Clues for: Trends

Question Answer Value Airdate
It's toymaker Bandai's "loveable egg", a virtual pet Tamagotchi 100 November 1, 1999
Billy Blanks is the man behind this fitness system that includes elements of tae kwon do Tae Bo 200 November 1, 1999
Chip the Cat, born January 26, 1996, is one of these Ty stuffed animals Beanie Babies 300 November 1, 1999
Who can resist watching this MTV show whose combatants have included The 3 Tenors vs. The 3 Stooges? <i>Celebrity Deathmatch</i> 400 November 1, 1999
Despite his brief screen time in "The Empire Strikes Back" & "Return of the Jedi", this bounty hunter has a cult following Boba Fett 500 November 1, 1999
French crescent rolls now stuffed with everything from Spinach to chocolate croissants 100 September 28, 1984
Inspired by Spielburg hit, these dolls come both cuddly & creepy Gremlins 200 September 28, 1984
Sought-after Canadian board game that places mind over minutia Trivial Pursuit 300 September 28, 1984
To use one, stick your floppy in your disk drive & boot your computer 400 September 28, 1984
Swimwear that lets you tan all over without taking it all off the unsuit 500 September 28, 1984