Clues for: Science

Question Answer Value Airdate
Argentiferous means containing or producing this metal silver 200 August 2, 2021
Crabs reabsorb calcium carbonate from their old shells and secrete enzymes to shed them in this process of getting new duds molting 400 August 2, 2021
Tonic water contains a small amount of this alkaloid used in the treatment of malaria quinine 600 August 2, 2021
This disease was first identified due to a 1976 convention in Philadelphia Legionnaires 800 August 2, 2021
Also known as a thunderhead, this 12-letter type of cloud extends through all 3 levels of altitude classification cumulonimbus 1000 August 2, 2021
One zygote becomes two & so on & before you know it, you have one of these, the result of fertilization an embryo 200 May 13, 2021
A 2020 study says that in the 2030s the Amazon tropical forest may go from a net absorber to a net emitter of this gas carbon dioxide 400 May 13, 2021
Using binomial nomenclature, Linnaeus is considered the founder of this, the field of classifying organisms taxonomy 600 May 13, 2021
Newly created nihonium is classified as a "trans-" this element transuranium 800 May 13, 2021
This type of supercomputer uses subatomic particles to help processing go quickly; Honeywell is making a really fast one quantum 1000 May 13, 2021
(Dr. Markaisa Black presents the clue.) Diabetes was a death sentence until Dr. Frederick Banting discovered how to use & extract this hormone to treat the disease insulin 200 February 12, 2021
(Dr. Markaisa Black presents the clue.) To provide immunity from smallpox, in 1796 British physician Edward Jenner used cowpox to make the first of these, which is why the word comes from the Latin for "cow" vaccine 400 February 12, 2021
(Dr. Markaisa Black presents the clue.) In 1996, a team at Roslin Institute in Scotland used a technique known as somatic cell nuclear transfer to produce the first clone of an adult mammal, a Finn Dorset sheep named this Dolly 600 February 12, 2021
(Dr. Markaisa Black presents the clue.) This property of elements, like uranium & thorium, was discovered in part by Marie Curie, who actually coined the word for it radioactivity 800 February 12, 2021
(Dr. Markaisa Black presents the clue.) In 2020, for the first time ever, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was won by two women, Jennifer Doudna & Emmanuelle Charpentier, for their work on the revolutionary gene editing tool known by this acronym CRISPR 1000 February 12, 2021
The greatest incidence of tornadoes is in this country, where more than 1,000 happen annually the United States 200 September 18, 2019
Similar to Jupiter's Great Red Spot, this planet once had a Great Dark Spot storm system that was about the size of Earth Neptune 400 September 18, 2019
In physics, it's when 2 waves meet & sometimes neutralize each other; in broadcasting, it's disturbance by outside signals interference 600 September 18, 2019
To make binoculars compact, they may contain these pieces of glass with precise angles & faces to "fold" the light path a prism 800 September 18, 2019
During a total solar eclipse, you can glimpse this "colorful" layer of the Sun just above the photosphere the chromosphere September 18, 2019
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew picks up filings with a bar magnet.) On a bar magnet, the magnetic field is strongest at the two ends, which are called these, just like the opposite ends of the Earth poles 200 November 15, 2018
It's the more familiar name for light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation laser 400 November 15, 2018
(Kelly of the Clue Crew holds an inflated balloon.) Right now the inflated balloon has potential energy; when I let it go, the potential energy turns into this, the mechanical energy of motion kinetic energy 600 November 15, 2018
This element that can turn a swimmer's hair green takes its name from the Greek for "greenish yellow" chlorine 800 November 15, 2018
While it's still deep within the Earth, before it becomes lava, molten rock is called this magma 1000 November 15, 2018
These variations in the level of the oceans have the most variation at the new moon tides 200 June 13, 2018
Development of an organism from gamete to fetus is the focus of this -ology embryology 400 June 13, 2018
This type of cloud that can ruin a picnic grows from cumulus clouds & the word grows from "cumulus" too cumulonimbus 600 June 13, 2018
Crossword puzzle addicts know "ase" is a common ending for these, catalyzing proteins produced by cells enzymes 800 June 13, 2018
First predicted in 1930, this particle with no charge goes through miles of matter without reacting with a proton or neutron neutrinos 1000 June 13, 2018
Bed bugs are attracted to this gas, as it indicates the presence of humans, so they can be lured with dry ice carbon dioxide 200 March 5, 2018
During his work with optics, this British scientist created a wheel with colors corresponding to musical notes Newton 400 March 5, 2018
Rusty metal is not the source of this disease, but it's a good place for the clostridium bacteria that cause it to grow tetanus 600 March 5, 2018
Haptic feedback uses this human sense to relay information from your smartphone touch 800 March 5, 2018
If the half-life of trebekium-13 is 10 years, in 20 years your 100-gram sample will be down to this many grams 25 grams March 5, 2018
The ragweed variety of this material is seen here under the microscope--achoo! pollen 200 September 21, 2016
A nephrectomy is the surgical removal of this organ a kidney 400 September 21, 2016
Scientist Albert Hoffman, who died at age 102 in 2008, was best known for synthesizing this 3-letter hallucinogen LSD 600 September 21, 2016
The 4 fundamental forces in physics are the strong, the weak, the electromagnetic & this one the gravitational force 800 September 21, 2016
Alphabetically, they are the last 2 chemical elements zinc & zirconium 1000 September 21, 2016
A measure of distance, not brightness, one is equal to about 6 trillion miles a light year 200 July 18, 2016
A long pole helps a tightrope walker by increasing this tendency of a body to stay at rest inertia 400 July 18, 2016
Humans have 2 of these long bones, the longest in the body a femur 600 July 18, 2016
Kids on a seesaw instinctively calculate this, the tendency of a force to produce rotation around an axis torque 800 July 18, 2016
Self-healing like the T-1000, the "terminator" type of this macromolecule compound was discovered in 2013 a polymer 1000 July 18, 2016
Newts & toads are members of this class of animals amphibians 200 February 24, 2016
Olden sailors got scurvy due to a lack of this vitamin C 400 February 24, 2016
"Truth" & "beauty" are alternate names that physicists once used for the "top" & "bottom" types of these particles quarks 600 February 24, 2016
This potent greenhouse gas has the formula CH4 methane 800 February 24, 2016
For water, .0098 degrees Celsius & .00603 atmospheres is this point at which it can exist as a solid, liquid or gas the triple point 1000 February 24, 2016
It's the universal force of attraction acting between all matter gravity 200 December 8, 2015
(Sarah of the Clue Crew demonstrates.) The beads here have been specially treated so that indoors they're white, but when you take them outside and they're exposed to these invisible rays that can give you a sunburn, they change color ultraviolet rays 400 December 8, 2015
A plant that lives & dies in one growing season is an annual; irises are this type that lives 3 or more years perennial 600 December 8, 2015
This playful creature is named for the shape of its snout a bottlenose dolphin 800 December 8, 2015
It's what RNA stands for ribonucleic acid 1000 December 8, 2015
Oxygen combines with lots of other elements; with this one it makes ZnO, used as an ointment zinc 200 October 4, 2013
Similar to reflex, humans' average for this time is roughly 1/4 second & we're going to test yours... right... now ! reaction 400 October 4, 2013
Lack of camouflage & sensitivity to UV radiation doom any wild alligators with this condition from a mutation albino 600 October 4, 2013
A Mars rover found this, hydrated calcium sulfate, indicating not Martian drywallers but Martian water gypsum 800 October 4, 2013
Stomp rockets are powered by what's usually called this type of "air" that's been squished under greater than normal pressure compressed air 1000 October 4, 2013
This transparent structure behind the iris focuses light entering the eye the lens 200 January 31, 2012
(Sarah of the Clue Crew shows us diagrams from the Hall of Human Origins at the Smithsonian.) Comparing MRI scans of a chimp's brain & a human's shows that the human's is not merely larger; it also contains vastly more white matter connecting these cells vital to the transmission & processing of information nerves 400 January 31, 2012
By definition, this adjective describes certain organisms that can or must live in the absence of oxygen anaerobic 600 January 31, 2012
(Kelly of the Clue Crew shows us molecular models in the lab.) We're using models of ethanol to show the 2 basic types of molecular models; 1 clarifies the bonds between these particles, while the other shows better what the molecule looks like in actual space atoms 800 January 31, 2012
This name of the infectious disease caused by the Epstein-Barr virus comes from words meaning "one" & "kernel" mononucleosis 1000 January 31, 2012
He was in Shanghai in 1921 when he found out he had won a Nobel Prize for Physics Einstein 200 May 29, 2009
Isaac Newton published his first mathematical formulation for this fundamental force in 1687 gravity 400 May 29, 2009
In 1996 (seems late) researchers announced a new one of these body parts, the spheno-mandibularis a muscle 600 May 29, 2009
When boiling water, energy absorbed that escapes as vapor is this type of heat, from Latin latere, "to hide" latent energy 1000 May 29, 2009
During an epidemic of this disease in 1796, Edward Jenner discovered the power of vaccines & used it to save lives smallpox May 29, 2009
Each of these organs contains about 1 million nephrons, which filter blood the kidneys 200 November 12, 2008
(Jon of the Clue Crew sucks on a straw in a sealed-up bottle that has a marshmallow inside.) The marshmallow in the bottle will expand when I suck on the straw because this property inside the bottle will decrease (air) pressure 400 November 12, 2008
These were first seen in human cells in 1882; the exact number, 46, was determined in 1956 chromosomes 600 November 12, 2008
(Jon of the Clue Crew pushes a straw into a cupcake, then extracts the result.) Using a cupcake & straw, we're approximating 1 of these 2-word scientific readings used in undersea & underground prospecting core sampling 800 November 12, 2008
In 1758 this Swedish biologist introduced binomial nomenclature Linnaeus 1000 November 12, 2008
It's what the "L" stands for in "laser" light 200 July 8, 2008
The Celsius temperature scale is also called this, meaning "divided into one hundred parts" centigrade 400 July 8, 2008
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew performs a science experiment.) By mixing baking soda, a chemical base, with the acid in the lime juice, this gas is produced, resulting in a bubbly liquid carbon dioxide 600 July 8, 2008
This one of the simple machines is made by using a wheel & a rope a pulley 800 July 8, 2008
Shock researcher Walter Cannon coined this word for an organism's ability to maintain internal equilibrium homeostasis 1000 July 8, 2008
(Kelly of the Clue Crew demonstrates with a coffee can & an inclined plane.) A ball of clay inside the can is enough to reposition the can's natural center of this, so the can rolls uphill gravity 200 March 28, 2008
Every second, fusion reactions in the Sun convert about 600 million tons of this element into helium hydrogen 400 March 28, 2008
Edward Doisy won a 1943 Nobel Prize for synthesizing this hemorrhage-inhibiting vitamin; isn't that "special"? vitamin K 600 March 28, 2008
Of the 3 basic rock types, the type that was once one form but has changed to another due to heat & pressure metamorphic 800 March 28, 2008
(Jon of the Clue Crew holds a white rock at White Sands National Monument, New Mexico.) Because it's water-soluble, this form of calcium sulfate is rarely found in sand, but here in New Mexico's Tularosa Basin, there are no rivers to carry it away, so it forms the famed white sand gypsum 1000 March 28, 2008
( Kelly of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from a science lab. ) The heat from the lamp causes the snake to dance, as hot air is less this five-letter term than cold air and therefore rises and spins the snake dense 200 July 12, 2007
In the nervous system, calcium ions crossing the gap between these cause a release of acetylcholine neurons 400 July 12, 2007
( Kelly delivers the clue from the lab. ) Normally, an ice cube floats; this one, however, sinks right to the bottom because it's made of heavy water, or D2O; the D standing for this isotope deuterium 600 July 12, 2007
As opposed to what arthropods have, vertebrates have this internal framework endoskeleton 800 July 12, 2007
( Jimmy of the Clue Crew delivers the clue. ) Though the top book appears to be suspended in air, more than half the weight of the stack rests on the table - the principle is used to build this type of bridge cantilever bridge 1000 July 12, 2007
This type of rain forms when nitrogen oxides & sulfur dioxide react within growing droplets acid rain 200 March 12, 2007
(Jon of the Clue Crew points to two diagrams of the Earth's tilt on the monitor.) Because of the tilt of the Earth's axis both in summer & winter, solar panels in the United States facing this direction receive the most sun south 400 March 12, 2007
This branch of study is for the birds... actually, it's of the birds ornithology 600 March 12, 2007
In 1633 the Church condemned him to house arrest for astronomical heresy Galileo 800 March 12, 2007
(Kelly of the Clue Crew reading points to a fly's eye on the monitor.) An insect's compound eye can detect 300 flashes of light per second compared to a human's 50, using thousands of tiny lenses known as these, as in a diamond a facet 1000 March 12, 2007
The opposite of a base, it turns blue litmus red an acid 200 November 16, 2006
Jaundice can be a symptom of this liver disease, type A, B or C hepatitis 400 November 16, 2006
The 10th to 12th of these body parts that form a "cage" articulate with single vertebrae ribs 600 November 16, 2006
Echocardiography can tell you whether this doublespeak heart issue is caused by an abnormal valve heart murmur 800 November 16, 2006
Also known as epinephrine, this hormone is secreted in response to stress, like fear or injury adrenaline November 16, 2006
This medal metal is usually an alloy of tin & copper bronze 200 March 13, 2006
(Jon of the Clue Crew reports from Copenhagen, Denmark.) In 1883, Carlsberg developed Saccharomyces carlsbergensis, a special strain of this to ferment the sugars in beer yeast 400 March 13, 2006
The name of this disorder in which the bones become porous comes from the Greek for "bone" & "passage" osteoporosis 800 March 13, 2006
In astronomy, this unit of measure is abbreviated pc parsec 1000 March 13, 2006
In testing out gases by smelling them (not a good idea) Humphry Davy found in 1800 that this one made him feel giddy nitrous oxide (or laughing gas) March 13, 2006
Cosmic rays were first detected by V. F. Hess during a flight by one of these a hot air balloon 200 January 24, 2005
The crepe ring is the transparent C ring in this planet's ring system Saturn 400 January 24, 2005
Albert Ghiorso at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab holds the record for discovering the most of these elements 600 January 24, 2005
In MS-DOS, the .bak file extension meant the file was this type back-up file 800 January 24, 2005
An isohel on a weather map is a line showing connecting places with an equal amount of this sunshine January 24, 2005
These electromagnetic rays used to take pictures of your insides were originally known as Roentgen rays X-rays 200 April 28, 2003
This German-born American physicist won the 1921 Nobel Prize for Physics Albert Einstein 400 April 28, 2003
Also a term for someone from Warsaw, it's one of the 2 strongest points in a magnetic field Pole 800 April 28, 2003
The symbol of this radioactive element is Pu & it sounds like it's named after Mickey Mouse's dog plutonium 1000 April 28, 2003
When combined with oxygen, this lightest chemical element makes water hydrogen April 28, 2003
The leatherback variety of this reptile is one of the few animals that primarily eat jellyfish turtle/tortoise 200 April 24, 2003
This "prefrontal" medical procedure involves the destruction of sections of the brain's cortex lobotomy 400 April 24, 2003
This process of making rubber harder & more elastic by heating it with sulfur bears the name of a Roman god vulcanization 600 April 24, 2003
His 1543 book "Concerning the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres" started an astronomical revolution Nicholas Copernicus 800 April 24, 2003
The process by which neutral atoms become electrically charged is called this ionization 1000 April 24, 2003
The vast majority of this second-lightest gas comes from natural gas fields in the U.S. helium 200 January 8, 2003
Sialia mexicana is the scientific name of the western bluebird: Sialia is the genus & mexicana tells you this the species 400 January 8, 2003
In a first-class type of this, the fulcrum is between the applied force and the load a lever 600 January 8, 2003
The tail of this body is formed when ice turns into gas as it gets closer to the sun a comet 800 January 8, 2003
This 5-letter word is the opposite of attract repel 1000 January 8, 2003
His 1905 paper "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies" contained his special Theory of Relativity Albert Einstein 200 November 8, 2002
In 1935 the daughter of this famed pair won a Nobel Prize for the discovery of artificial radioactivity Pierre & Marie Curie 400 November 8, 2002
(Hi, I'm Nobel laureate Rudy Marcus.) It's the chemical formula for dry ice CO2 600 November 8, 2002
The term geotropism refers to the effect that this has on the direction plants grow or bend gravity/the Earth 800 November 8, 2002
In the Arctic, some of these organisms consisting of an alga & a fungus may be 4,000 years old lichens 1000 November 8, 2002
It's what the "L" stands for in laser light 100 November 20, 2001
What we call table salt is the most common compound of this element sodium 200 November 20, 2001
On a weather map isotherms join places of equal temperature & these lines join places of equal air pressure isobars 300 November 20, 2001
Lepidoptera is the order of insects that includes skippers & these 2 familiar groups butterflies & moths 400 November 20, 2001
One of the earliest devices for storing electricity was this jar, named for a Dutch city a Leiden jar 500 November 20, 2001
In biology it's a finger; in math, a figure like 1 a digit 100 March 10, 2000
A free-falling body accelerates at a rate of about 1 g, g coming from this word gravity 200 March 10, 2000
Pre-Y1K scientists figured this organ gave out light; they were, of course, wrong eye 300 March 10, 2000
These in the skies of Albuquerque on October 3, 1999 were a fine example of Charles' Law in action hot air balloons 400 March 10, 2000
The 5-kingdom system is made up of animals, bacteria, plants, protists & these fungi 500 March 10, 2000
The SO in SONAR stands for this word Sound 100 October 27, 1998
This space station turned 10 in February 1996 Mir 200 October 27, 1998
In 1882 this inventor opened the Pearl Street Power Station in New York Thomas Edison 300 October 27, 1998
In a car's steering system, it's the geared wheel that moves the rack Pinion 400 October 27, 1998
To produce this metal using the Bayer Process, you begin with caustic soda & bauxite Aluminum 500 October 27, 1998
The Graafian follicles of these glands contain the female reproductive cells Ovaries 100 October 16, 1997
The sun is 333,000 times as massive as the Earth & 1,047 times as massive as this planet Jupiter 200 October 16, 1997
Two 9-volt batteries in a series circuit produce this many volts of electromotive force 18 400 October 16, 1997
The screw & the wedge are adaptations of this type of simple machine Inclined plane 500 October 16, 1997
This green plant pigment is also found in algae & in some bacteria Chlorophyll 100 September 16, 1997
In 1875 this plant breeder moved to California using profits earned on his potato Luther Burbank 200 September 16, 1997
It's defined as an atom or group of atoms that has an electrical charge Ion 300 September 16, 1997
A 1991 photo of Gaspra taken by the Galileo probe was the first close-up of one of these minor planets Asteroid 400 September 16, 1997
In the 1940s this Nobel Prize winner & vitamin C advocate studied the structure of antibodies Linus Pauling September 16, 1997
This fossilized resin from prehistoric pines can preserve an insect forever amber 100 July 18, 1997
Most icebergs in the north Atlantic come from about 20 glaciers on this island's west coast Greenland 200 July 18, 1997
Around 1840 chemist John William Draper took the first photograph of this heavenly body the moon 300 July 18, 1997
Birds & bees perform this transfer of gametes from anthers to stigmas pollination 400 July 18, 1997
Einstein said measurements of this depend on whether the observer is moving; it's not absolute time 500 July 18, 1997
An EEG records the electrical activity of this organ Brain 100 June 19, 1997
Human beings normally have 46 of these in most of their cells Chromosomes 200 June 19, 1997
This second-lightest metal, symbol K, is so soft it can be cut with a knife Potassium 300 June 19, 1997
He's been called the "Father of Modern Rocketry" Robert Goddard 400 June 19, 1997
According to his law, resistance in a DC circuit is the ratio of volts to amps Georg Ohm 500 June 19, 1997
The largest cell is the 3-inch diameter yolk of this bird's egg Ostrich 100 May 29, 1997
In Latin this metal is known as aurum Gold 200 May 29, 1997
On a weather chart this line connects places that have the same barometric pressure Isobar 300 May 29, 1997
On June 29, 1994 the temperature reached 125 degrees in Laughlin, the highest ever recorded in this state Nevada 400 May 29, 1997
This organ removes excess glucose from the blood & stores it as glycogen Liver 500 May 29, 1997
The boundary between the mantle & this layer is called the Mohorovicic Discontinuity Crust 100 April 22, 1997
These 2 ducts lead from the ovaries to the uterus Fallopian tubes 200 April 22, 1997
In the 1920s, Julius Nieuwland polymerized acetylene, added chlorine atoms & created this synthetic rubber Neoprene 300 April 22, 1997
On July 10, 1996 scientists released close-up photos of Ganymede taken by this space probe Galileo 400 April 22, 1997
In 1993 Eugene & Carolyn Shoemaker & David Levy discovered a highly fragmented one of these Comet 500 April 22, 1997
This gas, symbol Xe, is used in stroboscopes & high-speed camera flashes Xenon 100 March 26, 1997
Nearly twice as sweet as sucrose, this fruit sugar is the main sweetener in honey Fructose 200 March 26, 1997
An archipelago is a group of islands & this is a ring of coral islands like Bikini in the Pacific Atoll 300 March 26, 1997
Developed by Edward Jenner, the first true vaccine was designed to protect against this disease Smallpox 400 March 26, 1997
They're the 2 lines of latitude lying 23 1/2 degrees north & south of the Equator Tropic of Cancer & Tropic of Capricorn 500 March 26, 1997
This ninth planet's unusual orbit sometimes brings it closer to the sun than the eighth planet Pluto 100 March 25, 1997
It's the ratio of the amount of water vapor in the air to the amount the air can hold at that temperature Relative humidity 200 March 25, 1997
A parasitoid differs from a parasite in that this eventually happens to its host It dies 300 March 25, 1997
The acceleration of falling objects varies from place to place because of variations in this force Gravity 400 March 25, 1997
It's the property of a body that opposes an electric current moving through it Resistance 500 March 25, 1997
These respiratory organs of aquatic animals occur in oysters & some insect larvae as well as in fish Gills 100 March 19, 1997
Used to control glaucoma, a trabeculectomy is a procedure that reduces pressure in this organ Eye 200 March 19, 1997
The number of these dark patches visible on the sun's surface varies from a few to several hundred Sunspots 300 March 19, 1997
A phrase used to remember this planet's main moons is "Met Dr. Thip"; Titan is the second T Saturn 400 March 19, 1997
This drug marketed as Motrin was patented in Great Britain in 1964 Ibuprofen 500 March 19, 1997
Magnetism occurs most strongly in 3 elements: nickel, cobalt & this Iron 100 February 6, 1997
In 1665 Robert Hooke described & named this structural unit; bacteria have only one Cell 200 February 6, 1997
In 1698 Thomas Savery designed the first practical engine to run on this power steam 300 February 6, 1997
This blood protein now comes in alpha, beta & gamma types Globulins 400 February 6, 1997
Simple machine Archimedes would use to "move the Earth" if you gave him a firm spot on which to stand Lever 500 February 6, 1997
Hirsutism is having more than the normal amount of this hair 100 October 3, 1996
This 4th letter of the Greek alphabet is used to describe a high-speed aircraft wing type delta 200 October 3, 1996
The focal length is the distance from the center of one of these to the focal point the lens 300 October 3, 1996
When astronomers got a close-up look at this object in 1985-86, its nucleus looked like a big potato Halley\'s comet 400 October 3, 1996
This term refers to the warm periods within ice ages; we're in one of those periods now interglacial 500 October 3, 1996
A thermal spring that intermittently ejects steam & boiling water is called this geyser 100 September 27, 1996
The earliest evidence of these made from stone by early man dates to about 2.5 million years ago tools 200 September 27, 1996
A simple one of these consists of a small mass swinging at the end of a very light string pendulum 300 September 27, 1996
About twice a year, when the moon passes through the earth's shadow, one of these events occurs lunar eclipse 400 September 27, 1996
The name of this element is derived from tellus, Latin for "earth" tellurium 500 September 27, 1996
It's the more common name for sodium chloride Salt 100 April 10, 1996
Foxglove is an example of this type of plant that completes its life cycle in 2 years Biennial 200 April 10, 1996
After the sun & moon, this planet is the brightest object in the sky Venus 300 April 10, 1996
The pH in pH scale stands for the "potential of " this element Hydrogen 400 April 10, 1996
In geometry it's a quadrilateral with 2 parallel sides; in anatomy, it's the smallest wrist bone Trapezoid 500 April 10, 1996
800 miles in diameter, the Caloris Basin is a feature of this innermost planet Mercury 100 February 13, 1996
In medicine the person whose organ is removed for transplantation is called this a donor 200 February 13, 1996
Carbonization of this fuel in an oven produces coke used in blast furnaces coal 300 February 13, 1996
A triploid cell has this many times the number of chromosomes as a haploid 3 times as many 400 February 13, 1996
Sir Charles Lyell is remembered for contributing the theory of uniformitarianism to this earth science geology 500 February 13, 1996
Drumlins are elongated, elliptical hills formed at the edges of these moving ice masses glaciers 100 January 24, 1996
Elements are arranged in order of their atomic numbers on this table the periodic table of elements 200 January 24, 1996
This yellow element is found in gunpowder & matches & is used in vulcanizing rubber sulfur 300 January 24, 1996
2 bacteria, Lactobacillus bulgaricus & Streptococcus thermophilus, turn milk into this yogurt 400 January 24, 1996
Named after its 19th century inventor, this pendulum demonstrates the Earth's rotation Foucault\'s pendulum 500 January 24, 1996
Among alkaloids found in plants, this stimulant is found in coffee or tea caffeine 100 January 18, 1996
You may not need a high IQ to know IQ stands for this intelligence quotient 200 January 18, 1996
Name for the process a caterpillar goes through to become a moth metamorphosis 300 January 18, 1996
When cocci live in pairs, they're called diplococci; in clusters, staphylococci; in chains, this streptococci 400 January 18, 1996
Next in length on the scale of geological time: age, epoch, period, era... eon January 18, 1996
It's the most massive object in our solar system the Sun 100 December 19, 1995
After a new queen bee emerges from her cell, she goes on a mating flight with these bees the drones 200 December 19, 1995
It's the science of creating extremely low temperatures cryogenics 300 December 19, 1995
Type of doctor who would perform surgery for glaucoma an ophthalmologist (an oculist) 400 December 19, 1995
Refusing to patent his discovery, this X-ray discoverer died penniless Roentgen 500 December 19, 1995
Mycobacterium tuberculosis is one of the organisms this process kills in milk Pasteurization 100 November 15, 1995
Like humans, the Red-vented Bulbul bird needs a dietary source of this vitamin, also called ascorbic acid Vitamin C 200 November 15, 1995
Boiling bones & hides converts the protein collagen to this foodstuff Gelatin 300 November 15, 1995
Horseshoe crabs & coelacanth fish are considered living ones of these Fossils 400 November 15, 1995
Quarks have six known ones of these, which is far short of Baskin-Robbins flavors 500 November 15, 1995
Ferrovanadium is an alloy of vanadium & this metal iron 100 September 27, 1995
The horny casing of the toes of ungulates is called this hooves 200 September 27, 1995
In 1990 this space telescope provided the first picture of Charon as completely separate from Pluto the Hubble telescope 300 September 27, 1995
He outlines his 3 laws of motion in "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica" Sir Isaac Newton 400 September 27, 1995
Fusion, the change of a solid to a liquid state, is more commonly called this melting 500 September 27, 1995
When they're huge, these lunar features are called basins craters 100 July 15, 1994
This part of the spectrum has wavelengths shorter than violet light but longer than X rays ultraviolet 200 July 15, 1994
Radon gas is produced by the breakdown of this element in the earth's crust radium 300 July 15, 1994
In the fovea of the retina, cones are concentrated but these light-sensitive cells are absent rods 400 July 15, 1994
In geology the littoral is the environment between the highest & lowest ones of these on a beach the tides 500 July 15, 1994
Formulated NaCl it's the chemical name for common table salt sodium chloride 100 May 2, 1994
Of the 3 basic states of matter, only this one, when unconfined, tends to expand indefinitely gas 200 May 2, 1994
Term for the time it takes a radioactive substance to decay to 50% of its original quantity half-life 300 May 2, 1994
In biological classification this comes between family & species genus 400 May 2, 1994
On the Fahrenheit scale, the freezing point of water is 32° & the boiling point is this 212° Fahrenheit 500 May 2, 1994
In breathing it's the gas you expel to the atmosphere Carbon Dioxide 100 December 3, 1993
Erosion from these created fjords & drumlins glaciers 200 December 3, 1993
Scientist John Dalton suffered from the red-green type of this Colorblindness 300 December 3, 1993
The surfaces of this type of element can be anodized metal 400 December 3, 1993
He discovered that if nitroglycerin was absorbed by an inert substance it wouldn't explode from shock Alfred Nobel 500 December 3, 1993
A botanist could tell you that algology is the study of these algae 100 September 27, 1993
Frogs & toads belong to the anura order of this class of vertebrates amphibians 200 September 27, 1993
Photosynthetic bacteria make their food from sunlight, hydrogen sulfide & this gas carbon dioxide 300 September 27, 1993
Howard Carter & Heinrich Schliemann were 2 of the most famous names in this field archaeology 400 September 27, 1993
This family of anthropologists is renowned for its important fossils finds in East Africa Leakey September 27, 1993
Kaolin is a fine, white type of this material used for ceramics clay 100 July 15, 1993
The adjective used to describe things having to do with this planet is Jovian Jupiter 200 July 15, 1993
This unit of relative sound intensity is equal to 1/10 of a bel decibel 300 July 15, 1993
This partition that separates the abdominal & chest cavities is made up of muscles & tendons diaphragm 400 July 15, 1993
By definition, hydroponics is the growing of plants without this soil 500 July 15, 1993
It's the element whose atomic weight is closest to its atomic number hydrogen 100 June 28, 1993
Inventors of these include Georges Leclanche, Gaston Plante & Alessandro Volta batteries 200 June 28, 1993
Life here was the subject of the 1965 book "World Without Sun" the sea 300 June 28, 1993
After 1,400 orbits it fell back to Earth January 4, 1958 & burned up Sputnik 400 June 28, 1993
In 1977 the U.S. banned these that used freon as the propellant spray cans 500 June 28, 1993
Found in woody structures such as straw & corncobs, xylose is a form of this sweet substance sugar 100 April 8, 1993
Baily's Beads, bright spots along the rim of the moon, can be seen during this occurence eclipse 200 April 8, 1993
Used in rocket propulsion, LOX stands for this liquid oxygen 300 April 8, 1993
While soapstone can refer to any greasy rock, it usually applies to one made of this soft mineral talc 400 April 8, 1993
Formed by bacterial fermentation, it's the acid that makes sour milk sour lactic acid April 8, 1993
Psychologists refer to this sense as olfaction smell 100 May 22, 1992
The length of this on Jupiter is less than 10 hours the day 200 May 22, 1992
Palynology seeks knowledge about past plant distribution by studying grains of this pollen 300 May 22, 1992
Consisting of 3 atoms, water is an example of a triatomic one of these units a molecule 400 May 22, 1992
American Arthur Compton's work proved the existence of these "particles" of light photons 500 May 22, 1992
Duralumin is a light, hard alloy consisting mostly of this metal aluminum 100 July 12, 1991
Any muscle with two heads, like the one in the front of your upper arm bicep 200 July 12, 1991
Hordeolum, the infection of a gland at the base of an eyelash, is commonly called this a stye 300 July 12, 1991
"Explosive" other name for the superdense theory of the origin of the cosmos the Big Bang Theory 400 July 12, 1991
Malachite is used as a green gemstone & as an ore of this metal copper 500 July 12, 1991
Vulcanization increases the hardness of this by heating it with sulphur rubber 100 June 12, 1991
Dieters should know that this unit of energy is equal to about 4.2 joules a calorie 200 June 12, 1991
It's the main constituent of the cell walls of plants cellulose 300 June 12, 1991
The symbol of this form of oxygen that screens the Earth from ultraviolet rays is O3 ozone 400 June 12, 1991
It's an alloy consisting primarily of copper and zinc brass 500 June 12, 1991
When light is passed thru a prism, it produces this spread of colors Spectrum 100 January 25, 1991
It's the branch of chemistry that deals with carbon compounds Organic Chemistry 200 January 25, 1991
All lines of longitude are measured east or west of this line Prime Meridian 300 January 25, 1991
The Big Dipper is part of this constellation Ursa Major 400 January 25, 1991
The most important source of uranium & radium is this mineral ore Pitchblende 500 January 25, 1991
Invented by Edwin Land, it was the first instant camera Polaroid Camera 100 January 17, 1991
When Henry Cavendish discovered this lightest-known element, he called it inflammable air Hydrogen 200 January 17, 1991
Galileo is said to have done gravity experiments by dropping weights from this tower Leaning Tower of Pisa 300 January 17, 1991
In ancient times, lodestone was used as a form of this instrument Compass 400 January 17, 1991
A positive ion is formed when an atom loses one or more of these Electron 500 January 17, 1991
Term for the sound produced by the expansion of air that's been heated by lightning thunder 100 October 9, 1990
A biological process taking place in the body is called in vivo; in glass it's called this in vitro 300 October 9, 1990
These 1-celled fungi feed on sugar & convert it into CO yeast 400 October 9, 1990
The bumps seen here are these, arranged one by one over a 22-hour period by scientists at an IBM lab individual atoms October 9, 1990
A magnetron is used to generate this type of energy that can transmit sound, or cook microwave energy 100 September 6, 1990
Studying data from one of these occurrences, Mohorovicic discovered the crust-mantle boundary earthquakes 200 September 6, 1990
Used in making soap & margarine, copra is the dried meat of this the coconut 300 September 6, 1990
The small explosive device that sets off the main explosive charge the primer (detonator) 400 September 6, 1990
Also called gristle, found between your vertebrae, & also shapes your ears & nose cartilage 500 September 6, 1990
In computerese, a "vaccine" is a program that seeks out & destroys these computer viruses 100 May 9, 1990
A compass points toward this north pole magnetic north pole 200 May 9, 1990
Varieties of these simple plants include red, brown, green & blue-green algae 300 May 9, 1990
Behaviorists & dogs drool over the work of this Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov 400 May 9, 1990
The most abundant metal on Earth, when it was discovered in 1820 it was worth more than gold aluminum 500 May 9, 1990
An ophthalmologist specializes in this part of the body the eye 100 March 7, 1990
Dry ice is CO2, & regular ice is this H<sub>2</sub>O 200 March 7, 1990
To make this cushioning material, whip latex into a froth, then gel & vulcanize it foam rubber 300 March 7, 1990
Term for a space in which there are no atoms or molecules; a perfect one is unobtainable a vacuum 400 March 7, 1990
When astronauts talk of "re-entry", this is what they re-enter the atmosphere 500 March 7, 1990
A little harder than talc, but not as hard as calcite, gypsum is this number on the Mohs scale 2 100 December 15, 1989
Precambrian time began with this & continued until the 1st appearances of life on Earth the creation of Earth 200 December 15, 1989
Warning! Warning! Your litmus paper has just turned red, indicating this type of solution acid 300 December 15, 1989
The Dewey Decimal System is based on the number 10 & the duodecimal system on this number 12 400 December 15, 1989
Formerly used in making film, it was the 1st commercial synthetic plastic celluloid 500 December 15, 1989
The mother of a mule Horse (Mare) 100 November 10, 1989
It's another name for your coccyx Tailbone 200 November 10, 1989
Union Carbide makes this common car additive that contains ethylene glycol Antifreeze 300 November 10, 1989
This unit of measure in weather is abbreviated mb Millibar 400 November 10, 1989
Frenchman who discovered the Piezoelectric Effect, that certain crystals when stressed make electricity Pierre Curie 500 November 10, 1989
Aristotle taught that this was formed by rain reflecting the sun's rays a rainbow 100 November 2, 1989
The 2 places on Earth that are at 90o latitude the North & South Poles 200 November 2, 1989
In statistics normal distribution in an experiment produces a curve shaped like this object a bell 300 November 2, 1989
A bacterium called "Lactobacillus San Francisco" was isolated in 1973 on this kind of bread sourdough bread 400 November 2, 1989
Chromium compounds make a ruby red & an emerald this color green 100 May 16, 1989
On the Celsius scale, this is the melting point of ice 0 200 May 16, 1989
Most light bulbs don't contain a vacuum or oxygen but this gas whose symbol is Ar argon 300 May 16, 1989
The Pythagorean theorem only applies to this type of triangle a right triangle 400 May 16, 1989
This light metal is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust aluminum 500 May 16, 1989
In 1669 Nicolaus Steno found that the oldest layers of rock are always in this location in sediment the bottom 100 February 10, 1989
By transpiration, some trees may lose a ton of this through their leaves in a single day water 200 February 10, 1989
A tungsten filament in a light bulb doesn't burn up because this has been removed from the bulb oxygen 300 February 10, 1989
Different ways this group of animals can move include concertina, undulation & sidewinding snakes 400 February 10, 1989
Known for its longed ringed tail, it's kept as a house pet in Madagascar a lemur 500 February 10, 1989
If you want to hard-boil this bird's egg, set your timer for about 2 hours ostrich 100 January 20, 1989
Pollen grains are made in the anther of this, the male part of a flower stamen 200 January 20, 1989
It's an alloy that contains 7.5% copper & 92.5% silver sterling silver 300 January 20, 1989
1 of the 1st devices used to store an electric charge, this jar was named for a Dutch city Leyden jar 400 January 20, 1989
This steel-making process involved blowing air through molten iron to oxidize impurities (Sir Henry) Bessemer 500 January 20, 1989
In order to see a rainbow, this should be at your back the Sun 100 December 19, 1988
Minimum number of lenses you need to make a simple refracting telescope 2 200 December 19, 1988
This soft, white form of limestone is formed from the remains of small marine creatures chalk 300 December 19, 1988
Term for the thin tungsten wire in a light bulb that glows when heated filament 400 December 19, 1988
A tube or hose utilizing atmospheric pressure to transfer liquid from one level to a lower one a siphon 500 December 19, 1988
After O, it's the next most common bloodtype among Americans A 100 December 6, 1988
Galileo found the swinging of one of these was regular enough to keep time pendulum 200 December 6, 1988
It can mean the act of liquifying by heat or the joining of atomic nuclei fusion 300 December 6, 1988
1 of the 2 types of cells that make up the brain neurons (and glia) 400 December 6, 1988
Casein, the main protein in this liquid, is used to make buttons milk 500 December 6, 1988
The 1st solvent widely used by modern dry cleaners, it was unleaded gasoline 100 October 28, 1988
It's the solar system's 2nd largest planet Saturn 200 October 28, 1988
Depending on the length of the path this takes, thunder might be a short clap or a long rumble lightning 300 October 28, 1988
20th century Austrian zoologist Karl von Frisch discovered the dance of these insects bees 400 October 28, 1988
It's the special field of computer science trying to come up with machines that think for themselves artificial intelligence 500 October 28, 1988
"Hydrohily" is pollination where the pollen is carried by this water 100 June 27, 1988
Newton's 1st law of motion states an object continues in this state unless acted on by an external force at rest 200 June 27, 1988
Type of physicist who works with a linear accelerator particle physicist (nuclear physicist) 300 June 27, 1988
It's the study of the motion & behavior of projectiles, including bullets ballistics 400 June 27, 1988
Viruses are encased in a coat of this nutrient protein 500 June 27, 1988
The decimal numbering system uses this number as its base 10 100 May 12, 1988
This discharge can be produced in snowstorms, sandstorms & volcanic clouds as well as thunderstorms lightning 200 May 12, 1988
If you degauss something, you neutralize this type of field magnetic 300 May 12, 1988
In units of force, "N", named after a noted English scientist, stands for this Newton 400 May 12, 1988
One was erected on California's Mt. Hamilton in the 1880s with an endowment from James Lick telescope (observatory) 500 May 12, 1988
The skin of an albino lacks this quality pigment 100 May 6, 1988
Some mistakenly believe the mass migrations of these rodents always end in suicide by drowning lemmings 200 May 6, 1988
It's the clear, almost colorless, liquid part of the blood, or the highly ionized "4th state" of matter plasma 300 May 6, 1988
These animals have actually built islands in the sea coral 400 May 6, 1988
It's -459.67° F or -273.15° C absolute zero (zero Kelvin) 500 May 6, 1988
Something described as argentiferous contains or produces this metal silver 100 March 29, 1988
Of Andy Panda, Mickey Mouse or Droopy Dog, 1 who belongs to most numerous order of mammals Mickey Mouse 200 March 29, 1988
A lunar one of these is equivalent to 29.53 days, a solar one, 30.43 a month 300 March 29, 1988
It's the opposite of a planet's aphelion perihelion 400 March 29, 1988
Greek letter identifying the antibody-bearing globulin in blood protein gamma 500 March 29, 1988
Like monkeys & squirrels, the coconut crab is able to do this in search of food climb (trees) 100 March 9, 1988
Lava & pyroclastic rocks are examples of this class of igneous rocks volcanic rocks 200 March 9, 1988
A conjunction of the Sun, Earth, & Moon can only occur during this phase of the Moon a new moon 300 March 9, 1988
In 1858, Alfred Wallace & Charles Darwin each proposed theories of evolution based on this natural selection 400 March 9, 1988
The word science comes from the Latin "scientia", which means having this knowledge 500 March 9, 1988
After about eight weeks, a human embryo develops into this a fetus 300 November 19, 1987
At about 63,000 ft. at normal body temperature, blood will do this boil 400 November 19, 1987
Because they are never found in chemical compounds, the noble gases neon, argon & helium are called this the inert gases 500 November 19, 1987
Of fresh, brackish, or salt water, the 1 in which it's easiest to float salt water 100 October 19, 1987
It strikes the Earth about 100 times each second & kills about 100 Americans each year lightning 200 October 19, 1987
Snowshoe rabbits & jack rabbits are not really rabbits but these animals hares 300 October 19, 1987
Ferns don't grow from seeds but from these spores 400 October 19, 1987
Any 2 chemical elements whose symbol begins with a letter other than that beginning its English name lead* & antimony** October 19, 1987
Just as silver rods tarnish, iron rods do this rust 100 September 22, 1987
The electromagnetic waves abbreviated "UV" ultraviolet 200 September 22, 1987
Speeds are subsonic below or supersonic above this Mach number 1 300 September 22, 1987
Something described as "brackish" contains this substance salt 400 September 22, 1987
During smelting, it's the waste material floating on top of the molten metal slag 500 September 22, 1987
In the platypus, this is secreted through pores in the mother's abdomen & lapped up by the young milk 100 March 5, 1987
Only the earth has greater density than this small planet Mercury 200 March 5, 1987
Of the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, or Cenozoic, the geological era we are in Cenozoic 300 March 5, 1987
Term for the science of inherited traits genetics 400 March 5, 1987
The name for this gas comes from the French for "water former" hydrogen 500 March 5, 1987
Bioluminescence is the emission of this from living organisms light 100 February 2, 1987
Robotics is related to this "6 million dollar" field of science bionics (or cybernetics) 200 February 2, 1987
Of a quartan, joule, or kilocalorie, the one that is not a unit of energy a quartan 300 February 2, 1987
Element represented by the letters "Cu" copper 400 February 2, 1987
Term for the blood vessels which take the blood from the heart arteries 100 December 31, 1986
In the scientific categories, Americans have won 142, or 38%, of these awards 1st given in 1901 Nobel Prizes 200 December 31, 1986
The Hubble constant tells how fast the universe is expanding since this "noisy" event occurred the Big Bang 300 December 31, 1986
Base 10 equivalent to the binary number "11" 3 400 December 31, 1986
A metal that is "ductile" can be pulled into this while cold & under pressure wire 500 December 31, 1986
The only animal that has walked on the moon man 100 January 9, 1986
Not just "Ludwig von" but any male duck Drake 200 January 9, 1986
Research shows a mother eating a candy bar before doing this helps a baby fall asleep quicker nursing 300 January 9, 1986
Partly frozen rain or rain mixed with snow sleet 400 January 9, 1986
If our solar system fit into a cup, our galaxy would be the size of this 3rd largest continent North America 500 January 9, 1986
Most living organisms have millions, but a prisoner only has one a cell 100 October 4, 1985
A 5th C. B.C. Greek philosopher was 1st to theorize that all matter is made of these atoms 200 October 4, 1985
Term for creatures like vultures or hermit crabs that eat carcasses & refuse a scavenger 300 October 4, 1985
Days & nights are always 12 hours long there the equator 400 October 4, 1985
If you're studying mensuration, you're studying this measurement 500 October 4, 1985
A typical snowflake has this many sides 6 100 December 10, 1984
Common element whose refined forms include pig, cast or wrought iron 200 December 10, 1984
After length, width & depth, the 4th dimension time 300 December 10, 1984
Type of organism that lives off of another, contributing nothing a parasite 400 December 10, 1984
Shattering sound that accompanies breaking the sound barrier a sonic boom 500 December 10, 1984
A sound's repetition by reflection an echo 100 November 29, 1984
He originated "The Origin of Species" Charles Darwin 200 November 29, 1984
Singular form of the word "bacteria" bacterium 300 November 29, 1984
Negative particle that orbits an atom's nucleus an electron 400 November 29, 1984
Cytology is the study of these biological building blocks cells 500 November 29, 1984