Clues for: U.S. Cities

Question Answer Value Airdate
This New Mexico City claims the title “Hot Air Balloon Capital of the World” Albuquerque 200 November 18, 2022
A suburb of Dallas, this city officially recognizes Rip Van Winkle's creator as its namesake Irving 400 November 18, 2022
Located in the heart of the Lehigh Valley, it's nicknamed the "Christmas City" Bethlehem 600 November 18, 2022
Once a large Quaker community, this California city bears the last name of Quaker poet John Greenleaf Whittier 800 November 18, 2022
River surfing is a big deal in this second-largest Montana city that's also home to the University of Montana Missoula 1000 November 18, 2022
Things found in this city: The Joe Louis Fist statue as well as Ford Field Detroit 200 July 1, 2022
Wacker Drive is an impressive double-decker street in this city of big shoulders Chicago 400 July 1, 2022
Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts is home to this city's symphony orchestra Pittsburgh 600 July 1, 2022
Named for a V.P. from Indiana, this Alaska city is home to the Goldpanners, who play an annual Midnight Sun Game at 10 P.M. Fairbanks 1000 July 1, 2022
At the foot of the Wasatch Range, this capital city was built on the bed of ancient Lake Bonneville Salt Lake City July 1, 2022
It's been called Fordtown as well as the Motor City Detroit 200 May 20, 2021
This city on the Rio Grande is the sister city of Juarez, Mexico El Paso 400 May 20, 2021
The Florida Museum of Natural History is located in this university city, right on the campus Gainesville 600 May 20, 2021
Nevada's second-most populous city & one of the country's fastest growing is this community just southeast of Las Vegas Henderson 800 May 20, 2021
Once a hat-making center, today this Connecticut city is known for its federal low-security facility housing female inmates Danbury 1000 May 20, 2021
Fun places to visit in this California city include the Exploratorium & Ghiradelli Square San Francisco 200 February 17, 2021
Once the state capital, this city in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country ranks as one of the best places to retire Lancaster 400 February 17, 2021
West Virginia's capital & this Carolina port city of the same name are about 500 miles apart & named for different people Charleston 600 February 17, 2021
This city north of Anchorage rivals Juneau as Alaska's second-most populous city Fairbanks 1000 February 17, 2021
Named for a Native American game, it's Wisconsin's largest city on the Mississippi La Crosse February 17, 2021
It's the "City of Big Shoulders" as well as the "Windy City" Chicago 200 March 19, 2019
Seen here is an aerial view of the very curvy Lombard Street in this West Coast city San Francisco 400 March 19, 2019
A type of oak tree appears on the official seal of this city where the Wolverines play their home games Ann Arbor 600 March 19, 2019
The U.S. Space & Rocket Center in this Alabama city has one of the world's largest collections of space memorabilia Huntsville 800 March 19, 2019
P.T. Barnum was once the mayor of this most populous Connecticut city Bridgeport 1000 March 19, 2019
Country music fans get to meet & hear their favorite artists at the annual CMA Festival in this city--where else? Nashville 200 November 12, 2018
There's no mistaking this city's skyline as seen at twilight Seattle 400 November 12, 2018
KCK stands for this city just beyond the Missouri state line Kansas City, Kansas 600 November 12, 2018
In 1950 this Southwest city ranked 99th in population; by 2010 it had risen from the ashes to No. 6 Phoenix 1000 November 12, 2018
This New England capital shares its name with James Madison's Virginia plantation Montpelier November 12, 2018
The bright lights of this city are seen here Las Vegas 200 October 27, 2014
Mary Todd Lincoln was born in this Kentucky city, now a major center for horse breeding Lexington 400 October 27, 2014
That's a statue of Vulcan in this Alabama city Birmingham 600 October 27, 2014
The Olympics were held in the U.S. for the first time in 1904, hosted by this city that was also holding the World's Fair St. Louis 800 October 27, 2014
British general John Forbes named this city for a certain William the Elder Pittsburgh October 27, 2014
With a population of 104,000, this city indicated on the map is the smallest to boast an NFL franchise. Green Bay 200 February 14, 2014
This city seen here is its state's second largest. St. Louis 400 February 14, 2014
Courteney Cox & Fannie Flagg both hail from this most populous Alabama city Birmingham 600 February 14, 2014
From 1810 to 1812 Zanesville was the capital of this state Ohio 800 February 14, 2014
A memorial on the site of the former South Fork Dam commemorates the devastating flood in this Pennsylvania city Johnstown 1000 February 14, 2014
Completed in 1926, Aloha Tower greets visitors to this city Honolulu 200 February 4, 2013
In recent years this Texas capital has ranked as one of the top U.S. cities for young adults Austin 400 February 4, 2013
St. Paul is the twin of this city that's 100,000 people bigger Minneapolis 600 February 4, 2013
This state's state fair is held in Shreveport Louisiana 800 February 4, 2013
Once Virginia's capital, this city has made sure to keep its colonial feel Williamsburg 1000 February 4, 2013
We're livin' on the air in this city, home to the 49-story Carew Tower, on the north bank of the Ohio River Cincinnati 200 December 28, 2012
This Southern city was the site of the 2012 Republican National Convention Tampa 400 December 28, 2012
This city's metro area includes Lorain, Lake & Cuyahoga; visit 'em all! Cleveland 600 December 28, 2012
The art deco-style Union Depot & Phillips Oil "Philcade" suit this city in Oklahoma to a "T" Tulsa 800 December 28, 2012
Orange you glad to know this city in Central New York supplied most of the salt needs of the U.S. until 1870 Syracuse 1000 December 28, 2012
Between 2000 & 2007, this city lost half of its 484,674 people; Hurricane Katrina had something to do with it New Orleans 200 November 9, 2009
This city's Golden Gate Park was built on sand dunes in the late 19th century by architect John McLaren San Francisco 400 November 9, 2009
This city on Lake Erie in Upstate New York was the last stop on the Underground Railroad in the 19th century Buffalo 600 November 9, 2009
You'll find exhibits pertaining to the War of 1812 at the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House in this city Baltimore, Maryland 1000 November 9, 2009
This Florida city was first called Cowford but was renamed in 1822 for a man who would soon become president Jacksonville November 9, 2009
New York State's second-largest city, it's the seat of Erie County Buffalo 200 June 19, 2009
The roadside attraction called the Cadillac Ranch is in this Texas city whose name is Spanish for "yellow" Amarillo 600 June 19, 2009
This city near San Francisco grew when it became the western terminus of the Transcontinental Railroad Oakland 800 June 19, 2009
It's the biggest city in eastern Washington Spokane 1000 June 19, 2009
Jestine's Kitchen is a soulful stop for catfish in this city, home of Catfish Row in story & opera Charleston June 19, 2009
It's called "Balmo" or "Balmer" for short Baltimore 200 February 14, 2008
Seen here, this city boasts a spectacular skyline, especially in the evening Seattle 400 February 14, 2008
This largest North Dakota city was named for a famous businessman Fargo 600 February 14, 2008
The name of this city that hosts the Colorado State Fair is simply Spanish for "town" Pueblo 800 February 14, 2008
One of the last Civil War battles took place near what is now this "colorful" city at Texas' southern tip Brownsville 1000 February 14, 2008
Perhaps to sound more macho, the town of Juliet, Illinois "explored" new names & came up with this one in 1845 Joliet 200 February 23, 2007
With a name from the Chippewa for "on the summit", Ishpeming is a top ski center on the upper peninsula of this state Michigan 400 February 23, 2007
This New England town's famous "cottages" are actually lavish mansions such as Belcourt Castle & Marble House Newport 600 February 23, 2007
In 2006 rival cities got crabby when Men's Fitness magazine named it the fittest city in America Baltimore 1000 February 23, 2007
This state capital has trolleys & buses called 'Dillos that take folks to attractions & music clubs Austin February 23, 2007
This Texas port is the fourth-most populous city in the U.S. Houston 200 November 8, 2005
Its capitol building stands 5,280 feet above sea level Denver 400 November 8, 2005
Believe it or not, Jerry Springer was once the mayor of this large Ohio city Cincinnati 600 November 8, 2005
Founded in 1769, this city near the Mexican border is often called "The Birthplace of California" San Diego 800 November 8, 2005
A campus for the University of Alabama is here, nicknamed "Rocket City, U.S.A." Huntsville 1000 November 8, 2005
In 1921 this New Jersey city crowned its first Miss America Atlantic City 200 January 19, 2005
This Georgia city that's popular with golfers was named for the mother of George III Augusta 400 January 19, 2005
Had this Michigan city kept its earlier name, there might have been a song "I've Got A Gal In Bronson" Kalamazoo 600 January 19, 2005
A bay & a river bear the name of this city, Alabama's second largest Mobile 800 January 19, 2005
An A to Z list of Ohio cities might run from Aberdeen to this birthplace of a famous western author Zanesville 1000 January 19, 2005
Located 12 miles north of Mexico, this California city was a whaling port in the mid-1800s San Diego 200 December 21, 2004
W.C. Handy wrote some of his blues on Beale Street in this city Memphis 400 December 21, 2004
Daniel Boone lived for a while in this West Virginia capital Charleston 800 December 21, 2004
John Adams said "the child of Independence" was born in "the old Council Chamber" of this city's Old State House Boston 1000 December 21, 2004
It's the southernmost state capital Honolulu December 21, 2004
The game properties in classic Monopoly were named for streets in this city Atlantic City 200 November 17, 2004
It’s easy to recognize this city’s skyline--see the Sears Tower? Chicago 400 November 17, 2004
This seat of Indiana University may have been named for its flowers or for an early settler Bloomington 600 November 17, 2004
The heart of French Louisiana & the unofficial capital of the Cajun country is this city named for a French patriot Lafayette 800 November 17, 2004
On a “table” of Arizona’s most populous cities, this one would be listed third Mesa November 17, 2004
Its nicknames include "The Athens of America" & "The Cradle of Liberty" Boston 200 March 22, 2004
When Oregon became a state in 1859, this city on the Willamette River was already the capital Salem 400 March 22, 2004
Benjamin Franklin Parkway & The Franklin Institute Science Museum are in this city Philadelphia 600 March 22, 2004
According to a song by Ian Hunter, it "Rocks" (must be why the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is there) Cleveland 800 March 22, 2004
Located in this city's Garden District, Commander's Palace features a jazz brunch on weekends New Orleans 1000 March 22, 2004
Farmers in this state's San Joaquin Valley ship their stock through Stockton California 200 January 23, 2004
This Kentucky city was founded in 1775 & named for a battle site in Massachusetts Lexington 400 January 23, 2004
In November 2001 this city's Journal & Constitution newspapers fully merged Atlanta 600 January 23, 2004
Rochester, New York grew because of its location on this the Erie Canal 800 January 23, 2004
This Idaho city, founded in 1861, was named for the co-leader of an expedition that camped there in 1805 Lewiston 1000 January 23, 2004
Depictions on this state capital's seal include Nuuanu Pali & Diamond Head Honolulu 200 October 24, 2002
Found on the St. Jones River, this capital of Delaware bears the name of an English seaport Dover 400 October 24, 2002
The prestigious Eastman School of Music is located in this city in western New York Rochester 600 October 24, 2002
The Durham Western Heritage Museum in this Nebraska city is housed in the old Union Pacific depot Omaha 800 October 24, 2002
Now the largest city in the Carolinas, it hosted the last full meeting of the Confederate cabinet in 1865 Charlotte October 24, 2002
Part of the San Andreas Fault line moved about 25 feet during a 1906 earthquake in this northern California city San Francisco 200 February 8, 2002
This largest Tennessee city was named for a city in Egypt Memphis 400 February 8, 2002
(Hi, I'm Jimmy J.) I helped compose & produce "Welcome To The World", the opening theme to this U.S. city's Summer Olympics Atlanta 600 February 8, 2002
The name of this Texas city means "yellow" in Spanish Amarillo 1000 February 8, 2002
This state capital was named for an English explorer who died in 1618 Raleigh (North Carolina) February 8, 2002
In 1700 its population of 4,500 consisted of a large number of Quakers professing "brotherly love" Philadelphia 200 December 18, 2001
About 1/4 of the 540,000 people of this city work for the state of Texas Austin 400 December 18, 2001
Between 1990 & 1996, the population of this seat of Clark county grew 46% & "odds are" it's still growing Las Vegas 600 December 18, 2001
General Cornwallis called this city a "hornet's nest", hence the name of its NBA team Charlotte 800 December 18, 2001
It was laid out in 1847 in a grid pattern based on the 4 streets around Temple Square Salt Lake City, Utah December 18, 2001
Saltwater taffy originated in this New Jersey resort in 1883 Atlantic City 100 October 23, 2001
This city's metropolitan area consists of 6 Missouri counties & 5 Illinois counties St. Louis 200 October 23, 2001
The site of the University of Colorado's main campus, it owns Arapahoe Glacier, from which it gets most of its water Boulder 300 October 23, 2001
Served by Blue Grass Airport, this Kentucky city was named for the first battle of the American Revolution Lexington 400 October 23, 2001
It's the easternmost port on Lake Erie Buffalo 500 October 23, 2001
A 1960 Grammy went to Marty Robbins for his tune named for this west Texas town on the I-10 El Paso 100 June 28, 2001
It's the largest city in population on the eastern side of San Francisco Bay Oakland 200 June 28, 2001
If you want "mo" money, go to this Missouri city, home to the Tenth Federal Reserve Bank Kansas City 300 June 28, 2001
Skinner's Mudhole is a nickname of this Oregon city; it was named for Mr. Skinner Eugene 400 June 28, 2001
This New Mexico town was named for the grave markers of some of its earlier settlers Las Cruces June 28, 2001
The 25 hospitals you can choose from in this city include the famous Massachusetts General Boston 100 January 24, 2001
This gambling mecca was originally settled by Mormons back in 1855 Las Vegas 200 January 24, 2001
This coastal city's name goes back to Louisiana governor Bernardo de Galvez Galveston 300 January 24, 2001
Women outnumber men in this North Carolina city named for the wife of King George III Charlotte 400 January 24, 2001
Site of the 1982 World's Fair, it was twice capitol of Tennessee Knoxville 500 January 24, 2001
The site for this state capital was chosen because of its location midway between Pensacola & St. Augustine Tallahassee 100 June 27, 2000
This California city on San Pedro Bay was originally called Willmore City, but was renamed for its 8 1/2 mile beach Long Beach 200 June 27, 2000
In addition to being a major seaport for cargo, it's the world's largest cruise port Miami 300 June 27, 2000
At 64 stories the USX Tower in this Steel City is one of the tallest buildings in the eastern U.S. Pittsburgh 500 June 27, 2000
A stone obelisk dedicated to President William McKinley stands in this New York city's Niagara Square Buffalo June 27, 2000
City in which the Watergate break-in occurred Washington, D.C. 100 May 3, 2000
With a new waterway, this Oklahoma oil center became an inland port in 1971 Tulsa 200 May 3, 2000
The city of Cambridge in this state was the birthplace of spaceman John Glenn Ohio 300 May 3, 2000
Dating back to 1772, Bayamon is a suburb of this capital of a commonwealth San Juan, Puerto Rico 500 May 3, 2000
Butte is in Montana; a city named for this similar land form is in Arizona Mesa May 3, 2000
The names of the 2nd, 3rd & 4th most populous cities in California begin with these 3 letters San (San Jose, San Diego & San Francisco) 100 February 1, 2000
The Walk-In-The-Water, the first steamship on the Great Lakes, ran between Buffalo & this motor city Detroit 200 February 1, 2000
In 1799, if you wanted to go to the nation's capital, you went to this city Philadelphia 300 February 1, 2000
This Texas city's name refers to a pass or crossing of the Rio Grande El Paso 400 February 1, 2000
Its Chamber of Commerce is located at 3720 Howard Hughes Parkway Las Vegas February 1, 2000
Stanford students know the name of this California city means "tall tree", referring to redwoods Palo Alto 100 November 2, 1999
Solomon Juneau was the first mayor of this largest Wisconsin city Milwaukee 200 November 2, 1999
After the Twin Cities & Bloomington, Duluth is this state's next most populous city Minnesota 300 November 2, 1999
Found on Absecon Island, it's famous for its Boardwalk (& Park Place) Atlantic City 400 November 2, 1999
About 25 miles north of Miami, it was named for a structure built during the 2nd Seminole War Fort Lauderdale November 2, 1999
When football's Saints go marching in for a home game, it's in this city New Orleans 100 May 24, 1999
Oh, the O. Henry house & the Alamo are 2 of the places you can visit in this city San Antonio 200 May 24, 1999
It's the seat of the Florida county formerly known as Dade Miami 300 May 24, 1999
In 1904 people met at the fair in this city to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase St. Louis 400 May 24, 1999
Highlights of this small Arizona city include Boothill Graveyard & the O.K. Corral Tombstone 500 May 24, 1999
A cable TV network is named for this state capital, a hotbed of country music Nashville 100 May 10, 1999
At less than 950 feet, Mt. Davidson is the highest point in this "City by the Bay" San Francisco 200 May 10, 1999
Paul Revere's house in this capital is the city's only 17th century building downtown Boston 300 May 10, 1999
Nevada's second-largest city, it was named for a Union general killed during the Civil War Reno 400 May 10, 1999
The site of the World's Fair in 1962, it's flanked on the west by Puget Sound & on the east by Lake Washington Seattle 500 May 10, 1999
One of the Twin Cities, it was named after a man from Tarsus St. Paul 100 January 5, 1999
This "Crescent City" was acquired as part of the land deal the U.S. made with France in 1803 New Orleans 200 January 5, 1999
The city known for its Mud Hens; it was named for a city in Spain Toledo, Ohio 300 January 5, 1999
The Society of Friends founded this California city in 1887 & named it after an American poet Whittier 400 January 5, 1999
An Illinois city was named for this "Our country, right or wrong" naval hero Stephen Decatur 500 January 5, 1999
This city's Major League Baseball team plays its home games in Chavez Ravine Los Angeles 100 June 17, 1998
This state capital is near the head of navigation on the Connecticut River Hartford 200 June 17, 1998
This Colorado city is located where the Gunnison & Colorado Rivers meet, hence its name Grand Junction 300 June 17, 1998
This Texas city was named for the Kansas town that Dwight D. Eisenhower once called home Abilene 400 June 17, 1998
In 1972 a flash flood in this South Dakota city killed over 200 people Rapid City 500 June 17, 1998
This Wyoming capital is home to the annual Frontier Days celebration Cheyenne 100 December 12, 1997
It's the only Maryland city not located within a county Baltimore 200 December 12, 1997
Principal routes through this capital include Ala Moana Boulevard & Pali Highway Honolulu 300 December 12, 1997
This Arizona city's name comes from Chuk Son, Papago for "Spring at the foot of a black mountain" Tucson 400 December 12, 1997
This Rhode Island resort city is the site of the U.S. Navy Undersea Warfare Center Newport 500 December 12, 1997
Rebuilding Precolumbian irrigation canals in 1867 helped "resurrect" this future Arizona capital Phoenix 100 October 13, 1997
Cornwallis once referred to this N.C. city as a "hornet's nest"; today the Hornets play there Charlotte 200 October 13, 1997
This Florida city was named for the general who led the fight to take Florida from the Spanish Jacksonville 300 October 13, 1997
In 1806, 100 years after its founding on the Rio Grande, this New Mexico city had only a few thousand people Albuquerque 400 October 13, 1997
Ranked as the nation's largest inland port, it's home to Carnegie-Mellon University Pittsburgh 500 October 13, 1997
Principal streets in this Utah capital include North Temple, South Temple & West Temple Salt Lake City 100 June 26, 1997
Elfreth's Alley in this Pennsylvania city dates back to the time of William Penn Philadelphia 200 June 26, 1997
Located in the heart of Kentucky's Bluegrass Region, it was named for a Massachusetts city Lexington 300 June 26, 1997
This New York city's largest employer is Eastman Kodak, with about 34,000 employees Rochester 400 June 26, 1997
Alaska's second-largest city, it was founded shortly after gold was discovered there Fairbanks 500 June 26, 1997
This city's French Quarter encompasses 70 blocks New Orleans 100 June 18, 1997
This largest Nevada city was first settled by Mormons who maintained a colony there 1855-57 Las Vegas 200 June 18, 1997
This West Virginia capital was named for Colonel George Clendenin's father, Charles Charleston 300 June 18, 1997
The Pier, which juts almost a half mile into Tampa Bay, is the center of this city's tourist life St. Petersburg 400 June 18, 1997
The name of this N.Y. city may be derived from a mispronounciation of "Beau Fleuve", or "Beautiful River" Buffalo June 18, 1997
This New Jersey capital is also the seat of Mercer County Trenton 100 June 11, 1997
Thomas Jefferson formulated the bill moving the Virginia capital to this city Richmond 300 June 11, 1997
This Pennsylvania city's Civic Arena or "Igloo" has a retractable roof Pittsburgh 400 June 11, 1997
Henry Flagler developed this fashionable Florida resort famous for the chic shops on Worth Avenue Palm Beach 500 June 11, 1997
Northwest city seen here during a visit by a famous TV show: Seattle June 11, 1997
New Haven & this city were twin capitals of Connecticut from 1701 to 1875, when it became the sole capital Hartford 100 May 20, 1997
In 1904 a fire in this largest Maryland city nearly destroyed the entire downtown section Baltimore 200 May 20, 1997
New Bern, one of North Carolina's oldest cities, is named for this country's capital Switzerland 300 May 20, 1997
In late June to early July you can attend Civil War Heritage Days in this Pennsylvania town Gettysburg 400 May 20, 1997
Surveyors in Ohio named a Cleveland suburb for this Greek "Father of Geometry" Euclid 500 May 20, 1997
Of Creek origin, the name of this Florida capital means "Old Town" Tallahassee 100 February 25, 1997
One of New Jersey's annual rites of summer is the crowning of Miss America in this city Atlantic City 200 February 25, 1997
Nicknamed the "Christmas City", this Pennsylvania city is famous for its steel Bethlehem 400 February 25, 1997
You can visit Ethan Allen's grave in this city, Vermont's largest Burlington 500 February 25, 1997
Coinciding with the World's Fair, the first Olympic Games in the U.S. opened in this city May 14, 1904 St. Louis February 25, 1997
The U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis is within the metropolitan area of this city Baltimore 100 October 11, 1996
in 1985 Xavier Suarez became this Florida city's first Cuban-born mayor Miami 200 October 11, 1996
The name of this second-largest Arizona city is from a Papago Indian term for "spring at foot of black hill" Tucson 300 October 11, 1996
Around 1720 this Mississippi port became the capital of France's Louisiana territory Biloxi 400 October 11, 1996
This Pennsylvania city was founded in 1741 & named on Christmas Eve of that year Bethlehem October 11, 1996
Titusville is considered the gateway to this Florida space center at Cape Canaveral the Kennedy Space Center 100 July 3, 1996
It's the only Michigan city whose population exceeds 1 million Detroit 200 July 3, 1996
The Freedom Trail winds 1 1/2 miles through the downtown & North End sections of this city Boston 300 July 3, 1996
Dating from 1741, this S. Carolina port's Middleton Place Gardens are the USA's oldest landscaped gardens Charleston 400 July 3, 1996
A Texas city was named for this Kansas city, the boyhood home of Dwight D. Eisenhower Abilene 500 July 3, 1996
The cities of Highland Park & Hamtramck are surrounded by this Michigan city Detroit 100 January 17, 1996
This Midwest city is home base to Cardinals, Rams & Clydesdales St. Louis 200 January 17, 1996
The U.S. Air Force Museum is located near this city, home of the Wright Brothers Dayton, Ohio 300 January 17, 1996
Hamar, Norway is a sister city of this largest North Dakota city Fargo 400 January 17, 1996
In 1799 this city became the seat of Kennebec County; 33 years later, it became a state capital Augusta, Maine January 17, 1996
This home of Disney World was probably named for a soldier killed in the Second Seminole War Orlando 100 December 21, 1995
This capital's largest public employer is the state of South Dakota Pierre 200 December 21, 1995
Camden, New Jersey is in the metropolitan area of this Pennsylvania city Philadelphia 300 December 21, 1995
Harry Truman's summer White House was in this city Independence, Missouri 400 December 21, 1995
This Tennessee city was built during World War II as part of the Manhattan Project Oak Ridge 500 December 21, 1995
The name of this largest Wisconsin city comes from an Algonquian word that may mean "a good place" Milwaukee 100 December 11, 1995
In 1905 this Oregon city hosted the Lewis & Clark Centennial Exposition Portland 200 December 11, 1995
The submarine USS Drum is on display at this Alabama city's waterfront Mobile 300 December 11, 1995
Only 2 West Virginia cities have populations over 50,000: Huntington & this one Charleston 400 December 11, 1995
During World War II this Kansas city produced 26,000 military aircraft Wichita 500 December 11, 1995
The census bureau reports 29.1% of the population of this Northern Calif. city is Asian or Pacific Islander San Francisco 100 October 26, 1995
This largest Maryland city was originally laid out in a meadow along Jones Falls Creek Baltimore 200 October 26, 1995
This capital is home to the Buckeye Farm News Columbus 300 October 26, 1995
This largest New Mexico city is known as the "hot air balloon capital of the world" Albuquerque 400 October 26, 1995
This city, Oklahoma's second largest, is the headquarters of the U.S. Jaycees Tulsa 500 October 26, 1995
Steel is no longer regularly produced in this Pennsylvania city nicknamed "Steel City" Pittsburgh 100 July 19, 1995
It's the city in which you'd find the Griffith Observatory & Rancho La Brea Tar Pits Los Angeles 200 July 19, 1995
In 1979 Jane Byrne became this city's first woman mayor Chicago 300 July 19, 1995
Suburbs of this largest Texas city include Deer Park, Missouri City & Pasadena Houston 400 July 19, 1995
In 1796 a director of the Connecticut Land Company founded this Ohio city on Lake Erie Cleveland 500 July 19, 1995
The name of this city on the U.S.-Mexico border means "the pass" El Paso 100 January 20, 1995
Communities that make the metropolitan area of this city include Brookline & Cambridge Boston 200 January 20, 1995
Statues of Abraham Lincoln & Stephen Douglas stand on the grounds of its capitol building Springfield, Illinois 300 January 20, 1995
Cow Town, a tourist site in this largest Kansas City, is a reproduction of the early city Wichita 400 January 20, 1995
Fort Louis, on the site of this Miss. port city, served as the capital of the Louisiana colony until 1722 Biloxi 500 January 20, 1995
This Illinois city's lakefront on Lake Michigan is over 25 miles long Chicago 100 November 15, 1994
On August 11, 1683 William Penn issued a warrant to lay out this Delaware capital Dover 200 November 15, 1994
The Museum of Flight, south of this major city, features the Red Barn, Boeing's first plant building Seattle 300 November 15, 1994
A fountain at its Point State Park symbolizes the confluence of the Ohio, Monongahela & Allegheny Rivers Pittsburgh 400 November 15, 1994
Before a new facility was built, Love Field was this Texas city's main airport Dallas 500 November 15, 1994
Colleges in this city include Harold Washington, Malcolm X & Richard J. Daley Chicago 100 November 17, 1993
171-foot-wide Canal Street runs from Lake Pontchartrain to the Mississippi River in this city New Orleans 200 November 17, 1993
This city's metropolitan area has the largest Jewish population of any city in the world New York City 300 November 17, 1993
Paterson, in this state, was once known as "America's Silk City" New Jersey 400 November 17, 1993
Giant Springs, one of the world's largest freshwater springs, is located at this "great" Montana city Great Falls 500 November 17, 1993
It's sometimes referred to as "The Big Apple" New York 100 September 23, 1993
Chartered on Feb. 23, 1822, it was the first Massachusetts town to become a city Boston 200 September 23, 1993
Among the tourist sites in this city are Beehive House & the Seagull Monument in Temple Square Salt Lake City 300 September 23, 1993
Among those buried in this city's Greenmount Cemetery are Johns Hopkins & John Wilkes Booth Baltimore 400 September 23, 1993
This Ohio city's Fountain Square includes a fountain cast by the Royal Bronze Foundry of Bavaria Cincinnati 500 September 23, 1993
It's known as "The Windy City" Chicago 100 February 18, 1993
At 630 feet in height, this city's Gateway Arch is the tallest monument in the U.S. St. Louis 200 February 18, 1993
The U.S.S. Constellation, a nat'l historic landmark, is docket at Pier 1 in this Maryland city's harbor Baltimore 300 February 18, 1993
This second largest Nevada city was name for a Union general killed in the Civil War Reno 400 February 18, 1993
The Pacific Science Center in this Northwest city was built for the 1962 world's fair Seattle February 18, 1993
In 181 the N.Y. Central, Delaware & Hudson R.R. opened, linking New York City with this, the state capital Albany 100 December 15, 1992
The Cabildo in this city was the headquarters of the Spanish rulers of Louisiana New Orleans 200 December 15, 1992
G. Washington helped lay out this city's streets in 1749; it's across the Potomac from Washington, D.C. Alexandria 300 December 15, 1992
Over twice as many people live in this most populous Missouri city as in the city that shares its name in another state Kansas City, Missouri 400 December 15, 1992
Beaverton in this state is the home of Nike Athletic Shoes Oregon December 15, 1992
A tourist attraction in this capital is the Seagull Monument in Temple Square Salt Lake City 100 May 4, 1992
Suburbs of this southern capital include Marietta, Smyrna & Norcross Atlanta 200 May 4, 1992
The tallest office building in Pennsylvania, the 64-story USX Tower, is in this city Pittsburgh 300 May 4, 1992
The largest annual exposition in the U.S. is the state fair held in this second largest Texas city Dallas 500 May 4, 1992
In 1825 this Ohio city was chosen as the Great Lakes terminus of the Ohio & Erie Canal Cleveland May 4, 1992
In this city, while brewers make beer, the Brewers play Major League Baseball Milwaukee 100 April 30, 1992
Built in 1672. the Castillo de San Marcos near this Florida city is the oldest masonry fort in the U.S. Saint Augustine 200 April 30, 1992
In 1962 this city in Washington State was the site of the Century 21 Exposition Seattle 300 April 30, 1992
This New Mexico City's nuclear research lab was designated a nat'l landmark in 1965 Los Alamos 400 April 30, 1992
This Minnesota city is the westernmost port on the Great Lakes Duluth 500 April 30, 1992
This city is home to the Utah Symphony Orchestra & the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Salt Lake City 100 March 3, 1992
What is now Yale University moved from Saybrook, Conn. to this city in 1716 New Haven 200 March 3, 1992
Selma is the seat of this state's Dallas County Alabama 300 March 3, 1992
This seaport was the first Colonial settlement in Georgia Savannah 400 March 3, 1992
Sometimes called the "Gateway to Alaska", it's the largest metropolis in the Pacific Northwest Seattle 500 March 3, 1992
Alaska's most populous city; it was founded in 1914 as a construction base for the Alaska Railroad Anchorage 100 October 4, 1991
The husbands of Ann Allen & Ann Rumsey named this Michigan city for their wives Ann Arbor 200 October 4, 1991
12 miles NW of downtown Miami, this Florida city is famous for its thoroughbred racetrack Hialeah 300 October 4, 1991
You'll find W.C. Handy Park & Elvis Presley Plaza near Beale Street in this city Memphis 400 October 4, 1991
White granite from quarries near this New England capital was used in the Library of Congress Concord, New Hampshire 500 October 4, 1991
Founded by George Rogers Clark in 1778, this Kentucky city was named for a French monarch Louisville 100 July 19, 1991
This Nevada city calls itself "the biggest little city in the world" Reno 200 July 19, 1991
This Virginia port is headquarters for the Navy's Atlantic fleet Norfolk 300 July 19, 1991
It's "the nation's oldest city" St. Augustine(, Florida) 400 July 19, 1991
This largest city in Kansas is the world's top producer of general aviation aircraft Wichita 500 July 19, 1991
In 1863 the Transcontinental Railroad started west from this largest Nebraska city Omaha 100 May 1, 1991
This city's minor league Bisons baseball team has been drawing more fans than some Major League clubs Buffalo 200 May 1, 1991
The largest earthquake ever recorded in the United States was centered 80 miles east of this Alaskan city Anchorage 300 May 1, 1991
Windmill Island Park in this Michigan city recreates its Dutch heritage Holland 400 May 1, 1991
Myrtle Beach is this state's largest seaside resort South Carolina 500 May 1, 1991
It's home to the NBA Nuggets & the NFL Broncos Denver 100 February 1, 1991
Abilene, Texas is named after the Abilene in this state Kansas 200 February 1, 1991
Its wealthiest families once lived in the Back Bay section Boston 300 February 1, 1991
St. Paul is the northernmost capital on the Mississippi & this is the southernmost Baton Rouge 400 February 1, 1991
In 1849, while 49ers flocked to John Sutter, Sr.'s mill, John Sutter, Jr. founded this city Sacramento 500 February 1, 1991
In 1982 this "Second City" dropped to No. 3 in population Chicago 100 January 24, 1991
The largest city in Kentucky, it was named for the husband of Marie Antoinette Louisville 200 January 24, 1991
A city named Augusta is now Maine's capital; 200 years ago a city named Augusta was this state's capital Georgia 300 January 24, 1991
This city named for a president is Florida's largest Jacksonville 500 January 24, 1991
Germantown in this city was the site of the 1st Mennonite & Lutheran churches in the U.S. Philadelphia January 24, 1991
The city of San Buenaventura, California is better known by this shorter name Ventura 100 December 28, 1990
The Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza is in this city, not New York City Albany 200 December 28, 1990
Huntsville, Alabama Civic Center Complex is named for this German rocket pioneer Wernher von Braun 300 December 28, 1990
It's the largest city on the Ohio River & the 3rd largest in Ohio Cincinnati 400 December 28, 1990
This, the largest city in the Texas Panhandle, is called "the Helium Capital of the World" Amarillo 500 December 28, 1990
The Papago Indians called this home of the university of Arizona "Stjukshon" Tucson 100 December 19, 1990
In 1790 this city replaced Charleston South Carolina's capital Columbia 200 December 19, 1990
This metropolitan city has major expressways named Edsel Ford & Chrysler Detroit 300 December 19, 1990
"The Big Easy" New Orleans 400 December 19, 1990
The largest Chinese community outside of the Orient is in this U.S. city's Chinatown San Francisco 500 December 19, 1990
Explorer Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne named this Ala. city after the Maubila Indian tribe Mobile 100 November 13, 1990
New Mexico city that got its name from the crosses on the graves of ambushed travelers Las Cruces 200 November 13, 1990
Eisenhower was nominated for his second term as president in the Cow Palace in this city San Francisco 300 November 13, 1990
The graves of O. Henry & Thomas Wolfe are in this N.C. city where Wolfe was born Asheville 500 November 13, 1990
This 2nd largest Oregon city is named for 1 of its settlers, a certain Mr. Skinner Eugene November 13, 1990
Tandy Center Subway, the world's only privately owned subway, is in this city west of Dallas Fort Worth 100 October 30, 1990
Georgia city whose seal shows the phoenix, the mythical bird that arose from the ashes Atlanta 200 October 30, 1990
"The Quaker City" Philadelphia 300 October 30, 1990
City that's home to Beatrice, Sears Roebuck & the William Wrigley Jr. Company Chicago 400 October 30, 1990
The area that later became this state capital was once occupied by the Kansa Indians Topeka 500 October 30, 1990
This city's tidal basin is ringed by some 3,000 Yoshino cherry trees donated by the mayor of Tokyo in 1912 Washington, D.C. 100 December 7, 1989
The final battle of the War of 1812 was fought in 1815 in & around this city New Orleans 200 December 7, 1989
This Georgia city is the site of the Masters golf tournament Augusta 300 December 7, 1989
In 1805 Zebulon Pike bought land from the Sioux that's now this Minnesota capital Saint Paul 400 December 7, 1989
This Southern city's Herald prints a separate newspaper in Spanish Miami 500 December 7, 1989
State capital named for a stone outcrop on the Arkansas River downstream from "Big Rock" Little Rock 100 October 26, 1989
Situated on the Willamette River, this largest Oregon city lies between Mt. Hood & the Pacific Portland 200 October 26, 1989
This city whose name means "yellow" is the largest city in the Texas panhandle Amarillo 300 October 26, 1989
The U.S. Forest Service says this southeast hub city is the most densely wooden metropolitan area in the U.S. Atlanta 400 October 26, 1989
In 1954, the 1st atomic-power sub, the Nautilus, was launched at Groton in this state Connecticut 500 October 26, 1989
Built in 1742, Faneuil Hall was & still is a famous meeting place in this city Boston 100 October 2, 1989
Richard M. Daley, son of Richard J. Daley, was elected mayor of this city in 1989 Chicago 200 October 2, 1989
Odds are you'll know this city has more unlisted numbers per capita than any other Las Vegas 300 October 2, 1989
This state capital, whose name means "protected bay", extends to the foothills of the Koolau Mountains Honolulu 400 October 2, 1989
Among the ten largest U.S. cities in population, these 2 are farthest apart Los Angeles and New York 500 October 2, 1989
Covering 3,108 square miles, this Alaskan capital is the nation's largest in area Juneau 100 March 24, 1989
The New York State Museum, the nation's oldest state museum, is located in this city Albany 300 March 24, 1989
North Dakota's largest city, it was named for one of the founders of a famous frontier stage line Fargo 400 March 24, 1989
This Arizona university town has been called the "Astronomy Capital of the World" Tucson 500 March 24, 1989
"Energy Turns the World" was the theme of the 1982 World's Fair held in this Tennessee city Knoxville March 24, 1989
This city is situated at the junction of the Anacostia & Potomac Rivers Washington, D.C. 100 March 13, 1989
City in which you'd see the Franklin Parkway, Franklin Bridge & Franklin Institute Philadelphia 200 March 13, 1989
It took 3 days to extinguish the 1906 fire that burned 512 blocks of this city San Francisco 300 March 13, 1989
This Missouri city Harry Truman called home was named for one of Andrew Jackson's ideals Independence 400 March 13, 1989
McCormick Place, this city's convention center, has 162 million square feet of space on 4 levels Chicago 500 March 13, 1989
St. Petersburg's "twin city"; it was named for the bay which was named for an Indian village Tampa, Florida 100 January 23, 1989
This Wisconsin city was established in 1836 & named for the ex-president who died that year Madison 200 January 23, 1989
The Dallas Cowboys play their home games in this city Irving, Texas 300 January 23, 1989
This North Carolina city celebrated the 75th anniversary of its hyphen in 1988 Winston-Salem 400 January 23, 1989
Only city whose name appears on the state seal of California; it's the state motto Eureka 500 January 23, 1989
Natives of this Texas city often refer to it as "The Big D" Dallas 100 January 16, 1989
It's Alabama's only seaport Mobile 200 January 16, 1989
U.S. coins with the mint mark "CC" were made in this Nevada city from 1870-93 Carson City 300 January 16, 1989
The Indian name for Mt. Rainier, it became the name of a city 40 miles away Tacoma 400 January 16, 1989
The Pony Express began operating & Walter Cronkite began life in this Missouri city St. Joseph 500 January 16, 1989
Johnny Appleseed's grave is in this Indiana city that began as a fort Fort Wayne 100 January 12, 1989
The city of West New York is in this state New Jersey 200 January 12, 1989
City whose "Golden Triangle" is formed by the Allegheny & Monongahela Rivers Pittsburgh 300 January 12, 1989
In the late 19th century some called this Kansas cow town "The Wickedest Little City in America" Dodge City 400 January 12, 1989
City in the title of the following song, Glen Campbell's 1st Top 40 hit:"By the time I make Oklahoma /She'll be sleeping..." Phoenix January 12, 1989
= = 100 January 6, 1989
= = 200 January 6, 1989
= = 300 January 6, 1989
= = 400 January 6, 1989
= = 500 January 6, 1989
The headquarters for Big Brothers is in this city known for that type of love Philadelphia 100 March 17, 1988
This city north of Phoenix was founded in 1895 by a man named Winfield Scott Scottsdale 200 March 17, 1988
Residents of this state capital refer to the older U.S. states as "the lower 48" Juneau 300 March 17, 1988
The name of this Indiana city is French for "high land" Terre Haute 400 March 17, 1988
Thought it's the oldest English settlement in New Jersey, it wasn't named for an old English queen Elizabeth 500 March 17, 1988
New Britain, New London & New Haven are all in this state Connecticut 100 December 31, 1987
Alabama seaport where you'll find world's largest plant for grinding oyster shells Mobile 200 December 31, 1987
Russian immigrants nostalgically named this Texas city for a large seaport in the Ukraine Odessa 300 December 31, 1987
In 1889, the Sisters of St. Francis built a hospital for Dr. Wm. Mayo to administer in this city Rochester, Minnesota 400 December 31, 1987
State capital in which the following Kingston Trio song takes place:"Now, all night long Charlie rides through the station /Crying, 'What will become of me? /How can I afford...'" Boston, Massachusetts December 31, 1987
Dateline on news items from the Reagan Ranch Santa Barbara 100 October 27, 1987
Tallest building in Boston is named for this 1st elected governor of state of Massachusetts John Hancock 200 October 27, 1987
Calle Ocho is the main street of the section of Miami frequently called this Little Havana 300 October 27, 1987
New Orleans jazz legends play nightly in this legendary structure at 726 St. Peter St. Preservation Hall 400 October 27, 1987
Flags of these 3 countries have legally flown over St. Louis United States, France & Spain October 27, 1987
This group not only founded Salt Lake City, but also Mesa, Arizona Mormons 100 October 1, 1987
It's been called "40 suburbs in search of a city", "Smogville", & "La-La Land" Los Angeles 200 October 1, 1987
New England city in which about 1850, Ephraim W. Bull developed a popular table grape Concord 300 October 1, 1987
State which includes a port city named for co-founder Henry M. Shreve Louisiana 400 October 1, 1987
Oldest surviving tobacco shop in U.S. is in this city for which 2 brands of cigarettes were named Winston-Salem 500 October 1, 1987
Ice cream cones & iced tea were both introduced at this Missouri city's 1904 world's fair St. Louis 100 October 2, 1985
This Hollywood features dog racing & a beach boardwalk Florida 200 October 2, 1985
Columbia, capital of this southern state, had no paved roads until 1908 South Carolina 300 October 2, 1985
"Home" of the Air Force Academy, it has over 300 days of sunshine yearly Colorado Springs 400 October 2, 1985
During WWI, Germany torpedoed U.S. ships within sight of this, Virginia's largest resort Virginia Beach 500 October 2, 1985
It recently moved ahead of Chicago to become our 2nd largest Los Angeles 100 April 26, 1985
There's no evidence that bison ever grazed in vicinity of this second largest NY city Buffalo 200 April 26, 1985
It has more Italians than Venice, more Irish than Dublin & more Jews than Jerusalem New York City 300 April 26, 1985
Florida's largest city, it's named after our 7th president Jacksonville 400 April 26, 1985
The mapmakers' lines which divide Washington, D.C. into 4 sections converge at this building the Capitol 500 April 26, 1985
Alaskan city renamed this because ships docked there Anchorage 100 December 14, 1984
Colorado city whose name means "town" in Spanish Pueblo 200 December 14, 1984
The city of Niagara Falls is its largest suburb Buffalo 300 December 14, 1984
Known for manufacturing grain silos, it's North Dakota's largest city Fargo 400 December 14, 1984
"Hub of the high plains" Mac Davis saw it in his rearview mirror Lubbock, Texas December 14, 1984