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Question Answer Value Airdate
There's a silent "B" in this adjective meaning mysterious & faint, like the Mona Lisa's smile subtle 200 May 26, 2021
This optical device that uses mirrors & colored glass gets its name partly from the Greek for "beautiful" kaleidoscope 400 May 26, 2021
This portmanteau word for a women's 2-piece bathing suit that provides more coverage than a bikini dates to 1985 a tankini 600 May 26, 2021
Tilt, prejudice & diagonal are synonyms of this 4-letter word bias 800 May 26, 2021
Geometry has cool words like rhombus & this one for a quadrilateral with only 2 parallel sides a trapezoid 1000 May 26, 2021
"Ditch... used for military defense often with the excavated dirt thrown up in front" a trench 200 April 20, 2021
"Dense", or "exceeding 90 degrees but being less than 180 degrees" obtuse 400 April 20, 2021
"To douse with a liquor (such as brandy, rum or cognac) and ignite" flambé 600 April 20, 2021
This -ism is a "relapse into criminal behavior" recidivism 800 April 20, 2021
"Of or relating to a church parish... provincial" parochial 1000 April 20, 2021
It means "to conduct criminal proceedings in court against" prosecute 200 June 9, 2020
"A dictionary of synonyms", words with the same meaning... similar words... interchangeable words... a thesaurus 400 June 9, 2020
"A person who receives and disposes of stolen goods" a fence 600 June 9, 2020
"Needlework done with a needle having a small hook at one end for drawing the...yarn through intertwined loops" crochet 800 June 9, 2020
"(Of a disease) having long duration (opposed to acute)" chronic 1000 June 9, 2020
The name of a land agent gives us this tactic for refusing to buy a company's products boycott 200 April 18, 2017
As a verb, it means to stop the flow of blood; as an adjective, steadfast or loyal stanch 400 April 18, 2017
It's the holiday-themed term for a hidden bonus in a film or computer game an Easter egg 600 April 18, 2017
A few pages after bagel, you'll find this somewhat similar onion roll a bialy 800 April 18, 2017
It's the long word specifically for a 150th anniversary a sesquicentennial 1000 April 18, 2017
A Biblical woman's name, it means pity but is usually found before "-less" to mean pitiless ruth 200 September 29, 2015
This word for a person with a big appetite often precedes "for punishment" a glutton 400 September 29, 2015
This word for the animals of a particular region is from the Latin fauna 600 September 29, 2015
It's defined as any substance with the tendency to produce a cancer a carcinogen 800 September 29, 2015
The entry before a synonym for the Abominable Snowman is this word meaning "so far" yet 1000 September 29, 2015
A swimming event, or in music, an arrangement made from a series of melodies or songs a medley 200 July 1, 2015
As a verb, it means to throw repeatedly; as a noun, it's the skin of an animal, including the fur pelt 400 July 1, 2015
This term for ending a life to end suffering comes from the Greek for "good death" to euthanize 600 July 1, 2015
NP is short for this health care professional who does many tasks customarily performed by a physician a nurse practitioner 800 July 1, 2015
Cheval glass is one of these that's mounted in a frame a mirror 1000 July 1, 2015
From the Greek for "words", it's a dictionary, or the vocabulary of a particular field a lexicon 200 July 30, 2014
To pluralize "chateau", you can add an "s" or add this letter an "x" 400 July 30, 2014
Dating from the late 1970s, it means to subcontract services to another company, often in another nation outsource 600 July 30, 2014
The "con" in contrail, a visible trail of vapor created by an airplane, is short for this condensation 1000 July 30, 2014
The picture seen here might accompany the entry for this word found under the letter "P" pyrotechnics July 30, 2014
Under "V":To vary & go back & forth on an opinion vacillate 200 November 27, 2012
Under "S":A servile flatterer or fawning parasite sycophant 400 November 27, 2012
Under "B":Nonsense! Poppycock! "The classic bluffing game"! Balderdash 600 November 27, 2012
Under "Q":To drink a beverage copiously & heartily quaff 800 November 27, 2012
Under "Y":Motion about a plane's vertical axis yaw 1000 November 27, 2012
This 10-letter word refers to one's partner in crime, perhaps as an accessory an accomplice 200 October 28, 2011
This unit of measure also means to move by small degrees to inch 400 October 28, 2011
One who makes a brief but intense effort & enjoys short-lived success is this "in the pan" a flash 600 October 28, 2011
This 2-word term can refer to a spicy sausage or a piece of highlighted text on a web page a hot link 800 October 28, 2011
This 4-syllable adjective can refer to non-canonical parts of the Vulgate Bible or to any documents of doubtful origin apocryphal 1000 October 28, 2011
It's a 7-letter synonym for majorette, from what she does with her baton twirler 200 March 5, 2008
On a list of abbreviations, this language makes the list as "Lith." Lithuanian 400 March 5, 2008
Appropriately, the word "volcano" comes from the name of this Roman god Vulcan 600 March 5, 2008
The name of this corn & lima bean side dish is derived from an American Indian word for "boiled corn" succotash 800 March 5, 2008
The name of this horse breed tells us that it originated in the Perche area of France Percheron 1000 March 5, 2008
If you're dining alfresco, you're dining here out of doors 200 April 21, 2005
A 16th century hangman gave us this name for the framework over an oil well derrick 400 April 21, 2005
Used to express farewell, this French word means "I commend you to God" <i>adieu</i> 600 April 21, 2005
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from a winery.) The science of growing grapes is viticulture; the science of making wine is known as this oenology 1000 April 21, 2005
From the Latin for "yield", this verb can mean "to die" or to yield to temptation succumb April 21, 2005
This word comes before duchy, canyon & slam grand 200 February 20, 2004
Of a person who bowls, a small barrel or a noodle dish, what a kegler does a person who bowls 400 February 20, 2004
It sounds like an illness, but it's the pipe through which smoke passes in a chimney a flue 600 February 20, 2004
It can mean disgusting, or 12 dozen gross 800 February 20, 2004
Containing all 5 vowels, this 8-letter word means a feeling of well-being or elation euphoria 1000 February 20, 2004
Number of partners in a duumvirate 2 200 July 10, 2003
Somniloquists do this in their sleep speak 400 July 10, 2003
This word can mean a representation of the nativity or a hospital for abandoned children creche 600 July 10, 2003
This wind that rolls down the eastern Rockies derives its name from an Indian word for "snow eater" chinook 800 July 10, 2003
This word for a trite phrase is borrowed from the French where it means "a stereotype plate" for printing cliche 1000 July 10, 2003
This word for a time of day comes from the Latin for "ninth hour" noon 200 November 11, 2002
This 7-letter verb can mean to close a meeting, or to meet in another place adjourn 400 November 11, 2002
This "animal" verb's synonyms include endure, stand, abide, suffer & support (to) bear 600 November 11, 2002
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports) This branch of mathematics deals specifically with the figure seen here trigonometry 800 November 11, 2002
This Italian musical term tells you that you are "obliged" to play a particular part of a piece <i>obbligato</i> 1000 November 11, 2002
A temptress, or a device that produces a wailing warning sound siren 200 November 1, 2002
These shadow portraits are named for a French finance minister known for his strict economic policies silhouettes 400 November 1, 2002
An auxilliary building near the main one, or to attach a territory to an existing state or nation annex 600 November 1, 2002
The word roulette is from Old French for "small" this, though it's a big part of the game wheel 800 November 1, 2002
As an adverb, it means "thus" or "so"; as a verb, it means to urge a dog to attack sic 1000 November 1, 2002
The name of this burrowing mammal comes from a Spanish word for someone "armed" or "armored" armadillo 200 March 5, 2002
Reniform means shaped like this bodily organ; you may have a reniform pool a kidney 400 March 5, 2002
If you know this "bovine" term for a circular window, you're right on target a bullseye (or bull\'s-eye) 600 March 5, 2002
It's a synonym for "ashen" or a term for a region within an imposed boundary; don't go "beyond" it the pale 800 March 5, 2002
This French term for a pseudonym literally means "name of war" <i>nom de guerre</i> 1000 March 5, 2002
This 2-letter word is one of only 4 in the English language in which an F is pronounced like a V of 100 November 9, 2001
Meaning "having imagined while asleep", it's one of the few English words that end with "MT" dreamt 200 November 9, 2001
This day of the week is the only day with an anagram that's a real English word (it's "dynamo") Monday 300 November 9, 2001
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew pans for gold along the banks of the river at Marshall Gold Discovery Park.) From the Latin for "outlook", he's often depicted as a grizzled man who searches for gold prospector 400 November 9, 2001
The shortest name of a scientific "-ology" is this one that means the study of eggs oology 500 November 9, 2001
By definition, a number that's infinitesimal is close to, but greater than, this 0 100 September 7, 2001
As a noun it's part of a fastener used with a nut; as a verb it means to dash rapidly away to bolt 200 September 7, 2001
The coping type of this tool has a U-shaped frame a coping saw 300 September 7, 2001
Arabic for "peace", it's a salutation in the East, as well as a low bow salaam 400 September 7, 2001
French for "animation", it's the vitality of the group that sang "Bitter Sweet Symphony" verve 500 September 7, 2001
Look up the name of this Dickens character, & you'll find it can mean any miserly person Scrooge 100 July 22, 1999
Used in medical terms, the prefix derma- refers to this part of the body Skin 200 July 22, 1999
It's the 3-letter word for a sphere, the globe or an eyeball Orb 400 July 22, 1999
I'm especially "partial" to this word for a line cut diagonally across the grain of a cloth Bias 500 July 22, 1999
Rubricate means to write or paint in this color Red (ruby) July 22, 1999
A bibliomaniac is obsessed with collecting these items Books 100 June 2, 1997
It's the female equivalent of chanteur, a term for a male cabaret singer Chanteuse 200 June 2, 1997
Laymen rarely use this word that means abnormally swollen unless they're referring to veins Varicose 300 June 2, 1997
The adjective anserous means as silly as one of these birds of the subfamily anserinae Goose 400 June 2, 1997
In the U.S. it's a synonym for pancake; in England it's a compact that might hold pan-cake makeup Flapjack 500 June 2, 1997
From a character in "Robinson Crusoe", it's a 2-word term for a male assistant Man Friday 100 September 8, 1995
The name of this covering above a bed is from the Greek word for "mosquito", which it once protected against a canopy 200 September 8, 1995
This Hindi word for "master" was used as a title of respect when addressing Europeans in Colonial India <i>sahib</i> 300 September 8, 1995
"A mournful optimist" & "a deafening silence" are examples of this rhetorical figure of speech an oxymoron 500 September 8, 1995
From the Latin for "to wash away", it can mean a heavy downpour or to inundate in overwhelming numbers deluge September 8, 1995
This word meaning fantastic or bizarre is from the Italian for "of a grotto" grotesque 100 June 24, 1991
This adjective meaning tearful comes from the Latin word for tear, lacrima lacrimose 200 June 24, 1991
Peau de soie is a dress fabric whose name is French for "skin of" this fabric silk 400 June 24, 1991
Meaning "of the city of Saluq", the name of the saluki dog comes from this language Arabic 500 June 24, 1991
Panacea & panoply are 2 of the many words starting with "pan" that derive from this language Greek June 24, 1991
A piece of regal headgear or the body part on which it sits a crown 100 June 4, 1991
This adjective means sticky, cold & damp; sounds likes it belongs to a bivalve clammy 200 June 4, 1991
This type of warfare is conducted by naval, air & land forces, not by toad as its name implies amphibious 300 June 4, 1991
Sometimes this verb refers to propelling a canoe & sometimes it means spanking to paddle 400 June 4, 1991
This noun can mean a litigant, a petitioner or a man who is courting a woman a suitor 500 June 4, 1991
An em is a size of type & 'em is a shortened form of this pronoun them 100 January 11, 1991
Number of partners in a duumvirate 2 200 January 11, 1991
You can reflect on the fact that genuflect means to bend this knee 300 January 11, 1991
In Australia it'll cost you more than a buck to buy a jumbuck, one of these sheep 400 January 11, 1991
People were envious of those who could look out thru these slatted blinds without being seen jealousy blinds 500 January 11, 1991
"Spooky" term for a person who writes a book for someone else Ghostwriter 100 May 18, 1990
You don't have to be a bee to know this 6-letter synonym for "bungle" or "blunder" Bumble 200 May 18, 1990
This word for an assembly of witches comes from the same Latin root as convent Coven 300 May 18, 1990
Meaning made or done in the Arabic fashion, this adjective is used in music, interior design & ballet Arabesque 400 May 18, 1990
You could be described as lupine if you resembled one of these animals Wolf 500 May 18, 1990
A Portuguese word for "silly" or "stupid" inspired the name of this extinct flightless bird the dodo 100 July 13, 1989
It's defined as "a massive floating body of ice broken away from a glacier" iceberg 200 July 13, 1989
From the Latin "abscondere", to hide away, it's a wall bracket for lights or candles a sconce 300 July 13, 1989
The word that can precede trip, mouse or hockey field 400 July 13, 1989
It's the width of a scythe stroke; when you make a grand entrance, you "cut" one a swathe (swath) 500 July 13, 1989
"Victress" is the feminine form of this word victor 100 April 19, 1989
While a potter's wheel is used to make pots, a potter's field is used as this cemetery 200 April 19, 1989
Add a letter to the front of rumple & you've got this synonym crumple 300 April 19, 1989
As ursine refers to bears, taurine refers to these animals bulls 400 April 19, 1989
1 of the 2 synonyms for "perhaps" that also starts with "per" (1 of) perchance (or peradventure) 500 April 19, 1989