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Question Answer Value Airdate
Virtuoso Narciso Yepes played a guitar of his own design with this many strings, four more than the norm 10 200 September 14, 2022
Sorbetto is one type of this solo song in an opera; the audience would get sorbets as a supporting character sang an aria 400 September 14, 2022
"In the beginning" are the first words of this Haydn oratorio about this act by God; here's a later tune <i>The Creation</i> 600 September 14, 2022
Ms. Rice knows con dolcezza or "with sweetness" is in his 6th symphony, which he conducted in St. Petersburg 9 days before his death Tchaikovsky 800 September 14, 2022
Piano students often begin with the scale of C major, the key of the first prelude & fugue in this Bach work with an instrumental name <i>The Well-Tempered Clavier</i> 1000 September 14, 2022
In 2018 he announced that his 3-year "Farewell Yellow Brick Road" tour would be his last Elton John 200 May 15, 2018
This "Chained To The Rhythm" singer is a judge on the 2018 version of "American Idol" Katy Perry 400 May 15, 2018
The song "Remember Me" from this animated film won an Oscar for Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez <i>Coco</i> 600 May 15, 2018
Their song "Back In Black" was a tribute to lead singer Bon Scott, who had just died AC/DC 800 May 15, 2018
In a Khalid song about high school kids, these 2 title adjectives follow "Young" dumb and broke 1000 May 15, 2018
This tune from "Frozen" begins, "The snow glows white on the mountain tonight" "Let It Go" 200 October 16, 2014
This song by Lorde mentions Grey Goose & ball gowns "Royals" 400 October 16, 2014
That's Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo & Thomas Bangalter under the helmets of the robots of this electronic duo Daft Punk 600 October 16, 2014
Songs by this Madden-ing group include "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" & "Like It's Her Birthday" Good Charlotte 800 October 16, 2014
In 2004 he won a song of the year Grammy for "Daughters" John Mayer 1000 October 16, 2014
This man's aria "Ombra Mai Fu" from "Xerxes" is not as famous as his "Hallelujah Chorus" Handel 200 June 28, 2010
Liszt, Borodin & Rimsky-Korsakov all wrote variations of this simple waltz "Chopsticks" 400 June 28, 2010
Born in Verona in 1743, composer Giuseppe Gazzaniga wrote many opera buffas, known by this 2-word term in English comic opera 600 June 28, 2010
This term for a concert given by an individual musical performer sounds like reading something from memory a recital 800 June 28, 2010
This composer's "Enigma Variations" contain cryptic references to his friends that he never revealed Sir Edward Elgar 1000 June 28, 2010
(Jon of the Clue Crew is playing bass.) I'm playing an F down here, then going up this interval, the basis of our scale system, to play an F here an octave 200 January 17, 2008
A score may say "M.D." for "mano destra" where it's suggested tha a pianist use this, even on low notes right hand 400 January 17, 2008
"Lento" is slow; this is even slower, the slowest conventional tempo largo 800 January 17, 2008
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew presents some musical notation.) Ledger lines are for notes that don't fit on the 5-line staff, like this note that's one line below the treble staff, or one line above the bass staff middle C 1000 January 17, 2008
(Jon of the Clue Crew is playing bass.) You'll get an "A" for effort if you name this Italian musical term; here's an example of one arpeggio January 17, 2008
Accelerando means the music is getting faster; crescendo means it's getting this louder 200 November 14, 2006
One of Paganini's major works is the Concerto No. 1 in D Major for this instrument the violin 400 November 14, 2006
You won't need much practice to learn the piece of music seen here, the C-major one of these a scale 600 November 14, 2006
Beethoven's "Creatures of Prometheus" is music to accompany this type of performance a ballet 800 November 14, 2006
On the final chord heard here, the pianist uses the sustaining one of these a pedal 1000 November 14, 2006
"It's not unusual" for female fans to pelt this singer of "Delilah" with room keys & panties Tom Jones 200 June 12, 2002
"Losing My Religion" is a hit by this Michael Stipe band R.E.M. 400 June 12, 2002
In a 1991 top 5 hit, Bonnie Raitt sang, "Let's give them" this, later the title of a Julia Roberts-Dennis Quaid movie something to talk about 600 June 12, 2002
In the '80s this band had hits like "A View to a Kill" & "The Wild Boys"; in the '90s, "Come Undone" & "Ordinary World" Duran Duran 800 June 12, 2002
This group had its initial success in 1991, hitting No. 1 with the following"Your purple prose just gives you away /The things, you say /You're unbelievable" EMF 1000 June 12, 2002
One of the 4 notes to which violin strings are tuned A, D, E, or G 300 May 20, 1999
In Italian this term for vocal music without instrumental accompaniment means "as in the chapel" <i>a cappella</i> 500 May 20, 1999
The "lamento" type of this operatic solo is a feature of early Italian operas aria 100 November 18, 1998
This cellist is the son of a composer from Shanghai & a mezzo-soprano from Hong Kong Yo-Yo Ma 200 November 18, 1998
An 1829 visit to Holyrood Palace in this city inspired Mendelssohn's "Scottish Symphony" Edinburgh 300 November 18, 1998
This American pianist was in his 20s when he won the Tchaikovsky competition in Moscow in 1958 Van Cliburn 400 November 18, 1998
Composer who wrote the famous Hungarian Rhapsody No. 15, "The Rakoczy March", heard here Franz Liszt 500 November 18, 1998
In a standard-size symphony orchestra, 35 of the 100 or more musicians may play this instrument the violin 100 January 14, 1997
In the musical styles of this island, reggae came after ska & rock steady, mon Jamaica 200 January 14, 1997
In America this Italian term for "master" is applied only to conductors <i>maestro</i> 300 January 14, 1997
In 1922 Ravel orchestrated "Pictures at an Exhibition", a suite Mussorgsky wrote for this instrument piano 400 January 14, 1997
John Dowland was a notable Renaissance composer of pieces for this medieval stringed instrument the lute 500 January 14, 1997
The "Black or White" video from his "Dangerous" album was directed by John Landis Michael Jackson 100 September 10, 1996
This Big Band clarinetist's 1939 autobiography was titled "The Kingdom of Swing" Benny Goodman 200 September 10, 1996
Telma Hopkins & Joyce Wilson provided backup vocals for him on "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree" Tony Orlando 300 September 10, 1996
His No. 1 country song "A Boy Named Sue" was recorded live at San Quentin Prison Johnny Cash 400 September 10, 1996
This guitarist's "Blues Summit" was named Best Traditional Blues Album at 1994's Grammys B.B. King 500 September 10, 1996
Made of bamboo, a shakuhachi is an end-blown Japanese type of this instrument flute 100 May 1, 1996
James Levine was appointed principal conductor of this opera company in 1973 (New York) Metropolitan 200 May 1, 1996
Called a crowd in England, a crwth is a bowed lyre from this country Wales 300 May 1, 1996
In 1948 violinist Robert Mann helped found this string quartet named for a NYC school Juilliard 400 May 1, 1996
It's the middle name of U.S. opera singer Mary Price Leontyne 500 May 1, 1996
A carol is a simple occasional song most often associated with this holiday Christmas 100 April 2, 1996
This form of light opera with spoken dialogue evolved from the opera comique & led to the musical Operetta 200 April 2, 1996
This brass instrument may be fitted with valves either replacing the slide or in addition to it Trombone 300 April 2, 1996
An instrumental piece usually for one musician, its name comes from Toccare, Italian for "to touch" Toccata 400 April 2, 1996
Malaguena is a sub-type of this Spanish or Andalusian song style Flamenco 500 April 2, 1996
His 1995 Greatest Hits album features several new tracks with the E Street Band Bruce Springsteen 100 January 31, 1996
It took 30 years & an album called "Voodoo Lounge" for this British group to win its first Grammy The Rolling Stones 200 January 31, 1996
Fueled by a PBS special, this "ET" co-host's "Live at Red Rocks" album reached No. 1 on the New Age chart John Tesh 300 January 31, 1996
Marcia! Marcia! Marcia! In 1995 this actress who played TV's Marcia Brady released a country album Maureen McCormick 400 January 31, 1996
Paul Hewson, better known as Bono, is this group's lead singer U2 500 January 31, 1996
Clef symbol that resembles an ampersand the treble clef 100 December 25, 1995
One legend says a dove sat on this Pope's shoulder & dictated a famous chant Pope Gregory 200 December 25, 1995
These include triads, seventh, mystic & Petrushka chords 300 December 25, 1995
The Italian term for a gradual increase in loudness, it's used to mean a climactic point crescendo 400 December 25, 1995
This "woodwind" instrument is made of brass & was patented in Paris in 1846 the saxophone 500 December 25, 1995
In a rim shot the side & head of this instrument are hit at the same time snare drum 100 January 10, 1995
A note that's neither sharp nor flat is said to be this a natural 200 January 10, 1995
The sustaining pedal of this instrument holds the dampers off the strings to prolong the sound piano 300 January 10, 1995
The Hawaiian or steel type of this instrument produces a sweet, gliding tone guitar 400 January 10, 1995
Used to indicate a quiet, subdued tone, this Italian term means "under the voice" <i>sotto voce</i> 500 January 10, 1995
The olifant is a medieval horn originally carved from this part of an elephant the tusk 100 July 21, 1994
The "steel" type of this stringed instrument has no frets a guitar 200 July 21, 1994
Robert Merrill sang with this New York opera company for 30 years the Metropolitan 300 July 21, 1994
Once a player in the CBS Symphony Orchestra, he developed the 1960s "Sing Along" TV program Mitch Miller 400 July 21, 1994
This armed service's "hymn" is sung to a tune by Offenbach the Marine Corps 500 July 21, 1994
It's the term for a piece or passage played by only one performer solo 100 February 16, 1994
It's the note found at the approximate center of a piano keyboard middle C 200 February 16, 1994
Of the 3 natural male singing voices, it's the highest one tenor 300 February 16, 1994
Including over half the musicians, it's the largest section of a symphony orchestra strings 400 February 16, 1994
The cantata & oratorio came into being during this period of music that lasted until around 1750 the Baroque 500 February 16, 1994
2-word "bread-spread" term for an impromptu performance by jazz musicians jam session 100 November 16, 1992
One common type of this Russian lute usually has its three strings tuned to E, E & A above middle C Balalaika 200 November 16, 1992
Josef Lanner was one of the first composers to write music for this dance that evolved from the landler Waltz 300 November 16, 1992
This 9-letter word can refer to any singer in a church, but in England it often means a choirboy Chorister 400 November 16, 1992
Italian for "going"; it's a musical direction to play in a moderate walking tempo Andante 500 November 16, 1992
Samuel Barber's "Adagio For Strings" was played at the 1982 funeral of this princess Grace Kelly 100 January 14, 1992
Part of Gyorgy Ligeti's "Requiem" is on the soundtrack of this Stanley Kubrick space film <i>2001: A Space Odyssey</i> 200 January 14, 1992
Art Blakey, Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich all played this instrument the drums 300 January 14, 1992
Argentine Carlos Gardel is still considered the world's most famous singer in this style the tango style 400 January 14, 1992
"Heavenly" keyboard instrument heard in the "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy" celeste January 14, 1992
From the French for "rocking chair", a berceuse is one of these "cradle songs" lullaby 100 December 26, 1991
The lowest male singing voice; when it's very low & powerful, it's profundo a bass 200 December 26, 1991
This Tyrolean mountaineer singing style features sudden changes from low voice to falsetto yodeling 300 December 26, 1991
"Les Preludes" by Franz Liszt is an example of a "symphonic" or "tone" one of these a poem 400 December 26, 1991
Beethoven gave this "rural" name to his Symphony No. 6 in F major Pastoral 500 December 26, 1991
When the abbreviation "o.p." is followed by a number, op. stands for this opus 100 May 27, 1991
In German, these holiday songs are known as Weihnachtslieder Christmas carols 200 May 27, 1991
Tchaikovsky's "Hamlet" is a "tone" one of these a tone poem 300 May 27, 1991
This city's controversial new opera house opened in '90 with a production of "The Trojans" by Berlioz Paris 400 May 27, 1991
The George M. Cohan song that ends with "I'll be there, ere long" "Give My Regards To Broadway" 500 May 27, 1991
This ritual plainsong used in the Roman Catholic church was named for Pope Gregory I Gregorian chants 100 December 21, 1990
It's the Italian term for singing without instrumental accompaniment <i>a cappella</i> 200 December 21, 1990
They're the 2 main types of wind instruments brass & woodwinds 300 December 21, 1990
A passage connecting 2 melodies, or the part of a violin that supports the strings a bridge 400 December 21, 1990
On sheet music this sign is used to cancel a preceding sharp or flat a natural 500 December 21, 1990
A piece of music that serves as an introduction to an opera, oratorio or play an overture 100 September 14, 1990
Prokofiev's piece about a little Homo sapiens & a Canis lupis <i>Peter and the Wolf</i> 200 September 14, 1990
The Italian term for the middle category of the female voice, it means "half soprano" mezzo-(soprano) 300 September 14, 1990
If a violinist is playing in the pizzicato style he's plucking the strings with these fingers 400 September 14, 1990
This famous flautist was born in Belfast in 1939 James Galway 500 September 14, 1990
Beethoven wrote 3 equale compositions for 4 of these instruments, not 76 trombones 100 January 19, 1989
German for "song collection", it's also the name of a soft cheese resembling a mild limburger <i>Liederkranz</i> 200 January 19, 1989
French for "study", it's an instrumental piece designed to improve a player's technique &eacute;tude 300 January 19, 1989
As a reed instrument, it's played with the mouth; made of glass, it's played with wet fingers or mallets harmonica 400 January 19, 1989
Chopin wrote over 50 of these Polish folk dances performed by 4 or 8 couples mazurka 500 January 19, 1989
He made his only trip to the South the same year he wrote "My Old Kentucky Home" Stephen Foster 100 March 11, 1988
One of the best-known songs by this Englishman is "Mad Dogs & Englishmen" Noël Coward 200 March 11, 1988
Common name for type of note known as a "crotchet", there are 4 per measure in 4/4 time a quarter note 300 March 11, 1988
A free-form composition, Liszt wrote 20 Hungarian ones a rhapsody 400 March 11, 1988
Bernard Haitink, Claudio Abbado & Georg Solti are best known for this musical profession conductors 500 March 11, 1988
In 1322, this official condemned the use of polyphony in church music the pope 100 November 4, 1987
While "semibreves" are whole notes, "minims" are these half notes 300 November 4, 1987
The alto member of the violin family viola 400 November 4, 1987
In the early 19th century, clubs were formed to sing short pieces of choral music called this glees 500 November 4, 1987
The only letters of the alphabet used to name notes in current Western musical notation a,b,c,d, e, f & g November 4, 1987
Invented in the 1960s, this engineer's synthesizer was used for "Switched on Bach" Moog 100 November 4, 1986
Of a clarinet, bagpipe, or oboe, the one which uses a double reed an oboe 200 November 4, 1986
Herman Hupfeld, who wrote "When Yuba Plays the Rumba on the Tuba" also penned this "Casablanca" hit "As Time Goes By" 300 November 4, 1986
It refers to the key & meter signals at the beginning of the composition, not Beethoven's autograph a signature 400 November 4, 1986
African folk song sung in Zulu by Miriam Makeba & incorporated into "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" a "Wimba Way" or "Wimoweh" 500 November 4, 1986
Number of beats to the bar in music marked 3/4 time 3 100 October 31, 1986
An important part of this country's classical music is the raga India 200 October 31, 1986
A flourish of trumpets, its sounds like the price charged for a baseball booster to board a bus fanfare 300 October 31, 1986
From Italian diminutive of "book", the book of an opera or musical company libretto 400 October 31, 1986
A koto is a Japanese zither with strings made of this silk 500 October 31, 1986
Name shared by brothers of Liberace & Ira Gershwin George 100 January 1, 1985
Northern song that became Confederacy favorite "away down south" "Dixie" 200 January 1, 1985
Contrary to title, Tchaikovsky composed it in 1880 "The 1812 Overture" 300 January 1, 1985
In 1978 this Irish flutist had a hit in England with "Annie's Song" James Galway 400 January 1, 1985
This light classical favorite buzzed out of Rimsky-Korsakov's "Tale Of Tzar Saltan" "The Flight Of The Bumblebee" 500 January 1, 1985