Clues for: Historic Names

Question Answer Value Airdate
She once took First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt on a flight over Washington, D.C., both attired in evening gowns Amelia Earhart 200 December 14, 2022
The middle initial "T." in the name of this Tuskegee Institute founder stood for Taliaferro Booker T. Washington 400 December 14, 2022
Before Little Bighorn, this Sioux leader had a vision that all his enemies would be delivered into his hands Sitting Bull 600 December 14, 2022
Wrongly convicted of treason, sent to Devil's Island & later pardoned, this French Jew went on to fight for France in World War I Dreyfus 800 December 14, 2022
In 1271 this teen set out with his father & uncle on a journey from Europe to the Far East & into history Marco Polo 1000 December 14, 2022
In 2018 this Pole topped a BBC poll of women who changed the world Marie Curie 200 November 2, 2022
Chinese philosopher Mencius earned the title "Second Sage", as second in importance to this philosopher & his way of thinking Confucius 400 November 2, 2022
A town in Russia was renamed for this cosmonaut, the first man in space, following his death in 1968 Gagarin 600 November 2, 2022
Ottoman sultan from 1520 to 1566, he had 2 epithets: the Magnificent & the Lawgiver Suleiman 800 November 2, 2022
A 2022 law that makes lynching a federal hate crime is named for this teen who was brutally murdered in 1955 Emmett Till 1000 November 2, 2022
(Sarah of the Clue Crew presents by a display monitor.) On his last voyage to search for the Northwest Passage, this captain discovered the Hawaiian Islands Cook 200 February 14, 2020
In the early 900s Rollo the Viking founded this duchy in France from which England was conquered 150 years later Normandy 400 February 14, 2020
Benito Mussolini's parents were admirers of this Benito, a reformist president of Mexico Benito Juarez 600 February 14, 2020
Gandhi is seen here with his mentor, Gopal Gokhale, who also worked for the rights of these low or no-caste folks, also known as Harijan the untouchables 1000 February 14, 2020
This Prussian who helped train the Continental Army left his name on a "ville" that's one of Ohio's oldest communities Friedrich von Steuben February 14, 2020
On May 29, 1953 he left a crucifix on the summit of Mount Everest; his companion left a food offering (Edmund) Hillary 200 October 17, 2019
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents using a map of Mexico.) On April 22, 1519, he landed in Veracruz with 500 men and would reach Tenochtitlan later that year in his conquest of Mexico Cortés 400 October 17, 2019
Given to 2 continents, the name of this explorer previously belonged to his grandfather Amerigo Vespucci 600 October 17, 2019
The Tribune (not a newspaper but a guy named Clodius) got this orator exiled from Rome in 58 B.C. Cicero 800 October 17, 2019
The international airport serving Jackson, Mississippi is named for this civil rights leader, assassinated in 1963 (Medgar) Evers 1000 October 17, 2019
In 1984 this 17th c. Quaker who governed a colony was made an honorary U.S. citizen William Penn 200 September 26, 2014
Mohammed Ali Jinnah, a lawyer in India, was the founding father of this country Pakistan 400 September 26, 2014
She didn't see the revolution coming, resulting in her death at age 46 in 1918 Alexandra (of Russia) 600 September 26, 2014
Born around 1552 in Devon, he lost a colony in 1590 & lost his head in 1618 Walter Raleigh 800 September 26, 2014
In 1618 Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand tried to impose Catholicism & this war was on... & on... & on the Thirty Years\' War 1000 September 26, 2014
After signing the Mayflower Compact in 1620, John Carver became the first governor of this colony the Plymouth Colony 200 January 17, 2006
This British adventurer liked to go by the initials T.E. instead of his given names Thomas Edward T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) 400 January 17, 2006
In 1822 this "Liberator" met with Jose de San Martin to strategize in Guayaquil Bolivar 600 January 17, 2006
Aristotle referred to him as "The Great Physician" Hippocrates 800 January 17, 2006
Gian Gastone, who died in 1737, was the last member of this family to rule over Florence & Tuscany the Medicis January 17, 2006
Just months after becoming the Duchess of Aquitaine, she became the Queen of France Eleanor of Aquitaine 200 March 16, 2005
This future conqueror of the Incas was Balboa's second in command Pizarro 600 March 16, 2005
Name of the woman who became a widow on the Ides of March, 44 B.C. Calpurnia 800 March 16, 2005
In 1930 this French statesman whose name is linked with Kellogg called for a European union Briand 1000 March 16, 2005
Leaving for Italy in 218 B.C., he gave command of the Carthaginian army in Spain to his brother Hasdrubal Hannibal March 16, 2005
This "Bloody" queen was the daughter of King Henry VIII & Catherine of Aragon Mary I ("Bloody Mary") 100 February 19, 2001
When he visited Europe in 1971, he became the first Japanese monarch to go abroad during his reign Emperor Hirohito 200 February 19, 2001
To help him build a poweful navy, this "Magnificent" Ottoman ruler enlisted the aid of Barbarossa Suleiman 400 February 19, 2001
Stricken with leprosy, this Scottish king died in seclusion in 1329 Robert the Bruce 500 February 19, 2001
American flags flew at half-mast when this Frenchman died in Paris May 20, 1834 Marquis de Lafayette February 19, 2001
He's buried in Westminster Abbey even though he's most famous for his "Canterbury Tales" Geoffrey Chaucer 100 October 14, 1999
Caesar's lieutenant in Gaul, he was miffed that Caesar made Octavian his heir & not him Mark Antony 200 October 14, 1999
He showed that by planting peanuts & soybeans you could restore the nitrogen in the soil that growing cotton took out George Washington Carver 300 October 14, 1999
In 1848 he took 85 men, 2 cannons & 800 muskets from South America to Italy; how did he get through customs? Giuseppe Garibaldi 500 October 14, 1999
After WWII Enrico Fermi moved back to this city to teach at its university Chicago October 14, 1999
When you turn on a light bulb, you can thank him; he invented it Thomas Edison 100 September 6, 1999
He was reelected vice president of the U.S. in 1996 Al Gore 200 September 6, 1999
She lost her vision & hearing before she was 2; Anne Sullivan came to help 5 years later Helen Keller 300 September 6, 1999
The last country in South America that he liberated before he died was the one named for him Simon Bolivar (Bolivia) 100 February 2, 1999
Name of 8 kings of England since 1272, it was also General Lee's middle name Edward 200 February 2, 1999
Jules Mazarin was one in the 17th century, Stan Musial in the 20th a cardinal 300 February 2, 1999
This composer of the "Unfinished Symphony" only gave one public concert Franz Schubert 400 February 2, 1999
Martin Waldseemuller's map of 1507 had 2 portraits on it; Ptolemy on the old world, & this man on the new Amerigo Vespucci 500 February 2, 1999
In 1211, his force of over 50,000 soldiers broke through the Great Wall of China Genghis Khan 100 November 26, 1996
Among his rules & theorems were "Don't eat beans" & the more famous one about the square of the hypotenuse Pythagoras 200 November 26, 1996
This city was almost 2000 years old when Nebuchadnezzar II developed it as an urban model Babylon 300 November 26, 1996
It took him 9 years to write "An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations" Adam Smith 400 November 26, 1996
Salim The Grim was the father of this "magnificent" ruler Suleiman 500 November 26, 1996
The international airport that serves Venice is named for this explorer famous for his Asian travels Marco Polo 100 July 15, 1996
This spiritual & political leader of India ended his last fast just days before he was slain in 1948 Mahatma Gandhi 200 July 15, 1996
In 1817 the remains of Peter Abelard & this woman were entombed together in a Paris cemetery Heloise 300 July 15, 1996
England's King Henry VIII had 3 wives named Catherine: Catherine Howard, Catherine of Aragon & this one Catherine Parr 400 July 15, 1996
In 1487 Pope Innocent VIII appointed him grand inquisitor for all of Spain Tomas de Torquemada 500 July 15, 1996
U.S. president who was a founder of the League of Nations Woodrow Wilson 100 December 13, 1995
2 queens of France, Catherine & Marie, came from this family Medici 200 December 13, 1995
After resigning as president in 1949, he fled to Taiwan & resumed the post Chiang Kai-shek 300 December 13, 1995
Name given to the speech William Jennings Bryan delivered at the 1896 Democratic Convention "Cross of Gold" 500 December 13, 1995
Jesus Christ was born during the reign of this Roman emperor Augustus Caesar December 13, 1995
In 1919 this former newspaper editor formed the Fascist Party in Italy Mussolini 100 July 14, 1995
Ivan the Terrible had this many wives, one more than a famous oft-married English king 7 200 July 14, 1995
This British explorer left on his third & final voyage in July 1776 (Captain) Cook 300 July 14, 1995
This British soldier was 5'5 1/2"; Peter O'Toole, who played him on film, is 6'3" Lawrence of Arabia 400 July 14, 1995
Since the death of this N. Korean president, Fidel Castro is the current longest-serving Communist leader Kim Il-sung 500 July 14, 1995
This pharaoh was only about 18 when he died circa 1339 B.C.; the cause of his death is still a mystery King Tut 100 February 6, 1995
In 1474 she became Queen of Castile & Leon Queen Isabella 200 February 6, 1995
Emperor Valentinian III's sister Honoria wanted to marry this horrific Hun but it never worked out Attila the Hun 300 February 6, 1995
This famed British nurse nearly died of Crimean fever during the Crimean War Florence Nightingale 400 February 6, 1995
In 1952 Argentine workers contributed 1 day's wages to pay for this woman's tomb Eva Peron 500 February 6, 1995
His term as dictator for life ended on the Ides of March 44 B.C. Julius Caesar 100 May 16, 1994
This frontiersman represented Tennessee in Congress first as a Democrat, then as a Whig Davy Crockett 200 May 16, 1994
In 1993 a 12-page diary kept by this Siberian mystic was reportedly found in a Russian archive Rasputin 300 May 16, 1994
While in Paris in 1804, this South American liberator attended Napoleon's coronation Simon Bolivar 400 May 16, 1994
This philosopher who attended Plato's Academy later founded his own school, the Lyceum Aristotle May 16, 1994
People called Louis XIII's brother Gaston this, French for "mister" Monsieur 100 September 29, 1993
His grandson Batu Khan founded the state of the Golden Horde around 1240 Genghis Khan 200 September 29, 1993
This name adopted by Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov refers to the Lena River in Siberia Lenin 300 September 29, 1993
Sir Walter Raleigh fell out of favor with this woman when he married one of her maids of honor Elizabeth I 400 September 29, 1993
This pianist & composer who wrote the "Minuet in G" was also the Prime Minister of Poland Paderewski 500 September 29, 1993
After arriving on the Mayflower, William Brewster served as spiritual leader of this colony Plymouth Colony 100 November 27, 1992
Less than 6 months after India achieved independence, this leader was assassinated Mahatma Gandhi 200 November 27, 1992
In her 34 years as Russian empress, she had more than 10 lovers, many of whom held government positions Catherine the Great 300 November 27, 1992
Some of the treasure recovered from this pirate was used to build a British hospital Captain Kidd 400 November 27, 1992
In 1860 she founded the first training school for nurses, at St. Thomas' Hospital in London Florence Nightingale 500 November 27, 1992
John Brown called her "General Tubman" Harriet Tubman 100 July 17, 1992
This explorer's brother Thorvald was killed by a native during an expedition to the New World Leif Erikson 200 July 17, 1992
His less famous brothers Ira & Levi helped found the Green Mountain Boys Ethan Allen 300 July 17, 1992
This Catherine was the last wife Henry VIII beheaded, & the charge of adultery was probably true Catherine Howard 400 July 17, 1992
Alessandro, an illegitimate member of this family, was a 16th century Duke of Florence the Medicis 500 July 17, 1992
He ascended the throne upon the death of his father, Yoshihito, in 1926 Hirohito 100 September 27, 1991
In June 1956 she replaced Moshe Sharett as Israeli Foreign Minister Golda Meir 200 September 27, 1991
At an April 1954 press conference, this president propounded the domino theory Eisenhower 300 September 27, 1991
Hitler founded the Third Reich; this man founded the Second Reich in 1871 Otto von Bismarck 400 September 27, 1991
In 1813 this American naval leader sent the message, "We have met the enemy, and they are ours" Perry 500 September 27, 1991
Radical socialist Y. Breshko-Breskovskaya is called “the grandmother of” this country’s “revolution” Russia 100 April 9, 1991
Sir Francis Drake often raided islands in this New World sea where he was eventually buried in 1596 the Caribbean 200 April 9, 1991
This Portuguese prince fought against Tangier with his brother Ferdinand, who died in captivity there Prince Henry 300 April 9, 1991
This first Christian emperor of Rome ordered the execution of his son Crispus in 326 A.D. Constantine 400 April 9, 1991
Queen Alexandra, consort of this turn of the cen. British king, was the daughter of Denmark’s Christian IX Edward VII 500 April 9, 1991
Legend says this Ukrainian city was named for Kiy, one of the brothers who founded it Kiev 100 September 19, 1990
Thomas Paine's remains were exhumed in New York for reburial in this, his native country, but were lost England 200 September 19, 1990
In July 1990, he resigned after 34 years on the U.S. Supreme Court (William) Brennan 300 September 19, 1990
Nellie Tayloe Ross, the first woman in the U.S. to hold this office, was later the first female director of the U.S. Mint governor 400 September 19, 1990
The two most famous children of Rodrigo Borgia and his mistress Vannozza dei Cattanei Lucrezia & Cesare 500 September 19, 1990
Before people referred to him as Lord Tennyson, they called him by this first name Alfred 100 October 11, 1989
Swedish astronomer who invented the centigrade temperature scale (Anders) Celsius 200 October 11, 1989
This founder of the Franciscan Order is known for his love of animals Saint Francis (of Assisi) 300 October 11, 1989
From 1957-66 Willy Brandt was mayor of this city West Berlin 400 October 11, 1989
In 1974 Greek voters rejected the monarchy, dashing this kings hope of returning to the throne King Constantine II 500 October 11, 1989
This pioneer of the birth control movement was forced into marriage by her 1st husband William Sanger Margaret Sanger 100 June 8, 1988
Oddly, it was in 1865 in Philadelphia that he began making the western hats that bear his name Stetson 200 June 8, 1988
After a wealthy "Commodore" gave money to Tennessee's Central U., it changed it's name to this Vanderbilt 300 June 8, 1988
After his death, an Army medical center was named for this curator of the U.S. Army's medical museum Walter Reed 400 June 8, 1988
In 1781, Richmond, Va. was burned & pillaged by British troops led by this Conn. Yankee Benedict Arnold 500 June 8, 1988
Circa 67 A.D. Linus followed Peter to become 2nd to hold this position pope 100 May 27, 1988
Prime minister born at Blenheim Palace, seat of the Duke of Marlborough, in 1874 Churchill 200 May 27, 1988
This future emperor conquered Egypt in 1798 Napoleon 300 May 27, 1988
She was forbidden to appear in public with Adolf Hitler Eva Braun 400 May 27, 1988
He was the 1st U.S. Vice President who did not go on to become President Aaron Burr 500 May 27, 1988
He wrote a novel called "The Cardinal's Mistress" before he was called "Il Duce" Mussolini 100 January 13, 1988
Of the 16 children born to Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresa, the most famous was this French queen Marie Antoinette 200 January 13, 1988
Juan Carlos I was sworn in as King of Spain 2 days after the death of this man in 1975 Franco 300 January 13, 1988
Centuries apart, Vasco da Gama & Lord Mountbatten both served as viceroys of this country India 400 January 13, 1988
On Nov. 5, 1605, Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up this king to avenge persecution of Catholics James I 500 January 13, 1988