Clues for: Colleges & Universities

Question Answer Value Airdate
Rutgers' football rivalry with this school goes back to their first collegiate game in 1869 Princeton 200 March 31, 2022
No beans about it, this school now in Chestnut Hill was founded by a Jesuit priest in 1863 Boston College 400 March 31, 2022
On the campus of this Texas university, Joy & Lady live in a special habitat accredited as a zoo Baylor 600 March 31, 2022
This historically Black college in Atlanta consistently ranks among the top 10 women's colleges Spelman 1000 March 31, 2022
This Illinois school was founded in 1851 to serve Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan & part of Minnesota Northwestern March 31, 2022
St. John's College in Maryland claims to be the third-oldest college in the U.S., predating this Connecticut school by 5 years Yale 200 September 28, 2020
According to its website, this UC school is the most applied-to university in the nation; go Bruins! UCLA 400 September 28, 2020
More than 1/3 of the courses at the Fort Collins main campus of this state school are sustainability related Colorado State 800 September 28, 2020
This school in Annandale-on-Hudson in New York was named for a wealthy Episcopalian family, not for Shakespeare Bard 1000 September 28, 2020
Students on this school's campus may run into Ben Franklin relaxing on a bench reading a newspaper the University of Pennsylvania September 28, 2020
This university, the Bruins of the Pac-12, waves its banners in blue & gold UCLA 200 May 13, 2019
The Woodstock Theological Library is part of this D.C. Jesuit school Georgetown 400 May 13, 2019
Founded in 1754 as King's College, it's the oldest institution of higher learning in New York Columbia 600 May 13, 2019
John Steinbeck studied marine biology at this private California school on & off 1919-1925, but never got a degree Stanford 800 May 13, 2019
A land-grant school, it started out as East Alabama Male College; it got its colorful name in 1960 Auburn 1000 May 13, 2019
What started as the Harvard Annex in 1879 was chartered as this women's school in 1894 Radcliffe 200 July 3, 2017
Nike was founded by a track coach & a student, both from this university the University of Oregon 400 July 3, 2017
During the War of 1812, students saw the burning of the White House from their dormitories at this Jesuit university Georgetown 800 July 3, 2017
In 1817 Col Sylvanus Thayer began an influential 16 yrs. as superintendent at this institution in New York state West Point 1000 July 3, 2017
Of the 10 University of California campuses, this one in northern California is alphabetically first Berkeley July 3, 2017
Undergraduate education was an option, but this Baltimore school started mostly as a graduate school for men in 1876 Johns Hopkins 400 March 1, 2016
John Stockton is an alum of this Spokane school Gonzaga 600 March 1, 2016
(Hi, I'm Zachary Quinto.) I studied drama at this Pittsburgh university named for 2 businessmen, the first U.S. college to grant degrees in drama Carnegie Mellon 800 March 1, 2016
This NYC school, one of the Seven Sisters, was named for the 10th president of Columbia College Barnard 1000 March 1, 2016
In 1920 going to Palo Alto to this university cost $120 but it's gone up a bit since then Stanford 200 December 14, 2015
Rhodes to success lead from this university where William of Ockham brought his razor wit in lectures in 1317 Oxford 400 December 14, 2015
This private university in New Orleans was founded as the Medical College of Louisiana Tulane 600 December 14, 2015
(Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) Billions of federal research & development funding goes to what is known as the research triangle, formed by these three universities all located within about 20 minutes of each other Duke, North Carolina State, and the University of North Carolina 1000 December 14, 2015
Until the 20th c. it formed part of the University of Paris & its name was synonymous with the school's the Sorbonne December 14, 2015
This university in New York City that was founded as King's College in 1754 uses a crown as its logo Columbia University 200 March 6, 2015
Evanston resident Rebecca Hoag was the first female student to enroll at this Illinois university Northwestern 400 March 6, 2015
This Houston school that offers "unconventional wisdom" features 3 owls on its shield Rice 600 March 6, 2015
Sure and 'twas a French religious group led by Father Edward Sorin that founded this school in 1842 Notre Dame 800 March 6, 2015
Bishop Holland McTyeire, a cousin of the founder's wife, chose the site in Nashville for the campus of this private university Vanderbilt 1000 March 6, 2015
There's this University in Oxford, Ohio as well as the University of this in Coral Gables, Florida Miami 200 May 7, 2013
The fight song of this New Orleans school begins, "Green wave green wave, hats off to thee" Tulane 400 May 7, 2013
Friendly Hall was the first dorm at this West Coast school, UO for short the University of Oregon 600 May 7, 2013
If you want to plan your individual course of study, head for Bennington College in this state Vermont 800 May 7, 2013
James Madison breezed through this school in 2 years when it was still called the College of New Jersey Princeton 1000 May 7, 2013
It's known as W&M for short William & Mary 200 July 11, 2011
It's alphabetically first of the Seven Sisters colleges Barnard 400 July 11, 2011
This university that hosts the Georgia Shakespeare festival is named for Georgia's colonial founder Oglethorpe 800 July 11, 2011
Truman State University is located in this state Missouri 1000 July 11, 2011
In 2010 Cam Newton became this university's third Heisman Trophy winner Auburn July 11, 2011
In 1919 this school was established as the southern branch of the University of California UCLA 200 January 20, 2011
Colleges in this state include Black Hills State University & Oglala Lakota College South Dakota 400 January 20, 2011
This university in West Virginia is named for the Supreme Court Chief Justice who raised the court to a position of power Marshall 800 January 20, 2011
The Daily Wildcat is the college newspaper from this Southwestern university the University of Arizona 1000 January 20, 2011
Opened in 1865, this N.E. college was started by a scientist for an increasingly industrialized America MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) January 20, 2011
It has the largest enrollment of any university in Utah Brigham Young 200 March 17, 2006
In 1865 this school in Poughkeepsie became the first women's college in the U.S. to have facilities equal to the men's schools Vassar 400 March 17, 2006
In 1937 this Malibu, Calif. university was established by & named for the founder of Western Auto Supply Company Pepperdine 600 March 17, 2006
This Tulsa, Oklahoma school's athletic teams are called the Golden Eagles, not the Evangelists Oral Roberts University 800 March 17, 2006
This West Lafayette, Indiana school's Hall of Music has seating for more than 6,000 Purdue 1000 March 17, 2006
In the 2005 Orange Bowl, this university's Trojans trampled the Sooners, 55-19 Southern California 200 October 3, 2005
Seton Hill University is in Greensburg, Penn.; Seton Hall University is in South Orange in this state New Jersey 600 October 3, 2005
Wheaton College in Illinois recently ranked No. 1 in college food, followed by this school in Brunswick, Maine Bowdoin College 800 October 3, 2005
In 1982 Jimmy Carter established the Carter Center in partnership with this university Emory 1000 October 3, 2005
Of the Ivy League colleges, this one is alphabetically first Brown October 3, 2005
Oberlin, home to an underground railroad stop & one of the first U.S. colleges with black students, is in this state Ohio 200 November 10, 2004
The bestseller "The Rule of Four" was co-written by a graduate of this New Jersey school, also the book's setting Princeton 400 November 10, 2004
The James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy is on the campus of this Houston University Rice 600 November 10, 2004
This private Christian university overlooks the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, California Pepperdine 800 November 10, 2004
Founded in 1836 by the Methodist church, this Atlanta university is located along the Clifton Corridor Emory 1000 November 10, 2004
As the top-ranked university for 2003 by U.S. News & World Report, this New Jersey school rules Princeton 200 December 26, 2003
Universities in Columbia & in Los Angeles share this 3-letter abbreviation USC 400 December 26, 2003
Emily Dickinson's grandfather was one of the founders of this Massachusetts college Amherst 600 December 26, 2003
Founded in 1842, Willamete University in this state is the oldest university west of the Rockies Oregon 1000 December 26, 2003
The Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes is a well-known landmark at this midwestern school Notre Dame December 26, 2003
Land adjoining the Palo Alto Stock Farm became the campus of this private university in northern California Stanford 200 November 11, 2003
The University of Alabama opened in this city in 1831 Tuscaloosa 400 November 11, 2003
The world-famous Peabody Conservatory of Music is a division of this Baltimore University Johns Hopkins 600 November 11, 2003
Melvil Dewey (of Decimal System fame) graduated from this Massachusetts college named for a Lord Jeff Amherst 800 November 11, 2003
(Hi, I'm Lauren Graham from the Gilmore Girls.) I was an English major at this women's college in New York City which was named after the president of Columbia--the school, not the country Barnard 1000 November 11, 2003
In 1253 Robert de Sorbon founded a school of theology in this city Paris 200 January 2, 2003
This university's Christ Church College was opened by Cardinal Wolsey in 1525 Oxford 400 January 2, 2003
He was pres. of Case Western Eclectic Institute in Hiram, Ohio 1857-61; his term as U.S. pres. lasted 6 months in 1881 James A. Garfield 600 January 2, 2003
This university in Indiana is administered by the Congregation of Holy Cross Notre Dame 800 January 2, 2003
The campus of this Ivy League school lies at the head of Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay Brown University 1000 January 2, 2003
Teams at a Tennessee university named for this man are nicknamed the Railsplitters Abraham Lincoln 200 December 20, 2002
Emerson's "American Scholar" was an oration to the Phi Beta Kappa society of this school, his alma mater Harvard 400 December 20, 2002
In the book "The Sun Also Rises", Robert Cohn is a novelist who had attended this New Jersey university Princeton 600 December 20, 2002
The Thomas Jefferson Medals for architecture & for law are given annually at this university University of Virginia 800 December 20, 2002
The Hoover Institution on War, Revolution & Peace is part of this Palo Alto university Stanford 1000 December 20, 2002
The university of this state has branches in Birmingham, Huntsville & Tuscaloosa Alabama 200 December 9, 2002
Due to a fire in 1764, few books exist from its original library established around 1638 Harvard 400 December 9, 2002
We can't argue the fact -- the Whig-Cliosophic Society of Princeton, one of these clubs, dates back to 1765 debate club 800 December 9, 2002
Among occupational school nicknames are the Brandeis Judges & the Whittier these Poets 1000 December 9, 2002
Oral Roberts University is in Oklahoma; the university named for this man is in Hawaii & Utah Brigham Young December 9, 2002
Museum-hopping? You'll find the Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture on this Seattle school's campus University of Washington 100 November 9, 2001
In 1997 Jodie Foster received an honorary doctorate from this Connecticut university, her alma mater Yale 200 November 9, 2001
This Nashville school named for a commodore is famed for its Intelligent Robotics Lab Vanderbilt 300 November 9, 2001
If you're walking around this Durham, North Carolina university, watch out for gargoyles like the one seen here Duke 400 November 9, 2001
To find out more about this East Coast university, check out the online version of its Encyclopedia Brunoniana Brown University 500 November 9, 2001
It's the university where you'll find the John F. Kennedy School of Government Harvard 100 April 13, 2001
Jefferson Davis graduated from the U.S. Military Academy here West Point 200 April 13, 2001
James Madison & Woodrow Wilson both graduated from this New Jersey university Princeton 300 April 13, 2001
Sports teams of this university are known as the Crimson Tide Alabama 400 April 13, 2001
This private, coeducational Washington, D.C. school is the oldest Catholic university in America Georgetown 500 April 13, 2001
The student newspaper of this D.C. university is the GW Hatchet George Washington 100 November 17, 2000
Green Mountain College is located in Poultney in this state Vermont 200 November 17, 2000
An old oaken bucket goes to the winner of an annual football game between Purdue & this cross-state rival Indiana 300 November 17, 2000
Angie Anderson & Carrie MacDonald are the first women to wear the Hawkeye mascot costume of this university Iowa 400 November 17, 2000
Scripps & Harvey Mudd are part of this consortium of California colleges The Claremont Colleges 500 November 17, 2000
In 1971 the Lyndon Johnson Library at this school became the first presidential library on a college campus University of Texas 100 September 25, 2000
The only university in this state is in the city named for Jacques La Ramee Wyoming 200 September 25, 2000
The university of this city is split into 13 branches; 3 were formed from the Sorbonne Paris 300 September 25, 2000
This school's "Gator Growl", which takes place the night before Homecoming, is said to be the largest pep rally University of Florida 400 September 25, 2000
Father Theodore Hesburgh served as president of this university a record 35 years, retiring in 1987 Notre Dame 500 September 25, 2000
This university's Twin Cities campus has one of the USA's largest enrollments with roughly 40,000 students University of Minnesota 100 January 4, 2000
Founded in 1538, the University of Santo Domingo in this country is the oldest in the Western Hemisphere Dominican Republic 200 January 4, 2000
H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College is a liberal arts school affiliated with this New Orleans school Tulane 300 January 4, 2000
The Gazette of this school in Hanover, N.H. began as a commercial paper in 1799 & moved on campus in 1839 Dartmouth 400 January 4, 2000
This school's team nickname, the Hoyas, comes from "Hoya saxa", a phrase meaning "What Rocks!" Georgetown 500 January 4, 2000
In April 1999 Harvard announced plans to formally absorb this women's college Radcliffe 100 October 4, 1999
The Hullabaloo is the school newspaper for this New Orleans university Tulane 200 October 4, 1999
This university in Ithaca, New York is the youngest school in the Ivy League Cornell 300 October 4, 1999
[Hi, I'm Camryn Manheim] This D.C. university is named for the educator who helped develop American Sign Language Gallaudet 400 October 4, 1999
This bird was the mascot at the University of Delaware before it was the state bird Blue hen 500 October 4, 1999
1 of 2 current U.S. colleges founded in the 1600s Harvard & William & Mary 100 September 21, 1998
This University of Texas fight song is based on "I've Been Working on the Railroad" "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You" 200 September 21, 1998
It's the nickname of the University of Oregon's athletic teams Ducks 400 September 21, 1998
The only college in the Yukon Territory is Yukon College in this capital Whitehorse 500 September 21, 1998
Students in Moscow at the university of this state may cross-register for courses at Washington State Idaho September 21, 1998
In 1976 this service school in Annapolis admitted its first women U.S. Naval Academy 100 July 8, 1998
Not surprisingly, more undergrads at the University of Puget Sound are from this state than any other Washington 200 July 8, 1998
Several of its football songs were written by alumnus Cole Porter Yale 400 July 8, 1998
A college in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is named for Benjamin Franklin & this great chief justice John Marshall 500 July 8, 1998
In 1756 this school moved from Newark, New Jersey to its present home Princeton July 8, 1998
This school's athletic teams are called the Hoosiers Indiana 100 December 25, 1997
Badger alumni know Michael Jackson acquired rights to this school's fight song from Paul McCartney Wisconsin 200 December 25, 1997
This school's East Lansing campus has the USA's largest college food service operation Michigan State 300 December 25, 1997
After the Civil War, Georgetown University chose these school colors to signify the union of the North & South blue & gray 400 December 25, 1997
In accordance with the founder's will, this Houston university was tuition-free from 1912 to 1965 Rice 500 December 25, 1997
Yonsei University in Seoul is this country's oldest university South Korea 100 December 15, 1997
This state's Transylvania University in Lexington was once called the "Harvard of the West" Kentucky 200 December 15, 1997
This Washington, D.C. Catholic school maintains the Vincent T. Lombardi Cancer Research Center Georgetown 300 December 15, 1997
This New York City university's school of medicine was founded in 1767 Columbia 400 December 15, 1997
The Lown School of Near Eastern & Judaic Studies is part of this school named for a Supreme Court justice Brandeis 500 December 15, 1997
Encarta says this Massachusetts school has the largest private endowment of any university in the world Harvard 100 December 4, 1997
This Baltimore university is noted for its medical school & the Peabody Conservatory of Music Johns Hopkins 200 December 4, 1997
This university near Palo Alto, California was founded by a railroad magnate & named for his son Stanford 300 December 4, 1997
This Canadian region's Aurora College, formerly Arctic College, has its main campus in Yellowknife Northwest Territories 400 December 4, 1997
This country had no university until 1986, when Sultan Qaboos University opened in the Muscat area Oman 500 December 4, 1997
The school of forestry of this New Haven, Conn. university is the USA's oldest in continuous operation Yale 100 June 23, 1997
This school in University Park, Pennsylvania was chartered in 1855 as Farmers' High School Penn State University 200 June 23, 1997
Canada's oldest agricultural school, St. Anne de la Pocatiere, became part of this province's Laval U. in 1962 Quebec 300 June 23, 1997
Charlotte Amalie is the site of the college of this U.S. possession U.S. Virgin Islands 400 June 23, 1997
This Houston school's athletic teams are nicknamed the Owls Rice University 500 June 23, 1997
Founded in 1348, Charles University in this Czech capital is the oldest university in central Europe Prague 100 May 6, 1997
Opened around 1257, it's now a part of the universities of Paris The Sorbonne 200 May 6, 1997
From 1902 to 1938, Sigmund Freud served as a professor of neuropathology at this university University of Vienna 300 May 6, 1997
The Radcliffe Camera, a domed building at this British university, is a reading room for the Bodleian Library Oxford 400 May 6, 1997
Monrovia is home to the university of this African country Liberia 500 May 6, 1997
In 1284 the Bishop of Ely founded Peterhouse, the first of this British school's colleges Cambridge 100 March 17, 1997
This college in Williamsburg, Virginia was founded to train Anglican clergy William & Mary 200 March 17, 1997
This team nickname is credited to William Lander, editor of Duke Univ.'s newspaper during WWI Blue Devils 300 March 17, 1997
In 1994 Bennington College in this state eliminated all academic departments & abolished its tenure system Vermont 400 March 17, 1997
The university of this state at Machias is the easternmost 4-year college in the U.S. Maine 500 March 17, 1997
The George Washington Carver Museum is on this Alabama school's campus the Tuskegee Institute 100 September 4, 1996
Louisiana State University & Louisiana A&M were founded in this capital in 1860 Baton Rouge 200 September 4, 1996
The Hawaii branch of this university was founded in 1955; the one in Provo, Utah dates back to 1875 Brigham Young 300 September 4, 1996
This Ivy League university has been turning out its "Crimson" newspaper since 1873 Harvard 400 September 4, 1996
The Ringling School of Art & Design has a 20-acre campus in this Florida city Sarasota 500 September 4, 1996
In the 1720s the central university of this country was founded in Caracas Venezuela 100 May 28, 1996
"The Dome" is the yearbook of this university near South Bend Notre Dame 200 May 28, 1996
The Mark Twain Project at the Bancroft Library of this school in Berkeley has 600 Twain manuscripts California 300 May 28, 1996
In 1881 Booker T. Washington founded this college as a training school for black teachers Tuskegee Institute 400 May 28, 1996
In 1881 the Wharton School of Finance & Commerce was founded at this university Pennsylvania 500 May 28, 1996
For 6 straight years, this Cambridge school has topped the U.S. News survey of "national universities" Harvard 100 December 20, 1995
USC can refer to the University of Southern California or the University of this state South Carolina 200 December 20, 1995
Named for a pair of monarchs, it's the second-oldest college in the U.S. William & Mary 300 December 20, 1995
Duke University's undergraduate college of arts & sciences shares its name with this Dublin college Trinity 500 December 20, 1995
The Juilliard School is located in this performing arts complex Lincoln Center December 20, 1995
Al-Azhar University in this Egyptian capital was established around the Al-Azhar Mosque Cairo 100 July 14, 1995
The University of Antioquia is located in Medellin in this country Colombia 200 July 14, 1995
This school in Tempe didn't become a university until 1958 Arizona State University 300 July 14, 1995
This college is the sole constituent college of the University of Dublin Trinity College 400 July 14, 1995
Now nonsectarian, Pennsylvania's Bryn Mawr was originally affiliated with this religious group the Quakers 500 July 14, 1995
The University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus lies in these 2 cities St. Paul & Minneapolis 100 May 11, 1994
The nation's oldest law school was founded in 1779 at this Virginia college William & Mary 200 May 11, 1994
The only colonial building still standing at this university is Connecticut Hall Yale 300 May 11, 1994
The USA's first program of African studies was established at this Evanston, Illinois school Northwestern 400 May 11, 1994
This Milwaukee university run by Jesuits was founded in 1857 & originally called St. Aloysius Academy Marquette 500 May 11, 1994
This university near South Bend, Indiana is run by the Congregation of the Holy Cross Notre Dame 100 February 2, 1994
It's the oldest member of the Ivy League Harvard 200 February 2, 1994
Victoria University of Wellington is one of the 6 universities run by this nation's government New Zealand 300 February 2, 1994
This European university's 3 oldest colleges are University, Balliol & Merton Oxford 400 February 2, 1994
In 1924 Trinity College of Durham, North Carolina changed its name to this Duke 500 February 2, 1994
This school's athletic teams are known as the Sooners Oklahoma 100 September 30, 1993
When it opened in Connecticut in 1701 as the Collegiate School, it had just 1 student Yale 200 September 30, 1993
At the 1947 Harvard commencement he introduced his plan to rebuild Europe (George) Marshall 300 September 30, 1993
Hubert Humphrey taught political science at this Baton Rouge school in 1939 & 1940 Louisiana State University 400 September 30, 1993
A university in De Land, Florida is named for this 19th century maker of ten-gallon hats Stetson 500 September 30, 1993
This building on the Rue des Ecoles in Paris is sometimes used as a synonym for the University Of Paris the Sorbonne 100 July 19, 1993
The University of Salonika is this country's largest college Greece 200 July 19, 1993
It's athletic teams are nicknamed the Hurricanes (University of) Miami 300 July 19, 1993
This Pasadena, Calif. college maintains an astrophysical observatory on Mount Palomar Caltech 400 July 19, 1993
In 1783 this Ivy League school's Nassau Hall briefly served as the nation's capital Princeton University July 19, 1993
Time flies: in 1988, Caroline Kennedy graduated from this Manhattan university's law school Columbia University 100 July 10, 1992
Appropriately, King Henry VI founded King's College at this university in 1441 Cambridge 200 July 10, 1992
This state-supported institution has 9 campuses; the one in San Diego is the farthest south the University of California 300 July 10, 1992
Before he was famous, Richard Widmark taught drama at Lake Forest College in this state Illinois 500 July 10, 1992
This Washington, D.C. university boasts the oldest school of foreign service in the U.S. Georgetown University July 10, 1992
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George Bush is our third President to have attended this Connecticut school Yale 100 May 16, 1991
The university of this city isn't in the city itself but in neighboring Coral Gables Miami 200 May 16, 1991
Baker Library at this Ivy League college in New Hampshire is noted for its Robert Frost collection Dartmouth 300 May 16, 1991
Ouachita Baptist University is located in Arkadelphia in this Ozark state Arkansas 400 May 16, 1991
The H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College for women is part of this New Orleans university Tulane 500 May 16, 1991
This branch of the University of California has the largest collection of films on a college campus UCLA 100 November 22, 1990
This state established the first public junior college at Joliet in 1901 Illinois 200 November 22, 1990
Joe Paterno, football coach at this eastern school, has seen 90% of his players graduate Penn St. 300 November 22, 1990
This Tempe, Ariz. school has the largest collection of outer space materials on any college campus Arizona St. University 400 November 22, 1990
It has the largest enrollment on any private college in Indiana University of Notre Dame November 22, 1990
JFK outlined his idea for the Peace Corps during a 1960 campaign speech on this school's Ann Arbor campus University of Michigan 100 May 4, 1990
Nixon & Khrushchev sang this school's song, "The Ramblin' Wreck", during Nixon's '59 visit to Moscow Georgia Tech 200 May 4, 1990
Tulane & Loyola, both on St. Charles Ave. in this city, are an average of 4 feet below sea level New Orleans 300 May 4, 1990
McGill University in this Canadian city is known as the "Harvard of the North" Montreal 400 May 4, 1990
This land grant university operates joint campuses with Indiana U. at Indianapolis & Ft. Wayne Purdue May 4, 1990
George Washington received his surveyor's license in 1749 from this school named for a king & queen William & Mary 100 February 6, 1990
580 sites were visited before Colorado Springs was selected for the campus of this service academy Air Force Academy 200 February 6, 1990
Since 1868 Wells College seniors have traveled to commencement exercises in these horse-drawn vehicles stagecoaches 300 February 6, 1990
Our first honorary degree was bestowed in 1692 when this college awarded a doctorate to Increase Mather Harvard 400 February 6, 1990
3 of the schools known as the 7 Sisters, a group considered the feminine version of the Ivy League (3 of) Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Mt. Holyoke, Radcliffe, Smith, Vassar & Wellesley 500 February 6, 1990
Ulysses Grant, Robert E. Lee & Jefferson Davis were graduates of this college West Point 100 January 10, 1990
Scholoastic achievement in this year of college allows one to join Phi Eta Sigma, an honor society freshman year 200 January 10, 1990
In May 1980 Washington State U. was closed for 4 days due to its proximity to this natural disaster eruption of Mt. Saint Helens 300 January 10, 1990
James K. Polk went to this "tarheel university" University of North Carolina 400 January 10, 1990
1 of the twin cities which together share the main campus of the University of Illinois (1 of) Champaign or Urbana 500 January 10, 1990
These 2 colors of Georgetown University signify union of the North & South after the Civil War gray (grey) & blue 100 October 10, 1989
Many of NASA's space probes are controlled from this university's jet propulsion lab Cal Tech 200 October 10, 1989
Booker T. Washington borrowed $500 to buy the land on which this school was built Tuskegee Institute 300 October 10, 1989
The athletic teams of this Coral Gables, Florida school are nicknamed the Hurricanes the University of Miami 400 October 10, 1989
60,000 items pertaining to author Margaret Mitchell are housed at this university's library the University of Georgia 500 October 10, 1989
This academy's honor code says simply, "A cadet will not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do" West Point 100 January 26, 1989
Harvard is the best endowed university in the U.S. & this university at Austin is 2nd University of Texas 200 January 26, 1989
Pat Buchanan said of Reagan & this university, "In his heart, that's where he thinks he went to school" Notre Dame 300 January 26, 1989
According to a U.S. News & World Report survey, university presidents rate this western school best Stanford 400 January 26, 1989
As an undergraduate, Michael Dukakis attended this Pennsylvania college Swarthmore 500 January 26, 1989
A full time student usually graduates from a junior college in this number of years 2 100 February 16, 1988
At Villanova, class attendance is a school requirement only during this year of study freshman 200 February 16, 1988
The women's "eating houses" at Davidson take the place of these social groups found at other colleges sororities 300 February 16, 1988
A land-grant college must, by the Morrill Act of 1862, offer courses in the mechanical arts & this agriculture 400 February 16, 1988
This state-supported school for men is often just called VMI Virginia Military Institute 500 February 16, 1988