Clues for: World Cities

Question Answer Value Airdate
George Square in this largest Scottish city has a very tall column with Sir Walter Scott atop it Glasgow 200 March 29, 2013
It's the capital of the world's most populous country Beijing 400 March 29, 2013
(Vanna White delivers the clue from Jamaica.)Most cruise ships on Jamaica's northern coast dock at this port, whose name is Spanish for Eight Rivers Ocho Rios 800 March 29, 2013
Once an imperial naval base, this Siberian port is headquarters to Russia's Pacific Fleet Vladivostok 1000 March 29, 2013
This capital of Australia's Northern Territory lies on Beagle Gulf Darwin March 29, 2013
In 1949 Indonesia became independent & Batavia became this capital city Jakarta 200 June 17, 2011
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from Kibbutz Amiad in Israel.) When this city had problems treating its sewage prior to the 2008 Olympic games, Amiad's water filtration company helped with machines like the EBS filter Beijing 400 June 17, 2011
With some 200 inches of rain per year, this capital of Liberia is one of the world's wettest cities Monrovia 600 June 17, 2011
This Irish city is home to Reginald's Tower, said to date from 1003, but is better known for its crystal Waterford 800 June 17, 2011
Morocco has its own "white house", this city whose name means just that Casablanca June 17, 2011
From Bei Hai Park in this city, pass the Great Hall of the People, bear left, & then it's straight on to Mao's mausoleum Beijing 200 May 20, 2008
This Sudanese capital lies on a narrow piece of land bounded by the White & Blue Nile Rivers Khartoum 400 May 20, 2008
The Tsarina's Stone is the oldest monument in this city that was made Finland's capital by Russian insistence Helsinki 600 May 20, 2008
This Caribbean island's capital, Fort-de-France, lies about 15 miles southeast of Mt. Pelee volcano Martinique 800 May 20, 2008
Construction began on this German city's Gothic cathedral near the Rhine in 1248 & lasted 632 years Cologne 1000 May 20, 2008
For a day of fun & shopping, a lot of people head to this Mexican city, about 15 miles south of San Diego Tijuana 200 April 18, 2007
Volksgarten isn't a parking lot for Volkswagens but a beautiful park noted for its rose bushes in this Austrian city Vienna 400 April 18, 2007
Oh! this city! was the capital of British India from 1772 to 1912 Calcutta 600 April 18, 2007
The defenders of this city were considering surrender when Joan of Arc got the king to send a relieving army Orleans 800 April 18, 2007
More than half of Manitoba's people live in this city Winnipeg 1000 April 18, 2007
This Japanese city's Atomic Bomb Dome has become a symbol of the peace movement Hiroshima 100 June 23, 1999
Buildings located on its Mersey River waterfront include the Cunard Building & the Royal Liver Building Liverpool 200 June 23, 1999
This capital's name is derived from the Old Persian for "warm place" Tehran 300 June 23, 1999
Mexico's largest Pacific port, tourists flock to it for its pre-Lenten carnival & great sunsets Mazatlan 400 June 23, 1999
The Tyrolean Folk Art Museum is a popular attraction in this Austrian city, once an Olympic host Innsbruck 500 June 23, 1999
This port city of over 5.5 million people is called Rio for short Rio de Janeiro 100 November 11, 1997
On Sept. 16, 1620 the Mayflower pulled out of this English port city Plymouth 200 November 11, 1997
Capital of British India until 1912, it was where Mother Teresa ministered to the unfortunate Calcutta 300 November 11, 1997
This German city was named for a stud farm that was formerly on the site Stuttgart 400 November 11, 1997
To attend Kenya Polytechnic, you have to go to this capital city Nairobi 500 November 11, 1997
Linked by bridges, this Hungarian capital was once 3 distinct & separate cities Budapest 100 October 14, 1997
This Egyptian port city is named for the Macedonian king who founded it in 332 B.C. Alexandria 200 October 14, 1997
This second-holiest city of Islam houses the tomb of Muhammad Medina 300 October 14, 1997
Known as Panormus in ancient times, it's the largest city of Sicily Palermo 400 October 14, 1997
An old tobacco factory made famous by "Carmen" now houses part of the university of this Spanish city Sevilla 500 October 14, 1997
The Saint Jordi Sports Palace in this Spanish city was built for the 1992 Summer Olympics Barcelona 100 June 20, 1997
The Belvedere Palace adjacent to this city's Lazienki Park is the official residence of the Polish president Warsaw 200 June 20, 1997
The bulk of Egypt's imports & exports pass through this port Alexandria 300 June 20, 1997
Parque Dario in this capital has a monument to Nicaraguan poet Ruben Dario Managua 400 June 20, 1997
A railroad tunnel under the Mersey River connects this British city to the Wirral Peninsula Liverpool 500 June 20, 1997
Residents of this African city are called Cairenes Cairo 100 November 6, 1996
This Colombian capital is sometimes called the "Athens of South America" Bogota 200 November 6, 1996
This largest Scottish city occupies much of the Clyde Valley Glasgow 300 November 6, 1996
The French name for this Belgian city is Anvers Antwerp 400 November 6, 1996
It's the site of New Zealand's main international airport Auckland 500 November 6, 1996
Ile de la Cite, an island in the Seine River, is the heart of this French capital Paris 100 October 16, 1996
The site of this Bulgarian capital was once a Thracian settlement Sofia 200 October 16, 1996
This capital lies on a plain sometimes known as the Valley of Nepal Kathmandu 300 October 16, 1996
This British city is the site of the Queensway, a 2.2-mile highway tunnel under the Mersey River Liverpool 400 October 16, 1996
About half of French Guiana's population lives on the island where this "spicy" capital is located Cayenne October 16, 1996
Diego Velazquez founded this capital on Cuba's south coast; 4 years later it was moved to the north coast Havana 100 June 25, 1996
This city's main shopping street is the Mercerie, between the Rialto Bridge & St. Mark's Square Venice 200 June 25, 1996
The home of Prime Minister William Gladstone still stands in this British city on the Mersey River Liverpool 300 June 25, 1996
This capital of New South Wales is Australia's oldest British settlement Sydney 400 June 25, 1996
It's said this North Korean capital is the Korean Peninsula's oldest city Pyongyang 500 June 25, 1996
The name of this Scottish city may come from a Celtic word meaning "Edin's Fort" Edinburgh 100 February 1, 1996
The unification of Italy is commemorated by a monument to Victor Emmanuel II in this capital city Rome 200 February 1, 1996
The well of ZamZam is one of the holy sites in this Saudi Arabian city Mecca 300 February 1, 1996
Saigon, once capital of Indochina, is now known by this name Ho Chi Minh City 400 February 1, 1996
This German port is home to the world-famous Hagenbeck Zoo Hamburg 500 February 1, 1996
This Puerto Rican capital's harbor is guarded by Fort San Felipe Del Morro San Juan 100 January 11, 1996
You can visit the Museum Carolino-Augusteum as well as Mozart's birthplace in this Austrian city Salzburg 200 January 11, 1996
This city founded in 1693 didn't become capital of Jamaica until 1872 Kingston 300 January 11, 1996
This capital of Saudi Arabia was built at an oasis Riyadh 400 January 11, 1996
In 1932 Cholon was combined with this city in Vietnam's Mekong delta Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) 500 January 11, 1996
This Egyptian city is the most populous in Africa & the Middle East Cairo 100 September 25, 1995
A monument at St. John's Church in this Indian city remembers the victims of the "black hole" Calcutta 200 September 25, 1995
Home to an operatic barber, this Spanish city was once called Hispalis Seville 300 September 25, 1995
When Vietnam was reunified in 1976, Saigon was renamed this Ho Chi Minh City 400 September 25, 1995
More diamonds are cut and traded in this Belgian port city than anywhere else in the world Antwerp 500 September 25, 1995
The Brandenburg Gate stands in the heart of this German capital Berlin 100 November 8, 1993
This ancient city, once known as Constantinople, is the largest city in Turkey Istanbul 200 November 8, 1993
This Austrian capital is home to the Strausses, the Sachertorte & Schonbrunn Palace Vienna 300 November 8, 1993
This southern seaport is the second-largest city in France Marseille 400 November 8, 1993
About 1/3 of all Chileans live in this capital city Santiago 500 November 8, 1993
An Egyptian pillar called the obelisk of Luxor stands at the Place de la Concorde in this capital Paris 100 April 28, 1993
About one-fifth of Austria's population lives in this city Vienna 200 April 28, 1993
Kingsford Smith International Airport in this city is Australia's busiest Sydney 300 April 28, 1993
This Belgian city has hosted 2 world's fairs, in 1935 & 1958 Brussels 400 April 28, 1993
In 1982 the Soviet government celebrated the 1500th anniversary of this Ukrainian city Kiev April 28, 1993
The Moors called this seaport on the Mediterranean Barjelunah Barcelona 100 November 30, 1992
This European city's flag features the emblem of the winged lion of St. Mark Venice 200 November 30, 1992
This French city is known not only for its mustard, but for cassis, a black currant liqueuer Dijon 300 November 30, 1992
This Dutch port is the world's busiest in terms of volume of freight handled Rotterdam 400 November 30, 1992
In 1750 it supplanted Annapolis Royal as capital of Nova Scotia Halifax 500 November 30, 1992
This largest French port handles more freight than any other port city on the Mediterranean Marseille 100 September 9, 1992
The name of this capital of Bavaria is from a word which means "home of the monks" Munich 200 September 9, 1992
This city on Lake Ontario is home to Pearson International Airport, Canada's busiest Toronto 300 September 9, 1992
This city contains about 70% of the population of Australia's state of Victoria Melbourne 400 September 9, 1992
Proposed by Pizarro, this city's Great Cathedral was rebuilt after a 1746 earthquake Lima 500 September 9, 1992
You can let Saigons be bygones as it was renamed this in 1975 Ho Chi Minh City 100 September 13, 1991
In 1868 Edo, Japan's largest city, was renamed this, meaning "Eastern Capital" Tokyo 200 September 13, 1991
This Spanish city known for its bull run was named after the Roman general Pompey Pamplona 300 September 13, 1991
Well I'll be doggone, under Benito Juarez this city served briefly as capital of Mexico Chihuahua 400 September 13, 1991
It merged with Jaffa in 1950 Tel Aviv 500 September 13, 1991
After hosting the 1976 Summer Olympics, this city's Olympic Stadium became the home of the Expos Montreal 100 March 29, 1991
Buildings in this Italian city don't stand on solid ground, but use wooden posts driven into the mud Venice 200 March 29, 1991
After London and Birmingham, this Scottish city is Great Britain's third largest Glasgow 300 March 29, 1991
Once called Philadelphia, this capital of Jordan assumed its present name in the 7th century Amman 400 March 29, 1991
When first founded, this capital of the Bahamas was known as Charles Towne Nassau 500 March 29, 1991
This capital of El Salvador was ruined by earthquakes in 1854, 1873 & 1917 San Salvador 100 November 12, 1990
The sister city of Beverly Hills is this French city known for its film festival Cannes 200 November 12, 1990
Like the rest of Cyprus, this capital city is divided into 2 sectors Nicosia 300 November 12, 1990
Spain controls the cities of Ceuta & Melilla in this North African country Morocco 400 November 12, 1990
The Canadian & U.S. cities connected by the Rainbow Bridge share this name Niagara Falls 500 November 12, 1990
St. Jerome who gave us the Vulgate edition of the Bible lived & died in this little biblical town Bethlehem 100 June 7, 1990
It's a noted fact; from May 13 to July 29 this doesn't happen in Hammerfest, Norway the sun doesn\'t set 200 June 7, 1990
This city on the Sarthe River in France is home to a 24-hour sports car race Le Mans 300 June 7, 1990
Face it, the shrine called the Kaaba is in this city Mecca 400 June 7, 1990
Jakarta, Surabaya & Bandung, the 3 largest cities in Indonesia, are all on this island Java 500 June 7, 1990
N. European city with a service to fish out cars that fall into its canals, the Dijks, for example Amsterdam 100 November 18, 1986
In legend, Peter the Great indicated this city's site by walking into a swamp & planting his bayonet Leningrad 200 November 18, 1986
Many composers including Haydn, Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven, & Strauss, made this capital their home Vienna 300 November 18, 1986
Oscar Wilde, Chopin, & Sarah Bernhardt are buried in this city known for its beautiful cemeteries Paris 500 November 18, 1986
The 4 cities beginning with "M" that hosted the Summer Olympics in 1968, 1972, 1976 & 1980 Mexico City, Munich, Montreal and Moscow November 18, 1986