Clues for: Letter Perfect

Question Answer Value Airdate
Physicist Edward Teller was dubbed "the father of" this bomb the H-bomb 200 September 25, 2018
It's used with dates to mean approximately or around that time a C 400 September 25, 2018
It can be used as an interjection meaning "Indeed!" or as an exclamation of pain or wonder O 600 September 25, 2018
One of the 2 letters that appear as the mint mark on most U.S. coins struck for circulation today a D (or P) 800 September 25, 2018
On the periodic table, this letter is the symbol for tungsten W 1000 September 25, 2018
A 3.0 GPA a B 200 October 17, 2017
500, in Roman numerals D 400 October 17, 2017
It's the current MPAA rating adjacent to NC-17 R 600 October 17, 2017
It's found in the universal blood donor type O 800 October 17, 2017
Pronounced differently, it's a Burmese title of respect, like for Mr. Thant U 1000 October 17, 2017
This letter was used by the Romans to represent 1,000 M 200 October 27, 2016
This letter is used to define a generation & also as a label for superhero mutants X 400 October 27, 2016
This letter stands for the currency of Albania; when it comes before F, it's often silent L 600 October 27, 2016
It looks just like the Greek letter rho, but it's not "R" P 800 October 27, 2016
The NATO phonetic alphabet version of this letter is also the name of an African people Zulu 1000 October 27, 2016
It comes before chromosome, factor & box 360 X 200 July 1, 2016
Instead of a middle name, Harry Truman's parents gave him just this middle initial S 400 July 1, 2016
The songs "It Sucks To Be Me" & "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist" are featured in the musical "Avenue" this Q 600 July 1, 2016
This letter denotes a member of the Grand Old Party R 800 July 1, 2016
The Greek roots of "ceramic" gave us an alternate spelling & pronunciation that starts with this letter K 1000 July 1, 2016
ESPN hosts these "Games" with events like rallycross & skateboard the X Games 200 December 1, 2014
As far as NFL standings go, this letter represents a game in which neither team won or lost T 400 December 1, 2014
In chess, the piece designated by this letter can only move diagonally B 600 December 1, 2014
To change "I'll go" into a conditional statement, replace the LL with this letter D 800 December 1, 2014
Potassium's symbol on the periodic table of elements isn't P but this letter K 1000 December 1, 2014
007's boss M 200 November 14, 2014
"Special" serving, now with red berries K 400 November 14, 2014
1969 Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language Film <i>Z</i> 600 November 14, 2014
Proverbial sign that oysters are safe to eat R 800 November 14, 2014
In physics, the most common symbol for momentum p 1000 November 14, 2014
With "note", it's slang for 100 bucks; it's also a lower-quality rating for a corporate bond C 200 February 8, 2008
A jet pack & fake fingerprints are among the many gadgets he's supplied to James Bond Q 400 February 8, 2008
Ambrose Bierce called it "the first thought of the mind, the first object of affection" I 600 February 8, 2008
It's the chemical symbol for the first element on the periodic table H (for hydrogen) 800 February 8, 2008
During the Civil War, soldiers who cut out on the army & went AWOL were often branded with this letter D (for deserter) February 8, 2008
This MPAA rating "requires accompanying parent or adult guardian" for those under 17 R 200 May 14, 2007
(Jon of the Clue Crew holds a guitar.) As a letter before "string" it's kind of racy; as this guitar chord [strums], it's just beautiful G 400 May 14, 2007
It's the Roman numeral for 500 D 600 May 14, 2007
In 1901 the first wireless message sent overseas was just this one letter S 800 May 14, 2007
John Cleese played this letter-perfect role in "Die Another Day" Q 1000 May 14, 2007
At the end of a card or letter, they mean hugs O\'s 200 February 12, 2007
It's the silent consonant in the object seen here K 400 February 12, 2007
On many preprinted forms asking for personal info, these 2 letters come after "sex" M and F 600 February 12, 2007
(Kelly of the Clue Crew puts a fist in the air.) You'll get this letter for effort by naming the letter I'm signing in American sign language A 800 February 12, 2007
The top letter row of a standard computer keyboard starts with Q & ends with this letter P 1000 February 12, 2007
A famous trademark of Winston Churchill was his flashing of this triumphant sign V 200 October 17, 2006
It precedes -bone, -ball, -bar & -bill T 400 October 17, 2006
In 1990, NC-17 replaced this movie rating X 600 October 17, 2006
Ascorbic acid is another name for this vitamin C 800 October 17, 2006
When it comes to grades, it indicates an unfinished assignment I 1000 October 17, 2006
It's the Roman numeral for 50 L 200 May 10, 2006
People with this most common blood type were once considered universal donors O 400 May 10, 2006
It's the class of vitamins that includes thiamine & riboflavin B 600 May 10, 2006
In standard tuning, the top & bottom strings of a 6-string guitar are tuned to this note E 800 May 10, 2006
In physics, it's the symbol for Planck's constant <i>h</i> 1000 May 10, 2006
It's Duracell's largest general-purpose battery D cell 200 March 28, 2003
In the '60s & '70s when Disneyland used alphabet-coded tickets, this was the most desirable one E ticket 400 March 28, 2003
In the word seen here in 17th-century-style printing, the first letter isn't an F, but this S 600 March 28, 2003
This letter, 1 away from being in the musical scale in the English-speaking world, is used by Germans for B natural H 800 March 28, 2003
Feng shui experts don't care for rooms shaped like this letter, like the one featured in a 1962 Leslie Caron movie L 1000 March 28, 2003
This letter represents the force that takes you from light to heavy as you loop upward in a roller coaster G (g-force) 200 September 11, 2002
Cockneys are known for dropping this letter from the start of words H 400 September 11, 2002
Our president, familiarly W 600 September 11, 2002
Before the euro, this letter was the Parisian equivalent of a dollar sign F (franc) 800 September 11, 2002
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from the American Airlines Center in Dallas.) It's the single-letter name for the (basketball) shot seen here J (jump shot) 1000 September 11, 2002
Something that's appropriate might "suit you to" this letter a T 100 June 24, 1999
Dorothy Parker snidely wrote that Katharine Hepburn ran the gamut of emotions from A to this B 200 June 24, 1999
Letter that's also the name of the mass transit system seen here(in Chicago) L 300 June 24, 1999
In chess notation K stands for the king, so the knight has this symbol N 400 June 24, 1999
It's a Burmese title of respect, seen in the name of a 1960s U.N. secretary-general U (as in U Thant) June 24, 1999
This letter was a symbol of perfection after Giotto drew a perfect freehand circle to impress the Pope O 100 April 21, 1997
This supposedly sullen generation, born in 1961 & after, was named by novelist Douglas Coupland Generation X 200 April 21, 1997
This computer chip is named for the type of TV programming parents may want to block V-Chip 400 April 21, 1997
Antigens designated by these 2 letters determine blood types A & B 500 April 21, 1997
For 30 years Desmond Llewelyn, the actor seen here, has played this character:[video clue] "Q" (from the "James Bond" movies) April 21, 1997
If you know something completely, you know it from A to this Z 100 June 18, 1996
As a verb, it means to cross out X 200 June 18, 1996
$1,000 G 300 June 18, 1996
Metaphysicians use it to refer to the ego I 400 June 18, 1996
The Village People found it fun to stay here Y 500 June 18, 1996
It precedes -bill, -bar & -bone T 100 January 30, 1996
An FBI agent is popularly referred to as this type of "man" G-Man 200 January 30, 1996
It's the Roman numeral for 500 D 300 January 30, 1996
On a 1970s sitcom, Penny Marshall frequently wore this letter on her blouse L (for Laverne) 400 January 30, 1996
These 2 letters do not appear on the buttons of a telephone Q & Z 500 January 30, 1996
In Roman numerals, it's the symbol for 1 I 100 May 10, 1994
It's the letter turned backwards in the name of America's top toy store chain R 200 May 10, 1994
In describing measurements, it represents the word by X 300 May 10, 1994
In sign language 3 fingers held up & slightly spread represent this letter W 400 May 10, 1994
In Japanese, all words end with either a vowel or this consonant N 500 May 10, 1994
A type of shirt, or an "A-Team" Mr. T 100 February 15, 1993
On a bowling scoresheet, it signifies a strike X 200 February 15, 1993
It's the Roman numeral 500, or a barely passing grade D 300 February 15, 1993
It's the first word of Canada's national anthem O 400 February 15, 1993
It's the chemical symbol for potassium K 500 February 15, 1993
One dictionary defines it as "the word used in mentioning oneself" I 100 September 25, 1992
It can sound like an "S" or a "K" & long ago had a hard "G" sound, too C 200 September 25, 1992
Though not found in the word "ounce", this letter is used in its abbreviation Z 300 September 25, 1992
On a compass it's the letter at the 90-degree mark E 400 September 25, 1992
In the U.S. "P" stands for penny; in England this letter formerly did D 500 September 25, 1992
It's considered the ghost letter in the word ghost H 100 November 29, 1991
When it follows Elizabeth in a signature, it means she's the reigning queen R 200 November 29, 1991
It's the letter over which a Spaniard places a tilde N 300 November 29, 1991
What C times V equals in Roman numerals D 400 November 29, 1991
It's the seventh note in a scale of C Major B 500 November 29, 1991
In describing measurements, it represents the word "by", as in 3' by 5' X 100 May 7, 1991
Harry Truman didn't always use a period after this middle initial; it didn't stand for anything S 200 May 7, 1991
The symbol for the British pound is this letter with a line through it L 300 May 7, 1991
In literature Hester Prynne wore this "Scarlet Letter" A 400 May 7, 1991
On a musical score, the direction to play softly is indicated by this lower case letter P 500 May 7, 1991
Type of string in the title of a 1941 mystery novel by Gypsy Rose Lee G 100 October 10, 1990
Letter replaced by an apostrophe in e'er, o'er, & ne'er V 200 October 10, 1990
While in disguise, Don Diego de la Vega often left this letter in his wake Z 300 October 10, 1990
In Washington, D.C., signs with this letter designate the subway M 400 October 10, 1990
This letter is sometimes used as an abbreviation for a Latin word that means "about" C 500 October 10, 1990
It can precede bone, shirt & square T 100 July 19, 1990
In the comics the sound made by snoring is usually represented by a series of these letters Z 200 July 19, 1990
As part of an Irish name, it usually means "descendant of" O 300 July 19, 1990
People who are workaholics are said to exhibit this "type" of behavior A 400 July 19, 1990
Middle initial of 1950s TV host Robert Lewis Q 500 July 19, 1990
As a prefix, this single letter can mean on, in, to or without A 100 May 3, 1990
For the Flying Fortress this letter preceded -17; for the Superfortress, -29 B 200 May 3, 1990
When this letter follows 100 degrees it makes it the boiling point of water C 300 May 3, 1990
Single letter in the nickname of the second largest city in Texas ("Big) D" (for Dallas) 400 May 3, 1990
Letter that occurs most often in the phrase "An elephant never forgets" E 500 May 3, 1990
Add this letter to the front of "possum" & you still have the same animal O 100 January 16, 1990
This letter goes back to the Phoenician alphabet where it resembled a ladder, which is still does H 200 January 16, 1990
In 1962 the African land of Urundi added this letter to its name B 300 January 16, 1990
The only letter that stands for a musical note, a Roman numeral & a baseball position C 400 January 16, 1990
The word "apron" used to have this letter tied to the front N 500 January 16, 1990
It can follow "U.S." or "H.M.", as in the case of the Pinafore S 100 December 7, 1989
It's the letter of the train Duke Ellington wants you to take A 200 December 7, 1989
Symbol for the force you feel pushing against you when you accelerate your spacecraft G 300 December 7, 1989
Film reviewer Joe Bob Briggs says Linnea Quigley & Michelle Bauer are queens of these movies B 400 December 7, 1989
1st initial of a Hoover & middle initial of a Foyt J 500 December 7, 1989
In Spanish, it's the letter over which you may see a tilde N 100 November 8, 1989
On a report card it can mean outstanding work habits; on a baseball scorecard, a mistake E 200 November 8, 1989
This letter is formed by drawing the letter before it twice W 300 November 8, 1989
In the new British currency system p stands for pence; in the old system, this stood for penny d 400 November 8, 1989
These 3 letters when said in sequence mean “perfect” A O K 500 November 8, 1989
Type of turn your car has just made if you've completely reversed your direction of travel U 100 December 31, 1987
It's the only movie rating symbol the MPAA hasn't copyrighted, so anyone can put it on his own film X 200 December 31, 1987
One-letter abbreviation of the French equivalent of the English "sir" M (for monsieur) 300 December 31, 1987
Vowel that occurs most often in the 2-letter postal abbreviations of the 50 states A (12 times) 400 December 31, 1987
In computer talk, it stands not for 1000, but 1024 bytes K 500 December 31, 1987
Letter referring to string originally used to hold up Indians' loincloths G 100 November 21, 1985
How Mr. Rogers' sweaters "suit him" to a T 200 November 21, 1985
Links "the wisp" & will", or McDonald's "fish" & "filet" O 300 November 21, 1985
Strung together for snoring sleepers Z\'s 400 November 21, 1985
When doubled, this letter can be shot from a gun a B 500 November 21, 1985
Precedes ray, rated, & marks the spot X 100 May 17, 1985
A piece of paper signed to represent a debt IOU 200 May 17, 1985
1930 Peter Lorre film directed by Fritz Lang <i>M</i> 300 May 17, 1985
The 15th & 16th letters, or a Mayberry youth OP (Opie) 400 May 17, 1985
The only letter not present in the spellings of any of the fifty states Q 500 May 17, 1985