Clues for: The Beatles

Question Answer Value Airdate
This drummer joined The Beatles in 1962, replacing Pete Best Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) 100 July 15, 1996
"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah", this song was The Beatles' 2nd No. 1 hit in the U.S. after "I Want to Hold Your Hand" "She Loves You" 200 July 15, 1996
This 1964 hit begins "Well she was just seventeen--you know what I mean?" "I Just Saw Her Standing There" 300 July 15, 1996
This 1964 film, The Beatles' first, received an Oscar nomination for its musical score <i>A Hard Day\'s Night</i> 400 July 15, 1996
Songs on this 1967 hit album include "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" & "With A Little Help From My Friends" <i>Sgt. Pepper\'s Lonely Hearts Club Band</i> 500 July 15, 1996
The oldest Beatle, this drummer was the last to join the group Ringo Starr 100 January 1, 1996
After seeing his son Julian's drawing of a school friend named Lucy, John wrote this song "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" 200 January 1, 1996
Br!an Epstein's former assistant Wendy Hanson needed releases from all living people on this 1967 album cover <i>Sgt. Pepper\'s Lonely Hearts Club Band</i> 300 January 1, 1996
The girl of his dreams "called herself Lil, but everyone knew her as Nancy" Rocky Raccoon 500 January 1, 1996
It "leads to your door" "The Long And Winding Road" January 1, 1996
George Harrison said, "As far as I am concerned, there won't be a Beatles reunion as long as" he "remains dead" John Lennon 100 June 6, 1990
This 1964 film is a fictional account of 2 days in the life of The Beatles <i>A Hard Day\'s Night</i> 200 June 6, 1990
"The girl that's driving me mad is going away. She's got" one of these a ticket to ride 300 June 6, 1990
He's currently playing Mr. Conductor on PBS' "Shining Time Station" Ringo Starr 400 June 6, 1990
"Someday you'll know I was the one, but tomorrow may rain, so I'll" do this follow the sun 500 June 6, 1990
Color of the cover of the album officially titled "The Beatles" white 100 November 4, 1988
The only day of the week not mentioned in "Lady Madonna"; maybe 3 syllables were hard to rhyme Saturday 200 November 4, 1988
In August 1962 he was kicked out of the group Pete Best 300 November 4, 1988
Since "Sgt. Pepper" was released in 1967, this was the year Pepper taught the band to play 1947 400 November 4, 1988
Tommy Smothers, Timothy Leary & others joined this Beatle & his new wife in the following 1969 hit:Ev'rybody's talking aboutBagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism, Ragism, TagismThis-ism, that-ism, ism, ism, ismAll we are saying is give peace a chance John Lennon November 4, 1988
He points out his "classic nose" in a commercial for Classic wine cooler Ringo Starr 100 October 27, 1987
3 of the 1st 4 Billboard #1 hits for The Beatles had this word in their titles Love 200 October 27, 1987
It's "waiting...", "hoping...", "coming...", & "dying to take you away" "The Magical Mystery Tour" 300 October 27, 1987
On March 21, 1987, 4 Beatles albums held the top 4 positions on this new Billboard chart CD chart (Top CDs) 400 October 27, 1987
Song that tells the story of Desmond & Molly Jones "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" 500 October 27, 1987
The German version of this hit is titled "Sie liebt dich" "She Loves You" 100 March 5, 1986
Working title for film "A Hard Day's Night", it became title for an "incredible simulation" instead <i>Beatlemania</i> 200 March 5, 1986
They agreed as kids that all their songs would be credited to both, no matter who wrote what Lennon & McCartney 300 March 5, 1986
Poem which inspired "I Am The Walrus" <i>The Walrus and the Carpenter</i> 400 March 5, 1986
Called "5th Beatle" on 1969's "Get Back" he shared label billing with the Fab 4 Billy Preston 500 March 5, 1986
Their 1st movie <i>A Hard Day\'s Night</i> 100 December 24, 1985
"It was 20 years ago today" that this person "taught the band to play" Sgt. Pepper 200 December 24, 1985
Popular name for their double album titled "The Beatles" <i>The White Album</i> 300 December 24, 1985
1969 album recorded after "Let It Be" but released before it <i>Abbey Road</i> 400 December 24, 1985
Beatle whose 1968 movie soundtrack, "Wonderwall Music" was 1st album released by Apple Records George Harrison 500 December 24, 1985
Though they won platinum & gold, they were 1st named for this precious metal silver 100 January 8, 1985
Brian Epstein, George Martin & Murray the K were all called this the Fifth Beatle 200 January 8, 1985
What John & Yoko were wearing on the controversial cover of "Two Virgins" nothing 300 January 8, 1985
Ringo's name before he became a "Starr" Richard Starkey 400 January 8, 1985
LSD was rumored to stand for more in the Beatles' lives than just this song's title "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" 500 January 8, 1985