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Question Answer Value Airdate
Each player is dealt 26 cards in this game; if both players turn up a card of the same rank, it's this, the name of the game War 200 September 29, 2020
Peppermint Stick Forest & Molasses Swamp were 2 tasty locations in the classic version of this board game <i>Candy Land</i> 400 September 29, 2020
In Charades if you draw a rectangle around your head, you're going to act out the title of one of these a television show 600 September 29, 2020
In the game of Hearts, this card is known as "The Black Lady" the queen of spades September 29, 2020
Boots of Butt-Kicking & the Staff of Napalm are in this game that shares its name with a "Wizard of Oz" folk <i>Munchkin</i> 200 December 3, 2014
In the app called Plants vs. these, you have an army of vegetables at your disposal to defeat the undead Zombies 400 December 3, 2014
In the app called Sushi Monster, kids practice this school subject by feeding the title monster sushi math 600 December 3, 2014
To play this pool game named for an Italian, try to determine where people are by homing in on their voices Marco Polo 800 December 3, 2014
Build roads & cities in the Mayfair board game called "Settlers of" this place Catan 1000 December 3, 2014
An explorer lends his name to this call & response swimming pool game Marco Polo 200 January 25, 2011
In other words, this summer camp game could be called "Seize Your Enemy's Banner" Capture the Flag 400 January 25, 2011
They'll treat you like a "king" in Petal, Mississippi, home to the International Hall of Fame for this board game checkers 600 January 25, 2011
This lawn game was once called pall mall, from Italian words meaning "ball" & "mallet" croquet 800 January 25, 2011
In terms of the use of fingers, it's the game in which 0 beats 2, 2 beats 5 & 5 beats 0 Rock, Paper, Scissors 1000 January 25, 2011
When you're playing this party game, you could call it "Attach the Terminal Vertebrae to the Jackass" Pin the Tail on the Donkey 200 May 22, 2008
When you're playing this board game trademarked in 1948, you'll draw up to 7 letter tiles <i>Scrabble</i> 400 May 22, 2008
In checkers this piece can move forwards & backwards the king 600 May 22, 2008
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from Las Vegas.) James Bond loves to play a high-stakes version of Baccarat known by this 3-word French name Chemin de Fer 800 May 22, 2008
Join in & tell us that this is the lowest-rated suit in contract bridge clubs 1000 May 22, 2008
This British sport features 2 teams of 11 members & 2 wickets placed 22 yards apart cricket 200 June 8, 2006
Battledore & shuttlecock was the forerunner of this racket game badminton 400 June 8, 2006
It's the trademarked name for the game that uses a hollow white celluloid ball that's 40 mm in diameter Ping-Pong 600 June 8, 2006
A fronton is the arena in which this sport is played jai alai 800 June 8, 2006
(Sarah of the Clue Crew plays croquet.) In U.S. croquet, a ball that goes through all the wickets has this travelling name, especially if it's the red one a rover 1000 June 8, 2006
Each year millions of people participate in this indoor game using special shoes & Brunswick equipment bowling 200 March 29, 2004
The Cup of the Americas is up for grabs in matches between the U.S. & Argentina in this mounted game polo 400 March 29, 2004
5,6 jackstraws, no, 5,6 spillikins, no, 5,6 this; yeah, that's it, same game pick up sticks 600 March 29, 2004
(Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Bronx, New York) A broomstick & a Spaldeen were all you needed for this street game; Willie Mays was famous for joining in stickball 800 March 29, 2004
Around Japan you'll find parlors filled with these games that are a cross between pinball & slot machines pachinko 1000 March 29, 2004
(The Clue Crew plays a game.) This game brings new meaning to the phrase "contact sports"--left foot-- yellow <i>Twister</i> 200 April 4, 2002
Merriam-Webster is up to the 3rd edition of its "Official" dictionary for players of this game <i>Scrabble</i> 400 April 4, 2002
The character seen hererepresents this board game <i>Monopoly</i> 600 April 4, 2002
To win in Ping-Pong you have to be at least this many points ahead two 800 April 4, 2002
Among its editions are Genus IV, Junior & Millennium <i>Trivial Pursuit</i> 1000 April 4, 2002
Experts suggest you begin this game by moving 1 or 2 pawns before bringing knights into play Chess 100 June 25, 1997
Rich Uncle Pennybags is the name of the mustached character on this game's box, board & cards Monopoly 200 June 25, 1997
Among this company's games are Boggle, Risk & Sorry Parker Brothers 300 June 25, 1997
In one version of this game, 108 tiles are grouped into 3 suits: dots, bams & craks Mah Jongg 400 June 25, 1997
In 1931 architect Alfred M. Butts developed this board-&-tile game, calling it Crisscrosswords Scrabble 500 June 25, 1997
In pool the cue ball is white & this number ball is black the 8-ball 100 May 21, 1996
Five-card draw & five-card stud are variations of this card game poker 200 May 21, 1996
TV's "Wheel of Fortune" is based on this pencil & paper game hangman 300 May 21, 1996
It's the company that introduced the video games Donkey Kong & Super Mario Brothers Nintendo 400 May 21, 1996
In Monopoly the name of this yellow property is actually misspelled Marvin Gardens 500 May 21, 1996
This is a game of guessing words or phrases acted out, sometimes syllable by syllable Charades 100 April 9, 1996
Of boccie, bagatelle, & baccarat, the one that doesn't use balls baccarat 200 April 9, 1996
You take an opponent's checker after you do this to it Jump It 300 April 9, 1996
In this game a person whose eyes are covered must determine a person's identity by feeling the face Blind Man\'s Bluff 400 April 9, 1996
In gin rummy, a hand ends when one player calls "Gin" or does this Knock 500 April 9, 1996
Hey dude--in 1990 this TV show inspired a "Don't Have a Cow" dice game <i>The Simpsons</i> 100 February 17, 1995
In Monopoly a question mark appears in each of the 3 spaces marked this Chance 200 February 17, 1995
This milkcap game that's sweeping the world derives its name from a tropical juice drink Pog 300 February 17, 1995
This game in which you repeat the pattern of 4 colored lights is billed as "The Ultimate Brain Battle" Simon 400 February 17, 1995
A fantastic island shrouded in intrigue & betrayal is at the heart of this top-selling CD-ROM game <i>Myst</i> 500 February 17, 1995
Mayfair is the most valuable property in the British version of this game <i>Monopoly</i> 100 July 18, 1994
It's the only chess piece that always stays on squares of the same color the bishop 200 July 18, 1994
Among the suspects in Clue, he's the military man Colonel Mustard 300 July 18, 1994
In this game it's possible but very difficult to score 501 points in 9 throws darts 400 July 18, 1994
In this card game a hand that has no card higher than a 9 is called a yarborough bridge 500 July 18, 1994
In checkers, when a piece reaches the opposite side of the board, this happens it gets kinged (or crowned) 100 October 10, 1991
If you suspect Mrs. Peacock did it in the conservatory with a knife, you're playing this game <i>Clue</i> 200 October 10, 1991
Unlike regular checkers, Chinese checkers is played on this shape board a (six-pointed) star shape 300 October 10, 1991
In Monopoly it's the first property after "Go" Mediterranean 400 October 10, 1991
In bridge, an attempt to take a trick with a low card while holding on to a higher one is called this a finesse 500 October 10, 1991
It occupies the center of a Bingo card Free 100 June 3, 1991
You begin this word game by drawing a scaffold Hangman 200 June 3, 1991
The highest single turn score recorded in this game in the U.S. was 302 for the word "reequip" <i>Scrabble</i> 300 June 3, 1991
As early as 1547 Antonio Torquemada wrote a book about this game, also called draughts checkers 400 June 3, 1991
Expectorate in the sea, or a wild card form of poker spit in the ocean 500 June 3, 1991
There really is a pasta-twirling game that comes with plastic meatballs & 4 fake strings of this pasta spaghetti 100 May 13, 1991
The suspects in this "Jr." version of this detective game include Peter Plum & Mortimer Mustard <i>Clue</i> (<i>Jr.</i>) 200 May 13, 1991
A Looney Tunes set for this board game features Daffy Duck & Elmer Fudd as the 2 queens chess 300 May 13, 1991
In Pressman's "One Bad Apple" game, you "pick an apple from the barrel, but don't let" this animal "pop up!" a worm 400 May 13, 1991
A game by Milton Bradley in which clumsy "surgeons" set off an alarm <i>Operation</i> 500 May 13, 1991
This copyrighted game played with five dice is based on & named for the game of "Yacht" <i>Yahtzee</i> 100 April 5, 1991
In craps a "come-out" roll of either of these two numbers wins 7 or 11 200 April 5, 1991
In charades it's how you indicate that a word or syllable "sounds like another" by tugging on your ear 300 April 5, 1991
For this game you need a deck of cards, a noddy board & some pegs to mark your points cribbage 400 April 5, 1991
In Hong Kong the shuffling of the tiles in this game is known as "the twittering of the sparrows" mahjong 500 April 5, 1991
Most of the properties in Monopoly are named for streets in this New Jersey resort Atlantic City 100 September 14, 1990
After cards are shuffled the player to the dealer's right does this to them cut them 200 September 14, 1990
Made up word that's the name of the Milton Bradley game of drawing definitions <i>Pictionary</i> 300 September 14, 1990
In this spooky spelling game players are penalized when they complete a word Ghost 500 September 14, 1990
This game whose name means "ethical consideration" has you deal with moral dilemmas <i>Scruples</i> September 14, 1990
In this game the "scotch" refers to a line Hopscotch 100 May 18, 1990
In some versions of this game a crowned piece becomes a "queen", not a king Checkers 200 May 18, 1990
The 2 utilities in "Monopoly" Electric Company & Water Works 300 May 18, 1990
Pepys reported his wife & her friends played this game known as "Blind Fly" in Italy & "Blind Buck" in Sweden Blind Man\'s Bluff 400 May 18, 1990
In the Black Lady version of this game the Queen of Spades counts for 13 points Hearts 500 May 18, 1990
"Chicken Out" is a board game based on the riddle "Why did the chicken" do this Cross the road 100 March 12, 1990
In "The Batman Game", you join Batman to fight crime in this city on a glow-in-the-dark board Gotham City 200 March 12, 1990
Milton Bradley calls its game of "Chutes &" these "an exciting up and down game for little people" Ladders 300 March 12, 1990
The "apologetic" name of Parker Brothers' "Slide Pursuit Game" Sorry! 400 March 12, 1990
To win this game named for an avuncular rabbit, you have to be 1st to reach Dr. Possum's house Uncle Wiggily 500 March 12, 1990
Game in which you can score 3 points for a "ringer", 2 for a "leaner" & 1 for landing nearest the stake horseshoes 100 May 17, 1989
In tag, the one who's supposed to touch another player has this 2-letter title it 200 May 17, 1989
Card suit whose shape is based on the French trefoil symbol clubs 300 May 17, 1989
With a standard card, you can get a bingo with as few as this many numbers called four 400 May 17, 1989
Nolan Bushnell, who founded Atari, invented this 1st popular video game Pong 500 May 17, 1989
He created a "magic strategy game" & a "magic picture game" as well as a cube Rubik 100 February 15, 1989
To play "hot potato" you have to do this to the potato until the music stops pass it (carry it back and forth) 200 February 15, 1989
"Squad Leader", "Panzer Leader" & "Patton's Best" are all games based on this war World War II 300 February 15, 1989
Shakespeare's tragic Moor might have enjoyed this strategy game that shares his name Othello 400 February 15, 1989
The "Master Detective" version of this game has more suspects, more weapons & more rooms <i>Clue</i> 500 February 15, 1989
Before there was plastic, this badminton playing piece was made with a cork & feathers a shuttlecock 100 January 3, 1989
In a poker game without wild cards, it's the highest hand you can draw a royal flush 200 January 3, 1989
A computer version of this, the world's most popular board game, cuts playing time by ⅔ <i>Monopoly</i> 300 January 3, 1989
This player bids 1st in bridge the dealer 400 January 3, 1989
In Chicago pool, the balls must be pocketed in this order number order (or numerical order) 500 January 3, 1989
In this game, a player must draw from the boneyard until he is able to play his turn dominoes 100 December 6, 1988
There's a 5 point penalty for going beyond the 10 off space when shooting in this game shuffleboard 200 December 6, 1988
In charades, this is indicated by the number of fingers placed on the arm syllables 300 December 6, 1988
"Skeptical" card game in which players place cards of one denomination face down in order I Doubt It 400 December 6, 1988
Sidewalk con game where you have to identify one of a trio of unexposed cards Three-card Monte 500 December 6, 1988
Mumblety-peg is played by throwing this implement knife 100 October 28, 1988
In Monopoly, Atlantic Avenue is yellow & Pacific Avenue this color green 200 October 28, 1988
On a standard craps table, this 4-letter word is spelled with the biggest letters come 300 October 28, 1988
Board game in which a player can create a prime, a barrier of 6 points which an opponent cannot pass backgammon 400 October 28, 1988
Author J.R.R. Tolkien helped inspire G. Gygax & D. Arneson to invent this role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons 500 October 28, 1988
In haunted houses, rattling bones are skeletons; in casinos, rattling "bones" are these Dice 100 October 11, 1988
The 1st square after "Go" in Monopoly, it's impossible to land there on your 1st roll Mediterranean 200 October 11, 1988
The highest-numbered solid-colored ball in a standard game of pocket billiards 8 300 October 11, 1988
No matter what word the 1st player puts down in "Scrabble", he always receives this bonus Double Word 500 October 11, 1988
Games that are the title subject of the following song: "Games People Play" October 11, 1988
In "Hangman" dashes or blanks indicate the number of these letters 100 June 16, 1988
In "Crazy Eights", these cards score 50 points each eights 200 June 16, 1988
Many players own their own set of these, used to play "301" in a pub darts 400 June 16, 1988
Term for what players do to determine the order of shooting in pool lag 500 June 16, 1988
In "Going on a Trip", what you might say if the player before you is "taking an apple & a book" apple, book & C word June 16, 1988
The "Couch Potato Game" was made to be played on the couch while doing this watching TV 100 March 16, 1988
To win this game, your bug must have 1 body, 1 head, 2 antennae, 2 eyes, 1 tongue & 6 legs Cootie 200 March 16, 1988
You can also play this popular crossword game "backwards" in a Hebrew edition Scrabble 300 March 16, 1988
The 2 words in the upper corners of a Ouija board next to pictures of the sun & moon yes & no 400 March 16, 1988
"Colorful" women in the game of Clue who might have done it in the ballroom with a lead pipe (2 of) Miss Scarlet, Mrs. White (Mrs. Peacock) 500 March 16, 1988
The fortune-telling game known as the "Mystifying Oracle" Ouija 100 February 12, 1988
When playing checkers, each player starts out with this many checkers 12 200 February 12, 1988
"Go" originated in this country over 4000 years ago China 300 February 12, 1988
Mille Bornes is a cross-country French auto race game played with these cards 400 February 12, 1988
The man who brought you bingo, Edwin S. Lowe, 1st marketed this 5-dice game of skill & chance Yahtzee 500 February 12, 1988
One version says this game was created by monks & named after 1st line of Psalm 110, "Dixit Dominus meo" dominoes 100 February 13, 1987
Edwin S. Lowe, the man who developed this game, lived to age 75, the highest number on its cards bingo 200 February 13, 1987
Number of pieces with which each player begins a game of chess 16 300 February 13, 1987
Board game where you bear off backgammon 400 February 13, 1987
There is a penalty in this Oriental game for calling a false woo mah-jongg 500 February 13, 1987
Game in which players must ask this question before taking 3 itty bitty steps or 1 giant one May I 100 February 4, 1987
Spelling game where player who adds a letter that completes a word becomes a fraction of this Ghost 200 February 4, 1987
This game became so popular that by 1882 the All-England Croquet Club dropped croquet tennis 400 February 4, 1987
Respective winners in each of the following matchups: scissors & stone, stone & paper, scissors & paper stone, paper, scissors February 4, 1987
13th century Italian explorer who lent his name to a children's swimming pool game Marco Polo 100 December 11, 1986
Color of the "Community Chest" cards in a U.S. Monopoly set yellow 200 December 11, 1986
In Bingo, the free space is under this letter N 100 March 26, 1986
A variation of this board game is Acey Deucey backgammon 200 March 26, 1986
= = 300 March 26, 1986
= = 400 March 26, 1986
= = 500 March 26, 1986
When a player asks for aces & his opponent has none, he's asked to "go" do this fish 100 January 7, 1986
They were pyramidal, pentahedral, & octahedral before being standardized as cubes dice 200 January 7, 1986
American Indians made them by dipping gourds into latex & curing them with smoke balls 300 January 7, 1986
Common card game named for 2 common kinds of alcoholic beverages gin rummy 400 January 7, 1986
Some ancient Chinese battles were halted & played out with this complex board game go 500 January 7, 1986
Featuring disks & a board with triangles, this popular game may be the oldest still played backgammon 100 December 23, 1985
The maximum number of players in Chinese checkers 6 200 December 23, 1985
Popular board game also known as draughts checkers 300 December 23, 1985
Parlor game for 2 groups of players taking turns as "actors" & "audience" charades 400 December 23, 1985
On the 1st roll, the 3 numbers which mean "craps" 2, 3, & 12 500 December 23, 1985
It's normal chess move is one square in any direction the king 100 January 1, 1985
Mythical creature that serves as 1 type of honors tiles in Mah Jongg the dragon 200 January 1, 1985
7 or 11 in craps, or Robert Redford in recent movie a natural 400 January 1, 1985
Number of cards in a bridge trick 4 500 January 1, 1985
Card game played in this Carpenters hit:There was a man, a lonely man... "Solitaire" January 1, 1985