilbey's &Absolut vodka 500 January 8, 1987
It's added to a gin fizz to make it fizz carbonated soda (or soda water or carbonated water) 100 December 17, 1986
Whether called a golden spike, golden screw. or screwdriver, it just contains these 2 liquids vodka & orange juice 200 December 17, 1986
From Latin "to open", it's a drink taken to open a meal an apéritif 300 December 17, 1986
Mixer's measure that can run about 1/32 of an ounce, not 100 yards a dash 400 December 17, 1986
It's said Jefferson Davis used to lace this bourbon drink with a tablespoonful of French brandy a mint julep 500 December 17, 1986
Flavor shared by tia maria & gallweys coffee 100 November 20, 1986
The French term for a wine waiter sommelier 200 November 20, 1986
Italian for "sparkling", its use is applied to genuine sparkling wines spumante 300 November 20, 1986
Traditionally, in England, 2 jiggers equal 1 jack, & 2 jacks equal this a jill 400 November 20, 1986
This grain is the main ingredient of both Irish & Scotch whiskey barley 500 November 20, 1986
Bourbon mash contains at least 51% of this "Indian" grain corn 100 March 7, 1986
To do this, lick salt off hand, quickly swallow shot of liquor, then suck on lime slice how to drink tequila 200 March 7, 1986
In the U.S., when fermentation occurs on the top of a malt brew, it's classed as this an ale 300 March 7, 1986
A Dog's Nose, a Bee's Knees, or a Horse's Neck the names of cocktails 400 March 7, 1986
Pernod & ouzo are modified forms of this powerful, often-banned liquor absinthe 500 March 7, 1986
When his name is used to describe a brandy, it usually means it's over 5 years old Napoleon brandy 100 December 27, 1985
The sweeter these are originally, the higher the alcoholic content of the wine will be grapes 200 December 27, 1985
Kamchatka, Popov, or Mr. Boston, for example vodkas 300 December 27, 1985
2 products which merge in a "Seven and Seven" Seagram\'s 7 & 7-Up 400 December 27, 1985
Classic formula for this rum drink is "1 of sour, 2 of sweet, 3 of strong, & 4 of weak" daiquiri 500 December 27, 1985
For wines, it never means the opposite of wet dry 100 November 14, 1985
Bacardi, America's single best-selling brand of liquor, is this type rum 200 November 14, 1985
This series built around wine currently makes your TV a potent portable <i>Falcon Crest</i> 300 November 14, 1985
Brooklynite Jennie Churchill, Winston's mother, created this whiskey & vermouth cocktail Manhattan 400 November 14, 1985
Slivovitz is a brandy made from this fruit plum 500 November 14, 1985
It makes M.A.D.D. members mad drunk drivers (drinking and driving) 100 May 17, 1985
St. Paul wrote to Timothy: "Drink no longer water but use a little" of this "for thy stomach's sake" wine 200 May 17, 1985
A tall cocktail of rum, liqueur & fruit juice, or a walking corpse a zombie 300 May 17, 1985
Eastern European country in which Tokay wine originated Hungary 400 May 17, 1985
Nickname of British admiral Vernon who watered down sailors' liquor rations Grog 500 May 17, 1985
Blended creme de menthe, creme de cacao & cream; or an insect a grasshopper 100 January 23, 1985
"Liquid bread", it was often drunk at breakfast in medieval Europe ale (beer) 200 January 23, 1985
Based on bar survey, it's America's most popular cocktail a martini 300 January 23, 1985
Lynchburg, TN distillery that holds whiskey license #1, oldest in USA Jack Daniel 400 January 23, 1985
Type of wine that originated in Jerez, Spain sherry January 23, 1985
Nearly all of world's hops go into brewing this beer 100 December 13, 1984
Said to have brought secret of whiskey making to Ireland along with Christianity St. Patrick 200 December 13, 1984
They're America's largest vintners the Gallos 300 December 13, 1984
Their Golden, Colorado brewery is America's largest single one Coors 400 December 13, 1984
Bronfman family, whose names means "brandy man", run this Canadian distillery, world's largest Seagram\'s 500 December 13, 1984
A dessert wine, or the left side of a ship port 100 October 1, 1984
When water gets gassed carbonation 200 October 1, 1984
Ancient Greek law made it illegal not to do this during festival of Dionysus to get drunk 300 October 1, 1984
Its name comes from legend that first one was stirred with a rooster feather cocktail 400 October 1, 1984
25.6 ounces a fifth 500 October 1, 1984
In 1935 Kreuger's Cream Ale was the first beer sold in these cans 100 September 24, 1984
Never swallowing, they sip, swish, gargle, then spit out what they sample what wine tasters do 200 September 24, 1984
This 19th century Philadelphia distiller's name became slang for liquor Booze 300 September 24, 1984
Derived from Hindu word for "5", describing number of ingredients mixed in a large bowl punch 400 September 24, 1984
C2H5OH the formula for alcohol 500 September 24, 1984