Clues for: Romania

Question Answer Value Airdate
Romania has a 100-mile coastline on this "dark" body of water the Black Sea 200 April 10, 2007
Once a part of the Warsaw Pact, Romania joined this military alliance in 2004 NATO 400 April 10, 2007
The spine of the country is formed by these mountains, the eastward continuation of the Alps the Carpathians 600 April 10, 2007
The capital city of Bucharest is on the Dimbovita River, a tributary of this larger, more fabled river the Danube 800 April 10, 2007
Stick your neck out in this mountainous region of Romania whose name means "beyond the forest" Transylvania 1000 April 10, 2007
Legend holds that a shepherd named Bucur founded this capital city Bucharest 100 October 14, 1986
On TV's "The Munsters", part of Romania where Grandpa was born & Herman was assembled Transylvania 200 October 14, 1986
Of Minn., Mo., or La., the U.S. state sharing same geographic latitude as Romania Minnesota 300 October 14, 1986
The delta of this major European river is in Romania the Danube 400 October 14, 1986
In Hawaii, if you get a lei, you get flowers; in Romania, if you get lei, you get this the coins or the currency of the country 500 October 14, 1986