Clues for: Abbreviations

Question Answer Value Airdate
Your suggested dose of vitamins:RDA recommended daily amount (or allowance) 200 December 14, 2012
Automotive feature:AWD all-wheel drive 400 December 14, 2012
A U.S. college:UTEP University of Texas El Paso 600 December 14, 2012
The northern military veterans' organization after the civil war:GAR Grand Army of the Republic 800 December 14, 2012
Cozy feature of a home for sale:WBF wood burning fireplace 1000 December 14, 2012
This seaside structure is abbreviated whf. wharf 200 March 4, 2004
This 3-letter abbreviation can stand for package or parking pkg. 400 March 4, 2004
A.M. after a particular time stands for ante meridian, which means "before" this noon 600 March 4, 2004
In formal addresses this 2-letter "directional" abbreviation precedes Hon. & Rev. Rt. (for Right) 1000 March 4, 2004
A doctor could tell you that q.i.d., which is the abbreviation for the Latin "quater in die", means this (take the pills) four times a day March 4, 2004
In movie ratings: PG Parental Guidance 200 February 7, 2002
A medical profession: RN registered nurse 400 February 7, 2002
A U.S. commonwealth: PR Puerto Rico 600 February 7, 2002
In the British government: PM Member of Parliament 800 February 7, 2002
On a job application: DOB date of birth 1000 February 7, 2002
In an apt. bldg., apartment building, you're sure to find a bdrm., one of these bedroom 100 December 29, 2000
On the avg., average, your mom may spend 20 minutes a day driving down the ave., this avenue 200 December 29, 2000
WD-40 is an oil you might use on your hinges on your 4WD, an abbreviation for this type of vehicle 4 wheel drive 300 December 29, 2000
Of lacrosse, paddleball, golf or auto racing, sport played by people in the LPGA golf 400 December 29, 2000
If your TV has PIP, it has this feature Picture in Picture 500 December 29, 2000
An important high school exam:SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test 100 February 26, 1999
On television:CNN the Cable News Network 200 February 26, 1999
A college:UNLV University of Nevada-Las Vegas 300 February 26, 1999
In Canada, eh:the RCMP the Royal Canadian Mounted Police 400 February 26, 1999
A former European nation:GDR the German Democratic Republic 500 February 26, 1999
Of concern to motorists, MPG stands for this miles per gallon 100 November 7, 1996
PTA members know that PTA stands for this parent teacher association 200 November 7, 1996
It's the part of blood abbreviated Hb hemoglobin 300 November 7, 1996
It's the U.S. territory abbreviated V.I. Virgin Islands 400 November 7, 1996
This person who certifies documents is abbreviated NP notary public 500 November 7, 1996
It's what SWAK stands for on the back of an envelope sealed with a kiss 100 October 25, 1995
When used as a title of respect, Hon. stands for this honorable 200 October 25, 1995
To an investor, the S & P in the S & P 500 stands for this Standard and Poor 300 October 25, 1995
Someone who gambles on horse races should know that OTB stands for this off track betting 400 October 25, 1995
This book of the Bible is sometimes abbreviated Ez. Ezekiel 500 October 25, 1995
It's the occupation abbreviated pharm. pharmacist 100 September 19, 1995
Anyone who has one should know that VCR is an abbreviation for this videocassette recorder 200 September 19, 1995
Among New York theatre goers, O.B. stands for this Off-Broadway 300 September 19, 1995
In accounting, ROA is a "return on" these assets 400 September 19, 1995
Shoppers should know that UPC, as in a UPC label, stands for this universal product code 500 September 19, 1995
A popular play may be SRO, meaning this standing room only 100 July 20, 1995
Financially speaking, AMEX is this stock exchange the American Exchange 200 July 20, 1995
When an application form wants your YOB, it's asking for this year of birth 300 July 20, 1995
Frl. is this German title corresponding to our Miss fraulein 400 July 20, 1995
ob. can stand for obstetric or for this musical instrument an oboe 500 July 20, 1995
You're on the money if you know that S&L is the abbreviation for this savings & loan 100 February 6, 1995
Those of you who are preparing for the SAT should know that SAT stands for this Scholastic Aptitude Test 200 February 6, 1995
HC can refer to Holy Communion or to this, in the British Parliament House of Commons 300 February 6, 1995
To a demographer, ZPG is an abbreviation for this zero population growth 400 February 6, 1995
SALT, as in the SALT agreements to limit the production of nuclear weapons, stands for this Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (or Treaty) 500 February 6, 1995
In high school P.E. stands for this class physical education 100 November 8, 1994
This hospital locale can be abbreviated OR or O.R. the operating room 200 November 8, 1994
The fi in sci-fi is short for fiction; in hi-fi it's short for this fidelity 300 November 8, 1994
PC can stand for politically correct or for this desktop device a personal computer 400 November 8, 1994
Abbreviated atm., it's what a restaurant on the moon lacks atmosphere 500 November 8, 1994
qt., an abbreviation for quantity, is also an abbreviation for this specific quantity a quart 100 July 15, 1994
To a baseball player, his ERA is this earned run average 200 July 15, 1994
sr. not only stands for senior, it's also an abbreviation for this early time of day sunrise 300 July 15, 1994
Scholars commonly refer to this reference work as the OED the <i>Oxford English Dictionary</i> 400 July 15, 1994
k. is an abbreviation for krone & this Russian currency kopeck 500 July 15, 1994
Take note: this secretarial skill is abbreviated dict. dictation 100 January 25, 1994
In grammar pr. can stand for present or this part of speach pronoun 200 January 25, 1994
DJ can stand for disc jockey or for this part of a record album a dust jacket 300 January 25, 1994
In telecommunications PBS is the Public Broadcasting Service & NPR is this National Public Radio 400 January 25, 1994
Biblically speaking, Jud. can stand for Judges or for this book of the Apocrypha Judith 500 January 25, 1994
In a dictionary, the abbreviations pref. & suff. stand for these Prefix & suffix 100 November 15, 1993
As a courtesy title, M. before the name of a Frenchman stands for this Monsieur 200 November 15, 1993
In printing, u.c. stands for this upper case 300 November 15, 1993
It's the book of the Bible abbreviated Lam. Lamentations 400 November 15, 1993
When seen at the bottom of a page, PTO stands for this Please Turn Over 500 November 15, 1993
It's what your sweetheart wants if he or she asks for a little TLC tender loving care 100 July 19, 1993
In music, ob. stands for oboe; in medicine, it's short for this type of doctor obstetrician 200 July 19, 1993
Those who do transactions at an ATM should know that ATM stands for this automatic (automated) teller machine 300 July 19, 1993
On a clothing label, the 2 measurements that are abbreviated XL extra large & extra long 400 July 19, 1993
Especially when referring to winds, swly. stands for this southwesterly 500 July 19, 1993
AP is the Associated Press; Apr. is short for this month April 100 July 5, 1993
It's the 1-letter abbreviation for a part of speech or a compass direction N. 200 July 5, 1993
The abbreviation for the Securities & Exchange Commission is also short for this time period second 300 July 5, 1993
Travelers should know that the E in ETA also can be abbreviated this way est. 400 July 5, 1993
PAC men & women in Washington, D.C. belong to one of these a political action committee 500 July 5, 1993
Student athletes can tell you JV stands for this junior varsity 100 February 26, 1993
It's the form of light or radiation abbreviated UV ultraviolet 200 February 26, 1993
This musical direction is often abbreviated cresc. crescendo 300 February 26, 1993
It's the region of Canada abbreviated NT or NWT Northwest Territories 400 February 26, 1993
This part of a computer that interprets & executes instructions is abbreviated CPU central processing unit 500 February 26, 1993
Whether he's admirable or not, a mayor gets this title, abbreviated Hon., in front of his name Honorable 100 July 16, 1992
You don't have to have ESP to know that this adverb is abbreviated esp. especially 200 July 16, 1992
Visc. is an abbreviation of this word for a nobleman who ranks above a baron viscount 300 July 16, 1992
This musical term can be abbreviated ff or fff fortissimo 400 July 16, 1992
The official U.S. Postal service abbreviation for this territory is GU Guam 500 July 16, 1992
Abbreviated "mlle.", it's the French equivalent of "miss" mademoiselle 100 May 21, 1992
On an application form, DOB is an abbreviation for this date of birth 200 May 21, 1992
DM is an abbreviation for this German unit of currency Deutsche Mark 300 May 21, 1992
Meaning "conversely", V.V. is an abbreviation for this Latin phrase <i>vice versa</i> 400 May 21, 1992
In optics & photography, FL stands for this focal length 500 May 21, 1992
The abbreviation H.R.H. before Princess Diana's name indicates you should refer to her this way Her Royal Highness 100 May 14, 1991
In movie ratings, it's what PG stands for Parental Guidance 200 May 14, 1991
Had Gulliver attended Lilliput U., he would have been a BMOC, which stands for this big man on campus 300 May 14, 1991
Your ma and pa could tell you MA & PA are the postal abbreviations for these two states Massachusetts & Pennsylvania 400 May 14, 1991
This measure of heat used to rate the cooling capacity of air conditioners is abbreviated Btu the British Thermal unit 500 May 14, 1991
In British politics an M.P. is a member of Parliament & the P.M. is this prime minister 100 May 9, 1990
Chas. is short for Charles; Jas., for this James 200 May 9, 1990
An antonym of "caps.", "lc" stands for this lowercase 300 May 9, 1990
"atm", you won't find it in a vacuum or in a restaurant on the moon Atmosphere 400 May 9, 1990
Technically speaking No. doesn't stand for "number" but for this Latin word <i>numero</i> 500 May 9, 1990
You take the SAT exam to get into college & the LSAT to get into one of these schools Law School 100 April 2, 1990
Nickname formed from the initials of the Government National Mortgage Association Ginnie Mae 200 April 2, 1990
You could see one of them write down "q.i.d.", but you might find it hard to read Doctors (they write that down on your prescription; take it 4 times a day) 300 April 2, 1990
It's an editor's abbreviation for more than one manuscript MSS 400 April 2, 1990
A cousin to the R.A.F., the R.A.A.F. is this Royal Australian Air Force 500 April 2, 1990
The more familiar name of the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company the A&P 100 November 22, 1989
2-letter abbreviation that can refer to a boss in the army or someone who refuses to serve in the army c.o. 200 November 22, 1989
The only state whose 2 letter postal abbreviation contains an "X" Texas 300 November 22, 1989
The CEO of a company is its chief executive officer; the CFO is this chief financial officer 400 November 22, 1989
When a Britisher donates a pound to a pound, he's supporting this group, the R.S.P.C.A. the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 500 November 22, 1989
"hyp." is short for this part of a triangle a hypotenuse 100 October 4, 1989
A GP who had a good GPA in school had a good one of these a grade point average 200 October 4, 1989
Seaside structure abbreviated whf. a wharf 300 October 4, 1989
To get in your bank account through an ATM, you're given a PIN, which stands for this personal identification number 400 October 4, 1989
For quicker responses, an extra "V" for vite is added to this invitation abbreviation RSVP 500 October 4, 1989
Pilots know "IFR" stands for instrument flight rules & everyone should know "Fri." stands for this Friday 100 February 22, 1989
In weather terms "DP" means dew point; in baseball lingo it stands for this double play 200 February 22, 1989
In a letter sent to Nanook, Esq., Esk., the abbreviations stand for these 2 words esquire & Eskimo 300 February 22, 1989
It's the abbreviation indicating a 2nd afterthought is added to a letter PPS 400 February 22, 1989
"5th" is short for fifth, & "fth" is short for this marine measure a fathom 500 February 22, 1989