Clues for: Bodies Of Water

Question Answer Value Airdate
This 315-mile-long river passes through Troy & Albany before hitting the bright lights of New York City the Hudson 200 December 9, 2011
This 315-mile-long river passes through Troy & Albany before hitting the bright lights of New York City the Hudson 200 December 9, 2011
At its northern end, this "colorful" sea branches into the Gulf of Suez on the west & the Gulf of Aqaba on the east the Red 400 December 9, 2011
At its northern end, this "colorful" sea branches into the Gulf of Suez on the west & the Gulf of Aqaba on the east the Red 400 December 9, 2011
Originating in the Tanggula Mountains, this is known to many Chinese as "long river" ('cause it's 3,900 miles) the Yangtze 600 December 9, 2011
Originating in the Tanggula Mountains, this is known to many Chinese as "long river" ('cause it's 3,900 miles) the Yangtze 600 December 9, 2011
Bonn, Germany & Strasbourg, France are cities on this river the Rhine 800 December 9, 2011
Bonn, Germany & Strasbourg, France are cities on this river the Rhine 800 December 9, 2011
The Aleutian Islands & the Commander Islands mark this sea's southern border the Bering Sea 1000 December 9, 2011
The Aleutian Islands & the Commander Islands mark this sea's southern border the Bering Sea 1000 December 9, 2011
Its greatest known depth, 36,201 feet in the Mariana Trench, is the greatest depth found in any ocean the Pacific 200 June 8, 2009
Saginaw Bay, on the eastern coast of Michigan, is an inlet of this Great Lake Lake Huron 400 June 8, 2009
General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge, one of the world's longest, spans this Venezuelan lake Maracaibo 600 June 8, 2009
This strait connects the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea the Bosporus 1000 June 8, 2009
This strait connects the Sea of Marmara with the Aegean Sea the Hellespont (or the Dardanelles) June 8, 2009
The Gulf of Taranto lies between the "heel" & the rest of the "foot" of this country Italy 200 November 21, 2008
This river's source lies in the Plateau of Langres about 18 miles northwest of Dijon the Seine 400 November 21, 2008
The Thames & Rhine are among the many rivers emptying into this sea the North Sea 600 November 21, 2008
This Asian "sea" is actually a lake that's more than 4 1/2 times larger than Lake Superior the Caspian Sea 800 November 21, 2008
Seaports on this bay include Chittagong, Bangladesh & Trincomalee, Sri Lanka the Bay of Bengal 1000 November 21, 2008
Fur trader James Bridger was the first non-native to visit this saline lake the Great Salt Lake 200 November 5, 2008
The Shatt Al Arab is formed by the confluence of these 2 rivers the Tigris & the Euphrates 400 November 5, 2008
A New Deal agency created in 1933 sought to provide electricity for residents of this river's valley the Tennessee 600 November 5, 2008
This triangular bay of the Atlantic is bounded on the east by France & on the south by Spain the Bay of Biscay 800 November 5, 2008
The island of Olkhon is in the center of this deep Siberian lake Lake Baikal 1000 November 5, 2008
Iowa's lowest point is a the junction of the Des Moines River & this river that forms Iowa's Eastern border the Mississippi River 200 February 18, 2008
The Orinoco begins in Venezuela's state that's named for this other river the Amazon 400 February 18, 2008
This large African lake has several large gulfs, including Speke & Emin Pasha Lake Victoria 600 February 18, 2008
Seattle, Tacoma & Olympia all stand on the banks of this body of water Puget Sound 800 February 18, 2008
This 1,450-mile-long river is joined in Utah by the Green & San Juan Rivers the Colorado River 1000 February 18, 2008
Lake Nasser was formed in 1968 when the waters of this river were blocked by the Aswan High Dam the Nile River 200 July 25, 2007
Banks of pearl-producing mollusks are found around Bahrain, on the Arabian shore of this gulf the Persian Gulf 400 July 25, 2007
Toyama, Wakasa & Ishikari bays are arms of this sea the Sea of Japan 600 July 25, 2007
3 important cities on this sea include Stockholm, Gdansk & Klaipeda, Lithuania the Baltic Sea 800 July 25, 2007
This large Siberian lake is more than a mile deep at its deepest point Lake Baikal 1000 July 25, 2007
Sigsbee Deep, the deepest point in this gulf, lies about 200 miles southeast of Brownsville, Texas Gulf of Mexico 200 February 12, 2007
This ocean is connected to the Atlantic through the Norwegian Sea the Arctic Ocean 400 February 12, 2007
The Hula Valley is not in Hawaii but occupies the course of the river north of the Sea of Galilee the Jordan River 600 February 12, 2007
Quebec's Ungava Peninsula provides the eastern shore of this large bay Hudson Bay 800 February 12, 2007
The Crimean Peninsula is bordered by 2 seas: the Sea of Azov & this much bigger one the Black Sea 1000 February 12, 2007
After Lake Superior, this African lake is the largest body of fresh water in the world Lake Victoria 200 May 15, 2006
The Persian Gulf is an arm of the Arabian Sea, which is part of this ocean the Indian Ocean 400 May 15, 2006
In the 1770s James Cook explored this sea between Australia & New Zealand the Tasman Sea 600 May 15, 2006
This longest river in Ireland nearly divides the country in two the Shannon 800 May 15, 2006
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from Tervasaari.) Tervasaari, just off Helsinki, sits in this arm of the Baltic Sea the Gulf of Finland 1000 May 15, 2006
A cruise on this sea might include stops in St. Thomas, Puerto Rico & Martinique the Caribbean 200 June 23, 2005
The Bay of Bengal is an arm of this ocean the Indian Ocean 400 June 23, 2005
In April 1859, at Port Said, digging began on this artificial waterway the Suez Canal 600 June 23, 2005
(Sarah of the Clue crew reports from a lakefront in Chicago, IL.) Lake Michigan is larger than you think. Scientists say it's actually part of this Great Lake that it joins via the Straits of Mackinaw Lake Huron 800 June 23, 2005
The names of these two important rivers that rise in the Swiss Alps differ by just a vowel the Rhine & the Rhône June 23, 2005
In 1975 the United Kingdom began piping oil from this sea to its shores the North Sea 200 October 22, 2003
The St. Mary's River connects Lake Superior to this second-largest Great Lake Lake Huron 400 October 22, 2003
12,500' above sea level, this South American lake bordering Bolivia & Peru is the world's most navigable lake Lake Titicaca 600 October 22, 2003
At Khartoum, Sudan these colorful branches meet to form the Nile River the Blue Nile & the White Nile 800 October 22, 2003
After a 1,750-mile trip from Germany, this river breaks into 3 branches in Romania before emptying into the Black Sea the Danube 1000 October 22, 2003
Scientists believe this sea was formed when the Arabian Peninsula was torn from Africa 20 million years ago Red Sea 200 April 25, 2003
Islands in this gulf include Bahrain, Kharg & Bubiyan Persian Gulf 400 April 25, 2003
A small portion of Russia is separated from the motherland & lies between Poland & Lithuania on this sea Baltic Sea 600 April 25, 2003
In the mid-1970s an oil pipeline was built between this Alaskan bay & the city of Valdez on Prince William Sound Prudhoe Bay 800 April 25, 2003
In 1957 a deep channel was completed allowing ocean ships to reach this largest Venezuelan lake Lake Maracaibo 1000 April 25, 2003
This river's system gathers its waters from 9 countries, including Kenya, Ethiopia & Egypt Nile 200 February 6, 2003
It's the gulf from which the Gulf Stream got its name Gulf of Mexico 400 February 6, 2003
This sacred river begins in an ice cave in India's Uttaranchal state Ganges 600 February 6, 2003
Of the 5 Great Lakes, Lake Erie lies farthest south, this one farthest north Lake Superior 1000 February 6, 2003
It's the only ocean that touches the shores of Europe, Asia & North America Arctic February 6, 2003
This African river's drainage basin, the world's longest, covers 35 degrees of latitude the Nile 100 May 2, 2001
In area this Canadian bay is more than 3 times as large as all the Great Lakes combined Hudson Bay 200 May 2, 2001
At the point where it enters the Caspian Sea, this Russian river is 92 feet below sea level the Volga 300 May 2, 2001
Large banks of pearl-producing mollusks are found on this gulf's western shore on the Arabian Peninsula Persian Gulf 500 May 2, 2001
Colombia's Gulf of Uraba is the southernmost extremity of this sea the Caribbean Sea May 2, 2001
These 2 "stately" rivers are the longest in the U.S. the Mississippi & the Missouri 100 November 10, 2000
Mespotamia, where many early civilizations developed, was located between these 2 rivers the Tigris & the Euphrates 200 November 10, 2000
This large lake is the chief source of the Nile River Lake Victoria 300 November 10, 2000
Less than half the size of the Pacific, it's the third-largest ocean Indian Ocean 400 November 10, 2000
The Sea of Crete is the southernmost part of this sea, an arm of the Mediterranean Aegean Sea 500 November 10, 2000
Canada's "Great Bear" one covers over 12,000 square miles Lake 100 July 3, 2000
Some geographers say there's an "Antarctic" one of these, formed by the southern parts of the big 3 Ocean 200 July 3, 2000
A constricted passageway, specifically one that follows "Verrazano" in the name of a bridge Narrow 300 July 3, 2000
Listen -- Albemarle, Pamlico & Long Island are famous ones Sounds 400 July 3, 2000
On Florida's coast, Waccasassa is a bay, but Horseshoe, just north, is this 4-letter inlet Cove 500 July 3, 2000
In 700 B.C. Greeks first crossed this sea to colonize Samothrace Aegean Sea 100 June 30, 2000
Bahrain is composed of several islands in the Gulf of Bahrain & this larger gulf Persian Gulf 200 June 30, 2000
The Korean Peninsula borders the Yellow Sea to the west & this sea to the east Sea of Japan 400 June 30, 2000
Some say the Weddell Sea is an arm of the Antarctic Ocean; others say it's part of this larger ocean Atlantic Ocean 500 June 30, 2000
Indenting the coastline of Alaska, Norton Sound & Kuskokwim Bay are inlets of this sea Bering Sea June 30, 2000
The Foxe Channel connects the Arctic Ocean with this huge Canadian bay Hudson Bay 100 June 20, 2000
The main falls of this African waterfall lie between Livingstone & Cataract Islands Victoria Falls 200 June 20, 2000
Latvia's capital shares its name with this nearby gulf Gulf of Riga 300 June 20, 2000
Carlsberg Ridge, Madagascar Basin & Java Trench are underwater geographic features of this ocean Indian Ocean 400 June 20, 2000
Sebastian Cabot gave South America's Rio de la Plata its name thinking there were deposits of this nearby Silver 500 June 20, 2000
Century in which Europeans first visited Lake Chad 19th century 100 June 5, 2000
India attempted to put a satellite into orbit in March 1987, but wound up putting it into this bay Bay of Bengal 200 June 5, 2000
The Ungava Peninsula of Quebec juts into a bay & strait named for this explorer Henry Hudson 400 June 5, 2000
Using reinforced concrete, Italian engineer Riccardo Morandi bridged this Venezuelan lake Lake Maracaibo 500 June 5, 2000
To get to the bottom of this sea, try the Cayman Trench Caribbean Sea June 5, 2000
This South American river carries nearly 20% of the Earth's total water discharge to the ocean Amazon 100 February 25, 2000
Churchill, Manitoba is the chief port on this Canadian bay Hudson Bay 200 February 25, 2000
This river begins in Turkey's eastern Anatolian Highlands & flows through Baghdad on its way to the Persian Gulf Tigris 300 February 25, 2000
In 1994 many of the beautiful islands in this Vietnamese gulf were designated a world heritage site by UNESCO Gulf of Tonkin 500 February 25, 2000
The Chinese call this sea Huang Hai due to the tint of the waters along its shore Yellow Sea February 25, 2000
It's the saltiest of the oceans & the second largest Atlantic Ocean 100 November 25, 1999
2 of South America's longest rivers, the Madeira & the Purus, flow into this even longer river Amazon 200 November 25, 1999
For about 70 miles the Douro River forms the border between these 2 Iberian countries Spain & Portugal 300 November 25, 1999
This sea may have been named for Theseus' father Aegean Sea 400 November 25, 1999
To reach the Bay of Tangier, head straight through this strait Strait of Gibraltar November 25, 1999
It's the westernmost & northernmost of the Great Lakes Lake Superior 100 February 9, 1999
This sea is divided into several basins, including Yucatan, Colombian, Venezuelan & Tobago Caribbean Sea 200 February 9, 1999
The ferry from Villa San Giovanni in Calabria, Italy to Sicily crosses this strait Strait of Messina 400 February 9, 1999
Located in east-central Africa, at 420 miles it's the world's largest freshwater lake Lake Tanganyika 500 February 9, 1999
The Ukranians call this sea Chorne More Black Sea February 9, 1999
It's the second-largest body of water in the world Atlantic Ocean 100 February 12, 1998
Vacation on the French Riviera & you'll spend time on this sea the Mediterranean 200 February 12, 1998
Sittwe, Burma & Calcutta, India are major ports on this bay the Bay of Bengal 300 February 12, 1998
The Kagera River is the longest & most important tributary of this African lake Lake Victoria 400 February 12, 1998
Named for an explorer, it's Canada's longest river the Mackenzie February 12, 1998
This Canadian province's largest lake is Lake Mistassini, about 350 miles north of Montreal Quebec 100 October 7, 1997
Namibia's coastline is provided by this body of water Atlantic Ocean 200 October 7, 1997
An agricultural area through which this Scottish river flows is the home of a breed of horse Clyde 300 October 7, 1997
This river rises in the Black Forest & flows easterly about 1,770 miles, where it empties into the Black Sea Rhine 400 October 7, 1997
The Ucayali & Maranon rivers converge near Nauta, Peru, forming this river Amazon 500 October 7, 1997
The name of this ocean means "peaceful" the Pacific 100 September 23, 1997
Noted for its salmon fishing, the Tay is the longest river of this United Kingdom country Scotland 300 September 23, 1997
Lake Van in Anatolia is this country's largest lake Turkey 400 September 23, 1997
Botany Bay on the coast of New South Wales, Australia is an inlet of this sea the Tasman Sea 500 September 23, 1997
It's the smallest & the most easterly of the 5 Great Lakes Lake Ontario September 23, 1997
The Adriatic & Ionian Seas are arms of this larger sea Mediterranean 100 February 27, 1997
The Potomac & Patuxent Rivers flow into this bay Chesapeake Bay 200 February 27, 1997
During its 1980s war with Iraq, Iran threatened to block this strait to all traffic Strait of Hormuz 300 February 27, 1997
The longest river in Italy has this short name Po 500 February 27, 1997
Lake Neuchatel is the largest lake entirely within this European country's boundaries Switzerland February 27, 1997
To Hindus, the Narmada River is 2nd in sacredness only to this one The Ganges 100 July 17, 1996
This largest African lake is bordered by Uganda, Tanzania & Kenya Lake Victoria 200 July 17, 1996
The U.S.-Russian boundary passes through this strait Bering Strait 300 July 17, 1996
Vatican City lies on the west bank of this river the Tiber 400 July 17, 1996
This bay that shares its name with the Philippine capital is nearly landlocked Manila Bay 500 July 17, 1996
Located in the Highlands, Loch Lomond is this country's largest lake Scotland 100 November 15, 1993
Winston Churchill reportedly called this strait "The world's best tank trap" Strait of Dover 200 November 15, 1993
Associated with a beautiful siren, the Lorelei is a famous rock in this river Rhine 300 November 15, 1993
It's China's longest river, after the Yangtze Yellow 400 November 15, 1993
The maximum depth of this bay off the coast of France & Spain is 15,525 feet Bay of Biscay 500 November 15, 1993
This ocean's deepest point, about 28,000 feet, is in the Puerto Rico Trench Atlantic 100 November 7, 1991
The Navy shipyard at Bremerton in Washington state is on this inlet of the Pacific Puget Sound 200 November 7, 1991
Quesham, the largest island in the Persian Gulf, is located in this strait Strait of Hormuz 300 November 7, 1991
Divided between Switzerland & France, it's the largest Alpine lake in Europe Lake Geneva 400 November 7, 1991
An underwater cable in this sea provides communication between Australia & New Zealand Tasman Sea 500 November 7, 1991
The water in this large Utah lake is saltier than ocean water The Great Salt Lake 100 May 1, 1990
Winter ocean air west of Norway is over 40 degrees warmer than average for that latitude because of this current The Gulf Stream 200 May 1, 1990
This ocean has the greatest length of coastline because of its irregular shape Atlantic 300 May 1, 1990
Changing monsoon winds cause seasonal reverses of surface water movement in this Indian Ocean bay Bay of Bengal 400 May 1, 1990
Once part of the Gulf of California, it's now the largest natural lake entirely within the state Salton Sea 500 May 1, 1990
Of Hudson Bay, the Atlantic or Lake Ontario, the one into which the Hudson River flows Atlantic 100 October 14, 1988
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "The Bridge" is about a bridge over this city's Charles River Cambridge or Boston 200 October 14, 1988
The Little Minch Strait separates the Outer & Inner islands of this group off Scotland Hebrides 300 October 14, 1988
Malta isn't surrounded by milk but by this body of water Mediterranean 400 October 14, 1988
The Valley of the Jhelum River in India is known as the "Vale of" this Kashmir 500 October 14, 1988
Largest undrained freshwater swamp in lower 48 U.S. states, fortunately for Pogo Okefenokee Swamp 100 December 10, 1985
Lake Kinneret & the Sea of Tiberias are other names for this Biblical "Sea" Sea of Galilee 200 December 10, 1985
Wheeling, W.V. is a port on this major river Ohio River 300 December 10, 1985
North American Bay named for explorer whose crew mutinied & cast him adrift there Hudson Bay 400 December 10, 1985
It's the largest river gorge in the world Grand Canyon 500 December 10, 1985
Narrow Biblical sea between Saudi Arabia & Africa that's an intense blue-green in color Red Sea 100 November 19, 1985
China's Huang River carries large amounts of straw-colored earth into this sea Yellow Sea 200 November 19, 1985
Name of this sea is said to allude not to its dark water but its storms Black Sea 300 November 19, 1985
Icebreakers now keep Port of Archangel, on this appropriately-named sea, open in winter White Sea 400 November 19, 1985
Dutch settlers named this longest river of South Africa not for its color but their royal family Orange 500 November 19, 1985