Clues for: Gems & Jewelry

Question Answer Value Airdate
On Nov. 10, 1958 New York City jeweler Harry Winston donated this great blue stone to the Smithsonian the Hope Diamond 200 November 23, 2011
In 1893 Kokichi Mikimoto developed a process to create these "cultured" gems pearls 400 November 23, 2011
The Chinese call it the "jewel of heaven" & believe it protects against accidents jade 600 November 23, 2011
Check out the bejeweled head covering of this living woman Queen Elizabeth II 800 November 23, 2011
From Latin for "thread", this style of jewelry is made by twisting fine wires of precious metals into patterns filigree 1000 November 23, 2011
This red gem is the traditional gift for a 40th wedding anniversary ruby 200 March 3, 2010
Nacre is mother-of-this pearl 400 March 3, 2010
This gem is named for being the color of sea water aquamarine 800 March 3, 2010
The most prized of these fiery gems are the black ones found in New South Wales, Australia an opal 1000 March 3, 2010
L. Frank Baum had this birthstone, the same as the name of a city he created the emerald March 3, 2010
The ankle type of this is usually wider in circumference than the kind you wear around your wrist a bracelet 200 March 31, 2009
Once reportedly worn in a sultan's belt buckle, a 75-carat one of these green gems is now in the Smithsonian an emerald 400 March 31, 2009
A stunning pink type of this gem is sometimes harvested from the queen conch a pearl 600 March 31, 2009
Sunlight may change the color of this traditional November birthstone that's often a sunny shade of yellow topaz 1000 March 31, 2009
The name of this jeweled ornament is pronounced like something you do to "the subject" brooch March 31, 2009
Introduced in 1886, a classic 6-prong setting for engagement rings is named for this Manhattan jewelry store Tiffany\'s 100 November 12, 2001
It's said that pins weren't worn on kilts until this 19th c. queen offered one to a Highland soldier on a windy day Queen Victoria 200 November 12, 2001
Most folks think of this January birthstone as reddish, but lovely orange ones are found in Namibia & Nigeria garnet 300 November 12, 2001
Often green or white, nephrite is a type of this gemstone closely associated with Asia jade 400 November 12, 2001
"Jurassic Park" made this fossilized resin really popular; maybe you'll find some dinosaur DNA in yours amber 500 November 12, 2001
The "stack" types of these are designed so that you can wear 2 or more on the same finger rings 100 May 1, 2001
In the early 1900s Kokichi Mikimoto developed the process of producing these "cultured" gems pearls 200 May 1, 2001
The Regent, a famous one of these gems, was once known as the Pitt (in honor of Sir Thomas, not Brad) diamond 300 May 1, 2001
You can gaze at the French crown jewels in the Galerie d'Apollon of this French museum the Louvre 400 May 1, 2001
Following the example of her comedienne mom, this TV personality seen here has her own line of jewelry on QVC Melissa Rivers 500 May 1, 2001
This world-famous blue gem is named for one of its former owners, Henry Philip Hope Hope Diamond 100 February 15, 2001
Bracelets worn around these joints are in style again, perhaps because they show off shapely legs Ankles 200 February 15, 2001
Tiffany sells a collection of jewelry made to look like this woody grass consumed by pandas Bamboo 300 February 15, 2001
Portraits of Queen Elizabeth I show that she wore necklaces of these mollusk gems Pearls 400 February 15, 2001
This October birthstone often has a white background but displays a rainbow of colors in bright light Opal 500 February 15, 2001
The 1st of these crystalline carbon gems discovered in South Africa was found in 1867 Diamonds 100 November 25, 1996
These green beryls have been obtained from Cleopatra's mines rediscovered around 1816 Emeralds 200 November 25, 1996
This type of sapphire contains needles of the mineral rutile, that reflect light in 6 rays Star Sapphires 300 November 25, 1996
This sanguine March birthstone is dark green chalcedony spotted with red jasper Bloodstone 400 November 25, 1996
Nephrite is the less prized of the 2 minerals that form this gemstone valued in Asia Jade 500 November 25, 1996
In the 1930s Carroll F. Chatham invented a process to create these green gems artificially Emeralds 100 April 12, 1996
This highly prized form of corundum gets its red color from minute amounts of chromium Rubies 200 April 12, 1996
The waters north of Australia yield large silver-white ones of these Pearls 300 April 12, 1996
Alexandrite & this "feline" gemstone are varieties of the same mineral cat\'s eye 400 April 12, 1996
These October birthstones may lose their color & crack if allowed to dry out Opals 500 April 12, 1996
One of the largest canary-yellow diamonds is owned by & named for this Fifth Avenue jewelry firm Tiffany 100 February 5, 1996
The jewelry Rene Lalique designed in this "new art" style often featured dreamy feminine figures & opals art nouveau 200 February 5, 1996
Uruguay is an important source of this transparent purple variety of quartz amethyst 300 February 5, 1996
The Dutch call this green gem a smaragd an emerald 400 February 5, 1996
The National Museum of Natural History has a 22,892.5-carat one of these golden gems the topaz 500 February 5, 1996
In 1847 Louis Cartier founded an elegant jewelry firm in this capital city Paris 100 January 11, 1996
One of the most important mines for these green gems is found at Muzo, Colombia Emeralds 200 January 11, 1996
The Jonker, a 726-carat gem of this kind, was discovered in South Africa in 1934 Diamond 300 January 11, 1996
It's the color of the Star of India, a famous 563-carat sapphire Blue 400 January 11, 1996
The "sherry" type of this golden gemstone is sometimes heated to turn it pink Topaz 500 January 11, 1996
In ancient times this green beryl gem was thought to be beneficial to the eyes an emerald 100 December 20, 1995
This blue September birthstone symbolizes clear thinking sapphire 200 December 20, 1995
The name of these perforated objects strung on necklaces, comes from Middle English meaning "prayer" beads 300 December 20, 1995
This fossil resin used in jewelry burns with a bright flame & pleasant fragrance amber 400 December 20, 1995
This iridescent material that lines the inner surface of abalone shells is also called nacre mother-of-pearl 500 December 20, 1995
This country's remaining crown jewels are in the Galerie d'Apollon in the Louvre France 100 September 5, 1995
The finest of these red gems are obtained from limestone gravel in Myanmar rubies 200 September 5, 1995
This purple or violet quartz gem is thought to protect against drunkenness amethyst 300 September 5, 1995
The Victorians made dark red jewelry out of the pyrope type of this gem, mined in Bohemia garnet 400 September 5, 1995
The largest cut one of these gems is the 545.67-carat Unnamed Brown a diamond 500 September 5, 1995
This precious form of beryl is colored green by minute amounts of chromium emerald 100 July 17, 1995
This blue or greenish gem came from Iran to Europe through Turkey, hence its name turquoise 200 July 17, 1995
The finest of these gems are a color called Kashmir blue sapphires 300 July 17, 1995
The fire type of this gemstone can be yellow to red in color opal 400 July 17, 1995
Before the revolution, this St. Petersburg, Russia jewelry firm employed over 500 artisans Fabergé 500 July 17, 1995
These "cultured" gems can be damaged by the acids in hair sprays, perspiration or perfume pearls 100 February 15, 1995
The lovely green color of this May birthstone is said to soothe the eyes an emerald 200 February 15, 1995
This blue-green stone found in the American Southwest is believed to bring good fortune turquoise 300 February 15, 1995
The British Coronation ring contains these red gems in the shape of St. George's Cross rubies 400 February 15, 1995
This purple variety of quartz occurs in rock cavities in the Ural Mountains amethyst 500 February 15, 1995
Types of these pieces of jewelry include school, signet & wedding a ring 100 July 5, 1993
The vivid green color of this May birthstone was once thought to be good for the eyesight emerald 200 July 5, 1993
With its deep red color, the spinel is often mistaken for this precious stone ruby 300 July 5, 1993
Simulated ones of these may be glass beads covered with a paste of fish scales pearls 400 July 5, 1993
The old masters created the pigment ultramarine by crushing this 2-word blue gemstone lapis lazuli 500 July 5, 1993
Renaissance women wore several necklaces at a time, often made of these mollusk gems pearls 100 October 5, 1992
Peridots are often this shade of green that may remind you of a martini garnish olive 200 October 5, 1992
The 128-carat Tiffany Diamond was discovered in this country's famous Kimberley Mine South Africa 300 October 5, 1992
Many fine fire opals come from Queretaro in this North American country Mexico 400 October 5, 1992
The most highly valued of these gems are a deep color known as pigeon blood rubies October 5, 1992
The Spaniards named this metal used in jewelry platina for its resemblance to silver platinum 100 July 15, 1992
In the early 1900s Kokichi Mikimoto invented a process to culture these gems pearls 200 July 15, 1992
Jet, a type of coal made into buttons & costume jewelry, is this color black 300 July 15, 1992
Deep green beryl is called emerald & light blue-green beryl is called this aquamarine 400 July 15, 1992
From Latin for "thread" & "grain", this style of jewelry is made by twisting fine wires into patterns filigree 500 July 15, 1992
A few of these green gems are mined near Stony Point, North Carolina emeralds 100 February 25, 1992
The freshwater type of these can be found in the Mississippi & its tributaries pearls 200 February 25, 1992
You'd wear your diadem on this body part head 300 February 25, 1992
This stone that's green in sunlight & red under artificial light is named for a czar alexandrite 500 February 25, 1992
Turquoise is the state gem of these two southwestern states Arizona & New Mexico February 25, 1992
Navajo jewelry is typically made using turquoise stones & this metal silver 100 July 16, 1990
128-ct. diamond on display at its namesake NYC jewelry store that made Holly Golightly's mouth water Tiffany\'s 200 July 16, 1990
Nephrite is the most common form of this green gemstone jade 300 July 16, 1990
The fiery colors of these milky stones are caused by impurities & by light catching the cracks opals 400 July 16, 1990
At the end of the 16th century, these gemstones, favored by the Incas, began to arrive in Europe from S. America emeralds July 16, 1990
This brilliant green gem is actually a rare variety of beryl emerald 100 April 9, 1990
In names of gems, this word follows hawk's, cat's & tiger's eye 200 April 9, 1990
Asterism, an optical effect found in some sapphires, is a gleam shaped like this star 300 April 9, 1990
The "seed" variety of these weighs less than 1/4 grain, equivalent to 1/16 carat pearl 400 April 9, 1990
Alphabetically last in a list of birthstones, it's 1 of the 2 birthstones for December zircon 500 April 9, 1990
Washington institution where you'd find the 45.5 carat Hope Diamond on display Smithsonian 100 February 8, 1990
The Ancient Chinese not only carved it into jewelry, they buried it with their dead jade 300 February 8, 1990
Copper gives the bluish green color to this stone which is found in Iran & the South-Western U.S. turquoise 400 February 8, 1990
Those born on Valentine's Day don't have a red ruby for a birthstone but this purple quartz amethyst 500 February 8, 1990
Some of the finest of these gems are taken from the Persian Gulf between Oman & Qatar pearls February 8, 1990