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Question Answer Value Airdate
In 1990 sheriff Harry S. Truman was on duty in this quirky David Lynch title town Twin Peaks 200 October 19, 2022
This series on Disney+ follows a teen named Kamala, who gets superpowers <i>Ms. Marvel</i> 400 October 19, 2022
This actor has been a presence in TV squad rooms, showrooms, & hospital rooms Andre Braugher 600 October 19, 2022
Chris Pratt stars as Navy SEAL James Reece on this thriller on Amazon Prime <i>The Terminal List</i> 800 October 19, 2022
Paul Feig created this beloved but short-lived series about high school burnouts & nerds <i>Freaks and Geeks</i> 1000 October 19, 2022
Michael Chabon & Akiva Goldsman are 2 of the creators of the show called "Star Trek:" this last name <i>Picard</i> 200 July 4, 2022
Seen here, this actor played Mr. Corman, a teacher in, like, the San Fernando Valley Joseph Gordon-Levitt 400 July 4, 2022
"Our Flag Means Death" features Taika Waititi as this pirate also known as Edward Teach Blackbeard 600 July 4, 2022
Not only did she star in "Better Things", she wrote & directed many of its episodes Pamela Adlon 1000 July 4, 2022
"The Greenlanders" & "The Last Daughter of Uppsala" are episodes of the drama called these people: "Valhalla" <i>Vikings</i> July 4, 2022
Hannah Waddingham won an Emmy for playing Rebecca Welton, owner of AFC Richmond on this sitcom <i>Ted Lasso</i> 200 November 24, 2021
Kristen Bell returned to narrate the 2021 reboot of this soapy series about private school teens in New York City <i>Gossip Girl</i> 400 November 24, 2021
On this series, Brandon Walsh worked at the Peach Pit <i>Beverly Hills, 90210</i> 600 November 24, 2021
This show about a vampire with a soul was a spin-off from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" <i>Angel</i> 800 November 24, 2021
This sitcom centers on a Korean-Canadian family that runs a store that rarely closes <i>Kim\'s Convenience</i> 1000 November 24, 2021
In 2020 Jo Frost returned to reality TV as the "Super" this nanny 200 February 11, 2021
Classic episodes of this series include "Welcome to Korea" & "Abyssinia, Henry" <i>M*A*S*H</i> 400 February 11, 2021
"Did I do that?" was Urkel's catchphrase on this sitcom <i>Family Matters</i> 600 February 11, 2021
For her role on HBO's "Euphoria", this 24-year-old recently became the youngest winner of an Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama Zendaya 800 February 11, 2021
Rob Lowe plays firefighter/captain Owen Strand on "9-1-1:" this Lone Star 1000 February 11, 2021
A writer joked that this HBO mob drama "should be called 'Jersey Boys' and 'Jersey Boys' should be called" this HBO mob drama <i>The Sopranos</i> 200 December 1, 2020
(Dax Shepard presents the clue.) One of my first jobs in show biz was helping Ashton Kutcher with his pranks on this MTV show <i>Punk\'d</i> 400 December 1, 2020
"Reichenbach Falls" was the penultimate episode of this CBS series in 2019 <i>Elementary</i> 600 December 1, 2020
Don Messick voiced Bamm-Bamm, Papa Smurf & this mystery-solving dog Scooby-Doo 800 December 1, 2020
This "Kitchen Nightmares" man received an O.B.E. in 2006 (Gordon) Ramsay 1000 December 1, 2020
Since the year 2000, this rapper has played "SVU" detective Fin Tutuola Ice-T 200 May 22, 2020
In 2020 he was back as Jean-Luc Picard; engage! Sir Patrick Stewart 400 May 22, 2020
Wolf Blitzer is in this CNN title place weekdays from 5 to 7 P.M. eastern <i>The Situation Room</i> 600 May 22, 2020
Nat Geo has this "ursine" guy "Running Wild" Bear Grylls 800 May 22, 2020
Keri Russell was nominated for 3 straight Emmys playing spy on this FX drama <i>The Americans</i> 1000 May 22, 2020
In 1959 there were more than 25 shows in this genre on TV, including "Rawhide" a western 200 March 1, 2019
Currently on TBS, he's been on late night TV since 1993, hosting 3 different shows Conan O\'Brien 400 March 1, 2019
This creator of "Mad Men" brought us 2018's "The Romanoffs" Matthew Weiner 600 March 1, 2019
On "Newhart" Larry was a rural fellow who had 2 brothers, both named this Darryl 800 March 1, 2019
A game pie & charlotte russe were featured in a season 3 episode of this "Great" show from across the pond <i>The Great British Bake Off</i> 1000 March 1, 2019
On a 2018 series finale, the vice president kills the attorney general; that would quality as this, the show's title <i>Scandal</i> 200 October 25, 2018
"Neptune's Spatula" is an episode of this animated Nickelodeon show <i>SpongeBob SquarePants</i> 400 October 25, 2018
The late Steven Bochco showed us the spectrum of police officers' lives on "NYPD Blue" & this other "Blues"-y show <i>Hill Street Blues</i> 600 October 25, 2018
In 2018 this former "Grey's Anatomy" actress had the title role as she hunted a hit woman on "Killing Eve" Sandra Oh 800 October 25, 2018
It was showtime when Mary-Louise Parker was a pot-selling widow on this series <i>Weeds</i> 1000 October 25, 2018
This actor was "Pretty in Pink" on the big screen before being pretty as Red on TV's "The Blacklist" James Spader 200 March 6, 2018
In 2004 this title guy began to show the ruff life of hunting bounty all over Oahu on TV Dog the Bounty Hunter 400 March 6, 2018
A blind lawyer, a bulletproof guy, a superstrong woman & a hand-y billionaire make up this Marvel title team the Defenders 600 March 6, 2018
As so many do, Rachel Lindsay found true love on a TV show: a suitor named Bryan to help her defy this ABC show's title <i>The Bachelorette</i> 800 March 6, 2018
Finding God is hard but Jesse Custer has a woman named Tulip & a vampire named Cassidy to help the search on this AMC drama <i>Preacher</i> 1000 March 6, 2018
He's the lovable Great Dane who hangs out with Daphne, Freddy, Shaggy & Velma Scooby-Doo 200 October 3, 2017
"Feud: Bette and Joan" examines the antipathy between these 2 screen legends Bette Davis and Joan Crawford 400 October 3, 2017
"Death Works Overtime" was an episode of this drama that was set in a funeral home <i>Six Feet Under</i> 600 October 3, 2017
Far from "Downton Abbey", Dan Stevens stars as mutant David Haller on this FX series <i>Legion</i> 800 October 3, 2017
Far from "Downton Abbey", she stars as Letty on "Good Behavior" Michelle Dockery 1000 October 3, 2017
For Season 30, this reality show divided the castaways into 3 tribes: White Collar, Blue Collar, & No Collar <i>Survivor</i> 200 October 6, 2015
The hosts of the first GOP debate on Fox in August 2015 were Bret Baier, Chris Wallace & her Megyn Kelly 400 October 6, 2015
On a CBS drama Peter Florrick is the bad husband; Alicia Florrick is this title woman <i>The Good Wife</i> 600 October 6, 2015
At least your mother-in-law can't curse you the way Endora vexed & hexed Darrin Stephens on this '60s series <i>Bewitched</i> 800 October 6, 2015
An executive at Bravo, he also hosts "Watch What Happens Live" Andy Cohen 1000 October 6, 2015
Here's a fun project: name this TV personality seen here Mindy Kaling 200 May 18, 2015
This long-running NBC Sunday morning news show began as a radio promotion for the American Mercury magazine <i>Meet the Press</i> 400 May 18, 2015
The title couple met at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting on this CBS sitcom <i>Mike & Molly</i> 600 May 18, 2015
This "Good Morning America" anchor is in the women's Basketball Hall of Fame Robin Roberts 800 May 18, 2015
He's been a serious cop on the drama "Homicide" & a seriously funny cop on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Andre Braugher 1000 May 18, 2015
In high fashion Heidi Klum & Tim Gunn won Emmys in 2013 for hosting this show <i>Project Runway</i> 200 April 3, 2015
The answer to this '80s sitcom title was Angela Bower (played by Judith Light) <i>Who\'s the Boss?</i> 400 April 3, 2015
"No Doubt" you've heard that she's one of the coaches on "The Voice" Gwen Stefani 600 April 3, 2015
(Dan Patrick gives the clue.) When I asked Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to name the best product he ever invested in he mentioned Simple Sugars skin scrubs pitched by an 18-year-old on this reality show <i>Shark Tank</i> 800 April 3, 2015
This nemesis of Steve McGarrett on both the old & current "Hawaii Five-O" was named for a Honolulu restaurant Wo Fat 1000 April 3, 2015
Kevin Spacey plays a manipulative politician on this series from Netflix <i>House of Cards</i> 200 November 5, 2014
Fans of this soapy series are called Gladiators <i>Scandal</i> 400 November 5, 2014
On "The Americans" she stars as Elizabeth Jennings, just your KGB spy next door Keri Russell 600 November 5, 2014
Hugh Dancy is criminal profiler Will Graham, trying to track down serial killers on this drama <i>Hannibal</i> 800 November 5, 2014
"24: Live Another Day" was shot in & is set in this city London 1000 November 5, 2014
Single dad Juan Pablo was looking for Ms. Right on the latest edition of this reality series <i>The Bachelor</i> 200 July 28, 2014
On a 2013 episode of "Family Guy", this dog died but returned a few episodes later in a Christmas miracle Brian 400 July 28, 2014
"Pretty Little Liars" is set in Rosewood, Penn.; another ABC Family drama is set in this nearby title town, home of a curse Ravenswood 600 July 28, 2014
The "secret" that Shailene Woodley had in the first few episodes of this series: she was pregnant <i>The Secret Life of the American Teenager</i> 800 July 28, 2014
Rachel Bilson plays Dr. Zoe Hart on this Southern-fried show <i>Hart of Dixie</i> 1000 July 28, 2014
Aspiring chefs on this Fox series endure the wrath of Gordon Ramsay for a chance to work at a top restaurant <i>Hell\'s Kitchen</i> 200 December 17, 2013
On the finale of this show, ironically, Klinger stayed in Korea, having married Soon-Lee <i>M*A*S*H</i> 400 December 17, 2013
Al Capone, Lucky Luciano & Arnold Rothstein have all been characters on this HBO series <i>Boardwalk Empire</i> 600 December 17, 2013
On Oct. 20, 1951 we got our first look at the new logo of this network, which was looking back at us CBS 800 December 17, 2013
Mitch & Cam got engaged on the first episode of season 5 of this comedy <i>Modern Family</i> 1000 December 17, 2013
In 2012 the salary of this crane operator would be $42,574--enough to keep his daughter Pebbles in diapers Fred Flintstone 200 October 29, 2012
"Have Fork, Will Travel", "Kid in a Candy Store" & "Glutton for Punishment" were shows on this network Food TV 400 October 29, 2012
Speaking over ESPN highlights of upset players, this man seen here would say, "I can read his lips and he is not praying." Keith Olbermann 600 October 29, 2012
In 2010 this talk show host said, "I never thought I'd be jealous of the long, illustrious run that NBC gave "Joey"' Conan O\'Brien 800 October 29, 2012
Nathaniel Fisher didn't let a little thing like being killed by a bus stop him from visiting his family on this HBO show <i>Six Feet Under</i> 1000 October 29, 2012
It was Ed McMahon's 2-word introduction of the star of "The Tonight Show" "Heeeere\'s Johnny" 200 February 28, 2008
"Barney Miller" took place in the 12th precinct in this city New York City 400 February 28, 2008
Fiery nickname of head nurse Margaret Houlihan "Hot Lips" 600 February 28, 2008
On this kick-butt series, Keye Luke played the blind Shaolin priest known as Master Po <i>Kung Fu</i> 800 February 28, 2008
In 1966 this sci-fi show premiered with the episode "The Man Trap" <i>Star Trek</i> 1000 February 28, 2008
It's funeral home sweet home for the Fishers on this HBO series <i>Six Feet Under</i> 200 May 9, 2003
The title mom & daughter of this WB show live in the idyllic Connecticut town of Stars Hollow the <i>Gilmore Girls</i> 400 May 9, 2003
Richard Moll was a regular as Bull the bald bailiff on this '80s show <i>Night Court</i> 600 May 9, 2003
He plays Monk, the obsessive compulsive detective Tony Shalhoub 800 May 9, 2003
This TV angel was born in Derry City, Northern Ireland Roma Downey 1000 May 9, 2003
Played by Julie Benz, Darla was the vampire who turned this David Boreanaz character into a vampire as well Angel 200 November 22, 2002
"Hail to the Chief", & to this series, seen here <i>The West Wing</i> 400 November 22, 2002
In the "Eww!" department, stunts on this NBC show have included bobbing in worms & eating cockroaches <i>Fear Factor</i> 600 November 22, 2002
On my honor, David James Elliott plays Navy cmdr. & lawyer Harm Rabb, Jr. on this series <i>JAG</i> 800 November 22, 2002
Rory attends the prestigious Chilton Prep School on this WB series <i>Gilmore Girls</i> 1000 November 22, 2002
California-born James Marsters plays Spike, a British goth vampire on this series <i>Buffy the Vampire Slayer</i> 200 February 5, 2002
Megan Mullally is Debra Messing's wacky socialite assistant Karen on this sitcom <i>Will & Grace</i> 400 February 5, 2002
After a failed sitcom, The Lone Gunman returned to this show <i>The X-Files</i> 600 February 5, 2002
This WB drama about a young Clark Kent is basically "Dawson's Creek" with superpowers <i>Smallville</i> 800 February 5, 2002
Jennifer Garner plays a double gent on this spy drama <i>Alias</i> 1000 February 5, 2002
"The Hogan Family" was set in Oak Park, Illinois & "Hogan's Heroes" was set in this country Germany 100 January 6, 1997
On its final episode Lt. Gerard shot Fred Johnson, the One-Armed Man <i>The Fugitive</i> 200 January 6, 1997
In 1996 Lily Tomlin took over the role of "F.Y.I." producer on this show <i>Murphy Brown</i> 300 January 6, 1997
"Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" was the theme to this '90s series featuring Christopher Burke as Corky <i>Life Goes On</i> 500 January 6, 1997
Part played on "Bewitched" in the '60s by the person seen here in a recent photo:[Erin Murphy] Tabitha January 6, 1997
Depending on where you lived in the U.S., her "Special" either preceded or followed the '87 Oscars Barbara Walters 100 September 11, 1987
Show about a TV reporter & his computer-generated double, subtitled "20 Minutes Into the Future" <i>Max Headroom</i> 200 September 11, 1987
The name of this soap opera can be traced back to a Franciscan mission established in 1786 Santa Barbara 300 September 11, 1987
His crew included Gruber, Virgil, Tinker, Happy, Willy, Christopher & Ensign Parker (Lt. Cmdr.) McHale 400 September 11, 1987
Former "Happy Days" regular who now stars as "Ohara" Pat Morita 500 September 11, 1987