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Question Answer Value Airdate
He reworked a novel called "Stephen Hero" into "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" James Joyce 200 July 19, 2012
He reworked a novel called "Stephen Hero" into "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" James Joyce 200 July 19, 2012
This Capote book begins, "The village of Holcomb stands on the high wheat plains of western Kansas, a lonesome area" <i>In Cold Blood</i> 400 July 19, 2012
This Capote book begins, "The village of Holcomb stands on the high wheat plains of western Kansas, a lonesome area" <i>In Cold Blood</i> 400 July 19, 2012
This Hugo novel evokes medieval life under the reign of Louis XI <i>The Hunchback of Notre-Dame</i> 600 July 19, 2012
This Hugo novel evokes medieval life under the reign of Louis XI <i>The Hunchback of Notre-Dame</i> 600 July 19, 2012
This author of "Doctor Zhivago" studied philosophy at Moscow University & the University of Marburg Pasternak 800 July 19, 2012
This author of "Doctor Zhivago" studied philosophy at Moscow University & the University of Marburg Pasternak 800 July 19, 2012
The narrator of this Poe story says, "above all was the sense of hearing acute" <i>The Tell-Tale Heart</i> 1000 July 19, 2012
The narrator of this Poe story says, "above all was the sense of hearing acute" <i>The Tell-Tale Heart</i> 1000 July 19, 2012
This Ernest Hemingway love story that takes place during WWI was one of Penguin Books' first 10 titles <i>A Farewell to Arms</i> 200 November 8, 2010
The middle initial of this author of "The Good Earth" stood for Sydenstricker, her maiden name (Pearl) Buck 400 November 8, 2010
This Khaled Hosseini novel is about Amir, who flees Kabul for America <i>The Kite Runner</i> 600 November 8, 2010
The bestselling novel "Freedom" has put him back in Oprah's Book Club & good graces Jonathan Franzen 800 November 8, 2010
This "Remembrance of Things Past" author was so deathly afraid of germs he wouldn't pick up a pen if he had dropped it (Marcel) Proust 1000 November 8, 2010
First name of young Mr. Fowl, whose adventures include "The Time Paradox" & "The Lost Colony" Artemis 200 November 10, 2009
This Gregory Maguire novel that inspired a musical is the biography of a certain Witch of the West <i>Wicked</i> 400 November 10, 2009
Philip Pullman's trilogy "His Dark Materials" begins with "The Golden" this <i>Compass</i> 600 November 10, 2009
In 2009 she headed out of "The Hills" & published her first novel, "L.A. Candy" Lauren Conrad 800 November 10, 2009
In a book by Trenton Lee Stewart, 4 gifted kids answer an ad & become "The Mysterious" this "Society" Benedict 1000 November 10, 2009
Disillusioned by the Spanish Civil War, this British author wrote against totalitarianism in "Animal Farm" (George) Orwell 200 January 15, 2009
She dedicated both "Atlas Shrugged" & "The Fountainhead" to Frank O'Connor Ayn Rand 400 January 15, 2009
This Edith Frome New York City penned "Ethan Frome" in 1911 (Edith) Wharton 600 January 15, 2009
She wrote about her early life in' "The Mill On The Floss" (George) Eliot 1000 January 15, 2009
The first line of his 1951 novel mentions a "lousy childhood ... and all that David Copperfield kind of crap" J.D. Salinger January 15, 2009
In "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer, teenaged Isabella Swan falls for a romantic one of these blood-suckers a vampire 200 September 19, 2008
"The Lobster Chronicles" is Linda Greenlaw's book about life on a small island off the coast of this state Maine 400 September 19, 2008
"Forever in" this color is Ann Brashares' third sequel to "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" blue 600 September 19, 2008
Hmm... a murderer has somehow escaped from a locked room in her 1938 mystery "Hercule Poirot's Christmas" Agatha Christie 800 September 19, 2008
Sebastian Faulks penned the new James Bond novel "Devil May Care" for the 100th anniv. of this author's birth Ian Fleming 1000 September 19, 2008
In 1998 her "Pandora" came out of the box as the first of her "New Tales of the Vampires" Anne Rice 200 May 15, 2008
Corruption runs rampant in Gore Vidal's historical novel named for this centennial year <i>1876</i> 400 May 15, 2008
"In the world according to Garp, we're all terminal cases", wrote this novelist John Irving 600 May 15, 2008
Kim Edwards called her memorable first novel "The Memory Keeper's" this <i>Daughter</i> 800 May 15, 2008
"The story of Nat Turner had been long gestating in my mind, ever since I was a boy", said this novelist William Styron 1000 May 15, 2008
This Steinbeck novel begins, "To the red country and part of the gray country of Oklahoma, the last rains came..." <i>The Grapes of Wrath</i> 200 May 7, 2007
A savage named John has educated himself by reading Shakespeare in "Brave New World" by this man Aldous Huxley 400 May 7, 2007
In "The Prince" he wrote, "It is far safer to be feared than loved" Machiavelli 600 May 7, 2007
Perhaps the effort killed him--he died not long after completing his masterpiece "The Brothers Karamazov" Dostoyevsky 800 May 7, 2007
The stories that Kenneth Grahame told his son about a mole & a toad became this 1908 classic <i>The Wind in the Willows</i> 1000 May 7, 2007
In a classic book, d'Artagnan hopes to serve as a guard to King Louis XIII & is befriended by this title group <i>The Three Musketeers</i> 200 July 7, 2006
Tyrone Slothrop is a central character in his novel "Gravity's Rainbow" Pynchon 400 July 7, 2006
This "Invisible Man" author was working on a novel called "Juneteenth" when he died in 1994 Ellison 600 July 7, 2006
Part one of this Carson McCullers novel says Frankie "belonged to no club and was a member of nothing in the world" <i>The Member of the Wedding</i> 800 July 7, 2006
In 1912 this Polish-born author shared with readers "The Secret Sharer", a short story in English Joseph Conrad 1000 July 7, 2006
Tom Wolfe's award-winning book about our first astronauts, or what he proved he had by penning it <i>The Right Stuff</i> 200 January 21, 2004
This tale for which Hemingway won a Pulitzer was a revision of his earlier story "On the Blue Water" <i>The Old Man and the Sea</i> 400 January 21, 2004
It's the English title of Gabriel Garcia Marquez' "Cien Anos de Soledad" <i>One Hundred Years of Solitude</i> 600 January 21, 2004
His Alex Cross thrillers include "Roses are Red" & "Violets are Blue" James Patterson 1000 January 21, 2004
Sue Grafton began her letter-perfect alphabet mysteries with this book <i>A Is for Alibi</i> January 21, 2004
In 2003 he returned with a new legal thriller, "The King of Torts" John Grisham 200 September 10, 2003
His 1994 novel "White Shark" didn't have quite the same bite as his "Jaws" Peter Benchley 400 September 10, 2003
In the U.S. Ian Fleming took a gamble & published this first novel of his under the title "You Asked For It" <i>Casino Royale</i> 600 September 10, 2003
An actress is recruited to infiltrate a terrorist group in this John le Carre bestseller -- pa rum pum pum pum <i>The Little Drummer Girl</i> 800 September 10, 2003
In the beginning was this Barbara Kingsolver saga of a Southern missionary & his family in the Belgian Congo <i>The Poisonwood Bible</i> 1000 September 10, 2003
An 1853 fire at his publisher's warehouse burned the remaining stock of his books, including "Moby Dick" Herman Melville 100 May 17, 2001
Joel Chandler Harris' book of this character's songs & sayings was subtitled "Legends of the Old Plantation" Uncle Remus 200 May 17, 2001
This Mississippian's first novel, "Soldier's Pay", was recommended to a publisher by Sherwood Anderson William Faulkner 300 May 17, 2001
He wrote the screenplay to the 1983 Disney film "Something Wicked This Way Comes", which was based on his 1962 novel Ray Bradbury 400 May 17, 2001
E.M. Forster's experience as a secretary to an Indian prince was put to good use in this 1924 novel "A Passage to India" 500 May 17, 2001
"The Naked and the Dead","Existential Errands","The Executioner's Song" Norman Mailer 100 February 21, 2000
"The Great American Novel","Zuckerman Bound","Portnoy's Complaint" Philip Roth 200 February 21, 2000
"Welcome to the Monkey House","Galapagos","Player Piano" Kurt Vonnegut 300 February 21, 2000
"The 158-Pound Marriage","The Cider House Rules","A Son of the Circus" John Irving 400 February 21, 2000
"No Name","The Woman in White","The Moonstone" Wilkie Collins 500 February 21, 2000
Mathematician Ian Malcolm confronts more dinosaurs in this 1995 Michael Crichton sequel "The Lost World" 100 November 11, 1999
In Frank Herbert titles, this word follows "Children of", "Heretics of" & "God Emperor of" "Dune" 200 November 11, 1999
"The Gunslinger" is the first volume of this Stephen King series "The Dark Tower" 300 November 11, 1999
This "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" author wrote of his days in the RAF in "Going Solo" Roald Dahl 500 November 11, 1999
An attorney must search the Brazilian rain forest for a missing heir in his novel "The Testament" John Grisham November 11, 1999
In 1998 Israel celebrated its 50th anniversary & this Leon Uris book celebrated its 40th <i>Exodus</i> 100 October 16, 1998
With "Pandora", she recently began a new series of vampire tales Anne Rice 200 October 16, 1998
In 1997 this author returned to his roots with "Wobegon Boy" Garrison Keillor 300 October 16, 1998
In addition to techno-thrillers, he's also written such nonfiction works as "Submarine" & "Fighter Wing" Tom Clancy 400 October 16, 1998
E.L. Doctorow's novel "The Book of Daniel" was based on the espionage trial of this couple Julius & Ethel Rosenberg 500 October 16, 1998
With no "Time to Kill", he recently turned out another legal thriller, "The Street Lawyer" John Grisham 100 May 15, 1998
This author is famous for giving readers "Goosebumps" & leading them down "Fear Street" R.L. Stine 200 May 15, 1998
In this Stephen King novel, author Paul Sheldon is held hostage by his No. 1 fan "Misery" 300 May 15, 1998
Sinclair Lewis dedicated this book about a real estate broker to Edith Wharton "Babbitt" 400 May 15, 1998
This author of "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten" is an ordained Unitarian minister Robert Fulghum 500 May 15, 1998
This "Godfather" author calls "The Fortunate Pilgrim", re-released in 1997, his best book Mario Puzo 100 January 27, 1998
In 1917 he began "The Silmarillion", a history of Middle Earth before the Hobbits appeared J.R.R. Tolkien 200 January 27, 1998
His first novel "The White Peacock" preceded "Sons and Lovers" by 2 years D.H. Lawrence 300 January 27, 1998
Title of Kitty Kelley's 1997 bestseller about Britain's House of Windsor "The Royals" 400 January 27, 1998
"Perchance to Dream" with Philip Marlowe, is Robert B. Parker's sequel to this Raymond Chandler novel "The Big Sleep" January 27, 1998
She dedicated her 1816 novel "Emma" to his royal highness, the Prince Regent Jane Austen 100 November 25, 1996
In "Uncle Tom's Cabin", Evangeline St. Clair is better known by this nickname "Little Eva" 200 November 25, 1996
A notorious 1820s murder inspired this author of "All The King's Men" to write "World Enough and Time" Robert Penn Warren 300 November 25, 1996
A degenerate bootlegger named Popeye abducts college coed Temple Drake in his 1931 novel "Sanctuary" William Faulkner 500 November 25, 1996
It's the city in Armistead Maupin's "Tales of the City" San Francisco November 25, 1996
Not surprisingly, in 1984 his "1984" was a bestseller George Orwell 100 October 30, 1992
Stephen Crane established his reputation with this novel of the Civil War <i>The Red Badge of Courage</i> 200 October 30, 1992
An article that he wrote about his riverboat days was eventually expanded into "Life on the Mississippi" Mark Twain 300 October 30, 1992
A group of 19th c. authors is called the Knickerbocker Group after his pen name Washington Irving 100 April 8, 1991
Poet & editor Wm. C. Bryant is known for his 1870-71 translations of these 2 Homeric works the <i>Iliad</i> & the <i>Odyssey</i> 200 April 8, 1991
In the last 50 years, this Dale Carnegie book has sold more than 15 million hardcover copies <i>How to Win Friends and Influence People</i> 100 November 2, 1987
Author of "The Witches of Eastwick" John Updike 200 November 2, 1987
W/encouragement from J. Susann, this "3's Company" star published a book of poetry "Touch Me" Suzanne Somers 300 November 2, 1987
E.B. White's "Little" mouse who made his debut in 1945 Stuart Little 400 November 2, 1987
Author of "The New York Times Cookbook" & food columnist for the paper Craig Claiborne 500 November 2, 1987
Wm. E.E. Owens' "One Man vs. the Establishment" has been rejected by a record 137 of these publishers 100 December 23, 1985
Queen of mysteries who also wrote "Straight" novels under the name Mary Westmacott Agatha Christie 200 December 23, 1985
Critics called this character 1st introduced in "Life on the Mississippi", "a noble savage" Huckleberry Finn 300 December 23, 1985
Literary social movement of the '50s advocating nonconformity, poverty, & jazz beat movement (generation) 400 December 23, 1985