Clues for: Celebrities

Question Answer Value Airdate
It's the stage name of the rapper born Megan Jovon Ruth Pete Megan Thee Stallion 200 October 18, 2022
Variety called her one of pop culture's most famous mother figures; music fans were saddened by her death in 2022 Naomi Judd 400 October 18, 2022
He went from the Funky Bunch to A-list Hollywood actor, starring in such films as "Boogie Nights" & "The Fighter" Mark Wahlberg 600 October 18, 2022
Lisa Rinna of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is the real-life wife of this Emmy-nominated actor Harry Hamlin 800 October 18, 2022
An Oscar-winner for "Dreamgirls", in 2022 she became an EGOT, adding a Tony for "A Strange Loop", which she co-produced (Jennifer) Hudson 1000 October 18, 2022
At the Grammys, it was all about this singer, who won for Best New Artist in 2016 (Meghan) Trainor 200 November 15, 2018
The late Alan Rickman was best known in recent years for playing this Harry Potter role Professor Snape 400 November 15, 2018
She trained hard so that she could perform her own stunts as a trapeze artist in "The Greatest Showman" Zendaya 600 November 15, 2018
On his "Late Late Show", this Brit drives around town singing carpool karaoke with some pretty amazing guests James Corden 800 November 15, 2018
"Empire State of Mind" is a biography of this rapper & how he went "From Street Corner to Corner Office" Jay-Z 1000 November 15, 2018
According to this rapper, Yeezus is his "God name" Kanye West 200 February 11, 2016
A good detective might deduce that this "Elementary" co-star has exhibited her artwork under the name Yu Ling Lucy Liu 400 February 11, 2016
It's not just gossip, girl--this actor really is Tony Romo's brother-in-law Chace Crawford 600 February 11, 2016
Back in school, he was voted the cutest, the sweetest & most likely to succeed Jesse Eisenberg 800 February 11, 2016
This star of "Orphan Black" is of Ukrainian, Polish, German, Austrian & Romanian ancestry Tatiana Maslany 1000 February 11, 2016
This "just in"! At the 2012 Kids' Choice Awards, he was named favorite male singer Justin Bieber 200 August 1, 2013
Elle Fanning's favorite actresses are Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster &, of course, this older sister of hers Dakota Fanning 400 August 1, 2013
This NBA shooting guard was named for expensive Japanese beef Kobe Bryant 600 August 1, 2013
He's the funnyman who starred in "Grown Ups", "Jack and Jill" & "Bedtime Stories" Adam Sandler 800 August 1, 2013
Before sinking his teeth into a "Twilight" role, he played Cedric Diggory in a Harry Potter film Robert Pattinson 1000 August 1, 2013
Born in Wales, he's the first British actor to play Batman on the big screen Christian Bale 200 February 11, 2013
He's seen here, the year he got his current show; politics hasn't aged him quite as much as it ages politicians Jon Stewart 400 February 11, 2013
In 2012 Demi Lovato & this superstar joined "The X Factor" as judges for season 2 Britney Spears 600 February 11, 2013
Before making it big on screen as Jacob Black, he was big into martial arts & was a junior world champion Taylor Lautner 800 February 11, 2013
Fresh from "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island", he starred as Peeta in "The Hunger Games" Josh Hutcherson 1000 February 11, 2013
In 1995 a rest stop along I-295 in New Jersey was named for this shock jock Howard Stern 200 October 22, 2002
Called "The Man Who Invented Casual" by Bing Crosby, this cardigan-clad crooner passed away in 2001 Perry Como 400 October 22, 2002
Famous for his Polo line of clothes, this fashion designer's real last name is Lifshitz Ralph Lauren 600 October 22, 2002
Bally Total Fitness has teamed with this pop star for "Get Your Body Started" hip-hop aerobics classes Pink 800 October 22, 2002
In 1978 this comic appeared on "The Dating Game" as contestant Baji Kimran; "Tenk You Veddy Much" Andy Kaufman 1000 October 22, 2002
On this actor's death in 2000, Jack Lemmon said, "I have lost someone I loved as a brother" Walter Matthau 200 July 17, 2002
He's Catherine Zeta-Jones' famous father-in-law Kirk Douglas 400 July 17, 2002
Great Scot! This actor came in third in his class in the 1953 Mr. Universe contest Sean Connery 600 July 17, 2002
This female star of "An Officer and a Gentleman" served 3 months in the Israeli Army Debra WInger 800 July 17, 2002
Before acting, this "Colombo" star worked as an efficiency expert for the Connecticut State Budget Bureau Peter Falk 1000 July 17, 2002
This just in... while Justin Jeffre heats things up with 98 Degrees, this Justin on 'N Sync is equally hot Justin Timberlake 200 February 7, 2002
On the golf course this young star of "Malcolm in the Middle" boasts a 13 handicap; not bad! Frankie Muniz 400 February 7, 2002
During the 2001 World Series, this Texas-born pop sensation was on the ball singing "God Bless America" Jessica Simpson 600 February 7, 2002
This wrestler made his movie debut as the Scorpion King in "The Mummy Returns" The Rock 1000 February 7, 2002
Born in Hong Kong, he's called Asia's action film equivalent of Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, & Mel Gibson all in one Jackie Chan February 7, 2002
He made his first appearance on "The Tonight Show" in 1977 -- now he hosts it Jay Leno 100 May 9, 2001
This co-star of the movie "Never Been Kissed" is Steven Spielberg's goddaughter Drew Barrymore 200 May 9, 2001
She's the young country & pop diva heard here LeAnn Rimes 300 May 9, 2001
In 1995 he played the Riddler in "Batman Forever" & also starred in the second "Ace Ventura" movie Jim Carrey 400 May 9, 2001
He said of his role in "Gladiator", "I've done some pretty physical stuff before, but this was unrelenting" Russell Crowe 500 May 9, 2001
He's the pop star who has thrilled fans with such albums as "Bad" & "Thriller" Michael Jackson 100 February 16, 2001
This action star seen here once held the title of "Best Built Man of Europe" Arnold Schwarzenegger 200 February 16, 2001
Supermodels Heidi Klum & Claudia Schiffer were both born in this country Germany 300 February 16, 2001
Chryssomallis is the last name of this Greek-born New Age pianist who goes by his first name Yanni 400 February 16, 2001
His film "La Vita e Bella" or "Life is Beautiful" was inspired by his father who was imprisoned in Bergen-Belsen Roberto Benigni 500 February 16, 2001
If it weren't for a misspelling on her birth certificate, she would have had the first name Orpah Oprah Winfrey 100 September 20, 2000
And here's to Kathleen Turner who appeared in the buff in this role, in a British stage version of "The Graduate" Mrs. Robinson 200 September 20, 2000
In 1994 she was "The Next Karate Kid"; in 2000 she was the next Oscar winner for Best Actress Hilary Swank 300 September 20, 2000
This female TV "Friend" has a B.S. in biology from Vassar College -- who knew? Lisa Kudrow 400 September 20, 2000
This actor is the son of a British poet laureate & the son-in-law of playwright Arthur Miller Daniel Day-Lewis September 20, 2000
Of Kukla, Fran or Ollie, the nickname preferred by the celebrity seen here(Mr. North) Ollie (Oliver North) 100 March 23, 1999
Coy is his real first name, but he's hardly coy: his real-life high school voted him "Biggest Flirt" Luke Perry 200 March 23, 1999
It's the full first name of the star seen here; she shares it with another comedienne/talk show host Roseann 300 March 23, 1999
It was the original first name of the actor seen here, & of his famous father(Beau Bridges) Lloyd 400 March 23, 1999
It's the name the astronaut seen here goes by; his real first name is Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin 500 March 23, 1999
The screenplay for "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" was written by this partner of Gene Siskel Roger Ebert 100 December 30, 1997
It's love all for Brooke Shields and this tennis star who tied the knot in April of '97 Andre Agassi 200 December 30, 1997
Before starring on "Hill Street Blues" & "NYPD Blue", he was a mailman Dennis Franz 300 December 30, 1997
She's Ben Stiller's famous mom Anne Meara 400 December 30, 1997
This actress daughter of Vanessa Redgrave is named for the heroine of "War and Peace" Natasha (Richardson) 500 December 30, 1997
This "Murder She Wrote" star provided the voice of Mrs. Potts the teapot in "Beauty and the Beast" Angela Lansbury 100 December 29, 1995
While considered an Australian, this "Lethal Weapon" star was actually born in Peekskill, New York Mel Gibson 200 December 29, 1995
She left husband Ludlow Smith after 2 weeks; her love affair with Spencer Tracy lasted 27 years Katharine Hepburn 300 December 29, 1995
This star of "Annie Hall" directed the 1995 movie "Unstrung Heroes" Diane Keaton 400 December 29, 1995
In 1995 she stood by her former man George Jones as they released their 1st duet album in 15 years Tammy Wynette 500 December 29, 1995
In 1995, after nearly 2 years of marriage, Lyle Lovett & this "Pretty Woman" called it quits Julia Roberts 100 December 11, 1995
Restaurant chain whose owners include Demi Moore, Arnold Schwarzenegger Sly Stallone & Bruce Willis Planet Hollywood 200 December 11, 1995
In 1995 Jerry Lewis made his Broadway debut as the devilish Applegate in this musical <i>Damn Yankees</i> 300 December 11, 1995
The real last name of this "Phantom of the Opera" star is Dumble-Smith Michael Crawford 400 December 11, 1995
This star of "My Cousin Vinny" once recorded a jazz blues album as Little Joe Ritchie (Joe) Pesci 500 December 11, 1995
In 1995 People magazine named this "Legends of the Fall" star "The Sexiest Man Alive" Brad Pitt 100 May 5, 1995
Since losing 125 pounds, this star of the cult film "Hairspray" has become a hit as a talk show host Ricki Lake 200 May 5, 1995
His "SNL" character Linda Richman is based on his mother-in-law; "Talk amongst yourselves!" Mike Myers 300 May 5, 1995
This star of the "Alien" films took her unusual first name from a "Great Gatsby" character Sigourney Weaver 400 May 5, 1995
This superstar recently shared her views at Harvard in a speech called "The Artist as Citizen" Barbra Streisand 500 May 5, 1995
Alyssa Milano plays Tony's college co-ed daughter on this sitcom <i>Who\'s the Boss</i> 100 March 5, 1992
In 1990 this singer won a Grammy for his music video "Leave Me Alone" Michael Jackson 200 March 5, 1992
Her daughter Alexa Ray Joel appeared with her in the 1989 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Christie Brinkley 300 March 5, 1992
This actress won 1st place in her high school science fair long before she started "Moonlighting" Cybill Shepherd 400 March 5, 1992
American woman whose job is equivalent to that of each of the women from around the world seen here: Vanna White March 5, 1992
You may think this director's middle name, Ingmar, is his first name, but his real first name is Ernst (Ingmar) Bergman 100 January 20, 1992
On Oct. 9, 1990, when he would have turned 50, his song "Imagine" aired on radio in 130 countries John Lennon 200 January 20, 1992
Jan Stephenson has been called "The Marilyn Monroe of" this sport golf 300 January 20, 1992
He played Chance Wayne in the original 1959 production of "Sweet Bird of Youth" & in the 1962 film Paul Newman 400 January 20, 1992
This lawyer has written over 60 books, including an autobiography subtitled "My Life on Trial" Melvin Belli 500 January 20, 1992
Tracy Pollan played his girlfriend on "Family Ties" before marrying him in real life Michael J. Fox 100 February 20, 1991
Her "Rhythm Nation 1814" album helped her dance away with eight of the 1990 Billboard Music Awards Janet Jackson 200 February 20, 1991
Her latest exercise video is called her "Lean Routine"--we don't know if Ted Turner uses it Jane Fonda 300 February 20, 1991
This "Peanuts" creator describes Linus as "the most well-rounded individual in the group" Charles Schulz 400 February 20, 1991
Rumer, the daughter of Bruce Willis & this actress, is named for British author Rumer Godden Demi Moore 500 February 20, 1991
This talk show queen sometimes seats people at the Eccentric Restaurant in Chicago -- she's a co-owner Oprah Winfrey 100 March 29, 1990
Shelley Duvall, exec. producer of "Nightmare Classics", says she was named for this nightmarish authoress Mary Shelley 200 March 29, 1990
This author of "Hollywood Wives" said, "People don't believe it, but everything I write is true!" Jackie Collins 300 March 29, 1990
Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in this country Austria 400 March 29, 1990
Dionne Warwick co-wrote this TV show's theme song, "Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams" "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" 500 March 29, 1990
She co-wrote Johnny Cash's hit "Ring of Fire" & she wears his wedding ring, too June Carter Cash 100 December 14, 1988
Formerly Miss Italy but always "La Lollo" Gina Lollobrigida 200 December 14, 1988
"First Daughter" Patti Davis said her husband likes to imitate this diminutive sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer 300 December 14, 1988
Controversial psychic who has his own line of skin care products, with a bent spoon on the label Uri Geller 400 December 14, 1988
Magazine publisher who calls his private Boeing 727 "The Capitalist Tool" Malcolm Forbes 500 December 14, 1988
Named for Jerome Kern, this Grateful Dead star is grateful to be alive after a brush with death in 1986 Jerry Garcia 100 June 27, 1988
Larry Harmon founded a "university" to train people how to act like one of these clown 200 June 27, 1988
Of Linda Evans, Lynda Carter, or Nancy Reagan, men's choice for a fantasy date in a July '87 Gallup poll Nancy Reagan 300 June 27, 1988
This couple's 1960s TV show featured "Allie", an alligator puppet Jim & Tammy Bakker 400 June 27, 1988
They stunned the world by getting married on Oct. 20, 1968 on the isle of Skorpios Jacqueline Kennedy & Onassis June 27, 1988
Leonard Maltin calls this dog, whose real name was Higgins, "moviedom's smartest pooch since Lassie" Benji 100 December 30, 1987
In '87 Deborah & Desiree both claimed royal lineage as daughters of this "king" Elvis Presley 200 December 30, 1987
Her fitness video is "Eat Slim/Stay Slim" & you don't have to pay extra for the "A", "E", & 2 "I"s Vanna White 300 December 30, 1987