Clues for: World Capitals

Question Answer Value Airdate
This South Korean capital is said to be the world's most wired city, with around 95% of households having broadband Seoul 200 April 11, 2017
The 2 main roads in this city are King Fahd Highway, running north-south, & Mecca Highway, running east-west Riyadh 400 April 11, 2017
In 1957 urbanist Lucio Costa won a contest to design this new capital, which was dedicated 3 years later Brasília 800 April 11, 2017
2 African capitals, Brazzaville & this one, lie across the Congo River from each other Kinshasa 1000 April 11, 2017
This European capital city is served by 3 main ports: Piraeus, Rafina & Lavrion Athens April 11, 2017
Indonesia's capital, it's on the island of Java Jakarta 200 May 5, 2015
The Kenyatta International Conference Centre is in this city Nairobi 400 May 5, 2015
The central part of this city has 2 main districts: Karkh & Rusafah, which lie on the west & east banks of the Tigris Baghdad 600 May 5, 2015
The Andes rise east of this 4-letter coastal capital Lima (Peru) 1000 May 5, 2015
Found in North Africa, it gets its name from an ancient district that included 3 cities Tripoli May 5, 2015
This Nepalese capital's name means "wood temple" & refers to a 400-year-old temple built from a single tree Kathmandu 200 March 4, 2014
About one third of Latvia's people live in this capital, the largest city in the Baltic states Riga 400 March 4, 2014
This capital's most-visited site is Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum on the edge of Ba Dinh Square Hanoi 600 March 4, 2014
Yaounde, capital of this former French territory in Africa, was founded by Germans involved in the ivory trade Cameroon 800 March 4, 2014
Lonely Planet says this city 15 miles from the equator is the only world capital threatened by an active volcano Quito 1000 March 4, 2014
Like Rome, this Portuguese capital was built on 7 hills Lisbon 200 February 11, 2013
Landmarks in this capital include GUM department store & the bell tower of Ivan the Great Moscow 400 February 11, 2013
This central American capital was named for its patron saint, Joseph San Jose (Costa Rica) 600 February 11, 2013
This capital of Nepal was once an independent principality Kathmandu 800 February 11, 2013
Canals & Dutch architecture can still be seen in this city on the island of Java Jakarta 1000 February 11, 2013
Until 1918 it was capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; today, it's just the capital of Austria Vienna 200 April 30, 2012
The coat of arms of this Ukraine capital depicts the Archangel Michael, its heavenly protector Kiev 400 April 30, 2012
This capital on the Tigris river has 9 districts, including Karkh, Rusafa & Sadr City Baghdad 600 April 30, 2012
Originally founded in 1536, this Argentine city was abandoned & had to be refounded in 1580 Buenos Aires 800 April 30, 2012
This Libyan capital's Arabic name is Tarabulus Tripoli 1000 April 30, 2012
This capital of Israel is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world Jerusalem 200 November 12, 2010
Its name ends in the same 3 letters as its country, Iran Tehran 400 November 12, 2010
It makes sense that this is the sea closest to Dublin the Irish Sea 600 November 12, 2010
This capital of the Dominican Republic was founded by Columbus' brother Bartolome Santo Domingo 800 November 12, 2010
In 1949 it became the seat of the Chinese nationalist government Taipei 1000 November 12, 2010
The oldest part of this Northern European capital lies on Stadsholmen, or "City Island" Stockholm 200 February 9, 2006
This South American capital's full name means "Our Lady of the Assumption" Asunción 400 February 9, 2006
Its Gaelic name, Baile Atha Cliath, means "town of the ford of the hurdles" Dublin 600 February 9, 2006
The name of this capital in the North Atlantic is Old Norse for "smokey bay" Reykjavik 800 February 9, 2006
The name of this Middle Eastern capital is Persian for "warm place" Tehran February 9, 2006
Charing Cross, a traffic square near the Thames, is usually regarded as this city's center London 200 January 19, 2006
Founded as a railway settlement in Kenya in the 1890s, its name comes from the Masai for "cold water" Nairobi 400 January 19, 2006
Brittanica says its 4,082 streets range in size from 394-foot-wide avenue Foch to 8-foot-wide rue du Chat-qui-Peche Paris 600 January 19, 2006
In 1861 it became the capital of the United Principalities of Walachia & Moldavia Bucharest 800 January 19, 2006
In 1619 the Dutch East India Company took it over & began rebuilding it in the form of a Dutch city with many canals Jakarta January 19, 2006
This capital of Venezuela has a population of about 3 million Caracas 200 November 7, 2005
Calcutta was once the capital of India; this "New" city was made the capital in 1931 New Delhi 400 November 7, 2005
It's the northernmost capital city in mainland North America Ottawa 600 November 7, 2005
One of the 2 national capital cities located on the island of Hispaniola Port-au-Prince (or Santo Domingo) 800 November 7, 2005
South Africa actually has 3 capitals: Bloemfontein, Cape Town & this one Pretoria 1000 November 7, 2005
Its name comes from Irish words meaning "black" & "pool" Dublin 200 February 12, 2004
The mask seen here is in a museum in this capital Cairo 400 February 12, 2004
Appropriately, this Finnish capital lies on the Gulf of Finland Helsinki 600 February 12, 2004
In this city you can visit the Qianmen Gate & the Temple of Heaven Beijing 800 February 12, 2004
It's the South American capital city that lies closest to the Equator Quito February 12, 2004
This city has the ruins of forums of 5 rulers still standing, including Trajan & Nerva Rome 200 November 12, 2003
This capital is home to Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi 400 November 12, 2003
This capital lies at the northernmost extremity of a 60-mile fjord Oslo 600 November 12, 2003
Said to be 5,000 years old, this capital city lies between the Anti-Lebanon Mountains & the Syrian Desert Damascus 800 November 12, 2003
This capital lies near the junction of the Pilcomayo & Paraguay Rivers Asunción 1000 November 12, 2003
Proverbially, it's where "all roads lead" to Rome 200 May 15, 2003
It's where the government of India meets New Delhi 400 May 15, 2003
After the Khmer Rouge came to power, this city's population dropped from about 2 million to 20,000 Phnom Penh 600 May 15, 2003
Physicist Niels Bohr was born in this capital in 1885 Copenhagen 800 May 15, 2003
The name of this South African capital means "fountain of flowers" Bloemfontein 1000 May 15, 2003
In 2004 this Portuguese city is set to host the European football championship Lisbon 200 March 17, 2003
Now Jamaica's capital, it was founded in 1693 to replace Port Royal, which was destroyed by an earthquake Kingston 400 March 17, 2003
A landmark of this Uruguayan capital is The Cerro, or hill, for which it's named Montevideo 600 March 17, 2003
It ranks as the second-largest city of Morocco, after Casablanca Rabat 1000 March 17, 2003
Commissioned by Malcolm III's wife, the Chapel of St. Margaret is the oldest surviving structure in this capital Edinburgh March 17, 2003
The Hellenic Star is a leading newspaper in this European capital Athens 200 September 9, 2002
With seating for 50,000, the world's largest arena for bullfighting is found in this Western Hemisphere capital Mexico City 400 September 9, 2002
Depending on the movie, Godzilla crushes either New York or this Asian capital of 8 million Tokyo 600 September 9, 2002
In Mandarin, this city's name means "northern capital" Beijing 800 September 9, 2002
A Pacino is an Oscar-winning actor; a paceno is a resident of this South American capital La Paz 1000 September 9, 2002
The story of Hans Brinker is set in & around this capital Amsterdam 200 June 19, 2002
The Nobel Peace Prize is the only one of the Nobel Prizes that's awarded in this capital Oslo 400 June 19, 2002
It was the birthplace of Samuel Goldwyn & Marie Curie Warsaw 800 June 19, 2002
(Cheryl gives the clue from Washington, D.C.) The Georgetown section of Washington, D.C., was named for this ruler in 1751 George II 1000 June 19, 2002
It's the capital city where you'd find the Ministry of Defense building seen here Havana June 19, 2002
King Juan Carlos' main home, Zarzuela Palace, lies just outside this capital Madrid 100 July 10, 2001
Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea; this is the capital of South Korea Seoul 200 July 10, 2001
Augustus Caesar said he found it "A city of bricks and left it a city of marble" Rome 300 July 10, 2001
It's served by Saddam International Airport Baghdad 400 July 10, 2001
This Ecuadorian capital is located near the foot of the volcano Pichincha Quito 500 July 10, 2001
This capital is linked to the North Sea via the Thames River London 100 February 18, 2000
Indira Gandhi International Airport lies just outside this capital New Delhi 200 February 18, 2000
As its name implies, this Middle Eastern capital was once known for its damascened steel sword blades Damascus 300 February 18, 2000
In this capital on the Danube you can stroll the Nagy Korut (Great Boulevard) or the Kis Korut (Small Boulevard) Budapest 500 February 18, 2000
1 of 2 capitals on South America's Rio de la Plata Buenos Aires/Montevideo February 18, 2000
The Staszic Palace in this capital is the headquarters of the Polish Academy of Sciences Warsaw 100 October 7, 1999
Opera lovers know the Royal Danish Opera is based in this city Copenhagen 200 October 7, 1999
James Joyce's nephew sometimes conducts tours of the James Joyce Cultural Centre in this city Dublin 300 October 7, 1999
Now Haiti's capital, this city once known as L'Hopital was nearly destroyed by an earthquake in 1751 Port-au-Prince 400 October 7, 1999
You'll find this city's Museum of Moroccan Arts inside a former royal palace Rabat 500 October 7, 1999
The Kremlin sits atop Borovitsky Hill in this capital city Moscow 100 September 9, 1999
The name of this capital of Belgium might remind you of "sprouts" that Mom tries to make you eat Brussels 200 September 9, 1999
Toronto is the capital of Ontario, but this other Ontario city is the capital of Canada Ottawa 300 September 9, 1999
The name of this capital of Argentina means "fair winds" or "good air" Buenos Aires 500 September 9, 1999
Key West, Florida is only about 100 miles away from this foreign capital Havana, Cuba September 9, 1999
This capital of Cuba has a colonial museum & not surprisingly, a Museum of the Revolution Havana 100 February 27, 1998
In 1561 King Philip II chose this city as the capital of Spain, perhaps because he was born in the area Madrid 200 February 27, 1998
It "reigns" as Jamaica's chief port Kingston 300 February 27, 1998
The Temple of the Reclining Buddha is the largest temple in this capital of Thailand Bangkok 400 February 27, 1998
A revolving restaurant spins atop the hot water storage tanks on this northern capital's Oskjuhlid Hill Reykjavik 500 February 27, 1998
Among this capital's 32 boroughs are Tower Hamlets, Hackney & Westminster London 100 February 4, 1998
The Szechenyi Chain Bridge is the oldest one linking the Danube's banks in this capital Budapest 200 February 4, 1998
A square museum & office building in this capital are named for Simon Bolivar, who was born there in 1783 Caracas (Venezuela) 300 February 4, 1998
In late winter northwesterly winds from the Gobi Desert shroud this city in yellow dust storms Beijing 400 February 4, 1998
The Muslim section of this north African capital is dominated by the Casbah, a 16th century Turkish fortress Algiers 500 February 4, 1998
In English, Peking is also commonly referred to by this name Beijing 100 January 28, 1998
You'll find Red Square at its center Moscow 200 January 28, 1998
The Great Mosque in this Syrian capital supposedly contains the head of John the Baptist Damascus 300 January 28, 1998
This capital has 2 districts: Karkh on the west bank of the Tigris & Rusafah on the east Baghdad 400 January 28, 1998
It's located about 240 miles west of the Persian Gulf & 480 miles northeast of Mecca Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 500 January 28, 1998
It's no longer forbidden to visit the Forbidden City in this capital of China Beijing 100 April 30, 1997
This Swiss capital is the headquarters for the International Copyright Union Bern 100 January 27, 1997
The name of this capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina is from the Turkish for "palace" Sarajevo 200 January 27, 1997
The street that runs along this city's western dike is known as Nieuwendijk, or New Dike Amsterdam 300 January 27, 1997
During the Roman & Byzantine Empires, this Jordanian capital was known as Philadelphia Amman 400 January 27, 1997
It's located on Liberia's Bushrod Island & Cape Mesurado Monrovia 500 January 27, 1997
The Benaki Museum in this city has a fine collection of Greek costumes Athens 100 December 28, 1995
It's Lebanon's chief port, as well as its capital Beirut 200 December 28, 1995
The copper-domed city hall in this capital of Northern Ireland was designed in the Renaissance style Belfast 300 December 28, 1995
Port-of-Spain is the capital of the island country known as Trinidad and this Tobago 400 December 28, 1995
The Ruben Dario Theater in this capital city was named for a famous Nicaraguan poet Managua 500 December 28, 1995
A new opera house opened in this Egyptian capital in 1988 Cairo 100 September 20, 1995
This Icelandic city is graced by a statue of its founder, Ingolfur Arnarson Reykjavik 200 September 20, 1995
The 26-story Palacio Salvo in this Uruguayan capital was once the tallest building in South America Montevideo 400 September 20, 1995
Australia's Governor-General lives in a house called Yarralumla in this capital city Canberra 500 September 20, 1995
City in which you'll see the following: Copenhagen September 20, 1995
The people of this capital city are known as Lisboetas Lisbon 100 November 3, 1993
The Grand Place in this Belgian capital is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe Brussels 200 November 3, 1993
The Hapsburgs once lived in the Hofburg, an enornous palace complex in this capital city Vienna 300 November 3, 1993
The Yak & Yeti is a popular restaurant in this capital of Nepal Kathmandu 400 November 3, 1993
The house where George Bernard Shaw was born is now a museum in this capital city Dublin 500 November 3, 1993
This capital's name is derived from a dam once built on the Amstel River Amsterdam 100 January 7, 1992
The name of this Kenyan capital is Masai for "cold water" Nairobi 200 January 7, 1992
This Honduran city is one of the few world capitals not served by a railroad Tegucigalpa 300 January 7, 1992
Muhammad Ali, ruler of Egypt, founded this Sudanese capital in the 1820s Khartoum 400 January 7, 1992
From 1659 to 1862, this Romanian city was the capital of the principality of Walachia Bucharest 500 January 7, 1992
Under Charles IV this Czech capital became capital of the Holy Roman Empire Prague 100 May 17, 1991
Like Rome, the oldest section of this Portuguese capital is built on seven hills Lisbon 200 May 17, 1991
A Jamaican rail line connects this capital city with Montego Bay Kingston 300 May 17, 1991
The Universal Postal Union & the Int'l Copyright Union are both located in this Swiss capital Bern 400 May 17, 1991
A park & monument in this city honor Nicaraguan poet Ruben Dario Managua 500 May 17, 1991
Hungary's house of parliament is in Belvaros, the old inner city of this capital Budapest 100 September 12, 1990
This capital of Nicaragua is on the edge of a lake which shares it name Managua 200 September 12, 1990
The National Palace in this city is the official home of the president of Haiti Port-au-Prince 300 September 12, 1990
Francisco Pizarro founded this city in 1535 Lima 400 September 12, 1990
This country's capital was formerly spelled D-A-C-C-A, but now it's usually spelled D-H-A-K-A Bangladesh 500 September 12, 1990
Only about 4,000 people lived in this Greek city when it was recaptured from the Turks in 1833 Athens 100 February 14, 1989
This Asian city needed major rebuilding after the earthquake & fire of 1923, & again after WWII Tokyo 200 February 14, 1989
Via del Corso, the main street of this capital, is named for the horse races once run there Rome 300 February 14, 1989
The golden stupa in the Shwe Dagon Pagoda is the most notable building in this city Burmese call Yangon Rangoon 400 February 14, 1989
In this Arab capital Christians live mainly on the east side & Muslims mainly on the west side Beirut 500 February 14, 1989
In 1986 Brazil's 1st conference of street urchins was held in this capital Brasilia 100 February 1, 1989
Edvard Munch bequeathed his works of art to this Norwegian capital, which built a museum to display them Oslo 200 February 1, 1989
The whites of 10,000 eggs were used to make the Bridge of Eggs in this Peruvian capital Lima 300 February 1, 1989
Most of this city's inhabitants are Serbs Belgrade 400 February 1, 1989
This Asian city, "The Pearl of the Orient", has an archbishop named Cardinal Sin Manila 500 February 1, 1989
Its capital is Monaco-Ville, not Monte Carlo Monaco 100 December 4, 1987
The main square of Bogota is named for this "liberator" Simón Bolívar 200 December 4, 1987
Name shared by capitals of the Cayman Islands & Guyana, & a neighborhood of the U.S. capital Georgetown 300 December 4, 1987
This 4-letter word begins the names of the capitals of Mauritius, Papua New Guinea & Haiti Port 400 December 4, 1987
This city has seen over 160 coups & revolutions since 1825 though its name means "the peace" La Paz 500 December 4, 1987
"The Rome of the North" is how famed sculptor Rodin described this Czech capital Prague 100 November 10, 1987
Foreign embassies are located in Jiddah, some 500 miles from this country's capital, Riyadh Saudi Arabia 200 November 10, 1987
"From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli" refers to the capitals of these two countries Mexico & Libya 300 November 10, 1987
Founded in 1496 by Columbus's brother, this Dominican capitol is the oldest European city in the new world Santo Domingo 400 November 10, 1987
Construction of this planned Asian capital began in 1912; the government was moved there in 1931 New Delhi, India 500 November 10, 1987
Due to its many canals, this Thai capital has been called "the Venice of Asia" Bangkok 100 April 7, 1987
Fabled city of Arabian Nights' caliph Harun-al-Rashid where Israelis bombed nuclear reactor in 1981 Baghdad 200 April 7, 1987
Long noted for its universities, this Colombian capital is called "the Athens of South America" Bogotá 300 April 7, 1987
Encyclopedia Americana implies this Swiss city is boring, but Birnbaum's Guide mentions topless sunbathers Bern 400 April 7, 1987
Excluding East Berlin, 2 of 3 capitals of East European Communist countries that begin with "B" (2 of) Bucharest, Budapest & Belgrade April 7, 1987
World capital serviced by Leonardo da Vinci Airport Rome 100 December 23, 1985
Sounds like they're set for arrival of "Purple Rain" star by boat in this capital of Haiti Port-au-Prince 200 December 23, 1985
The largest population center in the Mid-East, its Arabic name is "El Qahira", "The victorious" Cairo 300 December 23, 1985
Founded by famed conquistador Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada on Chibcha Indian site "Bacata" Bogota 400 December 23, 1985
Putting its letters in alphabetical order, this capital is "AAACCRS" Caracas 500 December 23, 1985
Half a city, it's capital of East Germany East Berlin 100 September 30, 1985
The only national capital to begin with a "Q" is this, Ecuador's Quito 200 September 30, 1985
While Paris is on the Seine, this Belgian capital is on the Senne Brussels 300 September 30, 1985
In 1979 Soviet troops began occupying this Afghan capital Kabul 400 September 30, 1985
Harare, capital of Zimbabwe, was called this when the country was Rhodesia Salisbury 500 September 30, 1985
Costa Rican capital people might know the way to San Jose 100 September 25, 1984
It's divided into the Kanda, Marunoucki, Asakusa & Ginza districts Tokyo 200 September 25, 1984
Home to NATO & little green sprouts Brussels 300 September 25, 1984
This capital's street signs are in English, Arabic & Hebrew Jerusalem 400 September 25, 1984
If the other twin had founded it, it might have been called "Reme" Rome 500 September 25, 1984