Clues for: The Old West

Question Answer Value Airdate
This type of wagon was where food was served; its name referred to grub, & no one eats until cookie calls a chuck wagon 200 July 21, 2022
Wild Bill Hickok stopped a man from beating this other famous Bill who was 11 at the time & the two became lifelong friends Buffalo Bill (Cody) 400 July 21, 2022
Before becoming sheriff of this South Dakota town, Seth Bullock opened a hardware store there with partner Sol Star Deadwood 600 July 21, 2022
Prospector John Bozeman blazed a trail to gold-rush towns in what is now this state Montana 800 July 21, 2022
When Butch & Sundance & their Wild Bunch gang hid in the Wyoming spot seen here, they were part of this gang named for it the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang 1000 July 21, 2022
If you were being serenaded by a "prairie tenor" around the campfire, you were hearing this cut-rate wolf a coyote 200 November 29, 2019
Some lazy, some crazy, these marks were registered in a book & showed the ownership of open-range cattle brands 400 November 29, 2019
The pre-Civil War discovery of gold in Colorado led to cries of this alliterative site "or Bust" Pike\'s Peak 800 November 29, 2019
Jesse & Frank James saddled up with these other brothers--Jim, John, Bob & Cole the Youngers 1000 November 29, 2019
This Arizona site that entered Old West legend in 1881 had ' "Livery and Feed Stables" in its full name the O.K. Corral November 29, 2019
If you asked for a shot of this liquor, the saloon might have gotten it from the Moore, Hunt Co. for $3 a gallon whiskey 200 January 8, 2019
The pseudonymous Ned Buntline sensationalized the old West in these novels with a price in their name dime novels 400 January 8, 2019
One of the first of these shows with a Spanish name was held in Colorado in 1869; a Brit was named champion bronc buster a rodeo 600 January 8, 2019
He graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery in 1872 before moving west Doc Holliday 800 January 8, 2019
This reservation was established in 1868 & has grown to more than 27,000 square miles of Utah, Arizona & New Mexico Navajo 1000 January 8, 2019
The letters delivered by this 1860-61 service were carried in a mochila, a leather pouch that draped over the saddle the Pony Express 200 December 22, 2014
Due to its reliability, this arms maker's model 1873 rifle was called "the Gun that Won the West" Winchester 400 December 22, 2014
This deputy U.S. Marshal believed Frank Stilwell killed his kid brother Morgan on 1882; bad news for Frank Wyatt Earp 600 December 22, 2014
This Chiricahua Apache leader's surrender to Gen. Nelson Miles in 1886 ended major military action with Native Americans Geronimo 1000 December 22, 2014
He was appointed sherrif of Lincoln County, New Mexico in 1880 & spent the next 20 years in & out of law enforcement Pat Garrett December 22, 2014
Originally this term referred to the man employed on a cattle train who prodded cattle to keep them on their feet a cowpoke 200 November 28, 2007
This gunmaker's classic Peacemaker .45 revolver could be purchased by mail order for $17 (Samuel) Colt 400 November 28, 2007
In March 1879 this young killer met secretly with N.M. governor Lew Wallace to discuss a pardon; he never got it Billy the Kid 600 November 28, 2007
Someone in partnership with another was "in" these, probably from the French for "hut" cahoots 800 November 28, 2007
2 hours after he received a death sentence for killing Jesse James, the Missouri governor pardoned him Robert Ford 1000 November 28, 2007
Gold-plated pistols used by this female sharpshooter are at L.A.'s Autry Museum of Western Heritage Annie Oakley 200 November 11, 2002
Seen here, this "beastly" one-time Army scout & Pony Express rider later ran his own Wild West Show Buffalo Bill Cody 400 November 11, 2002
Wyatt Earp's brother Morgan survived this 1881 gunfight but was murdered 5 months later O.K. Corral 600 November 11, 2002
It's the last name shared by brothers Ed, Jim & Bat, all of whom were Old West lawmen Masterson 800 November 11, 2002
This lawman tracked down & shot dead the outlaw Billy the Kid Pat Garrett 1000 November 11, 2002
In 1862 he succeeded his brother Virgil as marshal of Tombstone Wyatt Earp 100 June 15, 2001
In 1876 he led the Indian attack at Little Bighorn; a year later he was killed by a soldier at Fort Robinson, Neb. Crazy Horse 200 June 15, 2001
In 1861 this "Wild" gunslinger killed David McCanles & 2 others near Fairbury, Neb.; pulp novels upped the account to 30 Wild Bill Hickok 300 June 15, 2001
In 1885 this Sioux leader was allowed to leave the reservation to tour with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Sitting Bull 400 June 15, 2001
In 1860 this Chiricahua Apache was falsely accused of kidnapping a boy in Arizona, which led to a brief war Cochise 500 June 15, 2001
This lieutenant colonel recruited some of his Rough Riders at William Menger's hotel in San Antonio Theodore Roosevelt 100 March 24, 1999
In Old West talk, "fit" was the past tense of this Fight 200 March 24, 1999
This hat maker traveled west, saw a need & returned in 1865 to make his famous hat in Philadelphia John Stetson 300 March 24, 1999
Ogden, now this state's sixth-largest city, was named for an Old West fur trapper Utah 500 March 24, 1999
He tried to help the town of Dolores, N.M. in 1900 by using static electricity to extract gold out of gravel Thomas Edison March 24, 1999
This was discovered by James Marshall on the American River, January 24, 1848 Gold 100 January 14, 1999
For protecting a cowboy's legs, they come in varieties like shotgun & woollies Chaps 200 January 14, 1999
A Concord, New Hampshire firm sold these vehicles, driven by a "Jehu", for about $1300 each Stagecoaches 300 January 14, 1999
This word meaning "to saunter along" is said to be a corruption of the Spanish vamos mosey 400 January 14, 1999
Cities in Nebraska, Ohio & California are named for this topographical engineer nicknamed "The Pathfinder" John C. Fremont 500 January 14, 1999
It's a cattle or horse pen, OK? Corral 100 November 24, 1997
When Abilene decided to clean up its image in 1871, it dismissed this "wild" marshal Wild Bill Hickok 200 November 24, 1997
Cibola, as in the 7 Cities of Cibola, is the Spanish word for this large animal of the plains Buffalo 300 November 24, 1997
Way before they made cars, Studebaker had these covered for the Old West Wagons 400 November 24, 1997
As this Arizona city's marshal in 1881, Virgil Earp earned some money from the prostitutes' license fees Tombstone 500 November 24, 1997
Ranch hands cooked in the chuckhouse & slept in this "house" bunkhouse 100 January 8, 1997
When you rode into a cow town, you dropped your horse at the livery & checked these with the sheriff's office your guns 200 January 8, 1997
To do this, race past the cattle & turn the lead ones back into the center of the herd How do you stop a stampede? 300 January 8, 1997
The Native American born Goyathlay, "one who yawns", was called this, Spanish for "Jerome" Geronimo 400 January 8, 1997
In 1860-61 the average age of these was 20; William F. Cody was only 15 Pony Express riders 500 January 8, 1997
When you "cashed in your chips", you headed for the "last" one of these roundup 100 September 5, 1995
Cowboys called it black water, brown gargle & cafecito coffee 200 September 5, 1995
The letters this service carried in 1860 & 1861 were carried in mochilas draped over the saddle the Pony Express 300 September 5, 1995
Deadwood Dick & Hurricane Nell were typical characters in these pulp novels dime novels 400 September 5, 1995
It was an Indian-English term for the black soldiers in the Apache wars the Buffalo Soldiers 500 September 5, 1995
The March 15, 1848 issue of the Californian in San Francisco gave this discovery a few lines on the back page gold (at Sutter\'s Mill) 100 July 20, 1994
Around 1877 this rolling plant was introduced to South Dakota accidentally & spread tumbleweeds 200 July 20, 1994
People with this job pursued certain animals, Indians & men on the lam for money or rewards bounty hunters 300 July 20, 1994
Its panhandle between Texas & Kansas was known as "No Man's Land" because no government agency owned it Oklahoma 400 July 20, 1994
Soddies were often the first homes built by these people who were given land on which they had to live homesteaders 500 July 20, 1994
Slang for "food", it preceded box, house, and wagon chuck 100 November 20, 1992
Joseph Glidden wasn't the first to make this fencing material, but by 1885, his design was the top seller barbed wire 200 November 20, 1992
In Old West slang, someone in "these" with another was in partnership with him cahoots 300 November 20, 1992
This dentist was one of Virgil Earp's deputies in Tombstone, Arizona Doc Holliday 400 November 20, 1992
In 1858, Sam Houston told the U.S. senate he didn't want regular troops; 1,000 of these men would do Texas Rangers 500 November 20, 1992
As deputy marshal of Dodge City he was known for batting some of his enemies with his cane Bat Masterson 100 May 29, 1991
These Indians called themselves Dakota, "allies", but the French called them this, for "enemy" the Sioux 200 May 29, 1991
The nugget James Marshall found at this locale on the American River was the size of a dime Sutter\'s Mill 300 May 29, 1991
A greenhorn in the old West, or the lowest rank of a Boy Scout a tenderfoot 400 May 29, 1991
Term for an unbranded cow from a man who lost his cattle to rustlers by not branding them a maverick 500 May 29, 1991
Horace Smith's partner in the gun trade (Daniel B.) Wesson 100 September 6, 1990
Spanish for "prosperity", Lorne Greene could have told you it meant a lucky find of gold bonanza 200 September 6, 1990
He captured Billy the Kid, lost him, tracked him down again & killed him Pat Garrett 300 September 6, 1990
Before the invention of this, West Texas had very few fences barbed wire 400 September 6, 1990
In the 19th century 130 million acres of federal land were granted to these companies the railroad 500 September 6, 1990
Denoting cattle ownership, it could take the form of a monogram, phonogram or pictograph brand 100 November 23, 1989
Arnold & Slack conned westerners out of thousands of dollars using a field they salted with these stones diamonds 200 November 23, 1989
Term for the man who prodded the cattle during a long journey to keep them on their feet cowpoke 300 November 23, 1989
Covering more than 2,000 miles, it began at Independence, Mo. & ran past Fort Vancouver Oregon Trail 400 November 23, 1989
Dodge City gambler who after being jailed by the marshal, ran against him for sheriff & won Bat Masterson 500 November 23, 1989
This hat, originally called "Boss of the Plains", is better known by the name of its maker Stetson 100 October 10, 1988
This outlaw pair is purportedly buried in the desolate village of San Vicente, Bolivia Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid 100 June 29, 1988
The riders employed by this service were all issued Bibles & were forbidden to drink or swear Pony Express 200 June 29, 1988
This famous shootout of Oct. 26, 1881 actually took place on Fremont Street, not in a horse pen Gunfight at the O.K. Corral 300 June 29, 1988
Taken from the New Hampshire town where it was made, the name Concord was synonymous with this vehicle stagecoach 400 June 29, 1988
Bob Younger blamed himself for his gang's capture after the botched Northfield hold-up in this state Minnesota 500 June 29, 1988
In the old west, a long holster for carrying this firearm was usually called a "scabbard" rifle 100 March 14, 1988
Rumored to have once married Wild Bill Hickok, it's no rumor she dressed like a man Calamity Jane 200 March 14, 1988
At the Battle of San Jacinto, which lasted about 20 min., he defeated Santa Anna Sam Houston 300 March 14, 1988
Weighing over 4½ lbs., the "Walker" was the largest & heaviest handgun made by this company Colt 400 March 14, 1988
These 2 railroads with "Pacific" in their names completed the 1st rail line across the U.S. Central Pacific & Union Pacific March 14, 1988
John H. Holliday was called "Doc" because he filled this position in Tombstone dentist 100 December 14, 1987
Books say no more than 1,000 pioneers & these people died battling each other on the Oregon Trail Indians 200 December 14, 1987
A cowboy referred to this as his "smokewagon", or "lead pusher" his gun 300 December 14, 1987
Sentenced to jail for horse theft in 1883, she was Judge Isaac Parker's most famous case Belle Starr 400 December 14, 1987
Actually, over 1/2 the members of this tragic group survived the terrible Sierra winter of 1846-7 the Donner Party 500 December 14, 1987