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Question Answer Value Airdate
St. Gregory VII, then known as Hildebrand, hadn't yet been ordained when he got made this in 1073 the pope 200 June 26, 2015
St. Nuno Alvares Pereira, who led this country's fight for independence from Spain, was canonized in 2009 Portugal 400 June 26, 2015
St. Clare of this Italian town was influenced by St. Francis, also from there; she didn't think poverty was for the birds Assisi 600 June 26, 2015
St. Stephen earned sainthood the hard way, telling off the Sanhedrin before getting this to death, literally stoned 1000 June 26, 2015
St. Cyprian was bishop of this old foe of Rome during a persecution of Christians; make that St. Cyprian the Martyr Carthage June 26, 2015
He's the patron of Scotland & of fishermen St. Andrew 200 September 17, 2003
This marytyr who was cooked to death on a gridiron has a river, gulf & seaway named for him St. Lawrence 400 September 17, 2003
Born a Jew, he became the "Apostle of the Gentiles" Paul 600 September 17, 2003
There are women saints named this of Bologna, of Genoa & of Siena Catherine 800 September 17, 2003
Saints from this country include 2 11th century kings, Stephen & Ladislas the First Hungary 1000 September 17, 2003
Along with St. Andrew's & St. Patrick's, his cross appears on Britain's Union Jack St. George 200 May 9, 2002
T.S. Eliot's "Murder in the Cathedral" deals with the murder of this saint Thomas à Becket 400 May 9, 2002
He's the "beloved physician" of Colossians Luke 800 May 9, 2002
A follower of St. Francis, this "poor" saint is the patroness of television Clare 1000 May 9, 2002
St. Paul shares his June 29 feast day with this man whom he rebukes in Galatians St. Peter May 9, 2002
In 1969 the feast day of this patron saint of lovers was dropped from the liturgical calendar St. Valentine 100 April 15, 1999
She was canonized in 1933, 89 years after her birth in Lourdes St. Bernadette 200 April 15, 1999
This country's capital was originally Santiago de Leon de Caracas, after Santiago, or Saint James Venezuela 400 April 15, 1999
It's how Matthias was chosen to fill the spot among the 12 apostles vacated by Judas Iscariot Chosen by lot 500 April 15, 1999
St. Ambrose said, "If you are at" this city "live in (its) style:...elsewhere live as they live elsewhere" Rome April 15, 1999
Saint Adalbert, the "Apostle of the Prussians", became bishop of this Czech capital in 982 Prague 100 January 27, 1997
This archangel is the patron saint of messengers Gabriel 200 January 27, 1997
Saint Victor I replaced this language with Latin as the official language of the church Greek 300 January 27, 1997
Legend says Saint Sylvester I cured this first Christian Roman emperor of leprosy Constantine 400 January 27, 1997
She immigrated to New York from Italy in 1889 & in 1946 was the first U.S. citizen canonized Mother Cabrini 500 January 27, 1997
St. Ciaran founded an abbey at Clonmacnoise in this country; St. Patrick didn't do everything Ireland 100 October 14, 1996
Raphael & Gabriel share this other angel's September 29 feast day Michael 200 October 14, 1996
Jesus said to this disciple, "Feed my lambs, feed my sheep" Peter 300 October 14, 1996
It might take an Einstein to figure out that he's the patron saint of science students Albert 400 October 14, 1996
Over 60 saints have this simple 4-letter name, including one of Jesus' apostles John 500 October 14, 1996
In art Saint Agnes is often portrayed holding one of these young sheep, a symbol of innocence a lamb 100 May 6, 1996
This saint was held prisoner for about a year in 1202 during a dispute between Assissi & Perugia Francis 200 May 6, 1996
Saint Malachy brought about this country's use of the Roman liturgy, instead of the Celtic Ireland 300 May 6, 1996
Saint Bruno of Cologne was co-regent of this empire; his brother Otto I was emperor the Holy Roman Empire 400 May 6, 1996
This apostle, called Levi in Mark's gospel, is the patron of tax collectors Matthew 500 May 6, 1996
10 days after she joined the French army, it routed the English force besieging Orleans Joan of Arc 100 February 6, 1996
In 1093 St. Anselm was named archbishop of this by a gravely ill William II of England Canterbury 200 February 6, 1996
Like St. Stephen I, St. Ladislas I was king of this country Hungary 300 February 6, 1996
This patron saint of children was bishop of Myra, Lycia St. Nicholas 400 February 6, 1996
The principal source of information about this saint is a biography by the Welsh scholar Rhygyfarch (St.) David 500 February 6, 1996
This pope has canonized more saints than his 7 predecessors combined John Paul II 100 July 11, 1995
In 1224 this saint of Assisi began suffering from stigmata St. Francis 200 July 11, 1995
This saint called "the Divine" was a fisherman & brother of St. James the Greater St. John (the Divine) 300 July 11, 1995
Saint Athananius was born in & later became bishop of this northern Egyptian city Alexandria 400 July 11, 1995
Fellow novices nicknamed this saint born near Aquino, Italy "Dumb Ox" St. Thomas of Aquinas 500 July 11, 1995
Before St. George slew this beast, the townspeople had attempted to appease it with sheep the dragon 100 February 7, 1995
This apostle may have reached southern India as legend suggests, but some "doubt" it (St.) Thomas 200 February 7, 1995
St. Romanus the Melodist wrote 1,000 of these religious songs of praise; about 60 survive hymns 300 February 7, 1995
St. John of this Syrian capital is a saint of both the Roman Catholic & Greek Orthodox churches Damascus 400 February 7, 1995
St. Catherine of Siena helped convince Pope Gregory XI to return to Rome from this French papal city Avignon 500 February 7, 1995
Though he no longer has a Catholic feast day, this patron of travelers is still venerated as a saint St. Christopher 100 September 15, 1992
St. Stanislaus of Krakow is the patron saint of this country Poland 200 September 15, 1992
Just before he was killed in 1170, he repeated the names of archbishops martyred before him St. Thomas Becket 300 September 15, 1992
Legend says St. Sylvester I baptized this Roman emperor who granted toleration to Christianity Constantine 400 September 15, 1992
It was to this sister of Lazarus that Jesus declared, "I am the resurrection and the life" Martha 500 September 15, 1992
This saint, the Bishop of Myra, is the origin of Father Christmas Nicholas 100 May 4, 1992
St. Barnabas persuaded the Christians of Jerusalem to accept among them this apostle from Tarsus Paul 200 May 4, 1992
St. Ulric of Augsburg's Feast Day falls on this U.S. patriotic holiday 4th of July 300 May 4, 1992
His emblem of 2 crossed keys is featured on the Vatican flag St. Peter 400 May 4, 1992
St. Francis Xavier's body was enshrined at Goa in this country India 500 May 4, 1992
The Penguin Book of Saints calls him the foster father of Jesus Christ St. Joseph 100 January 8, 1992
His first successor in the See of Rome was St. Linus St. Peter 200 January 8, 1992
Not surprisingly, he's the patron saint of skiers St. Bernard 300 January 8, 1992
He was canonized in 1173, just 3 years after he was murdered at Canterbury Thomas Becket 400 January 8, 1992
His supposed relics were brought from Alexandria to Venice in the 9th century St. Mark 500 January 8, 1992
In 1636 St. Philip of Moscow was canonized by this church, not the Roman Catholic Church the Eastern Orthodox Church 100 October 4, 1991
Thomism is a theological school that follows the teachings of this 13th century saint St. Thomas Aquinas 200 October 4, 1991
She gave the head of St. John the Baptist to her mother, Herodias Salome 300 October 4, 1991
This "Venerable" British saint who died in 735 wasn't canonized until 1899 the Venerable Bede 400 October 4, 1991
At his 1535 execution on Tower Hill, he called himself "The king's good servant, but God's first" St. Thomas More 500 October 4, 1991
St. Veronica is supposed to have wiped his face & an image of it remained on her cloth Jesus 100 September 17, 1991
It's said the altar of the Vatican Basilica stands above his grave St. Peter 200 September 17, 1991
The prayers of Genevieve are said to have turned Attila & his Huns away from this city Paris 300 September 17, 1991
Saints born in this town include Clare & Francis Assisi 400 September 17, 1991
In Ireland she's right up there with St. Patrick; in fact, she's called "The Mary of the Gael" St. Brigid 500 September 17, 1991
Martin I, who died in 655, was the last holder of this office to be martyred pope 100 September 3, 1991
This patrol saint of artists & physicians wrote the third Gospel Luke 200 September 3, 1991
St. Brigid, also known as St. Bride, founded the 1st Women's Religious Community in this country Ireland 300 September 3, 1991
St. Helen was the mother of this Roman emperor who decreed the toleration of Christianity Constantine 400 September 3, 1991
He's the patron saint of Russians & sailors as well as children Nicholas 500 September 3, 1991
The saint who baptized Jesus John the Baptist 100 March 2, 1990
In the spiritual, this saint & archangel is asked to "row the boat ashore" Michael 200 March 2, 1990
When Pope Leo XIII told this Italian to "go west", she went to America to help immigrants Frances Cabrini 300 March 2, 1990
One of the most popular Roman saints, her symbol in art is a lamb Agnes 400 March 2, 1990
After the crucifixion this saint buried Christ's body in his own tomb Joseph of Arimathea 500 March 2, 1990
Simeon the Stylite sat atop one of these for some 36 years, a Guinness record pillar 100 October 10, 1988
We don't know much about St. Bartholomew except that he was 1 of this group's original 12 12 Apostles 200 October 10, 1988
The calendar of saints says they were the 1st non-Jews to have worshipped Jesus Three Kings (Wisemen) 300 October 10, 1988
The emblem of St. Nicholas; no wonder Christmas puts gift-buying parents in hock 3 balls 400 October 10, 1988
The name of this South American capital is Spanish for St. James Santiago 500 October 10, 1988
Boy Scouts in England know that this man, their patron saint, also holds that post for the country Saint George 100 March 25, 1988
Saint who got his name from giving Jesus a piggyback ride across a river Saint Christopher 200 March 25, 1988
This saint's feast day is December 6; St. Anastasia got the 25th Saint Nicholas 300 March 25, 1988
The patron saint who stands against atheistic communism & for children's aspirin Saint Joseph 400 March 25, 1988
In the Roman Church, beatification is the step before this, which makes one a saint canonization 500 March 25, 1988
Though you may "doubt" it, this apostle was reportedly killed in India Thomas 100 December 8, 1987
Legend says 1 of these mythical beasts swallowed St. Margaret a dragon 200 December 8, 1987
The Latin word for this baby animal is "agnus", & St. Agnes is often pictured holding one a lamb 400 December 8, 1987
St. Catherine of Siena played a major role in moving the papacy from this French city back to Rome Avignon 500 December 8, 1987
It's said this giant's name was Reprobus, but he changed it to this, which means "Christ-bearer" St. Christopher December 8, 1987
It's said that St. Denis actually walked to a church carrying this after he was decapitated his head 100 November 12, 1986
The apostle Jude was also called this, though he wasn't the 1 who betrayed Christ Judas 200 November 12, 1986
St. Helena once empress of Rome, reputedly discovered this relic centuries after Christ's crucifixion Cloth of Christ 300 November 12, 1986
The onion-domed cathedral on Moscow's Red Square is named for this saint St. Basil 400 November 12, 1986
This country's crown bears the name of St. Stephen, who became its 1st crowned king in the year 1000 Hungary 500 November 12, 1986