Clues for: European History

Question Answer Value Airdate
On December 2, 1804 Napoleon Bonaparte had this title officially bestowed upon him, by himself emperor 200 March 10, 2022
The Venice basilica named for this gospel writer & said to contain his earthly remains was rebuilt starting around 1063 Mark 400 March 10, 2022
The second Russian czar of this name had abolished serfdom but was assassinated by revolutionaries in 1881 Alexander 600 March 10, 2022
In 1618 longstanding hostility between Protestants & Catholics in central Europe sparked this long war the Thirty Years\' War 800 March 10, 2022
Back in 1688 Norway regulated many sawmills to fight this problem; in 2016 it became the world's first country to ban it deforestation (clear-cutting) 1000 March 10, 2022
This barbarian ruler who had terrorized Europe died on his wedding night in 453 A.D. Attila the Hun 200 June 2, 2021
The 2nd tsar of this name freed the serfs in Russia in 1861 Alexander 400 June 2, 2021
Once a powerful republic, this Italian city lost 4 wars to Venice in the Middle Ages Genoa 800 June 2, 2021
On October 25, 1415 an English army won this battle over a much larger French force the Battle of Agincourt 1000 June 2, 2021
This nation that was formed at the end of World War I broke in 2 in 1993 Czechoslovakia June 2, 2021
In the Kalmar War of 1611-1613, Denmark beat up on this rival to the north Sweden 200 September 16, 2020
In England Lord Hardwicke's Act of 1753 banned this informal type of marriage without civil or religious ceremony common law 400 September 16, 2020
German King Henry VII invaded Rome in 1312 & while he was there, picked up this title Holy Roman Emperor 600 September 16, 2020
Meaning "hammer", it was the byname of Frankish king Charles, who hammered a Muslim army at the 732 Battle of Tours Martel 800 September 16, 2020
Helped by Lord Byron, in 1830 it became the first of the Ottoman Empire's subject nations to achieve independence Greece September 16, 2020
Philip V of Spain built the palace of La Granja in imitation of this one outside of Paris Versailles 200 March 4, 2019
In 1976, after the parliament of this nation said having less than 5 grams of cannabis was legal, it was off to the "coffee shop" the Netherlands 400 March 4, 2019
In 1932 Italy issued a series of stamps honoring this hero of unification on the 50th anniversary of his death Garibaldi 800 March 4, 2019
Acting on his own, this Nazi deputy parachuted into Scotland in 1941 & spent the last 46 years of his life a prisoner Hess 1000 March 4, 2019
On March 1, 2007 170 Swiss troops accidentally wandered into & "invaded" this 62-sq-mi. nation--it was dark, OK?! Liechtenstein March 4, 2019
For the record, this emperor didn't actually fiddle while Rome burned because the fiddle didn't come until centuries later Nero 200 April 23, 2018
In 1465 the archbishop of Mainz granted this printer an annual pension of grain, wine & clothes Gutenberg 400 April 23, 2018
After the death of Charles II came the "War of the Spanish" this, 1701 to 1714 succession 800 April 23, 2018
In 1948, after celebrating 58 years as this country's queen, Wilhelmina abdicated in favor of her daughter the Netherlands 1000 April 23, 2018
During France's Reign of Terror, this wax modeler was forced to make death masks of freshly guillotined heads Madame Tussaud April 23, 2018
Between 1095 & 1291, Europeans launched as many as 10 of these Mideast campaigns; the first had the most success Crusades 200 March 27, 2017
A group of loyal clergy & boyars called the Selected council helped this awful guy rule Russia in the 16th century Ivan the Terrible 400 March 27, 2017
Seen here is Oliver Cromwell's signature in 1655 during the five years he held this two-word title, hence the P Lord Protector 600 March 27, 2017
In 1571's Battle of Lepanto, a coalition defeated this empire's navy, saving Europe from invasion the Ottoman Empire 800 March 27, 2017
King Charles XII of this nation was a boy military genius who won battles against Russia, Poland & Denmark in the 1700s Sweden 1000 March 27, 2017
Initially a barbed wire barrier, it began going up August 13, 1961 the Berlin Wall 200 May 23, 2014
According to tradition, in 490 B.C., Pheidippides ran 25 miles to announce a Greek victory in this battle Marathon 400 May 23, 2014
The Glorious Revolution of 1688 ended the rule of King James II & brought this pair to the English throne William & Mary 800 May 23, 2014
In France the Carolingian dynasty was followed by this one named for a guy named Hugh Capetian 1000 May 23, 2014
The Battle of Balaklava & the Battle of Inkerman took place during this war the Crimean War May 23, 2014
In 2012 the mass killer of 77 people in this Scandinavian country got the maximum sentence--21 years Norway 200 January 25, 2013
In 1966 Italy's Arno River flooded, damaging many of this city's art treasures, among them Donatello's "Magdalen" Florence 400 January 25, 2013
In 1653 he dismissed the "Long Parliament" saying "Be gone, you rogues. You have sat long enough" Oliver Cromwell 600 January 25, 2013
His courageous union leadership during the 1980s helped bring freedom to millions Lech Wałęsa 800 January 25, 2013
In 1669, after a 21-year siege, the Ottomans won this Mediterranean island; it's now Greece's largest island Crete 1000 January 25, 2013
When it became independent in 1829, it was half its current size, but added Thessaly in 1881, Epirus in 1913... Greece 200 April 30, 2004
A protest at a church in Timisoara began the rebellion that ended Ceausescu's rule in this country Romania 400 April 30, 2004
The demise of this monarch is depicted here Louis XVI 600 April 30, 2004
Britons of the year 1000 called Vikings by this national name, & levied a "geld" to buy them off Danes 800 April 30, 2004
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew in Toledo, Spain) Cristo de la Luz is a church today because in 1085 this hero helped King Alfonso retake Toledo for Christendom El Cid 1000 April 30, 2004
On January 18, 1871 the German Empire's Wilhelm I received this title which means "emperor" Kaiser 100 January 12, 2001
According to these historic prose epics by Icelanders, the Vikings established many settlements in North America Sagas 200 January 12, 2001
In 1867 this dual monarchy was created under the rule of Francis Joseph I; it lasted until the end of World War I Austria-Hungary 300 January 12, 2001
In 1806 Napoleon's brother Louis became king of this Low Country which had been known as the Batavian Republic The Netherlands/Holland 400 January 12, 2001
A major goddess of this first great Cretan civilization was often depicted holding snakes Minoan 500 January 12, 2001
When Italy was declared united in 1861, it was still missing Venice & this current capital Rome 100 October 20, 2000
In the ECSC, formed in western Europe in 1952, the "CS" stood for coal & this product Steel 200 October 20, 2000
Nickname of Lithuania's brutal 19th C. governor-general Muravyov, or a child's game with a stick figure Hangman 300 October 20, 2000
In 1995 troops of this international organization replaced U.N. forces as peacekeepers in Bosnia NATO 400 October 20, 2000
In the 1697 Treaty of Rijswijk, the French recognized this Dutch-born man as king of England William the Orange 500 October 20, 2000
Thousands of these Protestants were killed by pro-Catholic forces in the Massacre of Saint Bartholomew's Day Huguenots 100 May 15, 2000
In 1709 Sweden was defeated by this Russian czar in the Battle of Poltava, losing its dominance in the Baltic area Peter the Great 200 May 15, 2000
In 1996 Emil Constantinescu defeated Ion Iliescu in a runoff election for president of this country Romania 300 May 15, 2000
In 1905 journalist Arthur Griffith founded this political party, urging the Irish to not pay taxes to the British Sinn Fein 400 May 15, 2000
In 1928 this finance minister grabbed power & began his 40-year rule as dictator of Portugal Antonio Salazar 500 May 15, 2000
In 1914 German troops came within 15 miles of this capital before being repulsed at the Marne Paris 100 September 25, 1998
This country's 19th C. unification was impeded by the Papal states which physically divided it Italy 200 September 25, 1998
In the 17th C. Shabbetai Tzevi attracted a mass following among Jews after declaring himself this The Messiah 300 September 25, 1998
It's what the FT stands for in EFTA, which began operating 34 years before NAFTA Free Trade 400 September 25, 1998
In the 18th C. Catherine the Great's son Paul I established an order of male succession in this dynasty Romanov 500 September 25, 1998
The "hyper" type of this economic event struck Germany in 1923, when a U.S. dollar was worth 4 trillion marks Inflation 100 October 6, 1997
Spreading Greek culture far & wide, he inaugurated the Hellenistic Age in the 4th century B.C. Alexander the Great 200 October 6, 1997
1995 public sector strikes protesting premier Alain Juppe's austerity plan paralyzed this country France 300 October 6, 1997
The tribunal for war crimes in areas formerly part of this country held its first trial in 1996 Yugoslavia 400 October 6, 1997
These states that included Rome were established in 756 & were absorbed by Italy in 1870 Papal States 500 October 6, 1997
A former Socialist, he formed the anti-Communist Fascist Party in 1919 Benito Mussolini 100 May 19, 1997
On Aug. 27, 1789 this country's national assembly issued its declaration of the rights of man France 200 May 19, 1997
Initially Emmeline Pankhurst secured the right to vote in England only for these women Married women 300 May 19, 1997
Prussia's King Wilhelm I assumed this title in 1871 when he was crowned emperor of Germany Kaiser 400 May 19, 1997
The Dutch Cape Colony took its name from this cape Cape of Good Hope 500 May 19, 1997
While in exile on the island of St. Helena from 1815-1821, he dictated his memoirs to friends Napoleon 100 July 16, 1996
This grand duchy was founded in 963 when Siegfried, Count of Ardennes, gained control of the area Luxembourg 200 July 16, 1996
The treaties ending the Seven Years', Crimean & Spanish-American Wars were signed in this city Paris 300 July 16, 1996
Except for a brief time, this birthplace of Christopher Columbus was ruled by a doge from 1339-1797 Genoa 400 July 16, 1996
From 930-1262, this country's Althing served as both court & legislature Iceland July 16, 1996
After becoming Chancellor of Germany in 1933, Hitler withdrew the country from this league the League of Nations 100 May 5, 1995
On June 25. 1991 Croatia & Slovenia formally declared their independence from this country Yugoslavia 200 May 5, 1995
It's the historic period between the fall of the Roman Empire & the dawn of the Renaissance the Middle Ages 300 May 5, 1995
In 1969 this Spanish dictator named Prince Juan Carlos his eventual successor (Francisco) Franco 400 May 5, 1995
These 1455-1485 English wars involved the houses of Lancaster & York the Wars of the Roses 500 May 5, 1995
Under this empire, Spain was part of the province of Hispania Roman 100 November 6, 1992
The Congress of Vienna gave this country 3 more cantons that had been under French control Switzerland 200 November 6, 1992
Britain captured this strategic Iberian promontory in 1704 Gibraltar 300 November 6, 1992
In June 1791 this king fled but was caught at Varennes & returned to Paris Louis XVI 400 November 6, 1992
In 1965 he succeeded Gheorghiu-Dej as head of the Romanian communist party (Nicolae) Ceaușescu November 6, 1992
His family became Christian, but this Viking explorer nicknamed "the Red" remained a pagan Erik the Red 100 October 26, 1992
She sidestepped her other suitors & married her own choice, Ferdinand of Aragon, in 1469 Queen Isabel 200 October 26, 1992
This small Iberian country became independent in 1143, so it's one of the oldest nations in Europe Portugal 300 October 26, 1992
The name of this woman who was executed at Vincennes in 1917 became a synonym for a seductive spy Mata Hari 400 October 26, 1992
This Scottish queen's second husband, Lord Darnley, was also her first cousin Mary (Queen of Scots) 500 October 26, 1992
This long, narrow boat first appeared in Venice in the 11th century the gondola 100 September 10, 1991
In 1964 Alexei Kosygin succeeded this man as Soviet premier Khrushchev 200 September 10, 1991
Order founded in 1119, also called "Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ & the Temple of Solomon" Knights Templar 300 September 10, 1991
After King Alfonso XIII fled this country in 1931 it became a republic Spain 400 September 10, 1991
This Crimean town where the "Big Three" met in 1945 had been occupied by the Nazis from 1941-44 Yalta 500 September 10, 1991
Of the Greek city-states, it was the 1st to raise a standing army Sparta 100 April 11, 1990
Their marriage in 1469 began the unification of nearly all of present-day Spain Ferdinand & Isabella 200 April 11, 1990
The ancient Romans called this land "Hibernia" Ireland 300 April 11, 1990
This republic immediately preceded Hitler's 3rd Reich Weimar Republic 400 April 11, 1990
This French city's Palace of the Popes was the center of Christianity for most of the 14th century Avignon 500 April 11, 1990