Clues for: Annual Events

Question Answer Value Airdate
Hopefully you saved some of these from your Independence Day BBQ because the 3rd Wed. in July is the national day to enjoy them hot dogs 200 November 29, 2022
The largest U.S. independent film festival, it showcases new talents & movies each January in Utah Sundance 400 November 29, 2022
October is "Girls Lead" this acronym month, helping young women make gains in long male-dominated fields STEM 600 November 29, 2022
Feb. 14, its inventor's birthday, is the day to honor this ride on which lovers might not mind getting stuck at the top a Ferris wheel 800 November 29, 2022
December 10 is the U.N.-declared day for these--take some time & read the Universal Declaration of them Human Rights 1000 November 29, 2022
In fall grab your beer stein & head to Munich for this 2-week-long celebration Oktoberfest 200 November 30, 2020
An annual competition for solvers of these began in 1978; points were given for correct letters in the grids crossword puzzles 400 November 30, 2020
Lyon's Fête des Lumières is held around December the 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception which celebrates her the Virgin Mary 600 November 30, 2020
The Empire Polo Club in Indio, California hosts this annual music festival as well as the Stagecoach Festival Coachella 800 November 30, 2020
From mid-March to mid-May, Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands hosts an annual festival of these flowers tulips 1000 November 30, 2020
From December 16 to 24, Mexico commemorates the journey this biblical pair took from Nazareth to Bethlehem Mary & Joseph 200 February 27, 2020
This holiday has its origins in the Celtic festival of Samhain, during which people wore masks to avoid being recognized by ghosts Halloween 400 February 27, 2020
First held in 1897, it's now run on Patriots' Day in April each year the Boston Marathon 600 February 27, 2020
LGBTQ Pride Month is celebrated each June to commemorate the 1969 riots at this inn Stonewall 800 February 27, 2020
This Utah festival regularly has more than 12,000 films submitted; about 200 end up getting shown Sundance 1000 February 27, 2020
The 1926 Rose Queen Fay Lanphier was also the winner of this pageant, the only holder of both titles at once Miss America pageant 200 January 1, 2018
At the Duke University Chapel, the blessing of the animals is timed to be near the feast day of this saint St. Francis 400 January 1, 2018
The Christmas tree lighting at this New York City site has been taking place since 1933 & was first televised in 1951 Rockefeller Center 600 January 1, 2018
A Santa Barbara show devoted to this flower presents several awards including Grand Champion Cymbidium of Show an orchid 800 January 1, 2018
One of the top professional rodeos in the U.S. is the annual Snake River Stampede in Nampa in this state Idaho 1000 January 1, 2018
It was created in 1970 as a "national teach-in on the environment" Earth Day 200 February 1, 2017
To promote heart health for women, National Wear Red Day, whose logo is seen here, is the first Friday of this month February 400 February 1, 2017
The inedible one is celebrated March 14; the edible one is January 23, as in "1-2-3, as easy as..." pie 600 February 1, 2017
First Night, an arts festival in Boston, is held on this celebratory night New Year\'s Eve 800 February 1, 2017
The story of the Jewish holiday Purim is told in the Biblical book of her Esther 1000 February 1, 2017
In Nov. 1921 it was observed with the burial of an unknown soldier from World War I at Arlington National Cemetery Veterans Day 200 November 17, 2016
The Texas Cavaliers River Parade is a centerpiece of this annual San Antonio event, "party" in Spanish fiesta 400 November 17, 2016
If you're fasting on the 10th day of Tishri, you're observing this Jewish holiday Yom Kippur 600 November 17, 2016
In many places in the South, this festive season opens on Twelfth Night & climaxes with Mardi Gras Carnival 800 November 17, 2016
The date of this annual event honors a June 14, 1777 resolution of the Continental Congress Flag Day November 17, 2016
The lineup for the first Jazz & Heritage Festival in this city included Mahalia Jackson & Duke Ellington New Orleans 200 September 22, 2016
In September, on the first Sunday after Labor Day, we celebrate these beloved relatives grandparents 400 September 22, 2016
The trial of Jack McCall was a highlight of the 2016 Wild Bill Days in this South Dakota town Deadwood 600 September 22, 2016
Calvin Klein & Jeremy Scott are just 2 of the designers on the schedule for Sept. 2016's NYFW, short for this New York Fashion Week 800 September 22, 2016
Halloween (All Hallows' Eve) leads into this observance the next day in the Christian church All Saints Day 1000 September 22, 2016
A fence painting contest is a highlight of National Tom Sawyer Days in this Missouri city Hannibal 200 January 25, 2016
The dancing seen here is part of these games that take place in many countries Highland Games 400 January 25, 2016
The film festival in this Colorado village kicks off each Labor Day weekend with a barbecue on Main Street Telluride 600 January 25, 2016
Texans celebrate San Jacinto Day on April 21 to honor this general's defeat of Santa Anna in 1836 (Sam) Houston 800 January 25, 2016
During the Defeat of Jesse James Days in Northfield in this state, James' failed 1876 bank robbery is re-enacted Minnesota 1000 January 25, 2016
A March festival in Valencia features these, los fuegos artificiales, so loud that it bans pregnant women from some events fireworks 200 March 20, 2015
Little Big Horn days in Hardin, Montana includes a reenactment of this June 1876 event Little Bighorn (Custer\'s Last Stand) 400 March 20, 2015
The annual marathon up & down this Colorado peak is called "America's Ultimate Challenge" Pikes Peak 600 March 20, 2015
Since 1950 this Caribbean capital has played host to an international Ernest Hemingway fishing tournament Havana 800 March 20, 2015
September's World of Speed event at this Utah site features the world's fastest wheel-driven cars Bonneville Salt Flats 1000 March 20, 2015
You're looking at the word "month" as in the phrase "January is National" this "Literacy Month" Braille 200 November 7, 2014
Bow to yer partner, & to yer corner... allemande left into Sept., now I'll bet yer gonna remember... Sept. is Intl. this month square dance 400 November 7, 2014
Feb. 6 is this "fowl" day feting the adoption of the 20th Amendment shortening the time from election to inauguration lame duck 600 November 7, 2014
Frankenstein Day is celebrated on August 30 in honor of her birthday Mary Shelley 800 November 7, 2014
As far as is concerned, that event falls on this date, of course March 14th 1000 November 7, 2014
In 2013 the annual August tribute week to him in Memphis included a Graceland trivia tour Elvis 200 November 14, 2013
Its route begins in Hopkinton, Massachusetts & passes Fenway Park the Boston Marathon 400 November 14, 2013
The Wings over the Prairie festival in Stuttgart, Ark., in November features the world championship of calling these fowl ducks 800 November 14, 2013
This Mississippi port has been holding the blessing of the shrimp boats each spring since 1929 Biloxi 1000 November 14, 2013
This holiday falls on what was once the last day of the Celtic year when ghosts of the dead returned to Earth Halloween November 14, 2013
Each November this organization sponsors the Great American Smokeout to encourage us to quit smoking the American Cancer Society 200 May 22, 2013
(Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from aboard the USS Iwo Jima in New York.) Since 1984 New York City has thrown this 7-day celebration of the Navy, Marines & Coast Guard; featuring tours, demonstrations & sailors in the streets Fleet Week 600 May 22, 2013
The annual festival honoring her in Greenville, Ohio features a shooting contest & a kiddie tractor pull Annie Oakley 800 May 22, 2013
5K & 10K races are part of the Freeze Yer Gizzard Blizzard Run during Icebox Days in International Falls in this state Minnesota 1000 May 22, 2013
The Cereal Festival, with "The World's Longest Breakfast Table", is an annual event in this Michigan city Battle Creek May 22, 2013
A 1971 law moved this observance to the fourth Monday in October; in 1978 it moved back to its November date Veterans Day 200 May 29, 2012
Each autumn this state capital plays host to the World Dairy Expo Madison 400 May 29, 2012
Guacamole isn't as popular there as it is in the U.S. on the same day, but the Netherlands' liberation day is on this date May 5th 600 May 29, 2012
The Spud Days festival held in Shelley in this state features the Miss Russet pageant & the tater trot race Idaho 200 March 2, 2012
Since 1940 Lincoln, New Mexico has presented a folk pageant called "The Last Escape of" this young outlaw Billy the Kid 400 March 2, 2012
2012 marks the 60th year of the Florida Folk Festival, way down upon this river at Stephen Foster State Park Suwannee 600 March 2, 2012
During the week of this Triple Crown horse race, amphibians compete in the frog hop at Patterson Park in Baltimore the Preakness 800 March 2, 2012
This Halloween symbol originated in Ireland, where candles were once placed in turnips to keep away ghosts jack-o\'-lanterns 1000 March 2, 2012
The Trailing of the Sheep Festival in Ketchum & Hailey in this state has workshops on how to cook lamb & work with wool Idaho 200 June 7, 2011
In 1941 Congress made this a paid federal holiday, 165 years after it was first celebrated the 4th of July (Independence Day) 400 June 7, 2011
The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Salley, S.C. celebrates with a festival devoted to these fried pig intestines chitlins 600 June 7, 2011
This city's Wyatt Earp Days features a chili cook-off & an 1880s fashion show Tombstone 1000 June 7, 2011
Fence painting & frog jumping contests are highlights of an annual festival held in this Missouri city Hannibal June 7, 2011
Every year since 1992, the World Invitational Hula Festival has been held in this state capital Honolulu 200 July 14, 2010
This city's 4th of July celebration includes fireworks & music on the Charles, near the Longfellow Bridge Boston 400 July 14, 2010
This city's annual Three Rivers Regatta features live concerts & the National Dragon Boat Championships Pittsburgh 600 July 14, 2010
An annual Michigan event is the Labor Day walk over this bridge between the Upper & Lower Peninsulas the Mackinac Bridge 800 July 14, 2010
An annual festival in Caraquet, New Brunswick celebrates the culture of these French settlers the Acadians 1000 July 14, 2010
Forefathers Day, December 21, celebrates the 1620 landing here Plymouth 200 June 21, 2010
Prior to this holiday, the Japanese celebrate with bonenkais, or "year forgetting parties" New Year\'s 400 June 21, 2010
Every February, the town of Menton in France hosts La Fete du Citron--citron being this fruit lemon 600 June 21, 2010
In the 1840s Esther Howland made these cards from imported paper lace & floral decorations Valentines 800 June 21, 2010
Ten Days on the Island is an annual cultural festival taking place throughout this Australian state Tasmania 1000 June 21, 2010
On Feb. 1, 2009 an estimated 98.7 million Americans tuned in to watch this sports event the Super Bowl 200 November 6, 2009
This state's Queen Lili'ukalani Outrigger Canoe Race covers 18 miles between Kailua & Honaunau Hawaii 400 November 6, 2009
Thomson, Georgia's festival celebrating this green gourd includes a seed-spitting contest watermelon 600 November 6, 2009
Though far from Jamaica, Humboldt County, California has a huge annual festival devoted to this musical genre reggae 800 November 6, 2009
The AFL-CIO chose this holiday in 2007 to launch a nationwide drive for health care reform Labor Day 1000 November 6, 2009
Each year in October, this New Mexico city hosts the world's largest hot air balloon festival Albuquerque 200 September 17, 2008
From 1939 to 1941 it was celebrated on the second to last Thursday in November Thanksgiving 400 September 17, 2008
In recent years, descendants of these 2 feuding families from Kentucky & W.V. have gathered for an annual festival the Hatfields & the McCoys 800 September 17, 2008
It's the date of Martinmas, of Angola's Independence Day & of Veterans Day in the U.S. November 11th 1000 September 17, 2008
For over 40 years, St. Albans in this state has hosted an annual Maple Festival Vermont September 17, 2008
This president loved oysters, & an annual oyster event takes place in his hometown, Oyster Bay, Long Island Theodore Roosevelt 200 April 3, 2008
Conceived by store employees, this department store's beloved Thanksgiving Day parade debuted in NYC in 1924 Macy\'s 400 April 3, 2008
Dolls representing the emperor & empress occupy a place of honor during this Asian country's Girls' Festival Japan 600 April 3, 2008
In 2005, during the annual festival named for him, a statue of this Roman god was dedicated in Virginia Beach, Va. Neptune 800 April 3, 2008
Don't miss the pie-eating contest at this northwest state's Apple Blossom Festival in Wenatchee Washington State 1000 April 3, 2008
For 2008 the green dyeing of the Chicago River is scheduled for 10:45 A.M. on this holiday St. Patrick\'s Day 200 December 25, 2007
July's designation as this activity's month conflicts with the "don't pick up strangers" advice from your mom hitchhiking 400 December 25, 2007
The federal holiday listed in the U.S. code as Washington's birthday is generally known by this name President\'s Day 600 December 25, 2007
This Argentine city honors the tango many times, including the annual world championship in August Buenos Aires 800 December 25, 2007
Great blues music and barbecue cook-offs are attractions at this city's Beale Street Music Festival in May Memphis 1000 December 25, 2007
A highlight of Nebraskaland Days in North Platte is the pro rodeo named for this Wild West showman Buffalo Bill 200 June 14, 2006
The annual convention of this music of which Bill Monroe is the "father" has taken place in Nashville since 1984 bluegrass music 400 June 14, 2006
Ths anti-apartheid activist's July 18th birthday is now an annual event celebrated in South Africa Nelson Mandela 600 June 14, 2006
Washington's victory over this British general is celebrated each October 19 on Yorktown Day Cornwallis 800 June 14, 2006
Sacrifices abound on 'Id al-Adha as Muslims commemorate when Ishmael was ransomed for one of these animals a ram (a sheep accepted) 1000 June 14, 2006
Michigan claims the nation's oldest one, starting in 1849; don't miss the pig races or the midway a state fair 200 October 18, 2005
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew holds up a lantern.) Lanterns are popular in Cairo's bazaar right now, as they're a symbol of this holy month of daylight fasting Ramadan 400 October 18, 2005
People who gather each New Year's Day for a swim in frigid water are called this animal's club a polar bear 600 October 18, 2005
In 1960 this "royal" krewe became the first to throw doubloons in New Orleans' Mardi Gras parade the Rex Krewe 800 October 18, 2005
English profs rub elbow patches at the 122-year-old annual convention of the MLA, short for this the Modern Language Association 1000 October 18, 2005
"Open That Bottle Night" was created by the Wall Street Journal's columnists on this subject wine 200 June 2, 2005
Type of show that draws hundreds of thousands to the Miramar Military Base in San Diego every October an air show 400 June 2, 2005
Every May 13 in Fatima, Portugal a crowd of thousands waves farewell to her with white hankies the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Fatima accepted) 600 June 2, 2005
In Northern Ireland every July brings a holiday honoring the Protestants known by this colorful name the Orangemen 1000 June 2, 2005
(Hi, I'm Maria Bartiromo.) As a proud Italian-American, I've anchored this parade live for several years on New York City TV the Columbus Day Parade June 2, 2005
In medieval times witches were believed to fly on this holiday & bonfires were set to ward them off Halloween 200 May 20, 2004
Mount Olive, North Carolina has set aside a special week to honor these items Peter Piper picked pickled peppers 400 May 20, 2004
A cow-calling contest was among the events in 1928 at this state's first Upper Peninsula State Fair in Escanaba Michigan 800 May 20, 2004
On August 17, this country honors the death of native son & freedom fighter Jose de San Martin Argentina 1000 May 20, 2004
This Christian observance celebrates Jesus' entry into Jerusalem before his crucifixion Palm Sunday May 20, 2004
The Metropolis, Illinois festival honoring this fictional hero celebrated its 25th anniversary in June 2003 Superman 200 February 18, 2004
During this city's Feast of the Redeemer, a parade of gondolas is held on its canals Venice 400 February 18, 2004
On March 26 this state celebrates Prince Kuhio Day to honor its first delegate to the U.S. Congress Hawaii 600 February 18, 2004
A reenactment of the 1565 landing of Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles is an annual tradition in this Florida city St. Augustine 800 February 18, 2004
A shooting contest tops the festivities at the Greenville, Ohio celebration of this female sharpshooter Annie Oakley 1000 February 18, 2004
This holiday was first celebrated in the U.S. in 1792, the 300th anniversary of a certain explorer's New World arrival Columbus Day 200 January 1, 2004
On January 8 the state of Louisiana commemorates this battle of the War of 1812 Battle of New Orleans 400 January 1, 2004
Cuba's National Revolutionary Festival in late July commemorates his 26th of July movement founded in 1953 Fidel Castro 600 January 1, 2004
West Virginia holds a Heritage Jubilee named for this Confederate General, his commander's "right arm" Stonewall Jackson 800 January 1, 2004
apan's Sanno Festival on April 15 honors Sanno, this religion's mountain god Shintoism 1000 January 1, 2004
In 2002 Mr. Potato Head was the guest of honor at the annual Spud Day celebration in Shelley in this state Idaho 200 July 18, 2003
In June at a Tuscumbia, Alabama festival honoring her, "The Miracle Worker" is performed at her birthplace Helen Keller 400 July 18, 2003
The Jewish festival of Shavuot commemorates the revelation of the Torah at this site Mount Sinai 600 July 18, 2003
During WWI, WWII & the Energy Crisis of 1974-75, the U.S. adopted this for most of the year to economize on fuel Daylight Savings Time 800 July 18, 2003
This N.M. national park has a Bat Flight Breakfast in August so that visitors can view bats returning to their caves Carlsbad Caverns 1000 July 18, 2003
It's the holiday you associate with the "Wearing of the Green" St. Patrick\'s Day 200 June 16, 2003
Japan's Shichi-Go-San, or "7-5-3", celebrates 5-year-olds wearing trousers & 7-year-olds tying this with an obi kimono 400 June 16, 2003
Susan B. Anthony Day is the day after this federal holiday Valentine\'s Day 600 June 16, 2003
In 1985 President Reagan signed Public Law 99-54 recognizing "Pause for the Pledge" as a part of this day's activities Flag Day 800 June 16, 2003
The name of this Christian observance is from the Greek for "fiftieth day" Pentecost 1000 June 16, 2003
(Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Paris) A military parade goes down the Champs-Elysees from the Arc de Triomphe on this day, which the French call National Day Bastille Day 200 November 22, 2002
The first large balloon to float along in this fall event was Felix the Cat in 1927 Macy\'s Thanksgiving Day Parade 400 November 22, 2002
Every March 2 this state commemorates the 1836 signing of a Declaration of Independence from Mexico Texas 600 November 22, 2002
Hold your nose & run to this Vermont capital for the International Rotten Sneaker Contest Montpelier 800 November 22, 2002
In August 2002 Los Angeles celebrated the seventh annual festival of this, another name for soybean curd tofu 1000 November 22, 2002
Pearl Harbor Day is observed on this date December 7 100 April 4, 2001
Pardeeville, Wisconsin hosts a yearly competition for the eating & seed-spitting of this fruit Watermelon 200 April 4, 2001
In May at the Calaveras County Fair in Calif., more than 3,000 of these critters take part in a jumping jubilee Frogs 300 April 4, 2001
These relatives have their own special day, the first Sunday in September after Labor Day Grandparents 400 April 4, 2001
This middle leg of the Triple Crown in horse racing is run the third Saturday in May Preakness Stakes 500 April 4, 2001
Each July 2 London guilds enact a centuries-old ceremony of sending swans up this river Thames 100 May 3, 1999
The groundhog displays his weather-predicting skills each year on this date February 2 200 May 3, 1999
December 13 is Sosuharai Day, a traditional year-end house-cleaning time, in this country Japan 300 May 3, 1999
(Alex giving the clue) (Each spring) the Procession of the Golden Chariot in Mons, Belgium is followed by a mock battle between a dragon & this saint Saint George 400 May 3, 1999
On August 1 this country isn't neutral about celebrating the 1291 Confederation of the 3 Forest Cantons Switzerland 500 May 3, 1999
Dating back at least 100 years, "drowning the shamrock", or going drinking, is a tradition on this holiday St. Patrick\'s Day 100 October 30, 1998
Secretary of State William H. Seward is honored on the last Monday in March in this state Alaska 200 October 30, 1998
Called the greatest 2 minutes in sports, it takes place on the first Saturday in May the Kentucky Derby 300 October 30, 1998
An ancient symbol of abundance, the cornucopia is often attached to this American holiday Thanksgiving 400 October 30, 1998
This city's Mississippi River Art Fair is held in the Mark Twain Historic District Hannibal, Missouri 500 October 30, 1998
The people of Columbia, Tenn. persuade these stubborn farm animals to parade through town each spring Mules 100 February 6, 1998
A Christmas Eve festival in Provence celebrates these workers who visited Jesus in the manger Shepherds 200 February 6, 1998
The Welsh Eisteddfod originally honored these medieval poets, but not Shakespeare Bards 300 February 6, 1998
Culbertson, Montana holds a bee each September for this activity of separating grain Threshing 400 February 6, 1998
Eje is a west African festival giving thanks for this potato-like staple food Yam 500 February 6, 1998
In October Waynesville, Ohio hosts a 2-day festival devoted to this fermented cabbage dish Sauerkraut 100 September 15, 1997
In mid-July this Maine capital celebrates its Franco-American heritage with Le Festival de la Bastille Augusta 200 September 15, 1997
Each summer Bridgeport, Connecticut holds a festival honoring this circus showman P.T. Barnum 300 September 15, 1997
Many Mexican-Americans celebrate this day on when Mexico defeated France at the Battle of Puebla Cinco de Mayo 400 September 15, 1997
The colors green for hope & red for struggle are prominently displayed during this African-American festival Kwanzaa 500 September 15, 1997
This state has a woodchopper's jamboree in Encampment & a primitive weapons contest in Casper Wyoming 100 July 15, 1997
The 1st Monday in October is Zoo Founders Day in this Calif. city, so admission to its world-famous zoo is free San Diego 200 July 15, 1997
The Crescent City Classic, a 10K run held in the spring in this Louisiana city, is followed by a huge celebration New Orleans 300 July 15, 1997
Headquarters of the Yakima Indian nation, Toppenish in this state celebrates Yakima Treaty Day in June Washington 400 July 15, 1997
Cheraw State Park is the site of this state's annual Palmetto Regatta South Carolina 500 July 15, 1997
In mid-July Golden, Colorado celebrates the spirit of the old west with a festival named for this showman "Buffalo Bill" Cody 100 July 3, 1997
In late June, Hardin, Montana reenacts this famous 1876 battle between the cavalry & Indians Little Big Horn 200 July 3, 1997
Flag Day is a legal holiday only in this Keystone State Pennsylvania 300 July 3, 1997
This 8-day observance celebrates the liberation of Jews from Egyptian bondage Passover 400 July 3, 1997
Summer events in this state include the Snake River Stampede & the Lewiston Roundup Idaho July 3, 1997
This Christian holiday can fall as early as March 22 or as late as April 25 Easter 100 June 19, 1997
Shelley, Idaho celebrates this tuber each September Potato 200 June 19, 1997
Each June Grand Rapids, Minnesota honors this "Wizard of Oz" star with a 4-day festival Judy Garland 300 June 19, 1997
Jerry Lewis' annual Labor Day telethon raises money to fight this disease Muscular Dystrophy 400 June 19, 1997
The Fiesta Bowl Parade & Prescott Bluegrass Festival are annual events in this state Arizona 500 June 19, 1997
The Grune Woche, one of Germany's largest agricultural fairs, takes place in this capital city. Berlin 100 May 28, 1997
Albany, Georgia has an annual festival devoted to this nut, a type of hickory the pecan 200 May 28, 1997
An Urbanna, Virginia festival devoted to this bivalve serves it in every conceivable fashion. oysters 300 May 28, 1997
Gering, Nebraska's 4-day celebration of this pioneer trail features an old settler's reunion and parades the Oregon Trail 400 May 28, 1997
This country sets aside June 15 to honor its Dannebrog, the oldest national flag in the world Denmark 500 May 28, 1997
Celebrated May 1, Lei Day is a statewide holiday in this state Hawaii 100 May 2, 1997
Pella, Iowa celebrates its heritage from this country during its Tulip Time Festival in May Holland (the Netherlands) 200 May 2, 1997
Lent begins on this day of the week Ash Wednesday 300 May 2, 1997
The Simbra Oilor in Oas, Romania celebrates the return of these animals to the pasture -- "shear" luck Sheep 100 March 14, 1997
Junkanoo, a noisy celebration, welcomes the New Year in Nassau & Freeport in this island group Bahamas 200 March 14, 1997
Ostend in this Low Country is home to Le Bal Rat Mort -- The Masked Ball of the Dead Rat Belgium 300 March 14, 1997
An 1876 bank robbery attempt is reenacted during Defeat of Jesse James Days in Northfield in this state Minnesota 400 March 14, 1997
Penitents pierce their bodies with hooks & walk in a procession during Thaipusam, a festival of this religion Hinduism 500 March 14, 1997
Koreans pay honor to both parents May 8, sometimes the same day Americans honor this one Mothers 100 February 12, 1997
Its early April start & its late October end cause many missed appointments Daylight Savings Time 200 February 12, 1997
A communal dip in the Pacific January 1 in Vancouver, Canada is named for these Arctic animals Polar Bears 300 February 12, 1997
Mashpee, Massachusetts holds one of these American Indian conferences every July Pow-Wow 400 February 12, 1997
Countries that celebrate these documents include Mexico on February 5 & the U.S. on September 17 Constitutions 500 February 12, 1997
The Queen Liliuokalani Canoe Races take place on Labor Day weekend in this state Hawaii 100 December 20, 1996
The Freeze Yer Gizzard Blizzard Run is part of Ice Box Days in International Falls in this state Minnesota 200 December 20, 1996
Milwaukee's yearly Lakefront Festival of the Arts takes place at the War Memorial Center on this lake Lake Michigan December 20, 1996
This state's Days of '47 Festival honors the day Brigham Young reached the Salt Lake Valley in 1847 Utah 100 December 6, 1996
Monroe, near Snohomish in this state, is the site of the annual Evergreen State Fair Washington 200 December 6, 1996
Dog lovers look forward to the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, held each February in this city New York City 300 December 6, 1996
The Pendleton Roundup, an annual rodeo, takes place in Pendleton in this northwestern state Oregon 400 December 6, 1996
The Tanglewood Music Festival is a summer highlight in Lenox in this New England state Massachusetts 500 December 6, 1996
This Florida city's 1565 founding is observed in September at the Mission of Nombre de Dios St. Augustine 100 November 26, 1996
The Hatillo Festival of the Masks is a colorful December event in this U.S. commonwealth Puerto Rico 200 November 26, 1996
Traditionally, this African-American holiday begins December 26 & lasts for 7 days Kwanzaa 300 November 26, 1996
The Antigonish Highland Games have been held in this Canadian province every year since 1861 Nova Scotia 400 November 26, 1996
It dates back to an 1810 party celebrating the bethrothal of Princess Therese to the crown prince of Bavaria Oktoberfest November 26, 1996
Fort Valley, Georgia, a center for growing this fruit, honors it with an annual festival peach 100 November 4, 1996
Shoot-outs on Main Street are a highlight of Parada del Sol in this SW city named for Winfield Scott Scottsdale, Arizona 200 November 4, 1996
Ocean City in this state is the home of the Ward World Wildfowl Carving Championship Maryland 300 November 4, 1996
Mineral Point in this "Badger State" celebrates its heritage with an annual Cornish festival Wisconsin 400 November 4, 1996
Mason City, the birthplace of this "Music Man" composer, is home to the North Iowa Band Festival Meredith Willson 500 November 4, 1996
The Mormon pageant is a dramatic annual event in Manti in this state Utah 100 October 15, 1996
Head for Fargo in this state to celebrate Merry Prairie Christmas North Dakota 200 October 15, 1996
Scottish highland games take place every summer at North Carolina's Grandfather Mountain in this range Blue Ridge Mountains 300 October 15, 1996
Founded by Gian Carlo Menotti, this music & arts festival has been an annual event in Charleston, S.C. since 1977 Spoleto 500 October 15, 1996
The town of Winterset in this Iowa county is noted for its Covered Bridge Festival Madison October 15, 1996
The first Sunday in May, the O. Henry Museum in this Texas capital sponsors an O. Henry pun-off Austin 100 September 9, 1996
A May festival devoted to these 2 explorers is held in St. Charles, Mo., their starting point Lewis & Clark 200 September 9, 1996
The lighting of Temple Square in this city signals the beginning of the Christmas season Salt Lake City 300 September 9, 1996
The W.C. Handy Blues Awards are part of this city's Beale Street Music Festival Memphis 400 September 9, 1996
In the West this holiday is the first Sunday after the full Moon on or following the vernal equinox Easter September 9, 1996
Dothan, Alabama's national festival of this goober features parades & a beauty pageant the peanut 100 June 28, 1996
The National Boardwalk Professional Art Show is one of several annual art shows held in this city Atlantic City 200 June 28, 1996
An October festival in Barbourville, Kentucky is named for this frontiersman Daniel Boone 300 June 28, 1996
In October Philadelphia has a parade honoring this Pole who died serving America in the Revolution (Casimir) Pulaski 400 June 28, 1996
A Geronimo Days Festival is celebrated in Truth or Consequences in this state New Mexico 500 June 28, 1996
If you want to celebrate old Dover days, head for this state in early May Delaware 100 February 13, 1996
Every October this state capital hosts the South Carolina State Fair Columbia 200 February 13, 1996
April events in this capital include the Georgetown House Tour & the Georgetown Garden Tour Washington, D.C. 300 February 13, 1996
Houma in this state is home to an annual praline festival Louisiana 400 February 13, 1996
Dogsled races are part of the Fur Rendezvous held each February in this largest Alaskan city Anchorage 500 February 13, 1996
In celebration of this holiday, Knott's Berry Farm turns into Knott's Scary Farm Halloween 100 February 5, 1996
Observances in this state include Indian Day in September & Will Rogers Day in November Oklahoma 200 February 5, 1996
On Hangul. Korean Alphabet Day, children compete in this art of beautiful handwriting calligraphy 300 February 5, 1996
The name of this Jewish holiday is Hebrew for "head of the year" Rosh Hashanah 400 February 5, 1996
Celebrating the anniversary of its founding, United Nations Day is observed on the 24th of this month October 500 February 5, 1996
In 1894 Grover Cleveland set this holiday as the first Monday in September Labor Day 100 September 25, 1995
In 1985 this president proclaimed August 26 as Women's Equality Day Reagan 200 September 25, 1995
Greenville, Ohio holds an annual celebration honoring this female sharpshooter Annie Oakley 300 September 25, 1995
In 1912 American Guy Weadick organized this annual Calgary, Alberta rodeo the Calgary Stampede 400 September 25, 1995
An annual Iowa art festival is named for this "American Gothic" artist, one of the state's native sons Grant Wood 500 September 25, 1995
June is the month for this state's annual Bayou Lacombe Crab Festival Louisiana 100 January 10, 1995
The American Egg Board sponsors Egg Salad Week the full week after this holiday Easter 200 January 10, 1995
Constitution Week, September 17-23, was proclaimed on August 29, 1956 by this president Dwight Eisenhower 300 January 10, 1995
This U.S. commonwealth has a national coffee festival in February featuring foods, booths & art Puerto Rico 400 January 10, 1995
This Japanese city, site of the 1972 Winter Olympics, is known for its annual snow festival Sapporo 500 January 10, 1995
July 24 is a state holiday in Utah commemorating the 1847 day on which he entered the Salt Lake Valley Brigham Young 100 May 16, 1994
It falls on the Sunday after the first full moon on or after the vernal equinox Easter 200 May 16, 1994
Until 1971 this holiday was observed nationally on May 30 Memorial Day 300 May 16, 1994
Cloverport, Ky. has an annual festival honoring this Shoshone who served as Lewis & Clark's interpreter Sacajawea 400 May 16, 1994
Around 740 Pope Gregory III first observed All Saints' Day on this date November 1st 500 May 16, 1994
This organization begins its annual Christmas bird count in mid-December the Audubon Society 100 January 24, 1994
Sadie Hawkins Day, held in November, was created by cartoonist Al Capp in this comic strip <i>Li\'l Abner</i> 200 January 24, 1994
Marylanders celebrate Defender's Day in September with a mock bombardment of this fort Fort McHenry 300 January 24, 1994
A midieval fair is held each March in Sarasota, Florida to raise funds for this art museum the Ringling Museum of Art 500 January 24, 1994
Each August this U.S. city hosts the Three Rivers Regatta Pittsburgh January 24, 1994
One day of National Hospital Week, Florence Nightingale's birthday, honors these people nurses 100 January 17, 1994
On Valentine's Day, sweethearts can the "Chocolate Lover's Extravaganza" in this Pa. town Hershey 200 January 17, 1994
In June this state celebrates Little Big Horn Days Montana 300 January 17, 1994
Hood River, Oregon hosts an annual September swim across this mighty river the Columbia 400 January 17, 1994
Helldorado Days in this Arizona city features reenactments of gunfights & an 1880 fashion show Tombstone 500 January 17, 1994
Christmas festivities in this Utah city begin with the lighting of Temple Square in November Salt Lake City 100 December 3, 1993
In May 1993 this city on the Riviera held its 46th International Film Festival Cannes 200 December 3, 1993
Inspired by a short story, Angels Camp in Calaveras County, Calif. hosts this type of contest each May a jumping-frog contest 300 December 3, 1993
In autumn Lake Havasu City, Arizona celebrates the dedication of this landmark London Bridge 400 December 3, 1993
The first weekend in October, Las Cruces in this state has a "Whole Enchilada Fiesta" New Mexico 500 December 3, 1993
For the 2 weeks preceding Ash Wednesday, New Orleans comes alive with this festival Mardi Gras 100 May 13, 1993
Wash., D.C. kicks off its festival of these fruit blossoms with the lighting of a 17th c. Japanese lantern cherry trees (or cherry blossoms) 200 May 13, 1993
Every summer, this state's city of Prescott hosts the "World's Oldest Rodeo" Arizona 300 May 13, 1993
Take flight to these New Mexico caverns in August for the annual Bat Flight Breakfast the Carlsbad Caverns 400 May 13, 1993
On Sept. 28 this state celebrates Cabrillo Day in honor of its discoverer California 500 May 13, 1993
In the U.S. a week is set aside each fall to honor these items that Peter Piper picked pickled peppers 100 September 11, 1992
Each May Holland, Michigan has a festival promoting its Dutch heritage & this flower tulips 200 September 11, 1992
About 300,000 people attend this sporting event, Indiana's most famous the Indy 500 300 September 11, 1992
A rodeo named for this mountain is held in August in Colorado Springs Pikes Peak 400 September 11, 1992
Sunsplash, the world's largest reggae festival, is held each August in this Jamaican resort city Montego Bay 500 September 11, 1992
Though Armed Forces Day is in May, this corps celebrates its birthday on November 10 Marine Corps 100 January 23, 1992
This French holiday is also known as Fete Nationale Bastille Day 200 January 23, 1992
This Jewish holiday when unleavened bread is eaten can start between March 26 & April 28 Passover 300 January 23, 1992
England observes one of these holidays in August; FDR declared one that began March 6, 1933 bank holiday 500 January 23, 1992
This was first celebrated as a legal holiday in January 1986 Martin Luther King Day January 23, 1992
1991 was the 230th anniversary of the parade in New York on this March holiday St. Patrick\'s Day 100 November 28, 1991
This June 14 observance isn't a federal holiday Flag Day 200 November 28, 1991
In 1986 president Reagan signed legislation moving this from the last to the 1st Sunday in April the beginning of Daylight Saving Time 300 November 28, 1991
On December 12, Mexico honors this "Virgin", the patron saint of Mexico (Our Lady of) Guadalupe 400 November 28, 1991
This Jewish holiday is marked by reading the Biblical book of Esther Purim 500 November 28, 1991
The International Azalea Festival is held each April in Norfolk in this state Virginia 100 November 14, 1991
This largest city in New Mexico hosts an international balloon festival in mid-October Albuquerque 200 November 14, 1991
This state has an annual Upper Peninsula state fair in Escanaba in August Michigan 300 November 14, 1991
Bridgeport, Conn. has an annual festival honoring this 19th c. showman P.T. Barnum 400 November 14, 1991
This Mississippi port has a shrimp festival & the blessing of the fleet in June Biloxi 500 November 14, 1991
This state's championship chariot races are held each March in Pocatello Idaho 100 May 28, 1991
Frog jumping & fence painting are highlights of an annual festival, held in this Missouri city Hannibal 200 May 28, 1991
A pageant in Lincoln, New Mexico is named for this 19th century outlaw Billy the Kid 300 May 28, 1991
Alaska's annual world-classic Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race runs from Anchorage to this city Nome 400 May 28, 1991
1 of the annual events in this state is the Walking Horse Celebration in Shelbyville Tennessee 500 May 28, 1991