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Question Answer Value Airdate
(I'm Lin-Manuel Miranda.) In 2008 I won a Tony for Best Original Score for my musical "In the Heights"; that is, Washington Heights, far uptown in this borough Manhattan 200 June 10, 2016
2012's Best Original Screenplay Oscar went to him for "Django Unchained" Quentin Tarantino 400 June 10, 2016
In 1962 Don Drysdale won the Cy Young Award; the next year it was this Dodgers teammate Sandy Koufax 600 June 10, 2016
From 2000 through 2003 this fast-moving, fast-talking political drama won the Drama Series Emmy <i>The West Wing</i> 800 June 10, 2016
This stammering comedian with "new" in his name won the 1960 Best New Artist Grammy Bob Newhart 1000 June 10, 2016
This 2005 film in the "Star Wars" saga won People's Choice Awards for Favorite Picture & Favorite Drama <i>Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith</i> 200 February 15, 2008
With about 100 awarded yearly, Rhodes Scholarships enable students to study at this British university Oxford 400 February 15, 2008
The ALA presents an award named in honor of Theodore Geisel, aka this author, for beginning readers' books Dr. Seuss 800 February 15, 2008
Winners of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama include this playwright, for "Death of a Salesman" (Arthur) Miller 1000 February 15, 2008
In 2007 Doris Lessing became only the 11th woman to win this--Pearl Buck won in 1938 the Nobel Prize in Literature February 15, 2008
This auction site won a 2003 Webby Award for best Services Website on the Internet eBay 200 June 23, 2005
This Washington newspaper's Colbert King won a 2003 Pulitzer for Commentary for his columns on politics & power <i>The Washington Post</i> 400 June 23, 2005
William Lipscomb won the '76 Nobel Chemistry Prize for his studies of compounds of boron & this lightest element hydrogen 600 June 23, 2005
The Golden Lamp awards are bestowed for the best protrayals of these health professionals in the media nurses 800 June 23, 2005
In 2001 this author won a Pen/Faulkner Award for Best American Work of Fiction for "The Human Stain" Philip Roth 1000 June 23, 2005
Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin & this man were the first astronauts to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom Neil Armstrong 200 November 26, 2004
In 1912 the Int'l Committee of the Red Cross created a medal for nursing named for this 19th century British woman Florence Nightingale 400 November 26, 2004
The Thailand edition of this CBS series won a 2003 People's Choice Award for best reality program <i>Survivor</i> 600 November 26, 2004
The Hugo & Nebula awards are presented to writers in this genre science fiction 800 November 26, 2004
In 1965 this U.N. Secretary-General from Asia became the first to win the Nehru Award for Int'l Understanding U Thant 1000 November 26, 2004
In 1999 Gisele Bundchen was this of the Year at the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards Model 100 March 15, 2001 gives Golden Hitches to these previews of coming attractions trailers 200 March 15, 2001
The M in AMS, which gives awards for predicting the weather, stands for this 14-letter word Meteorological 400 March 15, 2001
In 1979 Philip Johnson was the first winner of the Pritzker Prize in this field Architecture 500 March 15, 2001
The Ron Brown Award for Corporate Leadership honors the late secretary of this cabinet department Commerce March 15, 2001
In 1949 this aviator who flew the Atlantic solo in 1927 received the Wright Brothers Trophy from the N.A.A. Charles Lindbergh 100 December 23, 1997
In 1907 the War Department authorized a campaign medal for this war -- 42 years after it ended the Civil War 200 December 23, 1997
This school's Hasty Pudding Club has been presenting its Woman of the Year Award since 1951 Harvard 300 December 23, 1997
In 1957 this Danish physicist received the first Atoms for Peace Award Niels Bohr 400 December 23, 1997
Traditionally, Nobel Prize winners are presented their awards on the tenth of this month December 500 December 23, 1997
The Federation of Fly Fishers, Harvard's Hasty Pudding Club & Time Magazine all name one of these Man of the Year 100 July 8, 1997
A silver medal goes to totally blind men who score over 185 in this indoor sport bowling 200 July 8, 1997
The developers of this sound system, in common use since the '70s, received an Academy Award in 1989 Dolby 300 July 8, 1997
His innovative poems like "The Waste Land" earned him the 1948 Nobel Prize for Literature Thomas Stearns Eliot 400 July 8, 1997
The MacArthur Foundation's 6-figure awards to brilliant people in various fields are known as these "grants" Genius grants 500 July 8, 1997
The American branch of this group gives the Charles Drew Award for contribution to blood services the American Red Cross 100 February 6, 1997
The year's best praise & worship album is recognized by the association for this type of vocal music Gospel 200 February 6, 1997
This body's peacekeeping forces were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1988 United Nations 300 February 6, 1997
After spending 188 days in space, she became the first female winner of the Space Medal of Honor Shannon Lucid 400 February 6, 1997
The American Library Association presents an award named for this "Little House on the Prairie" author Laura Ingalls Wilder 500 February 6, 1997
At the 1996 People's Choice Awards, this "Apollo 13" star received 2 awards for favorite actor Tom Hanks 100 December 23, 1996
In 1989 the N.A.B. established an award named for this wireless radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi 200 December 23, 1996
Kurt Wait, the first man to win this contest, captured $1 million for his Macadamia Fudge Torte Pillsbury Bake-Off 300 December 23, 1996
Rosa Parks was among those honored by the president in 1996 with this highest civilian award Presidential Medal of Freedom 400 December 23, 1996
Her "Heidi Chronicles" won the 1989 New York Drama Critics' Circle Award for best new play Wendy Wasserstein 500 December 23, 1996
This British princess was the recipient of a 1995 humanitarian award from United Cerebral Palsy Princess Di 100 October 9, 1996
In 1995 former president Jimmy Carter & this Spanish king received UNESCO prizes for promoting peace Juan Carlos 200 October 9, 1996
"Good grief"; this cartoonist won the Reuben Award twice, in 1955 & 1964 Charles Schulz 300 October 9, 1996
Rockford College in this state awards outstanding women a medal named for alumna Jane Addams Illinois 400 October 9, 1996
The Cesar is France's equivalent of this U.S. award the Oscar 500 October 9, 1996
In 1995 this first lady was among 4 women to win an Outstanding Mother of the Year award Hillary Clinton 100 April 16, 1996
The first recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom were selected by this president in 1963 John Kennedy 200 April 16, 1996
On a 1995 visit to South Africa, Queen Elizabeth awarded the Order of Merit to this leader (Nelson) Mandela 300 April 16, 1996
In 1984 this U.S. author received a special Pulitzer for entertaining kids & their parents Dr. Seuss 400 April 16, 1996
The Margaret Sanger Award is presented annually by this organization Planned Parenthood April 16, 1996
The Goya is considered the Spanish equivalent of this American film award the Oscar 100 July 19, 1994
Studs Terkel won a 1985 Pulitzer Prize for "The Good War: An Oral History of" this conflict World War II 200 July 19, 1994
In 1984 this comedic actress became the 1st woman inducted into the TV Academy Hall of Fame Lucille Ball 300 July 19, 1994
"The Dreamer of Oz", a TV movie about this author, won a 1991 Christopher Award (Frank) Baum 400 July 19, 1994
LBJ awarded this pope a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1963 Pope John XXIII 500 July 19, 1994
For contributions to forest fire prevention, the Department of Agriculture awards statuettes of this famous critter Smokey the Bear 100 November 26, 1993
It's the novel for which Leon Uris received a 1959 National Jewish Book Award <i>Exodus</i> 200 November 26, 1993
Presented by the National Cartoonists Society, the Reuben Award was designed by & named for this cartoonist Rube Goldberg 300 November 26, 1993
While Ambassador to the United Nations in 1984, she received the Harry S. Truman Good Neighbor Award Jeane Kirkpatrick 400 November 26, 1993
Film scores, such as the one for "Superman", earned this composer Grammys 6 years in a row John Williams 500 November 26, 1993
The offices of this annual national pageant are at 1325 Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey Miss America 100 July 7, 1993
In 1960 this then first lady was given the American Heart Assoc's Heart-of-the-Year Award Mamie Eisenhower 200 July 7, 1993
This country's Bharat Ratna Award is given for contributions to art or science, or for public service India 300 July 7, 1993
In 1976 this former Atlanta Braves slugger received the NAACP's Spingarn Medal Hank Aaron 400 July 7, 1993
In 1977 William Proxmire gave it to the Dept. of Agriculture for studying how long it takes to cook breakfast the "Golden Fleece" July 7, 1993
His "Ropin' the Wind" album won a 1992 Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance, Male Garth Brooks 100 March 29, 1993
Sam Shepard got an Oscar nom. for Best Supporting Actor for playing Chuck Yeager in this 1983 film <i>The Right Stuff</i> 200 March 29, 1993
In 1977 Lindsay Wagner won an Emmy for playing Jaime Sommers in this TV series <i>The Bionic Woman</i> 300 March 29, 1993
James Earl Jones won a 1969 Tony for his role as boxer Jack Jefferson in this play <i>The Great White Hope 400 March 29, 1993
In 1951 this "Pogo" creator won the Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year Walt Kelly 500 March 29, 1993
In 1991 this Soviet leader won the Martin Luther King, Jr. Non-Violent Peace Prize Gorbachev 100 November 12, 1992
"The Best Intentions" was the 1992 winner of the Golden Palm, the top prize at this film festival Cannes 200 November 12, 1992
Gavel Awards & Pro-Bono Publico Awards are given annually by this legal organization the American Bar Association 300 November 12, 1992
Though the Patty Berg Award was established in this sport in 1979, Patty Berg didn't win it until 1989 golf 400 November 12, 1992
In 1947 this university was given a special citation for its high standards in governing the Pulitzer Prizes Columbia 500 November 12, 1992
There's a 25-foot-high statue of this award at the TV Academy's Hall of Fame Plaza in North Hollywood Emmys 100 May 8, 1992
Dana Carvey won an American Comedy Award for this TV show; isn't that special? <i>Saturday Night Live</i> 200 May 8, 1992
The Palme d'Or is the top prize at this famous French film festival Cannes 300 May 8, 1992
The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees won this Nobel Prize in 1981 Nobel Peace Prize 400 May 8, 1992
Sebastian de Grazia won a 1990 Pulitzer Prize for a book about this "Prince" of Florentine thinkers Machiavelli 500 May 8, 1992
This network won a Peabody Award for its "Exclusive 24-Hour" coverage of the Persian Gulf War CNN 100 March 25, 1992
Robert Preston & Mary Martin hosted the 1st telecast of these theatre awards in 1967 the Tonys 200 March 25, 1992
The Goya is this country's equivalent of an Oscar Spain 300 March 25, 1992
The Lincoln & Soldiers Institute's 1st Lincoln Prize went to this Ken Burns miniseries <i>The Civil War</i> 400 March 25, 1992
In 1990 Pres. Bush awarded the National Medal of Arts to Jessica Tandy & this actor, her husband Hume Cronyn 500 March 25, 1992
In 1960 Leona Schnuelle's dilly casserole bread won the $25,000 top prize in this competition the Pillsbury Bake-Off 100 October 28, 1991
Betty Buckley's Tony for Best Actress came in 1983 for playing Grizabella in this musical <i>Cats</i> 200 October 28, 1991
From 1948 to 1966, she received 30 Oscar nominations for Best Costume Design (Edith) Head 300 October 28, 1991
Jay Sandrich won a 1986 Emmy for directing the "Denise's Friend" episode of this series <i>The Cosby Show</i> 400 October 28, 1991
This writer's 2 Pulitzer Prizes for Fiction were given for "A Fable" & "The Reivers" Faulkner 500 October 28, 1991
The top prize at this city's film festival is the Golden Lion, not the Golden Gondola Venice 100 October 23, 1991
If a newspaper wins a Pulitzer for meritorious public service, it gets a gold one of these but no money medal 200 October 23, 1991
The 3rd person to win a Tony in this category was Jerome Robbins for "High Button Shoes" Choreography 300 October 23, 1991
Washington, D.C.'s theater awards are named for this "First Lady", not for a president's wife Helen Hayes 400 October 23, 1991
She & Louis Prima won the 1958 Best Pop Duo Grammy for "That Old Black Magic" Keely Smith 500 October 23, 1991
In 1927 this aviator was named Time magazine's first Man of the Year Lindbergh 100 July 19, 1991
This actor won a 1966 Tony for his one-man show, "Mark Twain Tonight!" Hal Holbrook 200 July 19, 1991
In 1974, this co.'s Charlie was named Most Successful Introduction of a New Women's Fragrance Revlon 300 July 19, 1991
A 1977 winner of the Pres. Medal of Freedom, Bruce Catton was a noted historian of this war the Civil War, or the War between the States 400 July 19, 1991
This comedian's "Meeting of Minds" show on PBS won a 1981 Emmy for Best Informational Series Steve Allen 500 July 19, 1991
In 1990 Doug Drabek became the first Pittsburgh Pirate since Vern Law in 1960 to win this pitching award the Cy Young Award 100 April 1, 1991
Cartoonist Bill Watterson won a Reuben Award for this comic strip about a boy & his tiger <i>Calvin & Hobbes</i> 200 April 1, 1991
In 1975 Sen. Proxmire originated this award to publicize wasteful gov't spending the Golden Fleece Award 300 April 1, 1991
Named for magazine publisher Hugo Gernsback, the Hugo Award honors this literary genre science fiction 400 April 1, 1991
The Obie Awards for off-Broadway theater are sponsored by this weekly New York paper the <i>Village Voice</i> 500 April 1, 1991
This city's international film festival presents Golden Space Needle Awards Seattle 100 December 3, 1990
Alan Alda's father Robert Alda won a Tony for playing Sky Masterson in this musical <i>Guys and Dolls</i> 200 December 3, 1990
Ketti Frings won a 1958 Pulitzer Prize for a play based on this Thomas Wolfe novel <i>Look Homeward, Angel 300 December 3, 1990
The NAACP awarded its Spingarn Medal to this diva in 1965 Leontyne Price 500 December 3, 1990
After this 37-year-old producer died in 1936, the Motion Picture Academy named an award in his honor (Irving) Thalberg December 3, 1990
In the '80s Mario Lemieux & this man won every MVP award in the NHL Wayne Gretzky 100 July 16, 1990
The Grammy Album of the Year for 1960 was this comic's "Button Down Mind" Bob Newhart 200 July 16, 1990
In January 1990 the son of this "Desert Fox" was made a Commander of the British Empire Erwin Rommel 300 July 16, 1990
Miss America of 1921 & 1944 didn't represent states but this city Washington, D.C. 400 July 16, 1990
The Fermi Award is given in the atomic energy field, & the Peabody Award is for this field broadcasting (television) 500 July 16, 1990
Though he never won a Grammy, the 1988 TV special for this composer's 100th birthday won an Emmy Irving Berlin 100 November 2, 1989
The Boston Art Institute gave an honorary degree to Carroll Spinney, who's a big bird on this <i>Sesame Street</i> 200 November 2, 1989
The TV show "Owen Marshall" was one of the recipients of this organization's Gavel Awards the American Bar Association 300 November 2, 1989
In the Spring of '45 he picked up a Pulitzer Prize in Music for his ballet "Appalachian Spring" Aaron Copland 400 November 2, 1989
At the 1983 Academy Awards Ben Kingsley won for playing Gandhi & she won for playing Sophie Meryl Streep 500 November 2, 1989
The Order of the Aztec Eagle is awarded by this country to foreigners for distinguished service Mexico 100 April 4, 1989
Although 5 Nobel Prizes are awarded in Sweden, the Peace Prize ceremonies take place in this country Norway 200 April 4, 1989
The John Newbery Medal is given annually to authors in this field children\'s literature 300 April 4, 1989
This Princeton basketball star & future senator won the Sullivan Award as best amateur athlete in 1965 Bill Bradley 400 April 4, 1989
Since 1944 the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has presented these in the movie & television fields the Golden Globes 500 April 4, 1989
For its contribution to American culture, this greeting card co. won a National Medal of Arts Hallmark 100 May 20, 1988
Every year from 1951-57, except one, this mule picked up a Patsy Award Francis the Talking Mule 200 May 20, 1988
In 1949, he won an Emmy as "Most Outstanding Kinescoped Personality", not "Best in a Dress" Milton Berle 300 May 20, 1988
Of Bill Blass, Carlos Castaneda, or Federico Fellini, the 1 who won a "Winnie" Bill Blass 400 May 20, 1988
To win a Pulitzer Prize in History, your book has to be on the history of this United States 500 May 20, 1988
British decoration named for former queen Victoria Cross 100 December 11, 1984
Since '32 the U.S. Badge of Military Merit has had this colorful name the Purple Heart 200 December 11, 1984
This prize did not have an economics category until '69 the Nobel Prize 300 December 11, 1984
26 years after writing it for the stage, he won Oscar for the screenplay "Pygmalion" George Bernard Shaw 400 December 11, 1984
He may disagree with Gene Siskel, but he won '75 Pulitzer Prize for Film Criticism Roger Ebert 500 December 11, 1984