Clues for: U.S. History

Question Answer Value Airdate
Published in 1783, his "American Spelling Book" preceded his famous dictionary by 45 years Webster 200 September 11, 2018
In 1875 this Tammany Hall "Boss" escaped from prison & fled to Cuba & then to Spain Boss Tweed 400 September 11, 2018
In 1817, Congress divided a territory that became these two states that are practically mirror images of each other Alabama and Mississippi 600 September 11, 2018
On Sept. 17, 1862 this bloody battle in Maryland ended the first Confederate invasion of the North Antietam 800 September 11, 2018
On Feb. 1, 1960 4 students held a historic sit-in at a lunch counter in this N.C. city in protest over segregation Greensboro 1000 September 11, 2018
2 weeks after 9/11, a CIA team entered this country to prep our invasion Afghanistan 400 October 18, 2016
The 1912 platform of this short-lived political party had all the antlers, like direct election of U.S. senators Bull Moose 600 October 18, 2016
In June 1877 a war began between this tribe & the U.S. in Idaho, ending when federal troops captured Chief Joseph the Nez Perce 800 October 18, 2016
Regular passenger transatlantic air service began in June 1939 when this company's Dixie Clipper flew from N.Y. to Portugal Pan Am 1000 October 18, 2016
When this federal standard went into effect in 1938, it was 25 cents per hour; today, it's $7.25 the minimum wage 200 February 24, 2011
A devastating earthquake & fire in this city in 1906 caused 3,000 deaths & $400 million in damages San Francisco 400 February 24, 2011
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) Returning from their 1804 through 1805 expedition, these two men split up: one sought a shortcut from the mountains to the Missouri; the other explored the Yellowstone River Lewis & Clark 600 February 24, 2011
In 1800 these 2 men tied for electoral votes & the House had to decide the outcome Jefferson & Aaron Burr 800 February 24, 2011
In October 1973 he resigned as vice president & pleaded no contest to one count of income tax evasion Spiro Agnew 1000 February 24, 2011
In 1963 he spoke of his "dream" that his children would one day "not be judged by the color of their skin" Martin Luther King, Jr. 200 July 25, 2007
On August 21, 1959 it became our 50th state Hawaii 400 July 25, 2007
It's the period, 1920 to 1933, when alcoholic beverages were illegal Prohibition 800 July 25, 2007
Stephen Douglas proposed the act that repealed the Missouri Compromise & created these 2 territories Kansas & Nebraska 1000 July 25, 2007
Seen here, he was the earliest president ever to be photographed, & the first to have a middle name John Quincy Adams July 25, 2007
In 1949 he presented his "Fair Deal" as part of his State of the Union address Truman 200 May 27, 2004
The U.S. blockade of this country was made public October 22, 1962 Cuba 400 May 27, 2004
When these people struck in Boston, Coolidge said, "There is no right to strike against the public safety by anyone" the police 600 May 27, 2004
In 1851 students at VMI couldn't stonewall this professor of natural & experimental philosophy (Stonewall) Jackson 800 May 27, 2004
Marcus Garvey, born on this island nation in 1887, was deported back there by the U.S. in 1927 Jamaica 1000 May 27, 2004
In March 1836 he was named commander of the Texas army; by October he was president of the republic Sam Houston 200 December 23, 2002
In May 1968 the Post Office celebrated the 50th anniversary of this kind of service air mail 400 December 23, 2002
The base camp Richard Byrd dubbed Little America in 1929 is on this continent Antarctica 600 December 23, 2002
The Job Corps came out of Lyndon Johnson's "War on" this Poverty 800 December 23, 2002
On July 8, 1853 Matthew Perry presented a letter from President Fillmore to the emperor of this country Japan 1000 December 23, 2002
The so-called "Noble Experiment" in the 1920s, an amendment brought it about Prohibition 200 June 14, 2002
In the 1992 presidential election this Independent garnered over 18% of the vote (Ross) Perot 400 June 14, 2002
In 1955 the Montgomery bus boycott split people apart & these 2 major labor groups merged AFL and CIO 600 June 14, 2002
This commodore said Manila & the Philippines were "terra incognita" when he sailed there in 1898 George Dewey 800 June 14, 2002
In 1854 antislavery Whigs, Democrats & Free-Soilers joined others to form this new party Republican June 14, 2002
He began selling watches by mail order in 1886 & later hired a repairman named A.C. Roebuck to work for him Richard Sears 100 December 14, 2000
In 1937 FDR's opponents accused him of trying to "pack" this The Supreme Court 200 December 14, 2000
In 1972 the "T" in the newsmaking SALT stood for this, not "treaty" Strategic Arms Limitation Talks 300 December 14, 2000
This paper that had sent Stanley to find Livingstone merged with the New York Tribune in 1924 New York Herald 400 December 14, 2000
Geronimo was buried in this state in 1909, 2 years after statehood Oklahoma December 14, 2000
Since 1937 this military post has been the site of the United States' gold bullion depository Fort Knox, Kentucky 100 September 29, 2000
Total number of stars on the U.S. flag in 1777 13 200 September 29, 2000
He's the leader of the Union forces, seen here Ulysses S. Grant 300 September 29, 2000
After a plea from his son, Abe Lincoln was the first to give a presidential pardon to one of these birds (Thanksgiving) Turkey 400 September 29, 2000
On July 22, 1987 this Soviet leader agreed to a U.S. proposal to ban medium- & short-range nuclear weapons Mikhail Gorbachev 500 September 29, 2000
Radical Republicans impeached & tried to remove this president in 1868 Andrew Johnson 100 April 28, 1999
This avuncular nickname for the government was coined by those against the War of 1812 "Uncle Sam" 200 April 28, 1999
When East & West were linked by this in October, 1861, the days of the Pony Express were numbered the telegraph 300 April 28, 1999
In 1851 Stonewall Jackson became an instructor at VMI, this school Virginia Military Institute 400 April 28, 1999
This Secretary of State retired in 1869, 2 years after his "folly" William Seward 500 April 28, 1999
It was the last battle in which George Armstrong Custer saw action Little Big Horn 100 April 9, 1999
Her first attempt to fly around the world ended in March 1937 when her plane crashed in Hawaii Amelia Earhart 200 April 9, 1999
Of the AFL, NFL or NHL, the one Samuel Gompers helped found AFL (American Federation of Labor) 300 April 9, 1999
Cuban hill that was stormed by the Rough Riders on July 1, 1898 San Juan Hill 400 April 9, 1999
In 1952 Congress approved this commonwealth's new constitution Puerto Rico April 9, 1999
The political ring led by this man stole as much as $200 million from NYC before it was ousted in 1871 Boss Tweed 100 June 25, 1998
John Adams appointed this John chief justice John Marshall 200 June 25, 1998
President who signed the Alaskan Pipeline Act during the energy crisis Richard Nixon 300 June 25, 1998
The Glass-Steagall Banking Act of 1933 created this agency that guarantees bank accounts FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) 400 June 25, 1998
This state's constitution of 1849 let married women retain control of their own property California 500 June 25, 1998
Big events in 1835: Mr. & Mrs. Clemens had a bouncing baby boy, Samuel, & this comet circled by Halley\'s Comet 100 March 16, 1998
In 1915 he called San Francisco from New York City & spoke with Dr. Thomas A. Watson Alexander Graham Bell 200 March 16, 1998
In 1807 this former VP was tried & acquitted on a charge of treason Aaron Burr 300 March 16, 1998
On May 30, 1911, with a time of 6:42:08, Ray Harroun won the first running of this Indianapolis 500 400 March 16, 1998
This general addressed a joint session of Congress April 19, 1951 Douglas MacArthur 500 March 16, 1998
In 1858 it was "Pikes Peak or Bust!" for gold miners who rushed to this state to find their fortune Colorado 100 January 13, 1998
In 1890 William Kemmler was in the hot seat as he became the first criminal to die by this method Electric chair 200 January 13, 1998
On Sept. 17, 1796 he issued his farewell address George Washington 300 January 13, 1998
Built to replace the Challenger, this space shuttle made its maiden voyage in May of '92 Endeavour 400 January 13, 1998
John Sevier was the first governor of Tennessee & the first & only governor of this short-lived state Franklin 500 January 13, 1998
Edmund Randolph's Virginia Plan was used as the basis for this important American document of 1787 The Constitution 100 April 8, 1997
Some of Wells Fargo's stagecoaches came from a factory in this New Hampshire capital Concord 200 April 8, 1997
After the 1881 gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Virgil Earp lost his job as this city's marshall Tombstone 300 April 8, 1997
In 1900 the Taft Commission supervised the transfer of military to civil govt. in these Pacific islands Philippines 400 April 8, 1997
The first major engagement for U.S. troops in this 20th century war was the Battle of Belleau Wood World War I 500 April 8, 1997
This 1803 territorial acquisition gave the U.S. free navigation of the Mississippi River Louisiana Purchase 100 March 21, 1997
At age 26 Jonathan Dayton of New Jersey was the youngest signer of this 1787 document The Constitution 200 March 21, 1997
On December 6, 1976 this congressman was chosen to replace Carl Albert as Speaker of the House Tip O\'Neill 300 March 21, 1997
In 1973 L. Patrick Gray resigned as head of this agency because he destroyed Watergate records FBI 400 March 21, 1997
Successor to the Manhattan Project, this agency, the AEC, was established in 1946 Atomic Energy Commission 500 March 21, 1997
In 1981, just minutes after President Reagan was sworn in, the 52 hostages in this country were released Iran 100 February 20, 1997
In 1950 2 Puerto Rican nationalists made an attempt on this president's life Harry S. Truman 200 February 20, 1997
Robert McNamara served in this post 1961-68 Secretary of Defense 300 February 20, 1997
Philanthropist Gerrit Smith helped finance this man's 1859 raid on Harper's Ferry John Brown 400 February 20, 1997
This 1890 act was designed in part to prevent monopolies Sherman Anti-Trust Act 500 February 20, 1997
In 1790 the Society of Friends made its first petition to Congress to abolish this slavery 100 November 7, 1996
In 1834 the U.S. government ordered the Seminoles to leave this state under an 1832 treaty Florida 200 November 7, 1996
Workers at the 28 companies that produced 90% of this material in the U.S. went on strike July 15, 1959 steel 300 November 7, 1996
John Quincy Adams was in this Flemish town in August 1814 negotiating the treaty to end the War of 1812 Ghent 400 November 7, 1996
After Teddy Roosevelt read this book, he ordered a report on the meat-packing industry <i>The Jungle</i> November 7, 1996
As a result of this 1861-65 conflict, over 600,000 died and 375,000 were wounded the U.S. Civil War 100 September 19, 1996
In 1666 Puritan families founded a village that later became this largest New Jersey city Newark 200 September 19, 1996
On Sept. 10, 1813 he sailed from South Bass Island off Ohio's shore to battle the British Oliver Hazard Perry 300 September 19, 1996
In 1869 the U.S. attempted to annex this nation on eastern Hispaniola the Dominican Republic 400 September 19, 1996
This third party of the 1890s called for free silver & government ownership of railroads the Populist (or People\'s) Party 500 September 19, 1996
During a 1977 blackout, 9 million people in this city & its suburbs were plunged into darkness New York City 100 June 10, 1996
Shawnee Indian chief Tecumseh died while fighting on the side of the British during this 19th C. war War of 1812 200 June 10, 1996
This oil scandal led to the 1923 resignation of Interior Secretary Albert Fall Teapot Dome 300 June 10, 1996
FDR's proposal to increase this from 9 to as many as 15 was defeated by the Senate in 1937 number of justices on the U.S. Supreme Court 400 June 10, 1996
This cabinet department was created in 1979 with Shirley Hufstedler as its first secretary Department of Education June 10, 1996
He stormed Kettle Hill with extra pairs of glasses sewn into his hat in case a few got shot off Theodore Roosevelt 100 February 19, 1996
In 1860 this party split into northern & southern factions, each with its own candidate Democrat 200 February 19, 1996
The sea island variety of this textile crop was introduced from the Bahamas in 1786 cotton 300 February 19, 1996
1803's Marbury v. Madison decision declaring a law unconstitutional was written by this chief justice John Marshall 500 February 19, 1996
Rosa Parks was on a bus in this city December 1, 1955 when she refused to give up her seat Montgomery, Alabama February 19, 1996
The Gettysburg Address was delivered at the dedication ceremony of one of these a cemetery 100 February 6, 1996
This 1970s scandal was a major reason for the creation of the Federal Election Commission Watergate 200 February 6, 1996
Trying to defeat this man in 1840, the Whigs used the slogan "Van, Van, Van, Van is a used-up man" Martin Van Buren 300 February 6, 1996
As NYC's 99th mayor, this politician read the funnies on the radio during a newspaper strike La Guardia 400 February 6, 1996
This Republican was elected Kansas governor in 1932 & 1934 despite Democratic wins nationwide (Alf) Landon 500 February 6, 1996
With the nation in a financial panic, FDR ordered this type of holiday a day after his inauguration bank holiday 100 February 20, 1995
The Battle of Bladensburg in August 1814 preceded the burning of this city by the British Washington, D.C. 200 February 20, 1995
When it first met in 1789, the House of Representatives had 65 members; today it's set at this many 435 400 February 20, 1995
In March 1776 the Marine Corps made its 1st landing, at New Providence in this Caribbean island group the Bahamas 500 February 20, 1995
In an 1823 address, he declared that the Americas were closed to new European colonization James Monroe February 20, 1995
In 1931 President Hoover signed a bill designating this as America's national anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner" 100 May 11, 1994
The first session of Congress convened in 1789 at Federal Hall in this city New York 200 May 11, 1994
In 1987 President Reagan submitted the first budget to exceed this amount $1 trillion 300 May 11, 1994
In 1924 this "Equality State" elected the USA's first woman governor, Nellie Tayloe Ross Wyoming 500 May 11, 1994
By 1900 about 80 million acres of farmland were distributed to settlers under this act the Homestead Act May 11, 1994
In 1959 Walter Williams, said to be the last surviving veteran of this war, died at age 117 the Civil War 100 June 17, 1993
In 1776 Sgt. Ezra Lee led the first known attack in one of these submersible crafts a submarine 200 June 17, 1993
In 1927 this aviator became the first person to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross (Charles) Lindbergh 300 June 17, 1993
In 1909 the Lincoln penny replaced this one, which had been in circulation for 50 years the Indian head 400 June 17, 1993
In 1770 Robert Treat Paine prosecuted the British troops indicted for murder in this incident the Boston Massacre 500 June 17, 1993
In 1962 California surpassed this state as the most populous New York 100 November 30, 1992
In 1790 Samuel Hopkins was issued the first one of these for a new process of making potash a patent 200 November 30, 1992
In 1870 William Holden of this Tar Heel State became the 1st governor to be impeached North Carolina 300 November 30, 1992
The Constitutional Convention of 1787 abandoned this document in favor of the Constitution the Articles of Confederation 400 November 30, 1992
In 1948 this party split from the Democrats & ran Strom Thurmond for president the Dixiecrats 500 November 30, 1992
In 1889 the dam rebuilt by the South Fork Fishing & Hunting Club broke, causing this flood the Johnstown Flood 100 September 14, 1992
Some senators wanted to call him "His Elective Majesty", but settled for "Mr. President" George Washington 200 September 14, 1992
It says, "Our policy in not to interfere in the internal concerns of any of its powers" the Monroe Doctrine 300 September 14, 1992
After an anti-Mormon mob murdered this man in Illinois, Brigham Young moved the flock west Joseph Smith 400 September 14, 1992
When the Underwood Tariff became law in 1913, it replaced lost tariff money with this tax income tax 500 September 14, 1992
Though subpoenaed, this president refused to appear at Burr's trial in 1807 Jefferson 100 July 9, 1992
Group to whom MacArthur delivered his "fade away" line April 19, 1951 Congress 200 July 9, 1992
Occurring between 1934 & 1937, these drove 60% of the population out of the Oklahoma-Tx. panhandle area dust storms 300 July 9, 1992
Put on trial in 1969, Tom Hayden & Yippie Jerry Rubin were part of this group accused of inciting a riot the Chicago Seven 400 July 9, 1992
Russell, Waddell & Majors, the men who started this service April 3, 1860, went bankrupt with it in 1861 the Pony Express July 9, 1992
It was the eastern boundary of the land bought in the Louisiana purchase the Mississippi River 100 May 13, 1992
In 1856 this party's first presidential candidate, John C. Fremont carried all but 5 of the northern states the Republican Party 200 May 13, 1992
In the early 1800s this fur trader paid $25,000 for the area now known as Times Square John Jacob Astor 300 May 13, 1992
The War of 1812 ended in this year 1815 (*1814) 400 May 13, 1992
Boss Tweed offered this political cartoonist $500,000 to go to Europe & leave him alone Thomas Nast 500 May 13, 1992
President Ford appointed this future president director of the CIA in 1975 George Bush 100 April 10, 1992
In 1960 he quipped, "Mr. Nixon dismissed me as 'another Truman'...I consider him another Dewey" John Kennedy 200 April 10, 1992
In 1799 this orator was elected to VA.'s legislature but died before he could take his seat Patrick Henry 300 April 10, 1992
When this general died in 1863, Robert E. Lee wrote, "I know not how to replace him" (Stonewall) Jackson 400 April 10, 1992
In 1742 James Oglethorpe won the Battle of Bloody Marsh & virtually ended this country's threat to Georgia Spain 500 April 10, 1992
In 1969 this vice president said, those opposed to the Vietnam War were an "effete core of impudent snobs" Spiro Agnew 100 June 3, 1991
On Feb. 20, 1962 he took 4 hours, 52 minutes to orbit the Earth 3 times John Glenn 200 June 3, 1991
The WCTU was formed in 1874 to abolish the use, manufacture & sale of these alcoholic beverages 300 June 3, 1991
Between 1854 & 1858 this territory was referred to as "Bleeding" Kansas 400 June 3, 1991
A bequest by this man who lost to Hayes in 1876 helped create the New York Public Library (Samuel) Tilden 500 June 3, 1991
He was court martialed as a lt. colonel during the Revolutionary War, long after his famous ride Paul Revere 100 September 11, 1990
This 1803 acquisition doubled the size of the United States the Louisiana Purchase 200 September 11, 1990
Passed in 1862, this act granted free farmland to settlers the Homestead Act 300 September 11, 1990
A liquor tax imposed in 1791 resulted in this uprising by Pennsylvania farmers the Whiskey Rebellion 400 September 11, 1990
Angered by the Boston Tea Party, Britain passed these laws to punish the colonists the Intolerable Acts (Coercive Acts) 500 September 11, 1990
In 1838 Congress granted mail carrier status to this new form of transportation railroads 100 May 22, 1990
America's first successful world exposition was held in 1876 in this Pennsylvania city Philadelphia 200 May 22, 1990
The territory acquired by the 1853 Gadsden Purchase is now part of these 2 states Arizona & New Mexico 300 May 22, 1990
The Marquis de Lafayette served in the American Revolution, the Lafayette Escadrille in this war World War I 400 May 22, 1990
This last president from the Whig Party rode Lincoln's funeral train from Batavia, N.Y. to Buffalo Millard Fillmore 500 May 22, 1990
Teddy Roosevelt's attorney general, Charles Bonaparte, was this man's grandnephew Napoleon 100 January 8, 1990
Black Shawl was the wife of this Indian who helped lead the charge against Custer Crazy Horse 200 January 8, 1990
Roger Williams founded R.I. after he was banished from this colony for his religious beliefs Massachusetts 300 January 8, 1990
This state recently marked the 400th anniversary of the English settlement on Roanoke Island North Carolina 400 January 8, 1990
The Cajuns migrated to Louisiana from there Nova Scotia 500 January 8, 1990
He designed bridges, aqueducts & submarines as well as the "Clermont" (Robert) Fulton 100 November 28, 1989
If you remember the Maine, you'd know it was blown up in this city's harbor Havana 200 November 28, 1989
As president of the 2nd Continental Congress, John Hancock was given this privilege 1st signing the Declaration of Independence 300 November 28, 1989
It began shortly after 5 PM November 9, 1965 & affected parts of 8 states & 2 Canadian provinces the great blckout 400 November 28, 1989
Youngest major presidential candidate at 36, his famous "Cross of Gold" speech led to his nomination William Jennings Bryan 500 November 28, 1989
Century in which the most states, 29, were admitted to the Union the 19th century 100 November 15, 1989
John Q. Adams & Henry Clay were among those who negotiated the Treaty of Ghent that ended this war the War of 1812 200 November 15, 1989
The 1st English settlement in Maine occured in this same year as the settlement of Jamestown 1607 300 November 15, 1989
This disease transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquto was brought to America on slave ships yellow fever 400 November 15, 1989
In 1954 he was elected to the senate from South Carolina by a write-in vote Strom Thurmond 500 November 15, 1989
A Phila. square is named for D. Rittenhouse, an astronomer who built the 1st of these in America a telescope 100 May 31, 1989
On July 4, 1917 an American colonel spoke these words at Lafayette's tomb in Paris Lafayette we are here 200 May 31, 1989
In the South the Battles of Bull Run were known as this the Battles of Manassas 300 May 31, 1989
As chairman of this gov't body, Joseph P. Kennedy outlawed stock manipulation practices that had made him rich the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) 400 May 31, 1989
On June 30, 1906 Congress passed this act which required an honest statement of contents on food labels the Pure Food and Drug Act 500 May 31, 1989
It's the present-day successor of the old Federal Radio Commission the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) 100 May 26, 1989
Number of the Continental Congress which adopted the Declaration of Independence the second 200 May 26, 1989
A cartoon by Thomas Nast in an 1874 Harper's Weekly was the 1st to use an elephant as this the symbol of the Republican Party 300 May 26, 1989
The Liberty Bell cracked July 8, 1835 while tolling this Chief Justice's death (John) Marshall 400 May 26, 1989
The verdict in the 1982 trial of John Hinckley Jr. for attempting to murder the president not guilty by reason of insanity 500 May 26, 1989
LBJ appointed this chief justice to head the commission to investigate JFK's assassination Earl Warren 100 March 22, 1989
In 1865 Sherman recaptured this fort where the Civil War had started Fort Sumter 200 March 22, 1989
A 1972 assassination attempt on this presidential candidate left him disabled George Wallace 300 March 22, 1989
The 1963 Test Ban Treaty allowed nuclear testing only in locations here underground 400 March 22, 1989
There was an insurrection in these islands after the U.S. bought them from Spain in 1898 the Philippines 500 March 22, 1989
On December 20, 1967, 2% of the American population was stationed in this country Vietnam 100 February 22, 1989
He announced he was "in control here" after President Reagan's 1981 shooting Al Haig 300 February 22, 1989
In 1834 this new party got off to a good start with Henry Clay's support Whigs 400 February 22, 1989
By 1879 this company controlled over 90% of the oil refined in the U.S. Standard Oil 500 February 22, 1989
From 1965 until becoming vice president, Gerald Ford held this post in the House minority leader February 22, 1989
Ransom money found in Bruno Hauptmann's garage helped convict him in this case the Lindbergh kidnapping case 100 December 16, 1988
He became F.B.I. director way back in 1924 & held the post for 48 years J. Edgar Hoover 200 December 16, 1988
On October 4, 1957, the Soviets launched Sputnik while he became Teamster Union president Jimmy Hoffa 300 December 16, 1988
From Latin for "money", the 1st one was authorized by Congress on April 2, 1792 U.S. mint 400 December 16, 1988
He founded Savannah in 1733--in fact, he founded the whole colony of Georgia (James) Oglethorpe 500 December 16, 1988
In 1634 he founded Maryland for Catholic settlers, who in turn named a city after his title Lord Baltimore 100 November 22, 1988
In 1948 this country closed its consulates in the U.S. following the defection of 3 citizens Soviet Union 200 November 22, 1988
Following WWII he was in charge of the Allied administration of Japan MacArthur 300 November 22, 1988
In 1819 the U.S. assumed $5 mil in liabilities to pay Spain for this future state, condos not included Florida 400 November 22, 1988
The day known as "Black Easter" in American history was the day after he died Abraham Lincoln November 22, 1988
An earthquake in 1811 at New Madrid, Mo. caused this "Big River" to flow backwards for a time Mississippi 100 April 19, 1988
On Christmas Day, 1868, Andrew Johnson offered amnesty to all who had taken part in this Civil War 200 April 19, 1988
In 1901, right after being shot, this president cautioned against hurting his attacker McKinley 300 April 19, 1988
At this southern showdown in 1815, the British lost over 2000 men, while the U.S. lost only about 20 Battle of New Orleans 400 April 19, 1988
John Paul Jones' flagship the Bonhomme Richard, was named for this patriot Benjamin Franklin 500 April 19, 1988
Surname the famous seaman born John Paul assumed when he fled to America Jones 100 December 9, 1987
This national elective office has been unoccupied for a combined total of about 38 years Vice President 200 December 9, 1987
The Alliance for Progress was a major factor in JFK's policy towards this part of the world Central America & South America (Latin America) 300 December 9, 1987
The Tennessee law under which he was convicted in 1925 wasn't repealed until 1967 (John) Scopes 400 December 9, 1987
When Congress didn't finance a base for the Statue of Liberty, his newspaper, the N.Y. World raised the money Joseph Pulitzer 500 December 9, 1987
Labor leader in the AFL, John Lewis resigned in 1935 & helped form this rival organization the CIO (Congress of Industrial Organizations) 100 October 28, 1987
American frontiersman who worked as advance man for the Transylvania Co. Daniel Boone 200 October 28, 1987
White House press secretary wounded by John Hinckley, March 30, 1981 James Brady 300 October 28, 1987
The name of Robert Livingston's estate, Fulton named a steamship after it Clermont 400 October 28, 1987
Named Supreme Commander of NATO in 1950, in 1953 he became Commander in Chief of American Armed Forces Dwight David Eisenhower 500 October 28, 1987
Ben Franklin published it annually from 1733 through 1758 <i>Poor Richard\'s Almanac</i> 100 October 20, 1987
Masked bandits stole over $2 million from the Boston office of this company, January 17, 1950 Brinks 200 October 20, 1987
John Paul Jones reply to Capt. Richard Pearson's Sept. 23, 1779 question "Have you struck?" I have not yet begun to fight! 300 October 20, 1987
The U.S. acquired property rights to build this in 1904, & T.R. was a man with a plan for it Panama Canal 400 October 20, 1987
The 2nd battle of this war was the Battle of Concord Revolutionary War 100 October 9, 1987
Jefferson's Secretary of State who succeeded him as president Madison 200 October 9, 1987
After the Civil War, Andrew Johnson offered $100,000 in gold for the capture of this ex-president Jefferson Davis 300 October 9, 1987
Taken captive by the Shawnee in 1778, this trailblazer was adopted as son of Chief Blackfish Daniel Boone 400 October 9, 1987
In 1833, this Ohio school became the 1st coeducational college in the nation Oberlin 500 October 9, 1987
National office held by Aaron Burr when he shot Alexander Hamilton vice president 100 June 29, 1987
The Treaty of Ghent, ending this war, was signed in Belgium on Christmas Eve of 1814 the War of 1812 200 June 29, 1987
Common name for the Serviceman's Readjustment Act of 1944, which provided veterans' benefits the G.I. Bill of Rights 300 June 29, 1987
Ben Franklin helped start regular postal service in both the U.S. & this country Canada 400 June 29, 1987
In 1793, Geo. Washington laid the cornerstone of this building, "The cornerstone of Washington, D.C." the U.S. Capitol 500 June 29, 1987
The 1st Flag Day, June 14, 1877, celebrated this anniversary the 100th anniversary of the flag 100 January 9, 1987
9 days after gold was discovered here, Mexico sold the territory to the U.S. California 200 January 9, 1987
Even the 39-month extension given in 1978 for states to ratify this amendment didn't help Equal Rights Amendment 300 January 9, 1987
Occupation of most of the debt-ridden participants in Shay's Rebellion of 1786-87 farmers 400 January 9, 1987
Fraction of the nation Roosevelt saw as "ill-housed", "ill-clad", "ill-nourished" in 1937 one-third 500 January 9, 1987
Spanning from Rock Island, IL to Davenport, IA, 1st railway bridge over this river opened 5/21/1856 Mississippi River 100 September 24, 1986
After a series of sit-down strikes at plants in 1936-37, GM agreed to recognize this union United Auto Workers 200 September 24, 1986
While FDR served the longest term, 12 years, this president served the shortest, 1 month (William Henry) Harrison 300 September 24, 1986
This Confederate Civil War song became a hit single for Mitch Miller in 1955 <i>The Yellow Rose of Texas</i> 400 September 24, 1986
French for "the narrows", this city was founded in 1701 on river between Lake Huron & Lake Erie Detroit 500 September 24, 1986
In 1930, investments in miniature golf were hailed by some as a cure for this economic disaster the Great Depression 100 September 16, 1986
At start of 1880s this branch of the U.S. military reportedly ranked 12th in world, behind Chile the U.S. Navy 200 September 16, 1986
During an 1850s craze, many Pacific islands were claimed due to presence of this fertilizer guano 300 September 16, 1986
On May 16, 1866 Congress authorized this new coin, nicknamed for its metal composition a nickel 100 April 11, 1986
It was formed when the Revenue Cutter Service combined with the Lifesaving Service in 1915 the Coast Guard 200 April 11, 1986
To give Taft, his hand-picked successor, a little space, he went on an African safari Theodore Roosevelt 300 April 11, 1986
Young pastor in Montgomery, Alabama who organized city-wide bus boycott protesting Rosa Parks' arrest Martin Luther King 400 April 11, 1986
The "Tom Thumb", 1st tested in 1830, was the 1st of these built in the U.S. a locomotive 500 April 11, 1986
Demonstrators were kicked out of this city's Lincoln Park August 27, 1968 Chicago 100 November 18, 1985
Though he left the service after WWII as a captain, today he holds the highest rank possible Ronald Reagan 200 November 18, 1985
Country to which the U.S. began beaming Radio Marti in May 1985 Cuba 300 November 18, 1985
Though popular in early 1800s this Tennessee congressman was even more popular in the 1950s Davy Crockett 400 November 18, 1985
This president vetoed more legislation than any other Franklin Delano Roosevelt 500 November 18, 1985
Some 30 years before his cousin's New Deal, he gave us a "Square Deal" Theodore Roosevelt 100 December 3, 1984
In 1870s cartoonist Thomas Nast gave Democrats & GOP these symbols the donkey and the elephant 200 December 3, 1984
Pres. Wilson founded this world organization which America never joined the League of Nations 300 December 3, 1984
The Spanish-American War led to this Caribbean country's independence Cuba 400 December 3, 1984
He was the first American in space Alan Shepard 500 December 3, 1984
Planned under Eisenhower, invasion of this Caribbean island failed under Kennedy Cuba 100 September 28, 1984
From 1836-45, this state was an independent country Texas 300 September 28, 1984
In '34, LA gov. known as "Kingfish" proposed guaranteed income of $5,000 per family Huey Long 400 September 28, 1984
Many consider his appointment as Chief Justice in 1801 most important appointment in U.S. history John Marshall 500 September 28, 1984
Episode in history this song is associated with:"Once I built a railroad, I made it run /Made it race against time..." the Great Depression September 28, 1984
This colonial inventor suggested Daylight Saving Time Benjamin Franklin 100 September 12, 1984
On the eve of the Civil War, some 2,000 slaveholders were of this race black (or negro) 200 September 12, 1984