Clues for: World Geography

Question Answer Value Airdate
Saudi Arabia has the longest coastline of any country on this sea, about 1,100 miles the Red Sea 200 January 3, 2022
Sunda Kelapa & Batavia are former names of this most populous city in Indonesia Jakarta 400 January 3, 2022
Traveling south from Ghent in this country, St. Ghislain awaits Belgium 800 January 3, 2022
In October 1869 Nova Scotia recorded a 54-foot tide at Burntcoat Head in this bay the Bay of Fundy 1000 January 3, 2022
Named for a monarch, this landmark is found on the border between Zambia & Zimbabwe Victoria Falls January 3, 2022
The Mississippi River flows more than 2,300 miles before emptying into this large body of water the Gulf of Mexico 200 November 8, 2018
Tibetans call this high point Chomolungma, often translated as "Goddess Mother of the World" Mount Everest 400 November 8, 2018
The site of fighting in recent years, Aleppo in this country is one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities Syria 600 November 8, 2018
Bulgaria & Bosnia-Herzegovina are 2 of the countries on this peninsula the Balkan Peninsula 1000 November 8, 2018
(Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) On a map, New Zealand, Hawaii & Easter Island form the three corners of this roughly triangular region of Oceania that's noted for its many islands Polynesia November 8, 2018
With a population of more than 190 million, Uttar Pradesh is this country's largest state India 200 January 14, 2010
Nuuk is the oldest Danish settlement on this island; it's also the capital Greenland 400 January 14, 2010
Named for an explorer (not the brothers, eh?), this longest river in Canada empties into the Beaufort Sea the MacKenzie River 600 January 14, 2010
Under British rule, this small country that's surrounded by South Africa was known as Basutoland Lesotho 800 January 14, 2010
A popular Caribbean destination is the paired island groups of Turks & this Caicos 1000 January 14, 2010
Melbourne is in the Australian state named for this woman, a friend of Viscount Melbourne Queen Victoria 200 January 10, 2008
Paulistas live in a large city in this large South American country Brazil 400 January 10, 2008
It's Africa's highest mount that shares its name with a country Kenya 800 January 10, 2008
This Chinese canal begins at Beijing & ends 1,100 miles later at the port of Hangzhou the Grand Canal 1000 January 10, 2008
You can enter this European city via the Puerta de Bisagra & its U.S. namesake via Exit 64 on the Ohio Turnpike Toledo January 10, 2008
One of the two lands seen here Greenland (or Iceland) 200 February 8, 2006
A controversial war was fought by the U.S. in the '60s & '70s in this country once divided into north & south halves Vietnam 400 February 8, 2006
This Asian nation seen here on the map has one of the world's largest populations India 600 February 8, 2006
You can get to this northwesternmost African nation by crossing the Strait of Gibraltar Morocco 800 February 8, 2006
Hobart is the capital city of this island state of Australia Tasmania 1000 February 8, 2006
It's the country where you'll find Cape Nordkyn, the northernmost point on the European mainland Norway 200 January 12, 2004
In ancient times this city in Campania was called Neapolis Naples 400 January 12, 2004
In Arabic this British territory on Spain's southern coast is called Gebel-al-Tarik (Hill of Tarik) Gibraltar 600 January 12, 2004
Victoria Peak is the highest point in this Central American country Belize 1000 January 12, 2004
If you flew directly from the capital of Turkey to the capital of Ukraine, you'd have to cross this sea the Black Sea January 12, 2004
This country's 26 states include Para, Pernambuco & Amazonas Brazil 100 April 14, 2000
London is this country's tenth most populous metropolitan area; Hamilton & Edmonton are larger Canada 200 April 14, 2000
The Cinca River in northeastern Spain rises in these mountains Pyrenees 300 April 14, 2000
This Turkish mountain was first climbed in modern times in 1829, long after Noah Mount Ararat 400 April 14, 2000
If Italy's boot kicked backwards, it would hit this country whose capital is Tirane Albania 500 April 14, 2000
Marseille, this country's main seaport, is on its Mediterranean coast France 100 December 8, 1997
The Casa Rosada, residence of this country's president, stands on the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires Argentina 200 December 8, 1997
Natives of this largest island call it Kalaallit Nunaat Greenland 300 December 8, 1997
The Kuril Islands separate the Sea of Okhotsk from this ocean Pacific 400 December 8, 1997
Uzbekistan shares the inland Aral Sea with this neighboring "Stan" to the north Kazakhstan 500 December 8, 1997
This sea is divided into the Yucatan, Cayman, Colombian, Venezuelan & Grenada basins Caribbean Sea 100 December 19, 1996
Dongfang, China, on Hainan Island, & northern Vietnam's Haiphong lie on this gulf Gulf of Tonkin 200 December 19, 1996
Foveaux Strait separates Stewart Island from this country's South Island New Zealand 300 December 19, 1996
The Russians call this sea between Asia & Europe Chernoye More Black Sea 400 December 19, 1996
The ancient poets of India called this longest river of Pakistan "King River" Indus 500 December 19, 1996
Lake Mirim lies on Uruguay's border with this huge country Brazil 100 November 7, 1996
This country's northernmost state, Schleswigholstein, borders Denmark's Jutland Peninsula Germany 200 November 7, 1996
This country is less than 5 miles wide from Tysfjord to the Swedish border Norway 300 November 7, 1996
Australia's largest natural freshwater lake, Great Lake, lies in this island state Tasmania 400 November 7, 1996
An important route through these mountains lies between Vladikavkaz, Russia & Tbilisi, Georgia Caucasus 500 November 7, 1996
The name of Ontario may mean "near the water", a reference to these famous falls Niagara Falls 100 June 10, 1996
The southernmost of the Channel Islands, it's famous for its purebred cattle Jersey 200 June 10, 1996
Ostend, which the Flemish call Oostende, is a fishing port & seaside resort in this country Belgium 300 June 10, 1996
You'll find this city, Nepal's largest, in the foothills of the Himalayas Kathmandu 400 June 10, 1996
Guatemala & this neighbor border Mexico on the southeast Belize 500 June 10, 1996
This city is about 18 miles or 95,040 feet of film southwest of Nice Cannes 100 May 3, 1996
The easternmost part of Egypt, it shares its name with a mountain Sinai 200 May 3, 1996
The 3 continents crossed by the Tropic of Capricorn South America, Africa & Australia 300 May 3, 1996
The Limpopo River is also known by this reptilian name Crocodile River 500 May 3, 1996
Of Japan's 4 main islands, the one whose name doesn't end in "U" Hokkaido May 3, 1996
More than 40 peaks in this South American range rise above 20,000 feet Andes 100 February 12, 1996
This Scottish capital lies on a series of hills surrounding a valley called Princes Street Gardens Edinburgh 200 February 12, 1996
This snowy eastern region of Russia makes up about 3/4 of the country's area Siberia 300 February 12, 1996
The Sinai Peninsula & the tip of Arabia lie at either end of this "colorful" sea Red Sea 400 February 12, 1996
The name of this island nation off the coast of India means "beautiful island" in the native language Sri Lanka 500 February 12, 1996
This narrow lake, part of Scotland's Caledonian Canal, is home to a famous monster Loch Ness 100 November 7, 1995
This longest river on Earth flows into the Mediterranean Sea the Nile 200 November 7, 1995
Birnbaum's Travel Guide calls this volcano the terror & pride of Naples Mount Vesuvius 300 November 7, 1995
This continent's Polyus Nedostupnosti, the pole of inaccessibility, is Guinness' coldest place Antarctica 500 November 7, 1995
The first atomic bomb was exploded in 1945 near Alamogordo in this state New Mexico November 7, 1995
The southernmost of this country's 4 main islands is Kyushu Japan 100 November 3, 1995
Including metropolitan areas, this Ontario city is Canada's most populous Toronto 200 November 3, 1995
Italy's Arno & Tiber Rivers flow from this mountain range to the sea the Apennines 300 November 3, 1995
The mouth of this river forms Dublin Bay on Ireland's east coast the River Liffey 500 November 3, 1995
Parts of Israel's Negev desert are irrigated by water from this freshwater lake Lake Tiberias (the Sea of Galilee, the Sea of Tiberias) November 3, 1995
Matthias Zurbriggen was first to reach the top of Mt. Aconcagua, this continent's highest point South America 100 October 11, 1995
The basin of this most sacred Hindu river is one of the world's most populous regions the Ganges 200 October 11, 1995
Many older buildings in Galway in this country are Spanish in style Ireland 300 October 11, 1995
Calpe was the ancient name for this rocky promontory at the tip of the Iberian Peninsula Gibraltar 400 October 11, 1995
Aachen in this country has many curative mineral springs Germany 500 October 11, 1995
The Libyan Desert is actually the northeastern portion of this desert the Sahara 100 May 6, 1994
Harbors dotting this country's coastline include Port Pirie, Port Darwin & Port Adelaide Australia 200 May 6, 1994
This largest island of Greece is the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean Crete 300 May 6, 1994
Gebel Katherina, this country's highest mountain, stands on the Sinai Peninsula Egypt 400 May 6, 1994
The Loire River of France flows 634 miles before emptying into this bay the Bay of Biscay 500 May 6, 1994
The official residence of the prime minister of Canada is in this city Ottawa 100 May 21, 1991
Thessaloniki in this country was named for Alexander the Great's sister Greece 200 May 21, 1991
This Brazilian landmark overlooking Guanabara Bay is called Pao de Acucar in Portuguese Sugarloaf (Mountain) 300 May 21, 1991
These mountain extend from the Bay of Biscay on the NW to the Mediterranean Sea on the SE the Pyrenees 500 May 21, 1991
Abu Dhabi is the largest of the 7 states that make up this Persian Gulf country the United Arab Emirates May 21, 1991
In the Hindu language, this country is called "Bharat" India 100 May 6, 1991
A Norwegian territory, Queen Maud Land is located on this continent Antarctica 200 May 6, 1991
One legend says this snow-capped mountain in Africa is the burial place of King Solomon Mount Kilimanjaro 300 May 6, 1991
Baffin Bay separates Canada's Baffin Island from this Danish province Greenland 400 May 6, 1991
A 22-mile-wide channel separates Zanzibar Island from the mainland of this country Tanzania 500 May 6, 1991
To visit the republic of Azerbaijan, you would travel to this country Soviet Union 100 October 31, 1990
The only continent that's smaller in area than the U.S. Australia 200 October 31, 1990
The Bay of Plenty of this country was named by Cook for the copious food the Maoris there gave him New Zealand 300 October 31, 1990
Ocean where you'd find the Marquesas Ridge, the Chatham Rise & the Aleutian & Guatemala Trenches Pacific Ocean 400 October 31, 1990
2 oceans meet at Cape Agulhas, the southernmost extremity of this continent Africa 500 October 31, 1990
Geographers still use this ancient name for the peninsula occupied by Spain & Portugal Iberia 100 October 29, 1990
Running the length of South America, these mountains form the world's 2nd highest range the Andes 200 October 29, 1990
Once a major whaling center, Hobart is the capital of this Australian island-state Tasmania 300 October 29, 1990
Egypt may be famous for its pyramids, but the worlds largest one is in this country Mexico 400 October 29, 1990
The world's third leading producer of tea is this island nation Sri Lanka 500 October 29, 1990
It's the lowest, flattest & smallest continent Australia 100 March 5, 1990
Abingdon, Windsor, Gravesend & Southend-On-Sea are on this European river Thames 200 March 5, 1990
City that stands on the ruins of Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec people Mexico City 300 March 5, 1990
The highest airport in the world is Lhasa Airport in this country TIbet 400 March 5, 1990
The hot water heating of this northern European capital is drawn directly from underground springs Reykjavik, Iceland 500 March 5, 1990
Country that occupies about 85% of the Iberian Peninsula Spain 100 February 5, 1990
This island, the world's fourth largest, is separated from Africa by the Mozambique Channel Madagascar 200 February 5, 1990
An arbitrary separation between these 2 oceans has been placed at the longitude of Tasmania--147°E Pacific Ocean & Indian Ocean 300 February 5, 1990
Major city that's divided by the Amstel River Amsterdam 400 February 5, 1990
1 of the 2 South American countries that don't border Brazil Ecuador (or Chile) 500 February 5, 1990
Kangaroo Island is the 3rd largest offshore island of this country Australia 100 January 15, 1990
Judas trees grow on the northern slopes of this country's Mount Carmel National Park & Nature Reserves Israel 200 January 15, 1990
At the old observatory here you can stand with 1 foot in the eastern hemisphere & one in the western Greenwich, England 300 January 15, 1990
The southernmost glacier in Europe, the Calderone, is in this country's Apennine Mts. Italy 400 January 15, 1990
This port city is West Germany's leading industrial center Hamburg 500 January 15, 1990
This capital city lies on the broad & shallow plain formed by the Moskva River & tributaries Moscow 100 November 16, 1989
You must remember this is the most populous city in Morocco, but Rabat is the capital Casablanca 200 November 16, 1989
With less than 10% of the world's population, this continent creates more than 1/3 of its manufactures North America 300 November 16, 1989
The Red Sea is considered an arm of this ocean Indian Ocean 400 November 16, 1989
There used to be 2 countries with this name; now there's only 1 & its capital is Brazzaville Congo 500 November 16, 1989
The birthplace of Nero's mother, this city on the Rhine was made a colony by the Romans, who called it Colonia Cologne 100 October 16, 1989
This country ranks No. 4 in population after China, India & the USSR the United States 200 October 16, 1989
When Greek colonists founded this city on the Bosporus, they called it Byzantium Istanbul 300 October 16, 1989
After it roars over the falls, the Niagara River flows into this Great Lake Lake Ontario 400 October 16, 1989
A re-enactment of the wedding of the Doge & the sea takes place in this city Venice 500 October 16, 1989
Even without its ice, this continent would have the highest average altitude Antarctica 100 May 23, 1989
Ancient Egyptians never lived in this city near the Nile delta; Moslems founded it in 969 A.D. Cairo 200 May 23, 1989
Located on the Tropic of Capricorn, this, Brazil's largest city, stays cool because of its altitude São Paulo 300 May 23, 1989
Principality that calls itself Cymru, it juts westward from England into the Irish Sea Wales 400 May 23, 1989
Though Canada's Newfoundland province is named for the island, most of it is on this peninsula the Labrador Peninsula 500 May 23, 1989
The French word cap, as in Cap-Haitien, denotes this geographical feature cape 100 April 27, 1989
The ancient Mayan city of Uxmal is on this Mexican peninsula Yucatan 200 April 27, 1989
Botswana, north of this country, has opened 3 diamond mines since 1971 & has prospered South Africa 300 April 27, 1989
Ninety Mile Beach, actually just 55 miles long, is a resort area on this country's North Island New Zealand 400 April 27, 1989
The only country on the Balkan Peninsula that's a member of NATO & the EEC Greece 500 April 27, 1989
In Gaelic, the name of this Irish capital city is Baile Atha Cliath Dublin 100 March 3, 1989
Fueled by oil deposits at Maracaibo, this country's economy is the richest in South America Venezuela 200 March 3, 1989
The world's 2nd largest country in area Canada 300 March 3, 1989
Also called the Istanbul Strait, it separates Turkey in Europe from Turkey in Asia Bosporus 400 March 3, 1989
The island of Mindanao has been described as a Muslim outpost in this mostly Catholic country the Philippines March 3, 1989
By the year 1340 this Egyptian capital had half a million people; more than any city in Europe Cairo 100 February 7, 1989
Latin American country named for the Aztec god of war Mexico 200 February 7, 1989
Canada's steel industry is centered in Hamilton, the 2nd largest city in this province Ontario 300 February 7, 1989
The earthquake that devastated Armenia was also felt in this country, its neighbor to the west Turkey 400 February 7, 1989
This polish city, formerly known as Danzig, was founded near the mouth of the Vistula River in the 900s Gdansk 500 February 7, 1989
A retirement city in Florida, or a retired capital of Russia St. Petersburg 100 June 28, 1988
This part of the United Kingdom is called "Cymru" in its native language Wales 200 June 28, 1988
Capital of Malaysia, it was once a Chinese tin-mining camp Kuala Lumpur 400 June 28, 1988
Avarua is the capital of these Pacific islands, which were named for an English captain the Cook Islands 500 June 28, 1988
2 of the 4 countries that border Romania (2 of) the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria & Hungary June 28, 1988
Though only 4 square miles in area, this island south of Elba really "counted" in a Dumas novel Monte Cristo 100 April 25, 1988
This region above the Arctic Circle covers parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland & the USSR Lappland 200 April 25, 1988
Though in the Caribbean, Aruba, Curacao & St. Eustatus are part of this European kingdom the Netherlands 300 April 25, 1988
The principal city of southern India, it has given its name to a colorful cloth produced there Madras 400 April 25, 1988
Consisting of at least 400 islands, the Sulu Archipelago is part of this island country Philippines 500 April 25, 1988
The free side of Berlin West Berlin 100 December 30, 1987
The communist half of Korea North Korea 200 December 30, 1987
Most of Jerusalem's Arabs live on this side East Side (eastern side) 300 December 30, 1987
The Yemen that was formerly the British Colony & Protectorate of Aden South Yemen 400 December 30, 1987
The part of Mongolia that's part of China Inner Mongolia 500 December 30, 1987
All the countries whose names end in "guay" are on this continent South America 100 May 12, 1987
One source says this city was founded in 200 A.D. by the Polish Duke of Krak Krakow 200 May 12, 1987
4th largest European nation, it is divided into Gotaland, Sveland, & Norrland Sweden 300 May 12, 1987
Number of oceans crossed by the Tropic of Cancer 2 400 May 12, 1987
River port of over 600,000 people in the heart of Brazil's Amazon rain forest Manaus 500 May 12, 1987
Cape Agulhas, not Cape of Good Hope, is this continent's southernmost point Africa 100 January 1, 1986
By latest estimates, of California, Canada, & Colombia, the 1 with the fewest people Canada 200 January 1, 1986
New World country closest to Africa Brazil 300 January 1, 1986
It's the lowest land point in the entire Western Hemisphere Death Valley 400 January 1, 1986
1 of 2 former names of Turkey's largest city, Istanbul Constantinople (or Byzantium) 500 January 1, 1986
Capital of Sri Lanka, it sounds like Peter Falk's been there Colombo 100 January 1, 1985
Continent Greenland is considered part of North America 200 January 1, 1985
As Cape Horn is to South America, this is to Africa the Cape of Good Hope 300 January 1, 1985
Closest foreign country to Fairbanks, Alaska Canada 400 January 1, 1985
The Gulf of Aqaba separates these 2 Mid-East peninsulas the Arabian Peninsula & the Sinai Peninsula 500 January 1, 1985
It's Erin or Eire in Gaelic Ireland 100 November 6, 1984
Where Persian rugs are made Iran 200 November 6, 1984
It's the largest island in Europe & 7th largest in the world Great Britain 300 November 6, 1984