Clues for: Health & Fitness

Question Answer Value Airdate
You should visit your dentist right away if you notice these are swollen or bleed easily gums 100 July 10, 1995
Chiropractors believe the misalignment of this series of bones is a major cause of health problems spine 200 July 10, 1995
One of the best ways to avoid this "common" illness is to wash your hands often common cold 300 July 10, 1995
Kidney beans & 100% bran cereal are high in the soluble & insoluble kinds of this fiber 400 July 10, 1995
This test gives you your diastolic reading blood pressure test 500 July 10, 1995
Researchers claim that between 7 & 7.9 hours of this activity nightly correlates best with longevity sleep 100 February 17, 1988
A French curl is not a Parisian hairdo, but an exercise done with this equipment weights 200 February 17, 1988
Exercise can greatly reduce this vital sign that, at rest, should ideally register at about 120/80 blood pressure 300 February 17, 1988
On bottle labels, many vitamins are measured in "I.U."s, which are these international units 500 February 17, 1988
The 4 basic food groups identified by U.S. nutritionists as necessary to maintain good health dairy products, grains, fruits & vegetables, & meat & fish February 17, 1988
In October 1986, she had 3 different fitness tapes on the top ten videocassette sales list Jane Fonda 100 November 21, 1986
Am. Heart Assn. says those doing this have 2-4 times the risk of sudden cardiac death as those who don't smoke 200 November 21, 1986
The "New Parent Fitness Plan" tells new mothers to work out using these as barbells their babies 300 November 21, 1986