Clues for: Landmarks

Question Answer Value Airdate
These falls along the Zambezi River are about twice as wide & twice as deep as Niagara Falls the Victoria Falls 200 April 28, 2022
A national trail in England stretches 84 miles from Newcastle to the Solway Firth along the line of this great fortification Hadrian\'s Wall 400 April 28, 2022
The 2,700-foot Burj Khalifa in this city is quite impressive--check it out Dubai 600 April 28, 2022
For a great view of Rio & Guanabara Bay, take a cable car to the summit of this Brazilian peak Sugarloaf 800 April 28, 2022
Finn McCool, sort of the Irish Paul Bunyan, was said to have built this as a bridge to a Scottish island Giant\'s Causeway 1000 April 28, 2022
This suspension bridge links San Francisco & Marin County the Golden Gate Bridge 200 June 7, 2021
Recent research suggests segments of this British landmark were moved 150 miles from Wales--quite a job Stonehenge 400 June 7, 2021
In its own country, it's known as Wan-li Chang cheng the Great Wall of China 600 June 7, 2021
A surveyor named this monolith for a south Australian prime minister; its Aboriginal name has no direct English translation Uluru (Ayers Rock) 1000 June 7, 2021
Commissioned to celebrate France's military victories, it stands smack in the middle of Place Charles de Gaulle the Arc de Triomphe June 7, 2021
The Cave of the Winds tour provides an up-close view of these falls in upstate New York Niagara Falls 200 April 9, 2018
A legend says John Alden was the first to set foot on this slab made of Dedham granite Plymouth Rock 400 April 9, 2018
The gardens of this palace outside of Paris are the masterwork of landscape architect Andre le Notre Versailles 600 April 9, 2018
Cherry Island is in this Scottish lake that has the largest volume of fresh water in Great Britain Loch Ness 800 April 9, 2018
You'll find the Peace Memorial or Genbaku Dome in this Asian city Hiroshima 1000 April 9, 2018
South of the Great Pyramid of Giza is this limestone sculpture, part man, part lion the Sphinx 200 February 29, 2016
It's obstructing the flow of the Colorado River, creating Lake Mead the Hoover Dam 400 February 29, 2016
Experts now reject the idea that this monument on Salisbury Plain was a Druid temple or calculator built to predict eclipses Stonehenge 600 February 29, 2016
Built around 200 A.D., it's about 500 feet square & is Teotihuacan's second biggest structure behind the Pyramid of the Sun the Pyramid of the Moon 800 February 29, 2016
It served as the entrance gateway to the 1889 World's Fair the Eiffel Tower February 29, 2016
The tomb of Shah Jahan's wife Mumtaz is part of this complex in Agra, India the Taj Mahal 200 June 20, 2014
Chimney Rock in Nebraska was a major landmark along this overland trail the Oregon Trail 400 June 20, 2014
Architect John Graham produced the final saucer design of this Seattle landmark the Space Needle 600 June 20, 2014
Commissioned by Frederick William II, this gate was based on a model of the Propylaea in Athens the Brandenburg Gate 800 June 20, 2014
A series of white sail-shaped shells serve as the roof of this venue the Sydney Opera House 1000 June 20, 2014
A granite boulder on Kill Devil Hill, North Carolina, marks the spot where they first took flight on December 17, 1903 the Wright Brothers 200 August 1, 2012
The inner walls of this city's Arc de Triomphe are inscribed with the names of hundreds of generals Paris 400 August 1, 2012
Named for Marco Polo, one of these structures crosses China's Yongding River a bridge 600 August 1, 2012
Jazz mecca Preservation Hall & sports mecca the Superdome are in this Southern city New Orleans 800 August 1, 2012
Here's a riddle: part of the beard of this great statue at Giza is now on display at the British Museum the Great Sphinx August 1, 2012
This name properly refers to only the great hour bell at the northern end of London's Houses of Parliament Big Ben 200 September 30, 2011
It served as the gateway entrance to the International Exhibition of 1889, held in Paris the Eiffel Tower 400 September 30, 2011
A 5,500-mile-long section of it runs from Mount Hu near Dandong to a spot in Gansu Province the Great Wall of China 600 September 30, 2011
This, the only remaining town gate of Berlin, is at the western end of the avenue Unter den Linden the Brandenburg Gate 1000 September 30, 2011
This national memorial includes a 16-inch mole & a mustache that is 20 feet wide Mount Rushmore September 30, 2011
If you're in this South African town of about 3 million, take the cableway up Table Mountain, which overlooks it Cape Town 200 June 14, 2010
Irish-born architect James Hoban designed this Washington, D.C. building; he had to rebuild it after an 1814 fire the White House 400 June 14, 2010
This city's new Opera Bastille is almost 30 stories, 10 of which are underground Paris 600 June 14, 2010
This New York City tavern at 54 Pearl Street is known for its Long Room where Washington said farewell to his officers in 1783 the Fraunces Tavern 1000 June 14, 2010
The Mexuar, the Serallo & the Harem are parts of the Royal Palace in this complex overlooking Granada, Spain the Alhambra June 14, 2010
This dam at the Arizona-Nevada border is 726 feet high the Hoover Dam 200 May 6, 2009
This Gothic cathedral stands on the eastern end of Paris' Ile de la Cite Notre Dame 600 May 6, 2009
This Madrid art museum was completed under Ferdinand VII in 1819 the Prado 800 May 6, 2009
Prince Charles was born in this London landmark Buckingham Palace 1000 May 6, 2009
This recumbent statue on the Giza Plateau is 66 feet high & 240 feet long the (Great) Sphinx May 6, 2009
Towers built in & along the walls of this fortress include Beklemishev, Peter & Tsar the Kremlin 200 April 15, 2008
Erected in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, its power plant can supply 4 billion kilowatt-hours a year Hoover Dam 400 April 15, 2008
Penny coins are added or taken away from this London landmark's pendulum to fine-tune its accuracy Big Ben 600 April 15, 2008
This city's Church of the Holy Sepulchre was built in the 4th c. by the Emperor Constantine Jerusalem 800 April 15, 2008
Danish architect Jorn Utzon won a 1950s competition sponsored by the New South Wales government for the design of this the Sydney Opera Theater April 15, 2008
Medieval & Renaissance walls form Vatican City's boundaries except for this square on the southeast St. Peter\'s Square 200 January 17, 2007
The white marble dome of this mausoleum in India is decorated with floral patterns & passages from the Koran the Taj Mahal 400 January 17, 2007
An over 300-foot Doric column on this Great Lake is both a peace memorial & a Perry's victory memorial Lake Erie 600 January 17, 2007
In Bern, Switz. the point from which distances in the canton are measured is the Zeitglockenturm, one of these a clock tower 800 January 17, 2007
There's a chapel for 150 people in the base of this statue sitting atop Corcovado Mountain in Rio de Janeiro the Christ the Redeemer Statue 1000 January 17, 2007
It was from the Hopi that the Spanish first learned of this over 200-mile-long landmark in Arizona Grand Canyon 200 February 4, 2003
This Chinese defensive barrier is built mostly of rubble, though some sections are of tamped earth, brick or masonry The Great Wall of China 400 February 4, 2003
Fazlur Khan designed this 110-story Chicago landmark The Sears Tower 600 February 4, 2003
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from London) The dome of St. Paul's Cathedral is modeled on the dome of this Roman temple that's dedicated to all the gods The Pantheon 1000 February 4, 2003
This landmark was founded in the 12th century as a fortress within Moscow The Kremlin February 4, 2003
This pool of water lies between the Washington Monument & the Lincoln Memorial the Reflecting Pool 100 September 25, 1992
This London landmark contains the Coronation Chair of Edward I & the Chapel of Edward the Confessor Westminster Abbey 200 September 25, 1992
A tourist attraction in this city is the Fountain of Neptune in the Piazza Navona Rome 300 September 25, 1992
St. John's Church in Wash., D.C. has a bell made from a British cannon captured in this war the War of 1812 400 September 25, 1992
The Basilica of the Sacred Heart stands atop this hill, Paris' tallest Montmartre 500 September 25, 1992
This famous Massachusetts rock is engraved with the date 1620 Plymouth Rock 100 February 25, 1992
New geological evidence suggests this Giza, Egypt statue may be twice as old as previously thought The Sphinx 200 February 25, 1992
Lakehurst Naval Air Station in this state was the site of the Hindenburg explosion New Jersey 300 February 25, 1992
His Washington, D.C. memorial was dedicated April 13, 1943, the 200th anniversary of his birth Thomas Jefferson 400 February 25, 1992
This French engineer designed the interior support tower for the Statue of Liberty Eiffel 500 February 25, 1992
The state house in Philadelphia is now called this Independence Hall 100 January 14, 1992
The Chateau Frontenac in this, Canada's oldest city, is a hotel built to look like a French chateau Quebec 200 January 14, 1992
The Temple of the Giant Jaguar is part of this civilization's ruins in Guatemala Maya 300 January 14, 1992
726 feet tall, this structure stands in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River the Hoover Dam 400 January 14, 1992
Tyn Church & a monument to reformer Jan Hus are in this Czech capital's old town Prague 500 January 14, 1992
Passages from the Koran decorate the outside of this marble tomb at Agra, India the Taj Mahal 100 February 20, 1991
By flooding the arena, this largest Roman amphitheater could be used for mock naval battles the Colosseum 200 February 20, 1991
Some believe this megalithic monument near Salisbury, Eng. was an astronomical observatory Stonehenge 300 February 20, 1991
Industrial pollution threatens the remains of this temple built on the Acropolis to honor Athena the Parthenon 400 February 20, 1991
Stronghold in Baltimore Harbor named for a man who was Secretary of War while it was being built Fort McHenry 500 February 20, 1991
It spans the Hudson River between Fort Lee, New Jersey & New York City George Washington Bridge 100 July 9, 1990
Dodge City site named after the footwear of its early inhabitants Boot Hill 200 July 9, 1990
Celebration year in which the Liberty Bell was moved to its current site near Independence Hall 1976 300 July 9, 1990
In Bern the zeitglockenturm is one of these that includes a knight in armor & dancing bears clock (clock tower) 400 July 9, 1990
The name of the special 1 1/2 mile route thru Boston that features most of its famous landmarks Freedom Walk (Freedom Trail) 500 July 9, 1990
From Jun '87 to June '88 it tipped another 1/20th of an inch according to a University of Pisa spokesman the Leaning Tower of Pisa 100 December 27, 1988
The Atomic Bomb Memorial Dome, a building left unreconstructed after WWII, is a peace symbol in this city Hiroshima 200 December 27, 1988
The oldest military org. in the U.S., the Ancient & Honorable Artillery Co. meets in this Boston landmark Faneuil Hall 300 December 27, 1988
The Spanish Steps aren't in Madrid, but this world capital Rome 400 December 27, 1988
On 1/22/05 troops of Nicholas II shot 100s of demonstrators in front of this Leningrad landmark the Winter Palace 500 December 27, 1988
Douglas Fairbanks & Norma Talmadge were among 1st to put their footprints here in 1927 Grauman\'s/Mann\'s Chinese Theatre 100 April 28, 1988
Russian name of this Moscow site, "Krasnaya Ploshchad", means it's both "beautiful" and "red" Red Square 200 April 28, 1988
In January 1987, a 141' necktie was hung off this Italian landmark, but it looked a little crooked The Leaning Tower of Pisa 300 April 28, 1988
A memorial was dedicated to this president on April 13, 1943, the 200th anniversary of his birth Thomas Jefferson 400 April 28, 1988
This city's huge architectural complex, the Hofburg, was the winter home of the Hapsburgs Vienna 500 April 28, 1988
This complex includes the Conference & Secretariat Buildings & the General Assembly Hall the United Nations complex 100 March 25, 1988
In a June 1987 speech, Reagan challenged Gorbachev to "tear down this wall" the Berlin Wall 200 March 25, 1988
Site of the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial Pearl Harbor 300 March 25, 1988
The original Hull House founded by Jane Addams & Ellen Starr is on the campus of this city's U. Chicago 400 March 25, 1988
If you want to see where the Medici skeletons are buried go to this city's Church of San Lorenzo Florence 500 March 25, 1988
In this city's Plaza of the 3 Cultures, you can see modern apartments, a colonial church, & Aztec ruins Mexico City 100 January 6, 1988
American landmark closed from June 24, 1985 to July 4, 1986 the Statue of Liberty 200 January 6, 1988
This city's Landmarks Preservation Foundation is using plaques designed by Tiffany & Co. New York City 300 January 6, 1988
Rio landmark whose name in Portuguese "Pao de Acucar" Sugar Loaf Mountain 400 January 6, 1988
It took over 50 years, but the mortgage on this Arizona/Nevada landmark was paid off in 1987 Hoover Dam 500 January 6, 1988
Where you find the words, "Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God" Arlington National Cemetery (Tomb of the Unknown Soldier) 100 March 17, 1986
Nelson overlooks this London square, but no guidebooks do Trafalgar Square 200 March 17, 1986
Number of pyramids at Giza in Egypt 3 300 March 17, 1986
Landmark on the back of currently minted nickels Monticello 500 March 17, 1986
City where you'd find landmark in this song: "Three coins in the fountain" Rome March 17, 1986
World's largest office building, named for its geometric shape The Pentagon 100 December 11, 1984
De"faced" by sand & invading armies, it crouches near the Great Pyramids the Sphinx 200 December 11, 1984
His statue is atop Philadelphia's City Hall William Penn 300 December 11, 1984
France's Unknown Soldier lies beneath this Champs-Elysees landmark the Arc de Triomphe 400 December 11, 1984
The date on the tablet held by the Statue of Liberty July 4, 1776 500 December 11, 1984