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Question Answer Value Airdate
This ocean reaches its maximum depth, over 24,000 feet, in the Java Trench the Indian Ocean 200 October 17, 2022
Geographically, this largest island in the world is part of North America Greenland 400 October 17, 2022
France's overseas possessions include this one in South America once known for its penal colonies like Devil's Island French Guiana 600 October 17, 2022
It's the oldest existing freshwater lake as well as the deepest Lake Baikal 800 October 17, 2022
Much of this tiny country that's surrounded by another is located on Mount Titano San Marino October 17, 2022
Chinese has more than a billion speakers, with this form being the most common Mandarin 200 May 22, 2020
This lake in the Cascade Mountains is the deepest lake in the United States Crater Lake 400 May 22, 2020
Named for a Germanic people, this peninsula forms the continental part of Denmark Jutland 800 May 22, 2020
The word "The" is officially part of the name of this tiny African country, highlighted on the map The Gambia 1000 May 22, 2020
The Bass Strait separates this smallest state of Australia from the mainland Tasmania May 22, 2020
An ice sheet covers more than 80% of this largest island in the world Greenland 200 May 30, 2019
It's the very short name for the longest river in Italy the Po 400 May 30, 2019
The only active volcano on the European mainland, it had its first recorded eruption in 79 A.D. Vesuvius 600 May 30, 2019
The Black Sea is the northern border of the Asian part of Turkey, this region Asia Minor (or Anatolia) 1000 May 30, 2019
This African country is known in German as Elfenbeinküste Cote d\'Ivoire (or the Ivory Coast) May 30, 2019
The Grand Canyon is a gorge in Arizona; Grand Cayman is an island in this sea the Caribbean 200 December 14, 2017
Letzeburgisch is the national language of this European country Luxembourg 400 December 14, 2017
Hey, it's easy to kick back, relax & float on this body of water, 9 times saltier than the ocean & extremely dense the Dead Sea 600 December 14, 2017
Approximately 78% of Cypriots are of this religion Greek Orthodox 1000 December 14, 2017
This 4-letter African country has a short coastline along the Bight of Benin Togo December 14, 2017
It's the most widely spoken first language in Israel Hebrew 200 July 30, 2013
Peking is another name for this city Beijing 400 July 30, 2013
It's a one-word term for a tropical rainforest, especially one in Africa, loud with monkeys & parrots a jungle 600 July 30, 2013
In 2013 Queen Beatrix of this country abdicated in favor of her son, Prince Willem-Alexander the Netherlands 800 July 30, 2013
Llangollen in this country of the United Kingdom is just over the border from England Wales 1000 July 30, 2013
The Cantabrian Mountains extend for 300 miles south from the Pyrenees to Cape Finisterre in this country Spain 200 March 21, 2008
This country's ADF sent troops to the Solomon Islands in 2006 to help restore order following riots Australia 400 March 21, 2008
The magnificent ruins of the Mayan city of Palenque were discovered in this country in 1773 Mexico 600 March 21, 2008
9,094 feet high, Mount Roraima is found at the junction of Guyana, Venezuela & this country Brazil 1000 March 21, 2008
In 1989, a year of political change in Europe, this country that borders China changed its name Myanmar March 21, 2008
Lots of peridot has been found on the island of Zebirget in this "colorful" sea off Africa the Red Sea 200 January 9, 2008
Quite simply, this semolina favorite is the national dish of Algeria couscous 400 January 9, 2008
1/3 of the people in this South American country live in Montevideo; most of its 15 million sheep don't Uruguay 600 January 9, 2008
Mount Shkhara in these mountains is the highest peak in Georgia (the country, not the state) the Caucasus Mountains 800 January 9, 2008
Once a slave-trading center established by the Portuguese, Bissau is now the proud capital of this country Guinea-Bissau 1000 January 9, 2008
This South American country grows twice as much coffee as Colombia Brazil 100 February 18, 1997
Tradition says this small republic was founded by a Christian stonecutter named Marinus San Marino 200 February 18, 1997
In population, Brandon is the second-largest city in Manitoba; this is the largest Winnipeg 300 February 18, 1997
The sultan of this country on the island of Borneo is also his country's minister of defense Brunei 400 February 18, 1997
Though popular, Noninke & Wolof are also spoken there, this is the official language of Mauritania Arabic February 18, 1997
Romanians enjoy eating mamaliga, a bread or mush made from this meal Cornmeal 100 November 20, 1996
Dominica was discovered on this day of the week, hence its name Sunday 200 November 20, 1996
The Count of Urgel was the first known ruler of this country in the Pyrenees Andorra 300 November 20, 1996
In Rio de Janeiro, this "sweet" landmark is known as Pan de Azucar Sugarloaf Mountain 400 November 20, 1996
The Schwedagon pagoda in this Myanmar city may have been built more than 2000 years ago Yangon 500 November 20, 1996
The Virgin of Guadalupe is this country's patron saint Mexico 100 February 15, 1996
This city is home to the Icelandic Opera Reykjavik 200 February 15, 1996
The 2 official languages of instruction at the University of Helsinki are Swedish & this Finnish 300 February 15, 1996
Sutherland Falls, the fifth-highest waterfall in the world, is on this country's South Island New Zealand 400 February 15, 1996
Artifacts from the Chaco War are displayed in the Military History Museum in this Paraguayan capital Asuncion February 15, 1996
The name of Wagga Wagga, a city in this country, is an Aboriginal word meaning "many crows" Australia 100 December 25, 1995
A statue of the young Queen Victoria graces the Library of Parliament in this capital of Canada Ottawa 200 December 25, 1995
Battambang, the 2nd-largest urban area in this country, contains 10th century ruins of the Khmer Empire Cambodia 300 December 25, 1995
You'll find this capital of the Dominican Republic at the mouth of the Ozama River Santo Domingo 500 December 25, 1995
Latakia, which lies on this sea, is one of Syria's busiest ports the Mediterranean Sea December 25, 1995
The Portuguese call this country a Nova Zelandia New Zealand 100 October 13, 1995
The island of Dominica lies in the eastern part of this sea, between Martinique & Guadeloupe the Caribbean 200 October 13, 1995
In 1984 one of these fish bearing a crown was added to New Brunswick's coat of arms an Atlantic salmon 300 October 13, 1995
It's the state religion of Malta Roman Catholocism 400 October 13, 1995
Swedish is this country's 2nd official language, but only about 6% of the people speak it Finland 500 October 13, 1995
The greatest concentration of islands in this ocean is in the Caribbean region the Atlantic 100 September 18, 1995
It's the only Portuguese- speaking nation in the Western Hemisphere Brazil 200 September 18, 1995
At 500,000 square miles, this desert covers most of Mongolia the Gobi 300 September 18, 1995
Bluefields, Nicaragua is the principal town on this coast named for Indians, not for insects the Mosquito Coast 500 September 18, 1995
The 4 largest countries in population are China, India, the U.S. & this island nation Indonesia September 18, 1995
The key in Cuba's coat of arms symbolizes that Cuba is the key to this gulf Gulf of Mexico 100 May 30, 1995
Prince Albert is this tiny European country's heir apparent Monaco 200 May 30, 1995
Simon Bolivar's birthplace is one of the main attractions in this Venezuelan capital Caracas 300 May 30, 1995
The university of this Bulgarian capital was founded in 1888 Sofia 400 May 30, 1995
Flamingos sometimes outnumber people on this Caribbean island, the "B" of the ABC Islands Bonaire 500 May 30, 1995
These islands about 100 miles north of Scotland are famous for their sheepdogs & ponies Shetland Islands 100 November 14, 1994
The Sanjuanito is considered the national dance of this country that is crossed by the equator Ecuador 200 November 14, 1994
Over half the population of this Malaysian capital is of Chinese ethnicity Kuala Lumpur 300 November 14, 1994
You'll find the Museum of Catalan Art in this Spanish city, the capital of Catalonia Barcelona 400 November 14, 1994
Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, lies on this sea the Caspian Sea November 14, 1994
The Via Condotti is one of the most elegant shopping streets in this capital city Rome 100 October 27, 1993
This country's Bellelay cheese was named for the abbey where it was created in the canton of Bern Switzerland 200 October 27, 1993
Some of the ancestors of this country's Batak people, who live in Sumatra, were cannibals Indonesia 300 October 27, 1993
Manus is the largest of the Admiralty Islands, which are found in this ocean the Pacific 400 October 27, 1993
Kashmiri arts & crafts are on display in the Pratap Singh Museum in Srinagar in this country India 500 October 27, 1993
The earliest Ancient Egyptian boats were propelled by these; paddles & oars came later poles 100 July 19, 1993
If you're driving in Mexico & see the word "alto" on a sign, don't sing; do this stop 200 July 19, 1993
The passamezzo, a dance from this country, is similar to the pavane but faster Italy 300 July 19, 1993
The city of Osaka is located on this island Honshu 400 July 19, 1993
These people for whom a war was named now call themselves Afrikaners the Boers 500 July 19, 1993
While kids in the U.S. have to learn 26 of these, kids in Cambodia have to learn 72 letters of the alphabet 100 May 27, 1993
This country's Kathmandu Valley was once home to 3 principalities Nepal 200 May 27, 1993
The 1494 line that split South America between Spain & Portugal also split this north Atlantic island Greenland 300 May 27, 1993
This country's flag has a yin-yang symbol & 4 trigrams for earth, air, fire & water South Korea 400 May 27, 1993
By a 127-6 vote, the U.N. expelled this country September 22, 1992 Yugoslavia May 27, 1993
Because it uses geothermal energy this Icelandic capital is often called the "Smokeless City" Reykjavik 100 February 10, 1993
Egypt is the world's leading grower of these palm fruits dates 200 February 10, 1993
You can visit her birthplace in Frankfurt & the annex where she wrote her diary in Amsterdam Anne Frank 300 February 10, 1993
One of these, the Sistema de Transporte Collectivo, opened in 1969 in Mexico City subway 400 February 10, 1993
This tiny republic is about 10 miles from Rimini, Italy San Marino 500 February 10, 1993
The 2 blue stripes on Guatemala's flag represent these 2 oceans the Atlantic & the Pacific 100 October 30, 1991
Tamil is spoken in this country's state of Tamil Nadu, which was once known as Madras India 200 October 30, 1991
Willem-Alexander, the eldest son of Queen Beatrix, is the heir to this country's throne the Netherlands 300 October 30, 1991
Nanduti, a lace that looks like spider webs, is made in Itaugua, a town near Asuncion in this country Paraguay 400 October 30, 1991
In 1896 this capital on the Danube became the 1st city in eastern Europe to have a subway Budapest 500 October 30, 1991
Buenos Aires province is this country's largest in area & population Argentina 100 May 31, 1991
Only about 15% of the population of this country is Monegasque Monaco 200 May 31, 1991
Of the Inca, the Dinka or the Do, the largest non-Arab ethnic group in the Sudan the Dinka 300 May 31, 1991
I the world's longest railway tunnel links 2 major islands in this country known for fast trains Japan 400 May 31, 1991
Known as the land of the thunder dragon, Bhutan is sandwiched between these 2 large countries India & China 500 May 31, 1991
Liberia's flag has 11 stripes but just one of these a star 100 May 10, 1991
NATO headquarters is in this Belgian capital Brussels 200 May 10, 1991
Not part of the UK but a dependency of the British crown, it's home to Manx cats the Isle of Man 300 May 10, 1991
This town in Cornwall used to be raided by pirates; Gilbert & Sullivan set an operetta there Penzance 400 May 10, 1991
It's the religion of most of the people in Mauritania Islam 500 May 10, 1991
This huge Asian country's 1st copyright law is scheduled to go into effect on June 1, 1991 China 100 April 15, 1991
These islands off the coast of Ecuador are scattered over an area of some 36,000 square miles Galápagos 200 April 15, 1991
This Belgian city is famous for its bridges & its name is Dutch for bridges Bruges 300 April 15, 1991
Queen Mary's dolls' house is one of the attractions at this castle 22 miles west of London Windsor 400 April 15, 1991
The world's leading dinosaur museum is in this westernmost prairie province of Canada Alberta 500 April 15, 1991
About 1/4 of all the people in Denmark live in this city or its suburbs Copenhagen 100 January 23, 1991
For Senegal it's "Pluck Your Koras, Strike The Balafons" the national anthem 200 January 23, 1991
The people of this South American city are called Cariocas Rio de Janeiro 300 January 23, 1991
Of all national flags, the one has the greatest number of stars the United States flag 400 January 23, 1991
The 2 straits that lead out of the Sea of Marmara; 1 goes to the Black Sea, 1 to the Aegean the Bosporus & the Dardanelles 500 January 23, 1991