Clues for: Signs & Symbols

Question Answer Value Airdate
The Greek god Cronus is often depicted carrying this farming implement, half of a symbol for communism sickle 200 September 28, 2021
At Grand Central Terminal, the design motif of acorns & this tree's leaves symbolizes the Vanderbilt family's rags-to-riches rise oak 400 September 28, 2021
The Rod of Asclepius represents medicine & the Bowl of Hygeia, his daughter, represents this medicine-dispensing profession pharmacy 600 September 28, 2021
From Greek for "3-legged", a triskelion is a symbol of this people who arrived in Ireland during the Iron Age the Celts 1000 September 28, 2021
This musical symbol indicates the name & pitch of notes on that staff clef September 28, 2021
The symbol seen heremeans a garment isto be dried this way on a line 200 June 21, 2012
On a topographic map, 2 crossed pickaxes symbolize this a mine 400 June 21, 2012
On a calendar a black circle indicates that the moon is in this phase a new moon 600 June 21, 2012
The symbol seen hererepresents this service lost & found 800 June 21, 2012
In American Sign Language, 1 of only 2 letters made by moving a finger J (or Z) 1000 June 21, 2012
Athena is a goddess of wisdom, as symbolized by this creature an owl 200 January 22, 2010
The shofar is this animal's horn & is a reminder of the one that Abraham sacrificed instead of Isaac a ram 400 January 22, 2010
Gabriel, angel of the Annunciation, is usually portrayed holding this flower, a Christian symbol of virginal love a lily 800 January 22, 2010
(Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from Santiago de Compostela in Spain.) Pilgrims can find Santiago de Compostela by these shells, the symbol of St. James; one theory is that the converging lines represent pilgrims coming from all over scallops 1000 January 22, 2010
Because of its color, the ruby is associated symbolically with this planet Mars January 22, 2010
One of these one-horned mythical beasts, long a symbol of Scotland, graces Prince William's coat of arms a unicorn 200 December 7, 2007
I don't mean to "horn" in, but this first sign of the zodiac is represented by a symbol that looks like curved horns Aries 400 December 7, 2007
This symbol of idolatry described in Exodus 32 has become a byword for materialism the golden calf 600 December 7, 2007
The Democratic Party's symbol dates back to 1828, when this man was called a jackass in his run for the presidency Andrew Jackson 800 December 7, 2007
The double eagle was a symbol of Mother Russia long before it represented this family that came to power in 1613 the Romanovs 1000 December 7, 2007
A symbol of blood, it's "the blood of the grape" wine 200 December 12, 2005
(Kelly of the Clue Crew points to some horizontal line figures on a monitor.) In the ancient Asian divination system called this, solid & broken lines represent male & femaleness I Ching 400 December 12, 2005
The wheel, a symbol of this religion, is often depicted with 8 spokes to represent the Eightfold Path Buddhism 600 December 12, 2005
Both the staff of Asclepius & this staff of Mercury feature snakes & are symbols of the medical profession the Caduceus 1000 December 12, 2005
One of the 2 back-to-back zodiac signs whose standard symbols usually include an arrow point Sagittarius (or Scorpio) December 12, 2005
The first seal designed for what is now this U.S. state depicted icebergs, igloos & the Northern Lights Alaska 200 April 11, 2005
It's the calendar year depicted here in Roman numerals 2004 400 April 11, 2005
Sleepy Bear has been this motel chain's logo since 1954 Travelodge 600 April 11, 2005
The 3 Zodiac signs with horns Aries, Capricorn & Taurus 800 April 11, 2005
The same 2 letters in the same order make up Arkansas' postal abbreviation & the symbol of this chemical element argon 1000 April 11, 2005
It's the 2-word phrase symbolized here Handicapped access 200 September 13, 2002
In 1932 actress Peg Entwistle jumped to her death from the "H" in this sign the "Hollywood" Sign 400 September 13, 2002
Waldi, the symbol of the 1972 summer games in Munich, was a stylized one of these "wiener" dogs dachshund 600 September 13, 2002
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from the Atlanta Zoo.) A traditional symbol of peace, the giant panda is also the symbol of this nature organization WWF (World Wildlife Fund) 800 September 13, 2002
One of the 2 signs of the Zodiac for July Cancer the crab or Leo the lion 1000 September 13, 2002
Here's Winston Churchill giving his famous sign for this victory 200 March 19, 2002
"I want you" to name this symbol of the U.S., inspired by a meat packer, a certain Mr. Wilson Uncle Sam 400 March 19, 2002
While a symbol of evil in some cultures, in China this mythical beast represents power & fertility dragon 600 March 19, 2002
(For our last clue, we'll go to Bethel A.M.E. Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.) The road lily was a symbol for runaway slaves that they'd found a safe haven, a station along this the Underground Railroad 1000 March 19, 2002
A lunar crescent is sometimes used to represent this day of the week Monday March 19, 2002
Term for the type of moon used as a symbol by the Ottoman Turks Crescent 100 February 10, 2000
The cross seen here is used as a symbol in the battle against this disease abbreviated TB: Tuberculosis 200 February 10, 2000
There are this many rings in the symbol of the Olympics 5 300 February 10, 2000
All we are saying is, it began as an anti-nuclear emblem at a 1958 British demonstration Peace sign 400 February 10, 2000
The original form of the ampersand comes from a combination of these 2 letters in the Latin for "and" Et February 10, 2000
[video clue] Slippery When Wet 100 December 29, 1997
[video clue] Lost And Found 200 December 29, 1997
[video clue] (Registered) Trademark 300 December 29, 1997
[video clue] Aries the Ram (two horns) 400 December 29, 1997
[video clue] Storage locker 500 December 29, 1997
2-letter symbol for a prescription for medicine Rx 100 February 25, 1997
The Witches' Almanac says those born under this sign are most likely to "ram" their cars into something Aries 200 February 25, 1997
Its "Cover The Earth" logo officially turned 90 years old in 1995 Sherwin-Williams 300 February 25, 1997
The playing card we call the jack is called this in England Knave 400 February 25, 1997
Part of the body featured in the logo of Allan Pinkerton's agency Eye 500 February 25, 1997
A heart with an arrow through it is often used to symbolize this holiday Valentine\'s Day 100 January 23, 1996
The C that represents this number in Roman numerals may stand for centum 100 200 January 23, 1996
Associated with an organization, it's the sign seen on many first aid kits Red Cross 300 January 23, 1996
It's the national symbol of Canada Maple Leaf 400 January 23, 1996
It's the term for the "and" sign used in typing & printing Ampersand 500 January 23, 1996
The name of this good luck symbol comes from an Irish word for "little clover" Shamrock 100 November 21, 1994
This symbol of fire prevention first appeared on a 1944 poster Smokey the Bear 200 November 21, 1994
Among metric prefix symbols are m for milli- & M, which stands for this Mega- 300 November 21, 1994
The sign for a doubled bond in chemistry resembles this sign in mathematics Equal sign 400 November 21, 1994
The U-shaped line put over a vowel to indicate a short sound; its name is from Latin for "short" Breve 500 November 21, 1994
The fifth sign of the Chinese zodiac, this legendary beast was a symbol of the emperor the dragon 100 March 16, 1994
Drivers know that a round red sign with a white horizontal rectangle in its center means this Do not enter 200 March 16, 1994
Term for the marks used to indicate that something is the same as the item above it ditto marks 300 March 16, 1994
1 of 2 nursery rhyme characters featured in the Howard Johnson's logo Simple Simon & the pieman 400 March 16, 1994
St. Patrick used this plant to explain the Trinity to the Irish the shamrock 500 March 16, 1994
Wedding guests throw this at a newly married couples because it's a symbol of fertility rice 100 July 21, 1993
This sign of the zodiac is symbolized by 2 fish swimming in opposite directions Pisces 200 July 21, 1993
This mythical beast seen at the end of "Jeopardy!" credits is a symbol of wisdom a griffin 300 July 21, 1993
A lion holds one of these symbols of Canada on Canada's coat of arms a maple leaf 400 July 21, 1993
An official seal placed on a document in lieu of a signature, or the kind of ring used to impress it a signet 500 July 21, 1993
This company's "Golden Arches" are its trademark McDonald\'s 100 February 19, 1993
A star inside a circle on a map indicates this the capital (city) 200 February 19, 1993
In Latin America, "X" stands for kids' show host Xuxa; thanks to Spike Lee, it stands for this man in the U.S. Malcolm X 400 February 19, 1993
In England, red and white varieties of these flowers have come to symbolize the Lancastrians & Yorkists roses 500 February 19, 1993
2 common office machines that feature both of the following symbols:* # computers and typewriters February 19, 1993
The Cub Scout sign of 2 fingers up an separated is also this letter in the manual alphabet V 100 December 2, 1992
When placed above & next to a letter, a comma symbol becomes one of these punctuation marks an apostrophe 200 December 2, 1992
This math symbol is drawn as 2 horizontal parallel lines with a diagonal through them not equals 300 December 2, 1992
An R alone can stand for ruble; an R with a circle around it means this registered trademark 500 December 2, 1992
Solar system object symbolized by the following: comet December 2, 1992
The year that in Roman numerals is MCMXC 1990 100 July 13, 1990
In astronomy a darkened circle indicates the moon is in this phase New Moon 200 July 13, 1990
From the Greek for a "small star", it's a small, starlike symbol used in writing & printing an asterisk 300 July 13, 1990
The international traffic sign for "Yield" is in this shape triangle 400 July 13, 1990
In physics the speed of light is symbolized by this small letter c 500 July 13, 1990
Batman's partner, Robin, has this symbol on his shirt R 100 December 18, 1989
Uncle Pennybags 1st appeared on this game in 1936 Monopoly 200 December 18, 1989
From the Latin for "key" comes this symbol on a musical staff clef 300 December 18, 1989
Grinding tool & receptacle commonly seen on signs indicating a drug store mortar & pestle 500 December 18, 1989
In other words, these symbols are cudgels, shovels, pumping organs & girls' best friends clubs, spades, hearts & diamonds December 18, 1989
A large "X" separating 2 "R"s in a circular road sign indicates this a railroad crossing 100 May 24, 1989
From the Latin "dictus", meaning said, it's a pair of marks placed under words indicating repetition ditto marks 200 May 24, 1989
On calculators, the key with this function is symbolized by a diagonal line between 2 small circles percentage 300 May 24, 1989
2 of 3 signs of the zodiac whose symbols have horns (2 of) Aries, Taurus, & Capricorn 400 May 24, 1989
In sign language, 1 of the 2 letters made by a moving finger J (or Z) 500 May 24, 1989
A tent with a diagonal line over it means this is prohibited camping 100 April 7, 1988
An asterisk on a weather map doesn't refer you to the bottom, but indicates this condition snowfall 200 April 7, 1988
Number of people pictured in the standard "school crossing" sign 2 300 April 7, 1988
Usual number of dots in an ellipsis 3 400 April 7, 1988
From the Latin "radix", meaning root, it's the name of the root symbol in mathematics radical 500 April 7, 1988