Clues for: Magazines

Question Answer Value Airdate
For your viewing pleasure, the website for this magazine of what to watch has an archive of covers going back to the early 1950s <i>TV Guide</i> 200 December 6, 2021
"The Talk of the Town" in this magazine's first issue in 1925 included Broadway actors out of work <i>The New Yorker</i> 400 December 6, 2021
Found in doctors' offices around the world, this kids' magazine that provides "Fun with a Purpose" turned 75 in 2021 <i>Highlights</i> 600 December 6, 2021
From scenic road trips to incredible natural wonders, this magazine, T+L for short, has it all <i>Travel + Leisure</i> 800 December 6, 2021
"Lifestyle, fashion & beauty" is the nature of this "magazine for African-American women" <i>Essence</i> 1000 December 6, 2021
Topps Magazine (1990-1993) was a quarterly devoted to collecting these baseball cards 200 May 22, 2020
Dr. Hook & the Medicine show had a hit song about wanting to be on the cover of this music magazine <i>Rolling Stone</i> 400 May 22, 2020
On its list of fictional billionaires, this magazine estimated Superman nemesis Lex Luthor's wealth at $10.1 billion <i>Forbes</i> 600 May 22, 2020
From 1956 to 1963, Joan Didion worked her way up to an associate feature editor position for this women's fashion magazine <i>Vogue</i> 800 May 22, 2020
In her book "Save Me the Plums", Ruth Reichl recounts her days as editor in chief of this fancy food magazine that ceased to be in 2009 <i>Gourmet</i> 1000 May 22, 2020
Founded in 1967 in San Francisco, this music & culture mag was named in part for a blues song by Muddy Waters <i>Rolling Stone</i> 200 April 27, 2018
Lila Bell Acheson & Dewitt Wallace created this magazine that condensed articles from other publications the <i>Reader\'s Digest</i> 400 April 27, 2018
His popularity began with stories he contributed to Strand magazine starting in 1891 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 600 April 27, 2018
Succeeding Graydon Carter, Radhika Jones became editor in chief of this magazine in 2017 <i>Vanity Fair</i> 800 April 27, 2018
In the 1920s Amelia Earhart penned an aviation column for this "worldly" women's magazine begun in 1886 <i>Cosmopolitan</i> 1000 April 27, 2018
Kate Upton revealed she suffered frostbite after posing in Antarctica for this magazine's 2013 swimsuit issue <i>Sports Illustrated</i> 200 October 25, 2016
SA for short, in 1950 it published an article by Albert Einstein "On the Generalized Theory of Gravitation" <i>Scientific American</i> 400 October 25, 2016
Launched in 1987, Cooking Light grew out of a column in this magazine that celebrates the best of Dixie <i>Southern Living</i> 800 October 25, 2016
This French satirical magazine got its name in part from a "Peanuts" character <i>Charlie Hebdo</i> 1000 October 25, 2016
We're excited to tell you that this magazine focusing on technology & innovation coined the term "crowdsourcing" <i>Wired</i> October 25, 2016
Her name precedes "Living" & "Weddings" in the titles of 2 of her media empire's magazines Martha Stewart 200 November 23, 2012
A magazine for active women says, "Be fit. Be fabulous. Be in" this, its 5-letter title shape 400 November 23, 2012
The name of this men's magazine is a synonym for "adage" <i>Maxim</i> 600 November 23, 2012
The Bark magazine, about canine culture, uses the slogan this "is my co-pilot" dog 800 November 23, 2012
"Project Runway" judge Nina Garcia is fashion director of this magazine, MC for short <i>Marie Claire</i> 1000 November 23, 2012
In 1967 John Lennon appeared on the cover of the first issue of this music magazine <i>Rolling Stone</i> 200 July 20, 2009
Warren Buffett topped this mag's 2008 list of billionaires; mayor Bloomberg was its most powerful billionaire in 2009 <i>Forbes</i> 400 July 20, 2009
The name of this food magazine is a French phrase often said before dining <i>Bon Appétit</i> 600 July 20, 2009
This mag now distributed with the Sunday paper debuted in 1941, subtitled "The Weekly Picture Newspaper" <i>Parade</i> 800 July 20, 2009
"Life made easier" is the motto of the magazine called "Real" this <i>Simple</i> 1000 July 20, 2009
The magazine published by this organization for those 50 & over has the world's largest circulation the AARP 200 November 2, 2007
From its founding in 1821 & up to 1942, the Saturday Evening Post was sold at this price five cents 400 November 2, 2007
It was primarily a fiction magazine until Helen Gurley Brown became editor in 1965 <i>Cosmopolitan</i> 800 November 2, 2007
In 1922 sportswriter Nat Fleischer founded this magazine that's still making the "rounds" today <i>The Ring</i> 1000 November 2, 2007
The opening article in this magazine's first issue in 1922 was a condensed version of "How to Keep Young Mentally" <i>Reader\'s Digest</i> November 2, 2007
The 1974 premiere issue of this celebrity magazine featured Mia Farrow in a pose from "The Great Gatsby" <i>People</i> 200 June 6, 2007
Its Oct. 17-23, 2005 issue featured an "Extreme Makeover" with a larger format & Ty Pennington on the cover <i>TV Guide</i> 400 June 6, 2007
Yachting magazine celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2007; the first issue featured an article by this tea merchant (Sir Thomas) Lipton 600 June 6, 2007
In 1949 this auto magazine's first "Car of the Year" award went to Cadillac <i>Motor Trend</i> 800 June 6, 2007
In 1945 John H. Johnson began publishing Ebony; this weekly news magazine of his debuted 6 years later <i>Jet</i> 1000 June 6, 2007
The Feb. 18, 1929 issue of Time magazine featured the first of 6 covers devoted to this physicist Einstein 200 January 27, 2006
Although published by this organization for 62 years, American Girl advertised itself as "for all girls" the Girl Scouts of America 400 January 27, 2006
She once published The Hatchet, a monthly illustrated magazine devoted to Prohibition Carry Nation 600 January 27, 2006
Edwin Meredith, a former Secy. of Agriculture, founded Fruit, Garden and Home, which later was changed to this <i>Better Homes and Gardens</i> 800 January 27, 2006
The woman for whom this magazine is named is called "orator, union organizer, and hellraiser" on its masthead Mother Jones January 27, 2006
The women's version of this magazine also has a swimsuit edition <i>Sports Illustrated</i> 200 December 29, 2005
In the 1980s a well-publicized ban on Playboy occurred when this convenience store chain removed it 7-Eleven 400 December 29, 2005
Founded in 1846, this magazine with an urban/rural title covers tastes in fashion, travel & antiques <i>Town & Country</i> 600 December 29, 2005
Eric Johnson's '57 Fender Strat made the cover of the September 2005 issue of this magazine <i>Guitar Player</i> 800 December 29, 2005
Ray Bradbury & Ogden Nash were among the non-food writers featured in this magazine founded in 1941 <i>Gourmet</i> 1000 December 29, 2005
This "popular" magazine's first cover, dated Jan. 11, 1902 showed the inner workings of a submarine <i>Popular Mechanics</i> 200 December 10, 2004
This national magazine bestowed the enduring label "the love goddess" on Rita Hayworth in 1947 <i>Life</i> 400 December 10, 2004
(Hi, I'm Tucker Carlson of CNN's Crossfire.) One of the many publications I've written for is this "condensed" magazine that began publication in 1922 <i>Reader\'s Digest</i> 600 December 10, 2004
Stories by Jules Verne & H.G. Wells graced the April 1926 premiere issue of this U.S. sci-fi pulp magazine <i>Amazing Stories</i> 800 December 10, 2004
In 1857 Oliver Wendell Holmes helped launch this "monthly" magazine in Boston <i>The Atlantic Monthly</i> 1000 December 10, 2004
It precedes Hot Rodding, Photography & Mechanics in the names of magazines <i>Popular</i> 200 May 24, 2004
Appropriately, the name of this director is in the title of a mystery magazine founded in 1956 Hitchcock 400 May 24, 2004
Time, Inc. spun off this magazine from People magazine in June 1994 <i>InStyle</i> 600 May 24, 2004
Anna Wintour is the editor-in-chief of the U.S. edition of this fashion magazine <i>Vogue</i> 800 May 24, 2004
In 2002, this magazine finally tracked down & ID'ed Sharbat Gula as the subject of its most famous cover from 1985 <i>National Geographic</i> 1000 May 24, 2004
As the old saying goes, "An ounce of" this magazine "is worth a pound of cure" Prevention 200 March 22, 2004
In Nov. 2003 Judge Ira Gammerman said neither side would get damages from the demise of this celeb's magazine Rosie O\'Donnell 400 March 22, 2004
For its Dec. 2003 issue, the U.S. Marie Claire put its first man on its cover, this star of "The Last Samurai" Tom Cruise 600 March 22, 2004
In titles, this word follows Southern, Country & Martha Stewart Living 800 March 22, 2004
Marilyn Vos Savant's column appears in this magazine that comes with Sunday newspapers Parade Magazine 1000 March 22, 2004
For many years cover girl Macpherson graced the pages of this magazine which shares her name <i>Elle</i> 200 May 9, 2003
Called BHG for short, it's big on accents, accessories & landscaping <i>Better Homes & Gardens</i> 400 May 9, 2003
American Turf Monthly has been following & promoting this sport since 1946 horse racing 600 May 9, 2003
"Natural Healing", "Food & Nutrition" & "Fitness" are regular features of this leading health magazine founded in 1950 <i>Prevention</i> 800 May 9, 2003
It's Johnson Publishing Co.'s pocket-size weekly with an African-American perspective <i>Jet</i> 1000 May 9, 2003
"Goings on About Town" & "The Talk of the Town" are regular features of this magazine The New Yorker 100 May 5, 2000
"Not Just Politics as Usual" is the motto of this magazine founded by JFK Jr. George 200 May 5, 2000
This sports star seen here recently launched his own magazine "In The Red Zone" Joe Montana 300 May 5, 2000
In 1999 this magazine founded by Andy Warhol celebrated its 30th anniversary Interview 500 May 5, 2000
In 1945 John Johnson launched this monthly which he considered the black equivalent of Life magazine Ebony May 5, 2000
At 37 million, this magazine that falls out of your Sunday paper has the USA's largest circulation Parade 100 March 23, 2000
This museum, part of the Smithsonian, conveys "The Adventure of Flight" in its own magazine Air & Space Museum 200 March 23, 2000
In 1999 this "Weekly" from Time Inc. ranked "The 100 Greatest Moments in Rock" Entertainment Weekly 300 March 23, 2000
Its first issue, in 1845, included articles on "A Smoke Filter for Locomotives" & "Cause of Sound and Thunder" Scientific American 500 March 23, 2000
The 2 top-selling U.S. magazines with a specific sport in their names are about this sport Golf March 23, 2000
In 1963 Norman Rockwell painted his 317th & final cover for this magazine <i>The Saturday Evening Post</i> 100 July 5, 1996
60 years before Helen Gurley Brown took over this magazine, it was bought by William Randolph Hearst <i>Cosmopolitan</i> 200 July 5, 1996
In 1974 Time, Inc. launched this magazine with Mia Farrow on the cover <i>People</i> 300 July 5, 1996
1 of 2 magazines with "Popular" in their titles whose circulation exceeds 1 million (1 of) <i>Popular Mechanics</i> (or <i>Popular Science</i>) 400 July 5, 1996
Published by Rodale Press, it's the USA's best-selling magazine devoted to health & nutrition <i>Prevention</i> 500 July 5, 1996
A 1927 issue of this magazine featured the first undersea photographs in natural color <i>National Geographic</i> 100 February 1, 1996
In 1994 Dell Magazines launched a "Western Magazine" named for this author Louis L\'Amour 200 February 1, 1996
Regular features of this magazine include Star Tracks, Chatter & Picks & Pans <i>People</i> 300 February 1, 1996
The first Polish edition of this pocket-sized monthly magazine went on sale in May 1995 <i>Reader\'s Digest</i> 400 February 1, 1996
Before Conde Nast revived it in 1983, this arts & culture magazine was defunct for nearly 50 years <i>Vanity Fair</i> 500 February 1, 1996
In July 1993 this photo-filled monthly magazine became smaller & got a new logo & layout Life 100 February 3, 1994
Among the top 10 magazines, there's no "Best", but there are these 2 "Good" & "Better" titles Good Housekeeping & Better Homes and Gardens 200 February 3, 1994
The December 1992 issue of this new magazine named for women under 5'5" featured actress Nicole Eggert Petite 300 February 3, 1994
Before her political career, Millicent Fenwick worked at this now century-old fashion magazine Vogue 400 February 3, 1994
Pencilwise is the special puzzle section in the center of this magazine Games 500 February 3, 1994
"Goings On About Town" is a popular feature of this Manhattan magazine <i>New Yorker</i> 100 December 7, 1992
Of who, what or where, the one that's the Australian offspring of People magazine <i>Who</i> 200 December 7, 1992
World Monitor Magazine is the sister publication of this newspaper the <i>Christian Science Monitor</i> 300 December 7, 1992
This novelist, John Gregory Dunne's brother, is noted for his celebrity interviews in Vanity Fair Dominick Dunne 400 December 7, 1992
Diana Vreeland was Harper's Bazaar's fashion editor for 25 years before she moved to this magazine <i>Vogue</i> December 7, 1992
This magazine was introduced in 1885; its seal came later <i>Good Housekeeping</i> 100 October 29, 1992
Named for a nursery rhyme pair, it's one of the most popular magazines for kids <i>Jack and Jill</i> 200 October 29, 1992
It's been referred to as the African-American version of Life magazine <i>Ebony</i> 300 October 29, 1992
In January 1992 this magazine for men celebrated 30 years of dubious achievements <i>Esquire</i> 400 October 29, 1992
Edited by Paige Rense, this interior design magazine is noted for showcasing celebrity homes <i>Architectural Digest</i> 500 October 29, 1992
In names of magazines, it follows "Inside" & precedes "Illustrated" Sports 100 October 2, 1992
This magazine's "Geographica" section reports on poisonous toads, killer bees & other phenomena the <i>National Geographic</i> 200 October 2, 1992
Launched in 1934, it was the 1st magazine devoted exclusively to weddings, honeymoons & marriage <i>Brides</i> 300 October 2, 1992
If you're this "& Modern", you might like to read YM because that's what it stands for Young 400 October 2, 1992
It's the "International News Magazine of Book Publishing" <i>Publishers Weekly</i> 500 October 2, 1992
This bimonthly published by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is named for its most prestigious award The Emmy 100 March 24, 1992
In July 1925 Charlie Chaplin became the 1st movie star to appear on the cover of this newsmagazine Time 200 March 24, 1992
It calls itself "The World's Automotive Authority" Motor Trend 300 March 24, 1992
It's the former name of Kiplinger's personal finance magazine Changing Times 400 March 24, 1992
The Saturday Review originally had these 2 words added to its title of Literature 500 March 24, 1992
This actress "graced" the final edition of Collier's magazine, January 4, 1957 Grace Kelly 100 March 18, 1992
The August 1991 Vanity Fair cover featured this "Ghost" star very pregnant & very nude Demi Moore 200 March 18, 1992
This men's lifestyle magazine was founded in Chicago in 1933 <i>Esquire</i> 300 March 18, 1992
This Washington-based society adds "World" to its title for a magazine aimed at kids National Geographic 400 March 18, 1992
In terms of circulation it's the largest magazine whose name contains an apostrophe <i>Reader\'s Digest</i> 500 March 18, 1992
On the cover of this magazine you'll sometimes see the phrase "And Grooms, Too" Brides 100 November 14, 1991
Yachting is the official magazine of this yachting trophy America\'s Cup 200 November 14, 1991
"The Magazine of Good Living", or a connoisseur of fine food & drink who might savor it Gourmet 300 November 14, 1991
"The Practical Journal for the Environment" isn't called Trash, but this Garbage 400 November 14, 1991
This stylish magazine was named for its publication director; her first name is Grace Mirabella November 14, 1991
According to its cover, this magazine is "Entertainment for men" <i>Playboy</i> 100 September 20, 1991
This founder of Ms. also helped launch New York magazine in 1968 Gloria Steinem 200 September 20, 1991
This founder of Seventeen was U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain from 1969 to 1974 (Walter) Annenberg 300 September 20, 1991
U.S. News & World Report & Nation's Business are published in this city Washington 400 September 20, 1991
This Rock 'n' roll mag. premiered in November 1967 with a cover photo of John Lennon <i>Rolling Stone</i> 500 September 20, 1991
This feminist magazine founded by Gloria Steinem debuted in January 1972 <i>Ms.</i> 100 June 14, 1991
Although called a "Quarterly", this magazine "for the modern man" publishes on a monthly basis <i>GQ</i> (<i>Gentlemen\'s Quarterly</i>) 200 June 14, 1991
During its 1st year, this magazine moved its operations to a garage & pony shed in Pleasantville, NY <i>Reader\'s Digest</i> 300 June 14, 1991
"The World of Science" is this magazine's subtitle <i>Discover</i> 500 June 14, 1991
A combination of bits processed by a computer as a unit, or a computer magazine byte June 14, 1991
The cover of its 1991 swimsuit edition was captioned "Shipshape and Seaworthy" <i>Sports Illustrated</i> 100 May 7, 1991
Metal Edge isn't a magazine for steelworkers but for fans of this heavy metal music 200 May 7, 1991
Air & Space is published bimonthly by this institution which has an Air & Space Museum the Smithsonian 300 May 7, 1991
Film Comment is published bimonthly by the Film Society of this Manhattan performing arts complex Lincoln Center 400 May 7, 1991
It's "the world's largest" publication for devotees of Terpsichore <i>Dance</i> 500 May 7, 1991
PC Novice is a new magazine for beginning users of thse computers 100 February 14, 1991
In 1990 this entertainment weekly had an unprecedented 4 "Fall Preview" issues instead of the usual 1 <i>TV Guide</i> 200 February 14, 1991
Of 16, Seventeen & 18, the one not a U.S. magazine 18 400 February 14, 1991
For 20 years the Children's Television Workshop has been publishing this magazine for preschoolers <i>Sesame Street (Magazine)</i> 500 February 14, 1991
This magazine calls its contributing artists & writers "The Usual Gang of Idiots" <i>Mad</i> magazine February 14, 1991
Byte magazine covers new trends & technology related to the use of these Computers 100 January 25, 1991
The Apothecary is a quarterly magazine for members of this profession Pharmacists 200 January 25, 1991
"Boys' Life" & "Exploring" magazine are both published by this organization Boy Scouts 300 January 25, 1991
Yes, it's the name of the magazine Hugh Hefner founded in 1972 for contemporary men & women "Oui!" 400 January 25, 1991
Covering combat & military subjects, it's the journal of professional adventurers "Soldier of Fortune" 500 January 25, 1991
In names of magazines, this word precedes Experience, Romance & Confessions, & that's no lie True 100 September 5, 1990
A film about a performing arts high school, or a magazine whose name is a synonym for "celebrity" <i>Fame</i> 200 September 5, 1990
A dark waist cincher, or the "World's Leading Magazine of Self-Defense" Black Belt 300 September 5, 1990
Late singer Sarah Vaughan's nickname, or a youth-oriented magazine that lives up to its name Sassy 400 September 5, 1990
WWF Magazine is the official publication of this organization, not the World Wildlife Fund World Wrestling Federation 500 September 5, 1990
Modern Bride now publishes a magazine devoted to this annual high school event Prom 100 May 17, 1990
"Spy vs. Spy" is a feature of this humor magazine's "Joke & Dagger" department Mad magazine 200 May 17, 1990
The Lincoln Town Car won its "Car of the Year" award for 1990 Motor Trend 300 May 17, 1990
"Loose Talk", "The Hot Page" & "Where Are They Now?" are features of this entertainment magazine Us magazine 400 May 17, 1990
The "As They Grow" section of this magazine contains articles on child care from pregnancy to age 18 Parents magazine 500 May 17, 1990
In names of magazines this word follows science, soap opera & writer's digest 100 October 9, 1989
The slogan for Chocolatier Magazine is "When" this course "comes first" dessert 200 October 9, 1989
Powder isn't a magazine for make-up artists, it's for these people skiers 300 October 9, 1989
Also known by its initials, BBW, it's "The world's first fashion magazine for the full-size woman <i>Big Beautiful Women</i> 400 October 9, 1989
In 1945 George H. Johnson launched this "Life"-like magazine aimed at a black audience <i>Ebony</i> 500 October 9, 1989
Boy's Life is a monthly magazine of this organization Boy Scouts 100 February 13, 1989
Of the top 50 magazines in circulation, this teen magazine is the only one with an age as its title <i>Seventeen</i> 200 February 13, 1989
This rival news magazine was founded by Thomas J.C. Martyn, a foreign news editor at Time <i>Newsweek</i> 300 February 13, 1989
3 of the 5 founders of this humor magazine had worked together on the Harvard Lampoon <i>National Lampoon</i> 400 February 13, 1989
Famous for its photography, it started as a weekly in 1936, shut down in 1972 & became a monthly in 1978 <i>Life</i> 500 February 13, 1989
Founded in 1937 to compete with "Life", it died in 1971, was revived & died again in 1979 <i>Look</i> 100 December 8, 1988
Horse & Hound is a weekly equestrian magazine published in this country Great Britain (England) 200 December 8, 1988
While Savvy is aimed at women with careers, Sassy shoots for this market teenagers 300 December 8, 1988
The No. 1 cause of household arguments, it's also the title of the magazine that did the survey Money 500 December 8, 1988
This singer was featured as a model in Spin magazine's 1988 swimsuit issue: Johnny Cash ("I Walk The Line") December 8, 1988
Sport featured in "Popular Lures" fishing 100 June 8, 1987
Even though it's now a monthly, "GQ" stands for this <i>Gentlemen\'s Quarterly</i> 200 June 8, 1987
This magazine's associate publisher is Rod's widow, Carol Serling <i>The Twilight Zone Magazine</i> 300 June 8, 1987
Magazine which shares its title with a classic William Makepeace Thackeray novel <i>Vanity Fair</i> 400 June 8, 1987
Though they call Pleasantville, N.Y. home, their headquarters are really in the next town over, Chappaqua the <i>Reader\'s Digest</i> 500 June 8, 1987
This "Hustler" publisher was sentenced to jail for wearing an unauthorized Purple Heart Larry Flynt 100 September 24, 1985
As of October 1985, these will be missing from the centerfolds of Playboy magazines staples 200 September 24, 1985
"InCIDER" is a magazine for users of this company's computers Apple 300 September 24, 1985
Magazine featured on the Feb. 4, 1985 "Newsweek" cover about Ariel Sharon Time 400 September 24, 1985
In 1920, a "Popular Science" headline read, "Do We Dare Use This Power?" nuclear power (atomic energy) 500 September 24, 1985
Newsmagazine published by the Washington Post <i>Newsweek</i> 100 December 13, 1984
Staid New York newspaper that first launched "Us" magazine <i>New York Times</i> 200 December 13, 1984
Childrearing journal that's called "The magazine only a mother could love" <i>Parents</i> magazine 300 December 13, 1984
Wm. Gaines can spoof WB films without fear of lawsuit in this Warner-owned magazine <i>MAD</i> magazine 400 December 13, 1984
Motto of this men's magazine is "More than just a pretty face" <i>Penthouse</i> 500 December 13, 1984