Clues for: Mountains

Question Answer Value Airdate
According to a Japanese proverb, "He who climbs" this mountain "once is a wise man, he who climbs it twice is a fool" Mount Fuji 200 March 7, 2022
Ben Nevis in this country is the highest mountain of the British Isles Scotland 400 March 7, 2022
Bring a chair and enjoy the view of this famous mountain that overlooks Cape Town Table Mountain 600 March 7, 2022
These 2 highest mountains of Hawaii with similar names differ in height by just over 100 feet Mauna Loa & Mauna Kea 800 March 7, 2022
Referring to its shape, this peak on which Brazil's Christ the Redeemer Statue stands has a name meaning "hunchback" Mount Corcovado 1000 March 7, 2022
China's Mount Huang translates as the mountain of this color yellow 200 December 7, 2021
The world's fourth-highest peak, Lhotse is found in this range the Himalayas 400 December 7, 2021
Here's the view from the peak of Ben Nevis, Scotland's highest peak, part of this geographic region named for its altitude the Highlands 600 December 7, 2021
Uhuru & Mawenzi are peaks of this African mountain Mount Kilimanjaro 800 December 7, 2021
First summited in 1966, this 16,000-foot peak overlooks the Ronne Ice Shelf Vinson Massif 1000 December 7, 2021
Sagarmatha is its name in Nepali Mount Everest 200 March 2, 2021
Opened in 2016, a rail tunnel under these mountains is the world's longest; here are miners with the drilling machine known as Heidi the (Swiss) Alps 600 March 2, 2021
Here's the crater of this Hawaiian volcano with a one-word name Kilauea 800 March 2, 2021
In 1794 George Vancouver caught sight of this peak from Cook Inlet, an arm of the Gulf of Alaska Mount McKinley (Denali) 1000 March 2, 2021
This highest mountain in Japan is actually a volcano that last erupted in 1707 Mount Fuji March 2, 2021
The USA's 10 highest mountain peaks are all found in this state Alaska 200 October 12, 2018
This range forms a natural barrier between 2 nations, with a third country among its peaks the Pyrenees 400 October 12, 2018
This mountain rises to some 19,000 feet above the surrounding plains of Tanzania Kilimanjaro 600 October 12, 2018
Featured in "Peer Gynt", the highest range in Scandinavia is the Jotunheimen Mountains of this country Norway 800 October 12, 2018
For the first time in 500 years, this volcanic mountain in the Philippines blew its top in 1991 Pinatubo 1000 October 12, 2018
Its Sanskrit name, Sagarmatha, can be translated as "head above heaven" & deservedly so Everest 200 November 27, 2017
"Mountain range mother" in Spanish, it's the collective name of 3 mountain ranges in Mexico Sierra Madre 400 November 27, 2017
Let's put our 4 big heads together & come up with the name of this landmark just SW of Rapid City Mount Rushmore 600 November 27, 2017
In 1938 Greece created its first national park around this famed peak Olympus 800 November 27, 2017
The trio seen here tops out just around 10,000 feet in this range of the Alps with the same name as a mineral the Dolomites 1000 November 27, 2017
Blanketed in snow, it's the fitting name for the highest mountain in the Alps Mont Blanc 200 April 14, 2017
Here is one of Hokusai's 36 views of this mountain Mount Fuji 400 April 14, 2017
It's also known as Mount Horeb & the Mountain of Moses Sinai 600 April 14, 2017
This flat-topped mountain rises 3,500 feet above Cape Town Table Mountain 1000 April 14, 2017
Pliny the Younger noted that on the morning of August 24, 79 A.D., a cloud appeared over the summit of this mountain Vesuvius April 14, 2017
Boulder, Colorado is in the Flatiron Range, part of these mountains Rocky Mountains 200 August 1, 2014
What the Arabs call Jebel Musa, "Mountain of Moses", is better known as this Mount Sinai 400 August 1, 2014
You must be 42" tall to hop on this Disneyland ride; its 14,692-foot namesake in the pennine alps is tougher sledding Matterhorn 600 August 1, 2014
This peak is the only mountain in North America that exceeds 20,000 feet Mount McKinley 800 August 1, 2014
Not quite 14,500 feet, this California peak is named for geologist Josiah Mount Whitney 1000 August 1, 2014
The name of this Alp, the highest in Western Europe, means "white mountain" Mont Blanc 200 March 27, 2009
(Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.) As you can see on the relief globe, this volcano that takes up over half of the Big Island rises over 6 miles from the sea floor Mauna Loa 400 March 27, 2009
The name of this mountain range of Northeast New York comes from an Iroquois term meaning "eater of tree bark" the Adirondack (Mountains) 600 March 27, 2009
This "colorful" eastern range of the Appalachians stretches from Pennsylvania to Georgia the Blue Ridge Mountains 800 March 27, 2009
At 13,665 feet, Mount Toubkal is the highest peak in this range in Africa the Atlas Mountains March 27, 2009
The Hoosac Mountains are a range of these "colorful" mountains located in Vermont the Green Mountains 200 July 24, 2007
Seen here is Tenzing Norgay, standing on the summit of this mountain "because it's there" Mount Everest 400 July 24, 2007
The Waianae Mountains in this U.S. state rise up to 4,025-foot Mt. Kaala Hawaii 600 July 24, 2007
The Caucusus Mountains of Eastern Europe are predominantly found in this large country Russia 800 July 24, 2007
Geological evidence shows that this 5,000-mile mountain chain may extend south into Antarctica the Andes July 24, 2007
In 1792 explorer George Vancouver saw this mountain near present-day Seattle & named it for a friend Mount Rainier 200 March 8, 2004
(Sarah of the Clue Crew flying over Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii) Kilauea Volcano isn't classified as extinct, dormant or intermittent, but is this type, so we'll stay alert active 400 March 8, 2004
Aneto in the Pyrenees is this country's highest point Spain 600 March 8, 2004
Tanzania has 2 mountains over 14,000 feet: Meru & this one Kilimanjaro 800 March 8, 2004
This pyramid-shaped Alpine peak was first climbed on July 14, 1865 by Edward Whymper & 6 companions the Matterhorn 1000 March 8, 2004
Air Force photos from 1949 show what some believe are the ruins of Noah's Ark on this Turkish mountain Mount Ararat 200 February 26, 2003
Seen here is one of Hokusai's famous wood-block prints of this mountain Mount Fuji 400 February 26, 2003
The Pindus Mountains of this country separate Thessaly from Epirus Greece 600 February 26, 2003
One of Frederick Cook's unproven claims was that he was first to reach the summit of this highest U.S. mountain Mount McKinley 800 February 26, 2003
(Alex T. in Africa) Coffee beans are still widely grown on the slopes of this mountain, Africa's second-highest Mount Kenya 1000 February 26, 2003
This volcano on the side of Hawaii's Mauna Loa once contained a lake of bubbling molten lava Kilauea 200 December 3, 2002
This Argentinian peak near the Chilean border is only 623 feet higher than nearby 22,211-foot Cerro Mercedario Mount Aconcagua 400 December 3, 2002
This Alpine peak rises 14,692 feet on the border of Switzerland's Valais Canton & Italy's Piedmont region Matterhorn 600 December 3, 2002
In 1896 an Alaskan mount was named for this man elected president that year William McKinley 800 December 3, 2002
According to the Bible, Moses saw the Promised Land from this mountain in Jordan's Pisgah Range Mount Nebo 1000 December 3, 2002
In May 2001 Erik Weihenmayer climbed Everest, not considering this condition of his a handicap blindness 100 October 24, 2001
Its southern slope extends down to Suruga Bay near Tokyo Mount Fuji 200 October 24, 2001
It's the mountain chain in the names of a U.S. sheep & goat Rocky Mountains 300 October 24, 2001
The Hudson River rises in this group of mountains in northeast New York Adirondacks 400 October 24, 2001
The Lebanon Mountains' most famous remaining grove of these trees is near the town of Bsharre cedars 500 October 24, 2001
It's one of the main attractions of the Pike National Forest Pikes Peak 100 December 28, 2000
Of Uncle Mountain, Sister Mountain or Grandfather Mountain, the highest peak in the Blue Ridge range Grandfather Mountain 200 December 28, 2000
The name of Mont Blanc means this color mountain white 300 December 28, 2000
This home of Thomas Jefferson sits atop a "little mountain", which is what its name means in Italian Monticello 400 December 28, 2000
Riding the skylift to the top of Stone Mountain is one of the fun things to do in this Southern state Georgia 500 December 28, 2000
Jon Krakauer gave a personal account of the 1996 disaster on this mountain in the book "Into Thin Air" Mount Everest 100 November 16, 2000
Yosemite National Park is located in this California mountain range Sierra Nevadas 200 November 16, 2000
This country's highest peak, Mount Elbrus, lies in the Caucasus Mountains on the Georgian border Russia 300 November 16, 2000
This Philippine mountain hadn't erupted for more than 600 years when it became active in 1991 Mount Pinatubo 400 November 16, 2000
The Athabascan name for this North American mountain means "The Great One" Mount McKinley/Mount Denali November 16, 2000
The Wasatch & Oquirrh Mountains surround this Utah capital Salt Lake City 100 November 9, 1998
He was only a candidate for president when North America's tallest mountain was named for him William McKinley 200 November 9, 1998
The view from the top of this Colorado peak inspired the words to "America The Beautiful" Pikes Peak 300 November 9, 1998
In 1829 Johann Jacob von Parrot climbed this mountain but didn't find Noah's Ark Mount Ararat 400 November 9, 1998
Tacoma's name was derived from Tahoma, an Indian name for this mountain Mount Rainier November 9, 1998
Indonesia's Mount Marapi, whose name means "fire mountain", is one of these Volcano 100 September 1, 1997
As the highest peak, 4,000-foot Ataviros could be called the colossus of this Greek island Rhodes 200 September 1, 1997
The wind-blocking Panamint Range helps keep this lowest area of the U.S. hot & dry Death Valley 300 September 1, 1997
The names Mont Blanc & the Rockies' Blanca Peak both mean this "white mountain" 400 September 1, 1997
The Apennine range runs the length of this Mediterranean country's boot-shaped peninsula Italy 100 April 29, 1997
This sacred Japanese volcano last erupted in 1707 Mount Fuji 200 April 29, 1997
The Incan ruins of Machu Picchu in this South American range are named for a nearby peak the Andes 300 April 29, 1997
In the front range of this famous chain you can take a peek at Pikes Peak Rockies 100 March 25, 1997
In 512 A.D. this Naples volcano buried Pompeii even deeper Mount Vesuvius 200 March 25, 1997
The world headquarters for the Bahai Faith is on Mount Carmel in this country Israel 300 March 25, 1997
Lake Placid lies in this mountain chain in northeastern New York Adirondacks 400 March 25, 1997
Ranges in Australia & Virginia both have this color in their names Blue 500 March 25, 1997
Mount Wu-T'ai in Shansi province is one of this country's great Buddhist holy places China 100 January 26, 1996
Maipo & Tupungato are volcanoes in this range on the Chile-Argentina border Andes 200 January 26, 1996
This Sicilian volcano has over 200 subsidiary cones Etna 300 January 26, 1996
In 1954 the U.S. Geological Survey established the height of this American mountain at 20,320 feet Mt. McKinley or Denali 400 January 26, 1996
This highest mountain in Washington has hotel accommodations at the 5,400-foot level Mt. Rainier 500 January 26, 1996
In modern Greek this peak is called Olimbos Olympus 100 December 1, 1995
Tibetans call it Chomolungma Everest 200 December 1, 1995
The monastery of St. Catherine stands on the reputed site of the burning bush at the foot of this mountain Sinai 300 December 1, 1995
This range in northern New York has 2 peaks over 5,000 feet: Mount Marcy & Algonquin Peak Adirondacks 400 December 1, 1995
This highest Alpine peak was first climbed in 1786 by Jacques Balmat & Michael Paccard Mont Blanc 500 December 1, 1995
The region around Mount Etna is this island's most heavily populated Sicily 100 November 20, 1995
Mount Apo is an active volcano on this nation's island of Mindanao Philippines 200 November 20, 1995
Its 1980 eruption was the first in the lower 48 states since 1921 Mount St. Helens 300 November 20, 1995
This 14,494-foot California peak was named for a California state geologist Mount Whitney 400 November 20, 1995
This second-tallest African peak is about 70 miles from Nairobi Mount Kenya 500 November 20, 1995
Santiago, Chile lies between the Coastal Ranges to the west & this range to the east the Andes 100 February 8, 1995
Among this state's Transverse Ranges are the San Gabriels & the Santa Monicas California 200 February 8, 1995
This Turkish peak has 2 extinct volcanoes, a glacier & perhaps an ark Mount Ararat 300 February 8, 1995
An Austrian & Italian portion of this system is called the Tyrol the Alps 400 February 8, 1995
Major rivers that flow from this European range include the Ebro & Adour the Pyrenees February 8, 1995
Located on Sicily, it's the highest active volcano in Europe Mount Etna 100 May 8, 1992
Legend says that this sacred Japanese mountain was formed during an earthquake in 286 B.C. Mount Fuji 200 May 8, 1992
Though only 3 degrees south of the equator, this African mt.'s Kibu Peak is permanently covered in snow Mount Kilamanjaro 300 May 8, 1992
In the '70s efforts were undertaken to restore this Alaskan mt.'s original name, Denali Mount McKinley 400 May 8, 1992
Penn.'s highest point is in these mountains the most northwesterly main range of the Appalachians Alleghenies May 8, 1992
The Nepalese call it Sagarmatha Mount Everest 100 November 6, 1991
Cotopaxi, the world's highest active volcano, rises just south of Quito, Ecuador in these mountains Andes 200 November 6, 1991
This tallest Greek mountain is situated on the border between Thessaly & Macedonia Mount Olympus 300 November 6, 1991
Until Alaska became a state, this mountain was the U.S.A.'s tallest Mount Whitney 400 November 6, 1991
This range extends from Lassen Peak in California to the Fraser River in British Columbia Cascades 500 November 6, 1991
Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the western hemisphere, is in this chain Andes 100 May 6, 1988
In 1865, the 1st to climb this peak on the Swiss-Italian border didn't need an E Ticket Matterhorn 200 May 6, 1988
It's both the highest point in Washington as well as the state's best-known landmark Mount Rainier 300 May 6, 1988
In 1987, these 2 mountains were battling to see which was the tallest in the world Everest & K2 400 May 6, 1988
Harvard, Yale & Columbia are among the mountains over 14,000' high in this state Colorado 500 May 6, 1988
Japan's national symbol Mount Fujiyama 100 December 1, 1987
Tho the mts. between Pakistan & Afghanistan are not well-known, this famous pass thru them is Khyber Pass 200 December 1, 1987
Those who have gone in search of Noah's Ark have centered on this mountain in Turkey Mount Ararat 300 December 1, 1987
It's said the Indian name for this mountain area near Seattle means "mountain that was God" Mount Rainier 400 December 1, 1987
Of all 7 continents' highest peaks, 7310' Mt. Kosciusko, on this continent, is the lowest Australia 500 December 1, 1987
Over 10 miles long, the world's longest road tunnel runs under these mountains in Switzerland the Alps 100 November 6, 1987
This Alaskan peak has been sighted from land 230 miles away Mount McKinley 200 November 6, 1987
Recent satellite data indicates this mountain may actually be higher than Mt. Everest K2 (Godwin-Austen) 500 November 6, 1987
A 1659 peace treaty made this chain the boundary between Spain & France the Pyrenees 100 September 11, 1986
South Sea country whose south island features the Southern Alps New Zealand 200 September 11, 1986
Of volcanic action, crustal uplift, or differential erosion, how Kilimanjaro was formed volcanic action 300 September 11, 1986
The Pindus Mountains in this country separate Thessaly from Epirus Greece 500 September 11, 1986
2 of the 3 high-speed "Mountain" rides in Disneyland (2 of) Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, & Matterhorn Bobsled September 11, 1986