Clues for: History

Question Answer Value Airdate
In 1914 19-year-old Serb Gavrilo Princip triggered World War I by assassinating this man Franz Ferdinand 200 September 28, 2022
Also known as the Temple of Kukulcán, El Castillo was built circa 1000 AD in a city founded by these people, in the Yucatán Peninsula the Maya 400 September 28, 2022
Japan annexed this peninsula in 1910 & suppressed the March First Independence Movement in 1919 Korea 600 September 28, 2022
Babylonian king for 40 years, he is best remembered for his legal wisdom, known from an inscribed stone slab discovered in 1901 Hammurabi 800 September 28, 2022
On Friday the 13th of October 1307, King Philip IV of France ordered the arrest of this military group the Knights Templar 1000 September 28, 2022
Vessels lost by this flotilla in 1588 included La Trinidad, El Gran Grifón & Castillo Negro the Spanish Armada 200 March 4, 2022
In 1867 young Erasmus Jacobs found the "Eureka" this "upon which the future success of South Africa will be built" diamond 400 March 4, 2022
Crete's Bronze Age civilization is sometimes named for this king who ruled from Knossos King Minos 800 March 4, 2022
The USA's worst depression before the Civil War began with what's usually called this event "of 1837" the Panic 1000 March 4, 2022
Built by a Ming Dynasty emperor, this place is so named because most people in the empire were denied access the Forbidden City March 4, 2022
Enewetak Atoll in the Pacific saw the first use of this powerful new weapon in 1952 an H-bomb 200 July 26, 2021
This 1815 battle was called the Battle of Mont St. Jean by the French, but the victorious English & allies picked the name that stuck Waterloo 400 July 26, 2021
Overthrown by the U.S., this Panamanian dictator was convicted in Miami of federal drug & racketeering charges in 1992 Manuel Noriega 600 July 26, 2021
Not Peter or Catherine but a "Great" ruler of this name won independence for Moscow from the Golden Horde in 1480 Ivan (the Great) 800 July 26, 2021
A tool of mariners by the 1400s, this instrument aided navigation by determining the position of the Sun & other stars astrolabe 1000 July 26, 2021
Around 1530 B.C. Queen Ahhotep rallied this kingdom's troops to victory against a Hyksos invasion Egypt 200 May 3, 2021
To see a transit of Venus by telescope in 1761, Harvard professor John Winthrop had to go behind enemy lines during this war the French and Indian War 400 May 3, 2021
The 1571 Battle of Lepanto between Ottoman & European naval forces was a climax of warfare using these oar-powered ships galleys 600 May 3, 2021
In 1837, Queen Victoria succeeded this man seen here, the fourth of his name William 800 May 3, 2021
His rivalry with Diego de Almagro led to Almagro's murder in Cuzco in 1538 & his own death in Lima 3 years later Pizarro 1000 May 3, 2021
The Goths & Vandals were 2 of these groups, a term for non-Greeks or Romans, presumably with bad table manners Barbarians 200 March 30, 2021
In April 1830 this country passed a law aiming to curb illegal immigration of Americans over its border Mexico 400 March 30, 2021
Days after crossing the Delaware, Washington won the battle of this place but the painting is in rival Yale's art gallery Princeton 600 March 30, 2021
This people who formed an empire in 19th century southern Africa bears the name of a ruler, the son of Malandela Zulu 800 March 30, 2021
Around 3000 B.C. the Sumerian settlement of Uruk was the first big city in this historic region, at its southeast end Mesopotamia 1000 March 30, 2021
For using tribute to enrich Russian lands, 14th century Grand Prince Ivan I of this city was known as "Moneybag" Moscow 200 March 26, 2021
A pair of 1930s alliances formed the Axis made up of these 3 nations Germany, Italy & Japan 400 March 26, 2021
Though often pushed into the Everglades, they claim to be "the only tribe in America who never signed a peace treaty" the Seminoles 600 March 26, 2021
Established in the 10th century, the Varangian Guard was an elite force of Vikings acting as bodyguards of this empire's monarch the Byzantine Empire 800 March 26, 2021
Europe sent goods to Africa; slaves went to the Americas on this agonizing leg of the triangle; & raw materials went back to Europe the Middle Passage 1000 March 26, 2021
This ex-first lady was part of the Tractors for Freedom Committee to pay a ransom for prisoners taken at the Bay of Pigs Eleanor Roosevelt 200 January 12, 2021
In the 10th century the hajj was suspended for some 20 years after the theft of the black stone from the Kaaba in this city Mecca 400 January 12, 2021
One cemetery holds the remains of the first & the last British soldiers killed in WWI--the latter, at 9:30 A.M. on this date in 1918 November 11 600 January 12, 2021
This early 20th century leader advocated a more European & modernized Turkey, including in clothing, as you see (Kemal) Ataturk 800 January 12, 2021
How do you start a Civil War? Agree to the Magna Carta & then turn around & ask the pope to annul it like this king did John 1000 January 12, 2021
It took $15 million to add 828,000 square miles to the U.S. in this historic 1803 deal the Louisiana Purchase 200 October 7, 2020
Known as the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma in 1974, the nation changed its name to this 15 years later Myanmar 400 October 7, 2020
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents by a display monitor.) Tradition says here's the roughly 25-mile route Pheidippides ran in 490 B.C., bringing news of victory to Athens from this plain whose name is known beyond ancient history Marathon 600 October 7, 2020
In 1609 this English navigator sailed into the yet-to-be-named Delaware Bay; he'd sail in a river named for him the same year Hudson 800 October 7, 2020
In 1559 Protestant reformer John Calvin founded the university of this Swiss city Geneva 1000 October 7, 2020
While the Crimean War was raging, this mountainous land fought a less well-known war with its neighbor Tibet Nepal 200 December 25, 2019
In July 1984 in San Francisco, she accepted the Democratic Party's nomination for vice president (Geraldine) Ferraro 400 December 25, 2019
Splitting from Sweden in 1905, this nation got its monarchy restored; Haakon VII became king & reigned until 1957 Norway 600 December 25, 2019
Not just the title of a Dustin Hoffman western epic, it's the name of Crazy Horse's lieutenant at the Little Bighorn <i>Little Big Man</i> 800 December 25, 2019
Legend says when Columbus saw the 3 mtn, peaks on this Caribbean island he chose to name it for the Father, Son & Holy Spirit Trinidad December 25, 2019
Mary Mallon was the first person in the U.S. identified as an asymptomatic carrier of this disease typhoid 400 June 13, 2019
The 3 centuries from 323 to 30 B.C. are called this era, reflecting the spread of Greek culture in Europe & Asia Hellenistic 600 June 13, 2019
The 1952 Egyptian coup has succeeded; time for the group photo with these two future presidents in it Nasser and Sadat 800 June 13, 2019
Replacing the Qing dynasty, the republic of China was founded on Jan, 1, 1912 with this medical man as president Sun Yat-sen 1000 June 13, 2019
A book subtitled "Alps & Elephants" follows this Carthaginian general's march against Rome Hannibal 200 January 9, 2019
King Philip II of Spain sent it in 1588 to invade England the Armada 400 January 9, 2019
Egypt & Syria launched a war against Israel on October 6, 1973, which was this Jewish holy day Yom Kippur 600 January 9, 2019
This early 1920s scandal involved granting exclusive oil rights in Wyoming to the Mammoth Oil Company the Teapot Dome scandal 800 January 9, 2019
Originally it was a fortress; Cardinal Richelieu began using it as a state prison in the 17th century the Bastille 1000 January 9, 2019
The Equal Franchise Act of 1928 allowed this right to all British women 21 & over suffrage (or voting) 200 October 10, 2018
In 1931 the only dirigible to dock at this NYC building had a rough time, ending that idea the Empire State Building 400 October 10, 2018
In 1949 the Kuomintang party fled mainland China for this island Taiwan 600 October 10, 2018
In the 1600s this Japanese class largely became bureaucrats, but still got to carry 2 swords the samurais 800 October 10, 2018
Born in Italy, he helped prep the ships for Columbus' second & third voyagers before setting to sea himself Vespucci 1000 October 10, 2018
I believe we're all in accord that the League of Nations assembly met for the first time in 1920 in this Swiss city Geneva 200 May 23, 2017
This document that said the king was subject to the rule of law was reissued with some changes in 1216, '17 & '25 the Magna Carta 400 May 23, 2017
In 1984 this Minnesotan got the fewest electoral votes, 13, of any Democrat since 1872 Walter Mondale 600 May 23, 2017
This Siberian mystic didn't make it to New Year's 1917, getting poisoned, shot twice, tied up & drowned, all in 1 rough Dec. night Rasputin 800 May 23, 2017
On March 13, 1954 50,000 Vietminh attacked 10,000 French troops at a base in this village Dien Bien Phu 1000 May 23, 2017
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) A stop at Dr. Samuel Mudd's home, landing mistakenly in Maryland, & dying a few days later near Bowling Green were part of his ill-fated 1865 escape route John Wilkes Booth 400 February 16, 2016
An international force seized Beijing on August 14, 1900, crushing this rebellion the Boxer Rebellion 600 February 16, 2016
In 1869 the tracks of the Union Pacific & the Central Pacific Railroad were joined at Promontory in this state Utah 800 February 16, 2016
Name of the king who after beating Rome at Asculum but taking heavy casualties, said one more such win would undo him Pyrrhus 1000 February 16, 2016
In 1924 he fasted for 21 days to ease Hindu-Muslim tensions & it worked Gandhi 200 September 16, 2015
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) After World War I, this country gained new provinces, doubling its size; after World War II, it lost chunks in the northeast & southeast Romania 400 September 16, 2015
In the 1950s the Mau Mau movement among the Kikuyu people battled Colonial rule in this East African country Kenya 800 September 16, 2015
This Welsh buccaneer routed the Spanish in Panama City in 1671 & later served as deputy governor of Jamaica Captain (Henry) Morgan 1000 September 16, 2015
Joan the Mad, this woman's daughter, became Queen of Castile in 1504 but in 1509 was imprisoned for the rest of her life (Queen) Isabella September 16, 2015
After a 34-hour siege in April of this year, confederate forces captured Fort Sumter 1861 200 May 29, 2015
The Normans invaded England in 1066, & the Anglo-Normans invaded this large nearby isle in 1169 Ireland 400 May 29, 2015
In 1794 Napoleon was placed under arrest for ties to this incorruptible man, the force behind the Reign of Terror Robespierre 800 May 29, 2015
Henri Christophe helped Toussaint L'Ouverture liberate this country, then tyrannically ruled its northern part Haiti 1000 May 29, 2015
In 1950 & then again in 1951, this capital city fell to invading forces who were evicted each time by U.N. troops Seoul May 29, 2015
70 delegates were chosen for this 1787 gathering; 55 attended & 39 ended up signing the Constitutional Convention 200 December 30, 2014
Protests in the Philippines in 1986 drove this longtime leader into exile (Ferdinand) Marcos 400 December 30, 2014
In 2013 this Brazilian president was not happy that the U.S. was listening in on her phone calls Dilma Rousseff 600 December 30, 2014
She was the mother of England's Queen Elizabeth I Anne Boleyn 800 December 30, 2014
In 1867 Mutsuhito, known as this "M"peror, came to the throne & the modernization of Japan began Meiji 1000 December 30, 2014
In the 11th century she was the occasionally naked in public wife of Earl Leofric Lady Godiva 200 June 4, 2013
More than 200 U.S. soldiers died at this June 1876 battle named for a river Little Big Horn 400 June 4, 2013
Her temperance newspapers included "The Smasher's Mail" & "The Hatchet" Carrie Nation 600 June 4, 2013
On Aug. 7, 1964 this resolution passed in the House, 414 to zero the Gulf of Tonkin resolution 800 June 4, 2013
He redesigned more than 50 of the 87 churches lost in London's Great Fire Christopher Wren June 4, 2013
The German Empire had this "Iron Chancellor" from 1871 to 1890 Bismarck 200 May 25, 2012
Napoleon & his troops captured Cairo in the 1798 battle of these landmarks the Pyramids 400 May 25, 2012
Decisions of this tribunal were made public, as in the auto-da-fe in Spain the Inquisition 600 May 25, 2012
Clause 39 of this influenced Britain's Habeas Corpus Act of 1679 the Magna Carta 800 May 25, 2012
This conference Nov. 28-Dec. 1, 1943 guaranteed Iran's postwar independence the Tehran Conference 1000 May 25, 2012
Cardinal Richelieu was the first to use this Paris fortress as a state prison the Bastille 200 May 4, 2012
The cargo of the Beaver, Eleanor & Dartmouth got dumped in this December 1773 incident the Boston Tea Party 400 May 4, 2012
Marigalante was another name for this 1492 flagship the <i>Santa Maria</i> 600 May 4, 2012
Nickname of the 1900 rebellion to expel foreigners from China the Boxer Rebellion 800 May 4, 2012
This king who put his seal on a historic 13th Century document was known as Lackland King John I 1000 May 4, 2012
Disappointment with the Livonian War & suspected treasons in 1582 may have led this czar to order his 1st executions Ivan the Terrible 200 October 7, 2011
In 1449 Henry VI instituted the (hopefully non-evil) office of sheriff here, now an industrial city in central England Nottingham 400 October 7, 2011
"Black Thursday" happened on Oct. 24 of this year; 5 days later, share prices had fallen 80% 1929 600 October 7, 2011
In 62 A.D. this Roman emperor had his wife Octavia put to death, then he got remarried the same year... coincidence? Nero 1000 October 7, 2011
Delegates from 34 countries attended this body's final session April 18, 1946 the League of Nations October 7, 2011
In 2006 FEMA & the U.S. Geological Survey sponsored a conference commemorating the 100th anniversary of this event the San Francisco earthquake 200 September 17, 2007
In 1785 he graduated 42nd out of 58 at his military school in Paris Napoléon Bonaparte 400 September 17, 2007
In 1869 this "wild" & crazy guy killed 2 men as acting sheriff of Ellis County, Kansas Wild Bill Hickok 600 September 17, 2007
In 1900 more than 200 foreigners were killed during this bloody uprising in northern China the Boxer Rebellion 800 September 17, 2007
A Supreme Court decision in 2000 said rights named for this man were "embedded in routine police practice" Miranda 1000 September 17, 2007
The Meiji reforms of the 19th century permanently abolished this Japanese warrior class samurai 200 July 5, 2005
In 1966 this university's Public Policy program became the Kennedy School of Government Harvard 400 July 5, 2005
One of France's major ports, it was the site of the 1940 evacuation of more than 300,000 men Dunkirk 600 July 5, 2005
In February 1790 this man presided over the first meeting of the Supreme Court John Jay 800 July 5, 2005
The cathedral of this city in Spain claims to hold the remains of Christopher Columbus, moved there in 1899 Seville 1000 July 5, 2005
For the last 8 years of his life, Galileo was under house arrest for espousing this man's theory Copernicus 200 December 31, 2004
Built in 312 B.C. to link Rome & the South of Italy, it's still in use today the Appian Way 400 December 31, 2004
In 1000 Rajaraja I of the Cholas battled to take this Indian Ocean island now known for its tea Ceylon (or Sri Lanka) 600 December 31, 2004
Karl led the first of these Marxist organizational efforts; the second one began in 1889 the International 800 December 31, 2004
This Asian political party was founded in 1885 with "Indian National" as part of its name the Congress Party 1000 December 31, 2004
On July 1, 1867 the British North America Act created this new dominion Canada 200 September 19, 2003
In 1001 this Norseman reached what is now Newfoundland, built several dwellings & stayed the winter Lief Ericsson 400 September 19, 2003
In 67 A.D. Nero began building a canal across this country's Isthmus of Corinth; a canal was completed in 1893 Greece 600 September 19, 2003
Sir Eric Drummond was the first to serve in this position at the League of Nations, doing so from 1919 to 1933 Secretary General 800 September 19, 2003
This Spanish conquistador served as Governor of Peru from 1531 until his murder in 1541 Pizarro 1000 September 19, 2003
On December 2, 1804 this man crowned himself emperor Napoleon Bonaparte 200 June 30, 2003
Around 600 B.C. some Phoenicians claimed to have sailed around this continent, 2,000 years before the Portuguese Africa 400 June 30, 2003
The Sonderbund was an 1845 confederation of 7 cantons in what's now this country Switzerland 600 June 30, 2003
A tsar from age 16, during his despotic reign Russia got its first printing press in 1563 Ivan the Terrible 800 June 30, 2003
In 1993 this Israeli P.M. said, "You don't make peace with friends. You make it with very unsavory enemies" Yitzhak Rabin 1000 June 30, 2003
In 1429, she was given control of troops in France Joan of Arc 100 July 18, 2001
Using photos he had taken the month before, Clyde Tombaugh discovered this planet February 18, 1930 Pluto 200 July 18, 2001
In February 1984 he announced his resignation as Prime Minister of Canada Trudeau 300 July 18, 2001
Every president since Taft has been an honorary president of this organization founded in the U.S. in Feb. 1910 the Boy Scouts 400 July 18, 2001
In a 1778 treaty, the U.S. and France granted each other this commerce "status" most favored nation 500 July 18, 2001
The storming of this prison in 1789 is one of the most famous events of the French Revolution Bastille 100 February 13, 2001
This German earned the nickname "The Desert Fox" while commanding the Afrika Korps in WWII Erwin Rommel 200 February 13, 2001
Even though it's been "found", this Peruvian ruin, seen here, is still called "The Lost City of the Incas" Machu Picchu 300 February 13, 2001
As queen of the Netherlands during WWI, she helped maintain Dutch neutrality Wilhelmina 400 February 13, 2001
This "Magnificent" sultan, seen here, was the 10th ruler of the Ottoman Empire Suleiman 500 February 13, 2001
The California Gold Rush started the first big wave of immigration from this Asian nation China 100 December 15, 2000
In the 1880s the Mahdi led a revolution in the Sudan to restore the prominence of this religion Islam 200 December 15, 2000
As Secretary of War from 1904 to 1908, William Howard Taft oversaw construction of this waterway Panama Canal 300 December 15, 2000
In 1939 he wrote to FDR to present the military potential of an uncontrolled fission chain reaction Albert Einstein 400 December 15, 2000
Born aboard the Mayflower in the New World, he grew up to be a captain of militia, & maybe a falconer too Peregrine White 500 December 15, 2000
7 years after crossing the Alps, he reached the gates of Rome with his troops in 211 B.C., but didn't get in Hannibal 100 November 1, 2000
In 1533 Pizarro killed Atahualpa, the leader of these people the Incas 200 November 1, 2000
Ivan the Great made the great decision to gain independence from this group known as the Golden Horde the Mongols 300 November 1, 2000
In 1632 this lord founded the colony of Maryland Lord Baltimore 400 November 1, 2000
He succeeded Henry II as king of England in 1189 & was himself succeeded by John in 1199 Richard the Lionhearted 500 November 1, 2000
Legend says in 1811 & 1812 earthquakes on the Midwest's New Madrid Fault made this river run backwards Mississippi River 100 June 22, 2000
Around 1200 this city became capital of a Muslim empire in India; its "New" version is India's capital today Delhi 200 June 22, 2000
Pope Paul III was a leader in this movement whose name implies it opposed Protestantism the Counter-Reformation 300 June 22, 2000
"Rich" in democracy, this country held some of Central America's first free elections in the 1890s Costa Rica 400 June 22, 2000
This "Great" king who died in 4 B.C. married Mariamne, the last princess of the Maccabees' line Herod the Great 500 June 22, 2000
1903's Treaty of Petropolis "erased" a South American dispute over an area rich in this plant resource Rubber 100 April 22, 1999
In 1931 the invading Japanese made this Chinese area a puppet state called Manchukuo Manchuria 200 April 22, 1999
The limited Irish autonomy proposed by Isaac Butt around 1870 was called this type of "rule" Home Rule 300 April 22, 1999
Brugge in Flemish, this Belgian city's trade declined with the silting of the Zwyn River in the 1400s Bruges 400 April 22, 1999
In 897 Pope Stephen VI had his predecessor Formosus exhumed, put on trial & thrown into this river Tiber April 22, 1999
In 1898 Britain leased the New Territories from China, adding to the area of this dependency Hong Kong 100 October 9, 1997
In 1273 Rudolf I became the first from this family to rule the Holy Roman Empire, though he was never crowned the Hapsburgs 200 October 9, 1997
In January 1943 FDR & Winston Churchill met in this North African city to discuss the war effort Casablanca 300 October 9, 1997
In 1701 this pirate was hanged in London for murder & 5 counts of piracy Captain Kidd 400 October 9, 1997
The first European to round Africa's southern tip, he was also on the voyage that discovered Brazil Bartolomeo Diaz 500 October 9, 1997
In June 1987 she became the first British prime minister in the 20th c. elected to 3 straight terms Margaret Thatcher 100 June 16, 1997
On September 23, 1949 President Truman announced that this country had detonated a nuclear device the Soviet Union (or the U.S.S.R. or Russia) 200 June 16, 1997
In 338 B.C. this country's Philip II defeated Thebes & Athens at the Battle of Chaeronea Macedonia 300 June 16, 1997
In 781 he persuaded Pope Adrian I to crown his sons Pepin & Louis kings of Italy & Aquitaine Charlemagne 400 June 16, 1997
"The Thousand" was a novel written by this Italian guerrilla leader based on his 1860 Sicilian expedition Giuseppe Garibaldi 500 June 16, 1997
In 1589 Boris Godunov got this country's Orthodox Church recognized as an independent patriarchate Russia 100 May 28, 1997
When he went to Europe in 1971, he became the first reigning Japanese monarch to travel abroad Hirohito 200 May 28, 1997
In 1942 he replaced Gandhi as leader of India's National Congress Party Nehru 300 May 28, 1997
In 1973 Menachem Begin helped form this Israeli political party, a merger of several smaller parties Likud 400 May 28, 1997
Great Britain gained most of Eastern Canada from France as a result of this war the French & Indian War 500 May 28, 1997
A potato famine during the 1840s caused this island's population to decline by about 2 million Ireland 100 May 9, 1997
The Treaty of Versailles ended this war & set up the League of Nations World War I 200 May 9, 1997
Hernando Cortes conquered the Aztecs & Francisco Pizarro conquered this Indian empire Incan 300 May 9, 1997
By the end of his reign in 1786, Frederick the Great doubled this kingdom's area Prussia 400 May 9, 1997
In 1977 this Ugandan leader survived at least one assassination attempt & 2 attempted coups Idi Amin 500 May 9, 1997
By the 6th century this group had joined with the Angles to found kingdoms in Britain Saxons 100 March 27, 1997
Ponce de Leon's 1513 quest was to find this legendary spring; they didn't have facelifts back then Fountain of Youth 200 March 27, 1997
This daughter of Chief Powhatan became a Christian & married an Englishman in 1614 Pocahontas 300 March 27, 1997
In 1519 he sailed from Cuba to conquer the Aztec empire Hernando Cortez 400 March 27, 1997
Some call this son of Pepin & king of the Franks the Father of Europe Charlemagne 500 March 27, 1997
In 1493 he reached Montserrat in the West Indies & named it for a Spanish mountain Christopher Columbus 100 March 14, 1997
From 1815 to 1861 this principality on the Riviera was under the protection of Sardinia Monaco 200 March 14, 1997
In 1855 this victor at the Alamo was deposed as Mexican dictator & fled to the Caribbean Santa Anna 300 March 14, 1997
Tangier was returned to this north African nation in 1956, after 33 years of international control Morocco 400 March 14, 1997
1 of the 2 Mideast countries in which the Baath Party has held power for over 20 years Iraq or Syria March 14, 1997
After years of construction, this canal finally opened for business August 15, 1914 Panama Canal 100 March 3, 1997
In 1794 this hero of Trafalgar lost the sight in his right eye due to a wound suffered while taking Calvi, Corsica Lord Nelson 200 March 3, 1997
Around 1605 Dutchman Willem Jansz became the first European to sight this continent Australia 300 March 3, 1997
In February 1825 this "liberator" was elected president of Peru Simon Bolivar 400 March 3, 1997
Founded in 1933, this Spanish political party was named for a Greek military formation Falange 500 March 3, 1997
Sung T'ai Tsu founded this country's Sung dynasty in 960 China 100 February 5, 1997
This island famous for its stone statues was annexed by Chile in 1888 Easter Island 200 February 5, 1997
In 1860 the Second Maori War broke out in this country New Zealand 300 February 5, 1997
In 1989 this former Philippine leader died in exile in Hawaii Ferdinand Marcos 400 February 5, 1997
In 1521 Martin Luther was summoned to the Diet of this city to renounce his beliefs Worms 500 February 5, 1997
The third of these military expeditions was led by Frederick I Barbarossa, Philip II & Richard the Lion-Hearted the Crusades 100 January 29, 1997
In 1513 he reached & named Florida Ponce de León 200 January 29, 1997
In 1718 the British tracked down & killed this "dark" pirate in a North Carolina inlet Blackbeard 300 January 29, 1997
The treaty that ended the Russo-Japanese War in 1905 was named for this New Hampshire city Portsmouth 500 January 29, 1997
In 1946 the Ivory Coast was made an overseas territory of this country; in 1960 it gained its independence France January 29, 1997
In 1982 this country's president Jose Lopez Portillo devalued the peso & nationalized the banks Mexico 100 December 12, 1996
On July 5, 1945 he announced that "The entire Philippine Islands are now liberated" Douglas MacArthur 200 December 12, 1996
In 1815 the Congress of Vienna guaranteed this country's neutrality Switzerland 300 December 12, 1996
Elizabeth Petrovna, the daughter of this czar, became empress of Russia in 1741 Peter the Great 400 December 12, 1996
This country formerly known as Dutch Guiana gained independence in 1975 Suriname 500 December 12, 1996
In accepting this charter, King John acknowledged that he too was subject to the law of the land Magna Carta 100 December 11, 1996
His son-in-law, Galeazzo Ciano, was executed by Fascists as a traitor in January 1944 Benito Mussolini 200 December 11, 1996
Theodora helped save the Byzantine throne by keeping Justinian from fleeing this city during the Nika Riots Constantinople 300 December 11, 1996
The Osmanli Empire became known as this in English Ottoman Empire 400 December 11, 1996
In 1980 this deposed president of Nicaragua was assassinated in Paraguay Anastasio Somoza December 11, 1996
This volunteer cavalry unit organized by Teddy Roosevelt included miners, cowboys & college athletes the Rough Riders 100 November 21, 1996
Around 122 A.D. this emperor ordered a wall built to separate the Romans from the Barbarians Hadrian 200 November 21, 1996
The Yi dynasty ruled this country from 1392 until its annexation by Japan in 1910 Korea 300 November 21, 1996
The Peace of Westphalia in 1648 ended this numerical war Thirty Years\' War 400 November 21, 1996
The Mau Mau Rebellion, which began in 1952, was an uprising against British rule in this African country Kenya November 21, 1996
In 1868 Emperor Mutsuhito of this country adopted the reign name Meiji, meaning "enlightened rule" Japan 100 September 13, 1996
In 1919 this country's new constitution established the Reichstag & the Reichsrat Germany 200 September 13, 1996
Since 1940 only Harold Wilson & this man have served as British prime minister on 2 separate occasions Winston Churchill 300 September 13, 1996
Around 200 A.D., Soranus wrote the earliest known biography of this physician Hippocrates 400 September 13, 1996
When this first Hungarian king was crowned in 1000, he made Esztergom the capital St. Stephen 500 September 13, 1996
When this British sea captain first reached Botany Bay in 1770, he named it Stingray Bay Cook 100 September 9, 1996
On January 31, 1948, his body was cremated at the Raj Ghat shrine in New Delhi Gandhi 200 September 9, 1996
On April 11, 1979, his dictatorial rule of Uganda was ended by exiles & Tanzanian forces Idi Amin 300 September 9, 1996
In 1740 this Prussian king began his reign by taking Silesia from the Austrian Hapsburgs Frederick the Great 400 September 9, 1996
Angkor became capital of this empire in the late 9th c. & remained the capital for over 500 years the Khmer Empire 500 September 9, 1996
Only 7 prisoners were inside this fortress when it was stormed by French citizens July 14, 1789 The Bastille 100 July 18, 1996
In 1923 it replaced Constantinople as the capital of Turkey Ankara 200 July 18, 1996
It's estimated that as many as 300,000 Ugandans were killed during his 1970s regime Idi Amin 300 July 18, 1996
In January of 1926, Theodoros Pangalos declared himself dictator of this country - he was deposed in August Greece 500 July 18, 1996
In 1975, the Himalayan country of Sikkim was absorbed by this country India July 18, 1996
In 1993 he hinted that he'd be willing to give up power if the U.S. ended its embargo of Cuba Fidel Castro 100 March 21, 1996
In 1951 Macao became an overseas province of this country, & in 1974 a "Special Territory" Portugal 200 March 21, 1996
In 1867 Emperor Franz Joseph created this dual monarchy Austria-Hungary 300 March 21, 1996
A skirmish over the theft of one of the Discovery's boats led to this explorer's murder in 1779 Captain James Cook 400 March 21, 1996
Tradition says this country's first emperor, Menelik I, was the son of King Solomon & the Queen of Sheba Ethiopia 500 March 21, 1996
It became a U.S. territory in 1900 & was attacked 18 years before becoming a state Hawaii 100 January 18, 1996
From 1954 to 1969 he was president of North Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 200 January 18, 1996
The U.S. arsenal at this Shenandoah Valley location was raided October 16, 1859 Harper\'s Ferry 300 January 18, 1996
Roman emperor, 117-138, he built walls in Germany as well as in Britain Hadrian 400 January 18, 1996
Mode of protest used by Emmeline Pankhurst & Mohandas Gandhi while in jail hunger strike 500 January 18, 1996
This capital city was founded in 1457 when warrior Ota Dokan built the predecessor of Edo Castle Tokyo 100 December 27, 1995
Aurangzeb, this country's Mogul ruler, took over his father Shah Jahan's throne & jailed him in Agra India 200 December 27, 1995
According to tradition, Portugal's King John II named this African cape first sighted by Dias the Cape of Good Hope 300 December 27, 1995
In 1860 Victor Emmanuel II, king of this island, invaded the Papal States & defeated the papal troops Sardinia 500 December 27, 1995
In 1958 this man became president of the United Arab Republic (Gamal Abdel) Nasser December 27, 1995
At its height the Aztec empire covered roughly one-fifth of what's now this country Mexico 100 December 1, 1995
She went to Rome after she bore Caesarion, who became Ptolemy XV Cleopatra 200 December 1, 1995
With their conquest of Granada in 1492, this ruling pair unified Spain Ferdinand and Isabella 300 December 1, 1995
In 1901 the colonies of Victoria & Queensland became states in this new commonwealth Australia 400 December 1, 1995
She took the Russian throne in 1762 after her husband Peter III, was deposed Catherine the Great 500 December 1, 1995
As emperor, Commodus renamed this future Italian capital Colonia Commodiana Rome 100 October 20, 1995
The 1545 Council of Trent was called in response to this religious movement Protestantism 200 October 20, 1995
In 1917 this czar was forced to abdicate in favor of his brother Michael, who refused the crown Nicholas II 300 October 20, 1995
Pericles was one of the instigators of this war between Athens & Sparta that began in 431 B.C. the Peloponnesian War 400 October 20, 1995
In 1958, to counter the UAR of Egypt & Syria, Jordan & this country formed a federation Iraq 500 October 20, 1995
From 1942-45 this nation controlled the major sources of natural rubber in Asia Japan 100 October 10, 1995
Implicated in a plot to murder Queen Elizabeth I, she was beheaded at Fotheringhay Castle in 1587 Mary, Queen of Scots 200 October 10, 1995
In 1770 he explored Australia's east coast & named it New South Wales Cook 300 October 10, 1995
On Oct. 26. 1979 this country's president Park Chung Hee was assassinated by the chief of his own CIA South Korea 400 October 10, 1995
This capital of Ancient Egypt was first known as the White Wall Memphis 500 October 10, 1995
In 1819 he defeated the Spaniards at Boyaca, liberating the territory of Colombia Simón Bolívar 100 October 9, 1995
Of Russia's 4 empresses, she reigned the longest–34 years Catherine the Great 200 October 9, 1995
In 1887 the Chinese acknowledged Portuguese sovereignty over this territory Macau 300 October 9, 1995
In April 1979 Abel T. Muzorewa was elected to succeed this man as prime minister of Rhodesia Ian Smith 500 October 9, 1995
In 60 B.C. Julius Caesar, Marcus Crassus & this man founded the first of Rome's 2 triumvirates Pompey October 9, 1995
After the Han Dynasty fell, this country was divided into 3 kingdoms: Wei, Wu & Shu China 100 September 20, 1995
Number of days the Arab-Israeli War lasted in June 1967 six days 200 September 20, 1995
In 1580 he became the first Englishman to complete a voyage around the world (Sir Francis) Drake 300 September 20, 1995
This 1805 battle near the Strait of Gibraltar destroyed France's naval power Trafalgar 400 September 20, 1995
Mustafa Kemal helped found this country & became its first president in 1923 Turkey 500 September 20, 1995
It was the military code name for the Persian Gulf War Desert Storm 100 July 10, 1995
While president of the Philippines in the late 1960s, he encouraged foreign firms to invest in his country (Ferdinand) Marcos 200 July 10, 1995
In 1947 Pakistan & this country went to war over the state of Kashmir India 300 July 10, 1995
From 1951 to 1960 this future Ugandan dictator was heavyweight boxing champ of his country Idi Amin 400 July 10, 1995
In 1680 the Portuguese founded Colonia in this small country between Brazil & Argentina Uruguay 500 July 10, 1995
In 1952 a junta led by General Naguib deposed this country's King Farouk Egypt 100 June 16, 1995
After reconquest by this power in 296, Britain was divided into 4 provinces Rome 200 June 16, 1995
In 1279 this grandson of Genghis Khan became the first emperor of China's Yuan Dynasty Kublai Khan 300 June 16, 1995
This Babylonian's code had different rules for free men, slaves & the middle class Hammurabi 400 June 16, 1995
In 1979 this country's leader Hafizullah Amin was overthrown by Babrak Karmal, backed by Soviet troops Afghanistan June 16, 1995
In 1869 it cut the travel distance between London & Bombay by over 4,000 miles the Suez Canal 100 November 4, 1994
When Hannibal was 9, his father forced him to swear eternal hatred for this city Rome 200 November 4, 1994
A March 31, 1492 edict in this country offered the Jews there the choice of baptism or exile Spain 300 November 4, 1994
In 1324 Mali's ruler Mansa Musa made a 4,000-mile pilgrimage to this city, taking a reported 12,000 slaves Mecca 400 November 4, 1994
In 751 Pepin the Short's title was changed from "Mayor of the Palace" to "King of" these people the Franks 500 November 4, 1994
After its 1912 accident, inquiries found it was traveling too fast for icy conditions the <i>Titanic</i> 100 February 18, 1994
In the 1980s the proceeds from secret arms sales to Iran were funneled to this country's Contras Nicaragua 200 February 18, 1994
A 1969 army coup in Libya put this colonel into power Colonel Gaddafi 300 February 18, 1994
The Straits Convention of 1841 concerned travel through the Bosporus & this other Turkish strait the Dardanelles 500 February 18, 1994
He was king of England during the French Revolution King George III February 18, 1994
During the reign of this "Great" empress, Russia gained about 200,000 square miles Catherine the Great 100 January 20, 1994
In 1922 he was given control of Italy & by 1925 was ruling as dictator Mussolini 200 January 20, 1994
In January 1950 President Truman authorized the Atomic Energy commission to develop this weapon the hydrogen bomb 300 January 20, 1994
At the time he was offered the throne of Mexico, Maximilian was archduke of this country Austria 400 January 20, 1994
Defeated by Alexander the Great, Darius III was the last Achaemenid ruler of this country Persia 500 January 20, 1994
When this man died in 1969, Ton Duc Thang, his vice-president, became president of North Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 100 November 29, 1993
Estimates of when these people abandoned the city of Uxmal range from 600 to 1,000 years ago Mayans 200 November 29, 1993
Peter the Cruel & Joan the Mad ruled this Spanish kingdom sometimes paired with Leon & Aragon Castille 300 November 29, 1993
In 1935 the Saar territory was reunited with this country Germany 400 November 29, 1993
Juan Vincente Gomez was dictator of this South American country in 1918 when it first exploited its oil Venezuela 500 November 29, 1993
In 1964 the Palestinian Arab guerrillas organized themselves as this group PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) 100 November 2, 1993
When she was about 16 the "voices" told her to aid the Dauphin Joan of Arc 200 November 2, 1993
In 1816 he took control of the Zulu nation Shaka 400 November 2, 1993
Called reckless & extravagant, she abdicated at age 27 & left Sweden disguised as a man in 1654 Queen Christina 500 November 2, 1993
In 615 the Persian Chosroes II sacked this city, taking away the True Cross Jerusalem November 2, 1993
This president laid the cornerstone of the U.S. Capitol in 1793 George Washington 100 September 28, 1993
In 1967 26 people were killed in rioting in this largest N.J. city Newark 200 September 28, 1993
This U.N. agency, the W.H.O. for short, was established in 1948 World Health Organization 300 September 28, 1993
Corinthians founded the colony of Syracuse on this island in the 8th century B.C. Sicily 400 September 28, 1993
On March 3, 1905 this czar agreed to create a Russian national assembly, the Duma Nicholas II 500 September 28, 1993
Under the terms of the 1901 Boxer Protocol, 10 high officials of this country were executed China 100 September 8, 1993
In 1897 Zululand became part of Natal, now a province of this country South Africa 200 September 8, 1993
He was the ruler of the Aztecs at the time Cortes came a-calling Montezuma 300 September 8, 1993
After becoming czar in 1855, Alexander II began negotiating a peace to end this war the Crimean 400 September 8, 1993
In a 1057 battle, Macbeth was killed by the son of this king, his predecessor Duncan September 8, 1993
In the 1390s King John I of Castile & King John I of Aragon both died by falling from these animals horses 100 July 22, 1993
Joachim of Fiore divided history into 3 ages: the ages of the Father, the Son & this entity Holy Ghost 200 July 22, 1993
Ancus Marcius, the legendary fourth king of this city, may have been the grandson of Numa Pompilus Rome 300 July 22, 1993
In 1616 this Native American created a sensation in London, where she was known as Lady Rebecca Pocahontas 400 July 22, 1993
2-word "seasonal" term given to the time of reform in Czechoslovakia after March 22, 1968 Prague Spring 500 July 22, 1993
On December 16, 1773 Paul Revere dressed up in war paint & feathers for this famous event Boston Tea Party 100 May 7, 1993
As a young lawyer, Winfield Scott witnessed this vice president's treason trial in 1807 Aaron Burr 200 May 7, 1993
He said of his wife's family, "One 'D' is good enough for God, but not for the Todds" Abraham Lincoln 300 May 7, 1993
The Orlov diamond, given to this Russian empress by a lover, was sort of a lovely parting gift Catherine the Great 400 May 7, 1993
She was a prisoner when her 15-year-old son James VI of Scotland was kidnapped by an earl Mary Queen of Scots 500 May 7, 1993
On Sept. 9, 1087, this English king died at Rouen in Normandy after falling from his horse William the Conqueror 100 November 17, 1992
The first 18 years of this French king's reign were managed by Cardinal Mazarin Louis XIV 200 November 17, 1992
As a child, Roman emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus was nicknamed this, meaning "little boot" Caligula 300 November 17, 1992
In 1524 this Florentine navigator became the first European to visit the New York area Giovanni da Verrazzano 400 November 17, 1992
This territory, known for its coal mines, voted to become part of Germany in 1935 The Saar 500 November 17, 1992
On the death of Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1966, she became prime minister of India Indira Gandhi 100 May 16, 1991
In 1978 he became prime minister as well as president of the Philippines Marcos 200 May 16, 1991
Roger Fenton did this in the Crimean War, as Mathew Brady later did in the Civil War take pictures 300 May 16, 1991
From 1834-36 these South Africans went on a "Great Trek" Boer 400 May 16, 1991
The Easter Rising in April 1916 occurred in this city Dublin 500 May 16, 1991
Holy Spanish city, it fell to King Alfonso VI in 1085 Toledo 100 September 18, 1990
He floated like a butterfly, stung Napoleon's troops like a bee & was made viceroy of Egypt 1-2-3 Muhammad Ali 200 September 18, 1990
Barron's World History says he was killed January 30, 1948 by a confused & frustrated fanatic (Mahatma) Gandhi 300 September 18, 1990
In 1895 the area run by the British South Africa Company was named this, after a British statesman Rhodesia 400 September 18, 1990
In 1952, Dr. Prio Socarras, the last freely-elected Cuban president, was overthrown by this man (Fulgencio) Batista 500 September 18, 1990
Over 20 million people died in this country's T'ai-p'ing Rebellion from 1850-64 China 100 July 3, 1990
Arthur Phillip established the first permanent European colony on this continent in 1788 Australia 200 July 3, 1990
This conqueror's descendants, the Timurids, ruled part of his empire after his death in 1405 Tamerlane 300 July 3, 1990
He became Viceroy of Ireland 17 years after he surrendered at Yorktown Cornwallis 400 July 3, 1990
Theodora, the wife of emperor Justinian I, was probably the most powerful woman in this empire's history Byzantine 500 July 3, 1990
At the same time Joan of Arc led the French, Itzcoatl was leading this group in Mexico Aztecs 100 May 8, 1990
People began digging up this Italian city in 1748, only 1,669 years after it was buried Pompeii 200 May 8, 1990
4 treaties to mitigate the horrors of war were signed in this city in August 1949 Geneva 300 May 8, 1990
This cardinal helped establish the Academie Francaise in the 1630s Cardinal Richelieu 500 May 8, 1990
The Pope excommunicated her in 1570 after she made the Anglican church England's official religion Elizabeth I May 8, 1990
After Peter, the next ruler of Russia who was called "the Great" Catherine 100 April 5, 1990
When he died he was using the name Wm. H. Bonney, but that probably wasn't the one he was born with Billy the Kid 200 April 5, 1990
In 732 at the Battle of Tours, the Frankish ruler Charles Martel halted their drive into Europe the Moors 300 April 5, 1990
After this British bacteriologist died in March 1955 he was interred in a crypt in St. Paul's (Sir Alexander) Fleming 400 April 5, 1990
Having no male heir, Julius Caesar adopted this grandnephew Augustus (Octavius) 500 April 5, 1990
In the late 1920s all political parties in Italy were dissolved except for this one the Fascist Party 100 March 2, 1990
The land the U.S. bought from Mexico in 1854 is known as his "Purchase" Gadsden 200 March 2, 1990
Family name of the men who controlled Nicaragua from 1936-79 Somoza 300 March 2, 1990
Horatio Nelson entered the navy at age 12 & died in this battle 35 years later Trafalgar 400 March 2, 1990
When Nadir Shah of Iran captured Delhi, he got the Koh-i-Noor diamond & this famous chair the Peacock Throne 500 March 2, 1990
In the late 1400s Torquemada was confessor to this Spanish queen before he led the Inquisition Isabella 100 May 12, 1989
This series of holy wars against the Muslims led to establishment of trade with the Middle East the Crusades 200 May 12, 1989
When this Mongol conqueror was a little boy, his father, Yesugei, was poisoned by Tartars (Temujin) Genghis Khan 300 May 12, 1989
Hitler's WWII effort to regain the port of Antwerp; it's also fought by those who gain too many lbs. the Battle of the Bulge 400 May 12, 1989
The Act of Union united England & Wales in 1536 during his reign King Henry VIII 500 May 12, 1989
In 1900 this country acquired the island of Tutuila in Samoa, & still has it USA 100 February 28, 1989
Country which proclaimed its "Declaration of the Rights of Man & the Citizen" in 1789 France 200 February 28, 1989
SEATO, which was abolished in 1977, was an acronym for this Southeast Asia Treaty Organization 400 February 28, 1989
Chu Yuen-chang, a monk who drove the Mongols out of China in 1382, began this dynasty Ming 500 February 28, 1989
An 1888 convention declared it free & open to all ships at all times -- that lasted til WWI Suez Canal February 28, 1989
In 1918 the anti-Bolsheviks were the "Whites" & Trotsky's Soviet army this color red 100 October 27, 1988
In 1942, 26 countries at war with the Axis 1st called themselves this, later the name of a world org. United Nations 200 October 27, 1988
In 1956 the Soviet Union invaded Hungary; in 1968 it invaded this other ally Czechoslovakia 300 October 27, 1988
During the 4th century the Goths split into the Ostrogoths & this other group the Visigoths 400 October 27, 1988
Common name of the book that is orig. record of William the Conqueror's survey of England <i>The Domesday Book</i> 500 October 27, 1988
She restored Charles VII to the throne, but he didn't lift a finger to save her from the stake Joan of Arc 100 May 5, 1988
It's said this royal grandmother of Kaiser Wilhelm II wouldn't let him visit Ireland Queen Victoria 200 May 5, 1988
In 1881, despite a $10,000 reward for the arrest of these brothers, the posters left out "dead or alive" the James Brothers (Frank & Jesse) 300 May 5, 1988
Darius I ruled this vast empire from 2 capitals, Susa & Persepolis the Persian Empire 400 May 5, 1988
In 1858, the Brittish government took over the rule of India from this company the East India Company 500 May 5, 1988
Defeating him at Chalons-sur-Marne in 451, the Romans said so long, Hun Attila 100 March 7, 1988
Frederick the Great was king of this Germanic country Prussia 200 March 7, 1988
In the Middle Ages, the stained glass windows in these helped the illiterate learn about Christianity cathedrals 300 March 7, 1988
Though opposed to their independence, William Pitt supported their resistance to the Stamp Act 13 Original Colonies 400 March 7, 1988
As a WWI soldier, this Yugoslavian leader was caught & sent to Russia where he became a communist Josip Broz or Tito 500 March 7, 1988
In 1867, Alexander II of Russia sold it to the United States Alaska 100 February 19, 1988
Country which gained its independence August 14, 1947, 1 day before its neighbor India Pakistan 200 February 19, 1988
Lucrezia & Cesare Borgia are 2 of the few people in history whose father held this position Pope 300 February 19, 1988
1794 skirmishes caused by the imposition of Alexander Hamilton's liquor excise tax Whiskey Rebellion 400 February 19, 1988
WWII ended when Japan surrendered on September 2, 1945 in a ceremony presided over by this general Douglas MacArthur 500 February 19, 1988
This country was probably named for the Ch'in dynasty, which unified t in 221 B.C. China 100 December 21, 1987
After signing a peace treaty with the British in 1783, the U.S. was back at war with them in this year 1812 200 December 21, 1987
Century in which Virginia, Delaware & Maryland 1st prohibited the importation of African slaves the 18th century 300 December 21, 1987
1914 was the 1st year that a ship made a complete trip through this manmade waterway the Panama Canal 400 December 21, 1987
3 of the 4 men who have served as Egypt's president since King Farouk was overthrown (3 of) Mubarak, Abdel Nasser, Sadat & Muhammad Naguib 500 December 21, 1987
Aptly, the 1st known terrestrial globe was constructed in this historic year 1492 100 April 16, 1987
After Waterloo, Napoleon unsuccessfully tried to escape to this New World country America 200 April 16, 1987
By the High Renaissance this city had replaced Florence as Italy's cultural center Rome 300 April 16, 1987
An 1830 opera performance sparked-riots that ultimately led to this "low country"'s independence Belgium 400 April 16, 1987
He not only had the largest imperial country estate in Roman Empire, but longest wall in England Hadrian 500 April 16, 1987
In July 1099, crusaders stormed this holy city, killing its Muslim & Jewish inhabitants Jerusalem 100 March 16, 1987
Legend says an Etruscan family, the Tarquins, ruled this "Eternal City" from 616 to 510 B.C. Rome 200 March 16, 1987
Because of his Albanian descent, some said this king, deposed in 1952, was not a true Egyptian Farouk 300 March 16, 1987
In 1570, Pius V issued a papal bull which excommunicated & tried to depose this English queen Elizabeth I 400 March 16, 1987
Circa 950, under Harald Bluetooth, this was 1st Scandinavian country unified under just 1 king Denmark 500 March 16, 1987
Conquering everything from Peking to Persia, this 13th century Mongol's name means "universal ruler" Genghis Khan 100 March 5, 1987
Crassus, later 1 of Rome's 1st triumvirate, defeated this slave leader in 71 B.C. Spartacus 200 March 5, 1987
Alexander II, a contemporary of Lincoln, freed this class & won the title "Czar Liberator" serfs 300 March 5, 1987
The year Paris mobs stormed the Bastille & Washington became 1st president 1789 400 March 5, 1987
Fearing Germany's growing strength, Russia joined this peace organization in 1934 League of Nations 500 March 5, 1987
The last married man to hold this job was Adrian II in the 9th century Pope 100 November 3, 1986
It's said he angered Sioux by letting cavalry trample sacred cannabis field on way to Little Big Horn General Custer 200 November 3, 1986
In 1763 he battled the English for Detroit -- where his name still builds excitement Pontiac 300 November 3, 1986
When Dr. Pauling won his 2nd Nobel Prize in '62, he was 1st 2-time winner since this woman 51 years earlier Marie Curie 400 November 3, 1986
This country reported in 1923 that U.S. famine relief efforts there had saved 10 million lives in 2 years Soviet Union 500 November 3, 1986
In 1926, 6'4", 240 lb. Ibn-Saud became king & later unified this country Saudi Arabia 100 September 17, 1986
One result of the Napoleonic Wars was formal recognition of this nation's neutrality Switzerland 200 September 17, 1986
Ency. Americana says Persian law decreed this punishment for accidentally sitting on the king's throne death 300 September 17, 1986
In 597, St. Augustine began converting the people of this island nation to Christianity England 400 September 17, 1986
Perhaps the most infamous concentration camp, it was located in Poland near the city of Krakow Auschwitz 500 September 17, 1986
From 1905-7, Austria & Serbia fought an economic "war" over tariffs, such as over this porcine animal a pig 100 May 29, 1986
The western jury system is thought to have been brought to England by these peoples in 1066 the Normans 200 May 29, 1986
Century known as the "High Renaissance" the 16th 300 May 29, 1986
World power whose emperor gave up claims to divinity before it adopted a new constitution in 1947 Japan 400 May 29, 1986
1957 U.S. policy allowing the president to use armed force in the Middle East the Eisenhower Doctrine 500 May 29, 1986
The last eruption of this Japanese volcano occurred in 1707 Mount Fuji 100 March 7, 1986
It's said if Britain had won this war, it would have shown the Colonial rebels leniency the Revolutionary War 200 March 7, 1986
In 1570, Denmark recognized the independence of this much larger Scandinavian country Sweden 300 March 7, 1986
Robespierre & the guillotine ruled France during period of the Revolution dubbed this Reign of Terror 400 March 7, 1986
Appropriate year in which the 1st known terrestrial globe was constructed 1492 500 March 7, 1986
13,000 houses were destroyed, but no one died in this city's "Great Fire" of 1666 London 100 April 26, 1985
East Jerusalem was part of this country from 1948-67 Jordan 200 April 26, 1985
From 1937-45, Chiang-Kai-shek & Mao Tse-tung joined forces to fight these invaders the Japanese 400 April 26, 1985
In 1844, this country gained its independence from Haiti the Dominican Republic 500 April 26, 1985
War with which this song was associated:"Over there /Over there /Send the word, send the word, over there! /Because the Yanks are coming /The Yanks are coming /The drums rum tumming everywhere..." World War I April 26, 1985
European country that ruled the Philippines before the U.S. Spain 100 March 13, 1985
Name by which Julius Caesar knew France Gaul 200 March 13, 1985
Official language of the Byzantine Empire Greek 300 March 13, 1985
Century called "Age of Enlightenment" the 18th century 400 March 13, 1985
Formerly a chicken farmer, he headed the Nazi SS (Heinrich) Himmler 500 March 13, 1985