Clues for: U.S. States

Question Answer Value Airdate
This state's geographic center lies about 12 miles northwest of Little Rock Arkansas 200 July 5, 2010
America's largest national park, Wrangell-St. Elias, covers more than 8 million acres in this large state Alaska 400 July 5, 2010
Clearwater & Palm Beach are popular seaside resorts in this state Florida 600 July 5, 2010
It earned its nickname "The Equality State" by being the first to give full voting rights to women back in 1869 Wyoming 800 July 5, 2010
Nicknamed the "Mother of Presidents", it's the birthplace of 7 presidents, including Taft & McKinley Ohio 1000 July 5, 2010
Bismarck is the second-largest city in this state North Dakota 200 September 22, 2009
Its dairy industry is the largest in New England Vermont 400 September 22, 2009
Its state vegetables are the chile & frijoles New Mexico 600 September 22, 2009
During the War of 1812 thousands in this state volunteered to enlist, hence its "Volunteer State" nickname Tennessee 800 September 22, 2009
Appalled by the conditions of debtors in prison in England, James Oglethorpe started this as a debtor's colony Georgia 1000 September 22, 2009
Do the wild fais-do-do in this state while motoring on Interstate 10 to Baton Rouge or Ponchatoula Louisiana 200 May 10, 2004
It's the only U.S. state named for a French king Louisiana 400 May 10, 2004
Its state dog is the Boston Terrier Massachusetts 100 October 8, 2001
2/3 of this state's population lives in New Castle, one of its 3 counties Delaware 200 October 8, 2001
This state's name comes from the Sioux for "sky-tinted waters", which probably refers to its 10,000 lakes Minnesota 300 October 8, 2001
Nestled between Ohio & Illinois, it's the smallest mainland state in area west of the Appalachians Indiana 400 October 8, 2001
This state was home to the world's first drive-in movie theater & the first boardwalk New Jersey 500 October 8, 2001
It consists of 8 major & 124 minor islands Hawaii 100 November 23, 1999
This state has more ethnic Norwegians than any other state, most of them in the Twin Cities area Minnesota 200 November 23, 1999
Reflecting its Catholic heritage, this state has 64 parishes & no counties Louisiana 300 November 23, 1999
Its license plates bear a flag depicting the Big Dipper & the North Star Alaska 400 November 23, 1999
Its highest point is 5,344-foot Mount Marcy in the Adirondacks New York 500 November 23, 1999
There's New York, New Jersey, New Mexico & "New" this as well New Hampshire 100 September 8, 1999
Its capital is Salem, but its largest city is Portland Oregon 200 September 8, 1999
Ponce de Leon searched for the Fountain of Youth in this "Sunshine" state Florida 400 September 8, 1999
Points of interest in this state include the San Joaquin Valley & the Sacramento River California 500 September 8, 1999
This state is the smallest in area Rhode Island September 8, 1999
The international date line bends around this state Alaska 100 May 21, 1997
With over 15,000 lakes, its lowest point is naturally on a lake, Lake Superior Minnesota 200 May 21, 1997
Its state mineral is gold, its state fish is the golden trout & its state flower is the golden poppy California 300 May 21, 1997
NCAA teams in this state include the La Salle Explorers, the Villanova Wildcats & the Drexel Dragons Pennsylvania 400 May 21, 1997
Cimarron County in this state touches 4 other states Oklahoma (Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico & Texas) May 21, 1997
This "Show-Me State" has also been called the "Gateway to the West" Missouri 100 February 17, 1997
About one-third of this state's industrial workers are employed in the auto industry Michigan 200 February 17, 1997
Laughlin is this state's southernmost city Nevada 400 February 17, 1997
This state has 2 national monuments: the Hagerman fossil beds & craters of the moon Idaho 500 February 17, 1997
This state's lowest point, 320 feet, lies at the junction of the Wabash & the Ohio Rivers Indiana February 17, 1997
This state's port of Duluth greatly increased ocean traffic when the St. Lawrence Seaway opened in 1959 Minnesota 100 February 3, 1997
Joel Chandler Harris & Margaret Mitchell were authors native to this state Georgia 200 February 3, 1997
Its name was first associated with a lord, then a river, a tribe & the first state Delaware 300 February 3, 1997
The first French settlers in this Pine Tree State brought their own wood to build houses Maine 500 February 3, 1997
From west to east, South Dakota's southern border is straight until it follows this river Missouri River February 3, 1997
Colorado's motto is "Nothing Without Providence"; this smallest state's is "Hope" Rhode Island 100 January 21, 1997
The moapa dace & bonytail chub are endangered fish in this state known for its gambling & ghost towns Nevada 200 January 21, 1997
Iowa's capitol building in this city has 5 domes & one of them is covered in 23-karat gold Des Moines 300 January 21, 1997
Place names that come from Indian tribes in this state include Totowa, Piscataway & Passaic New Jersey 400 January 21, 1997
Its flag bears the quartered arms of the Calvert & Crossland families Maryland 500 January 21, 1997
Its state sport is dog mushing Alaska 100 December 10, 1996
This state's largest lake is Yellowstone Lake in the northwest Wyoming 200 December 10, 1996
It's known as "The Land Where the Tall Corn Grows" Iowa 300 December 10, 1996
One of its oldest universities is named for Robert Baylor, who helped craft its state constitution Texas 400 December 10, 1996
In Latin its state motto is "Montani Semper Liberi" West Virginia ("Mountaineers are Always Free") 500 December 10, 1996
Land regions in this state include the Hudson-Mohawk Lowland & the Adirondack Upland New York 100 July 12, 1993
The country governments of this "Garden State" are called boards of chosen freeholders New Jersey 200 July 12, 1993
The state tree of this NW state is the western hemlock, an evergreen Washington 300 July 12, 1993
The roadrunner is its state bird New Mexico 400 July 12, 1993
This state's largest city is Manchester New Hampshire 500 July 12, 1993
This state produces over 30% of the nation's cheese Wisconsin 100 October 26, 1992
Hawaii's state seal features a shield flanked by the goddess of liberty & this king King Kamehameha 200 October 26, 1992
This "Cornhusker" State's name comes from an Indian word for "flat water", a reference to the Platte River Nebraska 300 October 26, 1992
This "Down East" state is bordered by only 1 state & 2 provinces Maine 400 October 26, 1992
The pecan is the state nut not of Georgia, but of this neighbor to the west Alabama 500 October 26, 1992
The Bimini Islands of the Bahamas lie about 50 miles east of this state Florida 100 February 13, 1990
This state has over 50 peaks above 14,000 feet but none over 14,500 feet Colorado 300 February 13, 1990
Wyoming is nicknamed "The Equality State" because it was the first to do this allow women to vote 400 February 13, 1990
Classified as a Mid-Atlantic state, this state doesn't touch an ocean, but it does border Lake Erie Pennsylvania 500 February 13, 1990
State that suffered the most severe damage from 1989's Hurricane Hugo South Carolina February 13, 1990
Hey, it's the "Bay State" Massachusetts 100 February 2, 1990
The state that contains the mouth of the Mississippi Louisiana 200 February 2, 1990
In 1947 British driver John Cobb was 1st to travel over 400 MPH on this state's salt beds Utah 300 February 2, 1990
It contains both the highest & lowest points in the lower 48 states California 400 February 2, 1990
3 of the top 10 U.S. cities in population are in this state Texas (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio) February 2, 1990
The largest U.S. naval base is at Norfolk in this state Virginia 100 November 10, 1988
The two U.S. states that begin with "N" that are neither "North" nor "New" Nebraska & Nevada 200 November 10, 1988
Among its 77 counties are Creek, Cherokee, Choctaw, Seminole & Osage Oklahoma 300 November 10, 1988
Its state song is "Home On The Range", not "Over The Rainbow" Kansas 400 November 10, 1988
Named for John Jacob Astor, Astoria, first American settlement west of the Rockies, is in this state Oregon 500 November 10, 1988
This state is almost twice the size of Scandinavia Alaska 100 January 13, 1988
Located in this state, Rock Island is the site of the government's largest military arsenal Illinois 200 January 13, 1988
Of about 10, 15, or 25, % of world's oranges produced in Florida 25 300 January 13, 1988
This state produces more tobacco products than all other U.S. states combined North Carolina 400 January 13, 1988
1 of 2 Gulf states containing the area of black clay soils known as the "Black Belt" Mississippi (or Alabama) January 13, 1988
In 1916, S. Bamberger, a Jewish Democrat, was elected this state's 1st non-Mormon governor Utah 100 April 22, 1987
Though the Pro Football Hall of Fame is in this state, the state beverage is tomato juice, not beer Ohio 200 April 22, 1987
1 of 3 states which border Virginia & share its state bird, the Cardinal West Virginia (or Kentucky or North Carolina) 300 April 22, 1987
Mark Twain said he was born in this state because "it was an unknown new state & needed attractions" Missouri 400 April 22, 1987
From 1961-1976, Alabama flew this flag above the U.S. flag on the State Capitol the Confederate flag (the Stars & Bars) 500 April 22, 1987
Number of stars on the state flag of Texas 1 100 April 6, 1987
The tallest building in this state is the 110-story Sears Tower Illinois 200 April 6, 1987
In the 1790 census, this state had the most people, a few of whom didn't go on to be president Virginia 300 April 6, 1987
Of N.Y., N.J., or N.M., the one, according to the World Almanac, with the most poultry New York 400 April 6, 1987
The World Book lists 5 state songs for it, including, "Rocky Top" Tennessee 500 April 6, 1987
13th to enter the Union, it must have been Providence, or we'd have had a flag with 12 stripes Rhode Island 100 October 1, 1985
While New York is the Empire State of the north, this is "The Empire State of the South" Georgia 200 October 1, 1985
The geographic center of this state is Delaware, 25 miles north of Columbus Ohio 300 October 1, 1985
Both Sun Valley & the Craters of the Moon are tourist attractions in this state Idaho 400 October 1, 1985
Francis Scott Key didn't have to leave this, his home state, to spend the night near Ft. McHenry Maryland 500 October 1, 1985
The Empire State New York 100 December 12, 1984
The ceiling of its capitol features a lone star Texas 200 December 12, 1984
Only U.S. state with a "Z" in its name Arizona 300 December 12, 1984
The New England state without an Atlantic Ocean coastline Vermont 400 December 12, 1984
8th state of the Union, it was the 1st state to secede South Carolina 500 December 12, 1984
The 2 states that don't border any others Alaska and Hawaii 100 December 7, 1984
The Wolverine State, in 1847 became 1st to abolish capital punishment Michigan 200 December 7, 1984
Region originally called Indian Territory, it now has no Fed. reservations Oklahoma 300 December 7, 1984
Western neighbor of Tenn. & Miss.; it has only diamond field in N. America Arkansas 400 December 7, 1984
Midwest state whose native sons include Marlon Brando, Nick Nolte & Henry Fonda Nebraska 500 December 7, 1984