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Question Answer Value Airdate
Here's something about this "There's Something About Mary" star: she went to high school with Snoop Dogg Cameron Diaz 200 September 17, 2015
She's starred in movies like "Flirting with Disaster", "Spanglish" & "Fun with Dick and Jane" Téa Leoni 400 September 17, 2015
He & Stephen Merchant created the British TV show "The Office" Ricky Gervais 600 September 17, 2015
This brunette plays "Community" college student Annie Edison Alison Brie 800 September 17, 2015
This comic actor lost 40 pounds for the role in "Moneyball" that earned him a supporting actor Oscar nomination Jonah Hill 1000 September 17, 2015
She sunk her teeth into the role of Jane in 2009's "New Moon" Dakota Fanning 200 February 11, 2010
This "The Hangover" actor has been linked romantically with Renee Zellweger Bradley Cooper 400 February 11, 2010
Appropriately, this martial arts master's voice is heard in "Kung Fu Panda", as the monkey Jackie Chan 600 February 11, 2010
In 2009's "Jennifer's Body", she played the title cheerleader with an eating disorder--she's a man-eating demon (Megan) Fox 800 February 11, 2010
She did most of her own rollerskating as Bliss (aka Babe Ruthless) in "Whip It" Ellen Page 1000 February 11, 2010
Humphrey Bogart, Henry Fonda & Jimmy Stewart won Oscars when starring with this lady Katharine Hepburn 200 October 8, 2004
In "Honeymoon in Vegas", poker player James Caan wins a weekend with Nicolas Cage's girl, played by her Sarah Jessica Parker 400 October 8, 2004
His many roles have ranged from villain to Jesus Willem Dafoe 600 October 8, 2004
Jose Ferrer in 1952 & John Leguizamo in 2001 played this artist Toulouse-Lautrec 800 October 8, 2004
Kate Winslet was Ophelia to Branagh's Hamlet & she was Ophelia to Mel Gibson's Helena Bonham Carter 1000 October 8, 2004
She married her boyfriend, cameraman Danny Moder, in a secret midnight ceremony on July 4, 2002 Julia Roberts 200 November 18, 2002
This TV "Friend" won critical raves for her role as "The Good Girl" in a 2002 film Jennifer Aniston 400 November 18, 2002
In a 2002 blockbuster, he played both Peter Parker & your friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man Tobey Maguire 600 November 18, 2002
He played Will Freeman in "About a Boy", based on the book of the same name by Nick Hornby Hugh Grant 800 November 18, 2002
This star of "XXX" was also the voice of the title character in 1999's "The Iron Giant" Vin Diesel 1000 November 18, 2002
James Coburn shot to fame in 1960 as part of this title film septet <i>The Magnificent Seven</i> 100 June 26, 2000
TV's Sergeant Bilko, he cavorted on film in "Cover Girl" (but not in the title role) Phil Silvers 200 June 26, 2000
Ricki Lake appeared as a bridesmaid in this film that starred Melanie Griffith as an ambitious secretary <i>Working Girl</i> 300 June 26, 2000
A child slave on film in "The Ten Commandments", Kathy Garver also played Buffy & Jody's sister on this sitcom <i>Family Affair</i> 400 June 26, 2000
Ian McKellen was crowned with a Golden Globe Award in 1997 for playing this czar in the HBO film "Rasputin" Nicholas II 500 June 26, 2000
Her real name is Donna Miller; another actress had the same name, so she changed hers to this Donna Mills 100 June 18, 1999
In the 1930s this heartthrob was so popular he was known as "The King of Hollywood" Clark Gable 200 June 18, 1999
Of John Gielgud, Henry Irving or Laurence Olivier, the first English actor to be knighted Henry Irving (back in the 1800s) 300 June 18, 1999
This "Fair Lady" of film starred on Broadway in a non-musical version of "Gigi" in 1951 Audrey Hepburn 400 June 18, 1999
He once played young Tom Hughes on "As The World Turns" but he's better known as John-Boy Walton Richard Thomas 500 June 18, 1999
He played a box of lemon chiffon pie mix in a TV commercial long before playing Sam on "Cheers" Ted Danson 100 January 26, 1999
This actor starred as Tom Dooley in the film seen here in 1959, the same year he hit it big on TV Michael Landon 200 January 26, 1999
This star of "Suddenly Susan" disguised herself as a man in the 1984 film "Sahara" Brooke Shields 300 January 26, 1999
Once Miss U.S.A., Laura Harring played a police officer on this, Aaron Spelling's first daytime soap <i>Sunset Beach</i> 400 January 26, 1999
In her last years, this chic star of the 1954 film "Sabrina" was a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF Audrey Hepburn 500 January 26, 1999
He made the cover of Time in 1989 as "Hollywood's Top Gun" Tom Cruise 100 July 3, 1997
She played Solitaire in the 007 film "Live and Let Die" long before she became a frontier doctor on TV Jane Seymour 200 July 3, 1997
Adam Arkin, who plays Dr. Aaron Shutt on this TV series, is the son of actor Alan Arkin <i>Chicago Hope</i> 300 July 3, 1997
Like his brother John, he performed with Second City & was a regular on "Saturday Night Live" Jim Belushi 400 July 3, 1997
A native of Calcutta, Victor Banerjee played Dr. Aziz in this acclaimed David Lean film <i>A Passage to India</i> 500 July 3, 1997
His original name was Carl Adolf Von Sydow Max Von Sydow 100 May 9, 1997
Before he played "Dirty Harry", he made a name for himself as the "Man With No Name" in Sergio Leone westerns Clint Eastwood 200 May 9, 1997
He played Michael Corleone in all 3 of Francis Ford Coppola's "Godfather" films Al Pacino 300 May 9, 1997
This star of "Schindler's List" used to drive a forklift in Belfast Liam Neeson 400 May 9, 1997
In her 1997 autobiography, she writes of her mariage at age 21 to Frank Sinatra, who was 50 Mia Farrow 500 May 9, 1997
For her 1996 film "Striptease" she was paid $12.5 million, making her the highest paid actress in film history Demi Moore 100 April 21, 1997
This star of "The American President" was an assistant director on his father's 1962 film "Lonely Are the Brave" Michael Douglas 200 April 21, 1997
Danny DeVito & this woman, his wife, have appeared together in milk ads Rhea Perlman 300 April 21, 1997
In the 1981 TV movie "Elvis and the Beauty Queen", this "Miami Vice" star portrayed Elvis Presley Don Johnson 400 April 21, 1997
Although 24, he played teenager Ferris Bueller in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" Matthew Broderick 500 April 21, 1997
This "Alien" actress starred in her long-time pal Christopher Durang's 1996 play "Sex and Longing" Sigourney Weaver 100 November 27, 1996
Don't blink--or you'll miss Richard Dreyfuss in this 1967 film based on a Jacqueline Susann novel <i>Valley of the Dolls</i> 200 November 27, 1996
This "Seinfeld" co-star became a Broadway star at age 23 in Stephen Sondheim's musical "Merrily We Roll Along" Jason Alexander 300 November 27, 1996
John Mahoney, who plays Martin Crane on this sitcom, was born in England; he moved to the U.S. when he was 19 <i>Frasier</i> 400 November 27, 1996
Professional name used by the actress seen here during her film career; it's different from her married name Nancy Davis November 27, 1996
Her father, John, was directing "The African Queen" when she was born in 1951 Anjelica Huston 100 June 19, 1995
Before breaking into show biz, this actress who played Rebecca on "Cheers" was an interior decorator Kirstie Alley 200 June 19, 1995
This handsome actor whom Leslie Caron fell for in "Gigi" appeared in the 1982 movie "Swamp Thing" Louis Jourdan 300 June 19, 1995
In 1991 these 2 British sisters starred in a TV remake of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" (Vanessa & Lynn) Redgrave 400 June 19, 1995
In the 1930s he played the title roles of "Louis Pasteur", "Emile Zola" & "Scarface" Paul Muni 500 June 19, 1995
Born Greta Gustafsson in Stockholm, she played a woman named Greta in 2 of her early silent films Greta Garbo 100 May 26, 1995
As a young man, this brother of Noah Beery was an assistant elephant trainer with Ringling Brothers Wallace Beery 200 May 26, 1995
In 1977 this "Jezebel" star became the first woman to receive the AFI's Life Achievement Award Bette Davis 300 May 26, 1995
In French films since 1908, he sang the title tune to the 1970 film "The Aristocats" Maurice Chevalier 400 May 26, 1995
Films directed by this star of "Cyrano de Bergerac" include "Return to Peyton Place" & "State Fair" José Ferrer 500 May 26, 1995
She subtitled her memoir "Shelley II" "The Middle of My Century" Shelley Winters 100 January 24, 1992
Alex Rocco won a whole Emmy, not just 10% of one, for playing one of these on "The Famous Teddy Z" agent 200 January 24, 1992
In 1991 she married Barney Rosenzweig, producer of her series "The Trials of Rosie O'Neill" Sharon Gless 300 January 24, 1992
When he was 15, this "Family Ties" star played a 10-year-old on a Canadian TV series Michael J. Fox 400 January 24, 1992
In 1991 this TV actress & her rock star husband had their first child, Wolfgang Van Halen Valerie Bertinelli 500 January 24, 1992
He's done 5 "Dirty Harry" movies so far & hasn't closed the door on another sequel Clint Eastwood 100 February 13, 1991
This star of "Pretty Woman" is the pretty woman in Kiefer Sutherland's life Julia Roberts 200 February 13, 1991
He played Dr. Phillip Chandler on "St. Elsewhere" before he won an Oscar for "Glory" Denzel Washington 300 February 13, 1991
Phoebe Cates' handsome husband Kevin Kline 400 February 13, 1991
He spent his childhood in upstate N.Y. & moved to Sydney with his parents when he was 12 Mel Gibson 500 February 13, 1991
When she was 19, this "Murder, She Wrote" star was nominated for an Oscar for her 1st film, "Gaslight" Angela Lansbury 100 October 17, 1990
Portsmouth, Ohio's yearly festival in honor of this movie cowboy "triggers" lots of memories Roy Rogers 200 October 17, 1990
33 years after her aunt's "Too Much Too Soon", this "E.T." star published "Little Girl Lost" Drew Barrymore 300 October 17, 1990
This actress of Russian descent was set to play Anastasia on stage when she drowned in 1981 Natalie Wood 400 October 17, 1990
This leading lady said George Brent fell in love with her while they were filming "Dark Victory" Bette Davis 500 October 17, 1990
He calls his company Oak Productions because he used to be called "The Austrian Oak" Schwarzenegger 100 September 13, 1990
This Oscar-winner became a Dame Commander of the British Empire in 1990; Jean Brodie would approve Maggie Smith 200 September 13, 1990
The 1979 Broadway musical "I Remember Mama" starred this Norwegian actress Liv Ullmann 300 September 13, 1990
In 1989 this elegant Englishwoman became the new host of PBS's "Mystery" Diana Rigg 400 September 13, 1990
She had a British hit single "I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper" before marrying Andrew Lloyd Webber Sarah Brightman 500 September 13, 1990
His own son played the infant Moses in "The Ten Commandments" Charlton Heston 100 July 12, 1990
The firssf member the Fonda family to win an Oscar Jane 200 July 12, 1990
Star of "One-Eyed Jacks", he became its director as well after Stanley Kubrick quit Marlon Brando 300 July 12, 1990
Warren Beatty pursued this Oscar-winning British actress in "Shampoo" & "Heaven Can Wait" Julie Christie 100 June 21, 1990
This actor played FDR in both the stage & film versions of "Sunrise at Campobello" Ralph Bellamy 200 June 21, 1990
This star of "Butterfly" named her daughter Kady, after the role she played in that film Pia Zadora 400 June 21, 1990
This British member of Hollywood's "Rat Pack" married comedian Dan Rowan's daughter in 1971 Peter Lawford 500 June 21, 1990
(VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE) American actor who owns all of the South Seas real estate seen here: Marlon Brando June 21, 1990
This actor turned 13 years old on July 9, 1989 -- that's 13 "Wonder Years" old Fred Savage 100 May 18, 1990
To save money, this star & exec. producer of "Major Dad" bought his TV wardrobe at Camp Pendleton Gerald McRaney 300 May 18, 1990
You're too young to remember him as Dr. Kildare, but he also played Dr. Kulani on "Island Son" Richard Chamberlain 400 May 18, 1990
This teenage actress played Jerry Lee Lewis' teenage bride in "Great Balls of Fire!" Winona Ryder 500 May 18, 1990
"Star Trek" star heard here: Leonard Nimoy May 18, 1990
Dianne Wiest won an Oscar for playing one of the siblings in this Woody Allen film "Hannah And Her Sisters" 100 December 8, 1989
Not surprisingly, he played the "psycho" in "Crimes of Passion" Anthony Perkins 200 December 8, 1989
People call him "Lou Bamba" since he starred in "La Bamba" Lou Diamond Phillips 300 December 8, 1989
Classified 4-F during WWII, this swashbuckling Tasmanian only fought on film Errol Flynn 400 December 8, 1989
When Robert Culp & Natalie Wood played "Bob & Carol", these 2 played "Ted & Alice" Dyan Cannon & Elliott Gould 500 December 8, 1989
Late comedian Dick Shawn played John Ritter's father on this sitcom <i>Three\'s Company</i> 100 April 3, 1989
On Broadway he played the Artful Dodger in "Oliver!" before he started "Monkee"ing around Davy Jones 200 April 3, 1989
Other actresses have been called sex goddesses, but this redheaded star of the '40s was "The Love Goddess" Rita Hayworth 300 April 3, 1989
This "Golden Girl" was nominated for the 1st "Best Actress" Emmy in 1950 but didn't win Betty White 400 April 3, 1989
A 1988 Oscar nominee for "Anna", she went to her 1st prom with Ted Koppel, who gave her her 1st kiss Sally Kirkland 500 April 3, 1989
On SNL's "Weekend Update" segment, his trademark line was "Good evening, I'm" this actor "& you're not" Chevy Chase 100 January 25, 1989
Jackie Gleason, Piper Laurie, George C.Scott & Paul Newman all got Oscar nominations for this '62 film <i>The Hustler</i> 300 January 25, 1989
Comedienne who's played a nun in "Nunsense" & dressed like one for 10 years to go incognito, ha, ha, ha Phyllis Diller 400 January 25, 1989
Actor who made this style of hat famous in the '80s: Paul Hogan January 25, 1989
Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn that he ran away from home at 16 & worked in a tire factory Clark Gable 100 December 27, 1988
Star of "The Color Purple", she said early influences included Gracie Allen & C. Colbert Whoopi Goldberg 200 December 27, 1988
1928 grad of Bryn Mawr, this star of "On Golden Pond" was once suspended for smoking Katharine Hepburn 300 December 27, 1988
This "Meatball" was described as someone who "would think up fraternity initiation rites" Bill Murray 400 December 27, 1988
Star of "Ragtime" who dropped her dream of being a ballerina because she couldn't do a pirouette Elizabeth McGovern 500 December 27, 1988
Though she was born in Toronto, this silent screen star became "America's Sweetheart" Mary Pickford 100 June 21, 1988
Of Richard Burton, Julie Andrews or Robert Goulet, the 1 who won a Tony for "Camelot" (Richard) Burton 200 June 21, 1988
This glamorous Swede promised to marry John Gilbert but stood him up at the altar Garbo 300 June 21, 1988
She was "Miss Deepfreeze" in 1953, but warmed up to William Holden 2 years later in "Picnic" Kim Novak 400 June 21, 1988
She played a ballerina-turned-prostitute in the 1940 classic "Waterloo Bridge" Vivien Leigh 500 June 21, 1988
This neat half of TV's "The Odd Couple" reportedly said, "I am a slob, but nobody will believe it" Tony Randall 100 October 29, 1987
With only 1 1/2 years of formal education, he still played a teacher in "To Sir with Love" Sidney Poitier 200 October 29, 1987
A high school dropout, at only 20 he won a Best Supporting Actor for "Ordinary People" Timothy Hutton 300 October 29, 1987
He once went to jail for punching someone, but used his fists in the ring for "The Main Event" Ryan O\'Neal 400 October 29, 1987
Though "Butterflies are Free", college tuition wasn't, so she paid it by teaching dance classes Goldie Hawn 500 October 29, 1987