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Question Answer Value Airdate
(Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.) In San Diego on August 4, 2007, Barry Bonds hit this ball 382 feet to tie the all-time home run record of this man, technically Hank Aaron 200 July 27, 2016
(Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.) Here's the ball hit by this Yankee legend who broke a 44-game hitting streak record held by "Wee Willie" Keeler Joe DiMaggio 400 July 27, 2016
(Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.) No major leaguer will ever again be permanently assigned the number of the jersey worn by this man Jackie Robinson 600 July 27, 2016
(Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.) Here's the 1957 MVP award for this Yankee, but that was a bit of an off year for him: he'd won the Triple Crown the previous year with 18 more home runs & 36 more RBIs Mickey Mantle 800 July 27, 2016
(Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.) Check out the incredibly rare 1909-11 t206 card of this "Flying Dutchman"; in 2013, one went at auction for $2.1 million Honus Wagner 1000 July 27, 2016
In 2001 this Giants outfielder hit 73 home runs, one every 6.5 times at bat Barry Bonds 200 September 25, 2003
This National League team has been playing its home games at Wrigley Field since 1916 the Chicago Cubs 400 September 25, 2003
It's the position played by the Mets' Mike Piazza & the Yankees' Jorge Posada catcher 600 September 25, 2003
In 1966 the Angels moved from Los Angeles to this city Anaheim 800 September 25, 2003
Nicknamed the "Big Unit", this Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher has led the major leagues in strikeouts 8 times Randy Johnson 1000 September 25, 2003
This slugging right fielder is nicknamed "Slammin' Sammy" Sammy Sosa 100 December 28, 2000
In 1999 only Mike Hampton & Jose Lima reached 20 wins in the National League, both for this city's Astros Houston 200 December 28, 2000
This team's logo has mountain peaks & a baseball depicted on it Colorado Rockies 300 December 28, 2000
This Baltimore Oriole holds the major league record of consecutive games played with 2,632 Cal Ripken Jr. 400 December 28, 2000
This superstar Seattle shortstop is nicknamed "A-Rod" Alex Rodriguez 500 December 28, 2000
On September 27, 1998, in his final at-bat, this Cardinal hit his record 70th home run of the season Mark McGwire 100 November 30, 1998
On April 4, 1997 the new Turner Field opened with this home team defeating the visiting Cubs, 5-4 the Atlanta Braves 200 November 30, 1998
In 1997 this Jim Leyland-managed team became the first wild card to win a World Series the Florida Marlins 300 November 30, 1998
This Dodger won 27 games in 1966, but retired at season's end due to an arthritic arm Sandy Koufax 400 November 30, 1998
When this Brooklyn field opened in 1913, borough pres. Alfred Steers tossed out the first ball Ebbets Field 500 November 30, 1998
Pale Hose is a nickname for this American League team the (Chicago) White Sox 100 September 12, 1996
This pitch thrown with great power is the most common pitch in baseball a fastball 200 September 12, 1996
Martin Gardner's "Annotated" book about this Ernest Lawrence Thayer poem contains 28 variations <i>Casey at the Bat</i> 300 September 12, 1996
A ball that bounces in fair territory & goes over the fence is this type of double a ground rule double 400 September 12, 1996
In the 8th inning of the 1st game of the 1954 World Series, this New York Giant made "The Catch" Willie Mays 500 September 12, 1996
Whitey Ford, a pitcher for this team, won 10 World Series games & lost 8, both records New York Yankees 100 May 3, 1996
In 1953 the Boston Braves moved to this city Milwaukee 200 May 3, 1996
Nicknamed the "Georgia Peach", he has the all-time highest career batting average, .367 Ty Cobb 300 May 3, 1996
In 1991 this Baltimore Oriole shortstop was named the American League's MVP Cal Ripken, Jr. 400 May 3, 1996
This current baseball player is they only man in history to have more than 1,000 career stolen bases Rickey Henderson 500 May 3, 1996
This stadium is called "The House that Ruth Built" Yankee Stadium 100 December 11, 1995
The cleanup hitter has this numerical position in the batting order fourth 200 December 11, 1995
This pitch is often called a hook for its hooklike trajectory a curveball 300 December 11, 1995
The mysterious "disease" that struck hitters about to face this pitcher was dubbed Ryanitis Nolan Ryan 400 December 11, 1995
This stadium's imposing left-field wall became "the Green Monster" after it was painted in 1947 Fenway Park 500 December 11, 1995
Pitcher Nolan Ryan set a major league record in 1973 by recording 383 of these Strikeouts 100 November 16, 1995
In 1978 this Cincinnati Red set a modern-day National League record with a 44-game hitting streak Pete Rose 200 November 16, 1995
Only 3 players have hit 600 major league home runs: Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth & this Giants outfielder Willie Mays 300 November 16, 1995
In 1995 he broke Lou Gehrig's record for consecutive games played Cal Ripken, Jr. 400 November 16, 1995
This man with the middle name Mountain was baseball's first & longest-serving commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis 500 November 16, 1995
Nicknamed "Stan the Man", he won 7 National League batting titles between 1943 & 1957 Stan Musial 100 September 19, 1995
The Detroit Tigers' Sparky Anderson began his major league managerial career in 1970 with this city's Reds Cincinnati 200 September 19, 1995
He hit 659 home runs with the Yankees, 49 with the Red Sox & 6 with the Braves Babe Ruth 300 September 19, 1995
In 1964 this National League team moved its home games from the Polo Grounds to Shea Stadium New York Mets 400 September 19, 1995
1 of 4 men to steal over 100 bases in a season Rickey Henderson 500 September 19, 1995
In 1959 Harvey Haddix pitched one for 12 innings but lost the game in the 13th a no-hitter 100 December 18, 1991
In 1990, his 1st year as this team's manager, Lou Piniella led them to a 4-game World Series sweep Cincinnati Reds 200 December 18, 1991
Of JFK, Truman or Teddy Roosevelt, the one who was president the last time the Cubs won the World Series Teddy Roosevelt 300 December 18, 1991
A short fly ball that falls between the infielders & outfielders is named for this minor league the Texas League 400 December 18, 1991
A 2nd baseman for the Cardinals & others, he's considered the best right-handed hitter in baseball history Rogers Hornsby 500 December 18, 1991
Say hey! This Giants centerfielder appeared in a record-tying 24 All-Star games Willie Mays 100 November 8, 1991
This former Yankee home run hitter served as the Dodgers first base coach in 1938 Babe Ruth 200 November 8, 1991
In 1990 this Royals third baseman became the 1st to win batting titles in 3 different decades George Brett 300 November 8, 1991
"Number 1" was the autobiography of this 5-time Yankee manager Billy Martin 400 November 8, 1991
The 2 teams that won their divisions in 1991 after finishing last in 1990 Braves and Twins 500 November 8, 1991
In 1921 this Yankee slugger scored 177 runs—a modern Major League record that still stands Babe Ruth 100 September 30, 1991
When this National League team was founded in Houston in 1962, it was known as the Colt .45s Astros 200 September 30, 1991
This Texas Rangers pitcher has had 15 or more strikeouts in over 25 games Nolan Ryan 300 September 30, 1991
The only man to bat .400 & not get 200 hits was this Red Sox player who hit .406 in 1941 Ted Williams 400 September 30, 1991
This Detroit Tigers manager leads all active Major League managers in victories with over 1800 Sparky Anderson 500 September 30, 1991
In 1982 this player known as "Mr. Cub" became the first Cub to have his uniform number retired Ernie Banks 100 February 8, 1991
In 1987 this Red Sox pitcher became only the fourth man to win 2 consecutive Cy Young Awards Roger Clemens 200 February 8, 1991
This team's Arlington Stadium is the only one not to have hosted an All-Star or postseason game the Texas Rangers 300 February 8, 1991
He led the American League in stolen bases every year of the 1980s except one Rickey Henderson 400 February 8, 1991
Imaginary Winter Baseball League based on cartoons showing fans huddled around an old Franklin the Hot Stove League 500 February 8, 1991
1 of 3 Major League teams named for a state rather than a city (1 of) Minnesota Twins (or Texas Rangers & California Angels) 100 June 27, 1990
In 1927 this Yankee duo accounted for 107 home runs--1/4 of the American League total Ruth & Gehrig 200 June 27, 1990
In 1989 this team played only 17 night games at home, fewest in the Major Leagues (Chicago) Cubs 300 June 27, 1990
In 1980 this K.C. Royals 3rd baseman hit .390, the highest average since Ted Williams hit .406 in 1941 (George) Brett 400 June 27, 1990
In 1989 Kent Tekulve broke Hoyt Wilhelm's record for most games played at this position pitcher 500 June 27, 1990
Though he's had 5 no-hitters & the most career strikeouts of any pitcher, he's never won the Cy Young Award Nolan Ryan 100 March 26, 1990
The "Black Sox" team that threw the 1919 World Series lost to this Ohio team Cincinnati Reds 200 March 26, 1990
In Los Angeles, the Dodgers have had only these 2 managers Walter Alston & Tommy Lasorda 300 March 26, 1990
In 1961 owner Calvin Griffith moved this team to Minneapolis where it became the Minnesota Twins Washington Senators 400 March 26, 1990
In 1972 owner Bob Short moved this team to Arlington, TX . where it became the Texas Rangers Washington Senators 500 March 26, 1990
In his playing days, this St. Louis Cardinal outfielder & Hall of Famer was known as "Stan the Man" Stan Musial 100 October 17, 1989
A major pitching award is named for this hurler who won a record 511 games Cy Young 200 October 17, 1989
In 1985 this former president arbitrated the Major League umpire labor dispute Richard Nixon 300 October 17, 1989
This manager won fewer games than Leo Durocher or Walt Alston but was in the most World Series--10 Casey Stengel (of the Yankees) 400 October 17, 1989
This club that no longer exists was called "1st in war, 1st in peace & last in the A.L." the Washington Senators 500 October 17, 1989
If you don't mind the abuse, you can earn $40-100,000 a year doing this job in the majors umpire 100 February 27, 1989
In '85 the Reds had a special phone installed so Pres. Reagan could congratulate him on his 4,192nd hit Pete Rose 200 February 27, 1989
1906 was the only year these 2 cross-town rivals faced each other in the World Series Chicago Cubs & Chicago White Sox 400 February 27, 1989
Many remember the 1969 "Miracle" Mets, but few remember they beat this eastern team in the World Series Baltimore Orioles 500 February 27, 1989
Seen here, he was the last man credited with a single steal of home plate in a World Series: Jackie Robinson February 27, 1989
The 1968 baseball draft for this team included Bill Buckner, Davey Lopes, Ron Cey & Steve Garvey Dodgers 100 December 29, 1988
A "stopper" is a team's best one of these relief pitcher 200 December 29, 1988
In 1987 this full-time baseball player got a "part-time" job carrying a football for the Raiders Bo Jackson 300 December 29, 1988
Reason the 1968 All-Star Game, played in Houston was historically significant 1st All Star Game played indoors 400 December 29, 1988
With 28, this state has more minor league teams than any other Florida 500 December 29, 1988
This mid-season classic started as an event of the 1933 Chicago World's Fair All-Star Game 100 December 12, 1988
To baseball players, stripper Morganna Roberts is better known by this nickname Kissing Bandit 200 December 12, 1988
In the early days "Germany" Schaeffer was famous for stealing this base, which used to be legal first base 300 December 12, 1988
The unusual thing Jimmy Piersall did after hitting his 100th career homer in 1963 ran the bases running backwards 400 December 12, 1988
As a Major League manager, he won more games than any other but he lost even more than he won Connie Mack 500 December 12, 1988
Baseball's "Iron Mike", every Major League team has at least 1 the pitching machine 400 June 15, 1988
In 1944, he led the American League in batting while at the same time managing the Cleveland Indians Lou Boudreau 500 June 15, 1988
In 1920, this man hit more home runs than any American League team other than his own Babe Ruth 100 April 19, 1988
This Boston pitcher was the only one to win 20 or more games in both 1986 & 1987 Roger Clemens 200 April 19, 1988
The Cubs' Hack Wilson holds the record for the most of these in 1 season, 190 RBIs 300 April 19, 1988
In Sept. 1987, an arbitrator found baseball owners guilty of collusion for not doing this in 1985 they did not sign any free agents 400 April 19, 1988
Though he missed the entire month of April, this Montreal outfielder led the Majors in runs scores in '87 Tim Raines 500 April 19, 1988
A club' s farm system isn't its food supply, but this its minor league teams 100 February 8, 1988
[clue unviewable or hearable on video] baseball bats 200 February 8, 1988
Of 7, 14 or 21, # of N.Y. Yankees who earned more money in 1987 than the U.S. president's base salary 21 300 February 8, 1988
Tom Lasorda once said, "We tried to teach him English, & the only word he learned was 'million'" Fernando Valenzuela 400 February 8, 1988
In 1987 playoffs, the Cardinals replaced a pitcher without removing him from the game by doing this putting him into the outfield 500 February 8, 1988
A manager will sometimes call for a "fireman" from there, not from the fire department the bullpen 100 February 4, 1988
You'll find spring training facilities for all Major League teams split among these 2 states Florida & Arizona 200 February 4, 1988
Under the 1879-80 rules, it took nine balls for this to happen a base on balls 100 November 17, 1987
Last name of two brothers who earned all four St. Louis Cardinals wins in the 1934 World Series (Dizzy & Paul) Dean 200 November 17, 1987
Minnie Minoso, the major leaguer who played in the most different decades, played in this many 5 300 November 17, 1987
His batting average was .320 or higher for 23 major league seasons in a row Ty Cobb 400 November 17, 1987
All baseballs used in the major leagues have the name of this foreign country printed on them Haiti 500 November 17, 1987
In 1915, he became the 1st president to attend a World Series game Wilson 100 April 10, 1987
After breaking Maury Wills' stolen base record, he titled autobiography "Stealing is My Game" Lou Brock 300 April 10, 1987
A 92-year-old fan of this team said in Oct. '86, "I've been 'waiting for next year' since 1918 Boston Red Sox 400 April 10, 1987
The 2 National League team names which are also "clerical titles" Padres & Cardinals 500 April 10, 1987
It's been said that "to know the heart & mind of" this place one "had better learn baseball" America 100 February 28, 1986
Most recent manager to be fired by George Steinbrenner & replaced by Billy Martin Yogi Berra 200 February 28, 1986
Biggest crowd to attend baseball game was in 1936 in this country, during the Olympics Germany 300 February 28, 1986
1st numerals to identify baseball players by number were found on this team's pinstripes in 1929 New York Yankees 400 February 28, 1986
In 1972, Bernice Gera was 1st woman to do this at a professional baseball game umpire 500 February 28, 1986
Winners of the All-Star Game 21 out of the last 23 times the National League 100 October 23, 1985
Courts have upheld local ordinances banning night games in this team's ball park the Chicago Cubs 200 October 23, 1985
Of Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, & James T. Kirk, the 1 who currently manages the Expos Buck Rogers 300 October 23, 1985
A young boy supposedly said these words to "Shoeless" Joe Jackson after Black Sox Scandal "Say it aint so" 400 October 23, 1985
In 1920, Cleveland shortstop Ray Chapman became only Major Leaguer to whom this happened in a game to be killed in a game 500 October 23, 1985
The Atlanta Braves are in this division of the National League the Western division 100 February 8, 1985
Eddie Gaedel, number 1/8th, was the only one ever to play in the Major Leagues a midget 200 February 8, 1985
Now a paper company sales rep, he pitched only perfect game in World Series history Don Larsen 300 February 8, 1985
Boston's "Green Monster" is in this stadium Fenway Park 400 February 8, 1985
In '84, he became 1st manager to win over 100 games with teams in both Major Leagues Sparky Anderson 500 February 8, 1985
In Cleveland, these "scalpers" work inside, not outside, the stadium the Indians 100 January 8, 1985
The Boston Pilgrims beat the Pittsburgh Pirates to win the 1st one in 1903 the World Series 200 January 8, 1985
A full count three balls, two strikes 300 January 8, 1985
The Orioles' Rick Dempsey was this in '83 World Series Most Valuable Player 400 January 8, 1985
To this N.L. team, Lou Brock was always out in left field St. Louis Cardinals 500 January 8, 1985
To celebrate winning the '83 World Series, the Baltimore Orioles popped 240 bottles of it champagne 100 October 4, 1984
Johnny Vander Meer is the only man to have ever pitched 2 of them consecutively no-hitters 200 October 4, 1984
Brand of bats made in Kentucky; also describes Muhammad Ali Louisville Slugger 300 October 4, 1984
In '51 playoff he hit "the Shot Heard 'Round the World" Bobby Thomson 400 October 4, 1984
For years this Southerner was "the voice of the Yankees" Mel Allen 500 October 4, 1984