Clues for: Animals

Question Answer Value Airdate
It's the only Asian great ape the orangutan 200 May 1, 2007
It's what an archerfish shoots to bring down insects water 400 May 1, 2007
This predator that comes in gray and red types is a bit camera-shy, but its tracks are seen here the wolf 600 May 1, 2007
A traditional sign of spring in England is a letter to the Times saying, I heard this "crazy" bird's call a cuckoo 800 May 1, 2007
(Sarah of the Clue Crew appears from the USC Wrigley Institute on Catalina Island, CA.) Though thriving now, Catalina Island foxes were threatened in the '90s by the infectious disease marked by fever & catarrh known as canine this distemper 1000 May 1, 2007
This bird's whooping call is said to carry 2 miles, & its courtship displays include a leaping dance whooping crane 200 December 14, 2006
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew poses next to a cow at Old World, Wisconsin.) This is the name of a cow that is less than 3 years old that hasn't given birth; Zeus turned Io into a white one a heifer 400 December 14, 2006
We'd like to see David Blaine vs. this flightless bird in a breath-holding contest (some can go 22 min. underwater) penguin 600 December 14, 2006
This "demonic" marsupial is extinct from the Aussie mainland but still lives close by Tasmanian devil 800 December 14, 2006
It's the amused African mammal heard here hyena 1000 December 14, 2006
On the squirrel monkey of South America, this may be 16 inches long the tail 200 May 29, 2006
Animal that was the main staple of the Plains Indians economy buffalo 400 May 29, 2006
The bulls of this tusked aquatic mammal also known as the morse may weigh over 3,000 pounds the walrus 600 May 29, 2006
While on safari in Africa, your guide may point out a dik-dik, a small one of these animals an antelope 800 May 29, 2006
This handsome imperiled type of owl seen here has Northern, Californian & Mexican subspecies the spotted owl 1000 May 29, 2006
Its legs are 6 feet long & its neck can be even longer a giraffe 200 October 18, 2004
Bactrian & dromedary are the 2 main types of this desert creature a camel 400 October 18, 2004
The percheron & the palomino are types of this a horse 600 October 18, 2004
The rabbit seen here has this name after one of its features cottontail 800 October 18, 2004
Pythons are oviparous, meaning they do this lay eggs October 18, 2004
In a children's tale, Jack traded one of these barnyard animals for some magic beans cow 200 January 7, 2004
Yipes Stripes! The Grevy species of this was named for a president of France zebra 400 January 7, 2004
In an aardvark these are diiferent from yours; they have no enamel teeth 600 January 7, 2004
"The Encyclopedia of Mammals" calls it the most heavily armored mammal alive today armadillo 800 January 7, 2004
(Sarah of the Clue Crew in Alaska) The name of this raptor comes from a word meaning "to grasp" hawk 1000 January 7, 2004
The fact that this lizard's name is from the Greek for "ground lion" never changes chameleon 100 October 2, 2001
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from the San Diego Zoo.) A giraffe's tail, which is about 3 feet long, is used to swat this bloodsucking fly that causes sleeping sickness tsetse fly 200 October 2, 2001
The suni, a small one of these graceful African mammals, is barely 15 inches high antelope 300 October 2, 2001
The common type of this marsupial has coarse, thick fur while that of the hairy-nosed is short & silky wombat 400 October 2, 2001
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from the L.A. County Natural History Museum.) This sea mammal, whose skull is seen here, has a spiral tusk that keeps growing & growing & growing... & growing & growing the narwhal 500 October 2, 2001
It's the common term for the young of a whale as well as a cow Calf 100 June 27, 2001
Of a wild dog, a rabbit or a bird, what a jackdaw is Bird 200 June 27, 2001
This civet relative not only kills cobras but mice, rats & poultry as well Mongoose 300 June 27, 2001
These mollusks, not oysters, are the most common source for freshwater pearls Mussels 400 June 27, 2001
"Euell" be glad to know these small apes are the only ones to habitually walk erect Gibbons 500 June 27, 2001
All but one of the domesticated breeds of this animal are derived from the mallard Duck 100 May 17, 2000
The screech type of this creature may make its nest in a Saguaro cactus Owl 200 May 17, 2000
The Weddell species of this animal can stay underwater for over an hour Seal 300 May 17, 2000
Similar to a wattle, it's the throat flap of Zebu cattle or the mole anole lizard Dewlap 400 May 17, 2000
Dingoes go after these burrowing marsupials that come in a common & a hairy-nosed type Wombats 500 May 17, 2000
The beak of this flightless bird of Antarctica can be black, red, orange or bright purple penguin 100 May 2, 2000
Buckskin was originally made from the mule & white-tailed species of this ungulate deer 200 May 2, 2000
A species of this insect, Apidae bumbus, ranges from above the Arctic Circle to as far south as Tierra del Fuego bumblebee 300 May 2, 2000
In a boon to lab research, in 1956 it was found that this "golden" rodent could be infected with the common cold hamster 400 May 2, 2000
This flightless South American bird often associates with guanacos, forming mixed herds rhea 500 May 2, 2000
The monkey-eating species of this bird lives in the Philippines; the bald species lives in the U.S. the eagle 100 June 1, 1998
These birds range in size from the 1-foot blue to the 4-foot emperor the penguin 200 June 1, 1998
Group of mammals seen here:[like Timon in The Lion King] meerkats 300 June 1, 1998
It has webbed, padded toes & can drink over 20 gallons of water in a single drink the camel 400 June 1, 1998
This land animal can weigh more than 8,000 pounds & can open its immense jaws 150 degrees the hippopotamus 500 June 1, 1998
This Arctic bear may travel 40 miles a day on ice floes Polar bear 100 May 18, 1998
In the mountain "mist" of central & w. Africa you can still find a few of these endangered mammals Gorillas 200 May 18, 1998
It's the nearly extinct tiger seen here in its natural habitat: Siberian tiger 300 May 18, 1998
In 1961 a federal law banned the importation of this South American fish into the U.S. Piranha 400 May 18, 1998
The Western Hemisphere's largest snake, it's also called a water boa Anaconda 500 May 18, 1998
Among bears, this is the best swimmer Polar bear 100 January 2, 1998
The jackrabbit isn't really a rabbit but one of these relatives Hare 200 January 2, 1998
Like this similarly named mammal, the aardwolf eats mainly termites Aardvark 300 January 2, 1998
The Viceroy type of this insect is protected by its resemblance to the bad-tasting Monarch Butterfly 400 January 2, 1998
There are 3 species of bluebird but over 20 of these birds, including grackles Blackbirds 500 January 2, 1998
On a turtle, it's made up of a carapace & plastron Shell 100 December 19, 1997
Only gorillas & these other primates walk on their knuckles Chimpanzees 200 December 19, 1997
Sapsuckers are a type of these birds that extract insects from trees by strokes of their bills Woodpeckers 300 December 19, 1997
Biologist Johannes Schmidt located the Sargasso Sea breeding area of this "elongated" freshwater fish Eel 400 December 19, 1997
These small, slender mammals often kept as pets were domesticated from the European polecat Ferrets 500 December 19, 1997
In a matter of minutes, a school of these South American fish can reduce a large mammal to a skeleton Piranha 100 December 4, 1997
A popular performer at aquariums, this dolphin is named for the shape of its snout Bottlenose dolphin 200 December 4, 1997
These swift felines of Africa & Asia are also known as "hunting leopards" Cheetahs 300 December 4, 1997
The name of this graceful antelope may remind you of a classic Chevy Impala 400 December 4, 1997
These Arctic rodents famous for their mass migrations are a favorite food of the snowy owl Lemmings 500 December 4, 1997
When threatened, the crested one of these erects & rattles its quills Porcupine 100 November 3, 1997
Some Arabs believe the eggshells of these tallest birds are magical & use them to repel lightning Ostriches 200 November 3, 1997
The honey possum, a tiny marsupial, feeds on this sweet liquid, a favorite of hummingbirds Nectar 300 November 3, 1997
The pocket gopher uses this almost hairless appendage as a sense organ to feel its way in the dark Tail 400 November 3, 1997
As its name implies, the geochelone elephantopus of the Galapagos is a really big one of these Tortoise 500 November 3, 1997
Most of the quills on the thin-spined species of this rodent are on its head the porcupine 100 September 19, 1997
1 of only 2 species of eagle to breed in the U.S. & Canada the golden eagle (or the bald eagle) 200 September 19, 1997
The ornate chorus species of these tailless amphibians are less than 2" in length frogs 300 September 19, 1997
The siamang of Sumatra & Malaysia is the largest type of this smallest ape a gibbon 400 September 19, 1997
This largest toothed whale is also called a cachalot the sperm whale 500 September 19, 1997
In 1956 it was discovered that hamsters could be infected with this "common" human malady the common cold 100 July 11, 1997
Many American breeds of this animal, like the rambouillet, are raised more for their fleece than for meat sheep 200 July 11, 1997
This crab's habit of waving its big claw gave it a musical name the fiddler crab 300 July 11, 1997
In 1996 158 of these endangered marine mammals died in a red tide of toxic algae in Florida manatees 400 July 11, 1997
The Canadian government has blamed the decline of this Atlantic food fish partly on the harp seal the cod 500 July 11, 1997
Unlike other species of this polar bird, the emperor breeds in the winter months of May & June Penguin 100 May 27, 1997
The "rainbow" on this fish is a band of red on each of its sides Trout 200 May 27, 1997
This pigeon relative is named for its sad cooing sound Mourning dove 300 May 27, 1997
The "black" species of this large horned mammal can grasp twigs with its upper lip Rhinoceros 400 May 27, 1997
This colorful eagle is unpopular with U.S. sheep ranchers because it preys on rams Golden eagle 500 May 27, 1997
Sadly, this "giant" bearlike mammal of China is on the endangered list Giant panda 100 May 13, 1997
Among the largest flying birds are the California & Andean species of these Condor 200 May 13, 1997
This domesticated pack animal & its relative the alpaca were referred to as Peruvian sheep by the Spanish Llama 300 May 13, 1997
The AKC classifies the miniature schnauzer as a breed within this dog group Terrier 400 May 13, 1997
Related to corals, this sea creature has been described as "the best known of the so-called flower animals" Sea anemone 500 May 13, 1997
The Tiger Swallowtail & Zebra Swallowtail are species of this insect Butterfly 100 April 3, 1997
These medicinal worms were once used to treat headaches & mental illnesses Leeches 200 April 3, 1997
This rodent in the genus Neotoma is named for its habit of hoarding small objects Pack rat 300 April 3, 1997
Also called a warrigal, this wild dog is one of the few nonmarsupial mammals of Australia Dingo 400 April 3, 1997
This catlike carnivore of Africa is valued for its musk Civet 500 April 3, 1997
The African rain forests are the natural habitat of these largest apes Gorillas 100 February 6, 1997
The red kangaroo is among the largest of these pouched mammals Marsupials 200 February 6, 1997
One of these mammals that inhabits the East Indies has a wingspan of over 5 1/2 feet Bat 300 February 6, 1997
This spiny relative of the starfish is sometimes referred to as a sea hedgehog Sea Urchin 400 February 6, 1997
This largest wild cat of the Americas looks similar to a leopard Jaguar 500 February 6, 1997
World Book says this type of bear has been seen on ice chunks as far south as the Gulf of St. Lawrence Polar Bear 100 January 31, 1997
The largest freshwater species of this reptile in the U.S. is the alligator snapper Turtle 200 January 31, 1997
The largest species of this American marsupial is the common or Virginia species Possum 300 January 31, 1997
This ground squirrel is distinguished from others by its striped face Chipmunk 400 January 31, 1997
The largest & heaviest New World monkey, its characteristic roar can be heard for about 2 miles Howler Monkey 500 January 31, 1997
Asia's only lions live in Gir Forest, about 200 miles northwest of Bombay in this country India 100 January 3, 1997
The sting family of this fish has sharp poisonous dorsal spines near the tail Ray 200 January 3, 1997
Australia has over 300 species of these animals, including skinks, geckos & giant goannas Lizards 300 January 3, 1997
This dark fluid is secreted by cuttlefish & other cephalopods Ink 400 January 3, 1997
Named for the texture of its shells, it's the largest living turtle Leatherback 500 January 3, 1997
The silky & Yorkshire are toy breeds of this dog Terrier 100 December 23, 1996
Perhaps referring to its erratic behavior, the gnu is also called this Wildebeest 200 December 23, 1996
The 2 popular breeds of dairy cattle named for Britain's 2 largest Channel Islands Jersey & Guernsey 300 December 23, 1996
Up to 50 feet in length, the whale species of this fish is the largest in the sea Shark 400 December 23, 1996
In summer, when its coat is brown, the ermine is referred to by this name Stoat/Weasel December 23, 1996
The largest of the seals is named for this largest land animal Elephant Seal 100 November 19, 1996
1 of 2 egg-laying mammals of Australia Duck-billed Platypus & Echidna 200 November 19, 1996
The hide of this wild Tibetan ox is used for leather, & it's flesh is used for food Yak 300 November 19, 1996
With its single-twisted horn, it's known as "the unicorn of the whale family" Narwhal 400 November 19, 1996
This fish, named for its ability to breathe out of water, can drown if held underwater Lungfish 500 November 19, 1996
Lizards & these creatures, like pythons & cobras, make up the largest group of reptiles Snakes 100 July 18, 1996
Acacia leaves are the favorite food of this tallest mammal Giraffe 200 July 18, 1996
Found chiefly in Australia, the wallaby is a smaller type of this marsupial Kangaroo 300 July 18, 1996
A white whale & a large white sturgeon prized for its caviar share this name Beluga 400 July 18, 1996
These performing horses trained at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna are bred elsewhere for farmwork Lipizzaner Stallions 500 July 18, 1996
This continent is home to both pacas & alpacas South America 100 March 21, 1996
One of these chilopoda arthropods has as many as 177 pairs of legs; most have 15 to 23 pairs Centipede 200 March 21, 1996
A female one of the gypsy species of this insect can lay over 1,000 eggs at one time Moth 300 March 21, 1996
To count a pair of these carnivorous sea snails, say "A-one-an-a-two" Whelks 400 March 21, 1996
The domestic one of these evolved from the mouflon & urial Sheep 500 March 21, 1996
Rattlesnakes belong to the pit group of this snake family vipers 100 January 29, 1996
The silvery blue, the spring azure & the common oakblue are blue-winged types of this beautiful insect butterfly 200 January 29, 1996
This tall bird whose scientific name is Struthio camelus is nicknamed the camel bird ostrich 300 January 29, 1996
The Patagonian cavy, which resembles a hare, belongs to this order of mammals rodents 400 January 29, 1996
Found in Africa, the colobus type of this mammal often has distinctive black & white fur monkey 500 January 29, 1996
LIke other male bovines, adult male yaks are called these Bulls 100 November 25, 1994
A hinny has an ass for a mother & one of these animals for a father Horse 200 November 25, 1994
To escape predators, many lizards break off this body part; it later regenerates Tail 300 November 25, 1994
These stinging arachnids give birth to live young which cling to their mother's backs for several days Scorpions 400 November 25, 1994
This bear-like carnivore, a large member of the weasel family, is also known as the glutton Wolverine 500 November 25, 1994
This "masked" North American mammal is related to the giant & lesser pandas of Asia raccoon 100 October 7, 1994
This African river mammal's tusks were once used for false teeth because they didn't yellow hippopotami (hippo) 200 October 7, 1994
Fallow, marsh & white-tailed are species of this mammal deer 300 October 7, 1994
This Australian dog rarely barks, but howls like a coyote dingo 400 October 7, 1994
The Adelie species of this bird was named for the wife of French explorer Dumont d'Urville penguin 500 October 7, 1994
In the marsupial mole, hearing & this sense are poorly developed Sight 100 November 17, 1993
In the mistaken belief that it washes its food, it was given the scientific name lotor, meaning "washer" Raccoon 200 November 17, 1993
The Indian species of this cobra killer can be tamed when young Mongoose 300 November 17, 1993
In this type of crab, the male has a large claw & waves it like a violinist's bow Fiddler crab 400 November 17, 1993
Extinct for hundreds of years, the elephant bird weighed 1,000 pounds & lived on this east African island Madagascar 500 November 17, 1993
Like its giant relative, the lesser variety of this is also a bamboo eater Panda 100 November 12, 1992
The macropis rufus; it can lean back on its tail to free its hind feet for use as weapons Kangaroo 200 November 12, 1992
A few of these large bovines still exist in the wild in Tibet at elevations over 14,000 feet Yak 300 November 12, 1992
An elephant has 5 toes on a front foot & a camel has this many 2 400 November 12, 1992
They're the tallest North American birds Whooping Cranes 500 November 12, 1992
The crab-eating one of these masked animals eats fish, fruit & frogs, too raccoons 100 October 28, 1992
Found in this state's Keys, the Key Deer is only about 2 1/2 feet tall Florida 200 October 28, 1992
Mason, miner & killer are 3 types of these insects bees 300 October 28, 1992
The adjective feliform describes anything that resembles one of these animals cat 400 October 28, 1992
Koalas & kangaroos belong to this order of mammals known for poorly developed young marsupials 500 October 28, 1992
The robber crab is known for climbing palms to feed on these Coconuts 100 November 15, 1991
The part of the male lyrebird that's shaped like a lyre Tail 200 November 15, 1991
The flying fox isn't a type of fox, but a type of this Bat 300 November 15, 1991
In 1921 Banting & Best controlled diabetes in these animals with insulin; man came later Dogs 400 November 15, 1991
Called the "King of the Terriers", its original home was the valley of the river Aire Airedale 100 May 22, 1990
Like a lot of birds, the monarch butterfly does this in the winter Migrate 200 May 22, 1990
A camel's hump doesn't contain water, as once was thought, but this, for energy when food is scarce Fat 300 May 22, 1990
The only female deer with antlers, it uses them to dig in the snow for food Reindeer 400 May 22, 1990
Marine creature whose zoological name is Hippocampus Seahorse 500 May 22, 1990
In the Middle Ages this insect was dedicated to the Virgin & called "The Beetle Of Our Lady" ladybug/ladybird beetle 100 April 6, 1990
Smaller forms of these birds are usually called doves pigeons 200 April 6, 1990
The largest members of this phylum are the giant squids & the smallest are snails mollusks 300 April 6, 1990
These arachnids differ from true spiders by the extreme length & thinness of their legs Daddy Longlegs 400 April 6, 1990
Surprisingly, the white, or beluga, species of this mammal can be found in the St. Lawrence River whale 500 April 6, 1990
The upper part of this turtle feature is called the carapace Shell 100 November 27, 1989
A drone bee's only purpose in life is to do this with the queen & they do it in flight Mate 200 November 27, 1989
The bulldog is a symbol of this country where it was developed England 300 November 27, 1989
Of sight, hearing, or smell, the sense that is best developed in most seals Sight 400 November 27, 1989
The 2 species of camel are the Arabian, also called the dromedary & this Bactrian (2-Humped) 500 November 27, 1989
A bat's hands serve as these Wings 100 November 6, 1989
On a true sole both of these are on the right side of the head Eyes 200 November 6, 1989
Lizard that's noted for its ability to walk on ceilings Gecko 300 November 6, 1989
The South African rhebok is not an athletic shoe but a species of this Antelope 400 November 6, 1989
With ancestors as big as elephants, these slow beasts now just hang upside down in trees Sloths 500 November 6, 1989
The Bush species of this is the largest land mammal in the world an elephant 100 May 8, 1989
In the names of cat breeds, this color follows "British" & "Russian" blue 200 May 8, 1989
Of teeth, nails or beaks, the ones turtles don't have teeth 300 May 8, 1989
A 7-letter word for a dog of mixed or indeterminate ancestry a mongrel 400 May 8, 1989
2 species of these snakes native to India are the Indian & the King a cobra 500 May 8, 1989
Probably the 1st birds tamed, they weren't used as messengers but as meals pigeons 100 January 3, 1989
If Michael Jackson can't make a personal appearance, he may send Bubbles, one of these a chimpanzee 200 January 3, 1989
The albatross' ritual for this includes preening & dancing; dinner & a movie wasn't listed a mating ritual 300 January 3, 1989
The Dandie Dinmont, a dog in this group, was named after a farmer who raised them in "Guy Mannering" the terriers 500 January 3, 1989
Of the creatures on Earth that have legs, most of them have this many 6 January 3, 1989
Part of its body where you'll find a warthog's warts its face 100 June 28, 1988
Owls are among the few birds to have these on the front of their heads their eyes 200 June 28, 1988
Most lampreys live by attaching themselves to these other fish 300 June 28, 1988
When grasshoppers or other Orthoptera are stridulating, they're producing this a song (or a sound) 400 June 28, 1988
Varieties of these insects include bee, soldier, flower, blow & fruit flies 500 June 28, 1988
A mosquito's hum is actually the sound made by these its wings 100 November 13, 1987
Though its name means "Flemish cowherd", a bouvier des flandres is a breed of this dog 200 November 13, 1987
The only African bird of prey with terrestrial habits; it can't type or take dictation the secretary bird 300 November 13, 1987
The number of toes on the foot of a hippopotamus; especially the ones in Disney's "Fantasia" four 400 November 13, 1987
Types of this aquatic creature include chimney, sheep's wool, and common bath the sponge 500 November 13, 1987
Skunks develop this ability before they're one month old, so watch out! spraying foul-smelling stuff 100 May 25, 1987
The most recent member of the "ursus", or bear, line is this species which headed north polar bear 200 May 25, 1987
Of the higher primates, the pygmy marmoset is smallest in size & this is the largest gorilla 300 May 25, 1987
Of the civet, otter, & badger, the mammal that's considered aquatic otter 400 May 25, 1987
Lemurs live chiefly on The Comoros & this other island country off Africa's southeast coast Madagascar 500 May 25, 1987
An insect related to the housefly, but wingless, is the largest land animal native to this continent Antarctica 100 April 24, 1987
In buildings, Norway variety of this animal tends to live on lower floors while black kind lives upstairs rats 200 April 24, 1987
Used in medical research which established Rh factor, their export is now banned by India rhesus monkeys 300 April 24, 1987
The gavial looks very much like a crocodile except for this bodily feature the nose or snout 400 April 24, 1987
With an estimated weight of over 2 tons, the largest nest on record was built by these birds bald eagles 500 April 24, 1987
Of African killer bees or common honeybees, the ones who've killed more people in the U.S. common honeybees 100 November 4, 1986
The bedbug hunter is called "The Kissing Bug" because it bites its victims here on the lips (or around the mouth) 200 November 4, 1986
Australia's maned goose operates under an alias; it's really one of these "daffy" creatures a duck 300 November 4, 1986
Legend says a canis latrans, one of these raised Pecos Bill & taught him how to howl at the moon a coyote 400 November 4, 1986
New Zealanders used to raise red deer for these, which were ground & used as aphrodisiacs their horns (or antlers) 500 November 4, 1986
Don't kick an adult male of these duck-billed creatures in the ankle; he's got a poisoned spur duck-billed platypus 100 September 8, 1986
"Odobenus rosmarus", Latin name for this Arctic tusked mammal, means "one who walks with his teeth" walrus 200 September 8, 1986
The Bible states it was upon this color of ass that great personages preferred to ride white 300 September 8, 1986
Part of the witches' brew recipe in "Macbeth" was a pinch of this amphibian's eye eye of newt 400 September 8, 1986
Shellfish are not fish, but members of 2 invertebrate classifications, of which this is 1 mollusks or crustaceans 500 September 8, 1986
Even in the wild, this largest of apes takes a midday nap gorilla 100 October 2, 1985
Name for both Chinese gooseberry & people of New Zealand comes from this bird kiwi 200 October 2, 1985
The only 2 venomous species of lizards, Gila monsters & beaded lizard, are native to this continent North America 300 October 2, 1985
Cat-like animal raised for the secretions it produces which are used to make perfumes civet 400 October 2, 1985
According to New York's Bronx Zoo, it's "the most dangerous animal in the world" man 500 October 2, 1985
"Sly" creature sought by sportsmen riding to hounds a fox 100 December 11, 1984
The "ship of the desert" a camel 200 December 11, 1984
The children are poults, the mothers, hens & the fathers,toms turkeys 300 December 11, 1984
Name of the sport of hunting birds with other birds falconry 400 December 11, 1984
Floating sea creature named by sailors for the Iberian fighting ship it resembles the Portuguese man-of-war 500 December 11, 1984
Scooby-Doo, Goofy & Pluto are cartoon versions dogs 100 September 12, 1984
"Eager" animal that symbolizes Canada the beaver 200 September 12, 1984
They include killers, humpbacks & sperms whales 300 September 12, 1984
Tibetan ox used to carry travelers and mail a yak 500 September 12, 1984
These rodents first got to America by stowing away on ships rats 100 September 10, 1984
There are about 40,000 muscles & tendons in this part of an elephant's body the trunk 200 September 10, 1984
When husbands "pop" for an ermine coat, they're actually buying this fur a weasel 300 September 10, 1984
Close relative of the pig, though its name means "river horse" the hippopotamus 400 September 10, 1984
If this species of hybrid's parents were reversed, you'd get a hinny a mule 500 September 10, 1984