Clues for: Authors

Question Answer Value Airdate
Toni Morrison wrote her play "Desdemona" as a response to a production of this Shakespeare play <i>Othello</i> 200 February 2, 2021
This British author was married to a woman also named Evelyn--they were called He-Evelyn & She-Evelyn by friends Waugh 400 February 2, 2021
In 2020 this author of "Dear John" returned to familiar territory (love in North Carolina) with "The Return" Nicholas Sparks 600 February 2, 2021
Finally out in 2020, this feminist's "The Inseparables" was not published in part because Jean-Paul Sartre didn't like it Simone de Beauvoir 800 February 2, 2021
He began "Dombey and Son" during a trip to Switzerland in 1846 Charles Dickens 1000 February 2, 2021
This poet wrote passionately about nature, love &, of course, himself Whitman 200 January 5, 2016
He's seen here in the 1950s at Oxford, Mississippi, not the other one (William) Faulkner 400 January 5, 2016
He's the sometimes bitter Irish-born 18th century satirist seen here (Jonathan) Swift 600 January 5, 2016
In 2012 this author received a Presidential Medal of Freedom Toni Morrison 800 January 5, 2016
He saw a lot of 20th century innovations coming before anyone else H.G. Wells 1000 January 5, 2016
"Slaughterhouse-Five" was the first of his novels to feature his own drawings (Kurt) Vonnegut 200 November 14, 2014
This tale spinner continues to delight with more frights to come Stephen King 400 November 14, 2014
Fittingly, this last name of "Girl With A Pearl Earring" historical novelist Tracy means "Knight" Chevalier 600 November 14, 2014
In 2010, the 25th anniversary of his "Less Than Zero", he published a sequel called "Imperial Bedrooms" (Bret Easton) Ellis 800 November 14, 2014
In 1960 she delivered a campus lecture titled "Faith and Force: The Destroyers of the Modern World" Ayn Rand 1000 November 14, 2014
He wove the Book of Revelation into his final Narnia book, "The Last Battle" C.S. Lewis 200 July 31, 2013
On June 2, 2003 she awoke from a dream with the characters Edward & Isabella in mind Stephenie Meyer 400 July 31, 2013
As a teenager in Missouri, he got a job as a writer on his brother's newspaper, the Hannibal Western Union Mark Twain 600 July 31, 2013
Captain George North was the pseudonym this author first used for "Treasure Island" Robert Louis Stevenson 800 July 31, 2013
While living in Paris in the 1820s, this "Rip Van Winkle" author wrote plays to support himself Washington Irving 1000 July 31, 2013
Walt Whitman began his best-known poem, "I celebrate" this person, "and sing" him too myself 200 March 19, 2013
It's no fairy tale: the town of Kassel, Germany has a museum devoted to these brothers the Grimm brothers 400 March 19, 2013
Mo Willems is the author of the kids' books about this bird--don't let it drive the bus! the pigeon 600 March 19, 2013
"I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" is the first volume of her autobiography Maya Angelou 800 March 19, 2013
This author's losing entry in a 1948 literary contest became the basis for the movie "2001" (Arthur C.) Clarke 1000 March 19, 2013
While attending Lisbon Falls High School in Maine, this horror author published a newspaper, The Village Vomit Stephen King 200 May 26, 2011
Robert Louis Stevenson suffered from this lung disease for many years, but died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1894 tuberculosis 400 May 26, 2011
Already a successful poet, in 1814 he started his career as a novelist with a tale of the Highlands Sir Walter Scott 600 May 26, 2011
About the "Human Comedy" series, he said, "French society was to be the historian, I was only to be its secretary" Honoré de Balzac 800 May 26, 2011
His "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman" spans 100 years from the Civil War to the civil rights movement Ernest J. Gaines 1000 May 26, 2011
During WWII this "Gone with the Wind" author was an American Red Cross volunteer & sold war bonds (Margaret) Mitchell 200 December 11, 2007
In 1842 he lived with cannibals in the Taipi Valley in the Marquesas; his novel "Typee" was based on the experience Herman Melville 400 December 11, 2007
He wrote his last short story, "The Betrothed", shortly before his play "The Cherry Orchard" Chekhov 600 December 11, 2007
After years of writing science fiction, he found his niche with historical novels such as "North and South" (John) Jakes 800 December 11, 2007
She first wrote "Ethan Frome" in French, then later translated it into English Edith Wharton 1000 December 11, 2007
During the War of 1812 this "Rip Van Winkle" author wrote biographies of naval commanders (Washington) Irving 200 June 4, 2004
His father was also a count; his mother was Princess Volkonskaya Leo Tolstoy 400 June 4, 2004
At one time this author owned his own magazine, Master Humphrey's Clock, in which he published "Barnaby Rudge" Dickens 600 June 4, 2004
In 1882, at age 16, he found work as sub-editor of the Civil and Military Gazette in Lahore, India Kipling 800 June 4, 2004
This author of "The Outcasts of Poker Flat" served as U.S. consul in Germany & Scotland between 1878 & 1885 Bret Harte 1000 June 4, 2004
"The Hamlet" is 1/3 of his trilogy about the Snopes family William Faulkner 200 December 5, 2003
William Styron took 12 years between his previous novel & this one about a female Auschwitz survivor <i>Sophie\'s Choice</i> 400 December 5, 2003
His "Hike and the Aeroplane" of 1912 didn't exactly put him on the Main Street of success Sinclair Lewis 600 December 5, 2003
The history of this present-day country is the subject of James Michener's 1965 book "The Source Israel 800 December 5, 2003
This 4-time Pulitzer Prize-winning poet was born March 26, 1874 Robert Frost 1000 December 5, 2003
In 1852 this "Scarlet Letter" author wrote a campaign biography for his friend Franklin Pierce Nathaniel Hawthorne 100 March 24, 2000
In addition to his "Alice" books, he wrote many math works including "Euclid and His Modern Rivals" Lewis Carroll 200 March 24, 2000
Articles he wrote for the Atlantic Monthly in 1875 became Chapters IV to XVII in "Life on the Mississippi" Mark Twain 300 March 24, 2000
His "Screwtape Letters" & other works examining Christianity were first heard on the BBC or serialized in newspapers C.S. Lewis 500 March 24, 2000
The Samoans gave him the title "Tusitala", or "Teller of Tales" Robert Louis Stevenson March 24, 2000
His "Pickwick Papers" was originally published serially under the pseudonym Boz Charles Dickens 100 April 14, 1999
After her husband Percy died, this author urged one of Washington Irving's friends to fix them up Mary Shelley 200 April 14, 1999
Working in a mental hospital provided background for his "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" Ken Kesey 300 April 14, 1999
His 1965 novel "Desolation Angels" was set just prior to "On the Road" Jack Kerouac 400 April 14, 1999
Though christened Jorge Augustin Nicolas Ruiz de Santayana, he used this first name after arriving in the U.S. in 1872 George Santayana 500 April 14, 1999
Her recently-discovered work "Lost Laysen" was published in 1996, the 60th anniv. of "Gone With The Wind" Margaret Mitchell 100 March 14, 1997
This "Lolita" author began writing in English while living in France Vladimir Nabokov 200 March 14, 1997
This Czech president's play "The Garden Party" was long banned in his homeland Vaclav Havel 300 March 14, 1997
Archibald MacLeish based his verse play "J.B." on this book of the Bible Job 400 March 14, 1997
British barrister who brought us Rumpole of the Bailey John Mortimer 500 March 14, 1997
In 1930, 2 years after divorcing Archibald Christie, she married archaeologist Max Mallowan Agatha Christie 100 March 3, 1997
She wrote "Sense and Sensibility", "Pride and Prejudice" & "Northhanger Abbey" between 1795 & 1798 Jane Austen 200 March 3, 1997
In 1969 & 1970 this "Andromeda Strain" author was a fellow at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies Michael Crichton 300 March 3, 1997
The Burr Oak, Iowa hotel in which this "Little House on the Prairie" author briefly lived is a museum Laura Ingalls Wilder 400 March 3, 1997
This author of "She" was an advisor to the British government on agriculture H. Rider Haggard 500 March 3, 1997
In the late 1850s Horace Bixby, a riverboat pilot, taught him the skills of the trade Mark Twain 100 May 11, 1993
This "Scarlet Letter" author died in 1864 while visiting N.H. with former President Franklin Pierce (Nathaniel) Hawthorne 200 May 11, 1993
Though found in this man's desk after his death in 1891, "Billy Budd" remained unpublished until 1924 (Herman) Melville 300 May 11, 1993
Her first novel was "Little House in the Big Woods", published in 1932 (Laura Ingalls) Wilder 400 May 11, 1993
This author of "Black Beauty" was an invalid who needed a horse-drawn carriage to get around (Anna) Sewell 500 May 11, 1993
It was Samuel Clemens' middle name Langhorne 100 May 28, 1992
"The American Woman's Home" was co-written by Catharine Beecher & this famous sister Harriet Beecher Stowe 200 May 28, 1992
While serving as an ambulance driver for the Red Cross in World War I, he was wounded in Italy Hemingway 300 May 28, 1992
A 19th century Boston Unitarian minister, he was the grandnephew of Nathan Hale Edward Everett Hale 400 May 28, 1992
Though completed almost 60 years earlier, this English novelist's "Maurice" was not published until 1971 E.M. Forster 500 May 28, 1992
He dedicated his novel "1876" to Claire Bloom, not Myra Breckinridge Gore Vidal 100 May 1, 1992
After receiving electroshock treatment for depression, he took his own life in Ketchum, Idaho in 1961 Ernest Hemingway 200 May 1, 1992
This native of Odense was known primarily as a novelist before his 1st fairy tales were published Hans Christian Andersen 300 May 1, 1992
Even after her divorce & remarriage, she continued to use the last name of her ex-husband Edwin P. Parker II Dorothy Parker 400 May 1, 1992
As a child, he said a "long goodbye" to the U.S. & moved to England with his Irish mother (Raymond) Chandler 500 May 1, 1992
Balzac wrote in this, his native language French 100 September 23, 1991
This author & her husband moved to a cottage in Kent in 1936 after the kidnapping trial Anne Morrow Lindbergh 200 September 23, 1991
Last name shared by novelists Taylor & Erskine Caldwell 300 September 23, 1991
This son of a coal miner set his novel "Women in Love" in a mining town D.H. Lawrence 400 September 23, 1991
Even after her divorce and remarriage, she continued to use the name of her ex-husband Edwin P. Parker II Dorothy Parker 500 September 23, 1991
As a teenager, she cut her hair, dressed in boyish clothes & called herself William Cather Willa Cather 100 June 12, 1989
Playwright Oliver Goldsmith may have written some of the rhymes attributed to this old woman Mother Goose 200 June 12, 1989
Shortly before his death, Washington Irving completed a 5-volume biography of this president Washington 300 June 12, 1989
Though he was born in Prague, Franz Kafka wrote his novels in this language German 400 June 12, 1989
After this philosopher sired Heloise's illegitimate child, her uncle had him emasculated Abelard 500 June 12, 1989
He was captured & enslaved by Barbary pirates years before he wrote "Don Quixote" Cervantes 100 May 16, 1989
Swiss author Johann Wyss was most famous for this adventure novel <i>The Swiss Family Robinson</i> 200 May 16, 1989
Robert K. Massie, who wrote "Nicholas & Alexandra", won a Pulitzer Prize for his book about this czar Peter the Great 300 May 16, 1989
Victorian prime minister whose verse play, "The Tragedy of Count Alarcos", appeared in 1839 Disraeli 400 May 16, 1989
Elected class poet at Harvard after 6 others declined, he later became 19th c.'s leading transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson 500 May 16, 1989
While many people shorten their last names, in 1700 this author lengthened his from "Foe" to this Daniel Defoe 100 September 26, 1988
Mark Twain said this man "scored 114 offenses against literary art" on just 1 page of "The Deerslayer" (James Fenimore) Cooper 200 September 26, 1988
The 1988 Pulitzer Prize for Biography went to "Look Homeward: A Life of" this man Thomas Wolfe 300 September 26, 1988
He grew prize dahlias & had an enormous aviary at his Hollywood home, "Ozcot" (Frank) Baum 400 September 26, 1988
He was the most famous resident of Oxford, Mississippi (William) Faulkner 500 September 26, 1988
In 1986, he was the top-selling hard cover nonfiction author in U.S. & starred in the top-rated TV sitcom too Bill Cosby 100 June 27, 1988
In 1919, he began subdividing his ranch in Tarzana, California Edgar Rice Burroughs 200 June 27, 1988
Ironically, the N.C. home of this poet noted for his Lincoln bio was built by a Confederate official Carl Sandburg 300 June 27, 1988
An ordained minister, cookbook author & TV chef Jeff Smith is better known as this Frugal Gourmet 400 June 27, 1988
Vassar grad Mary McCarthy's novel about 8 Vassar grads in the 1930s & '40s <i>The Group</i> 500 June 27, 1988
Though this Phrygian slave may have been phictional, he's still phamous for his phables Aesop 100 June 7, 1988
Appropriately, his sister-in-law built him a study that was inspired by a riverboat's pilothouse Mark Twain 200 June 7, 1988
Surname shared by authors Robert, Maxwell & Sherwood Anderson 300 June 7, 1988
Novelist who conceived his play "Prisoners" while imprisoned in the gulag in the 1950s Solzhenitsyn 400 June 7, 1988
He won a Pulitzer Prize 4 years before he became president JFK (John F. Kennedy) 500 June 7, 1988
This wild west author of "Riders of the Purple Sage" was a native of Zanesville, Ohio Zane Grey 100 March 14, 1988
Famous for Klondike stories, this early 20th c. writer didn't start high school until age 19 Jack London 200 March 14, 1988
Dostoyevsky suffered from this chronic brain disorder epilepsy 300 March 14, 1988
During WWII, poet & playwright Archibald MacLeish served as Asst. Sec'y of this diplomatic dept. State 400 March 14, 1988
A friend of poet John Donne, Izaak Walton is best known for this treatise on fishing & nature <i>The Compleat Angler</i> 500 March 14, 1988
His father fought against Napoleon in 1812, which he wrote about in "War and Peace" Tolstoy 100 January 19, 1988
In 1936, W.H. Auden married Thomas Mann's daughter so she could escape this country Nazi Germany 200 January 19, 1988
He exhibited his watercolors internationally but was more famous for "Tropic of Cancer" Henry Miller 300 January 19, 1988
Legend says this "Decameron" author was in love with the illegitimate daughter of the King of Naples Boccaccio 400 January 19, 1988
"Little Prince" author who disappeared while flying a WWII reconnaissance mission & was never found Antoine de Saint-Exup&eacute;ry 500 January 19, 1988