Clues for: Business & Industry

Question Answer Value Airdate
An orange handle on a coffee pot traditionally came to mean this kind of coffee because it was the color of Sanka labels decaf 200 March 5, 2021
This gas company added an apostrophe to make its name a contraction for International Women's Day in 2020 Shell (She\'ll) 400 March 5, 2021
The current CEOs of Adobe & MasterCard went to the same high school in Hyderabad in this country India 600 March 5, 2021
3 words become one in this .com, "the world's largest, free social fundraising platform" GoFundMe 800 March 5, 2021
This company that turns your dimes & pennies into dollars (for you & for them) opened its 20,000th kiosk in 2012 Coinstar 1000 March 5, 2021
Special sauce wasn't enough--in 2019 the European Union revoked McDonald's trademark on this sandwich's name a Big Mac 200 January 8, 2020
The first initial in the name of this clothing retailer is short for "Hers" in Swedish H&M 400 January 8, 2020
The name of this single-use coffee brand is derived from the Dutch word for "excellence" Keurig 600 January 8, 2020
Originally a syringe & scalpel company, this brand changed focus when one of its knives was used in a pinch to fix a print ad X-ACTO 800 January 8, 2020
At the end of the 19th century, this man started selling his "In-a-Dor" beds (William) Murphy 1000 January 8, 2020
In 2018 this company slimmed its brand name down to "WW" Weight Watchers 200 March 18, 2019
Give a toast to this Kellogg's frozen breakfast brand originally called "Froffles" Eggo 400 March 18, 2019
Apparel from PVH Corp. includes Tommy Hilfiger jeans & this 90-year-old swimsuit brand Speedo 600 March 18, 2019
The 2018 spokesbaby of this baby food brand is the first with Down Syndrome Gerber 800 March 18, 2019
This beauty brand known for oatmeal skin treatment gets its name from the scientific name for oats Aveeno 1000 March 18, 2019
On Feb. 5, 2018 this dropped 1,175 points, its worst closing point decline to that date the Dow Jones Industrial Average 200 July 11, 2018
This Aussie airline began with biplanes carrying 1 or 2 passengers Qantas 400 July 11, 2018
Peter Dinklage really spit fire lip-syncing to Busta Rhymes for Blaze Chips from this brand Doritos 600 July 11, 2018
In January 2018 (after Christmas, thank goodness) this retail chain that kids love said it would close about 180 stores Toys "R" Us 800 July 11, 2018
A business has to control this part of its budget, a term for fixed costs like rent, electric & other expenses overhead 1000 July 11, 2018
In 2012 this oil company agreed to pay the largest criminal fine in U.S. history BP 200 May 22, 2013
This baking soda brand first sold in 1867 has had great success urging us to dump its product down the drain Arm & Hammer 400 May 22, 2013
A 1955 call from Ray Kroc to Waddy Pratt of this Atlanta-based company began a relationship that's still going Coca-Cola 600 May 22, 2013
In 2009 this colossus of playthings gained control of FAO Schwarz Toys "R" Us 800 May 22, 2013
Until 2010 the New York Knicks & Rangers were directly owned by this company that brings them to TV viewers on MSG Cablevision 1000 May 22, 2013
In 2001 AOL & this communications giant completed a $164 billion merger, the largest in U.S. history Time Warner 200 July 26, 2012
In 1994 The Gap's president Millard Drexler created this lower-priced chain, naming it for a Paris bar Old Navy 400 July 26, 2012
In September 2008 Google unveiled this new web browser Chrome 600 July 26, 2012
Although this German company created an electric shaver in 1938, WWII delayed its introduction until 1951 Braun 800 July 26, 2012
This athletic shoe company's logo originally depicted a black cat leaping through a "D", for Rudolf Dassler, the founder Puma 1000 July 26, 2012
It's the USA's No. 1 office supply superstore Staples 200 June 28, 2012
This company offers 18,000 new & redesigned cards a year, many sold in its Gold Crown stores Hallmark 400 June 28, 2012
In September 1989 Toyota entered the luxury car market with this brand's ES250 & LS400 models Lexus 600 June 28, 2012
In 1992 Playskool revamped this construction set by replacing its wooden sticks & spools with plastic parts Tinkertoys 800 June 28, 2012
The face on the torch lady who represents this film company is that of muralist Jennifer Joseph Columbia Pictures 1000 June 28, 2012
In 1986 this company was forced out of the instant camera market, having violated 7 Polaroid patents Kodak 200 December 7, 2009
In 1957 the Leo Burnett advertising agency created Cornelius the Rooster to appear on the box of this cereal Corn Flakes 400 December 7, 2009
It precedes "XM" in the name of an entertainment company--ooh, I love this song! Turn it up! Sirius 600 December 7, 2009
In 1926 a "beater bar" was added to this company's product; it tapped the carpet to loosen ground-in dirt Hoover 800 December 7, 2009
In 1907 9-year-old Michael Brady posed for this company's symbol wearing overalls, a cap & wooden shoes Dutch Boy Paints December 7, 2009
This food company is named for a coffee blend made for a Monterey, Ca. hotel; it means "of the mountain" in Spanish Del Monte 200 February 24, 2009
In 1963 Charles Tandy bought this nearly bankrupt electronics parts supplier & made it into a top retail chain RadioShack 400 February 24, 2009
This credit card company publishes Travel & Leisure & is the world's largest issuer of traveler's checks American Express 600 February 24, 2009
Big Brother could tell you this term for a corporation that controls another company, like AMR does for American Airlines a parent (or holding) company 800 February 24, 2009
This company began selling apple butter in 1900; it had to be good--a full line of jams & jellies followed Smucker\'s 1000 February 24, 2009
In Forbes magazine's 2007 list of billionaires, this Omahan was again ranked No. 2, behind Bill Gates Warren Buffett 200 September 26, 2007
In 1990 United Brands changed its name to this to take advantage of its name recognition as a banana producer Chiquita 400 September 26, 2007
Legend has it that the design of this company's Monsieur Bibendum logo was inspired by a pile of rubber tires Michelin 600 September 26, 2007
Her red spoon logo was introduced in 1954 & now appears on more than 200 products Betty Crocker 800 September 26, 2007
In 1978 he was fired as the president of Ford, only to become the new president of Chrysler Lee Iacocca 1000 September 26, 2007
In the 1940s Borden's came up with this companion for Elsie to be the symbol for its new white glue Elmer 200 February 3, 2004
His first appearance on the cover of Mad was in 1956 as a write-in candidate for president Alfred E. Neuman 400 February 3, 2004
In 1957 the New York Evening Enquirer expanded its scope & renamed itself this the National Enquirer 600 February 3, 2004
Unhappy with the quality of these, Dr. Amar Bose designed his own & formed a company to sell them speakers 800 February 3, 2004
Milan company known for its tires & sexy calendars Pirelli 1000 February 3, 2004
In 1898 Frank Seiberling founded this tire company named for the inventor of vulcanized rubber Goodyear 200 June 23, 2003
This business chain, begun in Memphis in 1974, was named for a Mr. Ross who gave great haircuts Fantastic Sam\'s 400 June 23, 2003
Originally, this red "Officer's Knife" included a can opener, a blade, a screwdriver & a reamer Swiss Army Knife 600 June 23, 2003
The first Japanese auto company to use a name from its own language, its logo, six stars, represents the Pleiades Subaru 800 June 23, 2003
A color version of this toy was introduced in 1993 & it didn't use a stylus & aluminum powder Etch A Sketch 1000 June 23, 2003
This company serving about 30 million customers features the following in its ads(Actor walking across the Jeopardy! stage:) "Can you hear me now? Good! Can you hear me now? Good!" Verizon Wireless 200 December 23, 2002
It was once described as 2 "beautifully embossed, choc. flavored wafers with a rich cream filling" Oreo cookies 400 December 23, 2002
This Australian-born moguls's first U.S. newspaper acquisition was the San Antonio Express & News Rupert Murdoch 600 December 23, 2002
The "K" in K-Mart's name stands for this founder S.S. Kresge 800 December 23, 2002
The lion on this French auto company's logo was adopted from Belfort, the city where an early model was made Peugeot 1000 December 23, 2002
In January 1970 Boeing introduced this first wide-bodied jumbo jet; it could seat up to 452 passengers 747 200 November 6, 2002
BUD is the New York Stock Exchange symbol for this brewing company Anheuser-Busch 400 November 6, 2002
This Dallas-based electronics firm started out as Geophysical Service, an oil exploration company Texas Instruments 600 November 6, 2002
For over 75 years, Wrigley made only these 3 gums Spearmint, Doublemint & Juicy Fruit 800 November 6, 2002
In 1973 this then Memphis-based hotel chain opened its own university in Mississippi to train personnel Holiday Inn 1000 November 6, 2002
In 2001 this sandwich chain surpassed McDonald's in the number of U.S. restaurants Subway 200 May 14, 2002
This company was founded in 1948 as the Baby Furniture & Toy Supermarket; its present name came in 1957 Toys "R" Us 400 May 14, 2002
This athletic wear company best known for its shoes began in Oregon as Blue Ribbon Sports Nike 600 May 14, 2002
A New Bern, North Carolina pharmacist invented this drink in 1898, claiming it cured dyspepsia Pepsi (or Pepsi-Cola) 800 May 14, 2002
This longest-listed company on the NYSE was first listed in 1824 as the New York Gas Light Company ConEdison 1000 May 14, 2002
The name of this Japanese electronics company comes from the Latin word for "sound" Sony 100 February 16, 2001
Seen here is the American Sign Language & what could be the international symbol for this restaurant chain McDonald\'s 200 February 16, 2001
In 2000 Lukoil, Russia's largest oil company, bid on the gas stations that were part of this man's oil empire J. Paul Getty 300 February 16, 2001
This brokerage house uses the logo seen here Merrill Lynch 400 February 16, 2001
The Boulevard des Invalides is home to this French pharmaceuticals company, the maker of RU-486 Roussel Uclaf 500 February 16, 2001
Barbie accounts for about 40% of this toymaker's revenue Mattel 100 June 23, 1998
It's said this soft drink's name is the most recognized commercial symbol in the world Coca-Cola 200 June 23, 1998
In 1994 this retailer transferred its ownership in the world's then tallest building to a trust Sears 300 June 23, 1998
This London news agency was founded in 1851 & named for a German baron Reuters 400 June 23, 1998
The corporation whose logo is seen here was created in 1971:(AKA the National Railroad Passenger Corporation) Amtrak 500 June 23, 1998
A big name in computers, this company is known as HP for short Hewlett-Packard 100 February 20, 1998
Ernie is the chief spokes-elf for this snack food company Keebler 200 February 20, 1998
The name of this photocopy store chain refers to the curly hair of its founder Paul Orfalea Kinko\'s 300 February 20, 1998
According to its ads, this hotel chain by Marriott was "designed by business travelers" Courtyard 400 February 20, 1998
This cruise line was launched in 1972 with just one ship, the Mardi Gras Carnival Cruise Lines February 20, 1998
Projects of the giant Bechtel group include the BART system & the Bay Bridge in this city where it's based San Francisco 100 January 12, 1998
As an alternative to Starbucks, Lipton opened an establishment of this type in southern California in 1996 Tea salon 200 January 12, 1998
In 1997 she bought her own lifestyles magazine & TV show from Time, Inc. Martha Stewart 300 January 12, 1998
Known as D&B, this corporation markets Moody's bond ratings & Nielsen's TV ratings Dun & Bradstreet 400 January 12, 1998
Under this name from 1899 to 1970, what's now Chiquita Brands dominated the Central American banana trade United Fruit Company 500 January 12, 1998
30-second TV ads for this January 26, 1997 sporting event sold for an average of $1.2 million Super Bowl XXXI 100 September 30, 1997
The 1997 model of this Chevrolet sports car is only the 4th redesign since its 1953 introduction Corvette 200 September 30, 1997
In December 1996 Steve Jobs returned to this company as a consultant when it bought NeXT Software, Inc. Apple 300 September 30, 1997
In the 1940s Benjamin Green used his own bald head to test this suntan lotion Coppertone 400 September 30, 1997
This company, the owner of Radio Shack, closed its Incredible Universe stores in 1997 Tandy Corporation 500 September 30, 1997
This Pittsburgh-based food entrepreneur was once known as the "Pickle King" H.J. Heinz 100 June 17, 1997
This company gets its name from the snappy carbonated apple juice it introduced in 1978 Snapple 200 June 17, 1997
The USA's top producer of jams, jellies & preserves, it's located on Strawberry Lane in Orrville, Ohio Smuckers 300 June 17, 1997
In 1926 this automaker introduced the Imperial 80; the number refers to its top speed on a straightaway Chrysler 400 June 17, 1997
Student Carolyn Davidson was paid $35 for designing this shoe company's "Swoosh" logo Nike 500 June 17, 1997
A 1996 Business Week survey called this soup company's board of directors "America's Best" Campbell\'s 100 June 16, 1997
In 1996 companies that produce these consumables announced an end to their ban on TV & radio ads liquor 200 June 16, 1997
This battery maker introduced the Copper Top tester in 1990 Duracell 300 June 16, 1997
In August 1995 this nation's first stock exchange, based in Ulan Bator, began trading Mongolia 400 June 16, 1997
This firm owned by the Seagram Company is the leading seller of pasteurized orange juice Tropicana 500 June 16, 1997
In 1921 this medical products company introduced the Band-Aid Johnson & Johnson 100 June 9, 1997
In 1938 this electronics firm was founded in David Packard's Palo Alto, California garage Hewlett-Packard 200 June 9, 1997
This yogurt company's name is derived from the name of Daniel Carasso, son of its founder Dannon 300 June 9, 1997
Brand names owned by this company include Paper Mate, Right Guard, Foamy & Trac II Gillette 400 June 9, 1997
This retailer opened its first "Discount City" in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas Wal-Mart 500 June 9, 1997
In the 1930s this cereal maker introduced Bisquick; Cheerios came along in 1941 General Mills 100 March 26, 1997
The automotive safety products division of this salt maker is one of the USA's leading air bag makers Morton (Thiokol) 200 March 26, 1997
Some of this toy retailer's stores have in-store specialty shops, including the Lego Store & The Learning Center Toys "R" Us 300 March 26, 1997
The smallest of the big 6 accounting firms, it's well-known for tallying the votes for the Oscars Price Waterhouse 400 March 26, 1997
This drugstore chain once known for its soda fountains leads U.S. retailers in filling prescriptions Walgreens 500 March 26, 1997
"Choosy Moms Choose" this brand of peanut butter Jif 100 February 13, 1997
This company's new computer products include the Aptiva S & the Thinkpad 560 IBM 200 February 13, 1997
This product claims it's "The Pain Reliever Hospitals Use Most" Tylenol 300 February 13, 1997
The Parker Duofold Red Jasper, one of these, features a nib split by hand Pen 400 February 13, 1997
In 1970 "Twister" inventor Reynolds Guyer created a 4" foam ball named this by Parker Bros. Nerf 500 February 13, 1997
This underwear manufacturer's New York Stock Exchange symbol is FTL Fruit of the Loom 100 December 12, 1996
This company's beer is "Brewed in Golden, Colorado with Rocky Mountain water" Coors 200 December 12, 1996
In 1995 this firm released an upgraded version of its Newton messagepad, a hand-held computer Apple 300 December 12, 1996
It owns the world's largest fleet of cargo delivery planes Federal Express 400 December 12, 1996
The Golden Gate Bridge was among the structures erected by this 2nd-largest American steel company Bethlehem Steel 500 December 12, 1996
This No. 1 U.S. bleach company was originally known as The Electro-Alkaline Company Clorox 100 November 22, 1996
When this soda company jokingly offered a Harrier jet for 7 million points, John Leonard tried to claim it Pepsi 200 November 22, 1996
In 1993 Louis V. Gerstner became the first outsider to head this computer giant IBM 300 November 22, 1996
Delta Airlines moved its headquarters from Monroe, La. to this city in 1941 Atlanta, Georgia 400 November 22, 1996
This 825,000 acre Texas ranch introduced the Santa Cruz, a new breed of beef cattle, in 1995 The King Ranch 500 November 22, 1996
This oat company now owns noncarbonated drink maker Snapple Quaker Oats 100 November 6, 1996
In 1994 the FTC dropped its ban against this jeans maker retailing its own products in the United States Levi Strauss 200 November 6, 1996
In the 3 years before a profitable 1994, this computer company lost more than $15 billion IBM (Big Blue) 300 November 6, 1996
This Swedish company is famous for innovations in auto safety, including safety belt pre-tensioning Volvo 400 November 6, 1996
Pennzoil owns this, the world's largest franchiser of fast oil change centers Jiffy Lube 500 November 6, 1996
Eastman Chemical Company was spun off from this photo giant in 1993 Kodak 100 September 6, 1996
This fruit accounts for about 60% of Chiquita Brands International's income the banana 200 September 6, 1996
This company has been the world's top commercial aircraft maker for more than 30 years Boeing 300 September 6, 1996
This second-largest U.S. long distance company acquired Western Union International in 1982 MCI 400 September 6, 1996
This chain holds 29% of the seafood restaurant market Red Lobster 500 September 6, 1996
Broken Hill, this country's largest company, took its name from a small town in New South Wales Australia 100 July 16, 1996
This largest European tire maker is headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France Michelin 200 July 16, 1996
Comau, a subsidiary of this Italian company, makes the robots that build its cars Fiat 300 July 16, 1996
Johnson & Johnson owns Acuvue, the world's leading disposable brand of these Contact Lenses 400 July 16, 1996
Phil Knight, founder of this Oregon-based athletic shoe company, owns about 35% of its stock Nike 500 July 16, 1996
In its ads this communications giant calls itself "Your True Choice" AT&T 100 July 11, 1996
3M is headquartered in this state Minnesota 200 July 11, 1996
1996 marks the 50th birthday of this personnel company once famous for its "Girls" Kelly 300 July 11, 1996
Launched in the U.S. in 1993, this company's Captiva camera produces pictures about the size of a credit card Polaroid 400 July 11, 1996
In 1995 this maker of Kleenex acquired one of its major rivals, Scott Paper Kimberly-Clark 500 July 11, 1996
This company's stores now feature a specialty shop known as Books "R" Us Toys "R" Us 100 May 8, 1996
Like Levi Strauss, the Gap is headquartered in this California bay city San Francisco 200 May 8, 1996
Created by a merger in 1892, this company has been bringing "good things to life" for 100 years General Electric 300 May 8, 1996
This Pizza! Pizza! chain opened its 4,000th restaurant in 1992 Little Caesars 400 May 8, 1996
Henry Wells & this famous partner helped found American Express (William) Fargo 500 May 8, 1996
This company's Oak Brook, Ill. corporate headquarters has been called Hamburger Central McDonald\'s 100 March 25, 1996
In size, not sales, this Colorado brewery is the nation's largest on a single site Coors 200 March 25, 1996
This company's roots date back to the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company, founded in 1866 Nestlé 300 March 25, 1996
In 1958 Jack Kilby invented the integrated circuit for this Dallas electronics firm Texas Instruments 500 March 25, 1996
In 1868 this man's company became the first in the U.S. to make compressed yeast Fleischmann March 25, 1996
These organizations called BBBs protect consumers from unethical business practices Better Business Bureaus 100 January 29, 1996
In 1906 this auto firm introduced its Silver Ghost model Rolls-Royce 200 January 29, 1996
Before moving to Chicago in 1856, this department store owner clerked in a Pittsfield, Mass. dry goods store Marshall Field 300 January 29, 1996
This stagecoach company owned the Pony Express during the last few months of its existence Wells Fargo 400 January 29, 1996
In 1962 he founded Electronic Data Systems after working for IBM for 5 years Ross Perot 500 January 29, 1996
His first flavors in 1892 were Lotta Gum & Vassar; Juicy Fruit appeared the following year Wrigley 100 December 18, 1995
Completes the decaf coffee slogan "fill it to the rim with..." Brim 200 December 18, 1995
Word for a 1/2 hour TV ad bought by a company to demonstrate one or more products an infomercial 300 December 18, 1995
Partly to raise money for a Broadway musical, Red Sox owner Harry Frazee sold this player to the Yankees in 1920 Babe Ruth 400 December 18, 1995
In 1989 these 2 companies merged; in 1995 they announced plans to merge with Turner Time Warner 500 December 18, 1995
In 1919 the Candler family sold this beverage company to Atlanta banker Ernest Woodruff for $25 million Coca-Cola 100 November 1, 1995
This San Francisco-based company is the world's largest apparel manufacturer Levi Strauss 200 November 1, 1995
"Like a Good Neighbor" this company became the biggest auto insurer by 1942 State Farm 300 November 1, 1995
In 1970 he bought a small Georgia UHF station & began his broadcasting empire Ted Turner 400 November 1, 1995
This major credit reporting firm also built rocket engines for the Apollo program TRW 500 November 1, 1995
This Japanese auto company introduced its 4-wheel-drive Land Cruiser in 1951 Toyota 100 October 16, 1995
In 1851 2 missionaries in this island group formed Castle & Cooke the Hawaiian Islands 200 October 16, 1995
In 1963 Charles Tandy purchased this nearly bankrupt electronic parts company RadioShack 300 October 16, 1995
He was a 52-year-old malt machine salesman when he obtained the right to franchise McDonald's (Ray) Kroc 400 October 16, 1995
Using letters from their names, Harold Matson & Elliot Handler named their toy company this Mattel 500 October 16, 1995
BellSouth Corporation is headquartered on Peachtree Street in this city Atlanta 100 October 13, 1995
This company started putting "Peanuts" characters on its greeting cards in 1960 Hallmark 200 October 13, 1995
This automaker announced a record $23.5 billion net loss for 1992 General Motors 300 October 13, 1995
What's now USX was formed under this name in 1901 U.S. Steel 400 October 13, 1995
Vulcan materials company is headquartered in this Alabama city Birmingham 500 October 13, 1995
In 1899 this soft drink was first bottled on a large scale in Chattanooga, Tennessee, not Georgia Coca-Cola 100 October 5, 1995
This Procter & Gamble soap was once found to have impurities totaling only .56% Ivory 200 October 5, 1995
In the 1850s this sewing machine company introduced the first consumer installment plan Singer 300 October 5, 1995
In 1970 this hotel chain bought the International Hotel in Las Vegas Hilton 500 October 5, 1995
This newspaper chain owns North America's largest billboard advertising firm the Gannett company October 5, 1995
This company's revenues soared after the introduction of its model 914 copier in 1959 Xerox 100 September 20, 1995
In 1988 this newspaper company started "USA Today—The Television Show" Gannett 200 September 20, 1995
This German company produces SEAT & Audi automobiles Volkswagen 300 September 20, 1995
Dave Thomas, founder of this burger chain, previously helped found Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips Wendy\'s 400 September 20, 1995
This wine company no longer produces Ripple but it still makes Thunderbird Gallo 500 September 20, 1995
During the 1960s & 1970s, this company sold 70 million Instamatic cameras Kodak 100 September 8, 1995
In 1928 this Michigan-based company released its first line of strained baby foods Gerber 200 September 8, 1995
This Italian auto giant make Iveco trucks Fiat 300 September 8, 1995
Saran Wrap, introduced in 1953, was this chemical company's first major consumer product Dow (Chemicals) 400 September 8, 1995
In 1979 this power tool company introduced the Dustbuster hand-held vacuum Black & Decker 500 September 8, 1995
Since 1896 Prudential Insurance has used this as a symbol of its company Rock of Gibraltar 100 July 10, 1995
On Wall Street this oil company is known as "OXY" Occidental Petroleum 200 July 10, 1995
In 1887 William Bristol joined with this man to form the Clinton Pharmaceutical Company (John) Myers 300 July 10, 1995
In 1941 this company built its first aluminum foil plant in Alabama Reynolds 400 July 10, 1995
Among this company's products are various calculators & the LaserJet 4 Plus printer Hewlett-Packard 500 July 10, 1995
In 1995 this maker of Rice Krispies introduced low fat Pop-Tarts Kellogg\'s 100 May 5, 1995
Candymaker Mars, Inc., produces the Kal Kan & Pedigree brands of this dog food 200 May 5, 1995
In 1955 Dixie Home Stores combined with Winn & Lovett, becoming this company Winn-Dixie 300 May 5, 1995
The stock of this software company headed by William Gates is traded over the counter Microsoft 500 May 5, 1995
On Dec. 20, 1994 this company offered to replace all of its Pentium chips free of charge Intel May 5, 1995
This producer of earthmoving equipment is called "CAT" for short Caterpillar 100 April 3, 1995
Mobil Corporation produces the Hefty brand of these items trash bags 200 April 3, 1995
This insurance co., named for a signer of the Declaration of Independence, was founded in 1862 John Hancock 300 April 3, 1995
This photographic film maker bought the maker of Bayer Aspirin in 1988 Kodak 400 April 3, 1995
This company launched its moderately priced Courtyard Hotels in 1983 Marriott April 3, 1995
In 1965 this soft drink company brought Frito-Lay Pepsi 100 December 21, 1994
In 1916 the U.S. Rubber Company first called these sneakers "Peds" Keds 200 December 21, 1994
Aluminum sheet metal used in beverage cans is the biggest product of this Pittsburgh company ALCOA 300 December 21, 1994
On April 7, 1933 this St. Louis brewer sent FDR its first case of beer produced after Prohibition Anheuser-Busch 400 December 21, 1994
This Japanese tire maker's Tokyo museum contains a large collection of French impressionist art Bridgestone 500 December 21, 1994
This insurance company's trademark came from a signature on the Declaration of Independence John Hancock 100 November 29, 1994
The cover of the 1894 edition of this company's famous catalog called it the "cheapest supply house on earth" Sears 200 November 29, 1994
In 1967 Douglas Aircraft merged with this military aircraft supplier McDonnell 300 November 29, 1994
In 1907 this Philadelphia-based company introduced the paper towel Scott 400 November 29, 1994
Founded in 1884, this Dayton, Ohio company controlled the country's cash register business by 1910 NCR (National Cash Register) 500 November 29, 1994
Phillip Morris is the largest customer of Universal Corporation, the world's largest dealer in this commodity Tobacco 100 November 18, 1994
This founder of Wal-Mart began his retail career as a J.C. Penney management trainee Sam Walton 200 November 18, 1994
The parent company of this railroad also operates U.P. Resources, a gas & oil exploration business Union Pacific 300 November 18, 1994
In 1988 this Swedish company acquired Britain's Leyland Bus Company Volvo 400 November 18, 1994
Holly Farms & Tasty Bird are brand names of this Arkansas-based poultry producer Tyson Foods 500 November 18, 1994
In 1990 this entertainment company opened its first mall restaurant-- Mickey's Kitchen Disney 100 November 10, 1994
The New York Stock Exchange symbol for this cereal maker is rather special -- K Kellogg 200 November 10, 1994
Robert Haas, CEO of this jeans maker, is the great-great-grandnephew of its founder Levi\'s (Levi Strauss) 300 November 10, 1994
In 1981 the Tribune Company acquired this baseball team from William Wrigley the Cubs 400 November 10, 1994
Mitsubishi Motors owns 15% of this Korean maker of the Excel automobile Hyundai 500 November 10, 1994
This product introduced the slogan "It's the real thing" in 1942 Coca-Cola 100 September 5, 1994
In 1992 this international carrier bought Australian Airlines Qantas 200 September 5, 1994
In the 1989 film "Roger & Me", Roger was Roger Smith, the CEO of this auto corporation General Motors 300 September 5, 1994
Akio Morita, who founded this electronics giant, was born into a sake-making family in 1921 Sony 400 September 5, 1994
Advanced Night Repair, a skin care product, is one of this cosmetics giant's best sellers Estée Lauder 500 September 5, 1994
In 1987 this Japanese film company introduced the world's 1st 35mm one-time-use camera Fuji 100 July 15, 1994
Founded in 1897, it's America's largest chemical company after Du Pont Dow 200 July 15, 1994
This American company is the No. 1 seller of motorcycles in the U.S. Harley-Davidson 300 July 15, 1994
In 1986 this company acquired RCA & NBC for $6.3 billion General Electric 400 July 15, 1994
This company first entered the lipstick market with the slogan "Matching lips and fingertips" Revlon July 15, 1994
It can take gov't about 20 months to process 1 of these applications & you may need a working model patent 100 May 2, 1994
This company operates the 4 most popular theme parks in North America Disney 200 May 2, 1994
This former VP appeared in an ad during the 1994 Super Bowl for Lay's Potato Chips Dan Quayle 300 May 2, 1994
Kathleen Sullivan's progress on this company's “Superstart!” program was shown in TV ads Weight Watchers 400 May 2, 1994
The Sheraton Hotel & Towers in this South American capital offers a “tango special” package Buenos Aires 500 May 2, 1994
This famous shaving supplies company is also No. 1 in the U.S. in toothbrushes Gillette 100 March 18, 1994
In 1918 this company founded by Walter Jacobs became the first to rent cars Hertz 200 March 18, 1994
In 1869 this Pittsburgh co.'s founder sold horseradish; sauerkraut & pickles came later (H.J.) Heinz 300 March 18, 1994
He began his tea dynasty by sailing to Ceylon in 1890 & buying every tea plantation he could find (Sir Thomas) Lipton 400 March 18, 1994
This Fort Worth-based corporation runs more than 6,000 Radio Shack stores Tandy 500 March 18, 1994
This world's largest rubber company produced the tires used on the Apollo 15 lunar rover Goodyear 100 January 10, 1994
In 1926 German automaker Daimler merged with this company Benz 200 January 10, 1994
Atlantic Richfield Company, a Los Angeles-based oil co., is better known by this shorter name ARCO 300 January 10, 1994
Donald J. Hall is the chairman of this Kansas City company & the son of its founder Hallmark cards 400 January 10, 1994
Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Arthur Andersen & Compnay, SC is the world's 4th-largest firm in this field accounting 500 January 10, 1994
Henry Ford introduced this model in 1908 & dropped all his other models the next year the Model T 100 December 31, 1993
Dorothy Hope Smith’s charcoal sketch of a baby is a trademark of this baby food company Gerber 200 December 31, 1993
Cummins Engine Company is the world's largest maker of this type of truck engine Diesel 300 December 31, 1993
This second-largest U.S. breakfast cereal maker owns the Red Lobster & Olive Garden restaurant chains General Mills 400 December 31, 1993
This company markets paint under the Kem-Tone & Krylon labels as well as under its own hyphenated name Sherwin-Williams 500 December 31, 1993
About 30% of the world's banana's are sold under this No. 1 brand name Chiquita 100 December 22, 1993
Since 1924 this department store has sponsored the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City Macy\'s 200 December 22, 1993
In 1952 this company introduced the "Flo-Thru" tea bag Lipton 300 December 22, 1993
This toothpaste "with Flouristan" was advertised in the 1950's with special paintings by Norman Rockwell Crest 400 December 22, 1993
This spice company that owns Schilling is the largest producer of dehydrated garlic & onions McCormick 500 December 22, 1993
In 1972 this company introduced its SX-70 instant camera, which was only one inch thick when closed Polaroid 100 November 17, 1993
This baby food company once used the slogan "Babies Are Our Business, Our Only Business" Gerber 200 November 17, 1993
This package delivery firm was founded in 1907 as the American Messenger Company UPS (United Parcel Service) 300 November 17, 1993
This winery in Modesto, California is the world's largest, & accounts for more than 25% of the U.S. market Ernest & Julio Gallo 400 November 17, 1993
In 1952 Kemmons Wilson opened the first motel in this chain, on the outskirts of Memphis Holiday Inn November 17, 1993
This leading U.S. bleach maker owns the Kingsford line of charcoal products Clorox 100 October 6, 1993
Johnson Products Company makes many items for the care of this body part, including Afro Sheen hair 200 October 6, 1993
Pennzoil owns this chain of "quick" auto lubrication shops Jiffy Lube 300 October 6, 1993
This insurance company uses characters from "Peanuts" in its commercials Metropolitan (MetLife) 500 October 6, 1993
Nobel Industries is this country's largest chemical company Sweden October 6, 1993
To make him a real hip dude, Mattel has added one of these to the Ken doll's head earring 100 September 24, 1993
In 1993 this spray lubricant turned as old as the number in its name—40 WD-40 200 September 24, 1993
In 1853 Henry Lomb joined this man to found an optical company (John Jacob) Bausch 300 September 24, 1993
The novel "Love Over Good" is based on the brewing romance in this coffee's commercial Taster\'s Choice 400 September 24, 1993
Hilton is this state's largest private employer Nevada September 24, 1993
In 1986 this athletic shoe company introduced Weeboks for infants & toddlers Reebok 100 July 6, 1993
This company sells about 50% of the bleach in the U.S. Clorox 200 July 6, 1993
Founded by an Austrian in 1896, the name of this candy roll co. was taken from his daughter's nickname Tootsie Roll 300 July 6, 1993
This retailing giant owns the Allstate Insurance group Sears 400 July 6, 1993
With sales of over $1 billion yearly, this brand of tortilla chips is Frito-Lay's top product Doritos 500 July 6, 1993
"Mama Mia!"; since purchasing Ronzoni, this #1 U.S. chocolate maker has become #2 in pasta Hershey\'s 100 November 19, 1992
"Like a good neighbor", this company has been selling folks insurance since 1922 State Farm 200 November 19, 1992
In 1990, to boost U.S. sales, this Korean auto company introduced its sporty Scoupe Hyundai 300 November 19, 1992
In July 1992 this last U.S. consumer typewriter co. announced it's moving its factory to Mexico Smith-Corona 500 November 19, 1992
A leading maker of athletic shoes, this company was named for a swift antelope Reebok November 19, 1992
The trio of "spokesmen" for Rice Krispies Snap, Crackle & Pop 100 May 11, 1992
The TV star who endorses the Thighmaster Suzanne Somers 200 May 11, 1992
Hamilton, Citizen & Movado are big names in this product watches 300 May 11, 1992
Domino's Tom Monaghan said his competition isn't Pizza Hut but this home appliance a microwave 400 May 11, 1992
Founded in New York in 1877, this national bank was named after Lincoln's Secretary of the Treasury Chase 500 May 11, 1992
Kimberly-Clark first advertised these tissues as a disposable cold cream remover Kleenex 100 November 15, 1991
Headquartered in St. Louis, it's the largest single brewing organization in the world Anheuser-Busch 300 November 15, 1991
With help from Mitsubishi, this company manufactured the first Korean automobile in 1976 Hyundai 400 November 15, 1991
In May 1991 this entertainment giant replaced USX on the Dow Jones Industrial Average Disney 500 November 15, 1991
The original sketch of Ann Turner, seen in the following, is kept in this company's vault: Gerber November 15, 1991
This company is testing new waters with the Golden Arch Cafe in Hartsville, Tennessee McDonald\'s 100 June 20, 1991
When trading occurs in this company, whose stock symbol is MMM, brokers say "Post-it" Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company 200 June 20, 1991
This Canadian whiskey & wine cooler company also owns Tropicana Seagram\'s 300 June 20, 1991
In 1974 this company shortened its name to NCR National Cash Register 400 June 20, 1991
In the United States a subsidiary of Kodak makes Bayer aspirin, while Bayer produces this brand of film Agfa 500 June 20, 1991
The first store in this chain was originally called the "Baby Furniture and Toy Supermarket" Toys "R" Us 100 May 14, 1991
George Eastman arrived at the name of this company by making up words that started & ended with "K" Kodak 200 May 14, 1991
In 1955, 2 brothers named Richard & Henry founded this famous tax accounting firm H&R Block 300 May 14, 1991
Since buying Binney & Smith, this co. not only ranks No. 1 in greeting cards but in crayons as well Hallmark 400 May 14, 1991
Founded in 1919, this county's KLM Airline is the world's oldest the Netherlands 500 May 14, 1991
Marriott Corp. has announced plans to open 46 bars patterned on this sitcom <i>Cheers</i> 100 May 1, 1991
Ernst & Young, Coopers & Lybrand, & Price Waterhouse are 3 of this professions Big Six accounting 200 May 1, 1991
In December 1989 a group of investors led by this former baseball commissioner bought Hawaiian Airlines Peter Ueberroth 300 May 1, 1991
This Dutch brew is the No. 1 imported beer in the United States Heineken 400 May 1, 1991
This company headquartered in Noda, Japan, is the world's largest producer of soy sauce Kikkoman 500 May 1, 1991
This biggest computer company is biggest also among companies in philanthropic contributions IBM 100 March 29, 1991
The first major U.S. company to publish solely paperbacks, it's named for where their books could fit Pocket Books 200 March 29, 1991
They claim to run "the tightest ship in the shipping business" UPS 300 March 29, 1991
This company introduced the Band-Aid to America in 1920 Johnson & Johnson 400 March 29, 1991
This peanut-packed candy bar, the 1st successful one by Mars, is the current top seller Snickers 500 March 29, 1991
The name of this cookie & cracker king comes from National Biscuit Company Nabisco 100 February 21, 1991
Michael Jordan's "Air Jordans" are 1 of the products that have made this co. 1st in athletic shoe sales Nike 200 February 21, 1991
The Anglo American Corp. of this country is the world's largest producer of gold, diamonds & platinum South Africa 300 February 21, 1991
Over the years this company has constructed 200 million little green houses for Monopoly Parker Brothers 400 February 21, 1991
The No. 1 manufacturer of plastic housewares, from bathmats to dish drainers Rubbermaid 500 February 21, 1991
This rubber company spends over $7 million a year just to maintain & operate its blimps Goodyear 100 November 13, 1990
After marrying its president, Joan Crawford became a spokesperson for this beverage co. Pepsi-Cola 200 November 13, 1990
After 42 years, this French co. has ceased making its turtle-shaped car, the Deux Chevaux Citroen 300 November 13, 1990
Whirlpool makes a line of products under this brand name for Sears, Roebuck Kenmore 400 November 13, 1990
It was first incorporated in 1911 as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co. IBM 500 November 13, 1990
Nickname of a bond with a credit rating of triple B or lower a junk bond 100 September 13, 1990
With the slogan "One world one card" this company now offers Visa & Mastercard AT&T 200 September 13, 1990
2 years after he was expelled from Harvard in 1885 his father gave him the San Francisco Examiner (William Randolph) Hearst 300 September 13, 1990
George Bush's son George runs this baseball team the Texas Rangers 400 September 13, 1990
In March 1990, this personal computer store opened a branch in Moscow ComputerLand 500 September 13, 1990
Oil magnate whose largesse made possible the founding of the University of Chicago John Rockefeller 100 June 20, 1990
This scotch's Black Label says it's 12 years old, its Red Label doesn't mention any age Johnnie Walker 200 June 20, 1990
Along with Peter Guber, he is now running Columbia Pictures Entertainment, Inc. Jon Peters 300 June 20, 1990
He invented the first self-cleaning steel plow, then ran with it John Deere 400 June 20, 1990
Now known for Kaopectate, in 1884 this drug co. created the friable pill, which dissolved easily in the body Upjohn 500 June 20, 1990
Through a licensing agreement with this company, Sears has opened stores called McKids McDonald\'s 100 March 14, 1990
90% of Florida's orange crop is used to make this orange juice 200 March 14, 1990
The Weekend 35 is a disposable underwater camera sold by this maker of the disposable Fling Kodak 300 March 14, 1990
U.S. automaker that owns 15% of Maserati & 100% of Lamborghini Chrysler 400 March 14, 1990
The Pacific Aero Products Company, founded in Seattle in 1916, is now called this Boeing 500 March 14, 1990
This oatmeal co. owns 2 of the oldest trademarks in the U.S.; Aunt Jemima & its own Quaker Oats 100 February 7, 1990
Association of underwriters named for the society begun in Edward Lloyd's Coffee House in 1688 Lloyd\'s of London 200 February 7, 1990
This auto company was the top U.S. industrial exporter in 1987 & '88 General Motors 300 February 7, 1990
Take a Big Gulp & tell us the name of this chain of convenience stores owned by Southland Corp. 7-Eleven 400 February 7, 1990
The company that's located at Checkerboard Square St. Louis, Missouri 63164 Ralston Purina 500 February 7, 1990
Visa's new ads ask "Why is this card green?" & give the answer "Envy" American Express 100 December 15, 1989
General Mills is letting the health-conscious public know the "O" in Cheerios stands for this oats 200 December 15, 1989
You can order these desert items with your own message inside from the Peking Noodle Company in L.A. fortune cookies 300 December 15, 1989
Larry the Lobster is the mascot of this seafood restaurant chain, the world's largest Red Lobster 100 November 28, 1989
Merck & Co., Inc. is the largest manufacturer in this field pharmaceuticals 200 November 28, 1989
By the time NYC showered Lucky Lindy with this stuff, the NYSE had been using it for 60 years ticker tape 300 November 28, 1989
To avoid a hostile takeover in 1988, this airline sold its Hertz, Hilton International & Westin Units United 400 November 28, 1989
Named for its founder, this chain sells more women's fashions than any other department store J. C. Penney\'s 500 November 28, 1989
Swamped with orders for its 747-400 jet, this company is borrowing workers from Lockheed Boeing 100 October 30, 1989
Amoco will begin a pilot program this year to make insulation from these items collected from McDonald's styrofoam (or polystyrene cups & containers) 200 October 30, 1989
It's the biggest selling brand of beer in the U.S. Budweiser 300 October 30, 1989
The Hearst Corporation has plans to build a hotel near this California landmark San Simeon (the Hearst Castle) 400 October 30, 1989
DuPont is doubling its capacity to produce Lycra, its brand name for this fiber used in bicycle pants spandex October 30, 1989
In 1985 this country voluntarily limited car exports to the U.S. to 23 million a year Japan 100 September 25, 1989
This NYC avenue is synonymous with advertising, but only 2 of the top 16 ad agencies are located there Madison Avenue 200 September 25, 1989
These products have been a top-selling product since Proctor & Gamble 1st marketed them in 1961 Pampers 300 September 25, 1989
This company now sells Squirt, Vernors & its own cream soda, but it still sells more root beer than anything A&W 400 September 25, 1989
Krohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Co. announced its fee for ts own buyout of this company was $75 million Nabisco 500 September 25, 1989
In France it could be bought only in pharmacies until 1987; now it's used in diet drinks saccharin (any kind of artificial sweetener) 100 May 22, 1989
United Airlines is saving $80,000 by eliminating these from martinis served on morning flights an olive 200 May 22, 1989
Former Miss America now selling chicken products under the "By George" label Phyllis George 300 May 22, 1989
He's given America many cups of tea but was unable to win the America's Cup in 5 attempts (Sir Thomas) Lipton 400 May 22, 1989
Memphis-based overnight delivery service that now has 10,000 drop off boxes similar to mailboxes Federal Express 300 May 19, 1989
Centered around 7th Avenue, it's NYC's largest manufacturing industry the Garment District (garment industry) 500 May 19, 1989
In February 1989 Sears closed over 800 stores for 42 hours to do this lower prices May 19, 1989
Hundreds were killed during this transportation strike in 1877, the 1st nationwide strike in the U.S. railroad strike 100 December 7, 1988
With foreign claims of over $1 trillion, this country is the world's largest creditor nation Japan 200 December 7, 1988
In the early '70s Standard Oil of New Jersey spent millions to change its name to this Exxon 300 December 7, 1988
This Japanese co. has the same last 6 letters in its name as Firestone, whose tire business it's buying Bridgestone 400 December 7, 1988
Corporations can't purchase a competitor's stock under this 1914 antitrust act which followed Sherman's the Clayton Act 500 December 7, 1988
In 1987 an average of 2 new products a day were introduced that could be cooked in this device microwave oven 100 October 31, 1988
Warner Books' successful bid of $4.94 million won it the rights to publish this novel's sequel <i>Gone with the Wind</i> 200 October 31, 1988
This snack cake's inventor, Jimmy Dewar, ate 40,177 of them in his lifetime Hostess Twinkies 300 October 31, 1988
80% of the world's supply of these are sold through De Beers diamonds 400 October 31, 1988
Restaurateur Adolphe Alfred Rempp developed this powdered product in the late 1930s Adolph\'s Meat Tenderizer 500 October 31, 1988
there's only 1 steel mill in this large city, though 20% of American steel is made in its vicinity Pittsburgh 100 April 1, 1988
Newsweek reports that of Chrysler, Ford & Toyota, this co. has the highest production cost per car Toyota 200 April 1, 1988
The Concorde SST was built jointly by these 2 countries France & Great Britain 300 April 1, 1988
Company that's America's biggest maker of both pinball & slot machies Bally 400 April 1, 1988
This country is marketing an IBM PC/AT clone called the "Great Wall 0530" China 100 March 24, 1988
During 1986, 138 of these failed in the U.S., a post-Depression record banks 200 March 24, 1988
CPC Industries divides the world at the Rockies, so Asia gets "Best Foods" & Europe gets this mayonnaise Hellmann\'s 300 March 24, 1988
This trailer & equipment rental company is the nation's largest Yellow Pages advertiser U-Haul 400 March 24, 1988
Willamette Industries claims they were 1st to put these names on the bottom of grocery bags the names of the workers who made the bags 500 March 24, 1988
Oral B Laboratories now offers toothpaste bearing these 2 Muppets' names Kermit the Frog & Miss Piggy 100 March 9, 1988
Criticized for its unfair trade advantage, Japan has agreed to shorten this, starting in 1988 their workweek 200 March 9, 1988
About 43% of all American cheese sold in the U.S. is made using the process invented by this cheese peddler Kraft 300 March 9, 1988
U-Haul is overhauling its fleet of trucks & trailers to combat stiff competition from this company Ryder 400 March 9, 1988
Recently, this liquor co. sold off many of its wine operations, including Paul Masson & Taylor Calif. Seagram\'s 500 March 9, 1988
This car company officially "died" on August 5, 1987, but was resurrected by Chrysler as the Eagle-Jeep Div. American Motors (AMC) 100 January 4, 1988
In 1932, Geo. G. Blaisdell named his new lighter "Zippo", after this late 19th century invention the zipper 200 January 4, 1988
The box of this Nabisco product was designed with a string so it could be used as a Christmas tree ornament animal crackers 300 January 4, 1988
Launched August 6, 1987, "Old Fashioned Roadside Virgin Lemonade" is this star's latest product Paul Newman 400 January 4, 1988
In August of 1987, Joan Kroc, widow of the founder of this company, donated a million dollars to the Democratic Party McDonald\'s 100 November 17, 1987
To compete with electronic watches, SMH created this inexpensive Swiss watch Swatch 200 November 17, 1987
Texas-raised Angora goats provide almost 95% of the US production of this Angora fiber mohair 300 November 17, 1987
In April 1987, Avia was bought by this major competitor Reebok 400 November 17, 1987
The Chicago Board of Trade is the world's largest of these futures (or commodities) exchange 500 November 17, 1987
Passengers not doing this on Continental flights between Aug. 25 & Sept. 25, 1986 got 10% off their next flight smoking 100 May 22, 1987
It may not be news to you, but this newsman emeritus is on the CBS board of directors Walter Cronkite 200 May 22, 1987
With money from making these, Seth Thomas built a cotton mill & a brass rolling factory clocks 300 May 22, 1987
In 1890, John M. Kohler heated a cattle trough & sprinkled it w/enamel powder to create his 1st of these bathtub 400 May 22, 1987
Founded in 1923 by brothers Henry, Hillel & Herman Hassenfeld, it began selling toys in 1943 Hasbro (Hassenfeld Brothers) 500 May 22, 1987
It's the "rock" in Prudential's ads Gibraltar 100 April 7, 1987
A high recognition factor prompted Lever Bros. to bring back the "Ta-ta-ta-da" ad for this Imperial Margarine 200 April 7, 1987
TV rights to it in 1980 cost $87 million; in 1984, $225 million; & for 1988, $300 million the Olympics 300 April 7, 1987
In March 1986, a Pittsburgh car dealer gave Cadillac buyers these Eastern European cars, free the Yugo 400 April 7, 1987
For the past 3 years her cosmetic co. has topped the Savvy magazine list of businesses run by women Estée Lauder 500 April 7, 1987
In 1888, their cameras cost $25, but by 1900, their least expensive camera cost a buck Kodak 100 March 23, 1987
Business of Young & Rubicam, Oglivy & Mather, & Benton & Bowles advertising 200 March 23, 1987
Total number of American companies now making VHS or Beta VCRs in the U.S. none 300 March 23, 1987
Shoebox Greetings, "A Tiny Little Division of" this company, started out with a line of 800 cards Hallmark 400 March 23, 1987
He established CBS in 1928, retired in 1983, but came back in 1986 (William) Paley 500 March 23, 1987
From "grossus", Latin for great, this term has been used since the 15th C. for a trader of foodstuffs a grocer 100 December 16, 1986
Cheesebrough-Pond's is #1 in cold cream, nail polish remover, & this pasta topping spaghetti sauce 200 December 16, 1986
While this Swiss company dates back to 1866, they didn't make chocolate until 1929 Nestl&eacute; 100 December 8, 1986
Family in which R.S. began a business making tin foil for Uncle R.J.'s cigarette packs Reynolds 200 December 8, 1986
Lee Pharmaceuticals saw 1986 earnings up some 250% from selling fakes of these to women Lee Nails 300 December 8, 1986
Type of business founded by Aaron M. Ward in 1872 mail order merchandising (catalogs) 400 December 8, 1986
Because this happened in 5/86, it can take you twice as long to build a house of popsicle sticks they changed from two stick popsicles to the single stick popsicles 100 September 19, 1986
Of 1929, 1944, or 1986, year the Dow Jones took its biggest single-day nosedive 1986 200 September 19, 1986
Avi Fattal & Avi Ruimi have sold over 1.5 million cardboard "sunglasses" for these the windshield for your car 300 September 19, 1986
This spaghetti "Chef" "pasta way" June 22, 1985 Chef Boyardee 100 January 9, 1986
Former 5 & 10¢ store which now also owns Kinney Shoes & The Foot Locker Woolworths 200 January 9, 1986
Around 1930, she was the aviation editor of "Cosmopolitan" Amelia Earhart 300 January 9, 1986
On July 31, 1952, this former commander of U.N. forces in Korea became chairman of Remington Rand MacArthur 400 January 9, 1986
Nicknamed "Bubble" & looking like a hot tub the Cray-2 is the world's fastest of these water-cooled computer 500 January 9, 1986
The 501, his original style, is still much the same, give or take a few rivets the Levis wear 100 December 13, 1985
Japan's prime minister Tanaka was tried in '75 for accepting bribes from this aircraft company Lockheed 200 December 13, 1985
Hotel chain that sleeps the most Americans Holiday Inn 300 December 13, 1985
Its rooster squared off against Pocket Books' kangaroo to become #1 in U.S. paperback book sales Bantam 400 December 13, 1985
Adolf Dassler's brother broke off from this company to establish the competing "Puma" brand Adidas 500 December 13, 1985
The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.'s stores are known by this name A&P 100 September 23, 1985
This company operates a museum of antique soup tureens in Camden, N.J. Campbell\'s 200 September 23, 1985
Though it changed its name from Standard Oil of New Jersey, it's still headquartered there Exxon 300 September 23, 1985
Averaging over 16c per KW hour, this city's Con Edison has highest residential elec. rates in U.S. New York City 400 September 23, 1985
America's 4th largest foundation derives from will of this bandage maker Johnson & Johnson 500 September 23, 1985
Nation's largest single user of almonds is this chocolate maker Hershey 100 November 6, 1984
Only company that sells rotary engine cars in U.S. Mazda 200 November 6, 1984
Babies are no longer this food maker's "only business"; it's also in insurance Gerber 300 November 6, 1984
Company that distributes Stolichnaya vodka from Russia & makes soft drinks there Pepsi-Cola 400 November 6, 1984
Owned by IT&T it's America's largest seed company Burpee 500 November 6, 1984
Utica, NY was the site of his first 5 & 10¢ store Woolworth 100 September 18, 1984
Atlanta-based firm that owns Minute Maid, Hi-C & Columbia Pictures Coca-Cola 200 September 18, 1984
U.S. company that builds Renault cars American Motors 300 September 18, 1984
A "rock" solid reputation has made them #1 in life insurance Prudential 400 September 18, 1984
In 1950, they offered 1st all-purpose credit card Diners Club 500 September 18, 1984