Clues for: Lakes & Rivers

Question Answer Value Airdate
The algae & shrimp of Kenya's Lake Nakuru are rich in beta carotene, giving its crowds of these wading birds their pink hue flamingoes 200 September 21, 2022
Russia's Lake Baikal is home to the only species of these pinnipeds that lives exclusively in fresh water seals 400 September 21, 2022
This river rises in the Black Forest & empties into the Black Sea the Danube 600 September 21, 2022
This great river system of East-Central North America gets its name from a man martyred in 3rd-century Rome the St. Lawrence waterway 1000 September 21, 2022
The pre-Incan Uros people still inhabit floating islands high in the Andes in this lake Lake Titicaca September 21, 2022
This country's largest salt lake is now called Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, reviving its aboriginal name Australia 200 November 10, 2021
The Loup & Elkhorn Rivers are the main tributaries of this 310-mile river that flows across Nebraska the Platte (River) 400 November 10, 2021
About 9 times as salty as the ocean, this sea, actually a lake, lies at the mouth of the Jordan River the Dead Sea 800 November 10, 2021
This "colorful" river of Asia is the sixth longest in the world the Yellow River 1000 November 10, 2021
Clouds of dust from the exposed bed of Lake Texcoco add to the air pollution of this world capital Mexico City November 10, 2021
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents by a display monitor.) The Yenisey River flows north for more than 2,000 miles through the heart of this vast Russian region Siberia 200 December 6, 2019
Lyon is on this river, 1 letter different from the one Bonn is on the Rhône 400 December 6, 2019
A flight to Thunder Bay & a 4-hour drive brings you to Canada's Pukaskwa National Park on this Great Lake Lake Superior 600 December 6, 2019
Until about 1200, Lake Mälaren was a bay of this sea & was used by oceangoing vessels to reach Sweden's interior the Baltic 800 December 6, 2019
Owasco is part of this group of skinny lakes near Syracuse, New York the Finger Lakes 1000 December 6, 2019
This largest lake in Africa is also the main reservoir of the Nile River Lake Victoria 200 January 18, 2016
This Florida lake bears a Hitchiti name that means "big water" Okeechobee 400 January 18, 2016
Mosul, one of Iraq's largest cities, lies on the west bank of this river the Tigris 600 January 18, 2016
The principal river of Tuscany rises on Monte Falterona the Arno River 800 January 18, 2016
In 1699 Sieur d'Iberville saw Okwata, a vast lake near the Gulf of Mexico, & renamed it this Lake Pontchartrain January 18, 2016
In 2004 she co-hosted "The Fashion Police" at the Academy Awards along with her mom Melissa Rivers 200 June 17, 2005
Kim Basinger's "L.A. Confidential" character was supposted to be the spitting image of this '40s blonde bombshell Veronica Lake 400 June 17, 2005
He was nominated for an Oscar in 1989; his brother Joaquin, in 2001 River Phoenix 600 June 17, 2005
Outfielder Mickey Rivers claimed, "me", this Yankees owner "& Billy (Martin) are two of a kind) George Steinbrenner 800 June 17, 2005
More chairs are thrown on "Jerry Springer", but her talk show that debuted in 1993 is still on the air, too Ricki Lake 1000 June 17, 2005
Famous for its monster, it forms part of the Caledonian Canal Loch Ness 200 January 20, 2004
In Israel the area where this river exits the Sea of Galilee is considered holy the Jordan 400 January 20, 2004
It's the largest body of fresh water entirely within the U.S. Lake Michigan 800 January 20, 2004
After the Yukon, it's the longest river in the Western Hemisphere to "roll on" into the Pacific the Columbia 1000 January 20, 2004
About halfway along its course from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, it falls 167 feet the Niagara River January 20, 2004
This river's drainage basin, the world's largest, includes parts of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador & Colombia Amazon 100 June 8, 2000
Ethiopia's Lake Tana is the source of this river's blue branch Nile 200 June 8, 2000
Australia's only large permanent lakes are artificially created & include Lake Gordon in this island state Tasmania 300 June 8, 2000
The Rhone River enters & exits this Alpine lake on the French-Swiss border Lake Geneva 400 June 8, 2000
A portion of Thailand's border with Laos is provided by this river Mekong 500 June 8, 2000
This Great Lake has the same name as a Canadian province Lake Ontario 100 March 5, 1999
Regular steamship service is available on this river from Cairo to Aswan Nile 200 March 5, 1999
It's the river mentioned in the title of the following Danube ("Blue Danube Waltz") 300 March 5, 1999
Hindus believe that dying in this most sacred of rivers ensures passage to paradise Ganges 400 March 5, 1999
Fed by the Kissimmee River, it's the largest freshwater lake in the southern United States Lake Okeechobee 500 March 5, 1999
Even though it's the world's second longest river, it still has the world's largest drainage basin Amazon 100 October 13, 1998
The Aare, originating in the Bern canton, is a major river of this country Switzerland 200 October 13, 1998
Rising in the Black Forest, it's the second longest river in Europe Danube 300 October 13, 1998
You can take a high road or a low road to this, the largest lake in Scotland Loch Lomond 400 October 13, 1998
This lake in Manitoba, Ontario & Minnesota is a remnant of an extinct glacial lake Lake of the Woods 500 October 13, 1998
In this state you can Kissimmee once, twice & once again, as it's a river, lake & city Florida 100 November 17, 1997
At its north end, the Dead Sea receives this river Jordan 200 November 17, 1997
The James, Potomac & Chester Rivers all flow into this bay Chesapeake Bay 300 November 17, 1997
It's still working on deepening the Grand Canyon the Colorado River 400 November 17, 1997
The river known as the "Great Man-Made River" in Libya reaches into this desert Sahara 500 November 17, 1997
This "lifeless" lake is known in Arabic as the Sea of Lot the Dead Sea 100 September 19, 1997
The ferry 'cross this British river predates Gerry & the Pacemakers by 635 years the Mersey 200 September 19, 1997
The artificial Lake O' the Cherokees in this state was formed by damming the Neosho river Oklahoma 300 September 19, 1997
The Ural river flows 1,500 miles to this inland sea where sturgeon swim the Caspian Sea 400 September 19, 1997
Lake Assal in Djibouti is this continent's lowest point at about 500 feet below sea level Africa 500 September 19, 1997
Centuries of overflow from this lake helped create the Everglades Lake Okeechobee 100 June 17, 1997
About 70% of China's rice crop is grown in this river's basin Yangtze River 200 June 17, 1997
This river's tributaries include the Koyukuk River in Alaska & the Klondike in Canada Yukon 300 June 17, 1997
This largest Central American lake shares its name with the country in which it's located Lake Nicaragua 400 June 17, 1997
Great Britain's 2 longest rivers are the Severn & this one Thames 500 June 17, 1997
The Susquehanna River flows past this infamous power plant Three Mile Island 100 July 11, 1995
Lake Tiberias on the Jordan is better known as the Sea of this the Sea of Galilee 200 July 11, 1995
The 80-mile-long Moscow Canal connects the Moskva River with this river the Volga 300 July 11, 1995
The Irrawaddy is a river road to Mandalay in this country Myanmar or Burma 400 July 11, 1995
The Dnepr River empties into the Black Sea in this former Soviet Republic the Ukraine July 11, 1995
Annual floodings of this river are contained by the Aswan High Dam Nile 100 June 22, 1993
The country of Zambia takes its name from this river Zambezi 200 June 22, 1993
There's a reproduced 9th c. Viking fortress on Emerald Bay in this large California-Nevada lake Lake Tahoe 300 June 22, 1993
This smallest of the Great Lakes is fed mainly by the Niagara River Lake Ontario 400 June 22, 1993
Over 300 rivers & streams flow into this Siberian lake, but the Angara River is its only outlet Lake Baikal 500 June 22, 1993
In Germany, where it rises in the forest, this river is called the Donau the Danube 100 April 5, 1991
This country's' largest lake is Garda, but its Lake Como is more famous Italy 200 April 5, 1991
At 2,485 miles, the Parana is this continent's second-longest river South America 300 April 5, 1991
The Snake River, which flows across Idaho, is the largest tributary of this river the Columbia 400 April 5, 1991
After a course of over 2,200 miles, the Volga River enters this inland sea the Caspian Sea 500 April 5, 1991
Oceangoing ships can travel 1,000 miles up this river to the Brazilian port of Manaus the Amazon 100 February 22, 1991
Fed by the snows of Mt. Hermon, this river flows through the Sea of Galilee & into the Dead Sea the Jordan 200 February 22, 1991
The Shatt-al-Arab begins where the Tigris meets this river in Iraq the Euphrates 400 February 22, 1991
This Great Lake, the smallest, is almost as big as the state of New Jersey Lake Ontario 500 February 22, 1991
In Hindu myth this river springs from the foot of the god Vishnu the Ganges February 22, 1991
The famous bridge on Lake Havasu in Arizona formerly spanned this river Thames 100 May 26, 1988
Famous lake which occupies the caldera of Mt. Mazama, an extinct volcano in Oregon Crater Lake 200 May 26, 1988
The Jefferson, Gallatin, & Madison Rivers meet in Montana, forming this major river Missouri 300 May 26, 1988
It takes 2 hands & 1 extra digit to count this group of lakes in west central New York Finger Lakes 400 May 26, 1988
The world's longest over-water highway spans this lake in southeastern Louisiana Lake Pontchartrain 500 May 26, 1988
Named for its large amounts of soft yellow earth China's Huang Ho River means this in English Yellow River 100 February 17, 1987
In 1986, Russell Lake was formed when one of these closed off Alaska's Russell Fjord glacier 200 February 17, 1987
In August 1986, this, emerging from Lake Nios in Cameron, killed about 2000 people poisonous gas 400 February 17, 1987
With some 20% of world's fresh unfrozen water, this country's Lake Baikal is deepest in world Soviet Union 500 February 17, 1987
(AUDIO DAILY DOUBLE) Title of the following is a nickname for this river: "Ol' man river / Dat ol' man river / He mus'know sumpin' / But don't say nuthin', / He jes'keeps rollin'"... Mississippi February 17, 1987
Because of their salt water, the Caspian & Aral, 1st & 4th largest lakes in the world, are called these Seas 100 December 23, 1986
Australia's longest permanently flowing river; also the surname of Jan & Anne Murray 200 December 23, 1986
Changing names many times on its 2900 mile course, the Congo River is called this in Zaire Zaire 300 December 23, 1986
This major Swiss lake is actually a widening of "France's" Rhone River Lake Geneva 400 December 23, 1986
1 of the 3 state capitals that lie on the Missouri River Bismarck, Pierre, or Jefferson City December 23, 1986
A German river or the wine grown on its banks the Rhine 100 December 5, 1984
The end of a river that empties into a lake or ocean the mouth 200 December 5, 1984
Sam Rayburn Reservoir is this state's largest lake Texas 300 December 5, 1984
Located in Oregon, it's the deepest lake in North America Crater Lake 400 December 5, 1984
Either of 2 Marilyn Monroe films with "watery" titles (1 of) <i>Niagara</i> and the <i>River of No Return</i> 500 December 5, 1984
River mentioned most often in the Bible the Jordan 100 September 10, 1984
Scottish word for lake <i>loch</i> 200 September 10, 1984
American river only 33 miles shorter than the Mississippi the Missouri 400 September 10, 1984
World's largest lake, nearly 5 times as big as Superior the Caspian Sea 500 September 10, 1984
River in this famous song: the Volga River September 10, 1984