Clues for: Foreign Words & Phrases

Question Answer Value Airdate
In Spanish this is properly dinero, but is also called plata, pasta & many other things money 200 November 30, 2022
Sacré Dieu!, "holy God!", evolved into this more familiar & colorful expression <i>sacrebleu</i> 400 November 30, 2022
Oddly, in Italian you can wish someone luck with "in bocca al lupo", "in the mouth of" this fierce animal a wolf 600 November 30, 2022
A reporter from the U.S. encounters the crime syndicate known by this Japanese name in TV's "Tokyo Vice" yakuza 800 November 30, 2022
This word for a coup is used of the unsuccessful Kapp & Beer Hall ones in 1920s Germany a <i>putsch</i> 1000 November 30, 2022
Fiat lux translates to "let there be" this light 200 March 15, 2022
German for "highway", it actually does have an advisory limit of 81 mph <i>autobahn</i> 400 March 15, 2022
As in the song, despacito is Spanish for this adverb slowly 600 March 15, 2022
Literally "good word", it's a witty remark; en français, S'il vous plait! <i>bon mot</i> 800 March 15, 2022
This word that starts & ends with "U" means freedom in Swahili; it's one letter off from a classic TV character's name <i>uhuru</i> 1000 March 15, 2022
This German exclamation means "health" <i>gesundheit</i> 200 November 15, 2021
I have found it, it being this Greek word that means "I have found it!" <i>eureka</i> 400 November 15, 2021
French for "good journey", it's what you wish someone before they set off on a trip <i>bon voyage</i> 600 November 15, 2021
This Spanish phrase literally means "until the view" & is used to mean "see you later" <i>hasta la vista</i> 800 November 15, 2021
Let's give thanks in Japanese, this word <i>arigato</i> 1000 November 15, 2021
The keffiyeh is worn by Arabs on this body part; it's believed the red-&-white check ones began as a Marxist symbol the head 200 April 22, 2021
A song of farewell to Italy's capital is titled this word, "Roma" Arrivederci 400 April 22, 2021
This Turkish word is a synonym for destiny or fate <i>kismet</i> 600 April 22, 2021
Ballet & French give us this phrase that means "step of two" <i>pas de deux</i> 800 April 22, 2021
Add an A to a similar English word to get this Greek word for the type of small restaurant advertised here <i>taverna</i> 1000 April 22, 2021
In the original Italian, this coffee drink with steamed milk has "caffé" before it latte 200 October 25, 2019
The name of this craft is Japanese for "folding paper" origami 400 October 25, 2019
Oy, you're so clumsy--in fact, you're this Yiddish word for a clumsy person, from a word meaning "wooden beam" a klutz 600 October 25, 2019
The name of this mythical sea monster was released from the Norwegian language the Kraken 800 October 25, 2019
A pair of Mandarin ducks in your home are great for love luck in this harmonious Chinese living space practice feng shui 1000 October 25, 2019
Latin: "To a sickening degree" <i>ad nauseam</i> 200 October 17, 2018
French: "Pen name" <i>nom de plume</i> 400 October 17, 2018
German: "Lightning war" <i>Blitzkrieg</i> 600 October 17, 2018
Italian: "In the style of a chapel" <i>a capella</i> 800 October 17, 2018
Russian: "Grandmother" <i>babushka</i> 1000 October 17, 2018
The name of this strong coffee means "pressed" espresso 200 March 21, 2017
This Hebrew phrase literally means "good luck" & is often used for "congratulations" mazel tov 400 March 21, 2017
This 2-word Arabic salutation means "Peace be with you" assalamu alaikum 600 March 21, 2017
If you're learning karate or judo, you go to this type of Japanese-named school a dojo 800 March 21, 2017
Similar to a parka, this jacket gets its name from Eskimos an anorak 1000 March 21, 2017
This 11-letter word for a nightclub for dancing is French for "library of music records" a discotheque 200 January 18, 2017
The name of this type of collective farm is Hebrew for "gathering" or "collective" a kibbutz 400 January 18, 2017
The 2-word title of this Wayne Newton song is the German equivalent of "thank you very much" "Danke Schoen" 600 January 18, 2017
The Spanish name of these appetizers means "cover" because they were originally put on top of glasses as "lids" tapas 800 January 18, 2017
Au revoir, in Russian do svidaniya 1000 January 18, 2017
Gracias is Spanish for "thank you" & this phrase means "thank you very much" muchas gracias 200 January 9, 2014
In Japanese tani is valley; yama is this mountain 400 January 9, 2014
In Portuguese these 2 antonyms are cedo & tarde early & late 600 January 9, 2014
Afrikaaners can tell you this is Dutch for "farmer" boer 800 January 9, 2014
The ability to say or do the right thing with grace, it's French for "to know how to do" savoir-faire 1000 January 9, 2014
Said before a toast & after a sneeze, it means health in German <i>Gesundheit</i> 200 December 26, 2011
Someone who takes the opposite side of an argument for argument's sake is "advocatus diaboli", or this Devil\'s advocate 400 December 26, 2011
While nom de plume is a pen name, this phrase, "war name", is simply any pseudonym <i>nom de guerre</i> 600 December 26, 2011
Italian for "the sweet life", it was popularized by a 1960 Fellini film <i>la dolce vita</i> 800 December 26, 2011
This Greek word is also used in English & means a cleansing of the emotions, especially pity & fear catharsis 1000 December 26, 2011
This, a collective settlement, usually agricultural, is from the modern Hebrew for "gathering" kibbutz 200 November 15, 2011
This 5-letter Latin word meaning "about" or "around" is used of approximate dates circa 400 November 15, 2011
Arabic gives us the names of both a plant & this bath sponge made from that plant a loofah 600 November 15, 2011
This Italian term describes music that has no instrumental accompaniment <i>a cappella</i> 800 November 15, 2011
German for "shape" gives us this name of a school of psychology Gestalt 1000 November 15, 2011
Before a trip, it's proper to wish someone "bon" this, whether they're traveling by ship or not <i>voyage</i> 200 July 20, 2007
In many places of business, "no zapatos, no service", "zapatos" being Spanish for these shoes 400 July 20, 2007
Italian for "to the tooth", it's how to order your pasta if you want it a little firm <i>al dente</i> 600 July 20, 2007
Germany's superhighway, it's the equivalent of our expressways the Autobahn 800 July 20, 2007
"Seize the day", I tell you, but do it with this Latin phrase carpe diem 1000 July 20, 2007
German bibliophiles know that a Buchhandlung is this type of retail store a bookstore 200 April 12, 2006
To a Dutchman this clothing accessory is a zakdoek, & is something to sneeze at handkerchief 400 April 12, 2006
In Greek this 2-word phrase means "the many"; it refers to the common people <i>hoi polloi</i> 600 April 12, 2006
(Kelly of the Clue Crew gives an etymology lesson on the monitor.) According to Grimm's Law, the ancient "D" became our "T" sound, and the German sound "Ts", so Latin "duo" became "two" in English & this word in German <i>zwei</i> 800 April 12, 2006
"Margaritas ante porcos" means this in Latin, not "Your aunt has had too many margaritas" pearls before swine April 12, 2006
If you're really hungry, pig out on one of these, the Swedish equivalent of a buffet a smorgasbord 200 November 18, 2004
We commonly use this 4-word French phrase to mean "the best of the best" <i>creme de la creme</i> 400 November 18, 2004
It's what the Norwegians call a long, narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs fjord 600 November 18, 2004
After some fierce flamencoing, you might hear cries of this, Spanish for "water" agua 800 November 18, 2004
If you're eager, enthusiastic, rarin' & read to go, you're this, from the Chinese meaning "work together" gung-ho 1000 November 18, 2004
It's the Turkish word for fate or destiny kismet 200 September 24, 2004
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew eats a slice of pizza on Arthur Avenue in New York.) A motto on Arthur Avenue is "mangia bene, vivi bene", which translates to this eat well, live well 400 September 24, 2004
A statement that has nothing to do with the argument at hand, this Latin term literally means "it does not follow" <i>non-sequitur</i> 600 September 24, 2004
This 2-word French phrase is used of a monomaniacal obsession <i>idée fixe</i> 800 September 24, 2004
Literally Welsh for "session", it's an annual get-together of Welsh bards & musicians eisteddfod 1000 September 24, 2004
Frau & fraulein are terms for women in this language German 200 May 7, 2004
Literally meaning "to God", it's how you say good-bye in Spanish <i>adiós</i> 400 May 7, 2004
If you're in a store in Spain & you see a sign over a door saying "Salida", it means this exit 600 May 7, 2004
This Hebrew phrase meaning "good luck" is popularly used to express congratulations mazel tov 200 April 15, 2004
Italian for "first lady", it can refer to an opera singer or someone who's just spoiled prima donna 400 April 15, 2004
In Japanese umi is sea or ocean & yama is this mountain 800 April 15, 2004
An artist or writer's greatest work is often referred to by this 2-word Latin phrase magnum opus 1000 April 15, 2004
Germans call a pear birne; a strawberry, erdbeere; & this fruit weintraube grape April 15, 2004
The name of this ceremonial form of Japanese suicide means to "cut your belly" hara-kiri (seppuku) 100 April 19, 2001
Yiddish for "a gossipy woman", it's derived from a woman's name Yenta 200 April 19, 2001
A Chinese form of self-defense, its name means "work man" Kung Fu 300 April 19, 2001
Spanish for "little war", it's a member of a small band of irregular soldiers who harass the enemy by surprise raids Guerrilla 400 April 19, 2001
This French phrase for a death blow given to put one out of his misery literally means "stroke of mercy" Coup de Grace 500 April 19, 2001
A Spanish–speaking host may say, "Mi casa es su casa", "My" this "is your" this house 100 February 9, 2001
It's the English meaning of the title of Wayne Newton's hit song "Danke Schoen" "Thank You" 200 February 9, 2001
From Yiddish, it can mean liquid chicken fat or a sappy, sentimental story schmaltz 300 February 9, 2001
Dobre utra means "Good morning" in this language spoken in Omsk & Tomsk Russia 400 February 9, 2001
If you meet a fine Finn in a bar, ask for this by saying, "Mika on puhelin numeronne" "May I have your phone number?" 500 February 9, 2001
If a Frenchwoman receives a billet-doux, she's gotten one of these Love letter 100 November 26, 1999
C-H-O-W is food; pronounced the same but spelled this way, it's Italian for "goodbye" C-I-A-O 200 November 26, 1999
An off-the-cuff speech is made this way, from a 2-word Latin phrase that literally means "out of the time" extemporaneously 300 November 26, 1999
It's the Arabic equivalent of the Hebrew shalom Salaam 400 November 26, 1999
Now hear this! Das ohr is German for this body part Ear 100 January 11, 1999
French for "In the fashion", it's a fashionable way to serve pie A la mode 200 January 11, 1999
This Yiddish word can mean to lug a load, or to drag oneself Schlep 300 January 11, 1999
Practitioners of karate & judo refer to their training school by this 4-letter Japanese name Dojo 400 January 11, 1999
Meaning clandestine, the Spanish phrase "capa y espada" translates to this common English phrase Cloak and dagger 500 January 11, 1999
Romanians call this day Joi, while Swedes know it as Torsdag Thursday 100 June 25, 1997
When sightsseing in France, you should know that entree libre means this Free admission 200 June 25, 1997
In Portuguese these 2 antonyms are cedo & tarde Early & late 300 June 25, 1997
In Spain you might go shopping for una chaqueta -- a jacket -- made of cuero, this Leather 400 June 25, 1997
In the Netherlands this popular winter sport is called schaatsenrijden Ice skating 500 June 25, 1997
In German these 2 relatives are der bruder & die schwester your brother & your sister 100 January 4, 1996
On a Dutch beach a sign reading "verboden te zwemmen" would indicate this swimming is forbidden 200 January 4, 1996
French for "in fashion", it's the phrase used when ordering ice cream on top of pie <i>a la mode</i> 300 January 4, 1996
In Greece a doctor would refer to your liver as sikoti & this organ as nefro your kidney 400 January 4, 1996
Japanese for "exalted gate", it was the title formerly used for the emperor of Japan <i>mikado</i> 500 January 4, 1996
The Spanish term for these scrambled items is huevos revueltos eggs 100 September 27, 1995
When shopping in Lisbon, you may want to ask, "Quanto custa?", which means this "How much does it cost?" 200 September 27, 1995
In Dutch, apricots are abrikozen, figs are vijgen & this fruit is kokosnoot coconut 300 September 27, 1995
The French refer to this season of the year as l'hiver winter 400 September 27, 1995
Italians call this country La Svezia Sweden 500 September 27, 1995
Romanians call this musical instrument a flaut Flute 100 November 17, 1993
Travelers in Italy should know that the sign "Fermata d'Autobus" means this bus stop 200 November 17, 1993
"Buon dia" is Portuguese for this greeting Good Day! 300 November 17, 1993
In Norwegian this body part is the tommelfinger the thumb 400 November 17, 1993
The Spanish word for this ever-popular hobby is jardineria Gardening 500 November 17, 1993
In Esperanto this animal is a porko a pig 100 November 9, 1993
Julio isn't just Mr. Iglesias' first name, it's the Spanish word for this month July 200 November 9, 1993
If an Italian doctor tells you "apra la bocca", he wants you to open this your mouth 300 November 9, 1993
"Bitte stutzen sie den schnurrbart" means "Please trim my moustache" in this language German 400 November 9, 1993
In French this piece of camping equipment is un sac de couchage a sleeping bag 500 November 9, 1993
"J'ai perdu un verre de contact" means "I've lost a contact lens" in this language French 100 February 16, 1993
Your parents might not want you to stay out past mitternacht, which is this time in German midnight 200 February 16, 1993
The Esperanto word for this relative is kuzo: if you don't know it, you can figure it out cousin 300 February 16, 1993
"Ik spreek geen Nederlands" means "I do not speak" this language Dutch 400 February 16, 1993
Yes, it's Swedish for "yes" ja 500 February 16, 1993
French for "very much" or "very many", it often comes after "merci" beaucoup 100 October 14, 1992
Dorothy Lamour could tell you it's Malay for a long, colorful cloth worn as a skirt or dress a sarong 200 October 14, 1992
Skiers use this Norwegian word to describe a zigzag course, or a race on such a course a slalom 300 October 14, 1992
In Japanese kon ba wa means "good evening" & this means "good afternoon" konnichiwa 400 October 14, 1992
Derived from a word meaning "cup", it's the Scandinavian equivalent of "cheers" or "to your health" skol 500 October 14, 1992
This Hebrew drinking toast literally means "To Life!" L\'chaim 100 November 7, 1991
For bravery in action a French soldier might receive this decoration meaning "cross of war" the Croix de Guerre 200 November 7, 1991
This French term can describe a chicken, ham & cheese dish or the master chef who prepared it Cordon bleu 300 November 7, 1991
Negus, Amharic for king, was the title formerly given to emperors of this African country Ethiopia 400 November 7, 1991
"Locos y ninos dicen la verdad" is the Spanish way of saying "Fools and children" do this Speak the truth 500 November 7, 1991
If you can tell me what "gelt" means in Yiddish, you'll earn some right now money 100 October 10, 1991
Benito Mussolini took this title meaning "the leader" Il Duce 200 October 10, 1991
French for "false step", it's another way of saying blunder or gaffe <i>faux pas</i> 300 October 10, 1991
This 2nd-highest honors distinction at graduation is Latin for "with great praise" <i>magna cum laude</i> 400 October 10, 1991
Referring to the sacred books of Hinduism, "Veda" means knowledge in this classical language Sanskrit 500 October 10, 1991
The literal meaning of "grand prix", it's what the fastest racer might bring home big prize (grand prize) 100 June 13, 1991
Greek for "seat of authority"; the pope speaks "ex" or "from" there <i>cathedra</i> 200 June 13, 1991
It's Italian for both "please" & "you're welcome", but not "spaghetti sauce" <i>prego</i> 300 June 13, 1991
Yiddish for "piece", it's a performer's piece of business <i>shtick</i> 400 June 13, 1991
French for "look for the woman", implying that's where'll find the trouble <i>cherchez la femme</i> 500 June 13, 1991