Clues for: 6 Letter Words

Question Answer Value Airdate
As an adjective, it means secluded; as a noun, it helps get your TV going remote 200 February 9, 2021
This term for any basic food item also doubles for something that keeps your papers together staple 400 February 9, 2021
It sounds kind of trash-y, but it's a governmental excursion on the public's dime junket 600 February 9, 2021
This word that means to squirm in pain begins with a silent "W" writhe 800 February 9, 2021
This word meaning "scheduled" begins with a type of metamorphic rock slated 1000 February 9, 2021
Yum-yum; here's this eggy dish that's a specialty of France quiche 200 December 17, 2019
The Latin for "of whom" gives us this word for the number of members of a group needed to legally transact business a quorum 400 December 17, 2019
To rot, or the uncle on "The Addams Family" fester 600 December 17, 2019
Oddly, this word, land overgrown with tropical vegetation, is from Sanskrit for dry ground or desert a jungle 800 December 17, 2019
This word borrowed from French for "shade of color" means a small difference in many things, including colors a nuance 1000 December 17, 2019
The mouth of a gun, or the mouth & nose of a dog muzzle 200 December 29, 2017
It's the Italian word for a city square, like St. Mark's piazza 400 December 29, 2017
Profession of George Woolf, sadly killed in a fall at Santa Anita a jockey 600 December 29, 2017
The vicuña is closely related to this South American animal, prized for its fleece an alpaca 800 December 29, 2017
In humans, this tailbone is made up of 3-5 successively smaller vertebrae the coccyx 1000 December 29, 2017
Take stock--it's slang for both a watch & your heart a ticker 200 June 23, 2015
A pit of slate, or game hunted with hounds quarry 400 June 23, 2015
Canine term for a loudspeaker designed for low-frequency sounds a woofer 600 June 23, 2015
From the French for "to see", it sounds much classier than its synonym Peeping Tom voyeur 800 June 23, 2015
Lying on the back, face or front upward supine 1000 June 23, 2015
Mrs., in Madrid señora 200 December 3, 2012
It can refer to a group of "Extraordinary Gentlemen" or be a measurement of distance a league 400 December 3, 2012
Proverbially, "You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your" this family 600 December 3, 2012
A college applicant whose mom or dad graduated from that same school, possibly giving junior a "leg" up a legacy 800 December 3, 2012
Philip Marlowe is called a private dick, gumshoe, sleuth &, in "The Big Sleep", this slang synonym a shamus 1000 December 3, 2012
Idiomatically pigs do it "in the mud" & people do it "in luxury" wallow 200 July 27, 2012
A bank employee who accepts your deposit a teller 400 July 27, 2012
It's the aerosol foam used to control & style hair mousse 600 July 27, 2012
The soroban, the Japanese type of this adding device, used rods with 1 bead above the partition & 4 beads below abacus 800 July 27, 2012
Originally referring to one who fled the French Revolution, it now means any political refugee émigré 1000 July 27, 2012
This adjective that can mean hot & damp or hot & passionate is an alteration of "sweltery" sultry 200 September 24, 2007
(Sarah of the Clue Crew reads the clue holding a hairpiece.)The name of this long hairpiece is a homonym for a device that turns electric current on and off a switch 400 September 24, 2007
Harry Potter knows that this synonym for sorcerer is also a British slang term meaning "excellent" a wizard 600 September 24, 2007
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew gives the clue.)Because it does not allow light to pass through it, thick nylon, which is not transparent, is described as this from the Latin for "shaded" opaque 800 September 24, 2007
Any member of the Industrial Workers of the World, even if he's not unsteady wobbly 1000 September 24, 2007
William Congreve wrote, "Heaven has no rage, like love to" this opposite "turned" hatred 200 May 30, 2006
A piece of harness, or what the horse may do when it's put on bridle 400 May 30, 2006
A jail's temporary detention area where suspects are fingerprinted the lockup 600 May 30, 2006
Screwball comedies are either zany or this word that includes an old synonym for "head" madcap 800 May 30, 2006
A craven poltroon a coward 1000 May 30, 2006
A record from years ago that's still worth listening to is an oldie but this Goodie 100 March 2, 1999
A nervous laugh: 3 of its 6 letters are "G"s Giggle 200 March 2, 1999
Wooden box where a vampire "saws logs" Coffin 300 March 2, 1999
From the Latin for "lake", it's a shallow body of water near the sea; Brooke Shields lived by a blue one Lagoon 400 March 2, 1999
You'll find caramel & this sweet filling inside a Milky Way candy bar Nougat 500 March 2, 1999
Popular for knickknacks, it's the shelf above a fireplace Mantle 100 January 20, 1997
It can be a chest of drawers or a federal agency Bureau 200 January 20, 1997
It means composed of many different or clashing elements, like musician Tommy Lee's Crue Motley 300 January 20, 1997
Japanese for "tray planting", it's the art of growing dwarfed trees & shrubs Bonsai 400 January 20, 1997
Caused by oxidation, it's the greenish film that forms on copper or old bronze Patina 500 January 20, 1997
To be or not to be, it's a very small village hamlet 100 May 28, 1996
A football maneuver, or a common term for fishing gear tackle 200 May 28, 1996
A male goose, or a glance gander 300 May 28, 1996
In medicine, it's the opposite of malignant benign 400 May 28, 1996
It can be a case for a sword, or a close-fitting dress sheath 500 May 28, 1996
A man's hairpiece a toupée 100 March 14, 1995
To get one's bearings, or another term for the Far East orient 200 March 14, 1995
To move about hurriedly, or a framework formerly worn by women to puff out their skirts bustle 300 March 14, 1995
It's the club-shaped tool used to pound substances in a mortar pestle 400 March 14, 1995
From the Latin word for "bear", it's an adjective meaning bearlike ursine 500 March 14, 1995
A Louisianan of French descent, or his dialect Creole 100 January 17, 1994
A railroad locomotive, or any machine that converts thermal energy into mechanical energy an engine 200 January 17, 1994
Edere is Latin for "to eat" & this is English for "fit to eat" edible 300 January 17, 1994
From the Latin for "storehouse", this word can refer to the bottom of the standings in an athletic league the cellar 500 January 17, 1994
From a nickname for Margaret, it's a member of the crow family known for its chattering call a magpie January 17, 1994
From old French meaning "to dine", it's the chief meal of the day Dinner 100 November 29, 1993
A threat, like Dennis Mitchell Menace 200 November 29, 1993
It's a shrill cry, made by a chicken after laying an egg Cackle 300 November 29, 1993
This metal pot with a lid can be used to make stew or brew tea Kettle 400 November 29, 1993
This disease caused by a lack of vitamin C is characterized by bleeding gums & extreme weakness Scurvy 500 November 29, 1993
In a cheer it follows "Hip, hip" hooray 100 May 12, 1993
This sauce served with fish is usually made with mayonnaise, pickles, onions, olives & capers tartar sauce 200 May 12, 1993
1 of 6 openings at the sides & corners of a pool table pocket 300 May 12, 1993
The name of this highly spiced sausage comes from the Latin word for "salt" salami 400 May 12, 1993
From an old form of "to maim", it's random or wilful damage mayhem 500 May 12, 1993
From a Greek word for desolate, it's a crab or a person who's withdrawn from society Hermit 100 November 4, 1991
This adjective refers to anything oxlike or cowlike Bovine 200 November 4, 1991
The enclosure over a plane's cockpit or the layer of the tallest treetops in a forest Canopy 300 November 4, 1991
This frothy dessert is made of sweetened & flavored whipped cream & is frozen without stirring Mousse 400 November 4, 1991
U.S. Navy petty officer who performs clerical duties, or Janice Rand's rank on "Star Trek" Yeoman 500 November 4, 1991
Imitate without meaning, like a talking bird parrot 100 October 1, 1990
A greeting that means "peace" in Arabic, or the bow that can accompany it salaam 200 October 1, 1990
Pigs do it in their pens & people do it in luxury or self-pity wallow 300 October 1, 1990
A small decorative hole in fabric, or a small hole for shoelaces eyelet 400 October 1, 1990
The "Great" one ended when Martin V was elected Pope in 1417 Schism 500 October 1, 1990
A champagne bottle holding about 2/5ths of a gallon a magnum 100 September 19, 1990
A person who chooses to die for his religious beliefs a martyr 200 September 19, 1990
Any of numerous plaid patterns worn by Scottish clans a tartan 300 September 19, 1990
A footman's uniform or a stable where horses & carriages are hired out a livery 400 September 19, 1990
It's the implement carried by the grim reaper a scythe 500 September 19, 1990
An East African hunting expedition a safari 100 September 13, 1990
A commemorative tablet or a thin film of bacteria-laden mucus on a tooth plaque 200 September 13, 1990
It describes a mixture of incongruous elements or a rock & roll crew motley 300 September 13, 1990
This word meaning a noisy uproar is a corruption of Bethlem, a British madhouse bedlam 400 September 13, 1990
It usually refers to goods that are tossed overboard to lighten a ship jetsam 500 September 13, 1990
A niche in the wall, or a pause between classes at grade school recess 100 February 14, 1990
A sand trap for Edith or Archie bunker 200 February 14, 1990
3 miles, or a group of bowling teams league 300 February 14, 1990
This word often preceding "aforethought" can mean ill will or a desire to inflict harm on another malice 400 February 14, 1990
It's the oldest alloy known to humans bronze 500 February 14, 1990
You can blow one with a mixture of soap & water or with some types of gum a bubble 100 October 18, 1989
The only Beatle with a 6-letter last name Lennon 200 October 18, 1989
This spout at the end of a gas hose is a diminutive form of nose nozzle 300 October 18, 1989
Coarsely woven cloth made from jute or hemp fibers, it's used in potato sacks burlap 400 October 18, 1989
2 of the 5 states that fit this category Oregon & Hawaii (Kansas, Nevada, Alaska) October 18, 1989
Around the house it could refer to a caster, a curler or the cylinder on which a shade is wound roller 100 October 18, 1988
Asset easily convertible to cash are described as this liquid 200 October 18, 1988
From the Latin for "body", it's a dead one corpse 300 October 18, 1988
A painful experience that tests character, trial by it is tough ordeal 400 October 18, 1988
Polonius said of Hamlet, "Though this be madness, yet there is" this "in't" method 500 October 18, 1988
Originally from the Greek word for "city", "honesty is the best" one policy 100 December 10, 1987
The name of this popular vegetable is from the word "batata" in Taino, a West Indies language the potato 200 December 10, 1987
As your grammar teacher taught you, it's what you call the noun that receives the action of the verb object 300 December 10, 1987
To relax, or to loosen the mainspring unwind 400 December 10, 1987
A shelter for dogs, it's from the Latin "canis" meaning "dog" kennel 100 March 13, 1987
A hard or chewy candy made of brown sugar & butter toffee 200 March 13, 1987
On July 25, 1986, Los Angeles saw it at 7:59 p.m. PDT sunset 300 March 13, 1987
In Matthew, chapters 5-7, Jesus delivered one "on the mount" sermon 400 March 13, 1987
This lighter-than-air element only rose to #2 on the periodic chart helium 500 March 13, 1987
A new nun novice 100 May 20, 1986
A Dan that races at Indianapolis, or a stretcher that races into the E/R Gurney 200 May 20, 1986
A large Indian crocodile, or a large Central Park thing mugger 300 May 20, 1986
Type of pigeon that doesn't need AAA maps a homing pigeon 100 February 24, 1986
To cut something off, like a magazine subscription to cancel 200 February 24, 1986
From Latin "robur" meaning "oak", we get this word for possessing great strength robust 300 February 24, 1986
To scoop the mud from the bottom of a channel or harbor; police do it to find the body to dredge 400 February 24, 1986
Petty officer in the U.S. Navy who performs clerical duties, or Janice Rand on "Star Trek" yeoman 500 February 24, 1986
3 miles, or the one for women voters league 100 November 11, 1985
Celtic for “from the red marsh”, it was glamorous Marilyn's surname Monroe 200 November 11, 1985
An Easton, or a Queen of the Jungle Sheena 100 September 11, 1985
French for "again" <i>encore</i> 200 September 11, 1985
It can be found in a mixing bowl or a baseball box batter 300 September 11, 1985
A niche in the wall, or a pause in the class recess 500 September 11, 1985
6-letter word in the title of the following:"Every single day /Every word you say /Every game you play /Every night you stay /I'll be watching you /Oh, can't you see /You belong to me?..." breath September 11, 1985