Clues for: State Capitals

Question Answer Value Airdate
This southern capital is known as "The Big Peach" Atlanta 200 January 27, 2021
It's home to the American Hockey League's Iowa Wild Des Moines 400 January 27, 2021
This capital's St. John's Church was the site of Patrick Henry's "Liberty or Death" oration Richmond 600 January 27, 2021
The capitol building in this North Dakota capital is home to the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Hall of Fame Bismarck 800 January 27, 2021
Founded around 1610, it once served as the seat of power for the Spanish empire north of the Rio Grande Santa Fe, New Mexico 1000 January 27, 2021
This capital's Big Dam Bridge, almost a mile long, spans a dam on the Arkansas River Little Rock, Arkansas 200 July 4, 2016
Although designated Delaware's state capital in 1777, it wasn't incorporated as a city until 1929 Dover 400 July 4, 2016
This capital's name is derived from a Hebrew word meaning "peace" Salem (Oregon) 600 July 4, 2016
While traveling Route 66 through this capital, you'll pass by the Will Rogers Theatre & its striking Art Deco sign Oklahoma City 800 July 4, 2016
The state museum here is often called the William Penn Memorial Museum due to the statue of Penn in the central hall Harrisburg 1000 July 4, 2016
In 1683 William Penn ordered that this Delaware capital be built as a site for a courthouse & jail Dover 200 January 4, 2016
This city southwest of Tacoma was named for some nearby mountains Olympia 400 January 4, 2016
Each September this Buckeye capital holds an Oktoberfest in its restored 19th century German village Columbus 600 January 4, 2016
Attractions in this capital include the Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum & the First White House of the Confederacy Montgomery 800 January 4, 2016
It was selected as a compromise between North Platters & South Platters, who each favored different locale Lincoln, Nebraska January 4, 2016
Juneau had its beginning in 1880 when Richard Harris & Joe Juneau arrived in the area seeking this... what else? gold 200 July 24, 2015
In 1743 the site of this S.D. capital was claimed for France by the burial of a lead plate; the plate was found in 1913 Pierre 400 July 24, 2015
The only house Abraham Lincoln ever owned is located at Jackson & 8th Streets in this capital Springfield 600 July 24, 2015
Atlanta's seal features this mythic bird, which symbolizes its rebuilding that began in 1865 the phoenix 800 July 24, 2015
(Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from the Parthenon in Nashville, TN.) The Parthenon in Nashville boasts one of the world's largest sets of doors made from this metal--24' high & 7' wide bronze 1000 July 24, 2015
This Mississippi capital was named for a general who later became president Jackson (Mississippi) 200 November 11, 2013
Its National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific contains the graves of WWII, Korean War & Vietnam War dead Honolulu 400 November 11, 2013
This New England state capital lies on the main pass through the Green Mountains Montpelier 600 November 11, 2013
Huey Long's grave has an honored place on the grounds of this city's capital building Baton Rouge 800 November 11, 2013
French-Canadian trappers named it for the tree-lined river that provided relief for those crossing the Snake River Plain Boise November 11, 2013
The state capital out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean Honolulu 200 July 7, 2011
This Missouri capital is one of the 4 named after a U.S. president Jefferson City 400 July 7, 2011
One of the 2 that end in "polis" Annapolis (or Indianapolis) 600 July 7, 2011
It's the northernmost state capital; it can get real cold there too Juneau 800 July 7, 2011
As governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger had his office in this state capital Sacramento 1000 July 7, 2011
The key on this capital's corporate seal represents it beit the key to the Rocky Mountain region Denver 200 December 28, 2010
The official website of this capital city can be found at Tallahassee 400 December 28, 2010
A sign in this Oregon capital marks the 45th parallel "half way between the equator and the North Pole" Salem 600 December 28, 2010
It began as a trading post called La Petite Roche to distinguish it from a high bluff farther upstream Little Rock 800 December 28, 2010
In 1873 the town of Edwinton was renamed this by the Northern Pacific Railroad to honor the German Chancellor Bismarck December 28, 2010
This site was uninhabited woods when James Doty persuaded the Wisconsin legislature to put the capital there Madison 200 February 24, 2010
It's home to Grand Canyon university Phoenix 400 February 24, 2010
Troy & Schenectady are part of this state capital's metropolitan area Albany 600 February 24, 2010
This capital was created when adjoining settlements, East Alabama & Alabama, merged in 1819 Montgomery 1000 February 24, 2010
This capital closest to Sutter's Mill served as a supply center for the Forty-Niners Sacramento February 24, 2010
In 1821 Mississippi named its capital for this hero of the War of 1812; he didn't become president until 8 years later (Andrew) Jackson 200 July 20, 2007
When Kansas became a state in 1861, this city became capital Topeka 400 July 20, 2007
This capital lies in the Eagle Valley about 30 miles south of Reno Carson City 600 July 20, 2007
Tempe is a southern suburb of this state capital Phoenix 800 July 20, 2007
A statue of Ethan Allen stands within the portico of the state capitol building in this city Montpelier July 20, 2007
Pass the grape jelly & name this state capital of New Hampshire Concord 200 May 1, 2007
It's the capital of the Evergreen State Olympia 400 May 1, 2007
Much of the trendy Back Bay area of this state capital is built on a landfill Boston 600 May 1, 2007
It's where you'll find the Robert C. Byrd U.S. Courthouse Charleston 1000 May 1, 2007
Because he believed God led him there, Roger Williams named a state capital this Providence May 1, 2007
We're not sure whether the Spanish ship on its city flag represents the Nina, Pinta, or Santa Maria Columbus (Ohio) 200 February 8, 2007
This capital was created by the Missouri legislature & laid out by the son of Daniel Boone in the 1820s Jefferson City 400 February 8, 2007
One of the major attractions in this state capital is the tomb of Abraham Lincoln in Oak Ridge Cemetery Springfield 800 February 8, 2007
This capital began as a small Dutch outpost, Fort Nassau, built on Westerlo Island in the Hudson River Albany (New York) 1000 February 8, 2007
Mount Rainier is visible to the east from its state capitol building Olympia (Washington) February 8, 2007
One of its nicknames is the "City of Paul Revere" Boston 200 January 9, 2006
One of the world's largest pipe organs is found in the tabernacle in this state capital Salt Lake City 400 January 9, 2006
In 1860 & 1861 Pony Express riders carried the mail from St. Joseph, Mo. ending in this Western capital Sacramento 600 January 9, 2006
Rosa Parks helped make this city "The Birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement" Montgomery 800 January 9, 2006
4 cities lie within this state capital's city limits: Beech Grove, Southport, Lawrence & Speedway Indianapolis 1000 January 9, 2006
Nebraska Wesleyan University is in this state capital Lincoln 200 January 5, 2005
(Hi, I'm Tim Russert of NBC's Meet the Press.) Before joining NBC News, I observed politics firsthand as a lawyer working in the N.Y. Governor's office in this state capital Albany 400 January 5, 2005
This state capital is home to one of the armed forces academies Annapolis 600 January 5, 2005
(Hi, I'm Tucker Carlson of CNN's Crossfire.) One of my first jobs in journalism was as a staff writer at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in this state capital Little Rock 800 January 5, 2005
It's the state capital whose major newspaper is a "Bee" Sacramento 1000 January 5, 2005
This Nevada capital was founded by Abraham Curry, who named it for a famous frontier scout Carson City 200 October 22, 2004
More than half of all U.S. coins are made at the mint in this "Mile High City" Denver 400 October 22, 2004
This state capital was founded by John Sutter, Jr. a year after gold was discovered on his father's sawmill Sacramento 600 October 22, 2004
Peter Stuyvesant gave it the name Beverwyck in 1652; 12 years later it was given its present name Albany (New York) 1000 October 22, 2004
The 20-foot tall statue that stands in this capital's City Hall Plaza was a gift from the citizens of Genoa, Italy Columbus (Ohio) October 22, 2004
Its 44-story office tower is the tallest structure in New York outside of Manhattan Albany 200 May 18, 2004
In 1819 East Alabama & New Philadelphia were consolidated into this Montgomery 400 May 18, 2004
It lies about 50 miles south of Portland on the Willamette river Salem(, Oregon) 800 May 18, 2004
It lies about 50 miles northeast of Portland on the Kennebec river Augusta(, Maine) 1000 May 18, 2004
This capital founded by gold miners has over 100 days a year of below freezing temperatures Juneau(, Alaska) May 18, 2004
A bronze statue known as "The Independent Man" tops the Rhode Island state house in this city Providence 200 February 25, 2004
Opened in 1917, the Museum of Fine Arts in this city was built in the Pueblo Revival style Santa Fe 400 February 25, 2004
Hollywood Cemetery in this city is the final resting place of James Monroe, John Tyler & Jefferson Davis Richmond 600 February 25, 2004
The exterior of the gov.'s mansion in Tallahassee was inspired by the Hermitage in this other state capital Nashville 1000 February 25, 2004
This city dropped the word "Great" from its name in 1868, while it was still a territorial capital Salt Lake City February 25, 2004
Before he was president, George W. Bush occupied the governor's mansion in this city Austin, Texas 200 January 16, 2004
It's home to the NHL's Avalanche & also to a U.S. Mint Denver 400 January 16, 2004
Anthony Trollope called this capital "on the River Kentucky" "As quietly dull a little town as I ever entered" Frankfort 800 January 16, 2004
This capital is also the seat of Kennebec County Augusta, Maine 1000 January 16, 2004
2 of the 4 state capitals with the word "City" in their names (2 of) Carson City, Jefferson City, Oklahoma City & Salt Lake City January 16, 2004
It rhymes with noisy Boise 200 September 25, 2003
If you go over to Dover, you'll be in the capital of this state Delaware 400 September 25, 2003
New York's Erie Canal extends from Buffalo to near this state capital Albany 600 September 25, 2003
Washington-on-the Brazos was the capital of Texas for a short time before this city became its permanent capital Austin 800 September 25, 2003
Trenton, the capital of this state, was originally known as Trent's Town New Jersey 1000 September 25, 2003
If you want to check out the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library, go to this state capital Austin 200 February 24, 2003
Its name is French for "red stick" Baton Rouge 400 February 24, 2003
With a population of over one million, this Southwestern city is the most populous state capital Phoenix 800 February 24, 2003
Its Strom Thurmond Federal Building was completed in 1979 Columbia 1000 February 24, 2003
Among its nicknames are "Zion" & "The New Jerusalem" Salt Lake City February 24, 2003
The 2 most populous state capitals are Phoenix & this Hoosier city Indianapolis 200 July 18, 2002
In August Illinoisans attend the State Fair in this capital Springfield (Illinois) 400 July 18, 2002
You can see & hear one of the world's largest pipe organs at the Mormon Tabernacle in this city Salt Lake City 600 July 18, 2002
During the 1920s this city named for a president became the headquarters of the Progressive Party Madison (Wisconsin) 1000 July 18, 2002
In 1786 it was chosen to replace Charleston as its state's capital Columbia (South Carolina) July 18, 2002
In the spring and summer, a million bats gather under the Congress Avenue Bridge in this "Lone Star State" capital Austin 200 July 1, 2002
This Alabama capital is home to the Civil Rights Memorial, designed by Maya Lin Montgomery 400 July 1, 2002
The growth of this capital was stimulated by the discovery of the Comstock Lode Carson City (Nevada) 600 July 1, 2002
It's the only "burg" that's a state capital Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) 1000 July 1, 2002
Appropriately, this capital built a full-scale replica of the Santa Maria in 1991 Columbus (Ohio) July 1, 2002
With 100 inches of snowfall each winter this Alaskan capital is a really cool place to visit Juneau 200 January 24, 2002
Everything's coming up roses at the famous Reinisch Rose Garden in this Kansas capital Topeka 400 January 24, 2002
St. John's Church in this capital city is where Patrick Henry gave his famous "Liberty or Death" speech Richmond 600 January 24, 2002
It's home to Red Earth Inc. & the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum Oklahoma City 800 January 24, 2002
It lies at the confluence of the Mississippi & Minnesota rivers St. Paul 1000 January 24, 2002
The governor's mansion housing George Pataki is in this city Albany 100 November 5, 2001
In 1861 Abe Lincoln moved from this Illinois city and headed for D.C. Springfield 200 November 5, 2001
Think about it... this city was first settled by John Harris around 1718 Harrisburg 300 November 5, 2001
It's known as "The Crossroads of the Pacific" Honolulu 500 November 5, 2001
Huey Long was shot at the state capitol in this city in 1935 Baton Rouge November 5, 2001
A statue of King Kamehameha I stands guard outside the judiciary building in this capital city Honolulu 100 May 11, 2001
From 1701 to 1875 New Haven & this city were twin capitals of Connecticut; today it's the only one Hartford 200 May 11, 2001
The capitol building in this city was designed by Thomas Jefferson Richmond 300 May 11, 2001
This state capital is in the Green Mountains along the Winooski River Montpelier 500 May 11, 2001
The French called a land formation La Petite Roche, thus giving this capital its name Little Rock May 11, 2001
This Colorado capital was the first city to use the Community Chest to finance its charitable agencies Denver 100 February 8, 2001
This state capital is located about 2,500 miles west of Los Angeles Honolulu 200 February 8, 2001
You'll find the John F. Kennedy Federal Building in this state capital Boston 300 February 8, 2001
This capital is the headquarters for UPS, the Turner Broadcasting System & Delta Air Lines Atlanta 500 February 8, 2001
This state capital's metropolitan area includes the cities of Glendale, Scottsdale & Sun City Phoenix February 8, 2001
In 1977 this Florida city replaced its old capitol building with a new high-rise capitol Tallahassee 100 November 9, 2000
The name of this Southwestern capital is Spanish for "holy faith" Santa Fe, New Mexico 200 November 9, 2000
Abraham Lincoln moved to this capital city in 1837 Springfield, Illinois 300 November 9, 2000
America's oldest public art museum, the Wadsworth Atheneum, is in this city whose name contains the word "art" Hartford 400 November 9, 2000
In 1957 this city's Central High was at the center of a desegregation battle Little Rock, Arkansas 500 November 9, 2000
In the old railway line it fell between Atchison & Santa Fe Topeka, Kansas 100 October 23, 2000
Capitals named for women include the capital of Maryland & this Maine capital Augusta 200 October 23, 2000
It's the capital of the state nicknamed "Heart of Dixie" Montgomery, Alabama 300 October 23, 2000
A synonym for this New England state capital could be what's symbolized by the sign here[Deer Crossing] Hartford, Connecticut 500 October 23, 2000
In 1999 the team once known as the Houston Oilers made a slick move to this capital Nashville (Tennessee Titans) October 23, 2000
Put on your sunscreen & head to Waikiki Beach, a popular tourist spot in this capital city Honolulu 100 October 4, 2000
It was the site of a famous "Tea Party", December 16, 1773 Boston 200 October 4, 2000
During the Civil War, Union troops led by Sherman captured & burned much of this Georgia capital Atlanta 300 October 4, 2000
It's the capital of the most populous U.S. state Sacramento (California) 500 October 4, 2000
The capital of Mississippi was named for this man, even before he became president Andrew Jackson October 4, 2000
This Utah capital lies about 15 miles from the body of water for which it was named Salt Lake City 100 November 4, 1999
Iolani Palace in this capital city was once home to monarchs Honolulu 200 November 4, 1999
This city was laid out in the late 1840s on property once owned by John Sutter Sacramento 300 November 4, 1999
You'll find this state capital near the eastern end of the Erie Canal Albany 500 November 4, 1999
What a discovery! Genoa, Italy is an appropriate sister city of this state capital Columbus, Ohio November 4, 1999
Massachusetts Boston 100 September 10, 1999
Nevada Carson City 200 September 10, 1999
North Dakota Bismarck 300 September 10, 1999
Pennsylvania Harrisburg 400 September 10, 1999
West Virginia Charleston 500 September 10, 1999
In 1955 Martin Luther King, Jr. led a boycott of this Alabama capital's segregated bus system Montgomery 100 May 3, 1999
One of the 2 state capitals whose names include that of the state Indianapolis or Oklahoma City 200 May 3, 1999
(Hi, I'm Kristi Yamaguchi) In 2002 the Winter Olympics are scheduled to take place in this state capital Salt Lake City 300 May 3, 1999
The name of this capital is French for "red stick" Baton Rouge 400 May 3, 1999
Dating from 1764, this city's "Courant" is one of our nation's oldest newspapers Hartford 500 May 3, 1999
Musically, this capital is known for its "Pops" concerts & summer concerts on the Charles River Esplanade Boston 100 April 19, 1999
This small capital lies at the western edge of its state's Bluegrass region Frankfort, Kentucky 200 April 19, 1999
A statue of Ethan Allen graces the Capitol Building portico in this city Montpelier, Vermont 400 April 19, 1999
This capital's executive mansion was once the home of James G. Blaine Augusta, Maine 500 April 19, 1999
It was the original western terminus of the Transcontinental Railroad Sacramento April 19, 1999
Over 10 interstate & U.S. highways funnel into this Indiana capital; thus its nickname, the "Crossroads of America" Indianapolis 100 March 2, 1999
Although Delaware's capital since 1777, it wasn't incorporated as a city until 1929 Dover 200 March 2, 1999
Now a museum, the old Governor's Mansion in this capital was constructed by Huey P. Long in 1930 Baton Rouge 300 March 2, 1999
Its newspapers include the Globe, the Herald & the Christian Science Monitor Boston 500 March 2, 1999
In the 1860s, it became the last of 4 capitals to be named for a U.S. president Lincoln March 2, 1999
MacArthur Park in this Arkansas capital honors General Douglas MacArthur, not Richard Harris Little Rock 100 September 16, 1998
This capital has been home to the NBA's Kings since 1985 Sacramento 200 September 16, 1998
Its one daily newspaper is the Idaho Statesman Boise 300 September 16, 1998
The Peachtree Road Race is a 6-mile run held every July 4 in this capital Atlanta 500 September 16, 1998
The old governor's mansion in this capital was built by Huey Long in 1930 Baton Rouge, Louisiana September 16, 1998
This New York capital was once known as Beverwyck Albany 100 June 1, 1998
In 1982 Alaskans rejected a proposal that would have made Willow the capital instead of this city Juneau 200 June 1, 1998
In hopes that Germany would help finance its railroad, North Dakota named its capital this Bismarck 300 June 1, 1998
Built in 1610, the Spanish Palace of Governors in this Southwest capital is now a museum Santa Fe 400 June 1, 1998
It's "The Birthplace of Dixie" Montgomery, Alabama 500 June 1, 1998
Natives of this city think it's O.K. to call it OKC Oklahoma City 100 April 2, 1998
Dole Cannery Square is one of this city's premier shopping destinations Honolulu 200 April 2, 1998
This city boasts museums devoted to toys, beverage containers & Hank Williams Jr. Nashville 300 April 2, 1998
One of America's oldest churches, the Mission of San Miguel in this city, was erected around 1610 Santa Fe 400 April 2, 1998
The Prudential Center Skywalk provides spectacular views of this New England capital Boston 500 April 2, 1998
It's Louisiana's second largest city & its capital Baton Rouge 100 December 25, 1997
South Dakota's Cultural Heritage Center in this city displays a lead plate left by French explorers in 1743 Pierre 200 December 25, 1997
In 1840 Jason Lee established a mission on the site of this future Oregon capital Salem 300 December 25, 1997
At almost 7,000 feet above sea level in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, it's the highest U.S. capital Santa Fe, New Mexico 500 December 25, 1997
Washington Crossing State Park lies northwest of this capital on the Delaware River Trenton, New Jersey December 25, 1997
The Kodak Hula Show in this city is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 1997 Honolulu 100 October 9, 1997
This seat of Kent County, Delaware is named for a city in England's county of Kent Dover 200 October 9, 1997
Magnolia Mound Plantation, an old Creole home, is a tourist attraction in this city Baton Rouge 300 October 9, 1997
The Pueblo Revolt drove the Spanish out of this city in 1680, but they returned in 1692 Santa Fe 400 October 9, 1997
Appropriately, the capitol building in this capital of the "Silver State" has a silver dome Carson City 500 October 9, 1997
Every spring the Alaska Folk Festival attracts lots of folks to this state capital Juneau 100 May 16, 1997
The origins of this Idaho city date back to a fort built in 1863 to protect gold miners Boise 200 May 16, 1997
You'll find this capital of Montana in Prickly Pear Valley Helena 300 May 16, 1997
In Sept. & Oct. you may watch salmon swim up the fish ladders in this Washington city's Capitol Lake Olympia 400 May 16, 1997
This city's zoo is only 2 blocks away from a museum devoted to Father Damien Honolulu 500 May 16, 1997
The metropolitan area of this Michigan capital occupies parts of 3 counties Lansing 100 April 24, 1997
The area of this Wyoming capital was first occupied by the Native American tribe for which it's named Cheyenne 200 April 24, 1997
This city is the center of Alabama's fertile "Black Belt" agricultural area Montgomery 300 April 24, 1997
Lincoln University in this Missouri capital was founded by black Civil War veterans Jefferson City 400 April 24, 1997
This capital's 1970 merger with the town of Douglas made it the nation's largest state capital in area Juneau, Alaska April 24, 1997
Taking 40 years to build, the Mormon Temple was dedicated in this capital in 1893 Salt Lake City 100 February 14, 1997
The California gold rush helped put this state capital on the map Sacramento 200 February 14, 1997
It's nicknamed "The Roger Williams City" Providence, Rhode Island 400 February 14, 1997
In 1624 Dutch settlers founded Fort Orange on the site of this present-day capital Albany, New York 500 February 14, 1997
It's located on the Kentucky River, about 50 miles east of Louisville Frankfort February 14, 1997
This Colorado city's capitol dome is covered with 47 ounces of gold leaf Denver 100 January 20, 1997
This Ohio city is home to Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery Columbus 200 January 20, 1997
This North Dakota city's capitol building is called The Skyscraper of the Prairies Bismarck 300 January 20, 1997
According to the 1990 census, this Vermont capital had only 8,247 residents Montpelier 400 January 20, 1997
This capital was founded in 1851 as Eagle Station, a stop for wagons crossing the Sierra Nevadas Carson City 500 January 20, 1997
It's part of a metropolitan area that includes Boulder Denver 100 November 21, 1996
On an isthmus between lakes Mendota & Monona, it's Wisconsin's 2nd largest city Madison 200 November 21, 1996
If you drove to this state capital, you'd find it's an anagram of one of the words in this answer Dover (from DROVE) 300 November 21, 1996
To see the grave of Daniel Boone, you have to blaze a trail to this capital Frankfort 400 November 21, 1996
There's an annual dogsled race in this capital of the 4th largest state in the U.S. Helena, Montana 500 November 21, 1996
Grand Canyon University is located in this state capital Phoenix 100 September 10, 1996
Mendenhall Glacier & Glacier Bay National Park lie near this capital city Juneau, Alaska 200 September 10, 1996
In 1838 Pierre "Pig's Eye" Parrant became the first settler in what is now this Minnesota capital St. Paul 300 September 10, 1996
In 1614 Fort Nassau, a Dutch trading post, was established on the site of this capital Albany (New York) 400 September 10, 1996
It's Wyoming's largest city & manufacturing center Cheyenne 500 September 10, 1996
One of the highlights of this city is the Nelson A, Rockefeller Empire State Plaza Albany 100 June 14, 1996
In the 1830s it replaced Vandalia as Illinois' capital Springfield 200 June 14, 1996
In 1864 gold was discovered at Last Chance Gulch, now the main street of this Montana capital Helena 300 June 14, 1996
Gettysburg Battlefield is located about 35 miles southwest of this capital Harrisburg 400 June 14, 1996
This city in the Green Mountains is home to the New England Culinary Institute Montpelier 500 June 14, 1996
When visiting this state capital, don't miss Six Flags Over Georgia, which is nearby Atlanta 100 May 6, 1996
This city is home to the University of Wisconsin's largest campus Madison 200 May 6, 1996
It's about 60 miles northeast of Albuquerque Santa Fe 300 May 6, 1996
The "Corner of Celebrities", a small area of this city, contains the homes of many historic Kentuckians Frankfort 400 May 6, 1996
The 2 state capitals whose names start with "Mont" Montpelier (Vermont) & Montgomery, Alabama May 6, 1996
Now a state capital, it was the site of a surprise attack December 7, 1941 Honolulu 100 November 24, 1995
Basketball's Utah Jazz play their home games in this capital city Salt Lake City 200 November 24, 1995
For 2 months in 1784, it served as the temporary capital of the U.S.; it became New Jersey's capital in 1790 Trenton 300 November 24, 1995
You can visit the Last Chance Mining Museum in this capital of "The Last Frontier" Juneau, Alaska 400 November 24, 1995
Sugar plantations across the Mississippi from this capital form an area known as the "Sugar Bowl of America" Baton Rouge 500 November 24, 1995
It's home to the University of Minnesota's College of Agriculture St. Paul 100 October 6, 1995
This Idaho capital is located on a river of the same name Boise 200 October 6, 1995
This capital city lies just east of Lake Tahoe Carson City, Nevada 300 October 6, 1995
The Governor's Mansion in this city, the seat of Kennebec County, was the home of James G. Blaine Augusta, Maine 500 October 6, 1995
In 1897 Ransom E. Olds began the automobile industry in this capital city Lansing, Michigan October 6, 1995
This Rhode Island city has almost twice the population of Warwick, the state's second largest city Providence 100 September 27, 1995
On July 4, 1831 "America" was first sung at this city's Park Street Church at the foot of Beacon HIll Boston 200 September 27, 1995
This capital lies at the southern end of Puget Sound on Budd Inlet & Capitol Lake Olympia(, Washington) 300 September 27, 1995
When this future Confederate capital became a city in 1782, half of its population was slaves Richmond(, Virginia) 400 September 27, 1995
Alphabetically, it's the last state capital named for a U.S. president Madison (Wisconsin) September 27, 1995
Technically, it covers the entire island of Oahu Honolulu 100 July 21, 1995
It's not only "the Mile High City", but the "Queen City of the Rockies" Denver 200 July 21, 1995
Built in 1735, the Old Treasury in this capital city is the oldest extant public building in Maryland Annapolis 300 July 21, 1995
Revolutionary War veteran Col. Jacob Davis named this Vermont capital after a French City Montpelier 400 July 21, 1995
It's home to the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) 500 July 21, 1995
Every summer the California state fair is held in this city Sacramento 100 May 2, 1995
This home of the Naval Academy was chartered by Queen Anne in 1708 Annapolis 200 May 2, 1995
This state capital is home to the William Penn Memorial Museum Harrisburg 300 May 2, 1995
Covering about 430 acres, Roger Williams Park is this city's largest Providence 400 May 2, 1995
In 1821 this city between St. Louis & Kansas City was chosen as a state capital Jefferson City (Missouri) 500 May 2, 1995
Pearl Harbor & Queen Emma's Summer Palace are popular tourist spots in this capital Honolulu 100 February 10, 1995
It's the seat of Idaho's most populous county, Ada Boise 200 February 10, 1995
It was chosen for its position halfway between St. Augustine & Pensacola, two former capitals Tallahassee 300 February 10, 1995
It lies on the east bank of the Susquehanna River, about 100 miles west of Philadelphia Harrisburg 400 February 10, 1995
The visitor information center for this capital city is located on Seward Street Juneau (Alaska) February 10, 1995
A walkway separates this city's capitol building from Iolani Palace Honolulu 100 January 27, 1995
Frankfort, Kentucky's capitol rotunda & dome were copied from this French emperor's tomb Napoleon 200 January 27, 1995
Henry Hudson is among those depicted in carvings on a staircase in this city's capitol building Albany, New York 300 January 27, 1995
The capitol building in Jefferson City stands on a hill overlooking this river Missouri River 400 January 27, 1995
The state capitol building in this SW city is shaped like the sun symbol of the Zia Indians Santa Fe, New Mexico 500 January 27, 1995
It's named for Sir Walter Raleigh, North Carolina 100 January 2, 1995
California's oldest newspaper is this city's Union, which dates back to 1851 Sacramento 200 January 2, 1995
South Dakota's executive mansion overlooks Capitol Lake in this city Pierre 300 January 2, 1995
This Idaho city is the southwest terminus of the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Route Boise 400 January 2, 1995
Rhodes Hall, a mansion in this city, was built in 1903 with granite from nearby Stone Mountain Atlanta January 2, 1995
Built in 1792, St. Joseph's Cathedral is the oldest church in this Louisiana capital Baton Rouge 100 November 25, 1994
It was once called Anne Arundel Town after the wife of the 2nd Lord Baltimore Annapolis 200 November 25, 1994
This Kansas city's zoological park boasts a tropical rain forest habitat Topeka 300 November 25, 1994
You can visit the Rodeo Hall of Fame at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in this city Oklahoma City 400 November 25, 1994
This city covers 3,108 square miles, making it the largest state capital in area in the U.S. Juneau, Alaska 500 November 25, 1994
Mendota, Monona, Kegonsa & Waubesa are the "Four Lakes" of this Wisconsin capital Madison 100 November 4, 1994
It's the capital of the "Garden State" Trenton 200 November 4, 1994
In October an apple butter festival is held at the Carl G. Fenner Arboretum in this Michigan capital Lansing 300 November 4, 1994
It's nicknamed the "Green Mountain City" Montpelier (Vermont) 400 November 4, 1994
The Gastineau Salmon Hatchery is an attraction in this city that lies along the Gastineau Channel Juneau, Alaska 500 November 4, 1994
This city on Ohio's Scioto River was laid out in 1812 Columbus 100 May 5, 1994
Until 1900 Newport & this city were co-capitals of Rhode Island Providence 200 May 5, 1994
The art center in this Iowa capital was designed in the 1940s by Eliel Saarinen Des Moines 300 May 5, 1994
Battle Abbey in this city is the headquarters of the Virginia Historical Society Richmond 400 May 5, 1994
It's the northernmost state capital in the Rocky Mountains Helena (Montana) 500 May 5, 1994
It's nicknamed "Hulaville" Honolulu 100 March 15, 1994
This capital of Idaho was founded after an 1862 gold rush Boise 200 March 15, 1994
This capital's downtown library has a permanent collection of "Gone With the Wind" memorabilia Atlanta 300 March 15, 1994
Sesquicentennial State Park in South Carolina honors this capital's 150th anniversary as a city Columbia 400 March 15, 1994
It's the only current state capital in which you can tour a U.S. mint still in operation Denver 500 March 15, 1994
Carson City, Nevada was named for this frontier scout-- scout's honor Kit Carson 100 July 13, 1993
You'll find the Menninger CLinic in this Kansas City Topeka 200 July 13, 1993
The Eagle Gate in this capital city was once the entrance to Brigham Young's estate Salt Lake City 300 July 13, 1993
This state capital of New Mexico is nicknamed "The City Different" Santa Fe 400 July 13, 1993
It's the capital of the Sooner State Oklahoma City 500 July 13, 1993
This sprawling Georgia city has been nicknamed "The City Without Limits" Atlanta 100 May 3, 1993
This city is home of the Mile High Greyhound Park Denver 200 May 3, 1993
This North Carolina city celebrated its 200th birthday in 1992 Raleigh 300 May 3, 1993
The Michigan School for the Blind is located in this capital city Lansing 400 May 3, 1993
Middle name of Pamela Dearborn, the general's daughter for whom Maine's capital was named Augusta 500 May 3, 1993
It was named for Hertford, England Hartford, Connecticut 100 April 2, 1993
This capital city of Maine lies on both sides of the Kennebec River Augusta 200 April 2, 1993
Originally called Edwinton, it was renamed in 1873 to honor Germany's "Iron Chancellor" Bismarck (North Dakota) 300 April 2, 1993
Founded by gold prospectors, it's situated about 5,280 feet above sea level Denver 400 April 2, 1993
The Confederate States of America were founded in this capital city on February 4, 1861 Montgomery, Alabama 500 April 2, 1993
Founded by Captain John Augustus Sutter, this capital was an early supply center for gold prospectors Sacramento 100 December 7, 1992
Faneuil Hall in this New England capital is known as the "Cradle of Liberty" Boston 200 December 7, 1992
Until 1969 Iolani Palace in this city served as the state capitol building Honolulu 300 December 7, 1992
First called Mahto, this South Dakota capital was renamed in 1880 for a French fur trader Pierre 400 December 7, 1992
By 1960 the first ICBMs were housed at Francis E. Warren AFB near this Wyoming capital Cheyenne 500 December 7, 1992
The 40-story TCBY Towers office building in this city is Arkansas' tallest building Little Rock 100 November 16, 1992
It's the state capital in which Huey Long is buried Baton Rouge 200 November 16, 1992
Stapleton International Airport in this capital is one of the USA's busiest Denver 300 November 16, 1992
The home of William Jennings Bryan is preserved in this state capital where he lived from 1887-1921 Lincoln, Nebraska 500 November 16, 1992
It's the eastern terminus of the Erie Canal Albany, New York November 16, 1992
Among the notable buildings in this capital city are Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall & Paul Revere's house Boston 100 September 15, 1992
The state capitol in this North Dakota city is called the "Skyscraper of the Prairies" Bismarck 200 September 15, 1992
Founded in 1865, the Nevada Appeal in this city is the state's oldest daily newspaper Carson City 300 September 15, 1992
It's been called the "Crossroads of the Pacific" Honolulu 400 September 15, 1992
This state capital is served by Will Rogers World Airport Oklahoma City September 15, 1992
This Idaho capital is home to the largest Basque population in the West Boise 100 July 8, 1992
This capital was founded in 1819 by the consolidation of East Alabama, New Philadelphia & Alabama Town Montgomery 200 July 8, 1992
It's the state capital in which you'd find Grand Canyon College Phoenix 300 July 8, 1992
This capital is located at the head of navigation on the Delaware River Trenton (New Jersey) 500 July 8, 1992
At the turn of the century Ransom E. Olds was making automobiles in this city Lansing (Michigan) July 8, 1992
This capital of Texas was originally a village called Waterloo Austin 100 June 19, 1992
Abraham Lincoln's tomb, completed & dedicated in 1874, is this city's greatest monument Springfield 200 June 19, 1992
Polynesian settlers gave this capital its name, which means "protected bay" Honolulu 300 June 19, 1992
In Nov. 1991 a Fortune mag. survey ranked this so. capital the best place in the nation to do business Atlanta (Georgia) 500 June 19, 1992
It's located at the edge of the Laramie Mountains, more than 6,000 feet above sea level Cheyenne June 19, 1992
The U.S. mint in this Rocky Mountain capital is the USA's second-biggest gold depository Denver 100 February 28, 1992
The fort of pioneer settler John A. Sutter has been restored in this capital city Sacramento 200 February 28, 1992
This Iowa capital is headquarters to more than 50 insurance companies Des Moines 300 February 28, 1992
The Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum is located in this capital Nashville 400 February 28, 1992
This capital was named for a British city on the English Channel Dover, Delaware February 28, 1992
According to the 1990 Census, this Missouri capital has a population of just 35,481 Jefferson City 100 July 10, 1991
Pari-mutuel dog racing is held at this city's Mile High Kennel Club Denver 200 July 10, 1991
It was chosen capital in 1824 because it was located between St. Augustine & Pensacola, 2 earlier capitals Tallahassee 300 July 10, 1991
Founded in 1851 as Eagle Station, it served as a stop for those passing over the nearby Sierra Nevadas Carson City 400 July 10, 1991
You'll find the Governor Alfred E. Smith State Office Building in this capital Albany 500 July 10, 1991
More than half of Utah's people live within 30 miles of this capital Salt Lake City 100 June 12, 1991
Larkin G. Mead designed the Lincoln Tomb in this capital Springfield (Illinois) 200 June 12, 1991
The Boston Celtics play some home games at this Connecticut capital's Civic Center Hartford 300 June 12, 1991
This South Dakota capital is on the site of the capital of the Aricara Indian Nation Pierre 400 June 12, 1991
This city lies at the southern end of Puget Sound Olympia 500 June 12, 1991
The Colts play their home football games at the Hoosier Dome in this state capital Indianapolis 100 May 14, 1991
This capital of South Dakota lies about 8 miles from the geographic center of the state Pierre 200 May 14, 1991
It's not just a state capital; it's also "Music City, U.S.A." Nashville, Tennessee 300 May 14, 1991
This capital was originally settled during the "Pikes Peak or Bust" gold rush of 1859 Denver 500 May 14, 1991
Roger Williams Park covers more than 450 acres in this capital city Providence, Rhode Island May 14, 1991
Minneapolis is larger but this Twin City is Minnesota's capital St. Paul 100 February 15, 1991
A popular variety of grape is named for a Massachusetts town, not this New Hampshire capital Concord 200 February 15, 1991
From 1875-85 Wheeling replaced this city as capital of West Virginia Charleston 300 February 15, 1991
It was originally called Michigan but was renamed for a village in New York Lansing 400 February 15, 1991
Roger Williams purchased the site for this capital from the Narragansett Indians Providence 500 February 15, 1991
The only house Abraham Lincoln ever owned is at 8th and Jackson Streets in this state capital Springfield (Illinois) 100 December 19, 1988
In 1832 Augusta replaced Portland as this state's capital Maine 200 December 19, 1988
In 1783 George Washington resigned as Army Commander in Chief in this Maryland capital Annapolis 300 December 19, 1988
This largest state capital in area is in our largest state in area Juneau (Alaska) 400 December 19, 1988
The only state capital named for a mythological bird Phoenix (Arizona) December 19, 1988
In 1863 the U.S. Army established Ft. Boise, which grew into this state's capital Idaho 100 November 29, 1988
Andrew Jackson's home, the Hermitage, served as model for the gov's mansion in this Florida capital Tallahassee 200 November 29, 1988
Originally called Waterloo, it was renamed for the "Father of Texas" Austin 300 November 29, 1988
The name of this state capital means "holy faith" Santa Fe 400 November 29, 1988
This Kentucky capital claims to have had the 1st Boy Scout troop in the U.S., organized in 1909 Frankfort 500 November 29, 1988
1 of 5 state capitals to begin with the letter "A" (1 of) Atlanta (Albany, Annapolis, Augusta, Austin) 100 March 2, 1988
1 of 4 state capitals to begin with the letter "B" (1 of) Boise (Bismarck, Boston, Baton Rouge) 200 March 2, 1988
1 of 3 state capitals to begin with the letter "L" (1 of) Lincoln (Lansing, Little Rock) 300 March 2, 1988
1 of 2 state capitals to begin with the letter "O" (1 of) Oklahoma City (Olympia) 400 March 2, 1988
The only state capital to begin with the letter "N" Nashville 500 March 2, 1988
It's the capital & largest city of the state that's smallest in area Providence 100 October 15, 1987
Benjamin Harrison & John Dillinger are both buried in this capital of the Hoosier state Indianapolis 200 October 15, 1987
[AUDIO DAILY DOUBLE] 1 of the 2 states whose capital is mentioned in the following lyrics: "Do you hear that whistle down the line,/I figure that it's Engine #49/She's the only one that'll sound that way/On The Atchison, Topeka and The Santa Fe" (1 of) Kansas or New Mexico October 15, 1987
There are 3 capitol buildings in this Arkansas capital Little Rock 100 September 30, 1987
Of St. Louis, St. Paul or St. Petersburg, the 1 that's a state capital St. Paul 200 September 30, 1987
John Harris refused to sell the land which became this state capital unless it was named for him Harrisburg 300 September 30, 1987
This state capital's legal boundaries extend to Kure Atoll, 1367 miles from its center Honolulu 400 September 30, 1987
Andrew Jackson's home, the Hermitage, is located near this capital Nashville 500 September 30, 1987
Like Rome, this Florida capital is built on seven hills Tallahassee 100 March 24, 1986
State whose capital is properly pronounced "peer" South Dakota 200 March 24, 1986
State capital that's home to a service academy Annapolis 300 March 24, 1986
Though Augusta, Georgia is much larger, the only Augusta that's a state capital is here Maine 400 March 24, 1986
State whose capital was originally called "Frank's Ford" Kentucky 500 March 24, 1986
Under Russian rule, Sitka was its capital Alaska 100 September 26, 1985
Originally called "Waterloo", it's the capital of Texas Austin 200 September 26, 1985
Located 15 miles from its namesake, it was founded by Brigham Young Salt Lake City 100 October 5, 1984
Freddie Cannon's "Tallahassee Lassie" would be from this state Florida 200 October 5, 1984
Southwest capital named for mythological self-immolating bird Phoenix 300 October 5, 1984
It was also capital of the Confederacy Montgomery (or Richmond, Virginia) 400 October 5, 1984
Only state capital named for a biblical figure St. Paul, Minnesota October 5, 1984
Until 1875 its dual capitals were New Haven & Hartford Connecticut 100 September 11, 1984
This N.M. town is the oldest city that's a state capital Santa Fe 200 September 11, 1984
Crossing the Delaware on Xmas, 1776, Washington defeated the Hessians at this N.J. capital Trenton, New Jersey 300 September 11, 1984
It actually is 5,280 ft. above sea level Denver 400 September 11, 1984
The name shows its founder, Roger Williams, believed God led him there Providence 500 September 11, 1984