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Question Answer Value Airdate
Here's an artistic depiction of this dance the can-can 200 November 7, 2022
New York drag competitions called balls were the birthplace of this stylized dance that Madonna brought to the mainstream vogue 400 November 7, 2022
Russell Horning, also known as "Backpack Kid", went viral doing this dance to Katy Perry's song "Swish Swish" the floss 600 November 7, 2022
In square dancing, this repetitive call means pass your partner, back to back! do-si-do 800 November 7, 2022
In Wonderland, the Mock Turtle & the Gryphon tell Alice how seals, turtles & salmon partner with lobsters for this dance the quadrille 1000 November 7, 2022
In this "national" folk dance, you dance around the brim of a sombrero the Mexican hat dance 200 March 3, 2006
You may feel like you're between heaven & hell when you bend over backward to do this under-the-stick dance the limbo 400 March 3, 2006
"Bring in 'da noise, bring in 'da funk", bring in Savion Glover, famous as a performer of this type of dance tap dance 600 March 3, 2006
I always get a kick out of this dance that's performed to the music heard here the can-can 800 March 3, 2006
Mayim, a popular folk dance from this country, means "water" in the native language Israel 1000 March 3, 2006
For a contra dance, couples form 2 of these & face each other Lines 100 June 2, 1997
This "Viennese" ballroom dance was considered scandalous because couples seemed to be embracing Waltz 200 June 2, 1997
In the film "True Lies" Arnold Schwarzenegger performed this sensual Argentine dance Tango 300 June 2, 1997
The Minangkabau candlelight dance of Sumatra is one of the most beautiful from this country Indonesia 400 June 2, 1997
This Andalusian gypsy dance may be accompanied by a cante chico, a "small song", or by a cante hondo, a "deep song" Flamenco 500 June 2, 1997
Some trace this American dance back to the musical theatre star Harry Fox Foxtrot 100 April 3, 1997
The czardas is the national dance of this country & Liszt used it as a basis for his rhapsodies Hungary 200 April 3, 1997
"Que Alegria Es Cosa Buena", this Los Del Rio dance hit has taken the world by storm "Macarena" 300 April 3, 1997
A fierce competition in this Mideast specialty might be called "navel warfare" Belly dancing 400 April 3, 1997
First popular in Paris music halls around 1840 & considered vulgar, its name is French for "gossip" Can-Can 500 April 3, 1997
Legend says Hi'iaka, sister of the goddess Pele, introduced this dance to Hawaii Hula 100 February 24, 1997
It's the kind of hat traditionally tossed on the floor in the Jarube Tapatio, or Mexican Hat Dance Sombrero 200 February 24, 1997
Pablo Casals composed music for the Sardana, a dance of this country's Catalan people Spain 300 February 24, 1997
This sitarist's older brother Uday created the ballet "Radha And Krishna" for Anna Pavlova Ravi Shankar 400 February 24, 1997
Casanova thought this dance performed by sailors was "lascivious" Hornpipe 500 February 24, 1997
In this type of dance company, the leading male is called the premier danseur ballet 100 December 3, 1996
The ribbon braiding of this dance performed on the 1st of the 5th month in England began in the 19th century maypole 200 December 3, 1996
The Viennese version of this dance stressed the first step & speeded up the tempo waltz 300 December 3, 1996
In 1976 Ludmila Pakhomova & Aleksandr Gorshkov won the first Olympic gold medal in this event ice dancing 400 December 3, 1996
Jimmy Sturr had a barrel of fun winning the 1995 Grammy for Best Album of this dance music polka 500 December 3, 1996
Name shared by a Spanish dance in 3/8 time & a game played on horseback polo 100 November 4, 1996
The kolo is a central European folk dance performed in this formation, with the soloists in the center ring/circle 200 November 4, 1996
Playing with an apron is the feature of the saltarello, a lively dance that originated in this country Italy 300 November 4, 1996
The oberek is similar to this folk dance originated by the Mazurs but is usually faster mazurka 400 November 4, 1996
The Kathak is an exciting rhythmic dance from this country, while the Kathakali is a Hindu dance drama India 100 November 16, 1995
Act II of this 1948 fairy tale ballet choreographed by Frederick Ashton is set at a palace ball <i>Cinderella</i> 200 November 16, 1995
Ballerina Alicia Markova was director of this U.S. opera company's ballet from 1963-1969 Metropolitan Opera 300 November 16, 1995
The Joged is a modernized version of the Legong, the best-known dance of this Indonesian island Bali 400 November 16, 1995
He began with the Lester Horton Dance Theater before founding his own American Dance Theater in 1958 Alvin Ailey November 16, 1995
Serge Lifar's abstract ballet "Suite en Blanc" is danced in costumes of this color white 100 October 18, 1995
Music for this French court dance became the standardized third movement of symphonies by Haydn & Mozart the minuet 200 October 18, 1995
In 1933 Charles Weidman based a full-length modern dance work on this Voltaire novel <i>Candide</i> 300 October 18, 1995
The tango evolved in the Buenos Aires area during the latter part of this century the nineteenth 400 October 18, 1995
After he ran away with gypsies as a teenager, Vicente Escudero became famous for this type of dance flamenco 500 October 18, 1995
Soft shoe is similar to this kind of dancing, but without the metal plates tap dancing 100 July 10, 1995
In romantic ballets such as "Les Sylphides", this ballet skirt is calf-length tutu 200 July 10, 1995
At the end of the Ukrainian Arkan dance, performers leap over a roaring one of these fire 300 July 10, 1995
This risque dance may be of Algerian origin, though it's most associated with France can-can 400 July 10, 1995
The legends, art & dances of this religion inspired Ruth St. Denis' 1906 dance work "Radha" Hinduism July 10, 1995
Follow the hand movements in this Hawaiian dance; they're telling a story the hula 100 November 10, 1993
To conga you take 3 steps forward and do this kick 200 November 10, 1993
It's a tap dance without the metal taps a soft shoe 300 November 10, 1993
This "Singin' in the Rain" octogenarian helped choreograph Madonna's Fall '93 tour Gene Kelly 400 November 10, 1993
A toned-down version of the rumba reached the U.S. from this island country in the late 1920s Cuba 500 November 10, 1993
This syncopated dance was probably named for Vaudeville star Harry Fox foxtrot 100 July 15, 1993
The Academic American Encyclopedia's article on this dance says: "See Strauss family" waltz 200 July 15, 1993
Though the samba is called a Brazilian dance, its origins can be traced to this continent Africa 300 July 15, 1993
The Huapango, a fast-paced dance for couples, is named for a town near Veracruz in this country Mexico 400 July 15, 1993
A swing dance that resembles a square dance, or a gigantic granny smith big apple 500 July 15, 1993
Ballerinas under age 11 shouldn't dance in these shoes that have been called "satin thorns" toe shoes 100 December 16, 1992
Tony winner Hinton Battle says he doesn't buy these shoes premade, he buys soft shoes & makes his own tap shoes 200 December 16, 1992
A dance of the 1980s, it's also the title of Michael Jackson's 1988 autobiography moonwalk 300 December 16, 1992
Born in Italy in 1918 & raised from age 10 in New York, he was the top Spanish dancer of his time Jose Greco 400 December 16, 1992
An 18th century dance in 3/4 time or a call to go left or right in square dancing allemande 500 December 16, 1992
The Bharata Natyam, first performed in temples in India, combines dance & legends of this religion Hinduism 100 October 19, 1992
A traditional English Morris Dance often includes a "hobby" one of these horse 200 October 19, 1992
Type of footwear you should wear to perform a buck-and-wing tap shoes 300 October 19, 1992
Traditionally, a man who dances the Jarabe Tapatio wears one of these large hats sombrero 400 October 19, 1992
This lively dance of Bohemian origin was introduced in Paris in the 1840s & became wildly popular polka 500 October 19, 1992
A waltz isn't done in 4/4 time, but this 3/4 time 100 April 20, 1992
The tango evolved from folk dances in this South American country Argentina 200 April 20, 1992
The punk rock movement gave us this dance consisting of leaping, jumping & banging into one another slam dancing 300 April 20, 1992
Though this line dance is of Latin American origin, it's named after a region in Africa the conga 400 April 20, 1992
This singer popularized not only the twist but also the fly & the limbo Chubby Checker 100 March 25, 1991
Name for the heavy shoes used to hammer out its heavy rhythm, it was a forerunner of tap dancing clog dancing 300 March 25, 1991
Some believe this fast Italian dance derived from mad movement caused by a tarantula's bite the tarantella 400 March 25, 1991
In ballet the French name for a dance that takes two to do a <i>pas de deux</i> 500 March 25, 1991
Title dance you'd do to the following music: the (Pennsylvania) polka March 25, 1991
"Birdie hop out & crow hop in" is part of a call for "Birdie in the Cage", one of these dances a square dance 100 January 28, 1991
The famous solo sword dance of this country is known as the Gillie Callum Scotland 200 January 28, 1991
The bugaku dances of this country were influenced by Chinese, Indian & Korean dances Japan 300 January 28, 1991
The jarabe tapatio is generally accepted as the nat'l dance of this N. American country Mexico 400 January 28, 1991
The hassapikos of this country is danced in a line, & dancers hold their partners' shoulders Greece 500 January 28, 1991
Ballroom dance in 4/4 time allegedly named for Vaudeville comedian Harry Fox the foxtrot 100 October 24, 1990
Portuguese for "new trend", this dance evolved from the samba in the 1950s & '60s the bossa nova 400 October 24, 1990
"A way of dancing that's really ultra new... because it does what you want it to do" the Continental 500 October 24, 1990
It follows bunny, record & sock a hop 100 September 25, 1989
The music & dance show hosted by Don Cornelius "Soul Train" 200 September 25, 1989
To dance with stamping steps in heavy shoes, it's also a block in the drain clog 300 September 25, 1989
Sometimes done out in a meadow, it's a traditional dance of Romania & Israel the hora 500 September 25, 1989
Dance that Eydie Gorme sang about in the following 1963 hit:"I was at a dance / When he caught my eye / Standin' all alone / Lookin' sad and shy..." the bossa nova September 25, 1989
This 1977 film set in Brooklyn capitalized on the disco craze of the late '70s <i>Saturday Night Fever</i> 100 May 4, 1989
"The kids in Bristol are sharp as a pistol when they do" this dance the Bristol Stomp 200 May 4, 1989
In 1965 Freddie & the Dreamers urged everyone to do this dance the Freddie 300 May 4, 1989
This red-haired dancer, once Frank Sinatra's fiancee, was TV's "Mona McCluskey" Juliet Prowse 400 May 4, 1989
Popular at carnivals, the hootchy-kootchy is a form of this tummy twister belly dancing 100 December 16, 1988
One could be Scotch or Virginia a reel 200 December 16, 1988
He created half the ballets the NYC Ballet performed in its 1988 winter season George Balanchine 300 December 16, 1988
A 1919 song lamented, "I wish I could" do this dance "like my sister Kate" the shimmy 400 December 16, 1988
World Book says blacks in the U.S. combined African dances with English clog & Irish jig to create this form tap 500 December 16, 1988
Goddess Pele made the earth shake, but some say her sister made Hawaiians shake by giving them this dance the hula 100 November 11, 1986
Meaning "big" or "grand" in Russian, it's the name of Moscow's big grand ballet company the Bolshoi 200 November 11, 1986
Gwen Verdon kicked her way to fame doing this in the 1953 musical of the same name <i>Can-Can</i> 400 November 11, 1986
Scientifically, this party dance could be called "The Infant Oryctolagus Bipedal Spring" the Bunny Hop 500 November 11, 1986
Twyla Tharp "car"eographed a ballet to this Beach Boys hit: "Little Deuce Coupe" November 11, 1986