Clues for: 19th Century America

Question Answer Value Airdate
On October 8, 1871, a fire broke out near the barn of Patrick & Catherine O'Leary; & the next morning this city was in ruins Chicago 200 April 15, 2022
On Sept.10, 1813 the U.S. had a naval victory on this lake Lake Erie 400 April 15, 2022
Laid down in 1823, this policy declared the U.S. would not allow new colonies to be created in the Americas the Monroe Doctrine 600 April 15, 2022
This literary movement arose in 19th century New England; some of its members experimented with utopian living at Brook Farm Transcendentalism 1000 April 15, 2022
On May 30, 1854 Pres. Pierce signed into law what was officially called "an act to organize the territories of" these 2 places" Kansas & Nebraska April 15, 2022
On July 24, 1866 this state volunteered to be the first Confederate one readmitted to the Union Tennessee 200 July 18, 2019
Born in Mass. in 1820, she had abolition & temperance as her main causes before focusing on women's rights (Susan B.) Anthony 400 July 18, 2019
In 1880 this was a gleam in the eye of William Sawyer & Albon Man; they filed a patent on it & got into years of struggle with Edison a light bulb 600 July 18, 2019
The Chickasaw & Choctaw were 2 of the quintet given this patronizing name, for their relatively assimilated ways the Civilized Tribes 800 July 18, 2019
This publisher founded the New York Tribune as a Whig paper & later helped start the Republican party in 1854 (Horace) Greeley 1000 July 18, 2019
In 1813 Baltimore seamstress Mary Pickersgill was commissioned to make the 30' x 42' garrison flag that flew over this fort Fort McHenry 200 November 1, 2017
The term "Era of Good Feelings" was first used in 1817 by a Boston newspaper after this president visited the city (James) Monroe 400 November 1, 2017
An 1878 novel about a cattle drive is considered the first fictional treatment of this archetypal Westerner a cowboy 600 November 1, 2017
The body of this Sauk leader for whom an 1832 war is named was kept in an Iowa museum until 1855, when the museum burned Black Hawk 1000 November 1, 2017
From 1840 to 1860 this island of 8 million sent 1.7 million immigrants to the United States Ireland November 1, 2017
Until the California gold rush in 1849, this largest North Carolina city was the center of the USA's gold production Charlotte 400 February 23, 2017
In 1895 Secretary of State Richard Olney said this doctrine allowed us to intervene in intl. disputes in the W. hemisphere the Monroe doctrine 800 February 23, 2017
This "stately" act of 1854 repealed the Missouri Compromise's restrictions on slavery the Kansas-Nebraska Act 1000 February 23, 2017
On January 8, 1863 ground was broken in Sacramento for this; ground was broken for it in Omaha 11 months later the Trans-Continental Railway February 23, 2017
Born John Chapman, he spread religion as well as fruit trees throughout the Midwest Johnny Appleseed 200 December 5, 2016
On "Juneteenth", June 19 of this year, the remaining slaves in the U.S. learned that the North had won the Civil War 1865 400 December 5, 2016
Philly pharmacist Charles Hires claimed to have invented this beverage root beer 600 December 5, 2016
Rep. Daniel Sickles shot & killed his wife's lover in 1859 but was found not guilty, in the first use of this defense plea insanity 800 December 5, 2016
A hero of the War of 1812 and the Mexican War, this general and Whig candidate lost the 1852 presidential election Winfield Scott 1000 December 5, 2016
The words to this patriotic song first appeared in print in 1814 under the title "Defence of Fort McHenry" "The Star-Spangled Banner" 200 February 5, 2013
He's the abolitionist pictured here a few years before his raid on an arsenal & his hanging John Brown 400 February 5, 2013
In 1857 the celebration of this day with a parade & floats became an annual New Orleans tradition Mardi Gras 600 February 5, 2013
Asked to create a sport that could be played indoors during winter, James Naismith came up with this basketball 800 February 5, 2013
In 1854 this poet began writing "The Song of Hiawatha" Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1000 February 5, 2013
In 1803 this "Buckeye State" entered the Union, the first state in which slavery was illegal from the outset Ohio 200 April 27, 2011
Years before his book of watercolors, he conducted America's first bird-banding experiments Audubon 400 April 27, 2011
About 4,000 Cherokee Indians died on the "Trail of" these in the late 1830s tears 600 April 27, 2011
On May 11, 1894 workers at this Chicago railroad car plant began a strike that lasted almost 3 months the Pullman 800 April 27, 2011
In an 1830 debate this senator said, "Liberty and union, now and forever, one and inseparable" Daniel Webster 1000 April 27, 2011
In 1848 the U.S. got 1/2 million square miles from Mexico, including land north of the Gila River & this Intl. border river the Rio Grande 200 February 1, 2010
In 1864 this NYC politician set up a printing company, then assigned all city printing to it Boss Tweed 400 February 1, 2010
On Oct. 18, 1867 General Lovell Rousseau formally received this territory purchased 7 months earlier the Alaska Territory 600 February 1, 2010
This Ill. senator sponsored the Kansas-Nebraska Act, allowing each territory to decide the issue of slavery Stephen Douglas 800 February 1, 2010
In August 1812 this future president was put in charge of the Northwestern Army William Henry Harrison 1000 February 1, 2010
Formed in 1848, the Free Soil Party, which opposed extending slavery, was transplanted into this party in 1854 the Republican Party 200 January 8, 2009
Francis Scott Key penned "The Star-Spangled Banner" after watching the bombardment of Fort McHenry in this year 1814 400 January 8, 2009
A strike started by workers of this railroad co. paralyzed the U.S. economy in 1894 until broken up by government action the Pullman Company 600 January 8, 2009
Henry Wirz, the commandant of this infamous prison, was executed for war crimes in 1865 Andersonville 800 January 8, 2009
In 1822 he opened the western branch of his American Fur Company in St. Louis John Jacob Astor January 8, 2009
In 1883 Mark Twain published his autobiographical "Life on" this river the Mississippi 200 February 22, 2007
Later our national motto, this phrase first appeared on U.S. coins in 1864 In God We Trust 400 February 22, 2007
In 1849 & 1850, at least 80,000 people rushed to this state California 600 February 22, 2007
In 1869 Uriah Stephens founded the Knights of this as a secret society Labor 800 February 22, 2007
Amid the pomp & circumstance, Queen's College of New Jersey took this new name in 1825 Rutgers 1000 February 22, 2007
The first Whig to be elected president, he was also the first president to die in office William Henry Harrison 200 June 8, 2005
The Battle of the Thames was fought during this war; by the way, that's the Thames in Ontario the War of 1812 400 June 8, 2005
The U.S. abandoned the arsenal at this site in 1861, 2 years after a raid by John Brown Harper\'s Ferry 600 June 8, 2005
The Earp-Clanton confrontation near this site in 1881 has been called more slaughter than gunfight the O.K. Corral 800 June 8, 2005
Longfellow's 1858 "The Courtship of" him sold over 10,000 copies in 1 day in London Miles Standish 1000 June 8, 2005
"My Life on the Plains" was an 1874 book by this "boy general" & Indian fighter Custer 200 December 8, 2004
Reportedly, in 1854 Flora Temple broke the 2:20 minute mile; of course, Flora was one of these a horse 400 December 8, 2004
This Californian died still trying to get congress to reimburse him for all that gold on his mill site he lost out on (John) Sutter 600 December 8, 2004
If Amelia Jenks hadn't married this man in 1840, women might have worn "Jenks" (Dexter) Bloomer 1000 December 8, 2004
In 1846 he tried to sue Eliza Emerson in St. Louis for his & his family's freedom Dred Scott December 8, 2004
On May 1, 1873 the first postcards at this postage rate were issued one cent (penny) 200 October 20, 2003
In 1825 the Marquis de Lafayette laid the cornerstone for a monument to this battle Bunker Hill 400 October 20, 2003
Name of the ship that James Lawrence urged his men, "Don't give up", it was also paired in a railroad with Ohio Chesapeake 600 October 20, 2003
1889 event that caused the damage seen here the Johnstown Flood 1000 October 20, 2003
In 1863 he patented his popular folding upper berth (George) Pullman October 20, 2003
This "King of the Wild Frontier" served as a scout during the 1813-14 war against the Creek Indians in Alabama & Florida Davy Crockett 200 May 12, 2003
Graduating from Geneva College in 1849, she became the first woman to receive a medical degree in the U.S. Elizabeth Blackwell 600 May 12, 2003
Under the terms of this 1848 treaty, Mexico recognized Texas as a part of the United States Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 800 May 12, 2003
In 1892 this party met in Omaha; its plank called for the secret ballot & the unlimited coinage of silver at a 16:1 ratio Populist Party 1000 May 12, 2003
This was read to the cabinet on September 22, 1862 but it didn't go into effect until 101 days later Emancipation Proclamation May 12, 2003
On February 28, the first of the Forty-Niners to arrive by ship docked at this California port city San Francisco 100 March 1, 2001
In 1895 Brooklyn ground to a halt when workers on these electric vehicles went on strike Trolleys 200 March 1, 2001
Savannah's antebellum Green-Meldrim House was built for a wealthy dealer in this "king"ly crop Cotton 300 March 1, 2001
In 1856 South Carolina Rep. Brooks gave Massachusetts Sen. Sumner a notorious beating with this Cane 400 March 1, 2001
George Root inspired the Union forces with his song "The Battle Cry of" this Freedom 500 March 1, 2001
This author's brother, Henry Ward Beecher, was involved in a sex scandal in 1874 Harriet Beecher Stowe 100 October 19, 1998
In 1870 he published his "National Photographic Collection of War Views and Portraits...." Mathew Brady 200 October 19, 1998
This New York "boss" fled to Europe but was captured by Spaniards who recognized him from a cartoon Boss Tweed 300 October 19, 1998
This lady bandit & her Cherokee husband lived in a cabin that served as a hideout for western outlaws Belle Starr 400 October 19, 1998
The provisional constitution of the Confederacy was adopted on February 8, 1861 in this city Montgomery, Alabama 500 October 19, 1998
It wasn't incorporated as a city until 1836; perhaps witchcraft was to blame... Salem, Massachusetts 100 February 4, 1998
He compiled an 1850 volume of his photographic portraits called "A Gallery of Illustrious Americans" Mathew Brady 200 February 4, 1998
This great French actress made her triumphant New York debut in 1880 in "Adrienne Lecouvreur" Sarah Bernhardt 300 February 4, 1998
This general's 1868 presidential campaign slogan was "Let Us Have Peace" Ulysses S. Grant 400 February 4, 1998
This "golden" era following the Civil War took its name from a novel by Mark Twain & Charles Dudley Warner "The Gilded Age" 500 February 4, 1998
The North & South Porticos were added to this famous residence in the 1820s the White House 100 September 16, 1996
"The United States themselves are essentially the greatest poem", he wrote in a preface to "Leaves of Grass" Walt Whitman 200 September 16, 1996
More than 13,000 Union prisoners died at this infamous Confederate prison camp Andersonville 300 September 16, 1996
The state of Deseret was established in 1849, & this man became its governor Brigham Young 400 September 16, 1996
This clergyman, Harriet Beecher Stowe's brother, was so famous he endorsed Pears' soap in magazine ads Henry Ward Beecher 500 September 16, 1996
In 1831 Robert E. Lee married Mary Ann Randolph Custis, great-granddaughter of this first lady Martha Washington 100 May 3, 1996
One of these brothers was born near New Castle, Indiana in 1867, the other in Dayton, Ohio in 1871 the Wright Brothers 200 May 3, 1996
In 1820 Cahaba replaced Huntsville as capital of this state Alabama 300 May 3, 1996
In 1858 humorist Charles Farrar Brown published his 1st Artemus Ward letters in this city's Plain Dealer newspaper Cleveland 400 May 3, 1996
Diamond Jim Brady was the longtime love of this singer known as "The American Beauty" Lillian Russell 500 May 3, 1996
In May of 1873 the Post Office issued postcards with postage of this value One cent 100 November 22, 1995
In February of 1895 the U.S. reserves of this were down to a dangerously low $41 million dollars Gold 200 November 22, 1995
In 1804, this vice president ran for governor of New York, and lost Aaron Burr 300 November 22, 1995
During an 1840 speaking tour in England, he persuaded thousands to emigrate to Nauvoo, Illinois Brigham Young 500 November 22, 1995
Davy Crockett was in this city March 6, 1836 San Antonio (site of the Alamo) November 22, 1995
Thaddeus Stevens, who led the fight for this pres.'s impeachment, was so frail he had to be carried to the trial Andrew Johnson 100 October 7, 1994
In 1838 this man who later bought Alaska was elected governor of New York William A. Seward 200 October 7, 1994
In 1856 the first bridge for these vehicles over the Mississippi opened between Rock Island, IL & Davenport, IA trains 300 October 7, 1994
Fur trapper & scout Jim Bridger discovered this body of water in late 1824 the Great Salt Lake 500 October 7, 1994
In the 1870s this party divided into 2 factions, the Half-Breeds & the Stalwarts Republicans October 7, 1994
The War of 1812 began June 18, 1812 when the U.S. declared war on this country England 100 February 16, 1994
To avoid exploitation like that of Niagara Falls, Congress made this the first national park Yellowstone 200 February 16, 1994
In July 1804 this vice president killed a man in a duel Aaron Burr 300 February 16, 1994
He negotiated the Treaty of Kanagawa, which opened Japan's ports to U.S. ships Commodore Perry 400 February 16, 1994
This state seceded almost 4 months before shots were fired on Fort Sumter South Carolina 500 February 16, 1994
In 1824 Tallahassee became the capital of this territory Florida 100 October 5, 1993
By the end of April 1866, this former president was the only Confederate official still held prisoner Jefferson Davis 200 October 5, 1993
The first professional game in this sport was played in Latrobe, Pennsylvania in August 1895 football 300 October 5, 1993
In 1845 the congress of this republic approved annexation by the United States Texas 400 October 5, 1993
This first Chief Justice of the United States died in Bedford, N.Y. in 1829 John Jay 500 October 5, 1993
In 1870 the first ocean boardwalk in the United States was completed in this city Atlantic City 100 November 10, 1992
On May 1, 1898 Commodore George Dewey sailed into this bay Manila Bay 200 November 10, 1992
Julius Sterling Morton, who helped found Arbor Day, later held this cabinet post Secretary of Agriculture 300 November 10, 1992
He designed & constructed the Demologus, the first steam-powered warship; it was launched in 1814 Robert Fulton 500 November 10, 1992
On April 10, 1841 he began publishing the New York Tribune Horace Greeley November 10, 1992
In its battle for independence from Mexico, this future state had its own navy Texas 100 February 21, 1991
In 1889, in New York City, Otis Company installed the first electric one of these an elevator 200 February 21, 1991
A great fire in this city in 1835 destroyed almost 700 bldgs., including most of the old Dutch structures New York City 300 February 21, 1991
In 1887 the govt. of Hawaii granted the U.S. rights to use this harbor to fuel & repair ships Pearl Harbor 400 February 21, 1991
Passports were issued by local governments until 1856, when this federal department took charge of them the State Department 500 February 21, 1991
He was Thomas Jefferson's private sec'y before he & Clark went exploring (Meriwether) Lewis 100 July 5, 1990
The Wilmot Proviso tried to outlaw this practice in any territory acquired from Mexico slavery 200 July 5, 1990
In 1869 the final link in the Transcontinental RR was completed in what's now this state Utah 300 July 5, 1990
He wrote, "I went to the woods because I front only the essential facts of life" (Henry David) Thoreau 400 July 5, 1990
The first official championship match in this sport in the U.S. was held at the Newport Casino in Rhode Island tennis 500 July 5, 1990
This means of transportation invented by Andrew Hallidie was first used in San Francisco in 1873 Cable Car 100 May 2, 1990
This 363-mile waterway opened on October 26, 1825 Erie Canal 200 May 2, 1990
The first boardwalk in America was completed in 1870 in this resort city Atlantic City 300 May 2, 1990
In 1854 this Ill. senator sponsored the Kan.-Neb. Act whose passage angered anti-slavery forces Stephen Douglas 500 May 2, 1990
When he didn't get along with this president, John C. Calhoun resigned as vice president in 1832 Andrew Jackson May 2, 1990
On April 30, 1812, the territory of Orleans became this state Louisiana 100 October 27, 1989
In 1816 this city replaced Chillicothe as capital of Ohio Columbus 200 October 27, 1989
In 1838 a Mass. law banned sales of this in quantities of less than 15 gal. except for "medicinal purposes" alcohol 300 October 27, 1989
N.Y. governor De Witt Clinton was considered the "father" of this massive project that opened Oct. 26, 1825 the Erie Canal 500 October 27, 1989
Fancy footwear in the title of the following hit from 1879: "(Oh, Dem) Golden Slippers" October 27, 1989
In 1887, 11 years before annexing Hawaii, the U.S. obtained exclusive use of this naval facility Pearl Harbor 100 December 30, 1988
In 1874 this ex-president was elected to the Senate which had put him on trial 6 years earlier (Andrew) Johnson 200 December 30, 1988
In 1872 the land near the headwaters of this Wyoming territory river was designated a public park Yellowstone 300 December 30, 1988
On August 2, 1826 Daniel Webster delivered a eulogy on these 2 men at Faneuil Hall in Boston John Adams & Thomas Jefferson 400 December 30, 1988
Acquitted in 1807 of treason charges, he jumped bail before his trial for murder Aaron Burr 500 December 30, 1988
President McKinley dedicated this president's NYC tomb in 1897 Grant 100 October 21, 1987
In 1842, after 7 years of battle, thousands of these Florida Indians were sent to Oklahoma Seminoles 200 October 21, 1987
Following a precedent set by Washington, he was the 2nd President to choose not to run for a 3rd term Thomas Jefferson 300 October 21, 1987