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Question Answer Value Airdate
This fruit was an early symbol of peace & prosperity the fig 200 November 18, 2020
No lie, Burger King calls this signature sandwich "America's favorite burger" the Whopper 400 November 18, 2020
It's Christmas, and we got a batch of this semi-soft candy--yum fudge 600 November 18, 2020
Encyclopedia Britannica says this quick bread "became an integral part of the fashionable ritual of 'taking tea"' scones 800 November 18, 2020
This corkscrew pasta gets its name from the Italian for "little spindles" fusilli 1000 November 18, 2020
Venus, steamer & cherrystone are all types of this seafood clams 200 February 11, 2020
Iceberg, heirloom & a rasher are the main trio in this classic sandwich a BLT 400 February 11, 2020
The Isle of Wight & Lake Worth, Florida both have annual festivals honoring this pungent bulb & its endless potential garlic 600 February 11, 2020
The name of this spicy Cajun stew comes from the French for "to smother" etouffee 800 February 11, 2020
To make a Pavlova dessert, start with a base of this beaten mixture, then top it with whipped cream & fruit meringue 1000 February 11, 2020
Among Time magazine's 25 Best Inventions of 2013 was the cronut, a cross between this & a donut the croissant 200 September 17, 2014
It's the 6-letter term for a thin slice of meat, especially pork or veal, that's broiled or fried a cutlet 400 September 17, 2014
Served in chicken soup, knaidel is another name for this Jewish favorite matzo ball 600 September 17, 2014
Used for making stocks & gravy, they're innards like the heart, liver & gizzard of poultry giblets 800 September 17, 2014
It's the two-word nameof the USA's best-selling grape Thompson seedless 1000 September 17, 2014
Vitelottes, a type of these tubers, have almost-black skin & purple flesh the potato 200 January 18, 2013
A favorite since ancient times, this Chinese fruit is called a "nut" when it's dried lychee 400 January 18, 2013
A long thin cookie, langue-de-chat means this, probably a reference to its shape the cat\'s tongue 600 January 18, 2013
Amaretti are macaroons flavored with a paste made from the bitter type of these nuts almonds 800 January 18, 2013
In ancient Rome this flat fish was called "Jupiter's sandal" the sole January 18, 2013
Food used in many Thai dishes & also mentioned in "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" peanuts 200 June 20, 2007
Munich's traditional Weisswurst, a veal sausage, is naked without Senf, German for this mustard 400 June 20, 2007
At his first news conference, George W. Bush compared Iraq sanctions to this dairy food Swiss cheese 600 June 20, 2007
The main ingredients of ratatouille are tomatoes, onions, peppers, zucchini & this veggie that's bigger than those eggplant 800 June 20, 2007
Meat on a stick sounds better if you use the French term, "en" this brochette 1000 June 20, 2007
A "giant flour tortilla" wrapped around meat, beans & cheese, it's a mainstay of the Chipotle chain a burrito 200 February 15, 2007
An alcohol called glycerol gives this part of a cake its smooth texture icing (or frosting) 400 February 15, 2007
The topping here is this delicacy, that can come from several different creatures caviar 600 February 15, 2007
Rotelle, conchiglie & farfalle are shapes of this noodles (or pasta) 800 February 15, 2007
The name of this type of beef, seen here, means it's been preserved by salting corned beef (or pickled beef) 1000 February 15, 2007
The first new variety of Eggo waffle Kellogg's made was one with this fruit in 1972 blueberries 200 November 21, 2005
Poutine, a Montreal treat, is covered with gravy & this solid element of cheese the curd 400 November 21, 2005
Holishkes is one of the many names for leaves of this vegetable stuffed with meat cabbage 800 November 21, 2005
Italian for "angry", it describes a pasta sauce spiced up with plenty of chiles <i>arrabbiata</i> 1000 November 21, 2005
This Thai food flavoring comes from a tropical plant named for its citrusy smell lemon grass November 21, 2005
In 1966 Fritos introduced these chips, cut in a triangular shape Doritos 100 July 4, 2000
Campbell's picked these, the school colors of Cornell University, for its label red & white 200 July 4, 2000
Banquet introduced its first frozen food product in 1953, this type of pie chicken pot pie 300 July 4, 2000
The last name of a former General Mills director was immortalized in this cake mix line Betty Crocker 400 July 4, 2000
Oh baby, in 1953 Ore-Ida invented this hash brown product tater tots 500 July 4, 2000
The Spaniards called it pina de Indes from its resemblance to a pine cone Pineapple 100 June 25, 1998
In England & Scandinavia this is the traditional bird for the Christmas feast, not the turkey Goose 200 June 25, 1998
Its history shows the French taking an Austrian crescent roll & making it with puff pastry, not bread dough Croissant 300 June 25, 1998
In 1938 Herman Warden Lay started selling these under his own brand name Potato chips 400 June 25, 1998
NYC restaurateur famous for his namesake: grilled corned beef, Swiss & sauerkraut on rye Arnold Reuben (Reuben sandwich) June 25, 1998
Change one letter in the herb yarrow & you'll get this foodstuff found in bones Marrow 100 January 19, 1998
This zesty sauce named for a Mexican state includes peppers fermented for 3 years Tabasco 200 January 19, 1998
Whether red, black or Nassau, a grouper is a type of this Fish 300 January 19, 1998
Of cannoli, cannelloni & cannellini, the one that's not tube shaped Cannellini 400 January 19, 1998
The French dessert croquembouche consists of these stacked in a pyramid & coated with caramel Puff pastry 500 January 19, 1998
These 2 vegetables were crossed to produce the broccoflower Broccoli & cauliflower 100 March 7, 1997
To make provolone, use milk from this animal Cow 200 March 7, 1997
To test if an egg is fresh, put it in a bowl of cold water; if it does this, it's old Float 300 March 7, 1997
From a Nahuatl word meaning "chili sauce", it contains chocolate & is often served over chicken Mole 400 March 7, 1997
Boil cane sugar to get light molasses; boil it again to get dark molasses; a third boil yields this Blackstrap molasses 500 March 7, 1997
The delicious type of this fruit was discovered near Peru, Iowa in 1872 apple 100 November 8, 1996
Congee, a gruel made of this grain & water, is a popular morning meal in China rice 200 November 8, 1996
Long Island, Rouen, France & Beijing are known for the superiority of these fowl they produce ducks 300 November 8, 1996
The cherrystone, a medium-sized, East Coast one of these, is good steamed, baked or raw clam 400 November 8, 1996
The Black Corinth variety of this fruit is the one used to make dried currants grapes 500 November 8, 1996
Flambeed fruit desserts include Bananas Foster & cherries this jubilee 100 November 7, 1996
It's the British-sounding name for marinated flank steak carved in thin diagonal slices London broil 200 November 7, 1996
A Florentine specialty, uova alla fiorentina are poached eggs & this vegetable topped with Mornay sauce spinach 300 November 7, 1996
Usually sold in logs, Montrachet is a type of this food cheese 400 November 7, 1996
This Mexican dish with a minced filling rolled in cornmeal is steamed in a corn husk until it's nice & "hot" tamale 500 November 7, 1996
Types of these vegetables include pearl, green & Bermuda onions 100 October 15, 1996
They're the only edible part of a frog; remember, overcooking will make them tough legs 200 October 15, 1996
A ficelle is a long, thin one of these about half the size of a baguette loaf of bread 300 October 15, 1996
In different types of food, this crustacean's name precedes cake, apple & Louis crab 400 October 15, 1996
The top of a Dundee cake is usually covered with these nuts, blanched & split almond 500 October 15, 1996
Once this substance is clarified, it has a higher burning point butter 100 October 10, 1996
Genoise, true & hot-water are varieties of this "absorbent" cake sponge cake 200 October 10, 1996
This syrup made of dextrose, maltose & dextrin helps keep candy from getting grainy corn syrup 300 October 10, 1996
The black perigord variety of this precious fungus is usually cooked; the white Italian, served raw truffles 400 October 10, 1996
Rex sole is not a true sole but a member of this flatfish group flounder 500 October 10, 1996
In a cling peach the flesh clings to this the pit 100 October 4, 1996
This word that often follows wiener means "cutlet" in German <i>Schnitzel</i> 200 October 4, 1996
Cajun popcorn is made by battering & frying shrimp, or the tails of these freshwater crustaceans crayfish 300 October 4, 1996
The redeye type of this is made from fried ham drippings gravy 400 October 4, 1996
Some add onions to this Greek dish of eggplant layered with ground meat & covered in Bechamel sauce Moussaka 500 October 4, 1996
Carpacchio, an Italian dish of raw shavings of this meat, is often served with capers beef 100 July 15, 1996
Naan, an East Indian form of this, is usually baked in a tandoor bread 200 July 15, 1996
Grown for its root, celeriac is a relative of this plant grown for its stalks celery 100 June 10, 1996
The Bibb type of this vegetable was first cultivated by a man named Jack Bibb in the mid-19th C. lettuce 200 June 10, 1996
The "mock" type of this soup is made with a calf's head cooked in water turtle 300 June 10, 1996
When dining from one of these Scandinavian hors d'oeuvre tables, begin with the herring smorgasbord 400 June 10, 1996
Beurre manie is a thickener composed of flour & this substance kneaded together butter 500 June 10, 1996
These tiny fish are a traditional ingredient of Caesar salad & make a popular topping for pizza anchovies 100 February 20, 1996
This chewy roll, often topped with lox & cream cheese, can also be made into chips bagels 200 February 20, 1996
Shoyu is the Japanese name for this sauce popular in Japanese cooking soy sauce 300 February 20, 1996
The "German" style of this side dish contains bits of bacon & is sometimes served warm potato salad 400 February 20, 1996
To hide discoloration, the shell of this nut is often dyed red pistachio 500 February 20, 1996
Valencias account for about half the crop of these grown each year oranges 100 December 11, 1995
The name of this dish often made of leftovers comes from the French word hacher, meaning "to chop" hash 200 December 11, 1995
Vegetables cooked a la Grecque are stewed in lemon juice, seasonings & this oil olive oil 300 December 11, 1995
Durum, the hardest type of this grain, is often made into semolina flour wheat 400 December 11, 1995
The Hass is a blackish, pebble-skinned variety of this fruit avocado 500 December 11, 1995
This breakfast dish is simple to make: just dip slices of bread in egg, sugar & milk and fry French toast 100 November 3, 1995
Eaten cold or added to pasta, prosciutto is a type of this meat ham 200 November 3, 1995
Souvlakia—lamb & often vegetables grilled on a skewer—is the Greek version of this Turkish dish shish kebab 300 November 3, 1995
Golden oak is another name for the shiitake variety of this a mushroom 400 November 3, 1995
The Wellness Ency. of Food and Nutrition says these mottled beans contain more fiber than any other legume pinto beans 500 November 3, 1995
One legend says Mr. & Mrs. LeGrand Benedict sparked the creation of this dish at Delmonico's Eggs Benedict 100 October 13, 1995
Austrians relish foods "mit Schlag", which means topped with this substance cream 200 October 13, 1995
This 2-word term that describes traditional African-American fare is fairly recent, c. 1960 soul food 300 October 13, 1995
The French belon variety of this bivalve is now being farmed in the United States oyster 400 October 13, 1995
The thick top crust of this pie-like fruit dessert is made of biscuit dough cobbler 500 October 13, 1995
While venison can refer the meat of a moose or elk, it usually applies to this animal deer 100 May 2, 1995
Small ones of these breakfast treats are popularly referred to as silver dollars pancakes 200 May 2, 1995
Not only are these Hawaiian nuts expensive, they also contain more fat than most macadamia nuts 300 May 2, 1995
Its the French name for an oblong pastry filled with custard or cream & iced with chocolate an eclair 400 May 2, 1995
While it looks like a cross between celery & chard, bok choy is a variety of this vegetable cabbage 500 May 2, 1995
This nut produced by oak trees was eaten by American Indians acorn 100 April 12, 1995
This term for deer meat comes from the Latin venatio, meaning "hunt" or "chase" venison 200 April 12, 1995
Shabu shabu, a fondue-like dish of this country, is named for the sound it makes while cooking Japan 300 April 12, 1995
It takes 30-50 gallons of sap from the acer saccharum tree to make 1 gallon of this sweetener maple syrup 400 April 12, 1995
To make hominy, this grain's hull & germ are removed with lye or by crushing & sifting corn 500 April 12, 1995
Eggs Sardou, like Eggs Benedict, is topped with this sauce Hollandaise 100 March 14, 1995
In the Mideast this pocket bread is cut into wedges & used as a dipper for hummus pita bread 200 March 14, 1995
It's the tall narrow glass used to serve a dessert of ice cream layered with fruit & whipped cream parfait glass 300 March 14, 1995
When milk coagulates, it separates into these 2 parts curds & whey 400 March 14, 1995
In the leg & shoulder section of a pig, this cut is between the picnic ham & the pig's feet the ham hock 500 March 14, 1995
This seedless type of orange is named for the protuberance at its blossom end navel 100 December 22, 1994
Nova is a cold-smoked type of this fish originally from Nova Scotia salmon 200 December 22, 1994
Coffee is often the liquid used to make the redeye type of this gravy 300 December 22, 1994
These warmed, sweet treats are traditionally served on Good Friday (hot) cross buns 400 December 22, 1994
This Middle Eastern dish is made by frying balls of mashed, spiced chickpeas falafel 500 December 22, 1994
Anise, fennel, cloves, cinnamon & Szechwan pepper make up this country's 5-spice powder China 100 November 29, 1994
Blini, a Russian type of this thin, flat dish, are made with buckwheat flour pancakes 200 November 29, 1994
This celebrated blue cheese is aged in limestone caves in Southwestern France Roquefort 300 November 29, 1994
In bagna cauda, or "hot bath", vegetables are dipped in an oil mixture flavored with these tiny fish anchovies 400 November 29, 1994
The Pascal variety of this crisp garden vegetable has nearly stringless stalks celery 500 November 29, 1994
While these small bread cubes often top salads, larger versions can be used to catch drippings croutons 100 November 17, 1994
A raw egg yolk usually accompanies this raw meat dish Steak Tartare 200 November 17, 1994
Butternut refers to both an actual nut & this type of gourd squash 300 November 17, 1994
It's an Italian version of an omelet, served pancake-style a frittata 400 November 17, 1994
They're the two common vegetables in the English dish bubble & squeak potato & cabbage 500 November 17, 1994
This thick, spicy tomato sauce is the traditional American accompaniment for french-fried potatoes ketchup 100 November 8, 1994
The fish stew called cioppino was created in this California city by the bay San Francisco 200 November 8, 1994
The German dish aal Berliner Art contains these snakelike fish simmered in white wine & beer eel 100 November 12, 1993
They're the 2 traditional vegetables in succotash corn & lima beans 200 November 12, 1993
The thinnest of all pastas is the one with this "heavenly" name angel hair 300 November 12, 1993
In a restaurant squid is commonly referred to by this Italian name calamari 400 November 12, 1993
The cuisine of this country featurs such dishes as chicken panang, rad na noodles & mee krob Thai food 500 November 12, 1993
Baked beans & steamed brown bread are a famous combination from this New England city Boston 100 July 13, 1993
This sauce is the traditional topping for eggs Benedict hollandaise 200 July 13, 1993
Before making bread, bakers usually "proof" this leavening agent to see if it's alive yeast 300 July 13, 1993
These bivalves should have their beards removed before cooking mussels 400 July 13, 1993
Used in Middle Eastern cooking, tahini is a paste made of these seeds sesame seeds 500 July 13, 1993
Broccoflower, a relatively new vegetable, is a cross between broccoli & this cauliflower 100 July 9, 1993
Beurre blanc is a classic French sauce whose name means this color butter white 200 July 9, 1993
The last name of a nursery rhyme Jack, or a fish that's so high in fat he couldn't eat it Sprat 300 July 9, 1993
One of Post's Pebbles Cereals is named for this pet who lives in Bedrock Dino 400 July 9, 1993
Popular in Pennsylvania, pepper pot is a peppery soup made from this stomach lining tripe 500 July 9, 1993
American Indians called the eastern, hard-shell variety of these shellfish quahogs clams 100 June 28, 1993
This lunch staple is named for the earldom of inveterate gambler John Montagu a sandwich 200 June 28, 1993
Delicious apples come in these 2 color varieties red & golden 300 June 28, 1993
This salad dressing is actually American; its name may come from the fact that it once contained caviar Russian dressing 400 June 28, 1993
In America this spice is used largely for its red color; Hungarians appreciate its taste paprika 500 June 28, 1993
The cheese steak sandwich is said to have originated in this eastern city in the 1930s Philadelphia 100 February 26, 1993
This thick seafood soup's name comes from chaudiere, a type of caldron chowder 200 February 26, 1993
Cannoli pastries are often filled with this soft cheese found in lasagna ricotta 300 February 26, 1993
An open-faced one of these uses one slice of bread sandwich 400 February 26, 1993
This Mexican specialty translates as "stuffed peppers" & that's what they are chiles rellenos 500 February 26, 1993
The Red Delicious, the top-selling type of this in the U.S., was developed near east Peru, Iowa an apple 100 April 23, 1992
The russe type of this dessert is said to have been created for Czar Alexander a Charlotte 200 April 23, 1992
Used much like butter in Jewish cooking, schmaltz is the rendered fat of this fowl chicken 300 April 23, 1992
The double-acting kind of this leavener releases gas when first wet & when heated baking powder 400 April 23, 1992
Alfredo could tell you that the name of this pasta means "little ribbons" fettuccine 500 April 23, 1992
This egg white concoction tops Baked Alaska & certain lemon pies meringue 100 January 7, 1992
The pink type of this fish is nicknamed humpback for a ridge it grows before spawning a salmon 200 January 7, 1992
The material from which cheese is made, it's the solid part of coagulated milk curd 300 January 7, 1992
You needn't be a simpleton to enjoy this British pudding made of gooseberries & cream fool 400 January 7, 1992
This semolina-based food is the national dish of Morocco couscous 500 January 7, 1992
This is sometimes called a Wimpy after a character in "Popeye" who loves them a hamburger 100 December 12, 1991
The converted type of this grain is only partly polished with some bran left on rice 200 December 12, 1991
The Belgian type of this battercake is served for breakfast or for dessert Waffle 100 November 15, 1991
Dishes flavored or garnished with these rare costly fungi are referred to as "a la Perigourdine" Truffles 200 November 15, 1991
The name of this Mexican dish made with chiles & cheese translates to "stuffed peppers" Chiles Rellenos 300 November 15, 1991
Tahini, a thick paste used in Middle Eastern cooking, is made from these ground seeds Sesame seeds 400 November 15, 1991
From the Italian word for rice, it's a rice dish cooked with broth & often grated cheese Risotto 500 November 15, 1991
This Japanese dish can be many ingredients, not just raw fish, wrapped around vinegared rice sushi 100 October 11, 1991
Coarse hominy is called samp & ground hominy, this grits 200 October 11, 1991
The cheese steak sandwich is thought to have originated in this city in the 1930s Philadelphia 300 October 11, 1991
In Europe, some cook & eat the shoots of this beer-flavoring vine hops 400 October 11, 1991
The famous French tarte tatin contains this fruit apples 500 October 11, 1991
Country captain is a curry dish made with green peppers, almonds, currants & this poultry chicken 100 July 12, 1991
The Westphalian type of this meat is smoked over beechwood & juniper ham 200 July 12, 1991
Diplomatic sauce, which is served with fish, contains these rare, expensive fungi truffles 300 July 12, 1991
Port Salut is one of these made originally by Trappist monks in 19th century France cheese 500 July 12, 1991
When these nuts are preserved in a sweet syrup they are called marrons glaces chestnuts July 12, 1991
Traditionally, junket is served for this course dessert 100 May 27, 1991
You can thicken a thin sauce by adding beurre manie, a kneaded mixture of flour & this butter 200 May 27, 1991
Salsify, which is eaten as a vegetable, has another name which tells you it tastes like this mollusk an oyster 300 May 27, 1991
Cumberland sauce, which is often served with game, contains a red jelly made from this fruit currant 400 May 27, 1991
This word, Italian for "cooked", describes a type of salami <i>cotta</i> 500 May 27, 1991
Some think of this soup as "Jewish penicillin" chicken soup 100 April 25, 1991
Depending on the filling, you can serve this French pancake for dinner or dessert a crepe 200 April 25, 1991
WHile this term once referred to any game meat, it's now restricted to that of a deer venison 300 April 25, 1991
To make rumaki, wrap a strip of this around a water chestnut & a piece of chicken liver bacon 400 April 25, 1991
A soul food dish called "Hoppin' John" contains salt pork, rice & these legumes black-eyed peas 500 April 25, 1991
Vitello tonnato is cold veal with a sauce made of this fish tuna 100 March 28, 1991
A relative of the wild cavy, this laboratory animal is the national dish of Ecuador guinea pig 200 March 28, 1991
The tandoor in which tandoori chicken is made is this type of cooking device oven 300 March 28, 1991
A frequent ingredient in gravy, this term refers to the heart, gizzard, etc. of fowl giblets 400 March 28, 1991
Named for a village near Milan, this is the foremost blue cheese Gorgonzola 500 March 28, 1991
Sauce for salad, or stuffing for a fowl dressing 100 March 20, 1991
To soak meat in a liquid mixture in order to flavor, tenderize or preserve it marinate 200 March 20, 1991
Name shared by an ice cream containing ground nuts or macaroons & a rich, creamy shellfish soup bisque 300 March 20, 1991
The name of this small Oriental citrus fruit is from the Chinese for "golden orange" kumquat 400 March 20, 1991
Sold plain or in a candy coating, this large almond comes from Spain, not the Middle East Jordan almond 500 March 20, 1991
"Underwater" name for a po' boy, hero, grinder or hoagie sandwich submarine 100 February 18, 1991
Food you're said to have on your face if you're embarrassed egg 200 February 18, 1991
Garam masala, an East Indian blend of spices, is often called this in the Western world curry 300 February 18, 1991
The thin slice of meat, often veal, called an escalope in French is called this in Italian scaloppine 400 February 18, 1991
Most of these used in Chinese cooking are grown from mung beans bean sprouts 500 February 18, 1991
In a restaurant a flambe dessert would be served this way on fire 100 December 19, 1990
This Mexican dish, made with various fillings, is traditionally steamed & served in a corn husk a tamale 200 December 19, 1990
This Turkish & Greek dessert is made of thin layers of pastry filled with a sweet syrup & nuts baklava 300 December 19, 1990
Flavored with tarragon, this classic French sauce is the traditional topping for Chateaubriand Béarnaise sauce 400 December 19, 1990
Once used to make perfume, this spice gives prepared mustard its bright yellow coloring turmeric 500 December 19, 1990
Traditionally, it's the main ingredient in the sauce served on veal parmigiana tomatoes 100 October 17, 1990
George Bush could tell you this western state grows 91% of the broccoli in the U.S. California 200 October 17, 1990
Ever popular lunchbox item named for an English earl sandwich 300 October 17, 1990
In names of desserts, this word precedes frite, brulee & caramel creme 400 October 17, 1990
This co. makes ready-to-bake Toll House cookie dough "for not-so-ready-to-bake people" Nestl&eacute; 500 October 17, 1990
When he returned to Venice from the Far East, he introduced the idea of fruit flavored ices Marco Polo 100 September 3, 1990
Consisting of puff pastry layered with custard or cream, this pastry's fit for a French emperor a Napoleon 200 September 3, 1990
The USDA made Wolfgang Puck add tomato in order to sell his frozen pies as these pizzas 300 September 3, 1990
They're immature pigeons sometimes raised for food squabs 400 September 3, 1990
These edible fungi thrive in chalky soil, & the best are the perigord variety truffles 500 September 3, 1990
The 3 most popular ice cream flavors strawberry, vanilla & chocolate 100 June 11, 1990
Guinness reports this is America's best-selling candy with over 33 billion rolls sold since 1913 Life Savers 200 June 11, 1990
Russian soup made with beets or cabbage, served hot or cold, often with sour cream borscht 300 June 11, 1990
The N.Y. Times & the Good Housekeeping recipes for this type of bread both call for caraway seeds rye 400 June 11, 1990
Green fruit closely related to the banana that is usually served boiled or fried plantain 500 June 11, 1990
Also known as "pieplant", its stalks are baked in pies, usually with strawberries rhubarb 100 June 1, 1990
Also called a "cattalo", this animal is the result of breeding domestic cattle & bison beefalo 200 June 1, 1990
It's what the yellow variety of a string bean is called wax bean 300 June 1, 1990
This Jewish-American pastry is made with dough & can be stuffed with potato or cheese knish 400 June 1, 1990
Combine garlic, pine nuts, parmesan cheese & olive oil with basil & presto! You've got this pesto 500 June 1, 1990
Marigold petals are sometimes added to chicken feed to insure that these will be bright yellow egg yolks 100 May 22, 1990
In the early 1900s this fast food was sometimes called "Coney Island Chicken" hot dog 200 May 22, 1990
Native to Mexico, this pear-shaped green fruit is a hardy member of the laurel family the avocado 300 May 22, 1990
In India, ghee, which is a clarified form of this, is widely used in cooking Butter 100 March 29, 1990
Be quiet little dog, & I'll feed you these deep fried concoctions made of corn meal Hush Puppies 200 March 29, 1990
Flavor of the jelly or sauce that's a common accompaniment to roast lamb Mint 300 March 29, 1990
Color of the beans you'd find in a feijoada, the national dish of Brazil Black 400 March 29, 1990
Often served over asparagus, this creamy sauce was 1st made in France, not in the Netherlands Hollandaise sauce 100 February 19, 1990
Use these when an Italian recipe calls for "pomodori" tomatoes 200 February 19, 1990
Most botanists believe the Irish potato originally came from this continent South America 300 February 19, 1990
This deli item is corned beef that's been rubbed with pepper & spices, smoked & then steamed pastrami 400 February 19, 1990
In the 1989 Farmer's Almanac, Edmund Muskie tells how to hypnotize one of these before cooking it a lobster 500 February 19, 1990
You need the white seedless variety of this fruit to make sole Véronique grapes 100 February 12, 1990
If your sauce verte isn't this color, you used the wrong recipe green 200 February 12, 1990
"Insect" term for splitting open & spreading apart shrimp or steak butterflying 300 February 12, 1990
Crullers are cooked this way deep fried 400 February 12, 1990
A chorizo is one of these which you might throw into your paellero when making paella sausage 500 February 12, 1990
With far less fat than margarine, Le Slim Cow is a French substitute for this dairy product Butter 100 January 19, 1990
President Bush likes to eat these pigskin treats with Tabasco sauce Pork Rinds 200 January 19, 1990
The prophet Mohammed advised, "Eat" this many-seeded fruit, "It purges the system of envy & hatred" Pomegranate 300 January 19, 1990
Bufala Mozzarella is made from the milk of this type of buffalo, not bison Water Buffalo 400 January 19, 1990
To make Charlotte Russe, line your mold with these cakes Ladyfingers 500 January 19, 1990
The pie named for this Confederate president contains pecans, raisins, dates and spices Jefferson Davis 100 November 20, 1989
It's the color of the squiggles on Hostess chocolate cupcakes white 200 November 20, 1989
Blintzes are rolled ones, often filled with cheese pancakes 300 November 20, 1989
The Welsh like to eat them, as well as wear them on St. David's Day leeks 400 November 20, 1989
The "honeycomb" variety of this meat comes from the 2nd stomach of a ruminant tripe 500 November 20, 1989
= = 100 September 6, 1989
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= = 400 September 6, 1989
= = 500 September 6, 1989
The price of this grain in Japan has run up to 5 times the world price rice 100 July 11, 1989
Mix 3 eggs & 3/4 c. sugar; add 1 c. thick cream, 2 c. half & half & 2 tsps. vanilla; simmer; then freeze with ice vanilla ice cream 200 July 11, 1989
Despite its name, this cooking contest with a $40,000 grand prize is not limited to baking the Pillsbury Bake-Off 300 July 11, 1989
The part of grains that humans eat but don't digest is called this ruffage (fiber) (bran) 400 July 11, 1989
Russian for "cereal" or "gruel", in the U.S. it commonly refers to buckwheat kasha 500 July 11, 1989
Created by Brennan's Restaurant in New Orleans, Bananas Foster is served for this course dessert 100 May 11, 1989
This name for clear soup comes from the French for "to boil" bouillon 200 May 11, 1989
The red flannel variety of this is made from corned beef & beets hash 300 May 11, 1989
The ingredient that puts the crunch in a Baby Ruth candy bar peanuts 500 May 11, 1989
Snack food title of the following tune; you can picture it cooking if you close your eyes: "instrumental music plays" "Popcorn" May 11, 1989
Guinness says the longest of these ever made contained 20,000 bananas & 3 1/2 tons of ice cream a banana split 100 February 15, 1989
Chocolate Cookiesaurus cookies are shaped like these & hungry kids make them extinct dinosaurs 200 February 15, 1989
This fine sugar is often used to make icing powdered sugar (confectioners\' sugar) 300 February 15, 1989
A South American mountain range, or a brand of mints you might munch on in the mountains Andes 400 February 15, 1989
The American Institute for Cancer Research suggests eating this type of natural rice brown rice 500 February 15, 1989
The Mayans made corn, one of their primary foods, into flat cakes now called this tortilla 100 January 24, 1989
Federal cabinet department responsible for grading meat Agriculture 200 January 24, 1989
Popular name for the millions of gardens that grew about 40% of U.S. vegetables during WWII victory gardens 300 January 24, 1989
It's what Little Miss Muffet would have eaten if she'd had soybean curds & not whey tofu January 24, 1989
Food made in the Florentine style contains this vegetable spinach 100 December 5, 1988
Pour hollandaise over eggs, ham & an English muffin & serve to General Arnold eggs Benedict 200 December 5, 1988
Sometimes, this smooth-skinned relative will grow spontaneously on a peach tree a nectarine 300 December 5, 1988
Variety of apple named for a township in Ohio, not a city in Italy a Rome 400 December 5, 1988
2 of the 3 top selling flavors of soup made by Campbell (2 of) tomato, chicken noodle & chicken mushroom 500 December 5, 1988
Different types of this in the supermarket are labeled "all purpose" and "self-rising" flour 100 November 16, 1988
Called an artichoke, its name isn't from a Mideast city but from "girasole", Italian for sunflower the Jerusalem artichoke 200 November 16, 1988
Add blood, cornstarch, or arrowroot, or try reduction how to thicken a sauce 300 November 16, 1988
Shepherd's pie is a meat hash covered with a layer of this mashed potatoes 400 November 16, 1988
Government graded AA, A, B, or C, the best is composed of at least 80% fat and has 12-16% water butter 500 November 16, 1988
Sometimes made with squirrel, the Brunswick type of this more often contains chicken & lima beans stew 100 July 5, 1988
This man whose eyebrows are on his hat is shown on boxes of Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal Cap\'n Crunch 200 July 5, 1988
Reportedly named for a girl who sold it in the streets, Sally Lunn is a sweet variety of this bread 300 July 5, 1988
When it's young & tender, this gourd used in the bathtub can be eaten like a squash a luffa 400 July 5, 1988
NutraSweet said "Simplesse", a substitute for this, could cut the calories in ice cream by over 50% fat 100 June 16, 1988
To "coddle" food, cook it in water just below this temperature boiling point 200 June 16, 1988
More types of these expensive fungi have been found in Pacific Coast woodlands than anywhere else truffles 300 June 16, 1988
Julia Child says this "wickedly rich" chocolate dessert may be made a day or so before serving chocolate mousse 400 June 16, 1988
The French use this fruit to make "tarte aux framboises" raspberries 500 June 16, 1988
Shaped like tubes, tubettini is a type of this pasta (macaroni) 100 March 14, 1988
What you'd be eating if you were eating a rasher bacon 200 March 14, 1988
Of a cup of roasted peanuts, a 4" pastry, or an 8 oz. steak the 1 with the most calories cup of peanuts 300 March 14, 1988
Some Caribbean dishes feature plantains, an island variety of these bananas 400 March 14, 1988
This cut of meat from the breast of cow is often salted & pressed for corned beef brisket 500 March 14, 1988
The FDA prohibits use of tonka bean extract as a substitute for this ice cream flavoring vanilla 100 January 8, 1988
Even in your home, this 3-initial flavor enhancer can cause "Chinese restaurant syndrome" monosodium glutamate (MSG) 200 January 8, 1988
Number of years the FDA says a fresh whole turkey can be safely stored in a freezer 1 300 January 8, 1988
People used to think they could dine on oysters only during months with this in their names R 400 January 8, 1988
Types of these include Japanese, Greengage & Damson plums 500 January 8, 1988
"Joy of Cooking" says these 8-armed creatures can be tenderized by "mercilessly" beating them octopi 100 December 16, 1987
1 recipe for this holiday pie filling calls for candied orange peel, chopped ox heart, & suet mincemeat pie (mince pie accepted) 200 December 16, 1987
To make jellied cranberry sauce, boil fresh cranberries until they do this burst (or pop) 300 December 16, 1987
After melted butter has its sediment removed, it's called this clarified 400 December 16, 1987
A milk made from these beans may be substituted in recipes calling for cow's milk soy 500 December 16, 1987
The Quechua language of Peru has about one thousand words for these tubers Peruvians have grown for eight thousand years potatoes 100 November 19, 1987
Of yogurt, liver or tofu, the food Americans hate most according to "Harper's Index" Tofu 200 November 19, 1987
Heavy cream has a much higher content of this than light cream fat 100 October 14, 1987
Guinness says largest single dish is this roasted animal, prepared whole for Bedouin wedding feasts camel 200 October 14, 1987
A noisette of beef indicates a choice cut of meat usually from the loin, that is this shape round 300 October 14, 1987
Mamma Mia & caramba! these 2 countries together produce half the world's olives Italy & Spain 400 October 14, 1987
A politician's trip, or a soft dessert made with flavored milk & rennet junket 500 October 14, 1987
Glutinous protein made from animal skin & bones, it' used to make film & wobbly desserts gelatin 400 June 22, 1987
"Buckshot" is a slang term for this expensive jet set treat caviar 500 June 22, 1987
Course of a meal during which a Spaniard would eat flan dessert 100 June 8, 1987
"Potage volaille a la Reine" is a fancy version of this sickroom standard at Aunt Esther's chicken soup 200 June 8, 1987
19th c. English nutritionist for whom the seasoned beef patty in TV dinners is named (J.H.) Salisbury 300 June 8, 1987
Swedish for "bread & goosefat served on a table" <i>smörgåsbord</i> 400 June 8, 1987
Cooked lobster meat mixed with a cream sauce, put in its shell, topped with cheese & browned lobster Thermidor 500 June 8, 1987
Guinness says the hottest spice is capsicum hot pepper, better known by this "saucy" name tabasco 100 December 8, 1986
This type of mustard was named for the "capital" of France's Burgundy region Dijon 200 December 8, 1986
Some say the meat of this armor-plated mammal tastes like duck armadillo 300 December 8, 1986
1st thought to be from Persia, the name of this fruit is a corruption of Latin for "Persian" peach 400 December 8, 1986
This factor, not size determines whether a chicken is a fryer, roaster, or stewer age 500 December 8, 1986
The name of this brand of coffee comes from the French "sans caffeine" Sanka 100 November 4, 1986
This state's official dish is chili, pardner Texas 200 November 4, 1986
It's said Henry David Thoreau invented this loaf with dried fruit baked in raisin bread 300 November 4, 1986
The only Woody Allen film named for a food "Bananas" 400 November 4, 1986
Sales of this mineral supplement have increased 7-fold since 1980 calcium 500 November 4, 1986
Though it's a key crop in Asia & the Balkans, our U.S.D.A. doesn't even keep statistics on this purple vegetable eggplant 100 October 8, 1986
French for "lightning", it's a custard-filled chocolate-covered pastry that can strike your waistline eclair 200 October 8, 1986
Root used as a substitute for coffee, especially in Cajun cuisine chicory 300 October 8, 1986
Plant part you're eating when you eat an onion or garlic bulb 400 October 8, 1986
This European country is largest consumer of cheese w/annual average of 38.1 lbs. per person France 500 October 8, 1986
To most cooks, ratatouille isn't ratatouille without this purple vegetable eggplant 100 March 12, 1986
The preserved "100-year-old" eggs of this animal are considered a delicacy in China a duck 200 March 12, 1986
Meat of a sheep at least 1 year old mutton 300 March 12, 1986
Often served together, arrugala & radicchio are 2 types of this lettuce 400 March 12, 1986
Not found in castle cellars, it's an excellent flavored crab from the Pacific Northwest Dungeness 500 March 12, 1986
"Citrullus vulgaris", it's the source of seeds for seed spitting contests a watermelon 100 February 28, 1986
In 1976,a pound of potato chips cost 200 times more than a pound of this related item potatoes 200 February 28, 1986
According to Miss Manners, this food should be served head left, tail right fish 300 February 28, 1986
At one time, to stretch sugar, grocers on both sides of the Atlantic added these gritty granules sand 400 February 28, 1986
H. Fletcher, who chewed his way to health, rhymed, "nature will castigate those who don't" do this masticate 500 February 28, 1986
Steak named for the shape of its bone T-bone 100 February 7, 1986
From Turkish for "dough", you can pick the pockets of this Mideastern bread pita 200 February 7, 1986
"Don't bother me", I'm eating this Pennsylvania Dutch molasses pie shoo-fly 300 February 7, 1986
When smoked with juniper brush, this food is associated with the German town of Westphalia Black Forest ham 400 February 7, 1986
French for stewed fruit, it can also be the bowl it's served in compote 500 February 7, 1986
Herbs anise & fennel resemble the flavor of this common black candy licorice 100 October 3, 1985
From the Romanian word for "to preserve", it's served hot with mustard on rye pastrami 200 October 3, 1985
When it was 1st introduced into England from France, it was called "butterine" margarine 300 October 3, 1985
Named for an English dr. who recommended meat as cure-all, it's a hamburger without a bun a Salisbury steak 400 October 3, 1985
Not a fabric but a cake that's a cross between an angel & a sponge chiffon 500 October 3, 1985
Sponge cake baked in the form of a female digit lady fingers 100 September 30, 1985
Towering snack named for comic strip character whose nocturnal noshes cleaned out the fridge Dagwood sandwich 200 September 30, 1985
From German for "little cake", the Lorraine style includes cheese & bacon bits quiche 300 September 30, 1985
From French for "small pan" it's a traditional Spanish dish made of seafood & saffron flavored rice paella 400 September 30, 1985
The Indonesian smorgasbord, "Rijsttafel", means this rice table 500 September 30, 1985
Spicy, icy Spanish tomato soup gazpacho 100 September 11, 1985
Term for pasta that remains firm "to the teeth's" touch <i>al dente</i> 200 September 11, 1985
Meat-in-pastry combo named for Napoleon's nemesis beef Wellington 300 September 11, 1985
The "poivre" in steak au poivre pepper 400 September 11, 1985
Main dish ordered most often in American restaurants fried chicken 500 September 11, 1985
It turns chili into "chili con carne" meat or beef 100 January 1, 1985
The "breadwinner" is also said to bring this home the bacon 200 January 1, 1985
Varieties include Chinese & Dijon mustard 100 December 4, 1984
Type of food that comes in shapes of bow ties, elbows & wagon wheels pasta 200 December 4, 1984
Also known as an alligator pear an avocado 300 December 4, 1984
California vegetable with a crown & a heart an artichoke 400 December 4, 1984
The non-chocolate version are called "blondies" brownies 500 December 4, 1984
When you step on these, they let out a little "wine" grapes 100 November 26, 1984
Satanic term for food prepared with strong seasoning, as of eggs or ham devilled 200 November 26, 1984
French term for meat served in its own juice <i>au jus</i> 300 November 26, 1984
Found in rye bread, these seeds are also flavoring of kummel liqueur caraway seeds 400 November 26, 1984
The thymus & pancreas of young calves are sources of this meat sweetbreads 500 November 26, 1984
Massachusetts town for which fig-filled cookies are named Newton 100 November 6, 1984
America's largest crop, more accurately called maize corn 200 November 6, 1984
Kellogg's reduced amount of this mineral in Frosted Rice after the flakes were attracted to magnets iron 300 November 6, 1984
Widely considered a vegetable tho botanists call it a fruit, it was once thought to be poisonous a tomato 400 November 6, 1984
After defeats by Texans & Americans, this Mexican introduced chewing gum to U.S. General Antonio López de Santa Anna 500 November 6, 1984