Clues for: Islands

Question Answer Value Airdate
In 2013 the mayor of Corleone on this island apologized to the victims of Mafia violence Sicily 200 September 18, 2017
This 130-mile stretch of barrier islands off North Carolina is sometimes called OBX the Outer Banks 400 September 18, 2017
This historic Florida island is home to the southernmost city of the lower 48 states Key West 600 September 18, 2017
Near Santa Barbara, it's California's largest island; we don't know if there are banana slugs on it Santa Cruz 800 September 18, 2017
The Duke of York islands are coral islands in this South Seas archipelago named for a 19th century German statesman the Bismarck Archipelago 1000 September 18, 2017
New York City's highest natural point is Todt Hill, on this island reachable by ferry Staten Island 400 October 24, 2016
Logically, it's the main island of Canada's second-biggest metropolis Montreal Island 600 October 24, 2016
The musical "Hamilton" has increased tourism to this Caribbean island of Alexander's birth Nevis 1000 October 24, 2016
These islands were uninhabited when Portugal claimed them in 1431; they are now home to a quarter of a million people the Azores October 24, 2016
There are more than 600 gigantic stone figures on this island Easter Island 200 September 17, 2013
In 1833 British forces expelled Argentine officials from these islands without firing a shot the Falklands 400 September 17, 2013
A breed of horse & a breed of dog are named for these Scottish islands the Shetland Islands 600 September 17, 2013
Amelia Earhart was lost near Howland Island after making her last stop at Lae on this Pacific island New Guinea 1000 September 17, 2013
A poet described this divided island as a "golden green leaf thrown into" the Mediterranean Sea Cyprus September 17, 2013
The U.S.A.'s number one commercial fishing port, Dutch Harbor, is in these islands, named for a people who have lived there for 4,000 years Aleutian Islands 200 May 6, 2011
124 islets, reefs & shoals & 8 major islands make up this U.S. state Hawaii 400 May 6, 2011
Sand Island is part of this central Pacific atoll that entered history in June 1942 with the actions of carriers nearby Midway Island 600 May 6, 2011
Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital of these Spanish Atlantic islands only 67 miles off the coast of Africa the Canary Islands 800 May 6, 2011
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.)The Florida Keys curve southwest for about 200 miles from Elliott Key to Loggerhead Key in this "dry" national park Dry Tortugas National Park 1000 May 6, 2011
The Celts first arrived on this island around 500 B.C. Ireland 200 June 12, 2009
Technically, Queen Elizabeth is the sovereign of this country whose two main islands are seen here New Zealand 400 June 12, 2009
Buddhism & Hinduism are this island's principal religions Sri Lanka 600 June 12, 2009
Abundant geothermal power is a prominent natural resource of this island Iceland 800 June 12, 2009
This island is only 100 miles from mainland China Taiwan 1000 June 12, 2009
In 1866 this large island became politically united with British Columbia Vancouver 200 December 19, 2007
Though ceded in 1898, this Pacific island didn't become a U.S. territory until 1950 Guam 400 December 19, 2007
Until the 1950s, this island off French Guiana was used as a penal colony Devil\'s Island 600 December 19, 2007
(Sarah of the Clue Crew points out a South Atlantic island on a map on the monitor.) Tristan da Cunha is often called the most remote inhabited island--the nearest major city is this one, 1500 miles away Cape Town 1000 December 19, 2007
Divided between 2 countries, it's the largest island in the Pacific New Guinea December 19, 2007
This resort island off the coast of South Carolina was named for a British sea captain, not a hotelier Hilton Head 200 May 16, 2005
Not surprisingly there's a Napoleon & a Bonaparte Museum on this island where Napoleon was born Corsica 400 May 16, 2005
This country's larger islands include Mindoro & Leyte the Philippines 600 May 16, 2005
Let's drink a toast to this Caribbean island; it's the largest in the Netherlands Antilles Curaçao 1000 May 16, 2005
More than 150 islands make up this country, the last remaining kingdom in Polynesia Tonga May 16, 2005
This island was once called Ilhas Dos Papuas, or "Island of the Fuzzy Hairs" New Guinea 200 September 17, 2004
Named by Abel Tasman, Grotte Eylandt is the biggest island in this country's Gulf of Carpentaria Australia 400 September 17, 2004
During WWII Malta controlled the sea lanes between North Africa & this Italian island 50 miles from Malta Sicily 600 September 17, 2004
For administrative purposes, this island group is divided into 2 bailiwicks: Jersey & Guernsey the Channel Islands 800 September 17, 2004
This Portuguese group in the N. Atlantic was uninhabited when discovered in 1427; now it has over 200,000 people the Azores 1000 September 17, 2004
As well as "the Big Island", it's also known as "the Orchid Isle" Hawaii 200 May 25, 2004
The narrow Strait of Messina separates this large island from the "toe" of Italy Sicily 400 May 25, 2004
Vatnajokull, Europe's largest glacier, covers nearly 3,200 square miles of this island country Iceland 600 May 25, 2004
It's the second-largest of Spain's Balearic Islands: Majorca is first Minorca 800 May 25, 2004
This island to the east of Java is world famous for its dancing Bali 1000 May 25, 2004
An island named for the animal seen here belongs to this country[kangaroo] Australia 100 March 10, 2000
This "Valley Island" is found between the islands of Molokai & Hawaii Maui 200 March 10, 2000
The healthful climate of this south Atlantic island didn't help Napoleon; he died there St. Helena 300 March 10, 2000
It's the largest island in the Malay Archipelago & the second largest in the world New Guinea 400 March 10, 2000
Sounds hypothetical, but it's the real-life island prison in "The Count of Monte Cristo" Chateau d\'If 500 March 10, 2000
Taipei is this island's capital city Taiwan 100 February 9, 2000
Now 73, the woman seen here at age 17 calls this island nation home:(Queen Elizabeth II) Great Britain 200 February 9, 2000
It's the island where you'll find the arena seen here:(Madison Square Garden) Manhattan 300 February 9, 2000
Jaffna & Trincomalee are cities of this island nation near India that was formerly known as Ceylon Sri Lanka 400 February 9, 2000
The world's fourth-largest island, it lies off the southeast coast of Africa Madagascar 500 February 9, 2000
Sicily is this country's largest region in area Italy 100 January 27, 2000
Mindanao in this island nation is one of the world's leading producers of Manila hemp Philippines 200 January 27, 2000
It's not only Australia's southernmost state, it's the most mountainous as well Tasmania 300 January 27, 2000
Principal exports of this archipelago north of Scotland include wool & its famous ponies Shetland Islands 400 January 27, 2000
This Canadian island is separated from the mainland by the Strait of Belle Isle & the Gulf of St. Lawrence Newfoundland 500 January 27, 2000
In area, it's the largest island of our 50th state Hawaii 100 November 10, 1999
Together with South Island, it makes up most of the area of New Zealand North Island 200 November 10, 1999
The "boot" of Italy looks like it's kicking this large island Sicily 300 November 10, 1999
You'll find this island nation about 95 miles due south of Cuba, mon Jamaica 400 November 10, 1999
It's the last island as you travel the Florida Keys on U.S. 1 south Key West 500 November 10, 1999
The Danes call this island dependency in the north Atlantic Gronland Greenland 100 January 7, 1998
Hey, mon! The Cayman Islands were colonized about 1734 by British settlers from this nearby island Jamaica 200 January 7, 1998
The Safety Islands off French Guiana consist of Royale, Saint-Joseph & this diabolical island Devil\'s Island 300 January 7, 1998
Politically, this Greek island is divided into 4 departments: Canea, Lasithi, Rethymne & Iraklion Crete 400 January 7, 1998
This island was specially built for San Francisco's Golden Gate Int'l Exposition of 1939 & 1940 Treasure Island 500 January 7, 1998
It's divided into 4 historical provinces: Connaught, Leinster, Munster & Ulster Ireland 100 November 25, 1997
It's the island on which you'd find Pearl Harbor Oahu 200 November 25, 1997
It's home to Europe's highest active volcano Sicily (Mt. Etna) 300 November 25, 1997
In Canada the Northumberland Strait separates New Brunswick from this island province Prince Edward Island 400 November 25, 1997
We dare you to come up with the name of this island where Virginia Dare was born in 1587 Roanoke Island 500 November 25, 1997
Lumbering remains the principal industry of Quebec's Anticosti, an island in this gulf Gulf of St. Lawrence 100 November 1, 1996
About 180 indigenous people inhabit Alaska's Little Diomede Island in this strait Bering Strait 200 November 1, 1996
Fuerteventura is the closest member of this Spanish island group to the African mainland Canary Islands 300 November 1, 1996
Ajaccio, capital of France's Corse-de-Sud department, lies on the western coast of this island Corsica 400 November 1, 1996
The Bataan Peninsula is a mountainous area of this Philippine island Luzon 500 November 1, 1996
This Danish island has the largest ice mass outside of Antarctica Greenland 100 September 23, 1996
Material for the giant statues on this Chilean island was quarried from a crater called Rano Raraku Easter Island 200 September 23, 1996
At 9,370 feet, Shishaldin on Unimak Island is the highest volcanic peak in this island group the Aleutians 300 September 23, 1996
The western coast of this largest island of British Columbia is indented by picturesque fjords Vancouver Island 400 September 23, 1996
This island nation just south of Sicily has a population density of over 3,000 per square mile Malta 500 September 23, 1996
This Italian island's 3 chief ports are Messina, Catania & Palermo Sicily 100 January 9, 1996
The Paracel Islands are claimed by Vietnam but are administered by this northern neighbor China 200 January 9, 1996
In 1796 Napoleon returned French rule to this island of his birth Corsica 300 January 9, 1996
In 1927 this Spanish group in the Atlantic was divided into 2 provinces: Las Palmas & Santa Cruz de Tenerife the Canaries 400 January 9, 1996
About half of the Philippines' rice crop is produced on this island, the nation's largest Luzon 500 January 9, 1996
Discovered by Ponce de Leon in 1513, this state's Dry Tortugas Islands are now a bird sanctuary Florida 100 October 18, 1991
Las Tunas, Pinar del Rio & Guantanamo are 3 of this Caribbean island's 14 provinces Cuba 200 October 18, 1991
It's often known as "The Bounty Island" Pitcairn 300 October 18, 1991
Sardinia was part of an independent kingdom from 1720 to 1861, when it joined this country Italy 400 October 18, 1991
This Hawaiian island's name means "the gathering place" & most people in the islands are gathered there Oahu October 18, 1991
= = 100 October 1, 1991
The Blue Grotto is on this island in the Bay of Naples Capri 200 October 1, 1991
Mt. Hekla is 1 of more than 100 volcanoes on this North Atlantic island Iceland 300 October 1, 1991
The United States agreed to buy this group from Denmark in 1902 but didn't get them until 1917 the U.S. Virgin Islands 400 October 1, 1991
The Roosevelt Memorial Bridge connects this New Brunswick island to Maine Campobello October 1, 1991
They're made up of 3 main island groups; the Bahamas & Greater & Lesser Antilles the West Indies 100 September 10, 1990
Australia's smallest state, it's separated from the mainland by Bass Strait Tasmania 200 September 10, 1990
The Isle of Pines in this Caribbean country has been renamed the Isle of Youth Cuba 300 September 10, 1990
Napoleon was born on Corsica, exiled to Elba & died on this island off the coast of Africa St. Helena 400 September 10, 1990
In 1602, explorer Bartholomew Gosnold named this Massachusetts island for either his daughter or his mother-in-law Martha\'s Vineyard 500 September 10, 1990
The island of Luzon contains more than 1/3 of this country's area & almost 1/2 of its population The Philippines 100 November 7, 1989
These Ecuadorian islands are known officially as the Columbus Archipelago Galapagos Islands 200 November 7, 1989
In 1972 this nation extended its territorial waters to 50 mi., causing a "cod war" with Britain & others Iceland 400 November 7, 1989
The oldest black marble quarries in the U.S. are on Isle La Motte in this northeastern lake Lake Champlain 500 November 7, 1989
1/2 of this 2nd largest island in the world is an independent country; the other 1/2 belongs to Indonesia New Guinea November 7, 1989
The island of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean was visited by this Italian explorer in about 1292 Marco Polo 100 January 28, 1988
Baffin, Victoria, & Ellesmere Islands, 5th, 9th, and 10th largest in world, all belong to this country Canada 200 January 28, 1988
For a while in 1814, this 86-square-mile island was Napoleon's total domain Elba 300 January 28, 1988
The Act of Union in 1707 united 2 kingdoms into this island nation named for the island it was on Great Britain 400 January 28, 1988
If you hold you family reunion on Reunion, you're on an island which belongs to this country France 500 January 28, 1988
Where "the Minnow" ran aground Gilligan\'s Island 100 July 7, 1987
Lord Byron's poem "The Island" was based on this famous mutiny the mutiny on the <i>Bounty</i> 200 July 7, 1987
1 of the 1st Pacific islands to be settled by Europeans, Guam was colonized by this country by the 1690s Spain 300 July 7, 1987
The name of this famous World War II site means "sulfur island" in Japanese Iwo Jima 400 July 7, 1987
The 2nd largest island in the Mediterranean Sardinia 500 July 7, 1987
In a 1966 hit, they proclaimed, "I am a rock, I am an island" Simon and Garfunkel 100 January 30, 1987
Kitty Hawk site of the Wright Bros. 1st airplane flight, is on Bodie Island in this state North Carolina 200 January 30, 1987
Its 4 historic provinces are Connaught, Leinster, Munster & Ulster Ireland 300 January 30, 1987
West Indian island that's the home of the limbo dance & calypso music Trinidad 400 January 30, 1987
Largest of the Mariana Islands, we acquired it in 1898 Guam 500 January 30, 1987
Brooklyn resort that's no longer an island Coney Island 100 January 4, 1985
Bridge from Nassau connects with this "heavenly" Bahamian island Paradise Island 200 January 4, 1985
Worlds 3rd largest, some of its inhabitants are "wild men" Borneo 300 January 4, 1985
Galapagos Islands are home to only variety of this reptile to feed in the sea iguanas 400 January 4, 1985
Owned by tiny Denmark, it's the world's largest island Greenland 100 September 26, 1984
New York's largest, it has more people than 41 of our 50 states Long Island 200 September 26, 1984
Until 1949 a Dutch colony, now the world's most populous island nation Indonesia 300 September 26, 1984
Made up of over 7,000 islands, only Far East country with a Roman Catholic majority the Philippines 400 September 26, 1984
The state where you can lei in the sun Hawaii 100 September 19, 1984
An Indonesian island or slang for coffee Java 200 September 19, 1984
Original nest of Sam Spade's falcon Malta 300 September 19, 1984
The song "26 Miles Across The Sea" overshoots this island by 3 miles Catalina Island 400 September 19, 1984