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Question Answer Value Airdate
EP stands for this lofty position on a film or TV show executive producer 200 February 28, 2017
MFA is this graduate degree master of fine arts 400 February 28, 2017
The car automatically adjusts its speed with ACC, the adaptive type of this cruise control 600 February 28, 2017
The Federal Circuit has one of these intermediate bodies, C.O.A. for short court of appeals 800 February 28, 2017
G.I., this index, is the measure of how fast & how much a food raises blood sugar levels glycemic index 1000 February 28, 2017
This bureau of the D.O.J. is the ATF for short Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms 200 October 17, 2016
The vehicle seen here is engaged in SNG, short for this type of news gathering satellite 400 October 17, 2016
You can really feel the heat with BTUs, these units of measure British thermal units 600 October 17, 2016
Don't be sad--Lam. is this Bible book Lamentations 800 October 17, 2016
For a fix of Lee Remick or Randolph Scott, I turn to TCM, short for this Turner Classic Movies 1000 October 17, 2016
Stabilizes exchange rates:IMF International Monetary Fund 200 June 7, 2016
For clocks at longitude 0 degrees:GMT Greenwich Mean Time 400 June 7, 2016
A crude but effective weapon:IED improvised explosive device 800 June 7, 2016
Created by the Banking Act of 1933:FDIC the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1000 June 7, 2016
After a joint injury, you might have less:ROM range of motion June 7, 2016
An LL.D. is a doctor of laws; an LL.B. is this "of laws" a bachelor 200 June 5, 2015
When referring to ships, the "H" in H.M.S. can be either of these 2 words his & her 400 June 5, 2015
The FRS is short for this financial "System" the Federal Reserve 600 June 5, 2015
If you read, it means exempli gratia & the author has proffered one of these that also starts with an "E" an example 800 June 5, 2015
For some reason Britain's this "of Arts" is the RA, not the RAA the Royal Academy 1000 June 5, 2015
M.P. is short for member of this British body Parliament 200 November 8, 2011
A C.S.W. is a certified one of these, who helps improve the welfare of a community a social worker 400 November 8, 2011
D.O. can stand for doctor of this, using manipulative therapy as well as conventional medicine osteopathy 600 November 8, 2011
C.J. is short for this title held by Roger Taney & William Howard Taft Chief Justice 800 November 8, 2011
C.P., short for this, is a military unit's headquarters a command post 1000 November 8, 2011
It would be criminal for you not to know that FBI stands for this the Federal Bureau of Investigation 200 July 5, 2011
MT is an abbreviation for megaton as well as this U.S. state Montana 400 July 5, 2011
Providing online access, ISP stands for this Internet service provider 800 July 5, 2011
This agency of the United Nations is known as WHO for short World Health Organization 1000 July 5, 2011
It's the unit of weight abbreviated mg a milligram July 5, 2011
On a tombstone:RIP rest in peace 200 March 17, 2010
A political group:GOP the Grand Old Party 400 March 17, 2010
Found in some Catholic churches:Msgr a monsignor 600 March 17, 2010
On a college degree:MFA Master of Fine Arts 800 March 17, 2010
Found in some Chinese food:MSG monosodium glutamate 1000 March 17, 2010
M.C. is short for this, your average entertainment host master of ceremonies 200 May 28, 2009
YTD, like on a pay stub year to date 400 May 28, 2009
UPC, the little box of lines on grocery items universal product code 600 May 28, 2009
A hazmat suit isn't for formal occasions; it's for handling this (the "hazmat") hazardous materials 800 May 28, 2009
In investing, it's AMEX (& we aren't talking American Express) the American Stock Exchange 1000 May 28, 2009
Of concern to typists:WPM words per minute 200 June 30, 2008
A unit of energy:kWh kilowatt-hours 400 June 30, 2008
A bus or van, for example:HOV high-occupancy vehicle 600 June 30, 2008
In the military:NCO non-commissioned officer 800 June 30, 2008
Often seen in classifieds:EOE equal-opportunity employer 1000 June 30, 2008
It doesn't take a genius to figure out that in educational testing, IQ stands for this intelligence quotient 200 May 8, 2007
D.O.B. is this bit of biographical info date of birth 400 May 8, 2007
On your PC's keyboard, Alt is short for this alternative 600 May 8, 2007
(Sarah of the Clue Crew demonstrates with a CPR mannequin.) Rescue breathing, which is mouth to mouth, or mouth to nose for infants, puts the "P" in CPR. The "P" stands for this word pulmonary 800 May 8, 2007
MFA is an abbreviation for this graduate degree Master of Fine Arts 1000 May 8, 2007
To a cop, B&E is short for this breaking & entering 200 May 23, 2006
To a doctor, LOC is loss of this consciousness 400 May 23, 2006
(Jon of the Clue Crew reads while paddling a kayak.) In any small watercraft, don't leave shore without a PFD, short for this a personal flotation device 600 May 23, 2006
On a pencil, BBB means triple this black 800 May 23, 2006
(Kelly of the Clue Crew shows on the monitor that the fractions 1/3 = 4/12 and 1/4 = 3/12.) For 1/3 & 1/4, 12 is the LCD--lowest common denominator; for 2, 3, 4 & 6, 12 is the LCM, short for this least common multiple 1000 May 23, 2006
Of concern to students:GPA grade point average 200 April 3, 2006
It protects investors:SEC Securities and Exchange Commission 400 April 3, 2006
On radio or TV:PSA public service announcement 600 April 3, 2006
Found on packaged goods:UPC Universal Product Code 800 April 3, 2006
The end of a game:CHM checkmate 1000 April 3, 2006
In radio terms, extending from 300 to 3000 MHz: This is UHF ultra high frequency 200 December 9, 2005
Joe Paterno has over 330 coaching wins coaching here: This is PSU Penn State University 400 December 9, 2005
Open wide for a medical degree of some difficulty: This is DDS doctor of dental science (or doctor of dental surgery) 600 December 9, 2005
Specifying the Internet address of files: This is URL universal resource locator (or uniform resource locator) 800 December 9, 2005
Meaning "which was to be demonstrated": This is QED <i>quod erat demonstrandum</i> 1000 December 9, 2005
In baseball:ERA Earn Run Average 200 May 26, 2005
To feminists:ERA Equal Rights Amendment 400 May 26, 2005
A military decoration:DSM Distinguished Service Medal 600 May 26, 2005
In fractions:LCD least common denominator 800 May 26, 2005
In genetics:DNA deoxyribonucleic acid 1000 May 26, 2005
Tho can be short for t-h-o-u-g-h, or this male name Thomas 200 December 18, 2003
With my new flat panel screen, I've gotten rid of my old monitor with that big CRT, this cathode ray tube 400 December 18, 2003
Mth is month; M. Th. is master of this theology 600 December 18, 2003
You'll get no help on a project labeled DIY, short for this do it yourself 800 December 18, 2003
At the DOS, Department of State, a US would be a person in this post undersecretary 1000 December 18, 2003
A branch of the Internet:WWW World Wide Web 200 March 24, 2003
At the theater:SRO standing room only 400 March 24, 2003
An emergency procedure:CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation 600 March 24, 2003
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew at the Johnson Space Center in Houston) Here, astronauts receive important training in this, EVA, for short Extra-vehicular activity 800 March 24, 2003
A group of 11 nations, including Kuwait:OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries 1000 March 24, 2003
Quickly:ASAP as soon as possible 200 December 24, 2002
A beast-loving group:PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals 400 December 24, 2002
Like some stocks & drugs:OTC over the counter 600 December 24, 2002
An advanced degree:MFA master of fine arts 800 December 24, 2002
A standard:GMT Greenwich Mean Time 1000 December 24, 2002
In the British military:RAF Royal Air Force 100 November 19, 1999
They're the 2 common abbreviations indicating before noon & afternoon A.M. & P.M. 100 March 11, 1999
Religiously speaking, Xnty. is an abbreviation for this Christianity 200 March 11, 1999
To an accountant, P&L is this Profit and loss 300 March 11, 1999
They're the 2 types of music abbreviated R&B and C&W Rhythm & Blues and Country & Western 400 March 11, 1999
Members of the military who show heroism during aerial combat may be awarded this, abbreviated DFC Distinguished Flying Cross 500 March 11, 1999
You might have to go to a whse (warehouse) to get something this way, whsle wholesale 100 December 30, 1997
The cc on an office letter refers back to this now little-used office supply carbon copy (or carbon paper) 200 December 30, 1997
3-letter abbreviation for a fight stopped by the referee to prevent a disabling injury TKO 300 December 30, 1997
At the coroner's office in our nation's capital, D.C. is an abbreviation for this document death certificate 400 December 30, 1997
Affectionate synonym for father that's an abbreviation for the number of all the people in a country pop 500 December 30, 1997
In case you were wondering, FYI stands for this for your information 100 October 20, 1997
Fans of this film classic commonly refer to it as "GWTW" <i>Gone with the Wind</i> 200 October 20, 1997
In computerese, when referring to capacity, MB is short for this megabyte 300 October 20, 1997
This metric unit can be abbreviated cg or cgm centigram 400 October 20, 1997
In the game of chess chm. is an abbreviation for this move checkmate 500 October 20, 1997
When referring to old movies, B&W indicates this black & white 100 February 5, 1997
If an S.A.S.E. is requested, be sure to send one of these a self-addressed stamped envelope 200 February 5, 1997
Many newspaper items come from this group, the AP for short Associated Press 300 February 5, 1997
Formally dissolved in 1991, it's what the U.S.S.R. stood for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 400 February 5, 1997
Biologically speaking, DNA is an abbreviation for this deoxyribonucleic acid 500 February 5, 1997
Alas, Alas. is an abbreviation for this state Alaska 100 June 29, 1995
This letter can be used as an abbreviation for Christ or a kiss X 200 June 29, 1995
A tense teacher knows plupf. is short for this pluperfect 300 June 29, 1995
FKA is an abbreviation for this, as in the artist fka Prince formerly known as 400 June 29, 1995
This Latin phrase for an undesirable person is abbreviated p.n.g. <i>persona non grata</i> 500 June 29, 1995
OK--it's the postal abbreviation for this state Oklahoma 100 May 29, 1990
The military expression that gave us the abbreviation G.I. general issue (government issue) 200 May 29, 1990
When your ATM asks for your "PIN", it's trying to pin down this information personal identification number 300 May 29, 1990
In trigonometry "cos" means this but has nothing to do with helping someone get a loan cosine 400 May 29, 1990
Frequent fliers would know that BWI stands for this airport Baltimore 500 May 29, 1990
Trinitrotoluene is commonly known by this abbreviation TNT 100 May 23, 1989
The correct spelling of the short official name of the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce J-A-Y-C-E-E-S 200 May 23, 1989
In lower case a metric unit of wt.; in upper case it stands for "Knight of the Order of the Garter" kg 400 May 23, 1989
1 of the 3 words that "RKO" stands for (1 of) Radio, Keith, or Orpheum 500 May 23, 1989
One of the two metal alloys abbreviated br. Bronze/Brass 100 November 18, 1988
A CEO whose company offers an EEO might hire some DAVs, who are these Disabled American Veterans 200 November 18, 1988
You gesture a lot but don't need to speak a word in this language, ASL American Sign Language 400 November 18, 1988
2 of 3 federal workers might know that the BLS is this Bureau of Labor Statistics 500 November 18, 1988
States whose abbreviations make up the telegram:HI PA.MA OK.AL Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Alabama November 18, 1988